that suit is ugly

*tries to take a sexy picture* *fails* HAPPY FINALE DAY BELLARKE FAM, well maybe not so happy because the hiatus with kill me (again) But I’m so ready for The Hug ™ I’m dyinggg. Also Tbh I can’t wait to see them in those ugly orange suits again. Thank you for tagging me @griffinnblake & @bllrke 😘
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(❁´ω`❁) even the guards are careful not to club Edward in his pretty face. Court of Owls values perfect skin & hair even in its prisoners.

Yeah I mean look at fashion Kathryn! They clearly appreciate a fancy look. The most insulting thing they did to both Ed & Os was to remove their fashion suits and put them in ugly plumber mario bros matching outfits! But thank god they made a deal of okay let’s take 5 hours to get ready with our fashion and makeup before we duel okay good!!



So here’s Jungkook’s Yearbook photos and his graduation speech lololo 

THEY ALL WENT TO HIS GRADUATION DESPITE THERI FAME I’MMMMMMMMMM like TT.        l I’m sosososo happy for him you can’t even imagine ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬  (「・ω・)「   ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

anyway it figures that the only blarke heavy episode we’ve gotten all season is spoiled by them ugly ass hazmat suits. 

all our gifs/vids/graphics/edits are gonna feature them ugly ass hazmat suits. 

this is our life now, blarke interacting only while dressed in those ugly ass hazmat suits. 

it’s what we deserve

Jeremwood where Jeremy and Ryan have known each other since forever and they’re best friends and Jeremy has always admired Ryan. So much that in middle school, he wrote a note to Ryan telling him how much he likes the other boy. Everyone sort of laughs it off (”that’s so cute of him”) and it’s eventually forgotten. 

 Then they get into High School and Jeremy realizes that fuck, he has a crush on his best friend. Nothing comes of it though, as with all friend groups, the two sort of separate and join different circles. They remain friends, though, and Jeremy keeps his crush. 

Ryan gets a couple of boyfriends (Geoff and Gavin) and breaks up with both of them, but they remain friends. Jeremy dates a couple of girls (one he remains friends with, Lindsay) and one guy. Jeremy still has heart eyes for Ryan and just can’t get over it. 

Ryan never seems to look his way. 

Junior year, their different circles come together (Gavin actually becomes Jeremy’s other best friend) and Jeremy finds himself spending more and more time with Ryan, which makes it harder for Jeremy to conceal his crush. Almost everyone of their friends knows Jeremy likes Ryan. Except for Ryan himself. 

Then Prom comes around and Jeremy has resigned himself to going dateless (he’s fine with it though, he knows how much fun their friends are and he expects a good time. It’s just going to suck watching Ryan take someone else). 

He comes into class one day, distracted about homework, to his classmates giggling and his friends smirking at him. There, in the middle of class, is Ryan looking the most nervous Jeremy has ever seen him. He’s holding flowers in one hand, a note in the other, and is dressed in his Sunday best. 

Going red and almost stuttering over his words, he hands the flowers and note to an equally red Jeremy. Jeremy opens the note and sees that it’s the note Jeremy himself wrote, all those years ago. At the bottom, written in obnoxious orange, it says Love, Jeremy (his mom had always written that at the end of her letters so Jeremy was just following her lead, he was 13). 

Jeremy looks up, wide-eyed at Ryan. “You kept this?”

Ryan shrugs his shoulders and nods, smiling at Jeremy. “I did. And I was wondering…if, you know, if you still felt that way…if you would….like to go to prom with me?” 

And Jeremy has never moved so fast to throw his arms around Ryan, screaming “Yes!” At the top of his lungs.  

iconic x files revival 2015 memories™

- “estranged is a slur”
- love is dead
- when adele’s new album dropped right after finding out msr broke up and we all dedicated the entire album to them (when we were young.mp3)
- gillian doing the jersey devil walk w/ starbucks
- cryin at mulder and scully in suits again
- wifegate
- harassing the crew about how ugly scully’s wig was til they changed it
- mulder: i’m here. 
  us: #SHOOK
- scully’s an alien
- “you so badly want to believe!”
- daggoo!
- breaking into hives when david and gillian kissed @ the concert (we all fucking did it let’s be honest)
- “fuck off, keith!”
- the utter disbelief at being left with a cliffhanger and wanting to kill cc for the millionth time


How can you stand there?

A whisper from me

Yet, somehow be so far away

In eyes once familiar how stranger I seem

With so many words left to say

i wonder how ivy’s gonna react when she meets ed the first time. and like finds out that THIS guy with the ugly bowler hat, wearing a glittery green suit and calling himself the RIDDLER (lol i love u eddie) is in fact ozzy’s old flame.

i can totally picture her giving oswald a judging look and going “…seriously? him?”

Ernest Hemingway and Antonio Ordonez (1959) 

Hemingway’s advice to bullfighters:

 You only have to do three things. Number one: Look tragic…. Number two: When you get to the ring, people are watching you.Don’t lean on anything, it’s ugly for the suit….And number three: If the photographers come toward you, put your right foot forward: it’s sexier….