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Wanna One Kang Daniel Prince! AU (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of the Prince AU. You can find part 1 here and part 3 here; enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

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  • School started up again soon after the holidays, and you were all ball of nerves about seeing Daniel again
  • You weren’t sure how you two would act together at school, if there would be any difference
  • If you two talked, the entire female population would attack you; and if your friendship had to be kept a secret, you would be disappointed
  • On the first day back, you could hardly focus in any of your classes before math
  • When the bell rang for you to leave your previous period, you ran to the bathroom and checked yourself out in the mirror, simultaneously scolding yourself
  • why am I this shaken up over him Jesus christ (Y/N) get it together
  • You shook your head in disbelief at yourself as you finally just sucked it up and walked to math
  • You trudged in the room, sketchily looking around with your head down, before you heard someone call out to you
  • “Hey (Y/N), we are switching seats this semester, come sit here!! Let’s be seat partners!” Daniel called out to you, a huge smile on his face, patting the seat next to him
  • He… he really just lives freely, doesn’t he? Take a lesson from him, (Y/N).
  • You couldn’t hide your happiness as you sat down next to him, right in the front of the class
  • “You’re good at math, right, (Y/N)? I’m totally going to cheat off you now!!” Daniel exclaimed, relentlessly poking your arm
  • The class soon started, and you both just played hangman and tictactoe and chatted over a piece of notebook paper, the teacher rolling her eyes at the both of you
  • You two weren’t disturbing anyone, and the teacher knew that 1. Daniel wouldn’t pay attention either way, and 2. you would do well on your tests/quizzes anyway
  • Suddenly, school had become a lot more fun
  • Word spread quickly around the school, that Daniel had a new friend… a new girl friend.
  • Suddenly you started getting weird looks from people, and sudden requests to become your friend
  • You were taken aback by the sudden attention, but didn’t do anything about it
  • You just hung out with a couple of your old friends, who thankfully didn’t even bother questioning you about Daniel at all; they seemed to know you would tell them when you were ready
  • They had already known about your childhood friendship with Daniel, anyway
  • Ong and Jaehwan, though, got all the information they needed from Daniel
  • They learned the entire story, and they had also known that you were Daniel’s old friend
  • Anyway you didn’t see Daniel really for the rest of the school day, because you two were in different classes/years, so it wasn’t a surprise when you didn’t meet him again
  • This pattern continued throughout the week: having fun with Daniel in math, only for him to be whisked off to the palace by his bodyguards as soon as school ended every day
  • But something different happened on the Friday of that week
  • As you walked out of school ready to bike home, but your bike was nowhere to be found
  • Instead, you saw two men in black suits standing near the racks
  • “Please come with us, Miss (Y/L/N). Your bike is in the car,” one said, pointing at a sleek black car parked in front of the school. “The Royal Family requests your presence at the palace.”
  • “Uhhh what nobody told me about this,” you mumbled, as the men leaded you towards the car
  • You entered the car, to find Daniel in the seat next to you
  • “What’s up?”
  • “As if I would know, dumbass,” you rolled your eyes, punching his arm
  • For the car ride to the palace, you and Daniel just theorized about various reasons that the King and Queen would want to talk to you
  • “Maybe you clogged one of the toilets at the party”
  • “What the hell, man”
  • “Or you fell asleep on the couch in that room and drooled on it and now you have to replace it hA”
  • “jesus fuck Dan just shut up”
  • When you two finally arrived at the palace, you two got out of the car, Daniel slamming the door behind him as you tried to exit from his side after him
  • “Prince. Please don’t delay us, we need to meet the Queen and King.” a stern voice called (probably one of the bodyguards), shutting up Daniel’s weird laughter (you know what I’m talking about)
  • “Ha, take that loser,” you called back at him, exiting the car
  • “You’re the loser, have fun with whatever my parents want you for,” Daniel said, playfully shoving you, walking away from you and the guards, probably to his own room
  • “Prince, you also have to come along, the King and Queen also want to see you.” A guard said, confusing the both of you
  • What matter could concern the both of you? Another party? What is going on
  • You and Daniel were both sat down in a very fancy looking room, with multiple seats arranged around a round table
  • You two whispered to each other, before the King and Queen entered, sitting down across from you both
  • “Daniel! (Y/N)! How are you both? How was your day at school today?” The Queen excitedly asked
  • You both looked at each other in confusion, before saying what you had “learned” in math today, Daniel revealing that you were now seat mates with one another
  • “Oh, well that’s just great! Glad to see you two are getting along so well, it looks like you two should be able to settle down together very well in the future,” The King said, bobbing his head in an approving nod
  • You and Daniel were in complete confusion, staring at Daniel’s parents as they both beamed at you two
  • “Ah, well I guess we haven’t really explained this properly, but you two get the gist, no?” The Queen said, catching sight of your confused gazes. “Well it’s obvious that (Y/N) here is the most reasonable choice for the Princess; out of all the women we have seen for the past couple of years have not even come close to the bright and genuine aura (Y/N) exudes! You two are perfect together!”
  • Your mouth had dropped open, blankly staring at the King and Queen, who were just excitedly giggling to themselves
  • You turned your eyes to Daniel, his eyes narrowed at his parents
  • “You two can’t be serious. How can you force her to get married at such a young age? Shouldn’t she have input in this matter?”
  • You blankly nodded. Marriage? What the hell?
  • You had wanted to get closer to Daniel, but marriage? That was a rest of life thing here, and you were perfectly content with your crush on him; being the Princess would make your life so unbelievably complicated
  • “Oh, well we don’t want you two to get married now, at least finish your college first, we just thought that you should both just be aware of this arrangement,” The King clarified
  • “Still! How can you expect to even want to commit to this now?” Daniel stood up, his hands on the table, as you nodded along
  • You didn’t dare speak out against the King and Queen, so you were thankful at least Daniel was being sane here
  • “Oh, well (Y/N) technically doesn’t have to commit to the marriage now, we just at least want the both of you to give a shot at a relationship and living together. We aren’t letting (Y/N) pass by, she is the first girl we have approved of in the years we have been looking for someone. Don’t take this as a joke, Daniel. You know the legacy of the family name is very important to the establishment of our rule.” The Queen said
  • “Yes, and if it happens that after trying with one another that (Y/N) or you do not feel like this is the best arrangement, then we will not have to continue with the marriage. What we are asking is very reasonable in our opinion; we aren’t forcing anything onto you in the long term. We are just kindly requesting that you will both make an attempt. This is a very serious matter.” The King continued
  • Well, that didn’t sound so bad. You two could just hang out for sometime, and then say that you two just want to remain as friends in the end.
  • You looked at Daniel and shrugged, signaling that this was fine with you
  • Daniel sighed, and nodded at his parents, grabbing your hand and leading you out of the room
  • You forgot sometimes, but Daniel was really a Prince, he really was royalty. For fuck’s sake, he was Prince of the entire country
  • For how down-to-earth he is, you sometimes forgot that you two really had completely different lives.
  • Daniel silently dragged you to a flight of stairs, leading you up to the second floor. You hadn’t been up there since you were like five
  • Happy memories flooded you as you stared down the huge hallways, remembering the old times where you, Daniel and Jisung used to race down the corridors
  • You were caught up in your own thoughts, not noticing that Daniel had led you into a huge bedroom
  • Daniel finally said something
  • Well, it was not really a coherent word
  • More like a primal scream, as he jumped face first onto a humongous bed that looked really fluffy
  • He let out really weird sounds into his pillow, slamming his legs repeatedly into the mattress
  • You walked up to him, poking his shoulder, making Daniel stop and stare at you through half-lidded eyes
  • “Try it, (Y/N). It’s therapeutic.” Daniel said, turning his face back into the white bedsheets, scooting over to make room for you
  • You weren’t even skeptical; you plunged onto the bed, both of you acting like deranged demonic toddlers
  • The both of you, at the moment, had nothing to say to one another – you both were equally taken aback at this sudden news, and for the time being, this was all you two could do
  • After a couple minutes of this… exorcism or whatever it was, your cries of the both of you just turned into tired sighs, once in a while kicking the bed
  • And without realizing it, you just fell asleep in Daniel’s super comfortable bed
  • “Do you want to stay for dinner today? It’s already evening,” Daniel called to you from the other side of the bed, facing away from you
  • He was met with silence, and crawled over to you in response, pulling your hair
  • Still receiving no reaction from you, he peered over your motionless body to see your eyes shut, deeply asleep
  • “That fast? Stupid,” Daniel laughed, about to pinch your nose to stop you from breathing, before his hand stopped in front of your face
  • He looked at you, unable to stop his concerns from popping into his mind
  • Wife? Princess? (Y/N)? We just reunited as friends, and now that has to change?
  • He breathed out, moving his hand back and plopping back on the bed next to you
  • Not that I would mind (Y/N) as the princess, he thought, staring at the back of your head
  • Pretty funny that this is even happening, I used to joke about marrying her when we were kids…
  • Daniel knew that for royal families, marrying someone you truly love is a very rare occurrence, and most marriages are completely arranged
  • I’m lucky enough Mom and Dad are trying to find someone who is more than a business deal, but that would mean (Y/N) would have to be cooped up in the palace for the rest of her life, and live completely in the public’s eye…
  • Daniel deeply sighed and smothered his face in his pillow again, pushing all the thoughts that were consuming him out of his mind
  • Ah whatever, this is so confusing, let’s just forget about all of this now
  • He forgot all about bugging you for dinner, and fell into sleep next to you
  • zzzzzzzzz….
  • You two slept peacefully for around an hour before a sharp noise blared into Daniel’s room
  • “Prince? Miss (Y/L/N)? Dinner is ready. Please come to the dining room,” a voice called through an intercom, waking the both of you up
  • You opened you eyes, and rolled around in the bed, only to come face to face with Daniel
  • You were about to scream, slapping your hand over your mouth, your heart rapidly picking up pace
  • jesus christ could I get a warning here?
  • You stared at Daniel’s face, his teeth gritting together once in a while as he slept – the intercom failed to wake him up
  • I can’t believe this is happening, getting to spend time with him… but marriage? Isn’t that a bit much…
  • You were deep in thought, before the voice from the speakers blared again, asking you two to immediately come down
  • “Daniel, Daniel wake up,” you said, gently shaking him so that he would wake up
  • “Stopppp ittttt,” Daniel whined, pulling the blanket to cover him face
  • You couldn’t help but laugh at his sudden burst of cuteness, seeming like a little kid, making you think of similar situations when you two were younger
  • Jisung and you would always team up and torture Daniel with tickle fights (he was super sensitive) when he was sleeping
  • Without realizing, your hands had slid under the blanket, grabbing Daniel’s torso and evilly giggling before you started violently tickling him
  • “(Y/N)!!!!!! YOU BETTER STOP THIS!!!”
  • “nEVER!!!!” (lmao never) you screamed back at him, before he grabbed you and started tickling you back
  • “wha- NO NO NO NO NO NO NO STOP NO” you gasped, out of breath, as you writhed under his grasp, unable to fight back
  • “HA, take THAT” Daniel yelled, tackling you and flipping you over in bed, pinning both your hands with one arm while tickling you with the other
  • “Looks like you two are getting along quite well.” a different voice called out to you, making both you and Daniel freeze in place, you pinned under him, the both of you realizing just how close to one another you two were
  • You both looked up in unison, finding a bodyguard dude at the door with his arms crossed, the King and Queen behind him
  • You and Daniel sprang apart, desperately claiming to all three that it wasn’t what they were thinking, still breathing heavily from the tickling
  • “I knew something was going on; Daniel’s never late for dinner,” the Queen snickered, dragging the King and the bodyguard out of the room, saying that they should “let you two do what you needed”
  • There was no point in arguing with the King and Queen, after all they were the ones who wanted you two to get married
  • You and Daniel stood there in his room, quiet once again, your face heating up in embarrassment
  • You looked up at Daniel, his own eyes darting shyly around the room to avoid your gaze, his own cheeks tinged with a pink blush
  • You two just stood there like the awkward people you are, until your stomach growled, the weird atmosphere between the two of you instantly clearing
  • “Okay, (Y/N), we’ll go eat now, whatever you say,” Daniel said, patting your stomach, making you jerk back in response, still sensitive from the tickle fight but mostly shocked from the sudden contact
  • “Too soon, man, too soon,” you managed to blurt out, kicking him, running out of his room to the dining room, to escape from Daniel
  • Daniel… he still acts like the kid he used to be… but it feels so different now…
  • Do I like him for real?

Part 1, Part 3

A/N: Sorry for that kinda sudden ending, lmao. This was getting kinda long and I wanted to post for y’all :) I guess this AU isn’t wrapping up yet, wanted the progression to be ~natural~ so looks like there will be another part of this, at the least.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for not updating in the past few days! 

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Sudden visit >> Yongguk, You (Drabble)

This was requested by anon; Sleeping over. 

Rain heavily poured outside the apartment and news said it was going to continue until the next day. 

The sound of the rain muffled as Yongguk closed the door behind you, after leading you inside of his apartment. You were soaked from the rain. Water dripped down from your clothes, wetting his apartment floor.

You felt sorry for messing up his apartment, for suddenly showing up in front of his apartment and for shocking him with your sudden visit.

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43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me”  Dan.

Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader

Warnings- Smut. Also this is a really long one.

Saying you hate crowds would be considered an understatement.You could never put it into words. It’s so much more than just people forgetting what personal space is. It’s even more than the thought of everyone looking at you thinking you’re strange. It’s an immense feeling in the pit of your stomach that tightens. It’s the way you feel your breathing changing to a more shallow breath. Dan understood how you feel in crowds and has always tried his hardest to help you through any emotions you were feeling. Today was an extra stressful day as you were not only in a crowd of strangers but it was a crowd of Dan’s family. 

“They will love you just as much as I love you.” That was easy for Dan to say. He wasn’t the one who was meeting a bunch of new people who were for sure judging you to see if you were right for there Dan.

 "What if they don’t. What if your aunt thinks I’m wrong for you and tells your mum and your mum tells your grandma and then she will hate me and then I will never be able to be with you because I can’t make you choose between myself and your family.“ Dan kisses you softly to try and get you to shut up for even just a second.

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Imagine Gibbs and pride both having crushes on a younger reader 

Requested by Anon~

What was so special about you? Gibbs threw this question around in his head every once in a while, mostly after you do something to warrant him blushing or forgetting what he was doing. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was definitely something.

Pride must have felt it, too. A certain pull you had. It’s as if you had a rope tied around both their necks and yanked them back whenever either agent thought they were free from your influence.

DiNozzo said something stupid, and you laughed. Gibbs raised his eyes, noticing the soft smile on Pride’s face. The way his eyes lit up. And if it wasn’t for a small skip of his own heart, Gibbs would have said something.

Stars [Peter Parker x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/N) is always alone until she gets attacked and spiderman saves her. For many evenings, they talk about their crushes until, Spiderman drops a hint that he is Peter Parker, her crush.

Warnings: none

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              You were lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, you turned to look at your alarm clock, 6:41. You were going to get up for school in four minutes. You hadn’t slept all night. Thoughts had been rushing to your head. You were going to school and be ignored by almost everyone. It seemed as you were invisible, no one would spare a look at you today, like any other day. It was your daily routine: go to school, be ignored, fade into the background, go back home. It didn’t use to be like this, you used to be friends with Peter Parker and Ned Leeds but, they became more secretive, leaving you out and you decided to break off the only friendship you had.

“You’re so stupid (Y/N).” you reprimanded yourself. You missed these boys, especially Peter who you had developed feelings for.

Your alarm clock beeped and you slammed your hand on it to shut it up. You got up and got ready for the hell that was called high school.

Once dressed, you headed out the door of your building and started to head towards Midtown High School. On your way there, you walked past Peter Parker’s house and looked through his window. There, you saw him, shirtless, staring right back at you with a small smile on his face.  When your gazes crossed, you blushed and walked away, bothered by being caught staring.

You walked down the corridors of your high school, still unseen by everyone else and headed to your locker. You knew that Peter’s locker was next to yours but you had never seen him at his locker at the same time as you so what were the chances that you would run in to him there? Maybe a 1 out of 100?

Today was your lucky day! Leaning on your locker was Liz Allan talking to Peter Parker. You scoffed, “Just my luck!” Over Liz’ shoulder, you could see Peter glancing at you every few seconds. Suddenly, while Liz was flirting with him, he interrupted her, saying that he had something to do. You saw him move towards you and panicked, speeding of into the crowd. Peter yelled your name and dove into the crowd after you, leaving a stunned Liz Allan behind him.

Peter looked for you with no success. You had already entered your biology class and you knew that Peter had calculus and would give up soon. You knew that he had a crush on Liz so you were surprised that he blew her off to talk to you. Today was certainly a more eventful day than any other but you decided to return to normal and concentrated on the biology class.

You had managed to avoid Peter throughout the day and when your final class of the day was over you sighed in content. You could go home peacefully without a Peter Parker looking for you. You thought of your comfortable bed, your computer playing your favorite tv show while you stuff your face with popcorn. That thought got you walking a little faster to get home.

The only problem with the winter is the long nighttime. It made your walk home much darker while you stared at the stars shining in the sky. Tonight, the sky was cloudless and the stars shone brightly across the dark sky. A memory struck you unexpectedly.

You and Peter were lying on the grass of ‘your secret spot’, the place you would go every cloudless night and stare at the stars. You were next to each other, your shoulders barely brushing against each other, talking about everything that would go through your minds.

“(Y/N)?” he asked, catching your attention and breaking the comfortable silence.

“Yes Pete?” you replied.

“I looked it up and apparently, there are two stars that shine right next to each other and are always visible from here.” He told you, “I want these stars to be ours, so that even if we fight, we’ll always be near each other.” He glanced at you with a sweet smile on his face.

“I would love that Peter, which stars?” you asked and he pointed towards two stars, burning bright in the night sky.

Passing by a tall building, you stared at those two stars, clear in the night. Your eyes were welling up and a small smile crept on your face. That smile was wiped off when a stranger grabbed your arm roughly.

“Well hello beautiful, what are you doing here all alone?” he smirked, pulling you closer as you tried to wriggle out of his grip in vain, “Stop moving sweetheart, it’s useless.” He said placing his hand over your mouth.

You were still trying to wrestle out of his grip and bit the hand that was on your mouth. His hand jerk back and he yelled, “Aah! You little bitch!”

You took that occasion to scream, “HELP!” Knowing that there was very little chance that somebody would help you. Unbeknownst to you, your voice had gotten the attention of a certain web-slinger.

You were still wrestling the man when you heard a loud “THWACK” and, suddenly, the man was webbed to a brick wall. You looked up, not yet comprehending what had just happened, and locked eyes with the one and only Spiderman.

He reached towards you and said, “Hey (Y/N), I grab on to me I’ll take you home safely.”

You grabbed on to him and he shot a web at the nearest building, swinging you over the streets of Queens. Curious, you asked, “How do you know my name?”

He chuckled, used to your curiosity, “Under this mask is a person who knows you.”

“Okay.” You said, giving him a weird look.

Spiderman had dropped you off at the fire escape by your window and was just about to leave when you said,” Wait!” he turned around, “Could you stay please? It’s been a long time that I’ve talked with somebody without being forced to and I like it.”

“Sure,” he replied, sitting down on your bed beside you, “so, tell me (Y/N) do you have a guy in your life?”

You laughed for the first time in ages, “Wow! Uh, straight off the bat.” He smiled, “Well, if you must know there is no guy but there is a crush.” You blushed hardly, “What about you?”

“Well, there is this girl but she isn’t into me.” He said

“Hey! How do you know that? Under that mask could be a very handsome dude.”

“Yeah, uh, no. But, what is this crush’s name?”

“Peter Parker.”


“Yeah. He isn’t a douchebag, he’s funny, caring, nice and just a great person.” You gushed, “I probably shouldn’t have said ‘cause for I know you’re Peter.” He chuckled nervously.

“Well, it’s getting late, I should probably go.” He said, getting up from the bed, “I promise that I’ll be back tomorrow and we can do this every night.”

“I would love that.” you smiled.

Spiderman kept his promise and visited every night, you mainly talked about Peter and his crush, whose name he wouldn’t admit despite your efforts. This continued for a month until, one evening, while he was talking, he slipped a small sentence which turned your world upside down: “You know, my favorite stars are these two,” He told you, pointing at the stars Peter and you chose to represent yourselves, “They represent a strong bond that will never be forgotten to me.” You were shocked, you had never told him that story because it was your private memory.

“Peter?” you asked tentatively.

He turned his head, “Yes, (Y/N)?” you could hear a smile in his voice.

“Is your crush Liz Allan?” you asked him.

“God (Y/N)! You’re so oblivious it has been you all along!” he exclaimed.

“Take of your mask.” You said.

“What?” he said expecting a little more from you.

“Peter Benjamin Parker, take of this stupid mask so that I can kiss you!”

He took off his mask immediately. You grabbed his suit roughly and smashed your lips against his. He gently cupped you face while you were still grabbing on to him. The kiss was rough but full of passion. His tongue slipped into your mouth fighting for dominance with yours, he won and scoured your mouth.

The kiss seemed to last forever but he pulled away and asked you, “(Y/N) (M/N) (L/N), will you be my girlfriend?”

You nodded vigorously and he attached his lips to yours once again.

Klangst Week - Day 1

Unrequited Pining/Unrequited Love

Stars shined brightly in the night sky, aimlessly scattered throughout the whole galaxy, and considered one of the most common aesthetics in society. They accompanied the crescent shaped moon that radiated luminously among them. The night was warm and calm from the summer approaching, and Keith was stuck helping a slightly drunk Lance make his way to the car. Neither of them owned one, though Shiro was nice enough to let them borrow his. “No one is to drink, eat, or barf in it, though. I mean it.” Lance was quick to make sure that nothing of the sort would happen as long as he was there; clearly he hadn’t counted that the Lance that was going to be intoxicated.

Keith was slightly on edge and very pissed off.

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anonymous asked:

helloooo! could you write a scenario with tsukishima? his s/o has a tendency to bottle up negative emotions and it gets to be a bit too much and they just have to cry to let their feelings out?? this is kinda sad and rly specific so ignore it if you want to! have a good day!! take care!!!

AN: I’m wasn’t really sure what you meant by negative emotions, so I just assumed she was very stressed out. I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you meant!! Also sorry it’s so short !! ; ~ ;

The skies were gray, the clouds felt heavy, and your mind was foggy. You eyes were weighed down from restless amounts of sleep due to all of the school work that has piled up. You failed a quiz, kept on forgetting your homework, haven’t studied for the upcoming exam, and you weren’t pulling your weight in club activities.

You wanted to scream, cry, pull your hair out, anything that would make you feel anything other than just weighed down. But you held everything in. How childish would it look if you just broke down?

You wanted nothing more than to be with Tsukishima, so after school you asked to hang out. Maybe being with him would make you feel better. You wanted him to hug you and hold you and tell you that everything was going to be ok as you cried until you filled the seven seas.

“If you keep your face like that, it’ll be frozen forever,” Tsukishima teased. You settled in the dining room as he made an after school snack.

“Sorry, Kei. I just had a bad week,” you sighed. “I failed one of my quizzes.”

“Really? Let me see.” You handed him the quiz that showed a bright red 65 on it. He clicked his sharp tongue. “_____, you missed all of the easy ones.”

You furrowed your brows. Now was not the time to argue with Tsukishima, so you bit your tongue.

“Did you even try to study?” You wanted to slap the smirk off of his face. “If you needed my help, you could have just asked.”

“I didn’t need it,” you whispered.

“That’s not what this paper says,” he tisked. “Just ask me next time -”

“I said I don’t need it!” you snapped.

Tsukishima narrowed his eyes at you. It was clear he wasn’t liking your attitude, but you couldn’t help it. “Don’t get mad at me because you were being dumb and irresponsible.”

“God, will you shut up for once!?” You stood up so fast that the chair almost tipped over. “I’ve had a really bad week and I don’t need you belittling me like you always do!”

Tsukishima didn’t say anything as he watched the tears stream down your face. His lips formed a flat line. All of your weight had finally crashed down and you felt so tired and a bit broken. He’s never seen you break down before, in all your months of being together. Guilt was building up in his chest as you continued.

Your lips quivered as you struggled to pour out your emotions. “I don’t need you teasing me and telling me how stupid I am all of the time…. Don’t you think I already know that? Why can’t you just be a good boyfriend for once and hold me and kiss me and tell me that I’m worth something?”

The house was silent except for your soft sobs that echoed. It ached Tsukishima’s heart to see you so vulnerable and hurt, especially by his own words. Yet his body didn’t move and he just stood in his place and watched you cry.

You searched in his eyes for any sign of remorse and you found nothing. Maybe you really were stupid.

“I’m going home,” you whispered.

Before you could even gather your things, Tsukishima grabbed your wrist and pulled you in. He held your face close to his chest while his other arm wrapped around your waist tightly. You felt him rest his chin on top of your head.

“Don’t think I’d let you go that easily,” he sighed. “I won’t let you.”

You didn’t even bother one bit to fight back. Your eyes closed shut as you poured your heart out into his chest. You were so incredibly tired of holding everything in and it was liberating to let it flow freely. You weren’t even mad at Tsukishima, and yet you yelled at him like it was all his fault. It hurt your heart even more, and your sobs became louder.

“I’m new to this whole relationship thing,” he whispered. “I’m sorry for making you more upset.”

You sniffled and hugged his waist tightly. “I’m sorry for taking it out on you.”

“Stop saying stupid shit, ok? You’re worth something to me,” he sighed again. “More than you could ever know.”

You buried your face deeper into his chest, covering your blushing face. “Don’t say stuff like that so easily, it’s embarrassing!”

“You told me to tell you that!”

“Yeah, but not like that!”

“Make up your mind.”

You grinned as you tip-toed to press your lips against his. Tsukishima was a pain in the ass but he kept you grounded to the earth and you were so thankful. The feeling of his lips lingered after they left to kiss your forehead.

“Don’t leave, ok?”

You nodded. “Ok.”

concept: hoseok

i keep seeing posts like this floating around and i came up with one for s.coups hoseok that’s been floating around in my head truth be told idk wtf i just wrote but just fucking roll with it okay

  • moonlight streaming through the cracks of the curtain
  • hitting patches of your skin
  • pants, groans, moans, and small gasps fill the air
  • hoseok’s fingers ghosting over your nipples and pinching them in between his fingers
  • you gasp moan
  • “fuck”
  • “you like that baby boy/girl?”
  • did i mention hoseok’s thrusting into you at a fast pace as he does this
  • sweat, sweat, sweat
  • at this point hoseok starts teasing you by alternating between slow and fast (moderate as well?) thrusts
  • your hands are in his hair
  • you keep pulling at it and somehow this turns him on even more
  • he lets out a long and breathy moan
  • before he presses his lips against yours and shit gets real
  • tongue
  • lots of it
  • lip biting
  • lots and lots of it
  • “i’m close”
  • “hold it for me, baby”
  • he ends up coming with you
  • he pulls out after a while and flops down next to you in bed
  • he’s talkative
  • like really talkative
  • can’t stop fucking talking about how amazing you were
  • brags about his skills too
  • makes stupid comments as well
  • “you look so hot when you cum. you should have seen your face when—”
  • “shut up hoseok”
  • you two eventually come down from your high but he’s ready to go again
  • he starts groping your ass
  • “round two?”
  • “hoseok for fuck sakes”
  • you two end up going at it again anyways
  • you fall asleep first once you two are done
Nevada Ramirez & Niñita; When The Tables Turned

Canon Character: Nevada Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights), 
OCs: his sister Natalia, & her since-childhood bff; his ‘Niñita’/Reader from ‘Don’t Call Me That’. Also, there’s Daniella, his girlfriend.

Originally posted by justraulesparza

Flashback: to when Nevada had a stable girlfriend; & you and Natalia decided to go out for some fun at the club. 
Warnings: Fighting, Cursing.

For @yourtropegirl​ ‘s Raúl Esparza Appreciation Week! (am I doing this right?)

They’d been seeing each other, and had been shockingly exclusive, for at least a few months now. Surprisingly enough; you and Natalia kinda liked her. Daniella was fun, mostly sweet, better than the mouthy girls he usually found at clubs- she’d calm Nevada down when you two got him all worked up and she’d beg him to ’be soft with the niñas’.

“Yea, Nevada,” Natalia kicked at the back of his seat while Daniella giggled girlishly beside him. “Be soft with us niñas.”

Your eyes rolled; you’d fought hard enough to lose the title of ‘Niñita’, being one of the 'niñas’ almost felt like an improvement. “You should listen to this one more often,” you pulled Natalia from her side of the car, so she’d stop knocking her heels against the leather, “she sounds like she knows what’s important 'round here.”

“You two aren’t shiiit,” Nevada scoffed, picking up Daniella’s hand in his own and laying lips against her soft knuckles. “Nothin’ but trouble.”

That was fine, you figured, while watching him smile sweetly over at his lady. Something about it warmed you, set a bit of you at ease that you had never noticed was pulling at your heart strings. If she made him smirk like that, then he could call you trouble, and you’d do your best to play along with the games. As long as he was happy was what mattered, right?

Why, then, did your stomach curl when Daniella pursed her lips his way?

Ew. What were these… feelings? You made a crude gagging noise after the gesture, Natalia laughed and stuck a finger in her mouth to feign retching as well. “You two are so cute it’s gross, take us to my place,” she accused, but smartly looked up to grab onto your face. Shifting your attention, back to her, so you wouldn’t have to watch their sentiments.

“Let’s go out,” she suggested brightly, in a whisper just for your ear, “we’ll find us some good boys.”

You merely bobbed your shoulders, there weren’t any good boys around here. But, of course, if Natalia wanted to go out- you would obviously be joining her.

“Baby,” she was probably the only one who could get away with calling Nevada Ramirez something like that, “can you drop me off at the bus station?”

“Si,” of course he would, he’d do anything she asked him to. “After I get rid of these two.”

Daniella was there, at the club. She was supposed to be out of town.

Not only had you known Nevada took her to the bus station-
But you also knew he would not be happy to see some strange dude whispering in her ear…

“(Your name), no-” Apparently you weren’t the only one who noticed.

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vickyxmelonlove  asked:

Hi! May I request for Wonho & NERD!Au, please and thanks!! ^^

➸ word count: 1.5k *laughs between sobs* what is a drabble, clearly idk

➸ fluff/angst ish/hs au/nerd au

➸ a/n: instead of saying I’ll write drabbles, I’ll say I’ll write “a thing” because honestly, ,,,this came out longer than I wanted it to and this happens often to me. i hate everything. anyways lovely, i hope u enjoy this im not entirely sure im completely satisfied with this but an attempt was made. thanks for the request and pls let me know if u enoyed. okay bye.

“Dude, you’re drooling again” Changkyun half groans, half teases when he catches sight of Wonho staring over at ________ with hearts in his eyes. 

They’re sitting at their usual lunch table, and right across them, ________ is sitting with her other friends throwing her head back in laughter. 

Wonho sighs, “Am not”. Still, he wipes the corner of his mouth just to make sure. 

“Why don’t you just tell her that you like her?” Jooheon asks through a mouthful of pizza. 

Kihyun snorts from besides Wonho, and shakes his head. “It’s like you don’t know Wonho” he muses. 

“It’s not that simple” Wonho counters. 

“Of course it is, you tell her how you feel and she will either return your feeling or won’t” Changkyun tells him. 

“Yeah, and what if she doesn’t? I could potentially lose my best friend. I don’t want that, besides it already feels like I’m losing her, and what if this pushes her completely away?” Wonho sighs. He pushes his tray of food away and looks up. 

Catching his eye, ________ smiles warmly at him an waves. He smiles right back, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. 

Looking away quickly, he doesn’t catch her concerned frown. 

“Is this because of what Jinyoung said to you last time?” Changkyun asks. 

“Jinyoung? Uh, what did that asshole say to you?” Kihyun asks working himself up. 

“Changkyun” Wonho warns. 

“No, seriously. Is that guy bothering you again? Because if he is, tell us and we’ll do something” Shownu tells him. 

“Guys, can we all just–drop it. Honestly though, he’s right. There’s no way in hell someone as beautiful, and popular as her would actually go for a nerd like me” Wonho plays with his fingers and doesn’t dare to look up at his friends. 

Kihyun looks like he’s about to burst when Shownu speaks up. 

“Love is all about taking risks” Shownu points out, “and besides, ________ isn’t that type of person. If she cared at all about labels, appearances and that nonsense, don’t you think she’d have stopped associating herself with you?”

“Or with us for that manner?” Jooheon adds. 

Wonho drops his head against the table and groans. Everything his friends are saying rings some sort of truth, but he’s scared. 

“________, I need your help with something” Wonho says when she opens the door to greet him. 

“Hello to you too” she laughs letting him in, “what’s up cupcake?”

“What did we say about you calling me that?”

“Not to do it in public?” ________ teases. 

“No, I told you to stop calling me that” Wonho grins. 

“But how can I stop when you’re just as cute as a cupcake, look at those cheeks”

She pinches his cheeks playfully and Wonho lightly slaps her hands away. 

“That makes no sense” Wonho shakes his head. 

“It does to me. So, what’s this you need help with?” she asks. 

“First of all, promise you won’t laugh?” Wonho pleads, then sticks out his pinky. ________ grins and takes it nodding her head. “I want you to help me make myself over" 

“What?” ________ giggles, and stops immediately when Wonho shoots her a look. “I mean, why?”

“Well, I–there’s a girl” he starts off and _________’s eyes widen. 

“R-really?” she stutters, her heart plummeting to her stomach. 

“Yeah, and I was thinking that maybe if didn’t look like this, maybe she’d give me a second look” he admits, his cheeks pink. 

________ frowns. 

“You do realize that you don’t have to change yourself for anyone, right? If you’re willing to give her your heart, she should accept you just the way you are” she tells him. 

“________” whines throwing his head back. 

“I’m serious, Wonho. If she hasn’t noticed you now, what makes her worthy of your affection once you’re made over?” ________ tells him protectively. 

Wonho nods in understanding, “I mean–I haven’t really been obvious about it. I just think that if I look less like this” he points at his glasses, un-styled hair, and his khaki pants paired with a red polo and a grey cardigan, “I would have more of a chance of her saying yes. Plus I also really want this. I feel like I’d feel better about myself if I looked less well, nerdy” he laughs. 

________ sighs giving in. “Fine, this girl better be worth the trouble" 

Wonho’s blinding smile makes ________’s heart ache. Must be some girl she thinks. She decides to bury her feelings for her best friend deeper and fakes a smile. 

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I’ve Got You (part 7)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Smut

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Warnings: Smut ahead.

A/N: Who’s ready for shitty smut and cheese because I’m the worst at smut and I can’t help but put in gross flirting?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15,Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21.

Originally posted by deararchimedes

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A practical lesson (Armin x reader) SMUT!

What would sexually assertive Armin be like? Here is my first guess…

A practical lesson

You were looking forward to finishing the dinner because when the plates were cleaned and put away, you finally had some time at your disposal before the lights went out. It was a rare opportunity to rest and lately you have been using your free evenings to join Armin in his delving through the books that he scavenged during clean-up missions. You never knew what sorts of treasures lied in abandoned houses and between pages.

This evening you found Armin already standing by your bunk, his arms wrapped around a thick book you didn’t see before. He fidgeted with the hem of his vest and seemed to be covered by fine beads of sweat despite the cool temperature of the room.

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I hate Clowns (Part 2)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by:

“Can I have a prompt where the reader is friends with the bat fam and has never met Jason until they go against the Joker and the reader says she hates clowns? […]”

Hope you all enjoy Part 2 Part 1

Tell me what you think

Warnings: non I’d say

Note: “(Y/SH/N)” stands for “your superhero name”


Jason pulled you back as you were almost hit by a bullet one of Jokers man fired at you. “Thanks,” you looked at him before you two started fighting back to back.

“We’re a dream team,” he commented as you used him as a springboard to kick the opponent right in the face.

“Indeed,” you agreed. You fired your grappling gun, holding your hand out. He took it and you swung Jason and yourself over to the other side of the hall where Joker, Robin and Batman fought.

Jason landed right in front of Joker.

“Ayyy, my favourite Bird,” he snickered. Jason grabbed him and punched him right in the face. A second, a third time. The anger taking over him.

“Hood.” A soft voice brought him back. He let go of Joker letting him fall to the ground and looked at you.

Policemen stormed into the building and the vigilantes disappeared into the shadows, meeting at a rooftop near by.

“That was not necessary,” Batman told Jason. “Robin!” He called before jumping off the roof, Damian right after him.

“We did a great job,” you told the others.
You hated how Batman could never compliment their work and their efforts.

“At least we have someone who tells us,” Dick kissed your cheek and left, jumping off the building with a flip.

“Hope to see you soon, Hoodie. Bye, Tim,” you said and disappeared as well.

“You co– Okay?” Tim frowned as Jason followed you.

“(Y/SH/N), hold up!” The former Robin called and dumped into you as you so abruptly stopped. “Woah.”

“Ouch,” you held your arm that was now hurting. “You’re hard… well, that sounded wrong,” you blushed and chuckled. Jason laughed.
It felt good to laugh.
He didn’t laugh in a while.

“What’s up?” You tried not to smile, but you couldn’t deny that you hoped he would follow.

“I think we should team up again soon… without masks and costumes at a bar or restaurant… maybe,” he fumbled with his hands nervously.
Usually he stayed away from stuff like this. The last thing any girl needed was Jason Todd, but how could he… you were amazing.

You blinked, “and they always say Dick is the lady’s man. Wow, Hoodie, that was so smooth.”

“Is that a yes?”

“It is,” you smiled. “Well, it’s not that late. Here in one hour?”

“Here in one hour.”

“We have a blind date. I haven’t seen your face and you haven’t seen mine,” you chuckled, walking to the edge of the roof.

“How in gods name am I going to recognize you?” He joked.


You looked around yourself making sure there was no one as you climbed onto the roof.
You were nervous, but you were sure Jason was too that made it better.
You haven’t had a date in a while.

“Holy shit!” slipped out of your mouth the moment you saw him without mask and in normal clothes.

“Goodness gracious,” out of his. You just were staring at each other for a good while.
His eyes were like galaxies; so deep and sparkly it was breathtaking. His hair. His lips. There was no way those lips will stay unkissed tonight even though that usually wasn’t your style.

You inhaled deeply, “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

“Jason,” he was still staring into your eyes.

“How about we grab some fast food and alcohol, sitting down on a nice roof?” You suggested and he finally snapped out of it.

“That’s perfect,” he nodded, swallowing hard.
You two jumped off the building and you linked your arm with his as you walked down the road. Jason slowly relaxed.

“You and Damian get along very well,” you let go of a sarcastic laugh, looking up at him. He was a good head taller than you.

“How can you not have the urge to kill him?” He said so serious it made you wonder if he tried already. “Can I ask something, (Y/N)?”


“Why do you hate clowns exactly?”

“Oh, well.
I’m not telling you that on the first date,” you smiled not meaning to be mean. “Doesn’t beat your story though.”

“I died. Is there something that could beat my story?” He raised an eyebrows.

“My theory is you’re an angel,” you pursed your lips in thinking. “There is no human being that can have eyes and thighs like yours.”

“You make me blush,” he held the door that lead into the fast food restaurant for you open like a gentleman.


Several hour later, several conversion about everything and nothing at all later, several burst out laughing kind of situations later your fingers were laced with each others as you were walking down the empty street at 4 a.m.
Both your minds were racing in the silence that ruled now. How foolish it was to feel such attractions for each other after meeting just a few hour ago.

“I’ll drive you home.” he insisted.

“With what?”

He pointed to the motorcycle standing in an alley.

You needed a second to answer, “okay, my first thought was ‘can he get any hotter?’ and my second ‘how the fuck did no one steal it?’”

“Hm,” he grinned. “Try.”

You reached out for it and the second you touched it electricity run through your body, making you jump away, “ouch!”

He wrapped his arms around you from behind, burying his face into your shoulder, kissing it tenderly.

“If you drive me home… the probability is high that–”

As your muscles tensed he looked up immediately… right at an asshole in a clown mask.
He had heard about this stupid trend. Stupid people.

He sighed, “fuck off, dude. We both really hate clowns, okay?”

The clown pulled a knife out.

“C'mon,” the vigilante rolled his eyes and pulled out a gun. “I’m warning you once.”

“Wow, wow, chill dude!” The clown raised his hands and ran away.

You took a deep breath, relaxing again. “You brought a gun to our date?” Your hands wrapped around Jason’s neck.

“Hey, we are in Gotham,” he whispered, looking at your lips. You got closer and closer to his face until your lips met his in a passionate kiss.
Your fingers twirling the hair at the back of his head while he brought you even closer. “Romeo and Juliet met and married in two days,” he pulled away, pushing some hair behind your ear.

“You read literature?”

Jason nodded, “Romeo and Juliet is not my favourite work of Shakespeare, though.”

You laid your head on his chest, “yes. Yes, he can get hotter.”

Compensation (Harry Oneshot)

In which your faked orgasm drives Harry to prove himself to you.

A/N: I admit it, I’m a sucker for these ‘fake orgasm’ prompts, and although I’ve had a couple of requests for a blurb like this, I already had it on my one shot idea list for a while. If you’ve sent me this prompt, consider this your filled request :) I hope you all like it.

You’ve barely gotten dressed after your morning (now almost afternoon) shower when you’re forced to scurry to answer the knocking on your front door. You open the door and immediately greet your friend Gwen, letting her inside.

“Sorry for showing up so out of the blue, I have to work soon and I wanted to pick up my jacket I left here the other day.”

“Oh, yeah, no problem. Come on, I put it in the closet.” She follows you as you lead her down the hall to the coat closet.

“So…” She begins, casting a conspiratorial glance over her shoulder before fixing you with a smirk. “You and Harry were certainly all over each other at the party last night. I can only imagine what went on in here once you guys got home.” You cough and try to hide your blush but it’s no use, she gives you a playful shove.

“Shut up, Gwen.”

“Oh, come on! Give me some details! You were practically blowing him on the couch!”

“Gwen!!” You shove her jacket at her, scandalized. “Don’t you have to be at work?” She shrugs.

“I have a little time. I’ve been dry as a bone for three months, I need to fuck vicariously through my friends.” You roll your eyes at her even as you laugh.

“Well, you can’t do it through me. By the time we actually got home last night I was so tired I could hardly stand.” She gives you an almost comical frown, shifting closer to you and lowering her voice.

“You mean you didn’t do anything? Not anything?”

“I didn’t say that…”

“But you said you were tired.”

“Yeah, I was, but Harry was still all worked up so we just…” You shrug, feeling a little uncomfortable divulging details of your sex life with Harry in a not so flattering light for him. “We ended up doing it anyway, but…there wasn’t much in it for me, if you know what I mean.”

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Originally posted by hardyness

Imagine: Peter annoying you by taking selfies on your iPad, iPhone or whatever device whenever he runs past you, just because it’s fun. 

One moment you’re sat on your iPad, doing work or… playing an app game, then next second the camera feature is open and you have over 20 selfies that Peter is featured in, smiling like an idiot as you’re stuck in what you call ‘bitch face’ mode -cause you are in deep concentration.

This game started the first time you met Peter, he found it funny and slightly hilarious, to always run pass you and take a quick selfie with either his phone or yours; it didn’t matter whose. At first, you just ignored it, now it’s either an annoyance or slightly hilarious. 

You groaned as you looked at your iPad, front facing camera on you, you looked around and saw Peter nowhere insight; over thirty new selfies, all of which consisted of you looked neutral and Peter pulling ridiculous faces, you would have laughed if you didn’t already have 40 from an hour ago, in total from today… you had well, over 200 photos.  

“PETER” You yell, making everyone around you jump, you glared as the silvered haired asshole appeared and waved, goggles over his eyes and a stupid grin slapped onto his face “Can you stop, please?” you asked, annoyance evident in your voice. 

“C’monn its fun, plus, look how happy I look” he was sitting next to you now, he’s gonna give you whiplash, you stared at him with no expression “you are no fun, at all,” he tells you and you blinked slowly at him. 

“I look like an idiot in all of these selfies, I’m not even smiling” you whine at Peter, who now rolled his eyes and shoved him “all I ask is that once in a while, you warn me, then I can at least pull a face just as ugly as yours” you try not to chuckle at him being offended.

“One good selfie” you both took over ten selfies, one only being of you both smiling, the others consisted of stupid faces till Peter declared he had to go annoy someone else, you nodded and went back to the game you were playing. You were back to playing the game, pretending you were actually doing something important on the iPad.

Suddenly within a flash, front facing camera was back, you frowned and sighed and clicked on your pictures… just one, it was you looking very concentrated, tongue sticking out and small frown and Peter beside you; kissing your cheek. You blushed and grumbled to yourself. 

(Hope you’re enjoying everything that is going up on the 28th & 29th so far, happy one year to the blog :D - Ro)

anonymous asked:

Gendrya #29. "I thought you where dead." Mixed with #28. "Marry me?"

BAH i was halfway done and i accidentally pushed the back button and it erased all of it. :( So this is going to suck.

“I thought you were dead.” | “Marry me?”

More often than not, Gendry gets stuck at work for some stupid reason. Of course a fifteen top strolls in ten minutes before close. It’s no matter that they’ve already broken down the salad station and are about to start cleaning up shop. Nope, he’s gotta buckle down and cook five steaks well done and make sure that every meal is cooked to perfection so they don’t get sent back to the kitchen and he’s stuck doing more work. It’s a wonder he’s able to slip out for even a second to shoot Arya a text letting her know what’s up.

By the time he’s putting his helmet on and revving up his motorcycle, he feels like he’s been thoroughly pummeled, like he took Arya up on one of her fencing lessons and got the bad end of the stick. The ride home goes by in a blur, not particularly a good thing, but he’s lucky to only live a few miles away from the restaurant. Soon enough, he’s sliding his key into his apartment and lets out a sigh.

Go figure the apartment is pitch black and silent. Arya’s already gone off to bed. He doesn’t blame her, seeing as how it’s one a.m. and he told her not to wait up for him, but he does feel a little frustration. He was looking forward to catching up on their favorite show that she DVR’d for him. Another night then.

Tiptoeing into the kitchen in the dark, Gendry fumbles around in the fridge, popping open a beer that he can sip on before heading off to bed. It’s impossible for him to crash right after getting home from a shift no matter how exhausted he is, his brain still running a thousand miles per hour. He’s walking around in the dark, not even bothered about turning on a light, when he gets a sudden wake up call with a pot to the face.

“Fuck!” Gendry shouts, stumbling back and tripping over something - feels likes a dumbbell but it could be anything for all he knows. He crashes to the floor in a puddle from his dropped beer.

The light flickers on, but his eyes are closed and he’s lying sprawled on the floor in a puddle of beer and his face really fucking hurts.

“Oh my god!” a voice cries out. “Gendry, I am so–” There’s a thump on the floor next to him and then hands on him, first his chest and then his face. “Oh my god, Gendry, wake up! Gendry! Oh shit!”

At first all he can do is groan and slowly raise a hand to his face. It feels…wet. He blearily opens his eyes, all too aware of the bright light, and then catches sight of a worried face hovering above his. Arya’s face. He’s never seen her look so terrified before, her gray eyes wide as saucers and face pale enough to give snow a run for its money.

“Oh hells, I thought you were dead.” Arya practically throws herself on him, awkwardly wrapping her arms around him since he’s lying on the ground.

Gendry grunts and goes to sit up, pushing her away as gently as he can. When he touches his face again, he pulls his hand back and catches the sight of blood on his fingers. She damn near broke his nose with that hit. Well, at least now he knows for sure that she could defend herself. “What in the seven hells was that for?”

“I heard someone sneaking around in the apartment and I didn’t know…” Arya bites her lip, looking decidedly young and foolish. She screws her face up, as if this whole thing is his fault. “You weren’t home. I thought it was a burglar.”

He just goggles her. “A burglar? Kind of a shit burglar to just rifle in the kitchen to steal a beer.” He shakes his head, but it hurts to do that, so he stops. Well there goes going to sleep soon. “Didn’t you get my message? I told you that I got stuck at work.”

Arya frowns and shakes her head slowly. “I guess my phone died.”

“Bloody hell.” Gendry sighs and lays back down on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. His entire body apparently did not hurt from work, but Arya sure remedied that. “Sometimes I don’t know why I want to marry you.”

The moment the words come out of his mouth, he wishes that he can take them back. He tenses up, eyes locked on the ceiling, and snaps his mouth shut so fast that his teeth clack painfully.

Arya’s hands on him go stiff too. He can’t tell what she looks like because he refuses to look at her, refuses to see the anger in her eyes. They’ve never once talked about marriage before, at least not directly. When they were just friends, years ago, she talked about how she hated the idea of marriage, how she’d never get married, never settle down. When her sister got engaged, she faked throwing up. Love was for children. But he knew that he loved her the moment he first kissed her and he knows now that despite everything he does want to marry her, even if he’s never brought it up.

“Marry me?” Her voice is so plaintive, so…frightened that he can’t help but look at her. There isn’t any anger in her eyes, just pure disbelief. Suddenly it hits him. She honestly believed that he hadn’t wanted to marry her.

Gendry pushes himself up and grabs her hands, knowing full well what she looks like when she’s about to run. She gets that skittish look, like an animal backed into a corner. He’s never once tried to hold her down - Arya Stark is not a girl to be tamed - but he’s learned over the course of the years, through friendship and relationship, how to help her feel comfortable again.

“Of course I want to marry you,” he tells her, never once looking away from her eyes. “I’ve wanted to marry you since that first date.”

“I pushed you into a pond,” Arya points out.

“And I pulled you in after me.” He grins, despite the pain it causes. The look on her face is worth every bit of it. “Only makes sense to propose to you while sitting in spilled beer after you break my nose.”

Arya gives him a serious look, one filled with such intensity that most people would look away. Gendry doesn’t look away though. “You can be such a stupid head sometimes,” she says, which only makes him laugh. When he raises an eyebrow at her, she blows out some air and shakes her head. He needs to hear the words out of her mouth. “Of course, Gendry, of course.” She throws her arms around him again, nearly in his lap, and knocks him back to the ground, mouth pressed firmly against his.

Broken and bloody nose worth it.

Yellow || a.i.

WC: 2.4K+

A/N: Once again this one shot was inspired by @thehalcyonclub‘s Calum one shot, Green. This one is a little different in that in the beginning Ashton and (Y/N) are supposed to be young children so keep that in mind while reading. Also, now that each boy has one color I want to know if you beans want me to continue? I have a few more color ideas that I’d love to do but only if you want to read them. Please let me know! 

Color Series Masterlist

Yellow was the color of the lemonade you had prepared that morning. Your aunt had helped you make it from scratch – your hands sore and red from squeezing the lemons. Now, it sat in a pitcher on the wooden lemonade stand that you sat behind. The sign you had made read “ice cold lemonade,” but that was half an hour ago. Thanks to the summer heat the once cold and vibrant lemonade was now warm and dull, the sunshine having melted the ice cubes. Still, you sat behind the stand waiting and hoping that at least one passerby would stop and offer you twenty five cents for a cup. And then, you spotted him. A small boy with a gorgeous smile riding his bike towards you. Towards your lemonade stand. The boy introduced himself as Ashton before slapping down a crisp one dollar bill and telling you to keep the change. You and him were inseparable ever since. 

Yellow was the color of the bumble bee buzzing around the school yard. Ashton has convinced you to join him at recess today, luring you out of the quiet, air conditioned classroom and onto the loud, hot playground. He had promised to teach you how to swing on your own so you raced to the swing set, before sitting down next to each other. After a few failed attempts, Ashton had finally gotten you used to pumping your legs on your own. The two of you were in the middle of a competition to see who could swing higher when the bumble bee appeared. 

It was harmless at first, hovering around searching for a flower to land on. But then, Ashton pumped his legs a little too hard, his swing going a little too high and before you knew it the tiny bumble bee was on the floor and Ashton was crying. His leg was red, the bee’s stinger poking out from his calf, but it was his wails that were most alarming to you. 

“Ms. K!” you shouted, hoping your teacher could hear you despite the noisy playground. 

When she didn’t respond you took matters into your own hands. You steaded his weight on the right side of your body before walking, or in Ashton’s case limping, towards Ms. K. 

“A bumble bee stung him,” you said. “And then it died.” 

“Let’s take him to the nurse,” she said, leaning Ashton towards he so she could get him down there. 

“Can Y/N come?” Ashton sniffled. 

Ms. K nodded her head and the three of you headed in the direction of the nurse’s office. You sat on the green plastic chair while Ashton laid on the green examination bed. You watched as the nurse pocked and prodded at the stinger before using small tweezer to free it from Ashton’s leg. 

That was the first time you ever heard Ashton cry. 

Yellow was the color of the last starburst in the bag. Ashton and you had been hiding out in his tree house, playing board games like Candy Land and practicing your magic with your wands – or rather twigs from the giant tree keeping the treehouse standing. You had been up there for hours, munching on the snacks Ashton has snuck from his house but the favorite treat was the bag of starburst you took from your house that afternoon. The two of you had been taking turns reaching into the bag and seeing what color you got all day long, teasing each other when one of you got the other’s favorite. But now, the two of you were focused on the small portable dvd player that was playing your all time favorite movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The two of you were so consumed with the golden trio playing chess that both of you reached into the starburst bag at the same time, hands brushing as you searched for the square candy. You ended up grabbing it before Ashton did but when you pulled your hand from the bag Ashton’s fingers were locked with yours. It was the first time you ever held hands. 

Yellow was the color of the petals surrounding the brown head of the flower. The bouquet of sunflowers was tied together with a bow held securely in Ashton’s hands as he climbed over the brick wall separating your house from his. Once his feet were safety planted on the grass, he handed you the flowers before pulling you into a warm hug. “Happy Birthday!” Ashton grinned. You admired the flowers, delicately running your fingers over the petals before thanking Ashton. It was the first time you’d ever been gifted flowers, and you loved it. 

Yellow was the color of the scarf draped across Ashton’s shoulders. To most people it just looked like an ordinary yellow and black stripped scarf, but not to you. Ashton and you were in line at the bookstore, waiting for the release of the final Harry Potter book, when you spotted the small badger crest at the end of the scarf. You pulled it from his shoulders, examining it in your hands before looking up at the hazel eyed boy.

“Why do you have a Hufflepuff scarf?” you asked, curiosity getting the best of you.

“I’m a Hufflepuff,” Ashton grinned, grabbing the scarf from you before tossing it over his shoulders again.

“You never told me you were a Hufflepuff,” you giggled.

“Why are you laughing?”

“It’s just, Hufflepuff is the stupid house. Everyone knows that.”

“Hufflepuff is not stupid,” he defended, crossing his arms in defiance His usual bright smile disappearing as he frowned, face crinkled in confusion. “Hufflepuff is the best house!”

“Then why isn’t it in the books more?”

“Because we don’t need attention like evil Slytherins do!” he shouted.

You recoiled, hurt, before firing back, “I’d rather be evil than stupid!”

“That’s something an evil Slytherin would say,” he argued.

“Someone’s not being a very good Hufflepuff,” you said, egging him on despite your hurt feelings. “What would Professor Sprout say if she heard a kind Hufflepuff talking like that?”

“Shut up!” he yelled, tugging his scarf closer to his body.

“What? Am I being too mean?” you shouted, shoving him slightly. “I thought you wanted me to act like a Slytherin. Isn’t this what they do? Aren’t we all mean and evil?”

“Stop it!” he mumbled, trying to stop the tears from falling to his eyes.

“Is the poor little Hufflepuff going to cry?”

“I hate you!” he shouted, pushing you before turning his back towards you.

You were ten then and his words broke you, marking the first time Ashton and you ever fought.

Thankfully, Ashton and you didn’t have many places you could hide from each other. And later that day, you found him curled up onto the floor in the treehouse. The seventh Harry Potter book lied, unread near the ladder as if Ashton meant to throw it down but missed the cut out. 

From what you could see from underneath the blanket his eyes were red and his face was blotchy. The only sound within the treehouse was the sporadic sniffles coming from the both of you. 

You moved closer to Ashton, lifting the blanket to reveal his body, he was still clutching the Hufflepuff scarf that started it all. 

“Go away,” he sniffled, rubbing his eyes but refusing to sit up. 

“I’m sorry Ash,” you mumbled, scooting closer to him once again. “You’re not stupid.” 

“You’re not evil, either,” he whispered, before pulling you towards him. He wrapped you in the confides of the blanket while you grabbed the book.

The two of you stayed tucked away in the treehouse reading the final book for hours.  

Yellow was the color the spinner landed on, indicating that your right hand needed to be moved to a yellow circle. Ashton and you were home alone for the first time and like the mature thirteen year olds you were, you decided to play a game of twister. It sounded like a good idea but playing twister with two people meant there wasn’t a third person to handle the spinner, leading to some difficulty. Regardless, you managed to move your right hand from the corner red dot to a yellow dot in between Ashton’s hands. The two of you were a giggling mess, trying your best to stop yourselves from shaking so you didn’t fall. But you couldn’t help but laugh as Ashton used his free foot to spin the spinner, watching as it landed on left foot red. With no choice, Ashton stretched his leg under your body, towards a red dot behind you. He was almost there when his right leg began to shake and before you knew it he was falling, taking you down with him. You ended up on top of Ashton, your faces a few millimeters apart as you teased him for losing. After listening to you gloat, Ashton did something unexpected. Instead of pulling the two of you up to your feet, he closed the distance between you. Lips meeting softly and staying there for what felt like hours but was merely a few seconds. It was the first kiss of many. 

Yellow was the color of the golden arches of the McDonalds down the street from your high school. It was the first place Ashton drove you to when he got his license. The two of you ordered sundaes and fries before plopping down in a small booth near the window that overlooked the street. You’d sit in there for hours, taking turns dipping your fries into the vanilla ice cream while complaining about Ms. Peters, the evil chemistry teacher who had it out for the both of you. Sometimes, the two of would finish your food quickly and sit in the booth for hours talking about the future and watching the cars whiz by on the street, imaging where they were going and what their live was like. By default, McDonald’s became your go to date location despite it being uncharacteristic for date nights. 

Yellow was the color of the stoplight Ashton drove through while simultaneously proclaiming his love to you. He hadn’t meant to scream those three little words in the middle of the intersection for the first time. And he really hadn’t meant to slam on the breaks at the next light when he heard you whisper them back to him. But that was your relationship. Rushed words in the middle of intersections so they stop eating him alive. Quiet mumbles in the awkward silences when your heart stopped beating so fast. Ashton and you were reckless. Two best friends turned teenagers who fell in love. A love that ignited fires as fingers grazed skin. A love that blossomed with midnight kisses in the old treehouse and secret sleepovers in each other’s beds that usually ended with someone climbing out a window. It was pure. It was wild. It was love. 

Yellow was the name of the song playing as the two of you took the dance floor at prom. It was the last slow song of the night and the last chance Ashton and you had to dance together. It had been an unforgettable night, full of laughter at the fancy restaurant Ashton and you didn’t belong at and goofy pictures in the makeshift photo booth. But now, with Ashton’s hands wrapped around your waist and your’s around his shoulders, prom finally felt like prom. The two of you swayed to the beat as Chris Martain’s voice echoed throughout the banquet hall. You watched as Ashton mumbled the lyrics in between chaste kisses, giggling as he used the lyrics to describe you. “You really turned into something beautiful,” he smiled, dropping his hands from your waist to properly twirl you. “Do you know, you know I love you so.” 

Yellow was the color of the cab that promised to take Ashton from you. It was a musty August day, the weather showing no sign of cooling despite the looming presence of the fall semester in the horizon. Your whirlwind of a summer had ended, the cab the final step to pulling the bandage and saying goodbye to your childhood best friend and love of your life. The two of you stood in the middle of Ashton’s driveway, arms entangled around one another, you weren’t sure where yours ended and his began. You were pressed so tight to him, his heart beating in time with yours as he tried to sooth your shaking soul – you had tried not to cry, but you failed. With one final kiss, Ashton let you go climbing into the cab and waving as it drove away. You collapsed to your knees in the middle of the street the moment the cab was out of your sight. Your whole body aching as you watched him leave for the first time in your entire life. All you wanted then was Ashton but he was gone, just like he had said he’d be when the two of you were younger hiding out in the treehouse. “If this is what love does to people,” you thought. “Then I don’t ever want to be in love again.” There, standing in the middle of the empty street was the first and last time you let your heart get broken. 

Yellow was the color of lemonade that sat in front of Ashton at the cafe. Ashton was puzzled when he dropped his gaze from the menu to the glass in front of him. He hadn’t remembered asking for anything to drink; in fact, he hadn’t even remembered being asked what he would have liked to drink. Having stumbled off the plane only ten minutes ago, Ashton had decided to stop to get something to eat before he finished the journey home. He hadn’t told anyone he was coming – not even his younger brother, who had been begging to see him since he left two and half years ago, knew. Which made the mysterious glass of lemonade in front of him even more troubling. He glanced around the cafe for a moment before returning to the menu. He was in the middle of deciding between a sandwich or a burger when he heard the familiar voice. “Long time no see stranger,” you smiled, tugging your notepad free from your apron ready to take the order from the one who got away. 

Vicious Jealousy | Isaac Lahey

Title: Vicious Jealousy
Author: Clara
Character: Isaac Lahey
Trigger Warnings: Fighting, verbal abuse (?)
Prompt: “Could you please write an Isaac one shot, please? Where he gets jealous of the reader and another significant male character. When Isaac and the reader are alone he’s really rude and because the reader is so shy and quiet she sits in silence crying as he yells at her, please?”

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Zodiac Signs Appreciation Post

Aries - I love you butdoyoueverrunoutofbatteryyoufreakin'energizerbunny I still love you.

Taurus – Even though you almost never spent money on me you’re always there for me and that’s cool.

Gemini – Your ability to collect dirty secrets and gossip makes you number 1 on my ‘must follow’ list.

Cancer – I will have your babies because I know you’ll smother them and feed them with love.

Leo – You’re such a narcissistic bitch but you open your heart and wallet easily.

Virgo – Please be my personal organizer but stop criticizing. Let your hair down once in a while sheesh.

Libra – I love that you’ll just basically agree to whatever I say if I give a logical reason, you pushover you.

Scorpio – Just when I thought you are the worst sign ever your mysterious charm pulls me back in. <3

Sagittarius – Even when you tell me how ugly my face is, it’s still funny.

Capricorn – You make me look stupid why are you so cool and calm all the time?

Aquarius – You’re so friendly but you know it’s weird when you call strangers to hang out with us.

Pisces – You’re a better manipulator than I am. What? Are you seriously crying or just making me feel bad? Aww, I’m sorry. TTnTT

Spread the love. What do you appreciate about the signs?

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Hello! How about a scenario where Oikawa's s/o is worried that he's just playing around with her and doesn't think the relationship is serious? I hope that makes sense!

|| To be honest, I see this likely to happen with anyone with Oikawa, considering how he entertains people and all that. Though he’d be the type to always reassure his s/o that he loves them oh so much. ||

“When I am with you, I want for nothing.” – Lang Leav

There’s a pause.


The insecure expression in her eyes was something Oikawa quickly caught sight of. He stopped on his tracks as his companion’s thoughts seemed to go back into their currently reality as her gaze went from their linked hands to upwards to meet his gaze.

“You okay, ______-chan?” He asked, turning to face her completely and getting hold of her other hand.

“Uh,” She uttered, only to pause.

She was hesitant and that only got the setter to worry a bit. Was this bad news? Was this regarding how he lacked time for her? About how he spends too much time practicing? He found himself panicking a bit somehow, especially if chances are he’s making her unhappy.

Eventually, she spoke up once more. “Well, you see… It’s stupid and horrible to think of but… “

The brunet simply shook his head, gently squeezing her hands as a silent message to continue on with what she was trying to say. She understood, nodding as she took in a deep breath. The words finally escaped her lips, albeit softly.

“You’re not playing with me, right…?”

Hearing such words, he doesn’t flinch but instead pulled her to him. He held their face. They looked at one another for a while as she noticed how his hazel gaze melts from an unreadable and perceptive gaze into one of genuine feeling and softness.

Somehow, it felt all too overwhelming. 

“I’m sorry I made you feel like that.” He uttered, caressing her cheek.

About to reply with an apology, she was about to speak up yet again; instead, her lips had found themselves captured by his. The feeling all too warm and more than enough to get her heart beating faster and faster.

However, he made sure to keep it brief and pull back after a moment or so. As the feeling of his lips lingered onto hers. He leaned down, whispered sweet words in a tone so genuine and serious in such a tone that was gentle and breathtaking.

“I love you and I don’t want you to ever think otherwise.”