that they actually adopted that term

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I've read that there are some service dogs that are trained to interrupt compulsive behaviors like picking. Do you know anything about them or how someone would get one? I've been thinking about adopting a furry friend anyway, and one that could help me not pick would be awesome.

Hi! I’m really glad you asked this question. I actually have a therapy pet, also known as an emotional support animal (ESA), to help me control my BFRBs and emotional distress. I think that therapy animals are great in terms of aiding treatment. My therapy cat was never trained formally; I got her as a kitten and trained her myself (she also noticed my emotional distress and tries to distract me). Oftentimes therapy animals don’t need training, they are just great comfort and stress relief for the owner and can be recommended/prescribed by your therapist so that they can live on college campuses or no pets apartments. That being said, it is fairly easy to train a pet on your own, you just have to be extremely dedicated to setting up a routine. There are organizations that specialize in specifically training therapy animals such as TDI (therapy dogs international) that have requirements of the dog being over a year, being healthy, and having a good temperament. There is also Pet Partners, who offers online training courses with reasonable fees. I know people who have therapy rats, guinea pigs, mice, hedge hogs, rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, iguanas, and lizards. The only thing that really qualifies it for being a therapy animal is that it provides you with emotional relief from psychiatric conditions and that it is recommended by a doctor or therapist. Many of these animals are untrained and can just sense your distress and will try and distract or comfort you. My cat comes and bites me when she sees me picking or she’ll come paw at me and lay on my lap to stop me. She learned this on her own. I hope that this answers your question and that you adopt a lovely ESA of your own.


Parts 1-7 of JJBA in Terms of Dio Brando
  • Part 1: George Joestar is dumb enough to adopt Dio Brando
  • Part 2: The origin of Dio Brando's vampire powers
  • Part 3: Someone finally fucking kills Dio Brando
  • Part 4: A small break from Dio Brando that actually turns out to involve him anyway
  • Part 5: Guess what? Dio Brando also had a son
  • Part 6: Dio Brando seduces a priest and continues to fuck shit up from beyond the grave
  • Part 7: Dino Brando

It really didn’t, though. ‘Queer’ has almost exactly the same history as the word 'gay’. By the time 'gay’ was applied to 'deviant’ sexuality, it was no longer understood to mean 'happy’; it had come to mean lecherous, hedonistic, gross, and licentious. It was applied first by others as an insult and then adopted positively. 'Queer’ originally meant weird, eccentric, and peculiar before also referring insultingly to sexuality. Personally, I’d rather be thought of as weird, eccentric, and peculiar than licentious and immoral, so the actual history of the word 'queer’ is more comfortable to me than 'gay’.

Recent use of either term abusively seems to vary by region. I learned the word 'gay’ on the playground, spat out by children and adult bullies. I learned 'queer’ years later, when a girl in my class with the surname Quear burst into tears.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “So what if your name is synonymous with 'weird’? Just 'cause something’s weird doesn’t mean it’s bad. People call me a weirdo all the time, and they’re right. I am pretty weird. But that’s okay!”

She looked at me miserably and said, “It’s not that… 'queer’ also means…. gay!”

I realize in other regions, 'queer’ is used more frequently than 'gay’ as an insult. But that definitely wasn’t the case here, and even though I’ve lived almost my entire life in a hyper-conservative rural area known for being particularly homophobic, I’ve almost exclusively encountered the word 'queer’ in positive, self-identifying contexts.

There’s no winning when it comes to terminology. Every word that might be created or adopted is going to be used as an insult so long as X groups believe it’s an insulting thing to be. There will never be a universally accepted term to apply to such a diverse group of people, and being adamantly opposed to people using a specific term (including “you can use for it yourself but it’s still Objectively Bad and you’re wrong but I won’t stop you”) is kind of pointless.

Every Silent Hill game in 'Local Man' terms
  • Silent Hill Origins: Local man loses truck, rescues burning child, remembers father's death
  • Silent Hill: Local man crashes jeep, loses child, helps ghost kill god
  • Silent Hill 2: Local man kills wife, meets stripper, adopts a child
  • Silent Hill 3: Local girl has bad dream, loses father, kills god
  • Silent Hill 4: Local man locked in apartment, finds corpse in walled up room, saves neighbour from ghosts
  • Silent Hill Homecoming: Local man with memory loss kills local judge, comes to terms with accidental drowning of brother
  • Silent Hill Downpour: Local man arrested, escapes from crashed prison bus, frees caged birds
  • Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Local man realizes that he is actually a ghost, local woman comes to terms with father's death
  • Silent Hill Book of Memories: Local blogger hasn't finished game, can't make decent joke, gives up and moves on
  • Silent Hill P.T: Local man trapped in never ending hallway while Swedish radio plays, wonders whose baby is in the sink
To my new followers

Hi! I gained somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty or so last night. So, let’s set a few things straight.

I’m a big bad ugly TERF, if TERF was an actual term.

Or, as we radical feminists put it, an actual feminist focused on the liberation of women from systemic patriarchy.

Transwomen are not female. Transmen are not male. You cannot change your sex, no matter how many hormones and surgeries you have.

That being said, I support trans people’s right to change their bodies and wear whatever they please. I realize and understand that they face violence for being gender-nonconforming and not adopting patriarchal gender roles. I respect pronouns (except in the case of male rapists claiming to be women). I don’t wish violence for them, and I wish them freedom from oppressive gender roles. All I ask is that they respect female spaces and recognize both sex-based oppression and homosexuality are real and proven.

Yes, this means that lesbians are not attracted to transwomen. Yes, this means that gay men are not attracted to transmen. Sexuality is based on biologically-determined sex rather than socially-determined gender.

I believe that transgender ideology harms women far more than it harms men.

I do not believe that non-binary gender identities are rooted in science, as gender is completely man-made and socially constructed. Intersex people are the only people who are actually non-binary, who represent a very tiny portion of the population.

I am absolutely for dropping the T from LGB. Transgender ideology breeds rampant homophobia, and homophobes should not be included in homosexual spaces.

Other facts: I do not tolerate sexism, homophobia, racism, or ableism.

3/5 Stars.

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. It’s definitely one of the weirder books I’ve read lately, filled with a truly eccentric cast of characters.

Penny is an aimless young college graduate coming to terms with her father’s recent death. Her family is what you would call non-traditional, to put it lightly. Her mother is a former member of a South American tribe and her much older father gained fame operating a psychedelic healing center near that same region. Oh yeah, and her mother actually started out as her father’s adopted daughter when he rescued her when she was just 13.

Yeah, it’s like that. Penny also has two much older half-brothers, one of whom (Matt) is a selfish sociopath. As you can imagine, all of this comes to a head when Penny’s father dies and they’re left trying to determine who has the rights to his possessions.

Penny, recently evicted from her NYC apartment, agrees to fix up her father’s rundown old childhood home in New Jersey. But when she arrives, she finds that it’s occupied by a group of anarchist squatters united by their status as smokers. (None of the other anarchists in the community will house them.)

Penny quickly befriends this odd group, and falls in love with one of its members, an ostensibly asexual man named Rob. And with Matt intent on reclaiming the house from the squatters and gentrifying the area, Penny finds herself trying to prevent this from happening.

It really is a weird book. Beneath all the strangeness and the aimless pseudo-plot lies the real meat of the book: Penny’s grief over her father’s death, her need to uncover some of her family’s craziest secrets and her journey toward finding her place in the world.

It’s definitely interesting and original and I’m glad to have read it, but I didn’t love it. Zink is clearly a brilliant writer, yet I often thought that her prose was too purposely opaque. It’s simultaneously clever and profound, zany and irreverent, and while I appreciate this combination, I found that in this case, it kept the smart points that she was trying to make always just a little too far out of reach.

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I sent this question once and I think it god deleted so I'm asking again: how can people talk about Dylan being jewish or russian or anything if his grandad Leo was actually adopted? If we are only talking about ethnicity not religion, this could mean "Klebold" surname doesn't really mean anything about him in terms of race because his grandad can be irish, australian, argentinian... right? that always confuses me! thanks

Yes, I do recall seeing this ask before in my in-box so thanks for resending it. :)

Here’s a little walk-thru to make it easier to comprehend:

Dylan’s Great Grandparents on his mom’s side:

Leo Yassenoff (1893-1971), married Betty Luptonn (1888-1958)

were the parents of:

(Dylan’s maternal Grandparents / Sue’s parents)

Milton Rice Yassenoff (1919-1967) (he was actually adopted from another Russian Jewish family), married Charlotte Emma Haugh (1921-1971) (Christian wife)

were the parents of:

Susan Frances Yassenoff (born March 25, 1949), married Thomas Ernest Klebold (born April 15, 1947)

And their sons were Byron Jacob Klebold (born October 23, 1978) and Dylan Bennet Klebold (September 11, 1981 - April 20, 1999).

[Dylan’s extensive family tree: Descendants of Shlomah Yisrael Yassenoff]

Here is an excerpt from a 2004 interview of Skip (Solly Leo) Yassenoff:

(Dylan’s Great Grandfather) Leo Yassenoff “married a non-Jewish lady, Betty Lupton, and she was not Jewish but she was in charge of the Jewish orphanage here in Columbus and I’m not sure whether it was after they were married or before they were married, they picked out an orphan boy that they wanted to adopt and that was Milton (Dylan’s grandfather) and at the same time there was another boy there. His name was Abner. So he became Abner Yassenoff, so Leo had the two adopted sons, Abner and Milton.

Interviewer: There was a Jewish orphanage? Is that what you’re saying?

Yassenoff:“Yes. It was called the Jewish Infants’ Home and Milton was actually born in Toledo and was named Milton Rice and he was of Russian descent. Apparently his mother was still alive but was really poor and had given Milton up. The lady at the bureau persuaded Milton’s mother that Leo and Betty could raise Milton better than she could.”

Interviewer: So they actually raised him and he took their name. And the second son?

Yassenoff: “Yes, yes. Abner. They both went to Bexley High School and Abner”

“-apparently was an A type of personality, an honor student and athlete and so forth and Milton was the laid-back person who everybody liked. Abner subsequently committed suicide and details of that seem to be vague.” (Interesting to note that Dylan’s Great Uncle committed suicide)

Interviewer: Milton became part of the Jewish Community?

Yassenoff: Yes. He was a wonderful man and he married Charlotte Haugh. She was not Jewish but they raised their three children Jewish and you know, believed in it and he worked for Leo, primarily in the theater business side of Leo’s enterprises.

[Source: Full Interview of Skip Yassenoff]

On the other side of the family, the Klebolds were originally from what is now Germany. William (or Wilhelm) Klebold was born in 1844 in Alsace-Lorraine, in what is now France but was then German, and died in 1902 in Pearl, Texas. He married Mary Elizabeth Dewees (1858-1935, born in Illinois), and their son, William Henry Klebold (born 1895 in Pearl, Texas, died 1959 in Toledo, Ohio) was Thomas Ernest Klebold’s father.  Tom’s mother was Lillian Grace Rae Klebold (1908-1953).  Tom lost his parents early and was raised largely by his older half-brother, Donald (born 1930).

So even though Eric was the one that was into German stuff, Dylan was (approximately) half-German.    The fact that Dylan’s father’s family, the Klebolds were Lutheran would strongly suggest that they were of German descent, as the Lutherans were and are most numerous in Protestant regions of Germany.  Plus the name Klebold is pretty German all by itself!). [Source]

One thing I found interesting about Littleton, CO was that there were quite a few Lutheran denomination churches there in the area. Including the one I visited, St. Phillip Lutheran Church, where the Klebold’s had chosen as their local church to attend when the boys were small and also the same church where Zack’s mother worked.

Anyway, hope that helps to clarify a bit more. :)

-Imagine if when Kara finds out that Mon-El was kidnapped, all of the arguments didn’t matter anymore. A realization of sorts that she honestly didn’t care if Mon-El became a superhero or not as much as she cared that he was safe and sound and by her side and hers.

-Kara focusing on rescuing Mon-El with a ferocity that surprised everybody because didn’t she hate him? Alex smiling a sad soft smile because she saw signs of it from the start.

-Lena Luthor actually leading Supergirl straight to Mon-El. Lena overhearing a conversation by her adoptive mother on the phone (because them powerful people like to brag) about holding an alien hostage and using him to build a super weapon. Lena has her suspicions that her mother is connected with C.A.D.M.U.S. in some way. She tells Supergirl of what she overheard (deciding to confront her mother on her own terms).

-Kara not realizing that Mon-El was the alien in question and there being a mutual look of goddamn relief upon seeing each other.

-Her getting to him in time so they don’t extract his DNA or whatever pyscho plan CADMUS had for him.

-Them escaping and Kara finding her father along the way. She then proceeds to blow up that facility so that nothing similar can happen again.

-Kara and Mon-El finally discussing their relationship, beating around the bush about it until it erupts into a shouting match (again) where they reveal how worried they were about each other and how much the other influences their life. Cumulating in a hot make out scene. At the end of which they decide that while they would be working on their relationship going forward, they were officially taken by each other and nobody else.

-Because they are what the other needs most in the world: a person that they can go head to head with but still benefit and somebody who understands them. The perfect person to not be alone with.

-Because Kara and Mon-El need to get together already. Their chemistry is undeniable. They already act like an old married couple. They would be a kick ass old married couple so let it become official already.

-And throughout this whole thing, Alex is finding herself and her sisterly bond with Kara is just getting stronger. Because while the pain of Maggie’s rejection was never off her mind, Alex refused to let it kill her. She wouldn’t give the universe (and Maggie) that kind of power. Kara helping her discover that coming out of the closet and not getting the girl did not make her a weaker person or her feelings any less legitimate.

-All I need in this next episode is some Kara x Mon-El loving and relationship growth (to the point of getting together already) and some Kara x Alex sibling bonding and strength. Don’t give a hoot of what else happens as long as this happens.

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Okay if Bisexual isn’t just the attraction to two genders, then what is the actual difference between bi and pan??? (Legitimate question, please respond)

History and connotations, mostly.

While the broader definition that most bisexual organizations have adopted could functionally mean the same thing as pansexuality, the terms have their own unique histories. The term “bisexual” became popular before people really started questioning the gender binary. In a world where there only are two genders (and therefore only two sexualities), “bi-sexual” seems appropriate.

Though, to be fair, “bisexual” originally meant having “male” and “female” sex organs. like flowers. and slugs I think. Kinsey & co. didn’t approve of reusing the term, but it caught on and stuck.

So when people did start to realize the flaws in the gender binary, the term “bisexual” was pretty well used and known. This presented a problem for polysexual people, because “bisexual” didn’t seem to fit the bill anymore. That’s where we kind of had a fork in the road. The term “pansexual” was coined to encompass all genders. At the same time, the bisexual community was working on redefining bisexuality to fit the broader gender spectrum.

As it is, there is a bit of specificity in the definition for “bisexuality” that’s not there in “pansexuality.” Bisexuality’s “attraction to two or more/multiple genders” definition does seem to imply that there is a limit to which genders you are attracted to, like they could be enumerated. Where pansexuality’s definition is usually more in a vein of “attraction to all/regardless of genders” is certainly more broad in its phrasing. So there is definitely room for preference as to which term someone thinks fits them better.

Both are totally valid, I don’t ever want to seem like I’m saying they’re the same thing. There’s reasons why these unique terms exist, as well as other terms for different polysexual attractions. It’s just that people are always very rigid in the insistence that “bisexual” must begin and end at two genders – to the point of saying that bisexuality’s inherently transphobic? – when the definition’s moved beyond that.

Jean-Luc and Beverly:
- first name terms even on duty
- have breakfast together
- sit on each other’s furniture
- NO personal space
- hand holding
- midnight chat ft. hair ribbon
- always each other’s concert dates
- basically data’s adoptive parents
- and wesley’s parents
- sometimes actual kissing
- known each other for decades
- make each other warm milk when they can’t sleep
- longing gazes
- ‘you either need a new uniform or a new neck’

Also Jean-Luc and Beverly:
- somehow not married???!?

We are neither albinos, nor supernatural

Just a quick refresher for all those beautiful PoC folks out there. White folks aren’t actually white, just like how you aren’t actually black, or any other color, though those two are really the only ones I see getting used. We might seem ugly to you, but that’s okay. Beauty standards aren’t exactly universal across every ethnicity. I’m sure I’d call plenty of you ugly if I saw you, but I at least have the decency not to make that claim without photographic evidence.

You might not realize this, but by referring to yourself as PoC, you’ve adopted racism as your calling card. That term was originally created to single out black people (which never made sense in the first place), but now it’s being used to single out white people. We’re the only group not included in that particular club, because it seems you need somebody else to be responsible for your personal and financial success, and we’re everyone’s favorite scapegoat. Slaver and oppressor. Eternally privileged, and infinitely colonizing.

Speaking of your club, why is it that the terms of membership are so inconsistent? Not that I’ve had a chance to read them myself, but I’ve picked up hints from when you publicly enforce them. It seems that Hispanics, Greeks, Jews, and even the diverse collection of Southeast Asian (AKA “Oriental”) ethnic groups are merely probationary members, and they can have their membership revoked at any time. I’m not even sure who I’m supposed to be oppressing half the time, because I have to check if they’re still members.

More to the point, why does it seem that public enforcement of those terms is performed exclusively by American blacks? Do they just get the most influence because of their accumulated oppression points? I know those numbers seem pretty impressive at first, but their records are often sorely out of date. Probably the lack of statisticians, but I digress. It seems almost like the original meaning is still embraced to some degree. That makes some sort of sense, but again, I’ve never been one myself, so I’m not really familiar with how it works.

It’s honestly kinda confusing sometimes. On one hand, we’re supposed to feel bad that people who looked like us were a bunch of jerks in the past, but on the other hand, people who look like you are being jerks right now, and you want us to feel sorry for that too! I’m not sure I have all that much sympathy to go around. I don’t even know where you manage to find so much rage. I can’t imagine being so upset for so long. That’s got to wear on you pretty hard.

Another thing I find confusing. If I’m supposed to be such a bad guy, then why would I ever apologize for that? If we’re really that bad, then you’re never getting anything from us anyway, let alone an apology. The least you could do was treat us like we’re nicer than those folks that looked like us. Then it would at least make sense for us to feel sorry. Maybe this is all just an elaborate attempt at reverse psychology, and you’re counting on us being so set on proving you wrong that we do what you wanted us to the whole time. That might actually work. Good luck with your elaborate race baiting ruse of white guilt!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that white people aren’t white, and we’re not demons or anything else weird like that. We’ve done some pretty cool stuff, but for some reason, it seems like folks only want to remind us of the bad stuff we stopped doing years ago. I know we’re not oppressed, and hell, how could we be? If PoC can’t be racist, then I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for me to be oppressed. I think that’s how it works, anyway. Still, it’s not very fun to hear so many people calling us names, accusing us of stuff we didn’t do, and demanding that we give them money then leave them alone. I need my money. I’m not sure how you think this “white privilege” stuff is supposed to work, but I don’t get any checks in the mail. Either that, or I never forwarded my address. So if anybody DOES find any of those checks, let me know. I could use a few.

      He may have won the game in the end, and he certainly did kill Ian quite a few times during the game, but that’s not stopping him from rushing forward to throw a punch at him. He was on good terms, until Ian got a little too competitive, and killed/incapacitated him and Serara multiple times.

“You know, I actually didn’t mind that you had adopted Serara, for a while–I didn’t even mind that you’d hurt Auntie, anymore, and were still somehow together with her..but now?! I don’t care if it was a game, or if it’s because you happen to be a competitive player, you hurt Serara.”

“There’s no one around to protect you, right now. I’ve got a lot of anger and pain to send your way. Find a way to block your teeth if you don’t want to loose them, human.

Women exhibiting this type of speech pattern have been made fun of for years; it’s a big part of the “Valley Girl” stereotype. People think it makes the speaker sound uncertain and less competent. Again, studies have found that both men and women use uptalk; it’s just that women seem to be far more criticized for it.

So, what’s happening here? There’s evidence that women are the ones who are the primary innovators in how our language changes. There are a few possible reasons for this, including their more extensive social networks or their role as the primary caregivers during infancy. But, no matter how young women develop new linguistic trends, they quickly and repeatedly run into the same obstacle: old white guys – quite literally, in this case. Linguists actually have a term for them: Non-Mobile Older Rural Males, or NORMs.

NORMs hate change and are typically the last to adopt new manners of speaking. Linguists use them as a sort of linguistic time capsule, letting us know where the language was. The rest of us use them as a source for crotchety editorials, complaining about the way those danged-nabbit young women are ruining the language. But, this process is inevitable; our language has always changed. There’s a reason we don’t speak like Shakespeare anymore, and we apparently have young women to thank for it.

6 Crazy Forms Of Discrimination Caused Only By Your Voice

things to consider if olive ends up burning gotham and becoming a villain:

  • she’d still be on good terms with maps (and maybe even a little in love with her) and maybe somewhere along the line maps becomes a hero and they still have a good relationship mostly, meeting up for rooftop tag and midnight picnics.
  • she’s shacked up with croc in this tiny apartment but she actually loves it because it’s in a relatively quiet part of town and she’s got a window seat to read her books on.
  • harley would try and adopt her even if she didn’t want it to happen, she’d just be like “young lady do you really think i’m gunna let you run around gotham stealing things without a proper weapon!” and olive thinks it’s like being back at school.
  • bad parenting would then ensue from most of the other rogues despite olive being practically an adult. selina teaches her the best way to crack a safe, eddie shows her how to crack a safe, harvey gives her a bazooka for her birthday. it’s actually a pretty sweet deal.
  • she and her mother are closer than ever. though her mother - at least the part of her mother not influenced by calamity - doesn’t approve of her new life, she’s as supportive of olive as she can be.
  • olive doesn’t dwell too much on good or evil. she prefers to just be rather than get tangled up with heroes (or “villains” as the media has branded her as being.) she likes living in her small apartment in gotham, sometimes going through joyrides and doing illegal stuff but also having a quiet place to crash and live as normal a life as she can.
  • she really likes gotham because she’s seen every aspect of it - the good, the bad and the ugly - and she realizes that there’s no place like it on earth.
  • she takes great delight in making her own costume. it’d probably be something practical and casual, like a hoodie and jeans, but with amazing flame designs on them.
  • she’s actually happier this way. when she was at gotham academy, she’d just thought she’d lost her mom and wasn’t in a good place at all. but now (in a weird and messed up way) breaking bad might have just saved her life.

the did/osdd/multiple/median/etc. community is so messy like. theres huge problems on both sides of the community

you have one side that is incredibly misinformed, mostly younger people discovering themselves and figuring out what this whole community is about but will adopt and use any term they see that fits without knowing actual accepted medical and psychological terminology, which causes a lot of confusing between systems in the community. especially with people thinking that people with bpd can have facets and not understanding the difference between two disorders. these people tend to easily get manipulated by older people in the community who are also misinformed. then they stick with the terminology with heard initially, believing it to be fact, without taking any of it with a grain of salt.

then on the other side we have people who are either slightly or extremely anti-self diagnosis and insist psychologists/psychiatrists are the most valuable asset to people like us (many still acknowledge the abuse in the system though) but seem to think therapy and “getting help” is whats most important when for most people this is just not an option. Many of them also seem to think that the young people on here who identify as systems are “kids testing out their new roleplaying characters” (sorry for not remembering where i heard that) because they tend to be misinformed. Not to mention the total disregard for systems who have delusions that intersect with their beliefs about their own bodies.

These issues tend to push so many people out of the community and push more and more systems into confusion, and it kind of needs to be addressed. don’t get me wrong, im self diagnosed, and anti-psychiatry, but i think the science behind this all matters, as does our own input. 

Whether you have did/osdd or just id as a multiple/median etc. we’re all systems and we all need to stick together and work together. We already have enough problems with neurotypical people not believing us for who we are and not supporting/helping us, we do not to fight within our own community. 

Met a guy and didn’t have much in common at first. We got along well enough as friends through text. Neither of us was looking for a long term relationship so we decided to just hook up for a night. We met at the mall and hit it off romantically in person. A pleasant surprise, went back to his place and hooked up. He brought me back to the mall so i could get my car, and he suggested we continue our date. Spent the rest of the day together and it went amazing. ended with a romantic kiss by my car. Two years later we are engaged and I’ve adopted some of his hobbies I actually enjoy.