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Moving On

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Prompt: “Are you trying to figure out if I’m a stripper?”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested: @charliebradbury1104

Dean Winchester is a simple man. Of course he still needs the necessities in life like food, money and sex. Throw his prized possession Baby into the mix and he’s usually happier than a pig rolling in shit.

Unfortunately Dean’s content lifestyle is now being rudely interrupted, his current place of residence will soon be no longer. His roommate Mark just got engaged so the hot fiance is moving in and Dean’s annoyed ass is moving out. 

That’s how Dean ended up in this apartment building, directing a hard glare at the 14A on the door in front of him. Mark’s eviction wasn’t completely heartless, he put in a good word with his friend Jackson who’s looking for a roommate. Apparently it’s a great place with decent rent but Dean’s stubbornness isn’t allowing him to care right now. He’s never been too keen on sharing his personal space in general, never mind with a stranger.

Dean shakes his head, ridding the negative thoughts he’s accustomed to before loudly knocking on the door. He impatiently scratches the stumble under his chin and is dangerously close to ditching this lame idea. Unfortunately the door swings open too fast but he is pleasantly surprised with the drop dead gorgeous female in front of him.

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This is partly inspired by the marvelous Tumblr of the Colorado Avalanche. (Seriously, even if you harbor deep-seated Avs resentment from Something Like This–I guarantee you will like the Avs within minutes of reading their Tumbl-ing.)

“Jesus,” Kent says. “Our social media bro hates me.” He swipes his legs one last time with his towel, drying off the last of the water. Then he pulls his trousers on and hunts for his belt.

“Hate’s a strong word,” Swoops says mildly. He’s nearly naked except for socks and underwear, and yet somehow managing to stand in a dry spot on the locker room floor. Kent has no idea how he does it. Swoops puts his socks on standing up. He must be a god.

Kent scowls. “Did you see this gif they tweeted? It is literally me falling down.”

Swoops takes Kent’s phone, looks at the screen, and snorts.

“Et tu?” 

Swoops shrugs. “It’s a little funny.”

Kent puts his phone away with a huff. “It’s not funny.”

“Have you met ‘the social media bro?’” Swoops asks.

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Seth Rollins x Reader

Requested by @insearchofsunlight

Prompt: Could I possibly have a Seth x Reader where Seth has a major thing for you but thinks you like Corey Graves (because Corey is always flirting with you) but you’re always turning Corey down because you actually like Seth?

Tag list: @oreillyskyle

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“Hey Y/N would you like to… of course only if you’re ok with it…” Seth paced infront of his mirror in his locker, “That’s stupid… I can’t do  this like that..” He came to a halt infront of the mirror, taking a deep breath as if he wanted to say something but let out only a deep sigh. His mouth closed again and his shoulders slumped down.

“Gosh darn it, why is this so difficult?” he scolded himself, “She likes you… she has shown it several times by now… just tell her. Maybe she just wants me as a friend though…” he reasoned with himself.

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“So, what do you say, wanna go out next Saturday?” Harry asks, blushing slightly and smiling at Alexander Mayfield. Alexander smiles, opening his mouth, but stops in his tracks when he sees Draco Malfoy- the boy everyone knew was pining over Harry- peeking around a corner, glaring daggers and mouthing various threats. Alexander politely declines, turns around and leaves as quickly as he can.

“Seriously. No one wants to go out with me? Everyone did when I wasn’t I interested!” Harry groans, looking at Ron, who shrugs.

“I dunno, mate. Ask a seventh year for help, one of ‘em should know how to get you a date.” Harry glares at Ron- he does not need help getting a date!

“I could help you if you want, Potter.” Harry jumps, turning around quickly to see Draco. He looks up at the taller boy. Harry opens his mouth to decline, but Draco continues talking,“Its simple really. You smile, step closer so they know you don’t mean some friendly get together,” Draco demonstrates, getting even closer to Harry, only a few inches away from him. “And then you ask them out. Will you go on a date with me this Saturday?” Draco hopes for a yes.

“Thanks for the advice! I’ll try that next time. See you around!” Harry runs off, dragging an annoyed Ron with him.


“It was so strange, he stood so close to me!” Harry mumbles to the boys in the dorm, after explaining that, no, he did not have a date and, no, he could not go alone, and, no, Seamus, I do not want you to ask your cousin to go with me.

“That’s probably because he was asking you-” Dean begins, holding Seamus’ hand and holding back a laugh at the other boys’ obliviousness.

“And I mean, I liked it, but that doesn’t make it any less strange. And it sucks, he doesn’t even like me! That’s the only time I’m going to hear him ask me out.”

“Somehow I doubt that, seeing as-”

“He was so pretty, Nev-”

“Oh my god, Harry! Shut up!” Seamus cuts him off. “The guy was trying to ask you out, not give you advice! Everyone knows he likes you, except for you! That’s why everyone has been turning you down.”



“Hey, Malfoy?” Harry walks up to Draco in the hallway he cuts through to get to Biology.

“Yes, Potter?” Draco asks, shutting his locker and turning to look at Harry.

Harry steps closer, a small, nervous smile on his face,“I took your advice.”

“Oh?” Draco frowns, then smiles in what he hopes is a polite way,“who did you get to go with you?”

“Hopefully you? Will you go out with me?” The whole hallway erupts in cheers and Draco nods, his usually pale cheeks burning.

Like the Red String of Fate

My contribution to the Sterek Reversebang 2017
art by @classy2shoes and betaed by @emisfritish

Word count: 4505 

From the age of twelve, Stiles had recurring dreams of a set of eyes. Well, it was a guy he was dreaming of, but in the morning, he could really only remember his eyes. The first time, it creeped him out. The boy, probably seventeen, was panicked, and Stiles could have sworn he heard screaming and smelled smoke. He cried, and Stiles could feel the loss, the pain. He felt the pull of someone pleading for help, and then he felt the helplessness that overtook dream-guy’s eyes. He woke with a chill and a heavy emptiness in his chest.

He had these dreams only once in awhile afterwards, dream-guy usually just looking longingly, as if searching for someone. Then, when Stiles was sixteen, the eyes turned red, and Stiles knew that red. By now he was very familiar with alpha red.

He really wasn’t sure if he was only dreaming of alpha eyes because werewolves were still new to him and Scott’s newfound True Alpha status was bleeding into his subconscious, but the man didn’t change, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he was dreaming of another werewolf.

For the next year, Stiles would dream of hazel eyes changing to alpha red that looked far too lonely, in a setting that seemed distinctly New York. In these dreams, his dream wolf was always stuck in what looked like a pretty nice apartment, sometimes pacing, sometimes just sitting in a window staring into space.

“I’m telling you, Scott. He’s incredibly hot, and I think he’s an alpha,” he said on the drive to school one day. “He just looks so lonely, man. What does that even mean?”

 “Dude, how is he lonely? An alpha has to have a pack, you know that, right?” Scott asked, glancing down at his phone. “I’m asking Allison.”

 Stiles peered over and glanced at his screen. “Okay, maybe don’t get someone from a hunting family involved,” He shaped back to the road, mind still drawn to his dream man. Stiles couldn’t fathom that kind of loneliness, and it broke his heart to know that someone out there was experiencing it day in and day out. He could feel Scott staring at him expectantly. After a while, “I just feel like I need to help him somehow.”

 “You don’t even know if he’s real, dude,” Scott responded idly, back to playing with his phone. “He’s just someone that shows up in your dreams.”

 “Scott, I’ve been dreaming of the same person since I was twelve. It has to be something. He has to be something… real.”

 The idea of him not being real almost hurt as much as the pain, suffering, and loneliness that his dream man felt. Almost. It dawned on Stiles that it was strange how attached he was to someone he wasn’t able to prove existed.

Scott sighed before saying, “Dude, can you drive in one lane? I might have super healing but you don’t.”

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Paying the price

Chapter 29

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It had been a week since I was discharged from the infirmary and life went by as usual. My shoulder was mostly healed, only a small scar remained, a reminder of the risk- and the life- I had taken.

This morning training was the first time I participated again, lead by Dante and the twins after my father had insisted they resumed following the incident of the factionless raid and my father’s wounding. He claimed that we would stop our initiation for nothing – and no one. Despite having missed training, I was fairly sure of my abilities and not overly worried.

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The Price of Freedom is High (Part 1/?) (Peter Parker x reader)

Request: Peter meeting a team cap reader in his personal/spidey life after civil war! I love your work Bonnie!

“Hi, I’m…I’m Peter.”

“Your point?” you snapped, holding your weapon at the ready in front of you.  “I don’t think that formal introductions are really a big part of a fight.  Maybe you haven’t been at this for very long.”

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The Heist / Chapter 3

Your wide eyes took in everything around you as one of the guys led you through the strange hide-out. You didn’t know where the hell you were but their base was pretty spaced out with dim lighting, almost just like the way it looked in movies. It was like a maze with the way the brown haired man led you down hallways as your eyes lingered a bit too long on locked doors. You were scared for your life, terrified that if you made one slip up these guys could really kill you with no hesitation.   

“Okay, this is your room for the meantime.”

Your head snapped over and peered over at the room he led you to, opening up the door and letting you go inside. You weren’t in the position to be complaining but you couldn’t help the disappointment settling inside as you looked around. The room was bare except for a twin mattress sitting on a bedframe over to the corner of the room and a desk and chair on the other side. There were no windows, only a light on the ceiling your only source to keep the room from being dark.  

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I should have kissed you | part two // newt scamander

Chapter/One Shot: Part 2 out of 2

Part 1


so I, kiera, wrote this when I was really amped up and shit, and was so happy that people actually liked the first part. I feel so weird after writing this, because the ending didn’t go the way I thought it would, and I just gave up and let the words flow by its own. So if it’s a teeny weird, IM SO SORRY)

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(a/n: a pink calla lily, something Newt uses to court the girl. Just so you guys can get an idea of what it looks like)

I should have kissed you | part two // newt scamander

Alright, Newt tells himself. Just ask her. Confidently, charmingly and most of all, don’t get rejected.

So…the last one was a little out of his hands. Newt could only hope that by listening to his heart, he was doing the right thing and making the both of them happy.

She was going to come out of the Potions dungeon anytime soon. Anytime. Newt clutched the pink calla lily Pickett had convinced him to bring along, and tried to catch his breath. Pink Calla Lilies, according to the few muggle reference books from the Hogwarts library, meant admiration and appreciation.

He knew for a fact that she would love it. She always had a strong love for flowers, and hated it when she receives roses, often claiming and grumbling to Newt that they were unoriginal and cliché. Pickett had loved this particular flower, and Newt intended to use that fact as a backup conversation starter.

The classroom door opened. Last chance to back out, Newt thought, but he still stood firmly. Pickett gave him a warning look from under his Hufflepuff sweater. He knew exactly what Newt was thinking, and was there to make sure he didn’t pull out.

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Hey guys, I promised you a wolfstar fic last week and here it finally is! A little later than expected because I had interview prep to do but that interview is over now so here we are!

Bit of a daft Remus/Sirius University AU that has no title because titles are hard. 

Part 2 here.

“Really Troy? You’re jealous about her hanging out with Ryan? Ryan?”

Remus had been trying to sleep.

The first week of his masters degree had been long and filled with too much work, and far too little socialising. Even for someone like him, who generally preferred to stay in with a pizza on a Friday night than go clubbing, it was downright boring.

The problem was that he really didn’t know anyone yet. His housemates seemed nice enough, but they were on different schedules so he rarely saw them, and so far he hadn’t met anyone on his course who he particularly wanted to get to know.

And to top it all off, he couldn’t sleep – still not used to his strange new bed, the twisted shadows that crept through the window, or the way the old house creaked in the middle of the night.

“Ryan is pretty cute though, I mean…” said the same voice, and Remus put his head around the door at the bottom of the stairs to peak into the living room.

With the light from the hallway he could see his housemate more clearly, and felt a small smile form when he realised who it was. Out of the two girls and two other guys he was living with this year, Sirius definitely seemed like one of the most interesting people, and was certainly the best looking of the bunch. He was currently sprawled on the sofa in front of the tv with a huge bag of Doritos in his lap, which was a strangely attractive sight given the way his shirt rode up around his hips.

“Why are you watching high school musical in the dark at 2.30 in the morning?” Remus felt compelled to ask, stepping through the door and flicking on the light, which brightened the room considerably. 

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