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Disclaimers You Need to Add to Your Seeking Arrangement/website profile: Sugar Babies and Escorts

1. Please do not attempt to negotiate my rates, I find this insulting.

2. When we meet, please have any gift for our time together in an envelope marked “gift”.

3. I do not meet without proper verification, no exceptions.

4. I will need to discretely verify you for my own safety. You will be required to provide ID.

5. Emails or text only. I will only discuss location and time we are meeting, no irrelevant or frivolous texts.

6. I do not answer unscheduled text messages or calls. Unsolicited sexual messages will deleted and you will be blocked.

7. For your convenience, I will travel to your location for extra donation.

8. I am very selective as to whom I accept as a client/sugar daddy. You must be polite and sincere in your request.

9. I do not discuss details until after you have submitted a request.

10. I do not discuss session details until after you have been accepted as a client.

11. Please inquire about discreet souvenirs from our experience. (Great way to sell you panties and such)

12. And finally, if you are at a loss of how to word your services, here’s an example: I offer travel companionship, dating services, deep massage services, and lingerie modeling.

Remember: Bill them like a man. Any amount of time you spend talking, texting, or even thinking about them should be paid for. It is up to you to limit the amount of time you spend interacting with them for free.
Good things don’t last forever

It’s coming to an end with my sd and I. 

I have been hella loyal and exclusive with him for almost a year and a half. I’m so over him. I’m drained from him. Even tho he’s 42, he acts like a little kid. He wants the most attention from me. He gets mad when i never post about him or talk about him when i’m with my family or friends. I don’t love him anymore. I get to annoyed of him and i don’t fuck with his vibes anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the money and gifts is NICE! I do care about it. I also care about my happiness. People around me might think i’m happy and have it all. but when i’m alone to myself i get lonely, sad, and stress. I feel like i’m gaining weight from all this stress. I hope for a new SD that doesn’t have kids or married to come my way for 2017. I’m going to stay positive. 

When a POT is boring af

PSA for sugarbabes

Japanese men are more open to spending money on girls, its pretty much the culture to give girls money if you’re a hostess or if you explain that you’re a SB prior to meeting.

Wealthy men in Kyoto are used to spending more than 1-1.5k for first dates.

Key word wealthy, try the high class red district area!

When a Sugar Daddy ghosts…