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Tags for Writers? How to submit?                    Writing Tips ?                     Resolved!!!!

Put tags on your work to make it more visible for other blogs and they can reblog. It’s at the bottom of a text or quote (it’s soft-shaded as #tags). This may sound elementary, but some of us don’t realize how to add tags when we first start.

What kind of tags?

Basic tags:

  • #poetry
  • #spilled ink
  • #poets on tumblr
  • #twc
  • #newpoetssociety
  • #poetsoftumblr
  • #writers
  • #spilled ink
  • #scribbled words

Tags for submission/reblog sites:

  • #writerscreed
  • #creedrescue (new writers only)
  • #poetryriot
  • #twcpoetry
  • #brokensoulsuploads
  • #poetpardy
  • #electricexhibition
  • #poetryportal
  • #proseriot
  • #abstractcommunity
  • #illustrans
  • #lzlabseesu
  • #re-bubmleblossoms
  • #pomegranatepoetry
  • #armchairchallenge

Probably more, add to the comments if you know of more places

Prompt Tags:

Places you can write for prompts (these change weekly but are a great way to get involved in the writing community and get your work noticed. Make sure you check out what their prompt is before using these tags)

  • #writerscreedchallenge
  • #poetryriotprompt
  • #thatrandomprompt
  • #poeticstories
  • #bsuprompt
  • #PardyPrompt
  • #promptlyrefined
  • #blotchedprompts
  • #abstractprompts
  • #bizzareprompts
  • #imperialprompts

Writing Tips:

Start interacting with other writers. Look for poets that write things you like. Like their work, follow them.

  • Read good poetry, good novels and short stories
  • Use verbs - they have power
  • Write what’s in you. No one else can do that
  • Honesty dressed in imagery is alluring
  • People are drawn to rhythm
  • Try writing from different points of view
  • Write about more than one subject
  • Don’t be afraid to let out what lurks inside you
  • Make yourself write regularly, even if you don’t share everything
  • Rewriting is important. Always ask yourself, is there a better word I could use? is that line necessary?

Enabling submissions

To enable post submissions on the web:

  1. Click “Settings” under the Account menu at the top of the dashboard, then choose the blog you’d like to update on the right side of the page.
  2. In the Submissions section, enable “Let people submit posts.”
  3. Customize your Submission page title, guidelines, and a tag field.
  4. Toggle which types of posts users can submit.

And in the app:

  1. Tap the account icon (the little human).
  2. Tap the blog name at the top of the screen to select the blog you’d like to update if it’s not already showing.
  3. Tap the gear icon.
  4. Turn the “Let people submit posts” option on. Note that at this time it’s not possible to edit the types of posts people can submit on the app.

Sending a submission

To submit something to a blog (assuming that the blog has submissions enabled):

  • In the app: Go to a blog, tap the person icon, and then Submit.
  • On the web: Hover over an avatar and click the person icon.
  • From the blog: Look for the submit link, or add /ask or /submit to the end of their URL.

5 people you would kiss/hug

tagged by @tatakaeeren Thank you ! ^^


  • on the forehead: My preciious baby Eren <3
  • on the cheek: Mikasa I’ll bet she will blush and look incredibly cute x)
  • on the top of the head: Probably Annie if she’ll let me, otherwise Historia
  • on both cheeks: Sasha
  • on the lips: Levi, Levi, Levi, and did I mention Levi ? 


  • big ol’ bear hug:  Hanji ! She’ll probably crush me in the process but that’s ok.
  • lingering embrace: Levi, (the love of my life) obviously (I’ll never let him go)
  • side hug:  Annie and Mikasa
  • ardent embrace, including swinging around & laughing: Eren, he really deserves to laugh a bit, though I’m not sure if I can swing him but I’m sure Levi will help me ;)
  • group hug: ALL. OF. THEM.  Seriously I can’t choose and I don’t care that my arms are too small, I’ll hug ever member of the scouting legion.

I’m gonna tag : @reiner-is-my-armored-daddy @yanderr02 @nerdycatterpillar @attack-on-stalking @fan-fictionlover and @kaikakaze (we’re not talking much but i like your art very much and i’m interest in your answer ^^)

Hope non of you guys already did that, however if you did just ignore that ;)

Inktober is coming and I have no clue what to draw. I’m demotivated in art, research and math classes. You know it’s becoming a real problem when @white-rainbowff has to resort to mailing me this for motivation.

Ugh, if only I can tell my PI that RT-PCR is not the same as qRT-PCR. He thinks I can do everything and dumps work like nobody’s business *wallows in project cesspool*

anonymous asked:

I just saw one of your song asks and consider: "Black Pear Tree" from Lucretia's pov.

i haven’t listened to this before but honestly this was very weirdly melancholy and fitting. it gave me a real vibe of lucretia like……..knowing that what she was going to do was terrible, and seeing the rest of her future and the knowledge of her betrayal, the understanding that she is going to do terrible things, and doing them anyway. because she had to. 

aw no, im sad about lucretia again. good song! 

I have a podcast now I guess.

Karmuchi’s a group of friends that talk about stuff. The Karm Cast is available on iTunes and pretty much where podcasts are available. Also YouTube for some reason idk.

Twitter: @TheKarmCast

short & sweet ♡