that these were his favorite trousers

anonymous asked:

what happened last night? whats with tambourine man's pants?

Haha Mr. Tambourine Man was doing his favorite slut drops, when suddenly:

Poor thing split his trousers, then he changed into new ones, but I’m not even sure if they were his, they look a bit big on him :D

Miles gave him some eskimo kisses :D

And all was good in the end :D

Down for the Count - Chapter Nine


Somehow, in all the things that she had managed to teach her children, none of them had learned how to be sneaky. They were trying, god bless them, but they really needed to learn to shut off lights. Their shadows stretched down the staircase as they waited, just out of sight on the landing, for her to answer the door. Her palms were clammy as she reached for the handle. Who thought going out on a date with the man you’d been married to for half your life could induce a nauseated flop sweat?

Then she saw him with a nervous smile – her Tom nervous? – and her stomach settled. He was simply but impeccably dressed in a pair of trousers, a button down shirt, and his favorite leather jacket and he held a cloud of narcissus, snowdrops, and freesia.

“You look beautiful, Anna.”

“Thank you.” He had better compliment her. She had spent way too long getting ready and had offered a quick prayer of thanks for new bras that made her boobs look like they belonged to someone twenty years her junior. As long as she kept her bra on, at least. And she would be keeping her bra on. This was a first date and she had never put out on a first date. Except for her first date with Tom, that is. She banished the memory back to Neverland where it belonged. The bra was staying on tonight. End of discussion. With herself. She realized Tom had held out the flowers to her at some point in her mental conversation and she hurriedly took them. “These are beautiful. My favorite.”

“I know.” He gave her a cheeky grin and she found herself slipping under his spell. Charming bastard. Maybe agreeing to go out on a date with him wasn’t such a great idea after all. If she hadn’t agreed to drinks with Callan already, he would have been able to make her think twice about it. But she wasn’t going to let one night of attention make up for everything.

“Does one of you want to come down here and put these in water for me?” She didn’t bother turning around. There was a few seconds of silence and then Lucy hurried down the stairs to take the flowers.

“Have a nice evening,” Lucy said quietly.

“Remember, Wills is in charge.”

“Yes, Mum. Dad. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine.”

Posey’s voice blared from upstairs. “Stay out as late as you want.”

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