that suit omfg

My commission from the freaking amazing and talented @plastic-pipes​ of Trini and Kim dancing mid air from the opening scene of Chapter 2 in my fic , Ghosts of the Past !

Pipe’s is freaking amazing and such a lovely person and you should all commission her!

  • Roommate: there are so many names that took me forever to know how to say. Like Sean? Seen. That's Seen.
  • Me: *points at Ianto in my torchwood poster*
  • Me: Ian-to?
  • Roommate: I-an-toe
  • Roommate: what does his name even mean??? Does it have to do with his character? Because it would be pretty cool if it meant like, space or something.
  • Me: it means God is gracious
  • Roommate: ...for that face
  • Me: 😂 sure? Yes, I'll agree with that
  • Roommate: I bet Jack does
  • Roommate: gracious for that facious
  • Me: ...go to bed oh my god

Complete Ares III Crew poster set 

biographies by the author @hawkeyesticks 

read the fic: Who Will Save You Now


The Flash AU: In which, Iris is struck by lightning in a freak storm and develops superhuman strength and cat-like reflexes. With the help of Dr. Harrison Wells, Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, she uses her powers to keep the people of Central City safe. However the authorities and the police refuse to see her persona, Cottonmouth as anything other than a menace to society. A huge problem for Iris as both her father and Barry Allen-the man she’s had a crush on since childhood-are both working for the police department. Never-the-less, Iris continues to use her powers to fight crime and help others affected by the freak storm.