that storyline is dead and gone

full offense but when will fandom stop doing that thing that’s like

coming up with a billion headcanons and theories about kylo eventually leaving the first order, despite having been trained all his life to do one thing, and redeeming his past, and falling in love with rey when finn is right there and that is literally already finn’s story

or like, coming up with several alternative storylines where pidge grows her hair out long again and stops wearing glasses, and discovers that her father is dead and gone, and has to tragically mourn his loss a second time when allura is right there and that is literally already allura’s story

like it’d be one thing if both characters always got the same amount of attention but no, y'all will literally take the story and personality of a brown character, slap it onto the nearest pale character, and then act like said brown character has zero depth, like. not to compare kylo to pidge, but enough

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Who are your favorite characters in The Get Down. I don't really like Mylene she's never there for Zeke like he's there for her. And Shaolin is cool but he's holding Zeke back in my opinion. Its like he doesn't wanna see him move on. And I'm actually happy for Cadillac cause it hurts me to know his mother is so evil to him. I also think RaRa is the smartest one in the group and Yolanda needs a better storyline but not with shaolin. I just don't see that at all.

My favorite character is!!! Zeke!!!! That’s my baby!! When I have a son one day, I want him to turn out just like Zekey-boo. I literally have always loved the name Ezekiel so that’s even funnier but, yeah I love me some Zeke-baby. Sensitive bae. Extra bae. Annoying bar Zekey-poo is where it’s at

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NOW, if you ask me who I’m most attracted tooooo 

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Look at bisexual bae. Weird bae. Artsy fartsy bae. Love him. He cute and he talented. Revolutionary spirits turn me on. His storyline is cute and well done.

As for MyMy… 

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Ok, alright, Mylene ain’t shit. However, she is fairly mature in her and Zeke’s relationship— HEAR ME OUT, HEAR ME OUT HEAR ME OUT!! 

When he kissed that yt girl, she ain’t blink. Now, that makes me feel two type of ways: 1. She don’t really care 2. She don’t perceive anyone as a threat in Zekes eyes and is willing to overlook because of her hectic schedule and to keep the love alive or whatever 

Both of which make me a lil cringy, but I fuck with her for riding with him since she knows she gave him hellllllaaaaa shit. At least she recognized she couldn’t be type mad about some shit a nigga she ain’t claim on national tv did, ya feel me?

I’m excited to see her storyline develop more after everything that has happened. I’m here for all the slutty MyMy scenes and performances. 

I think her lil non-black poc friend gone stab her ass dead in the back :) 

I think Yolanda will have something to do with preventing her downfall, if she approaches one, and I hope they do give her more of a story line as one of the only dark skin boos on the cast like, come on? She deserves more than a snitch role for sure but it was HELLA refreshing to see the DARK SKIN GIRL as the HONEST and what’s the word for not slutty? Can’t remember. BUT IT WAS REFRESHING FOR HER TO NOT BE CAST IN THE LIGHT THEY USUALLY DO IN CINEMA WITH DARK SKIN WOMEN BEING OVERTLY SEXUAL BEINGS. SHE WAS THE GOOD GIRL AND IT MADE ME HAPPY BECAUSE PEOPLE LOOK AT DARK SKIN GIRLS YOUNG AND OLD AND HAVE PRECONCIEVED NOTIONS ABOUT THEIR SEXUALITY AND SHIT AND YOU SEE THAT TROPE SO OFTEN IN MOVIES WHERE THE DARKER ONE IS THE BAD ONE/LIGHTER ONE IS THE GOOD ONE and THAT AINT HAPPENIN ON THE GET DOWN. GO YOYO!!!

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Also, just for the record I love me some Rara, he is the smartest one, and he on a money making mission to prove that Hip Hop is GOING SOMEWHERE before he even knew what to call it. Rara a genius. Rara-einstein. I love how innocent his new lil romance is and I think his woke shawty gone steal that virginity like a box of menthols in a Detroit corner store.

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Boo boo needs to be slapped. YEAH I SAID IT. SLAPPED SILLY.

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Who I’m missing? I’m missing somebody. Oh yeah! Shawty Shaolin is holding Zekey-poo back and also needs to be slapped. I did also appreciate that scene where he connected with Cadillac, I hope they become homiebros and fuck shit up. Cadillac’s money and pull, and the brothers talent and they can #win


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So Outlaw Queen finally got their drink it only took:

-Turning away because Regina had lost everything, didn’t think she was capable or deseved love

-Falling in Love in a year that neither of them would remember. Side Note: Regina was hearbroken because she had lost the one thing she loved unconditionally her son. They fall in love, and its a Queen and a thief, it’s cute.

-Arriving in Storybrooke. Flirting a lot. Whilst simulatenously trying to fight the Wicked Witch and Regina seeing her son again, except he doesn’t know. There’s flirting and sexual tension and lots of kisses so we like this season. There is also something that resembles a plot. We like plots.

- Robin’s ‘dead’ wife turning up.

-Regina and Robin trying to put feelings aside because Marian is back. Regina helps Marian, but knows Robin will have to leave.

-Discovering that Marian is pregant

- Except it’s not Marian. It’s Zelena.

- But there is nothing wrong with that storyline whatsoever and it doesn’t effect them so there will be no conversations about the child.

-Ah yes Camelot because Emma’s gone rogue. There is a cute dance scene. Until the part where Robin gets stabbed. Still cute dance scene.

- The Underworld, because that’s THE romantic destination. They forget Robin exists.

- Return to Storybrooke, YAY.

- Cute conversation in the tunnel. They are each others future. Everything is going to be fine.

- Robin’s soul is obliterated. 

- Regina is so consumed by grief and once again blames herself. She rips herself apart (literally, that’s a thing). She thinks it will help soothe the pain. It doesn’t.

- Regina battles with herself.

- Wish Realm: Regina sees Robin of Locksley and has to know. He’s not the same, he’s not him but he deserves a chance, A chance she thinks she can give him.

-Return to Storybrooke. Both Wish Robin and Regina have to come to terms with the fact that neither of them really belong with each other. Regina wants it to work, but knows it can’t. Robin is living up to a man whom she fell in love- an impossible task.

- Robin gets bitten by a snake/EQ, digs up a grave, gets kidnapped. (There’s some flirting and checking out. We’re all confused because it’s cute but it’s not the same.The fandom are weak we’ll take it. )

-Robin leaves, how no one knows. There’s no goodbye scene again, but Regina is somehow okay with that.

- The EQ separates herself from Regina using the sheers (no one really knows how they work they just do). They fight.

- Regina has the heart of the EQ and goes to crush it, but decides that there is another way. She splits the light and dark heart up so they both have light and dark in them or something like that. (I don’t know, but it was emotional and Lana killed it so it’s all okay.)

-Regina gets Henry to write the EQ a happy ending. But she’s not evil anymore and she’s sorry. For everything. Again.

-The EQ returns to the tavern, this time she goes in.


Jesus Christ this got long and sarcastic. Oops. I did love that they got the drink.

The Blacklist 0.8 second week. Welcome To The Dead Zone

Sony’s hands on involvement has ruined the show. They can pretend Ressler has a storyline, but he doesn’t. The second male lead props Sony’s new lead, Enrique Murciano’s “Gale.”

The current plot-driven story placement destroyed this once incredible show. Audience is gone.

Lizzington got Red/Liz front and center, “the heart of the series” Ah no. When they debuted this show back in 2013, they had three leads-that was the core of the show. Red/Liz/Ressler. They stopped writing the show around those three, and lost their audience.

Sony took a more micromanaged approach in 3B and show cases Tom/Liz for an entire year. Sony pushes Aram now to carry as second male lead till they bring back Eggold? No mention of Ressler like he doesn’t exist. That is effed up marketing by Sony, Davis Entertainment and the Jo(h)ns. They’ve got Amir out like they did Eggold pushing the same crap, and now have Aram, another morally up right character, cheating on two women and is romantic lead?

What. A. Joke.

He’s not a victim he sleeps with the woman who betrays him worse than any other, while trying to appease his guilt for lying to the other by trying to make it up to the other?

Yeah no that’s another misogynistic plot. To “sell” “Janet” the “other” Sony actress, they character assassinate Samar, like Ressler.

Plot driven format is weak storytelling.

Character Assassination to “Real” beloved characters just to prop up “one bad character,” doesn’t fool the viewer.

Kaplan is a villain now because of Tom Keen and Liz lying to everyone.

Why should audience care what she does?

Liz never paid for her mistakes, she just coasts while everyone else, carries her cross for HER SINS to be with “Tom.”

You can’t root for her.

Redemption killed the audience, Tom Keen alienated the core audience. They split up the leads all to appease “Sony” and regressed every character.

The Blacklist is officially in the Dead Zone.

S5 partial or not will be its last.

Count on it.

And viewers won’t like the ending because original canon is now gone.

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Ugh, Zelena should have been gone long ago. When we originally thought she was dead, she should've been dead. She was only entertaining as a hardcore villian. Any storyline she could've had with her sister was wasted, and would've been better then shoe horning Regina in scenes with every other damn character. Another waste of making a character a regular. Jasmine's probably had more screentime.


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I'm just so sad right now. And we're not even sure that he's actually dead... I mean ok, we're like 90% sure, but still, we didn't see him actually dead for now. I'll be a mess next week :(

Man, I’ve expected HR to die in the last two episodes. So I’ve gone through being really emotionally upset and am now mostly pissed off about how the storyline’s playing out. Obviously Tom is doing fantastic work, but it’s heartwrenching for so many reasons, and it gets sadder and sadder the more I think about it.

Clearly HR saves Iris and fakes his own death (”it’s just a flesh wound!”) so he can run off and live happily ever after with Tracy, far from places where supervillains try to murder them every week.

PLL Season 7 aka Season 1?

These 10 first episodes of the season remind me very much to how season 1 because of lots of reasons, I’m going to start:


Lots of old characters from season 1 or other past seasons have come back to the show, Jenna, Noel, Jason, Paige, Sydney (lol) and we know that Wren is coming back too (I’m very exited about it). And some of the new characters that were came in the last season are gone: Jordan, Liam, Shower Harvey, Rollins, Yvonne (I’m sure she’s dead, maybe Toby isn’t but Yvonne is)  


1. The necklaces Spencer gave to the girls (7x08) remind me of the bracelets Alison made to them (1x02)

-The first time we see The Kahn’s Cabin was in the 1x03 and we have been able to see it again some other times during the show. Then in season 7 we see it in episode where Spencer and Emily find the pen drive.

-Probably the most obvious parallel of the season was when someone (probably Noel) wrote in the liars car “I see you” like he did to Ezra’s car in episode 10 from season 1 when he found Aria with Ezra.

And then Noel in 7x10 said to Emily and Hanna “You know too much” just like the message text in the 1x10 when Hanna saw Noel at Camp Mona and though he was A.

-The Haleb sex scene in the 7x10 is OBVIOUSLY a parallel from their first time in 1x19.

-Also I have to say that Spoby’s first and last kiss look very alike, and in the 7x10 there’s a board of scrabble in Toby’s car.

And we’ve seen lots of references to the french leanguage, in the 1x16 when Spencer teaches french to Toby, also in 6x20 there is mention to the lenguage, so in the 7x01 because of Mary’s books and finally in the 7x10 Spencer gives Toby a french book.

-In this first half of season 7 we found out that during the 5 years jump Aria had a thing with Jason for a time and well, during season 2 (not season 1 but it happened in the same year and those two seasons were the start of A) they also had a thing.

-Going back to season 6b, do you remember Charlotte’s death right? It was very compared to the scene in 1x22 when Ian tries to kill Spencer in the church. But in season 7 (7x01) there is also a parallel to that scene, when the liars find “dead” Hanna, actually a mask, hanging in the church.

-Pll started with the disappearance of Alison and finding out that she was “dead”, I don’t want Alison to suffer more but I think it will be such a shock if she dies at the end of the season and the liars going to her funeral like they did in the pilot.

-AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. If we are going back to the origins, does this mean that so is A? And guess who was the Original A: MONA.           I’m always rooting for Wren to be A and I hope so but I think that Mona being A makes sense, she started the game and she wants to end it.

My Thoughts on Teen Wolf and Representation:

Wow I’m glad I jumped ship during season 2 because that show is becoming the new Supernatural (which should mean Supernatural is gone, but alas). Like, I remember going through this with so many different media. I remember getting mad when RWBY claimed that homophobia doesn’t exist in their story but included no queer relationships and had a man laughed at for dressing as a girl. I remember when degrassi killed off Adam, a Trans character in the middle of his storyline. I remember all the queer baiting and dead poc characters in Supernatural, the mistreatment of so many female characters, and the way they killed off Charlie and Kevin and lost their last non-white and non-straight character respectively. I remember Harry Potter creating a Queer character long after it could help queer youth. I watched thousands of shows mistreat POCs and Queers.

But I also watched the opposite.

I watched Steven Universe introduce an entire world of Queer characters and a diverse cast of all shapes and colors. I watched Captain Underpants reveal Harold’s sexuality in the most natural way possible. I watched Shadowhunters do with queer and poc characters what Supernatural and TW failed to do. I watched Heroes of Olympus throw out stereotypes about race and treat it’s POCs just as good as the whites, have a fan favorite come out and treat him like an equal. I watched Magnus Chase call out Americans for their mistreatment of Muslims and treat Muslim culture as accepted and normal. I watched Victorious introduce a diverse cast and ignore stereotypes about their race completely. I watched Watson become an Asian female. I watched The Real O'Neal’s portray a gay Catholic and his struggles. I’ve watched so much important representation happening.

I’m not saying you should stop being mad about how we’re treated. I’m saying this is why you should. It’s working. We may not have ended racism and homophobia in media, but we’re proving that we won’t let them get away with mistreating us. Keep fighting and keep calling them out on their bullshit. Keep creating hashtags until we don’t have to anymore. Don’t stop. We’ve come so far and have a long way to go.

when u see elijah stans and anti elijah people all talking about his death…


he’s not dead tho?

people are acting like he’s leaving the show when clearly he’s not?

like did we not just establish that some part of him is in the pendant?

so clearly the storyline is continuing in the rescue of elijah so his story isn’t over?

I mean, did I watch a different show or something bc he’s so very clearly not gone so stans freaking out and antis rejoicing are both really premature

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The only non-Iris/WA scene I liked in that episode was Cisco telling Julian about the time CS, Cisco and Ronnie spent together. It was very heartfelt. The whole episode was very heartfelt and hilarious. That's why I hope S4 is full of ones like these.

I really liked the scenes with Cecile, and when Cisco told Budget Heatwave her liked his name. I want S4 to be 70% that episode.

I would have like that scene more if it didn’t illustrate that the KF storyline makes even less sense than them dragging the Savitar reveal out. I liked it because of Cisco and the memory of Ronnie more than anything else. They’ve been telling us that KF’s powers will permanently make her evil and that Caitlin is gone, but not three episodes later she’s getting all in her feelings because of a story about her dead alter-ego’s (?) dead fiance? If that’s KF under all that, then the team should stay the hell away from her and she should never be allowed back on it, and we have to ask why she still thinks like Caitlin. 

if Caitlin is alive under there, then she is a horrible, horrible person because she not only tried to murder her friends, she joined up with the evil speedster that’s been psychologically and physically torturing all of them for a year, as well as the one that’s threatening to break the team by killing Iris, she’s using the excuse of her powers to do it, threw Julian’s ‘love’ for her back in his face, ruined Barry and Cisco’s relationship out of spite, threw his dead parents back in his face, and then had the nerve to blame them for not fixing her. So I actually hope all of that is KF, because if they ‘redeem’ Caitlin it’s just going to ring hollow for me.

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I read your Once Upon a Time reboot and I wanted to ask you: is Monique Hamilton gone for good? Thanks.

Hi! Monique is pretty gone, I’m afraid.

The real show has been so bad about killing people off - they nearly always come back, not just through flashbacks, but literally coming back to life in some other way. The only major characters in the modern storyline that have died and stayed dead - that I can think of right now - are Graham and Neal. Robin now too but even he had a return storyline before we decided he was gone for good. There’s no stakes when a show uses death so flippantly as an emotional moment only to reverse it within the next few episodes, like Once Upon A Time does so frequently. In our version of things, dead is definitely dead. Dead people can certainly show up again, as we saw with Morgan le Fay’s scenes in the cabin recently and of course this is a show full of flashbacks, but to be totally honest with you, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Monique return. We’ve got some other interesting characters to delve into next season instead!

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I don't totally agree with the anon saying the focus hasn't been on sana, because it has? It's only episode 2 and we've already seen her crushing on a boy, feeling isolated from her friends, and struggling with combining her religion and her life. We have had two scenes mentioning William and noora and no one said anything about that even though that relationship should be dead and buried. Obviously Julie made them all connected for a reason. Let's find out why first I think.

i don’t know where you’ve been but i talked about mentioning william and noora and i saw a lot of people that just want this storyline to be dead and gone with. but i see where that anon is coming from. if you take all social medias in consideration, it’s a lot more than just sana. but we’re still only on ep 2 and i trust julie that as soon as the plot thickened fully, it’s all up to sana and how she goes about with all these things. julie just has to “build it up” for it to fall to pieces

S7 is just going to be so arbitrary. like, regina spent all these years progressing from rivalry to tentative friendship with emma and then with snow, and now they’re both gone, so who will she have to interact with on screen? zelena, potentially, but that’s not enough to move a main storyline forward. regina/henry is, but we don’t even have confirmation jared will be back. the same goes for hook, like who has he built a significant relationship with onscreen, other than emma and possibly david? he and regina hardly tolerate each other, and the same goes for hook and rumple. all signs point to emilie leaving too, so they can’t even waste screentime kicking the r/mbelle dead horse. like jesus christ, what is the point? w/o emma and the charmings, what even unites any of these characters? what’s keeping them all from just peace-ing out? 

i mean, ultimately, no one cares about how regina, hook and rumple relate to each other…there’s nothing significant to mine there, just mutual dislike. so we’re now relying on the new white male main to bring everyone together again the way emma did circa S1, and again, who fucking cares when you’re hitting the reset button and retelling the same story but poorly and with a dude? just let it die! pull the trigger adam horowitz!

MY PREVIOUS THEORY ON I NEED U’S PLOT MIGHT BE RIGHT?! + My theory on what’s to come

I JUST REALIZED. Remember when I said Jin is the only one actually alive, and the whole MV is technically revolving around him reminiscing about the other members? (And their deaths) 

**Read my theory on I Need U’s original storyline here.**

Jin is the only one alive. Maybe also V. But the rest of BTS, I’m quite sure are actually dead and gone. As seen in I Need U.

HERE’S THE PROOF THAT BACKS MY THEORY UP THAT I NOTICED RIGHT IN THE PROLOGUE THEY RECENTLY RELEASED. This is gonna be ANOTHER long read. And if you guys are easily triggered by suicidal thoughts or talks of mental illnesses, please read with caution. Alright.. Here we go.

Towards the beginning, all the boys come running to V, except Jin. Instead, he enters the scene recording the boys with his camera, and basically he takes videos and photos for everyone else most of the time.

But, I saw something peculiar. I’m not really sure what he said to J-Hope in Korean, but he’s holding a polaroid picture (that’s still i think in the process of being developed) of the beach they were in. However, it’s empty

Hmm nothing really completely strange right? He might’ve just shot the beach randomly without the boys in the picture.

Which brings me to this next particular scene:

This time it’s Namjoon that took the picture of him, with Suga. They kept the picture on the compartment bc it hasn’t developed yet. By then, I thought something significant is up with that photo for them to put it there right?

I almost missed it (due to the fact that I was in feeling all the feels during credits that I paused and exited it beforehand), but AFTER the credits.. this scene appears, which clears my theory up to an actual possibility that it is true.

Jin is now alone. There’s no noises from the boys or anything, just the sea. 

He finally checks the photo they took earlier and surprise surprise..

He’s alone. No Suga. And from his position, he might’ve taken the photo himself too. Which backs my whole idea about Jin just constantly reminding himself about the other members in I Need U M/V. 

But wait, V’s quite significant in this prologue, and here’s a new side to the theory I thought of. I noticed it recently in particular. Let’s go back to this specific moment in the I Need U M/V:

Again, it’s a shot of the 5 boys, excluding Jin and V. This is the last scene in the MV after revealing the “deaths” and V’s act of murder. The next shots in particular are with both of Jin and V looking back to the boys. Only these two in particular.

Why is this significant? I think V might be alive as well.  However, V might be someplace else, and not in a good condition (mentally and emotionally). But everyone’s altogether in the prologue. Right. However, given the fact that Jin has been hallucinating about the members all this time, it’s possible that he’s also imagining V to be there as well.

Now here’s what I think that is what’s actually happening to V:

In the beginning, it picks up from him with bloody hands (his ending from I Need U). 

As he miserably washes off the man’s blood from his hands, he is seen calling out to a hyung towards the end. He says he wants to see him, as he starts breaking down. And I think that this particular person he’s calling was Jin.

Jin, is not completely in his right state of mind… as he is again, imagining all of them together and having fun though he’s probably doing it all by himself. But occasionally, you would see a scene where “imaginary” V is standing off in a high place, seemingly looking for somewhere high enough to jump off. I see this as V’s cry for help in the back of Jin’s mind. 

Towards the end we finally see V go up a platform dangerously high. And Jin is the first one to notice, instead of calling him down though, he continues filming him instead. Peculiar right?

V gives him one final smile, before showing a hopeless, conflicted expression as he leaps off to his possible “death”.

All of which I think, is Jin’s imagination and probably a symbolism of V current situation that’s becoming dangerous in the back of his mind. Cause evidently, Jin realizes that he’s actually really alone as seen in the after credits, where he finds the photo, and sees it as it is. 

And this quite proves that the “jump” V took snapped Jin back to reality.

What’s next to come? I predict that they would show Jin checking out all the videos and photos he took throughout this prologue and would find them all empty, realizing that the boys are really gone. V was not with him all this time. With reality in check, he’d finally look for where the real V, the one in dire need of his help, actually is. I suspect V’s currently either on the verge of committing suicide or going insane from the shock of killing a person, either way it’s implied that he’s in hiding, someplace else. And if this is really what’ll happen next, I hope Jin would be able to save him. 

…as they are the only two left actually alive in the group.

rewatching tos makes me realize that kirk has actually seem a lot of really tough shit in his life, and unfortunately, as much as i love it, the original series just wasn’t made at a time where they could focus really deeply on the dark stuff. kirk being there for the murders from kodos the executioner, for example, is hella fucked up. in “operation annihilate!” kirk finds his brother dead and watches his sister in law die. there’s the whole backstory with his dead crewmates from “obsession.” idk, don’t misunderstand, i think these storylines are told really well, but thinking about them all makes me admire kirk even more, and i wish we could have gone into detail about how they affected him. kirk’s a lot more dimensional than people give him credit for; not just the pretty captain with the ripped shirt and kung fu moves, ya know?

Eeeee didn’t mean to cause such a stir with that last pic guys. I don’t really know what’s happening but I see a lot of arguing going on!

To be honest, it wasn’t really about shipping at all, it was more conceptual, not really something to be taken in a literal sense, but speaking more about the messed up things people are capable of doing when the world’s gone to hell, and the repercussions of guilt that might cause one to experience. 

I’ve got no delusions about the horrific act committed in the game, I ship carlilly for fun outside of the canon storyline just because I think that, if circumstances were different, they’d make a good pair!

Anyways here’s something lighter, some cuties teamin’ up for the apocalypse! :)

my phone has apparently been broken “beyond repair” and now all the good fanfic references I’ve saved on it are gone…

‘Bates Motel’ Season 4 Finale Postmortem: Kerry Ehrin and Nestor Carbonell Talk the Big Death, Normero, and the Romero-Norman Feud

Warning: Storyline and character spoilers ahead for the “Norman” episode of Bates Motel.

She’s gone. She’s really gone. Norma Louise Bates is really dead. Her son, Norman, really killed her in a murder-suicide attempt. And then, he really dug up her body, took it home, glued Dead Norma’s eyes open, and apparently plans to go full psycho — and Psycho — and keep his Mother by his side for all time.

With just one more season to go, Bates Motel ended Season 4 at a place a lot of fans might have expected for next year’s series finale. Showrunner Kerry Ehrin and star Nestor Carbonell — whose Sheriff Alex Romero is crushed by the loss of wife Norma, and homicidally furious at his stepson — talked to Yahoo TV about the heartbreaking loss of Norma (but not star Vera Farmiga), about who else is likely to return for Season 5, about the dark humor running through even this tragic episode, and about how they’re both happy “Normero” fans got their happy ending before their tragic one.

You guys really did it. Obviously, we’re all very sorry that Norma is dead, but no trickery… she’s really gone.
Kerry Ehrin:
Yeah, definitely. It was a horribly hard thing to do from a creative perspective… I was saying the other day, I’ve spent more time with Norma over the last four years than any of my friends. It was really hard. It was really heartbreaking. [Executive producer Carlton Cuse] and I both just got really emotional writing episode 9. Then faced with the task of writing the finale, I was so sad, and honestly grieving. I know that sounds insane. It was just all wrapped up in my head with Vera. It was very hard. The way that I dealt with it, I just climbed inside of Norman. I just got right inside of him and just got into the denial. Once I was inside of that, it started to get funny, which was so interesting to me. Because it really is a bizarre predicament if you believe, if you know someone is not dead, but everyone else thinks she is dead, but you know you have to keep the secret for the supposed dead person. It started to just kind of take on a life of its own that allowed humor, and really, I think, took you on the ride with Norman, which was the ultimate goal. If you’re grieving for Norma, no one is grieving more than Norman. You’re going to kind of get on that train with him so that by the end, when she turns around from the piano, you’re going to be feeling exactly the same thing he is. That was the hopeful goal.

The first thing I think everybody is going to wonder about is whether Vera will be back. In any other situation, you could maybe only do flashbacks, but the beauty of this story is that she can be there just as much as she was when Norma was alive, thanks to what Norman is going through.
Yes, Vera is going to be fully present. We’re really excited about the idea of unleashing a character that is, yes it’s a hallucination, but I mean, think of how you feel about Norma dying. In a way, that’s a hallucination, too. It’s like Norma has become very real to people, but she’s not real. The goal will be to get the people again on the ride with Norman to invest in this hallucination as a real, multi-layered, surprising, outrageous person with many layers and many twists and turns that you do care about. She is an aspect of him, and hopefully we will care about him.

When you think about Season 5, obviously the show up until Norma’s death has very much been Norma and Norman’s story. Will Season 5 then, is that more Norman’s story?
Honestly, I feel like, no, it isn’t. Since the beginning when Carlton and I first talked about it, we wanted to, instead of doing the Mother as like a horrible shrew who was abusive, we wanted to do a kind of sad, beautiful, co-dependent love story between a mother and a son. That obsession with Norma will absolutely drive the final season and really keep her exactly in the center of it, not only for Norman but for Romero. It’s a big love story. When someone dies you don’t just forget them. They still can drive your life.

This establishes a new story, a new method for how Norma died versus how she died in the original Psycho movie. Will there be a lot more of that in Season 5, setting new canon for the Bates universe?
Yeah, the goal of it, and in many ways the fun of it, is to take some of the wonderful, iconic elements that exist in Psycho and weave through them, but without redoing them. It will definitely be our version of it. We will go through it in a different way. We will visit Psycho in a different way.

Nestor, Kerry just talked about the love story, and one of the sweetest scenes in the finale is when Alex goes to the morgue. A lot of people would be creeped out to do that, but he goes in, and he kisses her, and he touches her so gently, and he puts the ring on her finger. It seemed very symbolic of how Romero has accepted Norma and loved her and didn’t judge her despite all the really crazy things he knows about her and her life, the situation with her brother, and other things that would have scared a lot of guys off.
Nestor Carbonell:
Oh, thank you. I mean, Kerry wrote a beautiful scene. It wasn’t much in terms of dialogue on that, but it didn’t have to be. As you pointed out, it was basically a feeling, maybe in some ways a sense of physical closure. He had to see her and had to make sure he honored his love for her, and that he knew that in that note that she wasn’t speaking the truth. Yes, she will always love him, but that it wasn’t a suicide. He knew that and that was sort of, I guess, him putting the period on that sentence, by putting the ring on her finger again and declaring his undying love for her. I think you’re right, I think he has accepted her, even knowing all of her history, and maybe because of her history, knowing how tragic her life had been. He felt some connection in that way, because he himself has had a tragic upbringing. They connected on some level through their past, but also, obviously through their character. They’re both strong-willed, they have their own set of principles and convictions, and they’re not about to just go with the flow. These are both characters who are strong characters. He felt, in a weird way, that she might have been his female counterpart, and I think vice-versa.

Ehrin: That was beautifully said. That made me cry, Nestor.

Carbonell: Oh, sorry about that. Thank you, you made me cry. I got you back.

You mentioned, Nestor, the ring. It was very important for him to put that back on her finger. He has many reasons to be upset with Norman, he’s furious at him, but when Norman is being such a jerk in the church — there’s just no other way to put it when he’s shoving that ring back at Romero — is that the thing that really kind of sets him off and seal his desire for revenge?
Absolutely, certainly in that moment. I think he was going there to mess Norman up regardless. That certainly was the match on the lighter fluid. He was going there to do some damage. I don’t know if [Romero] knew that he was going to beat him up there or kill him, but he was going to confront him and try, at the very least, to get a confession out of him, because he wants to put him away. After that whole scene, he’s resolved to basically kill him, which is why he goes back to his office to get his gun. The ring is beautifully symbolic in that it is this power play between her two lovers. It’s Norman on the one hand and Romero on the other. It’s a great device, a great back and forth that Kerry introduced, and also, it’s a family heirloom. The ring is from Romero’s own mother, so there’s that mother play there, as well. It’s just enormous disrespect on Norman’s part. It’s a beautiful way to demonstrate the power play between these two guys. It was a lot of fun to shoot.

And, even with all that intense drama, it was funny. Romero has that great line as he’s leaving, “I am the police, dumbass.” The “dumbass” just sealed that scene so well.
You wrote a beauty, Kerry. That was fun to do. We were in a church, too and I was like, “Oh, man.” I couldn’t believe we did that whole scene in a church.

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The scene was also so appropriately irreverent for how Romero, especially, but Norman, too, are feeling. What does any of this matter at this point? They both lost this woman they loved so much, and it felt completely fitting that that was happening there in an odd way.
Absolutely, all bets are off at that point. The woman that both of us would give our lives for is gone. Decorum is gone. Not that it was ever there for Romero… he’s a man who kills at will. If the wind blows certain ways, like “Yeah, you’re gone.” But certainly now, all bets are off. Regardless of the setting, whether it’s a church or not, he’s going to do what he’s going to do.

When Romero went back to his office to get the gun, do you think he intended to kill him or frighten him into confessing? Which was more important to him, that Norman die or that he confess?
I think Romero and Nestor wanted to kill him. No, I don’t know, you tell me, Kerry. What was your intention?

Ehrin: He was going to go kill him.

Now the DEA has finally got something on Alex. I think he’s too clever, and knows the town too well to be taken down by a perjury charge. He’s also very motivated by his desire to get vengeance on Norman. Can we assume that he’s going to extricate himself from the situation at least long enough to do that in the final season?
Yeah. We can assume he will be dealing with it.

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Poor Dylan. Is anyone going to tell Dylan that Norma is dead? Because he has some key information, Audrey’s earring, that Romero would certainly be very interested in.
No. We very carefully stretched Dylan’s emotional arc. He is truly fed up. He is truly fed up with his mother, and he is in a horrible situation where he basically has no solid information. It’s something his gut is telling him. He can push forward on it and break his mother in half and have his brother committed, possibly. He’s always third man out, so it’s like the combination of all those factors and the fact that he found someone that he loves, where it’s actually a healthy relationship. He wants to go live his life and be unfettered with the guilt and the worry and the trying. He really cut himself off. Stuff happens in families where there’s a bad break and people just don’t communicate with [each other], and it’s a terrible thing for no one to tell him, but also, Norman’s hands are tied.

During their phone call, Dylan was leaving a little wiggle room open to keep in contact with Norman, who rejects it. At that point, is Norman kind of thinking ahead to the fact that he’s going to be living alone, isolated with Dead Norma?
Yeah, on the surface. I think on a deep level, Norman is just terrified out of his mind. He thinks it’s impossible to really comprehend how scary the concept is that his mother left him. It’s so terrifying to him, he’s like a six-year-old. It’s like he can’t let it in. He has to pretend she’s alive, and he has to pretend that this is like the mandate, that’s she’s going to pretend to be dead, and he has to support it. It isn’t just about the incident or what he’s saying or the premise of the lie, it’s about deep inside him, the utter panic and terror he is feeling throughout this episode, the vulnerability.

We have to talk about the eyes. How did that whole scene work?
I don’t know, will it ruin it? They’re actual dead eyes, contact lenses. Yeah, they’re these super cool contact lenses that you use for stuff like this.

That’s actually Vera lying there with her eyelids kind of held open somehow?
Yeah. Well, she did that herself. I have to tell you, Vera is the most fu*king committed dead person you will ever come across. I have never seen anyone work so hard and so beautifully at being dead. It really is like she goes into a different place. She gets so still, and she can hold herself so still. It kind of blew me away, actually, because I was on set for a lot of time and she really feels dead when she’s doing those scenes.

Carbonell: She’s pretty good alive, too.

Nestor, what was your experience like when you were in the morgue with her? She was perfectly still.
She really was. Even though an incredible production design team built that whole morgue, and they did such an amazing job, it was really creepy walking into that. I think it was the last scene we shot that day, and knowing that she was in a drawer, that Vera was in a drawer and having to pull her out… Because of our incredible art department, the way that the motel is built, we walk in and the sets are so incredibly real and beautifully designed. We walk into these sets and, as an actor, you don’t have to go too far in terms of your imagination, because you really feel you’re there. That morgue felt really real, and knowing she was in a drawer felt extremely real and painful. What Kerry said rings true for all of us. I know that the crew was emotional. I certainly was emotional even reading it on the page, and then getting to the set and having to do those scenes. It was emotional for all of us, we’ve all fallen in love with Norma. That’s a credit to Kerry and obviously to Vera, as well. They both have realized this incredibly tragic and beautiful character.

Chick’s scene was another great moment, but also important because it seemed like he, at least for a moment, shook Norman out of the pretense that Norma is dead. He definitely saw Norma’s body, right?
Yes. The great thing about that character and about the brilliance that is Ryan Hurst is he can play this guy that has this bizarre moral compass, this philosophical, meandering mind, who can then kind of embrace things at different points when he needs to. He’s also somewhat emotionally disconnected, so the fact that he could walk in there, see that, assess it, not judge it and kind of give Norman some guidance, was just such an invaluable tone in that moment for the storytelling. Also, we love the idea that there’s someone in the world that knows what Norman is doing, but doesn’t judge him.

Will Chick potentially be back? He did promise to check in on Norman.
Oh yeah, we very much hope to have Ryan back. We love him.

Why did Norman flush all his pills? Was it because he sees them as a sign of what he thinks Romero was trying to do with controlling him via Pineview and therapy?
No, he just longs to see his mother. He’s just like, “All bets are off. I’m panicking. I have to see her. I have to see her, I’ll take her whatever way I can get her.”

Nestor and Kerry, for you, what were the funniest scenes in this episode?
I particularly thought the fight was funny. It was intentionally meant to be funny. Just the way that Freddie got the ring out. It’s almost like, I think he reached into the wrong pocket. There was an uncomfortable moment that was like, “Oh wait, I’ve got to show you something that you’re really going to love to see. Oh, it’s not in this pocket, it’s in this one.” I’m waiting for him to dig something out. All those moments are funny. The line you mentioned about him being the police, dumbass. For me, certainly that scene was ripe with great writing and great humor.

Ehrin: I love all the scenes where Freddie had to pretend to other people and go along with things. Like the scene where he’s sitting in the lobby of the funeral home with the dress, and he’s kind of patting the dress like it’s a real person. Then he has to go in and plan her funeral. It’s such a dark and absurd comedy, and I thought he really hit it out of the park. 

How does it feel knowing you’re going into the last season?
 [to Ehrin] You didn’t tell me what it’s going to be like. I have no idea.

Ehrin: I think it’s going to be great for you. I think, from a story perspective… the goal, certainly from our side, Carlton, me and the writers, is to deliver a completely balls-out, end with a bang, really awesome season that is dark, that is violent, that is funny, and has incredible character stories in it.

Carbonell: For me, this has been an emotional… creatively, I don’t think I’ve been on a greater ride than this one, just top to bottom. You know, none of us know where it’s going, which is one of the great things about the writing of it. As Kerry just mentioned, it’s very much character driven. That’s obviously the best kind of storytelling, certainly from an actor’s perspective. To make decisions based on a character, there’s nothing like it. Then you add Kerry’s humor to it and all these wonderful layers to every character. It’s been a dream ride, so I can’t wait.

Nestor, no one knew at the beginning that “Normero” was going to become such a fan favorite, such a core of the show. What has that been like, to have that evolve into such an important part of the Bates Motel story?
How Kerry wrote it and how it developed, it was sort of a slow burn. It was one step forward, two steps back much of the way through Season 3. I love what you did, Kerry, what you and Carlton and the writers did this year in sort of forcing us together through the convention of marriage and a marriage out of convenience, then consummating the passion and then finally declaring the love. It was sort of a backwards way to find love or to admit love to each other. I thought it was really smart. Yeah, as an actor it’s always great to get to play a part in such a strongly written romance, and to work with Vera, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Ehrin: It was always a really fun thing for Carlton and me, too, because it really emerged out of the first season all on its own, this chemistry that they had, and the fact that she didn’t trust him, and the fact that they were both control freaks. It’s a very personally fun part of the show to me, because I so identify Carlton with Romero. He really is. He is very much the guard of Romero. He knows that character really well inside. It was fun to just kind of see that aspect of Carlton come out of the writing and then get to play it off of Norma. It kind of had such a wonderful, organic life based on the creative people doing it, Nestor and Vera, and Carlton and me in the writing. It’s always been just such a fun part of the show and such a great life-affirming part of the show, which makes us happy in a world of darkness.

As fans, we did get that. We got to see them happy. It was more short-lived than we would have liked, but we got to see them happy, Norma probably for the only time in her life, happy in that particular way, for as long as it lasted. And in a way that was very clever and organic to the storyline.
Honestly, just emotionally, because we really grew to love Norma and Romero so much, we wanted to make them happy before we had to take everything away. I know it sounds insane, but it’s true. That was a huge part of it … we wanted both of them to have been able to grow and find happiness. That’s really all you can ask for in life.

(Photos: Cate Cameron/A&E Networks)

I'm a happy girl ;)

1) confirmed news that emmerdale won best soap at an award show they are notoriously overlooked at.

2) danny miller won best actor out of a pool of fierce competition (I was scared danny dyer would have snabbed it)

3) best dramatic male performance basically sums up danny’s entire acting style for me - so damn dramatic and beautiful.

4) val got scene of the year which I am just over the moon with because damn that scene was soooo perfectly her and spectacular.

5) ian confirming that aaron and robert will not only be together still in october but they will be a power couple strong enough to have a big story for in the week he keeps talking about…

6) …in said week robron will have a funny and romantic storyline, i don’t know about anyone else but for me I feel like amongst maybe the more dramatic events of the week, robert and aaron will provide a bit of light relief, maybe like a romantic date gone wrong or something like that. I can see it now…

7) …but then of course the heart stopping and edge of your seat stuff will be them getting caught up in the madness somehow and maybe guys we might get a threat to someone’s life like in august and this time the sort of reaction moira gave when she thought cain was dead (that shit was epic)

8) news that although chas will have the whole PTSD storyline, aaron will still have his own lil family with robert and liv who he will also be focusing on.

9) next week we have a whole week of robron, robert and liv bonding, robert talking about jack, aaron possibly freaking out about robert going to prison which may lead to….

10) touching each other intimately guys, another aaron initiated hug, a kiss or even guys…brace yourself…an ‘I love you’

we are very lucky right about now ;) emmerdale recognition at awards finally ;) robron have a future with big storylines for them in october ;) and all next week’s drama too ;)