that teeth

Feeling mushy and I want to give a special thank you shout out to the Camp Camp fandom here on tumblr. You guys are some of the most passionate and creative fans on the Internet and I am constantly amazed and appreciative of what you do, whether it fan art, memes, or shameless head canons. I am very thankful to make a show we can all love and be part of. Happy thanksgiving y’all.


On this fine day, Gavin has gifted us with some old school nostalgia 

“Think I was talking recently on Off Topic about how I recorded us doing all the original lets play intros that used to play at the beginning of our videos. I found them in the old vault from 2013. They weren’t all winners.

Did you miss RT Extra Life 2017? Were you like me and missed a few hours?

A kind soul, NinjaNinja01, has recorded and uploaded all 24 hours of the stream AND the BTS stream!! They uploaded it by hour so you can go watch the hours you missed or watch the whole thing if you’d like! Want to give them a huge thank you and let you all know, so go here to check them out!