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hear your heart | Deaf!Cas/Hearing!Dean AU

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Dean first saw him in a coffee shop. It was a cliche and Dean goddamn knew it. He walked into the place, signed to Sam to ask what he wanted and caught the eye of a guy sitting near to the wall. His blue eyes bore into Dean’s and at first, Dean felt defensive. He and Sam had grown to ignore the stares. It had been so many years since the fire and this life was all that Sam knew. That didn’t stop people from staring at them when they were out. 

Go and grab a seat. I’ll bring this over. Dean signed.

Sam nodded and found a seat not far from Dean. Even now Sam wasn’t keen on being around hearing people on his own. Dean brought their drinks and went to sit down with Sam, all the while noticing that the guy was still staring at him. 

What is it? Sam asked. 

Some guy over there won’t stop staring. It’s like he’s never seen sign language before. Dean signed with a frown. There were millions of deaf people all over the world and yet it still seemed to weird a lot of people out. 

If it makes you feel awkward I can just lip read. Sam signed with a shrug. 

No, I’m not going to stop just to placate some judgemental asshole. Dean signed while he frowned. He’d always been protective of Sam and it had become more and more of a deal over the years. Dean was the elder one, the one to look after his younger brother. He never told Sam that another reason he was so protective was because of Sam’s deafness. Sam never thought of himself as different because he had never known any different. He’d hadn’t even been a year old when the accident claimed his hearing and he had no memory of a life before his lost his hearing. 

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anonymous asked:

Most Christian rock lyrics sound like drunk texts to Jesus.

You’re so right, anon. So right.

I just imagine Jesus getting these God-awful texts at 3:00 a.m., and he just looks into the camera like he’s on The Office and says, dull-voiced, dead-eyed, “Stop. Please. I’m damn sure I’ve never done anything to deserve this.”