that tear at the end gets me every time

Can we talk about this scene for a minute? Because I tear up literally every damn time I watch it. 

After losing his son, Iroh fought tirelessly to save his nephew from Ozai’s brainwashing, no matter how hard Zuko tried to push him away. But even after years of sticking by him through every dead end and reckless gambit, Zuko still goes back to his awful father. Once again, Iroh couldn’t save his son and it just kills him

Then the kid shows up with team Avatar, because it turns out some of those proverbs got through to him after all.

But the part that really gets me is Zuko’s perspective.

Sitting outside that tent, he’s so damn scared. He’s so convinced Iroh hates him, he won’t even go in without a pep talk from Katara. Everyone else can see that Iroh will be proud of what his nephew has done since they last met, but Zuko can’t. When Zuko goes in to see the family he disappointed, he’s braced for yelling and fire and rage because that’s what he’s been raised to expect when he screws up. Pissing off his father got him disgraced, burned, tossed in the street, told he didn’t deserve to be alive, and shot at with lightening. A lifetime of experience says he should be scared. He doesn’t expect to be forgiven, he just wants Iroh to know he’s sorry. 

And then Iroh’s not even madNOT EVEN MAD. Mercy and compassion are so alien to Zuko that immediate forgiveness wasn’t even a remote possibility. He’s so utterly confused, but at the same time, so, so relieved. He hasn’t lost his only family. The only person who stayed by him all those years in exile. The only father who loved him.

They both thought they’d lost the only family they had left. Instead, they find themselves closer than they’ve ever been. And I tear up every damn time.

i. i hope one day you miss me
i hope one day you wake up and it kills you that you didn’t try harder
that you didn’t love me more
that you didn’t give me what i deserved
that you let me go
ii. i want you to feel it in your blood
remember that time i kissed you and everything seemed okay for a little while?
hold onto that memory
don’t let it go
iii. remember how it felt to hold my hand when she’s in your arms and feel like you’re reaching for me through her
realize no one will ever give you that in your face, in your hair, in your bones kind of love the way that i did
understand that when we were 15 i would’ve given you the world and then some but we’re older now and i will never give you anything again
iv. i built our future in my head and you burned it to the ground when you left
i managed to save a few good memories that still make me smile but i get heartburn every time i think of the times i let you touch me
i promise ill never think of you again as long as you miss me every once in a while
v. i cried for you every night but i don’t think you ever shed a tear for me
that time you told me you didn’t think you’d make it through the year i had an anxiety attack and couldn’t stop shaking but i tried to be calm
i tried to enjoy the time we had together if it was going to come to an end
you never told me we didn’t have any time because she was on the other end of the line and i never told you that i loved you because i knew you’d never really love me back so i guess we’re both at fault here
—  teenage love stories

God is with us in every season of our lives, and He remains faithful. Lately my prayers have been full of tears, when just a few weeks ago, my prayers were full of laughter and praise. God knows our hearts, friends. He sees you in what ever season you’re in. If you’re feeling at the end of your rope like I am right now, pray for Him to get you through—moment by moment. “God, help me get through the morning and make it until lunch time.” Or, “Lord, just get me through the night.” Baby steps. Let His grace guide you, and His strength provide you with what you need to make it through. He’s got you. Amen.

“I’m just asking this one thing of you.” Her voice was calm, but it wasn’t enough to cover the storm that raged inside of her. He already knew what she was going to ask. To be frank, he’d been waiting for it, had thought it’d happen every time they locked eyes. But she’d given him the silent treatment, waiting for him to make the first move and explain. He hadn’t caved in, not to the coldness in her eyes or the stubborn tilt of her jaw. Yet. Apparently she’d run out of patience.
“Why do you keep pushing me away? Be honest with me.” Honest. That word alone drove a hundred needles into his skull. If there was one thing he sucked at, it was honesty, especially if it concerned people he loved. Especially if it led to him admitting to a weakness. Admitting to fear.
“Every time I think I managed to get through to you, it’s like you never heard me at all. It’s like you don’t even try to listen. You’re not making an effort.” How very wrong she was but that too was something she could not know. Something he could not say out loud because words had a funny way of backfiring and making things even worse.
“You’re right. I’m not making an effort. I don’t want to. I don’t care.” Her face fell and his heart sank. What kind of person was he to protect his own skin, to let her put her heart on the line and not give anything in return?
“I think you do,” she said quietly. “I think you see where this is going and you’re scared so you’re trying to make me leave on my own. But I won’t. I won’t leave you no matter how often you push me away.”
“You want me to be honest?” She nodded and straightened, throwing her shoulders back. Every inch of her was attentive.
“I fall in love hard and fast. It takes as much time for me to fall out of love. I open my heart, I get attached, everything is fine until it isn’t. Until someone ends up breaking my heart or I break theirs and it always ends in fights and screams and tears and I’m sick of it.” Without noticing his hands had balled into fists. Heat rose in his cheeks. Never had he meant to lose control like this. His tone softened. “If I don’t risk anything, I don’t lose. That’s it. It’s not your fault.”
She reached for his hand and squeezed, gentle but firm.
“But you don’t know how it ends before you start, do you? You cannot possibly know.” Every part of him wanted to pull away, had to pull away, but he couldn’t. He’d been running for so long, struggling so hard, twisting and winding and always escaping. But he was tired. His very soul was tired.
“Because if you don’t risk anything, you can’t win, either,” she whispered, pulling him closer and closer until the only thing he wanted to be was honest with her. Until he no longer wanted to escape.
—  I’ll risk it for you / n.j.

Requested by the lovely @moonmoon-theshipper who asked for a song fic (The song is Two Birds by Regina Spektor). Enjoy!!


Two birds on a wire

Explosions were heard all around them. The blast of guns being fired just added to the chaos. In the midst of all this destruction was the Red and Blue Lion.

One tries to fly away and the other watches him close from that wire

“Lance, come on! You can do it, just a little more!” Keith’s voice broke. The Blue Lion had gotten trapped under the fallen debris of the fight, jamming all the exits. And Lance was trapped inside.

He says he wants to as well but he is a liar

Lance took a few deep breaths. The pain was unbearable. Blood was all around him. He knew it was bad. “It’s okay, Keith! I’ll be right behind you! You just go ahead, and I’ll be right behind you!” The strain in his voice was easily heard, and Keith saw right through his lies.

I’ll believe it all, there’s nothing I won’t understand, I’ll believe it all I won’t let go of your hand

“I’m not leaving you! Not now, not ever!” Keith vision began to blur as tear filled his eyes and his breath hitches. “Me and you, we’re a team! I’m not giving up on you!”

Two birds on a wire, one says come on

“You can do it Lance! Don’t give up! Don’t you quit on me, damn it!!”

And the other says I’m tired the sky is overcast and I’m sorry

The sky was now filled with thick gray smoke, almost blocking the sky. Lance let out a shaky breath. Tears had already began to fall along with the blood that trickled down his face. His head was growing fuzzy, his vision starting to fade black. “I-I’m sorry, Keith. I can’t. It’s useless now.”

One more or one less, nobody’s worried

Lance released a weak, wet chuckle. “ Don’t worry about me. You guys deserve a better Blue Paladin anyways. You deserve better. You deserve so much more than me.”

I’ll believe it all, there’s nothing I won’t understand, I’ll believe it all I won’t let go of your hand

Keith couldn’t hold back the tears. His voice was wrecked from all the screaming. “Lance, no!! Don’t say that, the team doesn’t want anybody else! I don’t want anybody else! YOU deserve someone better! You deserve the whole damn universe!” Keith chocked on a sob.  “Lance, don’t leave me! PLEASE!!”

Two birds of a feather say that they’re always gonna stay together, but one’s never goin’ to let go of that wire

The tears fell faster from Keith’s face. They were running out of time. The explosions and bullets were coming closer. “Lance, you promised me forever! That you’ll stay with me forever! I’m keeping you to that promise, you hear me! You can’t leave me!!”

He says that he will, but he’s just a liar

“And I will be.” Lance croaked. He knew that his own time was coming to an end. He couldn’t see anymore, though the tears kept falling. His hearing was slowly fading. “I’ll always be with you. Forever and ever.”

Two birds on a wire one tries to fly away, and the other watches him close from that wire

“Lance, you’ll be okay! Everything will be okay! You just have to get up and come with me, alright?! We’re gonna get out of this! Together!!” Keith was growing hysterical, chocking on sobs and coughing with every breath.

He says he wants to as well, but he is a liar

Lance smiles gently, tears continuing to silently stream down his face. “Okay Keith. I’m coming. I’m right behind you.” Lance suddenly feels warm, pain finally vanishing. Everything becomes silent.

Two birds on a wire one tries to fly away, and the other…




Please don’t think I stopped talking to you because I stopped loving you. That’s far from it. I think I loved you too much. I could handle the constant stress of wondering who else you were talking to at the same time, knowing that the conversations were one sided with me but you put all your effort into the conversations with hers. It was tearing me apart and I didn’t want to be like this. I was getting moodier, clingy and to be honest just selfish. It was getting to the point where if I didn’t distance myself, I would end up doing something I regret. But trust me when I say this; every piece of my heart wants to talk to you, I’ve just decided to stop following it
—  Things I’ll Never Say

I was touching on this headcanon in fanfiction form earlier but I want to make a regular textpost explaining it.

It occurred to me earlier how it’s a bit unusual that Bakugou’s never burnt himself with his own quirk. Canon explains that his palms have very thick skin that doesn’t burn easily, but considering explosions tend to—ya know—explode, it’s still a bit surprising he’s never burnt any other part of his body.

This got me thinking in a couple different directions. Perhaps Bakugou’s trained himself to carefully position his body and limit his firepower so as not to injure himself. Maybe when he was younger and stupider, experimenting with the limit of his powers, he did burn himself badly and has been keeping himself below that threshold ever since so as not to burn himself ever again.

This was all sitting in “casual headcanon” territory until I realized something that makes it all so, so much more complicated.

And that’s Deku.

Because Deku has done the opposite. Deku was incapable of moderating his quirk for so long. He was harnessing incredible power, and yet leading his body to ruin in order to do it.

And all the while Bakugou’s been trying to figure out how Deku managed to surpass him.

Deku’s quirk is stronger than his, because Deku doesn’t hold back. Deku gets himself injured when Bakugou doesn’t. Bakugou’s ability to safely moderate his quirk looks like a positive skill until you throw Deku into the mix, and then try to figure out why Bakugou’s losing.

Bakugou’s reaction in episode 7 stands out to me, when Deku explains the severe drawbacks of his quirk. Bakugou looks just, shocked, devastated, like his world’s been shaken.

Maybe it’s because he just witnessed Deku do what he can never push himself to do: injure himself for the sake of incredible power.

I’m not putting much stock in this being something canon ever addresses. More like it’s something I find fascinating to think about in the context of Bakugou’s character. It would torment him to know he can perform at a level far above his current max output if he just embraced the physical backlash. Maybe he can’t make himself do it, the same way you can’t force yourself to bite off your finger despite having the jaw-strength for it. Like it’s a deeply ingrained, instinctual limit. The kind of thing that would take horrifying amounts of willpower to overcome.

But Bakugou has seen Deku be endlessly rewarded for pushing past this limit every time. Bodily injury seems to be working in Deku’s favor, and Bakugou’s only getting more and more desperate to surpass him.

It leads me to envision a high-stakes battle, one the villains are steadily winning, that ends with a single enormous explosion wiping out the villain side entirely. And it leaves Bakugou at the center with third degree burns covering half his body, blinking through tears and yelling “What? Did you think Deku was the only one who could do this!?”

Waiting For You

Author: @dylan-ohbrien
Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader
Wordcount: 3,565
Warnings: Language and allllll the smut
A/N: So after watching the American Assassin trailer, I, like many others, was shook to the core with all the shirtlessness, sexiness, perfectness, that Dylan brought to my little computer screen. All of that inspired me to do this little oneshot thing. I haven’t read the books so I don’t really know anything about his character, this was just my interpretation based kind of off what I’d seen in the trailer. Anywho, I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!

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Im in actual tears if you go to the end credits of Something Rotten on Berserker Island they spelled Snotlout's name wrong

Baby Thor in a thunderstorm. Look at that! SNOUTLOUT!

That’s Odin-darned perfect. During the episode where Dagur gets Snotpocket’s name wrong every time, the creators just had to slip in a misspelled named for our precious Snottrap.

This was so intentional.

Highlights of Newsies Live

- EVERYTHING???!!!!?!!?!??!!

- every time an actor’s eyes (i noticed this the most with jeremy, kara, ben f. and andrew) shimmered with unshed tears during moments when you knew they weren’t supposed to be crying but they were getting super emotional anyways

- ben tyler cook killing it as race 👌👌👌💯👌👌👀👀

- hearing the audience get super hyped during “seize the day” and “king of new york”

- every single jackcrutchie moment including but not limited to: excessive side hugs, shoulder bumps, heart eyes, and jack tying crutchie’s shoe (AND KISSING IT AFTERWARDS I’M STILL NOT OVER IT)


- just andrew keegan-bolger as crutchie in general 💕😍💕😍💕

- ben fankhauser’s vibrato and beautiful face

- queen kara slaying every damn second



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Every time I think I'm over Sherlock and have accepted S4 as it is, my brain just replay the tarmac scene and I get so irrationally angry! If they're just platonic, wth was Sherlock going to say that he hasn't already? I love you bro?? I'm not asking for much, but if we get a season 5, I hope they address that because it's going to haunt me for a long time...

Don’t even start me on that tarmac scene. I might end up tearing my hairs out. I think it was jut yesterday, or the day before that, I ended up thinking about it again. Let’s forget everything, the subtexts, the hints, the jokes. But what as that? Two people who are seeing each other for the last time. Is not a funny situation. Two people who has lived by each other, killed for each other. What would have been the normal bro thing to do? It’s not like they never hugged. John hugged Sherlock at the wedding. So they could but didn’t. And yeah, Sherlock going through this fucking face journey, like he is burning inside and dying. Yeah he is an ass sometimes. But really if that was a joke, then there is something fucking wrong with storytelling.. Benedict didn’t do that heart wrenching acting for funsies.

Does any of these look like fun?

What is that face? The face before you want to pour your heart out or the face before you say a “joke”?

Look at him trying to tell a “joke”

Yeah he was having real fun

Did I laugh when he said that “joke”? No I didn’t.

Does his face look like the face you have after you tell the thing you have always wanted to say but never have?

Am I that much shit at reading human emotion? Does this face look like that of a satisfied man? 

I was totally sold into johnlock happening because of that fucking tarmac scene. Before s4, I used to watch HLV over and over because in spite of the heartbreak, there was a hope, that this will end up at something. But now. Not anymore.

I don’t expect ANYTHING positive. But if anything happens, good. Because out of everything. Every fucking thing, this STILL HAUNTS ME. And I don’t have any answer. I I don’t like that. And I am tired. Sorry for the long rant.

why i went into guardians of the galaxy vol.2 apathetic & with low expectations and came out with my crops watered, my skin cleared, my bills paid for and the angels singing (or – why everyone should please watch this blessed movie – MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD IF U CARE ABT THAT):

i just rly need to make this post bc this film was just So Good it took over my whole bitter-at-marvel being in under a week k thanks love u byyye:

1) okay, first: the whole movie was character-centric and contained. you had REAL EMOTIONAL RESOLUTION. and you had that real emotional resolution because they BUILT THE PLOT around the characters, rather than establishing a plot and having the characters enter from stage left. for one of the first times ever, I watched an ensemble superhero film where every single character got a decent individual arc that somehow complimented the central arc of the film, also character centric, and it worked. nearly all the arcs felt satisfying, because they were all interrelated, because they whole thing was about family. someone said that it was like, a really good fast and furious film in space but with no casual sexism, and tbh like …. really tru boys. the stakes of the film were in the characters, not the End Of The World or in some MacGuffin device. yes, ego’s machinations would have caused death and destruction on a galactic scale, but that was secondary to the real conflict; peter’s understanding of who his real father was, and, ultimately, who he was, through his relationship with his family – the other guardians. the movie was frickin’ hilarious, action-packed, and entertaining the whole way through, and gave you a unique story structure that didn’t feel like a cookie-cutter rehash of so many other action/superhero films we’re given lately. and when the movie ended, you felt alive. you felt like you really had closure, and that everything came together well, but you were also sad, and yet had also simultaneously had a really!!! fun!! time!!! 

just … i’ve seen so many sad attempts at ensemble movies in the past and while it’s obvious that writing an ensemble story is tricky, they really, really, truly, for the first time ever gave me the ensemble superhero film I have always wanted.

moving on:

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Trustworthy (pt. 1)

Summary: Being sent to one of your favorite worlds, you are disappointed when it is just as cruel as the world you left. Receiving insults from the company members, you slowly start to close your self off. Can the king fix this?

Pairings: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,945

Warnings: Everyone is a bit OoC; Kind of Cracky; Mentions of Abuse (physical, emotional, and mental) From Parents/Partner

Author’s Note: I will be posting part 2 on Sunday.

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series - Part 2

Originally posted by d-a-black

Requested by: 

     Anon: Can you do a reader insert of a really tall (human or elf) reader being in the company and being teased or made fun of for it

     @pandepirateprincess: Can i get a Thorin and x reader? Maybe a fluff one about tryin to resist falling for him or him trying win over reader cause she was mentally abused and has trust issues?

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Baby, please don’t go.

Originally posted by martziplier98

You and Ethan were basically the same person. You guys both loved memes so much that considered yourselves “Meme King and Queen”, passionately love sushi and pineapple on pizza, love acting like a bunch of doofus in public, and love hanging out with each other every minute. You love being with him and you thought it would always be like that until he broke the news.

You were at his dad’s house, in his room, laying on his chest. You were home from college and you try to see him every chance you get when you come home. You like moments like these, laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat while he’s playing in your hair, whispering little things to you. You can stay like this forever but moments like these do have to end.

“We need to talk.” Your heart dropped. Talk? What the hell did you need to talk about? “What’s wrong?” He bit his lips. You sat up to look at him. “[Y/N]…” He grabbed your hand. “What’s going on, Ethan? You’re scaring me.”  You told him. “[Y/N], I’m leaving for California.” “What? When are you leaving.” You didn’t want to believe what you were hearing. “I’m leaving in two days.” Now, you really didn’t want to believe him. “When we’re you going to tell me!?” You pulled your hand away and stood up. “[Y/N], calm down.” He tried to grab you hand again but you backed away. “How can you drop this bomb on me and expected me to calm down. I can’t believe you!” you hissed. You didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself before you bolted out of there. You heard him calling your name but you ran off before he could even catch up with you.  

You sat in your room all night listening to music while looking at old photos of Ethan and you. You’ve been together since the freshman year of high school and been friends while you guys were toddlers. You couldn’t imagine being away from him, hell leaving for college was a pain for you two even though you were 2 hours away from home so with him living across the country is going to be a huge adjustment for you.

“I didn’t know you were coming home, dad.” I heard a door open behind me. “He’s not.“ Ethan. I turn around and saw him with a picnic basket in his hand, I gave him a small smile. "How about we go for a little picnic.” “It’s almost 10 o'clock at night, Ethan.” He gave you his famous puppy dog face which always causes you to melt. “Fine…”

“I wanted to tell you earlier, I just didn’t want to lay it on you since you had exams coming up and moving into your apartment and I just didn’t know when to tell you.” He told you as he was laying beside you, looking at the stars. You have been busy for these past weeks and he’s been supportive of you, so can’t you be like that for him. “I’m sorry that I didn’t let you talk. I’m glad that get to follow your dreams and I want to be there every step of the way.” You grabbed his hands. “But… I realized that with you moving and going to be busy all the time and with me focusing on my double majors….“ Ethan’s eyes started to look glossy, "Please don’t tell what I think you’re about to say. We can work this out. We could take turns visiting each other, I’ll call, text and Skype as much as I can, just please don’t end this.” He wiped the tears off my face. “Are you sure? I don’t want to weight you down.” His face looked at you with disbelief. “What… You’re not weighing me down. You’ve actually been one of the most supportive person I know besides my parents. You’re the reason why I stay motivated!” He gave your hand a quick squeeze and kiss it, “I love you too much to just let you walk away [Y/F/N]. I want you there by my side and I want to be by your side when you graduate and follow your dreams! I want us to be happy.” Before he continues his rambling, you stopped him with a sweet, tender kiss. His hand went to your cheek as yours wrapped around his neck. You pulled away and laid your forehead on his, “I love you so much, Ethan.” He gave you a big goofy smile before pulling you back into a passionate kiss. “How about we continue this at my place.” I pulled away, making circles on his chest with a lip bite. His eyes widen and try to grab everything as fast you can before be dragging you to his car.

Today’s the day. Ethan was leaving. You made sure he had everything and double checked for him. “Ethan, you need to get ready to leave.” You laughed as he pulled you in his bed while kissing all over your face. “Five more minutes! Besides, would it be bad if I miss my flight, I can spend one more day looking into your [Y/E/C] eyes, telling you how beautiful you are and say how great that ring looks on you.” He said playing with the ring he gave you. He gave a promise ring, promising that you’ll both be there side by side no matter what. “Well as much as that sounds great, I’m not trying to get yelled at by Mark so let’s go.” You hopped up, grabbing a suitcase. 

You watched his flight take off, trying not to cry. You were hoping for a cheesy movie ending with him running towards you saying, ‘I couldn’t leave you.’ but it’s for the best.


“BABE! HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHONE!?” "It’s right there, Ethan.” You pointed to the kitchen counter. “This is why I love you.”  He kissed your forehead and grabbed his phone. Since you decided to take summer classes, you ended up graduating early and getting a job in California so you can live with Ethan. You also started a youtube channel of your own as well as a couple vlogging channel with Ethan and you love every minute of it. “I know. I don’t know what you’re going to do without me while I’m at work?” you told him, grabbing your bag for work. “Have a big day ahead of you?” “I have two important meeting plus video conference from London all in one day. I’ll try to stop by for lunch if my boss isn’t on my ass today.” You grabbed your car keys and gave Ethan a kiss on the cheek. “So, I’ll see you tonight then?” he laughed as you give him a nod. “Love you!” “Love you too!”

After hours of boring conversation, you finally were able to come home to your loving boyfriend seeing the blue boy with a picnic basket. “Picnic? The last time we went on a picnic, you were leaving for L.A… Are we moving back to Maine? I love it here!” you babbled before he cuts you off “No we’re not moving! I just wanted to go on a nice picnic with my girl.” He smiled.

You guys talked about your day to a random topic to childhood memories you loved to the point that the sun started setting. "Remember when we used to play married when we were in pre-k?” you giggled and nod, “Yeah. We were the stereotypic husband and wife. You came home from the jungle gym while I was cooking ‘pasta’ for my tired husband even though the pasta was fake and all you did was hang upside-down from the monkey bar.” You laid your head on his shoulder. “That was some damn good pasta though.” He laughed. You gave him a quick eye roll and looked at the sunset with him. “I love those memories.” He mumbled in your hair. “I want to create more of those.” He added. You looked at him confused. “I love waking up to the girl of my dreams every day, I love it when you come by the office and bring lunch for the whole team after we just edited so many videos,I love it when you cheer me on when I’m doing the dumbest thing, I love it when your eyes light up for little things like a dog walking across the street or when you see food, I love it when you’re always active in all of our youtube community after a long day at work, I love it when you smile, when you talk about the latest memes, when you giggle about the silliest things, when you see a fan out in public and show them so much, love. I love everything about you. After almost losing you before the move, I couldn’t see my life with you. I love you [Y/F/N] and I want to be with you forever.” He got on his one knee. Your hands cover your mouth as your crying your eyes out. He pulled a velvet box out,“[Y/F/N], will marry me?“ You quickly tackled him and peppered him with kisses. "OF COURSE, OF COURSE, OF COURSE!!!!” you beamed. He slid the ring on your ring finger and shouted, “YOU CAN COME OUT NOW!” You saw the whole crew cheering for us with cameras. You ran to them and gave them a huge hug, “I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’M GOING TO BE MRS. NESTOR!!” You hopped with Amy and Kathryn. “Congrats, you guys!” Mark cheered. “I can’t believe I’m marrying my best friend.” You looked at Ethan. “Well, believe it, baby.” Ethan pulled you into a kiss.

Hello! I hoped you enjoyed my imagine! I’m started to get the hang of typing again and I realize how much I love writing (even though it could be trash)! Anyways, my inbox is OPEN so you can always request an idea for me to write and I’ll see you later!

My Dad Reacts to Hamilton (Act 2)

What’d I miss?: “He literally just told you what you missed!”

Cabinet Battle #1: “I bet he’d wished he had stayed in France, he’s only been back home one day and he’s already fighting with Hamilton. And what did Madison ever do to Hamilton?!”

Take A Break: “Wait so you get mad at me for traveling abroad too much but you still like Hamilton?! He literally said no to his wife and the woman he might have had an affair with like twelve times!””

Say No To This: “Ooh yay, the affair, finally! Oh wait that’s bad.”

The Room Where It Happened: “Why is Burr like that sad kid that stares longingly at the cool’s kid table?” *nudges me* “Hey, like you!”

Schuyler Defeated: “Ooh, that was rude Burr. Then again, Hamilton did get the job from Washington that Burr wanted, so…”

Cabinet Battle #2: “Oh lord, another one of these.”

Me: “Don’t you like them?”

“Of course, but it’s really weird imagining dead guys with ridiculous wigs rap battling each other.”

Washington On Your Side: “Ha, I love how Madison only started singing to make sure everyone knew he was the one to write The Bill of Rights!”

Me: “Well actually, Madison gave a lot of credit to other people and protested when people referred to him as the “father of the Constitution” or any other grand title-”

“You’re ruining it for me!”

One Last Time: “Hey remember when we went to Mount Vernon and you forced me to listen to this as we saw his tombstone while crying?”

Me: “I was honoring a great man dad!”

I Know Him: “I know him too! It’s Hamilton right?”

“Why do so many songs start out making it seem as though they’re going to be about Hamilton and then not actually being about him? It’s both disappointing and reliving.”

Me: “Reliving?”

“Yeah, because I know he hasn’t done anything even more stupid yet.”

The Adams Administration: “See, this is what I’m talking about! Why did you do it Hamilton, you just destroyed your career!”

We Know: “Goddamit Hamilton, you idiot.”

Hurricane: “Wait… what is Hamilton planning on doing?”

The Reynolds Pamphlet: “Are you kidding me?!”

Burn: “No… Eliza…”

Blow Us All Away: “Why is this so happy?!”

Stay Alive (reprise): “Ha, ‘most disputes die and no one shoots,’ yeah, sure. There are three duels in this and all of them end in a death!”

Me: “Actually, Lee never died in the duel. He was just injured.”

“Why couldn’t that have happened to Philip?!”

It’s Quiet Uptown: “Hey, we visited their house uptown! Now I finally know why you were humming this song and looked like you were about to cry…”

Me, fighting back tears because that song makes me emotional every time: “I wasn’t going to cry!”

The Election of 1800: “And I thought the election this year was dramatic…”

Your Obedient Servant: “Why does Burr keep saying he wants to be in the room where it happens? It’s getting a bit sad now.”

Best of Wives and Women: “Oh, so this is why you always say Eliza deserved better.”

The World Was Wide Enough: “No! Wait, why has the music stopped? Did Hamilton not die?”


Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: “Wait so Eliza outlived her eldest son and husband by half a century?”

Me: “Yeah, and her sister, son, husband, and parent all died within the span of four years.”

“Oh, wow. See, this is why we should learn about the founding fathers’ wives as well! Didn’t you say Dolley Madison had a parrot that could swear in French?’”

Me: “Yeah, and it would bite people.”

“See! More people need to know this.”

My dad reacting to Act 1: [x]


Title: It’s Over (Part 2/2.)

Part 1.

Character(s): Negan and Reader
Summary: You and Negan try and live a life after the affair ended, but things do not go according to plan. 
Word Count: 3,607
Warning: Violence, blood, srs all the angsty feels
Author’s Note: So, there were many people who wanted a part two, so I decided to write another angsty continuation to @embracetheapocalypsewithme‘s original prompt for her 400 follower Negan Challenge! This is a full flood of emotions, so I hope you all enjoy it! ;-)

(GIF Source: @negankylo)

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Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]
My voice
Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]

This is my personal interpretation of what I think ol’ Springy sounds like. I like to imagine he’s in constant pain because let’s face it, he probably deserves it. On a side note, I would not recommend choking yourself while voice acting. It’s rather unpleasant. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy it! Feel free to make a request if you wanna hear more VA stuff from me!

Transcript under the cut

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Here Comes Goodbye - Connor McDavid

Originally posted by puckducky

Notes: Hola cuties! So, I was listening to some nice Rascal Flatts earlier when I remember I needed to write an angsty McDavid imagine, which voila, led to this. Hope you enjoy!!

Mentions: Steph LaChance

Warnings: Pregnancy, Angst

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: I haven’t decided. I may put off some of the smuts but yeah.

Teaser: Stage one, confusion. Stage two, disbelief. Stage three, anger.

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anonymous asked:

“Will you marry me?” From the prompt thing!

thanks! hope you like it xx

I’m miserable all through our date night and Harry notices. “Love, do you want to talk about it?” He asks, hand reaching over to cover mine, but I pull my hand away.

“We’ve already talked about it, unless you’ve changed your stance—“

“Try to understand where I’m coming from—“

“Oh, I understand perfectly that you don’t want to marry me, Harry, don’t worry.”

He shook his head, “That’s not it and you know it.”

“We’ve been dating for five years. Five. Years. If not now then when?”

“I’m waiting for the right time.”

I sighed, “Just forget it, Harry.”

I’m not one to complain about material things and this wasn’t about the ring. I was insecure in our relationship and I always had been. Maybe that was my own fault. No, it was my own fault… But Harry sure wasn’t helping. I started thinking about getting engaged to him after our first anniversary. Harry? Didn’t even cross his mind until four. At four, almost once every three months at least we had the same argument over and over and here we were; anniversary five and still no ring.

Harry loved me and I think deep down I knew that. Who needed a ring and a piece of paper to prove that to me? That’s what I told myself on most days. But after watching friend after friend pair off and attending wedding after wedding for people who had met long after Harry and I… I was tired of fending off questions from well meaning strangers asking when our wedding was.

“Love, come on.” Harry’s voice was low and when I looked at him he was giving me that pout he knew I couldn’t resist, “It’s our anniversary, can’t we celebrate our relationship without fighting tonight?”

I bit the inside of my cheek, “I have to use the bathroom.”

My phone vibrated while I was standing by the sink with a text from Harry.

I love you. It read. I didn’t answer. Less than a minute later: I miss you. I smiled despite myself and headed back out to the table. The rest of the night was better. Harry did everything he could to get my mind off engagements and weddings; talking about stupid things we’d done, like Harry giving me a piggy back ride down the red carpet after my heel broke one time.

As Harry and I were laughing about some memory we had as Harry signed the check, there was suddenly a commotion a few tables away from us. I turned to look in time to see someone kneel in front of their significant other and pull out a ring. I knew Harry’s eyes were on me, waiting to see how I would react as a ring was slid on someone else’s finger and the restaurant erupted in applause. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and stood up, quickly pulling on my jacket and storming out of the restaurant.

“Y/N!” I heard Harry call behind me as I walked to the car. There weren’t many paparazzi out tonight. In fact, Harry had flown us to Nashville to have dinner because he knew we weren’t likely to be followed. “Babe, come on!”

“Leave me alone.” I called over my shoulder.

“Can you just turn around, please? Look at me.”

“Harry, I don’t care, it’s fine let’s just go home.”

“Will you stop walking and turn around?!

There was something in his voice that I couldn’t quite place that made me stop walking and slowly turn to face him.

Harry was on one knee in the middle of the parking lot, a small velvet box in his hands. “I know you’ve been waiting forever for this, and the truth is I never asked because I was scared. Scared you’d wake up one morning and realize you deserved better than me. And so I thought I was sparing myself the humiliation of rejection. That was stupid and selfish and a waste of everyone’s time because the truth is I knew I was going to marry you on our first date when you asked me to come with you to get a tattoo because you had made the appointment thinking our date would go awful and you’d end up leaving early and make it in time.” I laughed here, tears brimming over as I remembered vividly telling Harry that it would be rude to cancel the appointment and he had to come with me. “I bought this ring two years later and held onto it for another three because it didn’t quite make sense to me that you were still here.” Harry quickly swiped at a tear on his cheek before continuing, “Every moment by your side has been an absolute gift and I never want the moments to stop. I want to hold your hand through the hard times and cheer you on through your accomplishments. I want to start a family with you, starting by making you my wife. So… Y/N… Will you marry me?

I cried, nodded, “Yes.” I choked out, “You idiot, do you even have to ask?”

And then Harry was standing, hands shaking as he tried to slip the ring up my finger, and once it was on we were sobbing in each other’s arms. Kissing one another, repeating frantic I love yous over and over between kisses.

And suddenly it didn’t matter that he had waited five years to ask me, because no matter if he had asked me when he first bought the ring or not, our story always ended here; with Harry’s arms wrapped around me and the feeling in my heart that I was home.

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