that stupid nerd and his stupid face

Lowkey feel like Jason Todd would get a bunch of tattoos on his arms till he had at least one full sleeve and it would look all badass and dangerous and he would have to wear special tattoo sleeves when he went undercover.

But if you actually looked at the tats, they would all be Broadway references and Shakespearean insults and tiny, cutesy art pieces and really adorable nerdy shit.

(And also possibly “oh my goodness gracious ive been bamboozled” as a tramp stamp because Roy thought that was the funniest shit ever and got him r e a l l y drunk that one time)

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Would you write a 2min as parents au?

“Don’t put that on him, that’s stupid,” Taemin said.

“It’s adorable, shut up,” Minho argued, clasping the little bow-shaped-clip on the baby’s tuft of hair.

Taemin rolled his eyes from where he was standing on the other side of the bed, packing things away in the diaper bag and sending disgusted glances at the outfit Minho was wrangling their baby in to.

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oh my gosh

why haven’t i seen this until now

oh my gosh

oh my g o s h

His Little Nerd

Group/Member: iKon/B.I

Genre: Drabble, Fluff(?)

Word Count: 427

Summary: 5) “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”  

Requested: Yup. Anonie requested: “Hi! Hanbin, fluff, #5 please!”

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie… I had some difficulty with this one. Every time I went to write for this prompt I came up with something angsty. After several attempts (I scrapped a hell of a lot of ideas), this is the end product…

- Admin Sonsee

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I'm sorry to bother you. I have a question if you wouldn't mind. If you do, you can ignore this. Why don't you like Chris Evans?

I hate his stupid perfect face, with his stupid blue eyes and that stupid beard.

I hate his ridiculous shoulders to waist ratio and the fact that he’s a huge dork and a huge nerd and that he loves his dog more than anything.

Above all I fucking hate that he ruined men for me 💪

//sorta nsfw //literally you dreaming about hinata’s chest please read this oh my god //sort of bodyworship ????

(JESUS YEEZUS I’M SO SORRY FOR THIS! I didn’t expect it to be this long, and I hope our old friend Hajime is not too OOC let’s face it, he probably is!)

Also: it gets a little nsfw near the end.

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I was thinking too much about the emotions at Wembley and Zayn not being there but sort of being there in spirit, and well, this happened: 

Louis doesn’t mean to call him. 

Really, he doesn’t. He means to call his agent, or his manager, or maybe in a pinch Liam, because that’s who you call when things go to shit, and, well. He’s pretty sure this is the definition of things going to shit. At least it’s after it’s all over, he thinks, and laughs, because he has to laugh or the alcohol will catch up to him and he’ll start crying. It’ll be a great headline tomorrow: Louis Tomlinson, arrested and crying! They’re probably be pictures and they’ll talk about how it’s because Harry broke up with him and he’ll look like shit. 

And maybe he’s too busy thinking about things like that, because his fingers are dialing before he even gets a chance to stop the muscle memory. He almost throws the phone away as soon as he notices, as it starts to ring, but there’s a big guy sitting on the other side of the holding cell eying him in a way Louis doesn’t like, and a couple more huddled together talking about something Louis really hopes isn’t him, and for once in his life he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. If he’s lucky, no one will ever know this happened. No one will ever know how fucking stupid he is. Zayn’s probably won’t even pick up his phone, and then Louis gets another call, he’s pretty sure. That’s how it works in films. 

Yeah, it’s fine, Louis decides, as the phone rings. Zayn won’t pick up, and then Louis can call Liam, because it’s not like Zayn would do anything for him anyway. Louis doesn’t need Zayn to do shit for him. He’s just letting it ring for pride’s sake, because he’s not going to be the one to back down. He can’t be. 

Six rings. There can’t be more than that, can there? Louis doesn’t remember. He knew once. Knew exactly how many rings because the difference was the difference between Zayn forgetting to answer his phone and Zayn ignoring it because he’s busy. It’ll go to voicemail soon, and Louis will be able to call Liam and get out of here before anyone notices he was fucking arrested, and he’s still not happy about that either. Liam’ll be a drag about it, but it’s in his interest to keep it quiet too, so it’ll be fine. 


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i'm becoming interested in this headcanon, nathan laughing is literally what made warren the happiest, seeing his love truly content and not worried or scared anymore made him super happy with how things were going

Sometimes Warren will send jokes in texts just so he can see the range of his emotions from neutral to fucking cackling.
Warren tickling Nathan at any chance he gets.
Nathan looking up at Warren, and starts crying a little. Warren asks what’s wrong. Nathan responds “I’m just so in love with you.” and laugh softly.
Warren nuzzling his nose against Nathan’s neck and making him giggle.
Warren, one day, finds something that never fails to make Nathan laugh. That’s now his favorite thing to do.
Warren singing and playing a silly song on guitar, making goofy faces. Nathan is trying not to laugh, but his nerd boyfriend NEVER fails to make him giggle with all the stupid stuff he does.
Warren purposely doing something stupid just so he can hear Nathan’s laugh.
Oh goodness laughing headcanons.

So, Jack and Bitty have been together for a year, but I can’t stop thinking about That Day, Jack’s graduation, and how Bitty must have felt. He was ready to let him go. You can see it when he’s hugging Jack as they’re saying goodbye, how he’s barely holding it together. 

And just … imagine him walking back to the Haus afterwards. He’s so used to putting on a brave face, but it must have been so hard. Walking past all those people who are probably still scattered all over campus, smiling for them so they can’t see his poor little heart breaking inside.

Because Jack is leaving and he’s not coming back and of course Bitty never told him how he felt, he has no idea Jack is even capable of reciprocating his feelings. So he pushes them down like he’s used to, like he always had to. But that day, Jack’s leaving and even if he thinks he’d never have a chance with him anyway, this still hurts because they were friends and they’ve become so close lately and now everything’s gonna change forever and dammit he loves this awkward sweet ridiculous Canadian hockey robot so much and he can’t just stop and it hurts.

And he walks past all those people on campus back to the Haus and up the stairs and oh there’s Jack’s old room that Jack will never ever live in ever again and he just has to go inside and whatever he can just as well help Chowder organise his stuff while he’s here and fold some of his sweaters or whatever.

He listens to some music, maybe to distract himself, maybe to cheer himself up, but oh god even that reminds him of Jack and he can’t help it, he starts crying. He can’t not. Jack is gone now. They’ve said their goodbyes and they’ll still be friends but he’s gone and Bitty still loves him so much so much and he’ll miss him more than he can say. It already hurts and it’s not even been half an hour, and he has no idea how to stop being in love, he can’t stop hurting and he can’t hold back the tears.

And then he’s right there all of a sudden, right there, Jack, out of breath and his eyes all wide and desperate and he’s looking at Bitty like that. Jack. Looking at Bitty.

Bitty knows his own face looks like he’s been crying. But Jack is here and looks like he’s been running, and he won’t stop staring at Bitty with all those emotions on his stupid perfect face and Bitty can feel his silly little heart speed up even though he knows it’s stupid, this can’t mean … it can’t mean …

But then Jack is in his space, reaching for him, leaning in, and for a moment he is too stunned to even close his eyes because he loves this dumb impossible wonderful hockey nerd so much and this can’t really be happening, can it?

But Jack is touching him and holding onto him and … he kisses him. Jack kisses him. And when they pull apart Jack is the one who looks at Bitty like he’s completely overwhelmed, like he never wants to let go.

And he kisses him again. And for once, Bitty’s too stunned, too overwhelmed to even cry. Jack promises to text him. And he does. It’s … so much. So much. Bitty never expected any of it. He’d resigned himself to not having this, ever. He’d already walked away and felt his heart breaking.

He’d been feeling so sad, so lonely, so heartbroken. And then Jack ran all the way across campus to make him feel the happiest he’d ever been and now they get to celebrate the anniversary of that day for the rest of forever and they both deserve that so, so much.

Paid To Hate You (Part 8)

Summary: When you audition for a role in a reality show you’d never thought to meet Bucky Barnes, the guy who turned your teenage years into hell. You’d also never thought that you’d have to pretend to be his ex-girlfriend on the show.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,276

Warnings: angst, so much angst

A/N: This is the explanation to Bucky’s behavior guys. I am thinking about two more parts? Tell me again what you think!

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7

Without waiting for an answer, you turned around and were about to leave his trailer again, probably for forever, when Bucky stopped you and caught you by your waist.

“Wait! Y/N please let me explain. Please let me at least try to explain it to you,” he pleaded, his voice sounding broken. It sounded like he was about to start crying any given moment. And because you had never seen Bucky like that before, you gave in and stopped. But you didn’t turn around to him. You couldn’t do that yet.

“One minute, Bucky. You have one minute.” You told him and started gnawing on your lower lip. This entire situation was uncomfortable and you wanted nothing more than to escape it. But there was no way out now. You had chosen to confront Bucky about everything and now where he was about to explain everything to you, you wanted nothing more than to back off and to run away.

But you couldn’t. It was too late to back off now.

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And remains the question: how in the world did Sakurai end up with chocolate on his NECK?

Ahhh…forgot to add that, damnit -_-

I was planning on answering this in private, but since someone asked for more Aosaku, I’ll publish it ~

[read more, because guess what?? I rambled too much and it turned into sort of a drabble! /rollsoffacliff]

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WestAllen fic:

Title: Good Boys and Bow Ties
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Iris West, Barry Allen
Word count: 8637

Summary:  Iris West punches Barry Allen in the face and falls in love with him in exactly the same moment: the courtship of E2 WestAllen. (Contains some kink, because, um, it turns out that Iris bossing Barry around is super hot?)


Some idiot tries to hold up Jitterbugs’ and a nineteen year old waitress named Iris West – who barely comes up to this guy’s chest – hurls herself at him, cracks him twice in the head with an ashtray and throws him clean over her shoulder. Keeps him pinned with some crazy arm thing until the cops arrive.

Barry Allen, who ducked inside only five minute earlier just to get out of the evening rain, decides he’s going to marry this girl.

Except he doesn’t know her name and it takes him six months of passing by outside Jitterbugs’ to get up the courage to go in and ask.

(Baby steps).

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