that teddy bear is adorable!

Personally something I sort of come back and scratch at in Voltron, and with the fandom, is how all the paladins have their sweet sentimental side, but it doesn’t rule any of them, but how often… really specifically the leg pilots are almost… infantilized, it feels like?

Like Lance is treated as this fragile wounded soul who’s unable to stand up for himself and just spiraling into self-loathing and not a person who knows his own insecurity and is, if anything probably the most outspoken and proactive on the team when it comes to actually connecting to other people and helping them- while people like Shiro, Allura, and Keith, who have a nastily destructive tendency to internalize their problems until they’re practically dragged out of them by force, are less mature in that specific regard.

But Hunk? Oh boy is Hunk ever sold short. Almost nobody in the fandom has anything bad to say about Hunk but there is a rampant perception of him as a sweet teddy bear who’s just the consummate mr. sunshine.

Hunk is sharp, highly perceptive, more cynical than Lance, and, as the vlog worked really nicely to highlight- Hunk, out of the team, is probably the most inclined to remembering bad experiences, and thus, holding grudges. He wants to know things, he wants answers, and he’s not scared to invade boundaries and rib on people even potentially harshly to get those answers. This is a guy who pilots a Lion whose literal strategy is to slam headfirst aggressively into enemies.

All of the VLD paladins, in my experience, feel like a kind of elaboration and deepening of their original DotU counterparts. Watching the latter, I was surprised how many even relatively trivial minor habits are maintained- Shiro’s tendency towards posting himself as an informal guard, very obvious in early season 1, is lifted almost directly from Sven who did the same thing.

And DotU’s Hunk? He could have his soft moments, and his fearful ones- but he also pretty much was a guy who wanted to fight everything, like, all the time. He was headstrong, loud and powerful. In DotU’s first few episodes, the not-yet pilots of Voltron were captured by Zarkon, and shortly after escaping, Hunk’s character was the one who wanted to immediately turn around and fight Zarkon, personally.

And VLD Hunk is not DotU Hunk, in many regards, but it feels like there’s an odd thing where people remember the Hunk that didn’t want to kick Pidge because “What? No, we’re friends,” and forget the Hunk who literally slammed the Yellow Lion headfirst into Zarkon’s flagship and went on to fire his heavy-artillery bayard at Haggar, and the Hunk that pretty much gave Lance shit for a solid five minutes over Allura in s1e10 with zero hesitation and gave Keith just as good in s2e9.

(and here, we see the face of a man who knows exactly what he just did, and has 0.0001 regrets.)

Hell, I mean, this guy literally took over a restaurant and turned a guy who all-but kidnapped him to be a dishwasher into his prep chef by sheer force of personality. Hunk is just a way more interesting, multifaceted, and complicated character than he’s given credit, and as much as I love that he’s so adored, the “perfect sunshine teddy bear” read on his character fails to capture a lot of what makes him a really good character.

The 4th house. (The Real You)🌑

Aries: even more so than an Aries moon you’re truly a blunt and foreword person. You hate people who can’t go after what they want and have a tendency to lack a sympathetic approach. You’re deeply sensual but also have a lively and restless disposition about you. When lovers or friends spend a night or marry you for that matter they’ll see your more impulsive and high energy self—which may greatly differ from your natal moon or sun. You’re way more aggressive and DOM then most people see you as! And can express emotions in a more fiery and in our face format! In a way you’re hard headed and like to get your way but that’s just the way you are haha! Your lovers may be surprised by how sexual and raw you are. YOU NEED EXCITEMENT AND GET BORED SO EASY. if you’re sitting down in place something isn’t right.


🥊N.E.R.D Rollinem 7’s

🥊Beyoncé Yonce

🥊Beyoncé Blow

Taurus: even more so than a Taurus moon you’re mr or mrs lavish. Even if that’s not your current circumstance something in you craves the finer things in life. You’re a lot more relaxed and calm than people may think and secretly have a thing for aphrodisiacs. The decor and atmosphere mean a whole lot to you and you are quite the stubborn bastard when it comes to getting your way ♥️. Your friends and lovers may see how beautiful you truly are once they meet you at home(not to say you’re not already beautiful!!) you tend to visualize and think ahead quite a bit! Clothes are therapy for you and you tend to have huge closest full of them. Your lovers will be surprised by how sensual and possessive you really are aha! Don’t let them catch you liking someone’s picture on any social media that’s how you die.

🍾Kendrick Lamar Tammy’s song( her evils)

🍾partynextdoor East liberty

🍾Delilah Go

🍾Delilah insecure

Gemini: even more so than a Gemini moon you’re SCATTERED AF. Some days you’re zoom zoom, while other days you’re the mad rampant indie junkie. You love being stimulated and often have a hard time staying focused on just one thing. You’re pretty enticed by life itself and have no issue keeping yourself entertained. Media outlets and bing watching Series you already know you’re not going to finish is a thing here. When friends or lovers marry you or stay a night they’ll see how aloof and emotionally charged you can be—they’ll meet a chameleon.

🍵Madonna 4 minutes

🍵justin Timberlake rock your body

🍵Britney Spears gimme more

🍵Christina Aguilera dirrty ft redman

Cancer: even more so than a cancer moon you’re very sentimental! You’re always reminiscing and romanticizing the past. You hold on to things and can at times be a bit of a hoarder. There is a tendency for you to be very hug oriented and soft and plushy deep down! You care a lot about how your actions affect the emotional well being of others no matter if your natal moon is in a more rigid moon like cap or a more cooler sun like aqua. You have a naturally warm and youthful energy. You tend to bump to oldies and classic music. When your friends visit or when you get married they’ll often notice how homey it feels when they walk in, they’ll see how deep and how you wear your heart on your sleeve in reality. Lovers will be shocked by how sensitive and protective you really are

🍊Robert miles children

🍊underworld born slippy

🍊king krule la Lune

🍊Nick Murphy forget about me

Leo: even more than a Leo Moon you’re quite the vivacious and proud mrs and mr. Your energy is so powerful and you have a very tenacious mouth on you. Like a cat you tend to prowl and may set your dominance or specific things or areas of your home. You love to shine and be noticed even if you’re just sitting on a couch Lool. You tend to sit or lay on specific areas in repetition. You can be quite dramatic and have a very overwhelming force of emotions that most people may never know until they spend a night or marry you. You love attention no matter what and who ever you marry is going to have to give you a lot of it but you’re the same way and tend to shower immense levels of affection and time on someone you love. You’re the type to have a more masculine and broadcasted personality deep down. OH AND MY ARE YOU A CONFIDENT LITTLE SUNFLOWER. A lot of sexual energy is inside of you btw so you know 🙄. Lovers will be surprised by how cocky and forward you are but damn they’ll be intoxicated by your energy.

🌤Nelly furtado maneater

🌤Beyoncé partition

🌤Beyoncé why don’t you love me

🌤Kanye west fade

Virgo: even more than a Virgo moon you’re quite the reserved soul! No matter how many first house placements you have—no matter how fiery your chart, their is always that hidden energy of you that is just seemingly hidden from the world as if you’re wearing a cloak. You don’t tell much about yourself and tend to be perfectly fine with running the show from behind the curtain. You love clean things—vintage things—things with a beautiful broken down aspect to them, something that just needs a little love and care. You’re soooo sweet and naturally attracted to the earth and it to you. Animals love you—including bugs gurl so look either bug spray or make some friends with em cause they’ll follow you. Dogs, cats, birds anything you name it you love em and they see you as a very feminine and mothering energy no matter your gender. You are extremely humble and hate boisterous people. You tend to be on the more quite and nanny ish side of things when people come over and when you’re married you’re very servicing to your lover—theirs a very virgin and innocent energy about you and I’ve noticed with most people with this placement sex happens later in life and usually with someone who’ll take care of you as you’re very picky. Lovers will be surprised by how calm and grounded you are—the quiet nature about you.

🕯Drake cameras/Good ones go

🕯Drake over my dead body

🕯Agnes obel familiar

🕯soap & skin Me and the devil

Libra: even more than a libra moon you are mr and mrs glamour to the core of your bones. Their is a charming and naturally magnetic energy to you. To the hair flips—to the rolling of your cuffs. Something about you is so boy or girl next door. You have a childish and avoidant nature to your real personality and tend to hate things that are a bit to messy or unkempt. You love a good aesthetic and a good fairy tail. You day dream like fuck and at times even more than Pisces here 😂. Romance movies are your thing but you also love fashion!! You tend to follow makeup and or clothing vlogs or youtubers and can have a very trusting and sweet nature about you. You tend to look for love in everything and it finds you in the same way. When you’re friends come by or when you’re married people will see the beauty in you and they’ll adore their moments with you like it’s a movie—you feel like cinema and when you’re home you’re the star. Lovers will see how romantic you are and may be shocked at how charming and smooth you can really be.

☎️Drake pistols.

☎️kali uchis tyrant ft Jorja Smith.

☎️kali uchis nuestro planeta ft reykon

☎️Jorja Smith x preditah on my mind

Scorpio: even more than a Scorpio moon you’re a pretty edgy yet adorable teddy bear. You have a streak for malicious behavior from time to time and can have your fair share of bad coping mechanism but you also have a outstanding backbone and pull through much more mental and emotional strain than most people could even take. Your sexy and very sexually capable, it comes very naturally to you. You also have these weird and strange little things that you do in private that people usually don’t even see if they spend time with you aha. You’re secretive and love privacy and tend to need to pull away and recharge from time to time. You crave intensity and often find yourself unconsciously drawn to situations that exude it. You love darker colors and can have a more darker lit room than most people. OH MY GOD THE BLINDS ARE ALWAYS CLOSED. When friends come to visit or you’re married they’ll notice you’re way more intense and observant than they’d previously seen—and even that you may have a slightly controlling energy about you over your surroundings but they’ll see what a sweetheart you are and how tightly you hold those dearly to you. VERY PROTECTIVE. Lovers will well basically they’ll sit on your face that’s all I have to say.

🎆Kendrick Lamar no make up(her vice)

🎆Kendrick Lamar kush & Corinthians

🎆Schoolboy q hell of a night

🎆Drake 9

Sagittarius: even more than a Sagittarius moon you’re a party—you move fast and can have a brooding but deeply unbothered attitude towards life and people. You love to live life for what it is not what other make it out to be. You love the rugged and more animalistic side of life. Can be quite the force of nature and have a need to do things the way you want to. You struggle with forced intimacy and tend to crave the weird and wonky in life over the traditional and thoughtful side of things. You wear a huge smile on your face in reality and no matter how serious you present yourself you have a crazy excitingly upbeat personality about yourself that is unmatched. Friends and lovers who stay with you will meet the more contagious side of you—they’ll feel intimidated but also extremely uplifted in your presence like you’re some sort of charismatic progressive world leader—or a dj at a rave. Emotions come and go so I’m a sense you’re their one moment and gone the next sometimes. Lovers will be chasing after you across the house with a broom stick and a rope.

🏔Oliver Cheatham get down it’s Saturday night

🏔daft punk lose yourself to Dance

🏔Estelle American boy

🏔stardust music sounds better with you.

Capricorn: even more than a Capricorn moon you can be a bit gloomy. Their is a serious nature to you—like old whine and a noir film. You are a lot more wise than people think. A significant mental age gap exist between you and most people in your life which causes you to cast people aside before giving them a chance at the first sight of immaturity no matter your other planets. You like peace and quiet—serenity and objectivity and Anyone or anything that serves as a blockage to that is well kicked to the curve. Their is a sensual and tangible depth to you sometimes it’s so heavy that people feel like they’re in the presence of royalty or even in the presence of authority. Friends or lovers who live with you may feel like they need to live up to your standards—like they’re not good enough but they’ll love the challenge you give them to do better and be better-and man are you stable no matter what you go through you’re the biggest rock for your own self. Lovers will be cautious around you for sure!!

🎥Gorillaz kids with guns

🎥Gorillaz Dirty Harry

🎥Cigarettes after sex Apocalypse

🎥cigarettes after sex K

Aquarius: even more than an Aquarius moon you’re like live-wire. Like an intricate set of electrical wires you dance from chord to chord and never seem to miss a beat. You hate to much of a mush pile when it comes to other people’s emotions or even yours for that matter. You have sudden burst of insight but also sudden burst of energy as well as sudden burst of lethargy from out of nowhere. No matter if your moon is in a water sign theirs a side of you that’s always objectively gazing and analyzing the intent and field your emotions are coming from. You tend to isolate yourself mainly because you’re so unique from other people—in how you function and in how you live your life. You need change and hate the same old same ol. Even in love you’ll crave a bit of chaos from time to time and may even create it because you can. You love understanding people but can struggle with knowing who you really are past the interactions. Because Saturn also rules Aquarius you do have bouts of seriousness and can be very judgmental from time to time and when people stay with you or upon marriage they’ll see just how sporadic and changeable you really are! They’ll meet your revolutionary nature and your amiable nature to please the masses. Lovers will adapt to your weirdness and even be excited by your strangeness!

📡ABC the look of love, Pt 1

📡supermode tell me why

📡tiesto Las Vegas(radio edit)

📡Florence + the machine sweet nothing ft Calvin Harris

Pisces: even more so than a Pisces moon you’re hard to see. Theirs a confusing aura about you that can make others distrusting or perplexed by you! Much like Virgo due to them being opposite signs but still the same modality their is a tendency for others to feel this energy even when you’re out of your home. You are deeply introspective and have an almost spiritual guide that leads you through life. You can be very submissive in some cases but also it’s hard for anyone to really ever come at you with bad intent since you are very observant of the intent of others—having an easier time than most seeing bad energy comping from continents away. You are superstitious and tend to actually be heavily connected to religion in a personal way. You’re forgiving and have a hard time holding on to negative feelings but because of this it may take you longer than most people to realize when toxic people gotta go. Intimacy is a big deal to you so deep down you distance yourself from people before they get to close as to protect yourself. You do daydream a lot and loveeeee movies! Anything that allows you to dissociate and figuratively disappear as well as metaphorically cease to exist. Make no mistake you’re extremely emotionally capable and are very willful in nature—you’re just also kinda a cute little prince and princess. When your friends stay with you or even when you’re married people will see the sweetness in your character and see how sacrificial you truly are deep down. OH not saying for all people with this placement but I’ve seen drug use being a manifestation and depending on how Neptune is aspected this is either something that runs in the family and can also be done as a coping mechanism! So you may smoke with your s/o or friends when they come by! Hence the propensity to “dissociate” lovers will in some cases either abuse you(underdeveloped) or they’ll stand with you through it all forever.

⚗️Kendrick Lamar Keisha’s song(her pain)

⚗️Ab soul D.R.U.G.S

⚗️Rihanna same ol mistakes

⚗️tame impala love/paranoia

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Screenshots of Cartoon Network’s new short, Villainous. It’s about an evil organization called “The Black Cat Organization”, the organization is led by a character named Black Hat, an elegant, cunning and wicked man. Helping Black Hat with his evil plans is Dr. Flug, who’s a scientist that has a tendency to get nervous. Black Hat’s assistant is Demencia, who loves to destroy things for fun. Last but not least, there’s 5.0.5, a failed experiment by Dr. Flug, an adorable teddy bear-like creature and is the complete opposite of being evil.

I just found out this last night and I already starting to like it. Black Hat reminds me of Mike Schmidt from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Murdoc Niccals from The Gorillaz. As for his scientist Dr. Flug, he reminds me of Jeff. Demencia is like Marceline and Amethyst into one.

Anyway, I hope it gets a TV show of it’s own someday. If we live long enough to see it.

Let’s talk for a bit, because I’ve known about this for a while and I think now’s a good time to explain how I feel about using music not originally written for OC’s. This might be a lengthy read, because it’s personal. This vid was one of the first to use Tokyovania as Ink Sans’ theme.

I absolutely love when music can be associated with a character. I think it’s magical when a track makes you think of something you love or enjoy, and I love seeing messages or comments that I track I wrote would fit someone’s OC, because it feels special. Originally, this video was meant to be a tribute, with my track as the proposed theme, and I didn’t worry about it. After all, I didn’t write Tokyovania for Ink Sans, I wrote it for personal reasons, and I was sure most would understand that.

After a few months, it started to catch on for some reason that this indeed was written for him. A few other tribute vids were posted, and my name was nowhere to been seen as the artist of the track. On some videos, the name was also changed to Inklovania. The “Tokyo” was just erased, on a song containing the melody of “Tokyo Teddy Bear”, an incredibly special track I adored in 2014-2015. 

Back then I was in high school. It was me against the world, and I had two friends. Things became rough around September in 2015, and I’ll keep the events hidden because they’re not something I need a reminder of. By December I was alone, and I had nowhere to turn but to music. I walled myself off and focused on composing, and being quietly alone all the time eventually led to the idea of Undertronic.

It was around this time that I decided to compose a remix of Tokyo Teddy Bear, as it’s a song I associate with wishing I could be anywhere else when things aren’t great. Seeing as I was also remixing Undertale at the time, I thought I’d combine it with another track, as a particular character was also in the same situation as I was, in terms of emotion.

In short, it was a special little remix to me and it would stay that way until Ink Sans became involved. Like I mentioned, I love when others use my music for OC’s, but I started to realize there was something wrong when I was accused of stealing this theme from Ink Sans, that it solely belonged to him, that I didn’t write it and I was a terrible person.

And the list goes on and was almost constant. To many, I’ve been disregarded as the artist of the track because “It doesn’t matter who wrote it,” and nothing hurts more to a musical artist than having a personal song be taken, even accidentally, from you and it suddenly becomes something else. The meaning behind the song no longer matters, and no matter what I do, this song will always be known as his theme. 

It feels like a inconceivable back-stab knowing that literally millions believe this is his theme. I don’t even want to know how many would believe I stole the track from an OC, as if an actual artist doesn’t exist and the track magically created itself. Months went by, then a year went by, and I was very bitter about this track and the accusations I kept receiving. Finally I decided to write a response, and this response was “Tokyovania Control.”

I wrote in the description that I didn’t like the old Tokyovania. This is only partially true. I loved it for what it represented to me, I hated it for how I was being treated because of it.

If you may have noticed, I included new lyrics for Tokyovania Control. It was a slightly hidden, but direct message to how I felt, and it started at 0:53. Breakdown of the meaning is in the brackets.

How’d I get this feeling?  [How’d it come to this?]
I am running from this beauty,  [I am running from Tokyovania.]
Misunderstood or  [It’s been misunderstood what the track is about.]
Whom it’s made for?  [Who was the track made for? Even I’m not sure now.]
There’s no purpose,  [The song has lost its original meaning.]
Words are worthless.  [Explaining/arguing won’t do anything.]
Well, it’s still charming.  [I still adore the track though. It was special to me.]
I’d say “Sorry.”  [Sorry, it was my mistake to let harsh words harm me.]
“My mistake to let it harm me.”
“Pardon my writing.”  [Pardon my music, I’m sorry I got in your way, I should be thankful that this track is loved right? Indeed I am selfish for believing my name should be next to Tokyovania.]
Though it hurts, it still sounds special taken from me,
“Heh, oh well.”  [Though it hurts, Tokyovania still sounds special taken from me. There’s nothing I can do now, so oh well.]

It was hidden well, and I didn’t expect anyone to catch on. And I was right, no one figured out why these lyrics were added or what they meant.

So no, I still don’t mind when a track I write is used for an OC’s theme. I only mind when I become non-existent as the producer, because “Who cares who wrote it, just enjoy the music.” I also mind when I am repeatedly told my work doesn’t belong to me, and I’m a horrible person for stealing a theme that belongs to an OC.

It’s one of the reasons I tend to include signature melodies in my music now. I don’t want to be forgotten or disassociated with my work. I don’t want to be told I don’t deserve to be the artist. Is it annoying? To some it is, but it’s a hell of a lot better than going through another Tokyovania situation. Having a track recognized by millions as an OC’s theme scares me much more than having someone simply steal the track, and nothing is worse to a musician than being repeatedly told my work doesn’t belong to me anymore, it belongs to an OC, and I’m scum for thinking otherwise.

I suppose what I’m trying to say, is be careful when you decide to pick songs to represent OC’s or AU’s. You may think no harm will be done, but it’s impossible to tell if something will take off. I don’t think this has ever been discussed before. I haven’t seen any musicians write about this, or share their thoughts. But I am friends with many of the Undertale remixers, and it’s sad to see that this has also been happening to one of my best friends Kamex with his “Your Best Friend” remix:

His music is gorgeous. He’s so kind & doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. If the remix is titled “Undertale Remix”, that does not mean it is an AU Remix. It is a remix for Undertale. But because this theme was used in an AU theme compilation video, the track apparently belongs to Underfresh. Again, no artist apparently exists and track magically created itself. Even worse, he feels he needs to prove it, so far as to say he has the project files if he needs to show it. To some, he’s not even respected as the producer. If you understand how I feel with Tokyovania, you can imagine how he feels as well.

Even Inktale’s creator recognizes Tokyovania as a theme for Ink, though it’s probably accidental.

Which makes me feel even more guilty, because I hate bringing people down. And knowing this wasn’t written for the AU will probably be a disappointing let-down.

So that’s about it, I thought I might as well share my thoughts, now that it’s almost been a year since this has been going on.

On another note, I’ve been working on something for Dusttale and Outertale. The Dusttale track will probably be the next vid, I dunno.

[Edit: I took a look to see if there were any comments marked as held for review, and the first one I find is-]

[The word choice gets more colorful in there.]

Merry Christmas!!

Sorry its only the rough line art! I’ll have the finished version someday *looks into the distance*
I planned to have the whole done for Christmas but IRL things came up. I may not be able to post for awhile because of personal things too *cries*

But anyway! Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a fabulous New Year!! Mwah!


Hello? 911? Yes, I’d like to report a robbery. Yes, my life has been stolen by one gigantic teddy bear man, one adorable bouncy man in an array of different coloured “BORG LIFE” t-shirts, and one teeny tiny cute-as-a-button man who is high a lot of the time.


Your boyfriend, Damon pissed you off so you decided to go to your friend, Elena’s house to cool off and vent a little. She is dating his brother, Stefan and has never been a fan of Damon because she thinks he’s a ‘dick’. But whatever, she saw how happy you are with him and although he can be a complete asshole to people, he was always good to you. 

For the time being, both you and Elena sat on her couch, did some venting here and there, then, watched a movie while eating whatever junk food she had in her cupboard. 

You two were enjoying the movie until a loud knock comes from the front door. Elena gets up to answer the door and was surprised to see that it’s Damon. Before she can get a word out of her mouth, he whispered, “can I just speak to Y/N please?”

Elena rolled her eyes at his question, then mouthed, ‘fine’ and called for you. “Hey Y/N! It’s for you!” Once she saw you get up, she walked away towards her kitchen to wash the dishes.

Walking up to the door, Damon casually had one hand behind his back and the other relaxed straight down. The first thing you did was try to close the door on his face but he dodged it by pushing the door with his hand. “Baby, come on. You can’t still be mad at me?” Damon tries to be cute by pouting and using puppy dog eyes but you didn’t fall for it.

“Of course I’m still mad. I was waiting at The Grill like a fool only to find out that you forgot all about our date! This is the second time, Damon!” You yelled, crossing your arms in disappointment.

“I know I know.” Damon put his free hand up in defense. “I promise you it won’t happen again. And you know what? Forget The Grill, how about we go somewhere else? Somewhere…better!” 

“You promise?” You asked in a demanding tone.

“Yes.” Damon smiles, then reveals a teddy bear he’s been hiding behind his back. “And teddy promises too.”

He sounded very promising and since you’re so crazy in love with Damon, you chose to forgive him. You also thought his little teddy bear trick was adorable too.

The Truth About the Types

ISTJ: Smartest people, but don’t realize it. Hella scary when pissed off.
ISFJ: Adorable little teddy bear that will try to act macho.
INFJ: So rad but so sad. Master of sarcasm and late-night epiphanies.
INTJ: An evil genius that just wants to be loved. Will deny.
INTP: Smartass that sells home-made bombs for cash. Will deny.
INFP: Wants to make friends, doesn’t know how. Extremely poetic.
ISFP: Wants to find true love, doesn’t realize that it’s right there. Turns to art.
ISTP: The one that is quiet, but when speaking, you realize they are hilariously sadistic.
ESTP: Flirt that will do whatever if dared, but will also pretend that horror movies don’t scare them.
ESFP: Will either party or refuse to while playing XBOX live with friends. Will pretend to fight you.
ENFP: The most optimistic badass you will ever meet.
ENTP: Enjoys fucking shit up with the other signs. Will fight you.
ENTJ: Charming but scary and overbearing.
ENFJ: Sweetest people ever. Actually mom.
ESFJ: The cool aunt that will hook you up with a cutie.
ESTJ: Wants to be the boss, is a little scared. Lots of angst. Funny to watch.