that the poor guy didn't get to finish

Me: let @spideychelle-romanogers finish, she’ll kick you out of the chat. Don’t make her mad. Be mature.

Also me: Imagine Peter forgetting the condoms and putting web on his lil guy. But you know how webbing is all sticky and stuff? He’s gonna get stuck inside of the poor girl. AND IF THEY GET STUCK IT’S GONNA BE SOME AWKWARD TOO HOURS.


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What would Jungkook and Suva do when they were dared to peck you on the cheeks by other members when you and him didn't even hold hands yet?


“What?” Jungkook’s eyes would widen the moment his members dare him to kiss you on the cheek. He’d try to act all cool but fail miserably considering how flustered he’d look. “I—” he’d stutter and it would be so adorable that you just can’t help but smile slightly.

The members start to chant for him to kiss you and the situation gets worse, making Jungkook would blush furiously and it’s up to you to save the poor boy.”Guys, come on. That’s not—” before you could even finish your sentence, you suddenly feel soft lips against your cheek. A blush creeps up to your face and you are speechless as the others howl and cheer. “Jungkookie’s a man!” Jimin yells, making you blush even more. 

“Yah. guys. Stop.” Jungkook says as he takes your hand and pulls you out of the room, away from his annoying hyungs. “Sorry about that,” he says once you are out, letting your hand go and rubbing his nape, shyly.

“It’s—it’s okay.” you mutter, looking down at the floor. 

“Are you mad?”

You look up at him in surprise, “Why would I be mad?”

He shrugs looking like a lost puppy. “I—I think I ruined our first kiss.” Once the words are out of his mouth, you chuckle, reaching out for his hands and entwining your fingers with his; thinking how adorable your boyfriend is.


We all know how shy Yoongi is around girls but I feel like he’d be a little more braver and daring when he’s actually in a relationship with one. 

Once the members dare him to kiss you on the cheek, Yoongi would be a little taken aback and you would blush slightly at the request, considering that you haven’t even held hands yet and now they want him to kiss you?!

“Why would I do what you guys say?” he’d snap back.

“Come on hyung, ” Hoseok says, wiggling his eyebrows. “Give Y/N some Sugar.” The members begin to chant and it seems that there is no escaping them. You bit your lip, feeling nervous just as Yoongi leans in and gives you a quick peck on the cheek. “There. Happy now?”

The members cheer like a bunch of fangirls and Yoongi would roll his eyes, taking you into the kitchen, away from their prying eyes. “Yoongi—”

"I’m sorry!” he says in a rush, his face and ears turning red. “I had to do it to make them stop.” he huffs. “I swear, I’ll make it up to you on our second kiss.”

“Oh?” you say as you cross your arms and Yoongi would blush deeper. “I mean,” he clears his throat. “If you want there to be a second kiss…It’s alright if you don’t—” unable to help yourself, you stand on your toes and kiss him on the cheek, stopping him in mid-sentence. He was being too cute for his own good.

“Now we’re even.” you say and Yoong just stares at you, making you chuckle. 

Aigoo~ our shy boys.. :”>