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I feel like we need to know the story of Paul McCartney teaching you how to swim (Apologies if you have already told said story)

DISCLAIMER: i have no memory of this story. this is just a story that has been told to me SO MANY TIMES that quite frankly i’m not sure whether i remember bits of it or if i’ve just been incepted.

so my grandparents used to have a house in jamaica (my grandparents lived… a very different life… than i live). for a while my nana started semi-permanently living there, and my mom was like, “you know what’s better than being in america??? BEING IN JAMAICA, YO MOM, WAIT UP,” and would spend long chunks of the year living there helping to take care of her. 

anyway, this story takes place in jamaica because my grandparents’ house was like… in a neighborhood near to (??? idk how vacation home neighborhoods are laid out) where paul mccartney’s vacation house was.

  • apparently ol’ paul used to go for runs every morning and like, EVERYONE IN ALL THE NEIGHBORHOODS would suddenly take up jogging
  • “oh hey paul, yeah we’re all just out here running in our Orthopedic Mom Sneakers ™, NO REASON, WE JUST LOOOOVE EXERCISE!!! FITNESS IS SO GREAT, ISN’T IT PAUL???? ISN’T IT?????”
  • and paul mccartney was like, “………….yeah, gotta …… love…………..”
  • (being famous is probably very weird.)

so one day my aunt deb had lil tiny!mollyhall out in the water, and i was CLINGING to her neck because tiny!mollyhall didn’t fuck around with the ocean. tiny!mollyhall was very skeptical of human beings putting themselves in the water.


anyway, my aunt was hanging out in the ocean while my mother presumably tanned on the beach, and everybody was having a grand old time. absolutely nobody was doing anything foolish, like chasing poor paul mccartney while he tried to do normal, everyday human activities.

  • one time paul mccartney took a sailboat out and my mom and aunt were like, “SAILING! how hard can THAT be?” so they rented a little…dinghy? i guess?, because they had a very deep misunderstanding of what happens when two boats pass each other
  • but of course they didn’t have any fucking idea how to sail so they got stuck and the lifeguards had to come get them and toe them in.
  • "why the fuck did you take a boat out if you don’t know how to sail?” LOOK, THAT’S OUR OWN PRIVATE BUSINESS, OKAY. GOD, CAN YOU GET OUT OF OUR FACES, TMZ??? “ma’am, we’re lifeguards.” YEAH, OKAY, WHATEVER PAPARAZZI.
  • like, what did they expect to happen??? “oh, hey paul mccartney, fancy running into YOU out here, hey, do you want to maybe grab some casual coffee out here in the ocean?? at like one of those OCEAN CAFÉS???” 
  • c’mon ladies, think it through.

so there we were, just hangin’ out, when suddenly PAUL MCCARTNEY swims/wades up from the sparkling blue water like a BEAUTIFUL BRITISH MERMAN and says to aunt deb, “hi! what a cute baby.”


  • i was, in fact, an astoundingly cute baby.
  • my aunt deb was, and remains, a HELLA BABE.
  • nobody is ever prepared to meet paul mccartney. nobody manages to be graceful about it, nobody, i don’t care who you are. you’re lying. you had a panic attack and you peed yourself a little. it’s okay. you’re human. we’re all just human.


“does she know how to swim?”

tiny!mollyhall apparently gave paul mccartney a VERY skeptical look.

“listen, motherfucker, none of you assholes can understand me bc i’m 2 and when i speak it sounds like a bunch of gerbils badly rapping the nicki minaj verse from monster, but you’d better HOPE you are not planning to put me in the ocean.” - tiny!mollyhall, probably

"no,” said my aunt deb. “do you want to get married haha just kidding not kidding i’m kidding i’m not kidding unless you’re kidding then i’m kidding haha just kidding.”

“can i give her a lesson?” asked paul mccartney.

“you can have her,” said my aunt deb. “she’s yours. she’s a present. it’s my honor to give you this baby. she’ll—she’s yours now. i also have this wallet, which you can have. and my jewelry. do you want the deed to my house???? you can have that. i wrote some poems when i was 15 about how the hiccups were a metaphor for wasted potential, do you—those are yours. i’ll send them to you. what’s your laundry situation? i can do it.”

  • my aunt deb didn’t say this. what she said was, “YEAH OF COURSE YES OKAY NO PROBLEM PAUL MCCARTNEY.” 
  • “failing to keep our cool while meeting celebrities” is like, kind of a thing in my family.
  • my dad told me that once he wrote a really amazing song he was incredibly proud of, and like two days later he woke up and realized that the song he had written was just a slightly altered hey jude.

so she handed me off, and dear sweet nice mr paul mccartney was like, “hey there, cute baby. swimming is easy, and fun! splish, splash. swimming stuff.”

  • on a scale of one to “everybody has drowned,” how obvious is it that i have no idea how to teach people how to swim????
  • just assume paul mccartney did a better job of it than i have done just now.

apparently the whole time that this was happening, tiny!mollyhall was DEEPLY unhappy. apparently tiny!mollyhall was NOT impressed by the critical and commercial success of the beatles’ body of work, and didn’t understand why this COMPLETE STRANGER thought he got to just put her??? in the ocean????? 

  • like if i wanted to learn how to swim, i would fire my family from being my own personal servants who carry me around everywhere????
  • if i wanted to learn how to swim, i would grow fins????
  • excuse me paul mccartney you may be one of the greatest musical artists of our time, but i am TWO YEARS OLD NOW, so i think i know a little better than you the exact percentage of water that my body should be in, which is 0%????

when it was all over, paul mccartney handed me back to aunt deb and then went back to doing whatever it is that people like paul mccartney do with their free time.

my aunt deb and i looked at each other. 

“please don’t tell your mom i tried to give you to paul mccartney,” she said.*

  • *probably.

So here is the FULL TRANSLATION WHICH INVOLVES SASUSAKU ( interview of Naruto’s,Sakura’s and Sasuke’s seiyuu ) on Davinci Magazine.

Basically, Kishi admitted that he has decided for Sasusaku to become a couple since Naruto’s anime was beginning to be showed.In the interview below, the answers of Naruto’s seiyuus are their subjective opinion (though in my pov it’s kinda like joking),so you guys don’t need to take it seriously)

Translators : Than + Meo (Admins ofSasusaku Vietnam Fanclub)

Reporter’s question  :Though anime has been showing, but the manga is already over, with the endgame is 2 canon couples : Naruhina and Sasusaku.The love-triangle has been decided.So have you guys ever predicted that the story would go that way ?

[Takeuchi](Naruto’sseiyuu) : Yes…It seems like that. For a long time ago, honestly, in thefirst meeting with Kishi-sensei, I was told about this ending..

[Nakamura]( Sakura’s seiyuu): It was when anime started being showed, I think it was the second meeting ?

[Sugiyama](Sasuke seiyuu): At that time, Kishi sensei already said that the endgame couple would be Sasusaku.

[Nakamura] : (About Sakura’s mature’s love) : At the beginning, Sakura just completely devoted herself to love, but when Sasuke left the village, she knew how to live for a true love.

[Sugiyama] : ( About Sasuke’s sentence : You are so damn annoying) This sentence every time being said showed a change in Sasusaku’s relationship ,so the meaning of it is very deep.At first, because of his older brother’s betrayal, Sasuke disbelieved in human, but he started considering Sakura as his comrade gradually, the meaning of the word “annoying” also has been changed from there.But really till the end, his strong will to take revenge on his older brother always remained no.1 so there was no place to love someone.

Then the reporter asked about chapter 693, right after hearing Sakura’s confession then she was stabbed unconsciously by Sasuke who used genjutsu on her, and here are some comments about that part :

Sakura’s strong love was rejected by Sasuke ( Because at that time, Sasuke had unknowned about his feelings for Sakura, and Sakura’s thought changed also, from wanting to own Sasuke to wanting him have his own happiness . See how her love for Sasuke had matured there ?). And all of the words having said by Kakashi - on behalf of Sakura, already shook Sasuke’s feelings.

Later, the reporter asked :

Reporter’s question : So when you guys dubbed your own characters,were there any sence which you felt that your own characters had matured in love ?

Nakamura said that it was the scene when Kakashi said how deeply Sakura has loved Sasuke, and making Sakuke change his feelings successfully ( In other words, he showed his real feelings at that time)

[Nakamura] : A Sakura used to devote herself to love only, but then she didn’t ask for a requitted love, eventually she has knowned  what is true love ( This part is about showing the change in Sakura’s love, reading chapter 693 for reference)

[Sugiyama] : I think that…Sasuke himself showed his change obviously right after his last fight against Naruto ( After all the time, Sakura has always helped and forgiven Sasuke)..This was when Sasuke realized  that he not only had loved her romantically but also he felt a love more deeply than their bonds.His feelings is so consistant. And in my opinion, it linked to the sentence “I’ll see you soon” of Sasuke afterwards.

[Takeuchi]: Now considering all of the girls that have loved Sasuke, it includes : Sakura, Ino and Karin, right ?

[Sugiyama] Apparently it’s correct.

[Takeuchi] Why Sasuke didn’t choose Karin ? *laughs*

[Sugiyama] I don’t know *laughs*

[Takeuchi] : Really ? I have never had that thought in my mind.

[Nakamura] : No, it’s not love, I mean that if Sasuke still cooperates with Karin as a comrade ( The meaning is remaining Taka team, because Sasuke didn’t love Karin romatically so there is no chance they can stay besides each other as lovers)

[Takeuchi] : I get what you mean. My question is that during the time from 699-700, for more than 10 years, has Sasuke been chased by girls ?

[Sugiyama] : I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

[Nakamura] But Sakura would definitely thinks that “I have gone that far so absolutely, I would never give Sasuke to anyone”

[Sugiyama] Plus no one can win over Sakura – the person who was madly in love with Sasuke.

[Nakamura]: I would suppose that if there is any girl tends to approach Sasuke, then Sakura would definitely says “Shannaroo” and then kicks her ass right after *laughs*

[Takeuchi] : On the other hands, Sasuke is very pure when it comes to girl, and he is ashamed as well, so it seems that he wouldn’t go for the girl initiatively.

[Sugiyama] : He is so passive

[Takeuchi] : But even though Sasuke is taciturn, he still conveys his feelings precisely.His words to Sakura in chapter 699 , “I’ll see you soon, Thank you” . It’s definitely an offer of marriage.

[Nakamura] And Sakura also completely accepts that.

[Takeuchi] : Because of that then afterwards during the timeskip (more 10 years),no matter what how many girls he has met, his love for Sakura will still remain the same.

[Sugiyama] : In Sasuke, there is a sincerity and consistency like that

[Nakamura] : But let try this way, while Sakura, because of Sasuke’s words “ I’ll see you soon”, takes it as the reason to live, then when Sasuke comes back, he is surrounded by beautiful girls with long legs then how is she able to stand that ?

[Sugiyama] : That kind of thing doesn’t seem suitable for a manga which intends for 13+, right ?

[Nakamura] : This digresses from subject but among Naruto’s love stories, I like Minato&Kushina the most.

[Takeuchi] : So do I.

[Nakamura] : Kushina told Naruto to find a girl whom resembles her, but the girl that has closet personality to Kushina is definitely Sakura.

[Sugiyama]:Sakura and Kushina are always the ones who wear a pant in a relationship

[Nakamura] : So if Naruto and Hinata fight against each other, then Naruto would absolutely go to Sakura’s place for advice, ahaha

[Takeuchi] : Then Sakura will say “ You don’t know anything about a girl”

[Nakamura] : Right !

[Takeuchi] : But if it’s really like that then there is no place for Hinata …?

[Nakamura] Honestly the bond between Sakura and Naruto is more stronger than lovers’s/husband & wife’s bonds. Plus, Hinata is Sakura’s good friend as well.

[Takeuchi]:That’s right, so if Naruhina have a fight then Hinata will also go to Sakura’s place

[Nakamura] Their bonds are like between people of a big family.

[Takeuchi] So where is the position of Sasuke ?

[Sugiyama]: Frankly Sasuke usually goes travelling around the world, even his daughter also says “Shannaro” to him, so I think that he has no power in his family, hahaha ( Sugiyama means that Sasuke’s not only  afraid of his wife but also his daughter)

[Reporter] : Had Naruto gone through romantic love ?

[Takeuchi] :Nope. The only time he has gone through romantic love is in The Last 

 All credit go to for their update and translation

But the truth is, it’s not the idea, it’s never the idea, it’s always what you do with it.
—  Neil Gaiman

“give me Viktor’s time….”

I’m so overwhelmed with the feels YoI gives me, I couldn’t help but to write them down, so maybe these butterflies on my chest would calm down a bit… Maybe this was told a billion times, but let’s make that a billion+1

It’s already evident that Yuri!!! on Ice is a story about emotional growth, overcoming changes and learning to love and believe in yourself. But I’m really really happy with the way this developement is being told! (1.2k+ of words ahead!)

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Please delete the post entitled “Homeless trans woman couple need shelter in Miami FLA” with the updates too

She was charged with having child porn but the story she has given me makes sense - they were on a laptop sold her to by a “friend” and she was unaware of them. She has been completely open about this when I brought it up, and has told me she has told everyone she boards with in advance. Obviously I can’t confirm this, but I can’t deny it either. And several people have raise a legitimate concern - that as a trans woman, she will be considered guilty anyway. This already skews the situation in a way that fucks her over even if she is innocent.

And because I don’t know (personally, I doubt she did anything on purpose) what she did or didn’t do, it’s not fair to open her to harassment by posting her contact info when we don’t know if she did anything wrong. 

I take full responsibility for acting irrationally, not giving her the benefit of the doubt where I should have, and opening her up to harassment without having any way of knowing if she is guilty or not. I also exposed a trans woman to danger by acting recklessly, and I take responsibility for that too.

I should have made her side of the story more clear. I added some commentary to the original posts which I hope has helped, but again, please just delete the posts altogether. There is no way I can responsibly remedy this or come up with a magic answer in which everyone is safe. Either outcome she is guilty, or innocent - is equally terrible. Having talked to her over the course of last night and today, I’m of the opinion that her explanation is true, and that she did no wrong here.  I hope that you’ve seen both sides of the story, and come to your own conclusion. She has also made it clear she is open to discuss it with people herself.

Given the nature of the charges, I can’t continue to signal boost posts for her without revealing them. Again either option is fucked and I can’t responsibly deal with this. So I’m asking to please remove the posts. 

Supernatural Season 9 Finale & The Three Act Structure

I’ve seen a good number of people upset about the finale, or if not upset…let down. I admit to feeling a little let down myself. I wasn’t told anything I didn’t already know or expect. Cas loves Dean, Dean was going to turn into a demon, and Sam still cares for Dean. None of these are shocking turns of events; we’ve been shown this all season and throughout the entire show itself.

But it’s important to keep in mind that this is the second act of a three act structure. It’s the act that has the toughest road ahead of it. Act I, that’s easy: you introduce your story. Act III: you get to end the story. Act II: what the hell is this?

I thought I’d make a post that explains the second act, and what to expect from it, and why this season finale was NEVER going to be as mind-blowing and unexpected as we most likely hoped. (Of course imo there were more exciting ways to write but they still arrive at the same conclusion so it’s all just diverging ideas to the same point).

“The second act, also referred to as "rising action”, typically depicts the protagonist’s attempt to resolve the problem initiated by the first turning point, only to find him- or herself in ever worsening situations. Part of the reason protagonists seem unable to resolve their problems is because they do not yet have the skills to deal with the forces of antagonism that confront them. They must not only learn new skills but arrive at a higher sense of awareness of who they are and what they are capable of, in order to deal with their predicament, which in turn changes who they are.“ [x]

This is Dean and his season journey in a nutshell. He’s tried to solve the problem, only to creating a bigger problem and now what. This was no secret, it’s been happening all season and the consequences were fairly obvious. But it’s necessary to move the plot along and to give our characters the knowledge of how to deal with their antagonist. Do we know who our antagonist is at this point? No. That’s for Act III and that’s part of the inherent frustration of an Act II finale! Is it Metatron, who is locked up and safely guarded while heaven gets put back together? Is it Crowley? Is it Dean himself?

Where we are in the Three Act Structure is in the "Confrontation” stage, where the stakes are raised and nothing is resolved. Metatron and Crowley both have to be dealt with still, but the stakes are raised because instead of having Team Free Will, we’ve got Cas in heaven trying not to burn away his grace, and Sam in the bunker with a presumably dead brother who…oh no, is suddenly a demon and we have NO idea what that means yet.

So what did we get in Act II? We got the elevation of stakes, but we also got the exploration of the subplot: Dean and Cas, or well more specifically, Cas’ love for Dean. If season 8 was about proving how Dean loved Cas, needed him, etc….season 9 has done the same for Cas about Dean. And that fits in perfectly with what Act II should do. Everyone rejoicing about destiel in this episode…it’s for a reason. It’s the main subplot of the season and it’s been brought to a head VERY prominently in the last two episodes in particular.

“One device to accomplish this feat is the elaboration of subplot. The subplot is a minor story layered under the main narrative. It often adds a three-dimensionality aspect to the characters by allowing them to engage in a behavior that is not pertinent to the main plot, but still relevant in the overall narrative and often connected to a central theme.” [x]

Does this sound anything like season 9? About Metatron telling Cas that he did everything for Dean. It gives our characters purpose (“a cause, you know…a reason to get up in the morning”). Dean’s death is a cause of confrontation between Cas and Metatron; and while Cas seems to have won…that’s only for now. The subplot is there, it’s been given textual confirmation and was cited as the motivation for Cas to regain control of heaven.

Of course, Dean and Cas’ relationship is just one of the subplots this season. The other one being the subplot of the fractured relationship between the brothers; also was not resolved. In fact, we see Sam hit his own low when he loses Dean and reacts in a similar way to what we see in season 3. It’s regression, it’s Sam’s “midpoint”, and we don’t get know if he was going to make a demon deal or not; that’s open ended.

To break it down a little more and use another handy graph:

“What happens in Act II (Confrontation)?

First Culmination–a point just before the halfway point of the film where the main character seems close to achieving his or her goal/objective. Then, everything falls apart, leading to the midpoint.

Midpoint–a point approximately halfway through the film where the main character reaches his/her lowest point and seems farthest from fulfilling the dramatic need or objective.

The "Plot Point”–According to Field, the three acts are separated by two plot points. A plot point, often called a reversal, is an event that thrusts the plot in a new direction, leading into a new act of the screenplay.“ [x]

So looking at S9:

First Culmination: Dean killed Abaddon, a major part of the season quest and it leads to Dean feeling as if only he can be the one to defeat the "big bosses” with his newfound power.

Midpoint: The character reaches their lowest point…Dean killed by Metatron. Farthest from fulfulling the objective…flat-out failing it; at this time.

“Plot Point”: The event that thrusts the plot in a new direction? Easy…Dean becomes a demon.

“Plot Point II also affects the main character by changing the direction he’s headed. The difference is that the stakes are much higher. This is often a moment of crisis, in which all hope seems lost.” [x]

That sounds right about where we are now. But you’ll notice that the thing Act II is missing…the climax; and that’s not until Act III.

This was never going to be the most exciting finale or give us any closure on the story. It was meant to throw a wrench in the plans and cause more problems for our protagonists. We got our plot point (exciting but not unexpected), and we’ve had our subplot adequately established (Dean and Cas), but we’ve got one more act to go.

Six seasons, twelve episodes…one AMAZING story that has always brought out the absolute best in everyone involved in making Castle. Everyone. And this last episode is the absolute best of them all. Hands down. The Johanna Beckett murder storyline has been my favorite part of this show since the very beginning. It has provided the most plot continuity, the best acting, the best directing, the best soundtrack, and the most epic FEELS. It should go down in history as one of the best stories told on television, and I’m so pleased to see that the moment when Kate Beckett finally brought justice to her mother’s murderer was so well handled. “Veritas” is what happens when the best talent in television bands together in a truly collaborative effort and takes an already unforgettable, high-stakes drama to unimaginable new heights.
—  (X) Castle “Veritas” Review
REQUEST EXO REACTION to asking you out

sakura-dragonfly: hello could you please do a reaction of exo asking you (someone he has been friends with for a year or so) out on white day/valentines day :) love your reactions by the way.

Hey dear, sorry that you had to wait for such a long time! You probably already forgot that you send something in haha :D Hope you’ll still enjoy it, honey ^-^


B a e k h y u n

He would cheekily interrupt you as you were totally getting into your story.

You: “So I told her about Brad and then she was lik-”

B: *gif*

C h a n y e o l

C: “If I manage to balance these book for more than 30 seconds you have to go out with me!”

Y: “Don’t I have a say in this?”

C: “No.”

Originally posted by chan-lay

C h e n

C: *over dramatic* “Wah (y/n) I feel really bad today!”

You: “What is it Chen? Can I help you in some way?!”

C: “I think a date would do ..”

K y u n g s o o

Without thinking he straight forward asks you out. Shit, no. That was not the plan! Abort mission!

Originally posted by missdyoo

K a i

Xiumin: “Alright Kai, I can’t hear it anymore! Just ask her out already!”

The older one is just always taking care of his kids ..

K r i s

K:*blabbering on about something you can’t really understand*

You: “Wait, are you trying to ask me out?”

K: “I guess you could say that .. “

L a y

L:*purposely misunderstands you with a smug expression* “What? Did you say ‘lets have a drink together’? Yeah! I mean, I can’t say no to that cute face of yours.”

Originally posted by thechentag

L u h a n

You thought it was a casual meet-up like always but as you arrive at the restaurant you could feel the romantic vibe. Candles, soft music and only tables for two.

You: “Luhan, is this a date?”

L: “Whaaaaaat? I have no idea what you’re talking about..”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

S e h u n

He would totally fool around with you. “Oh what is this? Two tickets for the cinema? Let’s not waste them and go there!”

Later on in the middle of the movie:”You know, actually I didn’t found these on the floor..”

You: “Oh you don’t say ..”

S u h o (imagine you’re Irene)

Both of you attended a photoshot where you had to act like a couple. “You know, when this is over we should try if this could work out in real life too..”

Originally posted by jnongi

T a o

Before you guys meet for your daily lunch break he googles ‘how to pick up your best friend’.

Originally posted by lil-duckling

X i u m i n

X: *asks you out in the most casual way just to hide his nervousness*

You: “So is this your way of asking out the girl you love?”

X: *gif*

Today, I fucked up by attempting to print over 18,000 pages.

At the school I go to there are printers for the entire student body; however, every student has a limit of how many pages they can print. This limit is supposedly enormous. I have been told by seniors (I am a freshman) that the limit is around 1000 pages.

During my English class yesterday, we got a chance to work on our essays, which were due today. I had already finished mine and was bored, so I held down CTRL and Enter in my Microsoft Word document because I wanted to see how many pages I could create. After about 9000 pages I got bored again and saved my work and closed Word.

Today, I got to school and then realized that I hadn’t printed out the essay yet, so I went to a school computer and sent it to the school printer, but it didn’t print. I tried a few more times, but it still didn’t work. Then I emailed it to my friend and he tried to print it. Guess what? It didn’t print.

My friend then noticed that the document had over 9000 pages that I totally forgot about. It was a sudden moment of realization that I had hit both mine and his print limit in a matter of minutes even though nothing had actually printed.

We went to a teacher and explained the situation (with emphasis on me being an idiot) and he said it would be $10 each to reset our limits.

So on Monday I will be coming to school with $20 because today I fucked up.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

Kyou to iu Hi no Rojou ni te [今日という日の路上にて] [Part 2/2]

On the road the day called today [Part 2/2]

[The second part of the ninth chapter of Kagerou Daze V -deceiving-]

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

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April 20th 1912: Bram Stoker dies

On this day in 1912, the Irish author Bram Stoker died in London aged 64. Stoker, born as Abraham Stoker in Dublin in 1847, studied mathematics at the University of Dublin and went on to become a civil servant. However, he long displayed a talent for writing, and ended up in a management position at London’s illustrious Lyceum Theatre. His first forays into fiction writing were modest successes, but were overshadowed by his 1897 masterpiece Dracula. Originally titled The Undead, the horror story told of the struggle between the vampire Count Dracula and vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. It has traditionally been claimed that the titular character was inspired by fifteenth-century Transylvanian despot Vlad the Impaler, but this has recently been called into question, and Stoker himself said the character came to him in a nightmare after eating too much dressed crab. Dracula, while not inventing the concept of a vampire (which was a trope already seen in earlier work like the 1871 Carmilla), defined modern perceptions of the supernatural beings. Stoker continued writing until his death, though none of his novels have reached the same fame as Dracula. The Irish author was well travelled, and counted among his acquaintances U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, and authors Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and Arthur Conan Doyle. Bram Stoker died in 1912, leaving a legacy of great literary achievement; Dracula remains one of the most famous fictional characters in history, with more than one thousand novels and two hundred films featuring the iconic vampire.

so many people say that they wont like the next mass effect game because it wont have all of the characters they grew to love in the original trilogy.

but its not like you’re going to be on the normandy as a completely different protag with some stranger flying the ship and a bunch of random people calling you commander. its going to be a completely different environment with completely different characters addressing what might be a completely different conflict. bioware didn’t mold this world around one protagonist and their characters, they created this world and wove shepard’s story in it.

telling a brand new story in this world isn’t going to dismiss the story already told, but rather take advantage of a world with huge potential. its going to be completely different but feel familiar.

with dragon age: inquisition, bioware managed to introduce an almost entirely new cast of characters with few cameos from past games, while still allowing it to feel like a dragon age game.

i understand reluctancy, but shepard’s story has been told. i’ll miss the family and friends i made along the way but there is so much more to be seen and done in the mass effect universe.

So, two days ago I posted this sappy status I kind of am ashamed of now on Facebook:

A sixteen years old and an eighteen years old, living not even that far from each other, casually meet in the bathroom of a talent show the day of the auditions. The older one asks the younger for an autograph, because he knows “he’s gonna be someone”, but not long after that they end up in the same band. They don’t win the talent show, but they stick together. They become famous. During these past months, the two became best friends and, as it often happens in the most traditional of stories, they fell in love with each other. They have found out that they had been in the same gig years before and that they hadn’t met, they have started working together, one of them has already “jokingly” told the other “I’d marry you,” and, some months after they’d first met, thay have moved in together - they were sixteen and eighteen, get it? It’s kinda easy, for a couple of years, but then it gets complicated - because theyìre two boys, and they can’t let people know they’re together. after all, no story has a happy ending right away, and this world isn’t perfect. But they’re together, aren’t they? Even amid the lies, even during the days they are separated, even when they can’t even look at each other in public. They probably tattoed the first words they exchanged on each other—and then a ship and a compass, a anchor and a rope, a rose and a dagger, a heart and an arrow. When they’re asked if they want to have children, even as young as they are, they look at each other for a second and answer that yes, they do. They write songs for each other. They look at each other now, now that they are twenty-three and twenty, like they did when they were eighteen and sixteen. As if these were still the first days. You look at them and you think, “if only I had it, a love like this.” If only. And the thing is—maybe there’s no happy ending now, but there will be, sooner or later. That’s how it works when you love someone deeply enough to fight. When you love someone deeply enough to not give up. 

This is what happened IN ONE EVENING:

Many of those people -THESE TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE - aren’t even in the fandom or AWARE OF WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT. Many others let me know, in the comment section, that I’ve ruined their life becase they are now HarryandLouis supporters because of me, not to mention ONE DIRECTION FANS. (Mwuahah.) Many started listening to the boys because of Harry and Louis.

The following day my uncle, a 47-years-old man who never married, was ever interested in marriage and in romantic stuff, approaches me and asks me if it’s a true story, “that one I’d written on Facebook.” I say that it is. Then he nods and says, “It’s a really beautiful story. One of the best I’ve ever heard of. Are they together now?” I say yes, they are, and he nods. “It’s really incredible. I love it. It’s incredible.”

In short:

  • People are Larry af even when they don’t know that they are Larry af.
  • Literally everyone can be Larry af.
  • Many said that they started listening to the band after they found out about Harry and Louis. So, yes. A coming out would attract a new audience and an older demographic.

School Trouble

Imagine being Sam and Dean’s little sister (fifteen years old) and they have to get you at school because you’ve got into a fight.

You weren’t the one that started it. Everyone could say it, half the school was there when you and this bitch were fighting. Though, what made you be the bad guy in this story, is that you were fighting against the famous little, beautiful, popular, sexy and cheerleader leader, something you didn’t know. Because of that, people won’t believe the new girl in school who has been here for only a day.

“Miss Johnson, we do not accept fighting in this school” the director said sitting at his desk “we have a ‘no fighting’ policy. We already called your brothers, they are on their way”.

You sigh, this was going to be hell. Sam and Dean always told you to lay low at school, being careful about your identity. Your brothers are already searched in almost all countries, you are the only one who the police and FBI doesn’t know about. This is the reason why you have to be called (Y/N) Johnson.

“Gabriella, your mother is on her way so you can rest for the day. We will inform your teachers and we can ask your sister to bring up your homework”.

You can almost feel your jaw drop. You told them she was the one who attacked first. Though, you can admit that you maybe went a little too hard on her. But, this bitch really was looking for it.

Someone knocks on the door, the secretary peaks her head with a small smile.

“Mister, the Johnson’s are here”.

“Thank you” he glances at Gabriella “you can go wait in the hall”.

“Thank you”.

She gets up, giving you a bitch smile and leaves the room.

Then, the two people enter. One has an angry look on his face and the other looks discouraged.

“Thank you for coming” the director said to your brothers.

“We are sorry if she had caused any problems” Dean apologized.

You scoff, this was the worst thing he could say.

“Well, she did hurt this girl badly, she will have bruises for a few days”.

“What do you do about mines?” I asked.

“(Y/N)” Dean sternly said.

“We have to give her some consequences for her acts, she has a suspension, for three days”.

“What about Barbia?” You asked rolling your eyes “she is the one who attacked with her pink claws”.

“(Y/N), stop” Sam warned.

“She was the victim and-“

“The victim!” You exclaimed getting up, the chair almost colliding with the ground “she was the one and her little bitch slut squad that came!”

“(Y/N)!” Dean shouted “go in the hall”.

You scoff once again and get out the door, quickly followed by Sam. The second you get out of the door and see Gabriella with an ice pack on her face, you have to control yourself to not jump on her.

“(Y/N), what happened?” Sam asked you.

“She was the one who started it!” You exclaimed pointing at Gabriella “she is the one who came to ‘know more about me’ and why I look like a piece of shit an saying that my family probably are hating me to let me come here looking like that. You know the usual names of me called slut, bitch, whore and all of that. But then, they said I was probably getting that from Mom…”

By the end of the story, your voice was sad and your gaze is on the ground.

Sam glances at the girl sitting on a chair nearby and you, his little sister, hurt physically and mentally.

“Anyway, the director said three days of suspension, we are getting out of town in two days, so you won’t have to see her anymore”.

“But, Sam… it’s gonna happen again…”

Sam frowns “what do you mean?”

“It always happens, people telling me that you, Dean, Dad… Mom… that you guys don’t like me that I look like shit…”

“Why don’t you ever say it?”

“Because you guys already have a lot to deal with…”

Tears are now streaming down your face and your older brother can’t help it and bring you in his arms.

“Shh…” he hushes you “don’t believe them, they don’t know what they are talking about”.

At this moment, Dean gets out the door, his face relaxing as he see’s you in tears in his little brothers arm.

“Dean, let’s get out of here” Sam said.
'Simpsons' Writer Was Inspired by Gay Son For Coming Out Episode
Simpsons scribe Rob LaZebnik consulted his own son about coming out when putting together Smithers's grand exit from the closet, airing this Sunday.

“Spoiler not spoiler” alert for The Simpsons

“Art imitates life sometimes, too, and TV’s The Simpsons is no exception. Even though Smithers coming out is one of the most expected—and looked forward to—moments in the series’ recent history, the making of this particular  episode is a touching story of a father’s unconditional love for his gay son.

“I am a Midwestern guy, so I don’t tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve,“ Rob LaZebnik, a Simpsons writer and producer for more than 15 years, told the New York Post. "But I thought, ‘What better way to tell my son I love him than to write a cartoon about it?’”

LaZebnik said he wanted to out Smithers officially for years, and he even showed an early version of the script to his son Johnny, 21, who has already been out to his parents for some time. “I was really happy that someone who has experience with a gay person in their immediate family was writing the script,” his son told the Post.

The much-anticipated episode, entitled "The Burns Cage,” airs this Sunday, April 3rd at 8 P.M. (EST) on Fox.”

Read the full piece here

Nice work Rob LaZebnik! To the producers - IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! 

Through The Years

Summary: Three stages of parenting with Dan and Phil, and their adopted daughter Irony.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 3,755
Beta: thanks to the lovely phangirlingforphan for looking over this for me <3

A/N: After much procrastination, I’m finally posting this story that I’ve been working on. Basically, I got a lot of parent!phan prompts so I decided to smush them all together so it’s a little different but I hope you like it <3

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Here's an Idea

It’s the first day of another long Droughtlander let’s give the fans something to be excited about! I know let’s tell them that there’s going to be more Frank and that we are already working on the CGI halo that will adorn his head everytime he is on screen!

Seriously what the hell Outlander! You couldn’t even give us 24 hours to bask in our post finale Jamie/Claire feels?! Let’s set aside all the usual complaints from book readers like: ‘this isn’t a love triangle’ 'this isn’t Frank’s story’ 'Frank is not a great man’ 'Frank isn’t a worthwhile match for Claire’ and let’s just talk story process here. Regardless of whether the writers and the fandom ever agree upon how important Frank is to this story the fact remains that through the framing devices they have chosen to use Frank’s story has already been told. Frank’s place in this story has always been in relation to Claire. By opening season 2 in the 1940’s we came to see how Frank and Claire agreed to forge ahead with their marriage for the sake of Claire’s unborn child. By closing season 2 in 1968 after Frank’s death we have already been given all the information we need about the 20 years Claire and Frank spent together. We saw that he was a good father to Bree and that Bree loved him very much. We saw that Claire was miserable and just going through the motions of life for the sake of her daughter. We saw that things were so rough that Bree actually questioned her mother with regards to whether or not she actually ever loved 'daddy.’ We saw Claire offer a rather unconvincing 'of course’ to this question. We saw Claire declare to her daughter that Jamie was the love of her life. We saw Claire’s complete and utter joy that Jamie was still alive and that she could go back to him. We have already learned everything we need to know about Claire’s relationship to Frank. From a story perspective it is nothing but a waste of time to go back and show us Claire and Frank’s marriage. Sure there is absolutely a place to show via flashbacks just how difficult these years were for Claire and just how wrong Frank was for her as a way of gaining a greater appreciation for just how right Jamie is for her. But why try to make TV Frank different from book Frank? Why try to show him being a good husband? Why try to write in moments of Claire and Frank happiness when we already have all our answers via the season 2 framing device about Claire and Frank’s time together? It ends up just being meaningless story that goes nowhere much as the 'will Frank Randall survive if we manage to change history’ story in season 2 when we saw in the first five minutes of the season that Frank was indeed alive and well. As we move on in the story and the books get longer and the episode order gets shorter there is less and less time to spend on unnecessary story. And whether or not Frank is a good man and a good husband is meaningless to this story so why waste time trying to show us that he is; especially when we already know based on what has been presented on screen that he was never enough for Claire after she experienced life and love with Jamie. Frank Randall causing nothing but pacing problems since 2014.

Hating Ford isn’t right.

Yes, he came off as an asshole in the episode, but those who show him just pure hate or reject any kind of redemption for him aren’t looking at the big picture. Ford has been through a LOT in his life. I actually sympathize with him at times.

From Ford’s point of view:

1. When Ford asks Dipper ‘isn’t it suffocating?’, it should become apparent that maybe Stan’s version of his life story isn’t as bright as he makes it out to be when they were kids. He had already told Dipper he reminded Ford of his younger self before making the suffocating comment after Dipper asks about Mabel. That right there shows some insight on how Ford felt with Stan at Dipper’s age. Stan constantly used the meek Ford to cheat and for the most part, came off as a complete slacker. There could be a chance that Stan forced Ford to believe that Ford needed him and in exchange of ‘protecting’ Ford, he was to allow Stan to cheat off him. He relied on Ford heavily, just like the rest of their family once they found out he could have made potential millions. Ford, being young and thinking Stan could never do such a thing, would have gone with it. Stan was a trouble maker.

2. Not only did Stan accidentally (as of Stan’s account since no one was there to witness it) wreck his experiment, Stan did not go to Ford immediately after to tell him what happened. If he and his brother were as close as he said they were, why didn’t Stan do this knowing Ford would be able to fix it with possibly little to no effort? Ford identifies a potential problem in Stan after this and decides to break away. He believes Stan had destroyed his future and from where he was standing, it was all because he had chosen a path that lead him down a different path. For all we know, after that conversation on the beach, Stan could have intentionally sabotaged Ford’s experiment to keep him from leaving him. This causes Ford to believe he’s better off on his own.

3. Ford seemed to have broken away from his family once he entered Backupsmore. He had to work twice as hard to get anywhere but this time there wasn’t anyone cheating off him or wanting to use him as a meal ticket. He immersed himself in his work to try to forget how people tried to use him. 

4. When he meets Bill, Bill lavishes him with compliments and he falls for it.  It was probably reminiscent of how people treated him when he was younger to get on his good side to get something out of him. This works only because Ford may miss this behavior, even if it’s on a subconscious level and it only ends in another betrayal which causes the man to become even more bitter and reclusive. He then became lost in his thoughts about what he had done and what he had almost released onto the world. He became more concerned in keeping the world safe and away from Bill. Nothing else had mattered.

I don’t believe Ford has a superiority complex or ever believed he was the ‘alpha twin’. He just seemed too meek. He followed what people wanted him to be. He tried to strive to impress a no-nonsense, ‘I’m not impressed’ father. He trusted someone with all his heart and that someone betrayed him. Twice.

He goes off of how he’s been treated from past experiences and in his own way, believes Dipper may benefit from it as well to save him from the worst. He doesn’t brush Mabel off though. He comments on how easily she could befriend people and believes she is strong enough to go on without Dipper. He certainly does not treat her like he does Stan. From Ford’s perspective, he could think he’s doing well by splitting the twins up so they DON’T become like him and Stan. He could think he’s trying to ‘save’ Dipper.

The trust between him and Stan is shattered and it all started with Stan. From there, it snowballed. That doesn’t make his actions okay, but it gives you more to think about his character.

5x01/5x02 - Part 1

Part 2 can be found here

Season 5 baby. Let’s do this! And since the two first episodes aired so closely I decided it was easier to just let my observations overlap. I’ve split it in two parts.

I won’t go into the cold open with Lydia in great detail here. I already did a breakdown of that scene here, and aside from Jeff confirming that Lydia being at Eichen House is real and not just in her head, I don’t have all that much to add. 

I also did a trailer breakdown a while back and some of my speculations are debunked already, like the bloody hands belonging to Liam and not Stiles. But I was right about this part at least

I’m predicting Lydia locked up at Eichen House is the cold open we’ve been hearing about, and that we will get the story told how she got there - in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if 5a is a flashback in its entirety.

Yay for small victories :) Jeff has confirmed that as well now and it has me pretty excited. 

Regression to the mean

One of these days I will have to do a post on thermodynamics, entropy and asymmetry in time. I do think it could be useful. Anyway, it’s fitting that as Scott and Stiles have this discussion

Scott: You ever hear of regression to the mean? 
Stiles: No, I don’t think so. 
Scott: It was his way of saying that life can’t ever be all bad or all good. You know, eventually things have to come back to the middle. So, think about the last few months. Things have been good, right? But not amazing. 
Stiles: Yeah, but no one’s tried to kill us in six months either. 
Scott: Right. We’ve been pretty much in the middle for a while. Which means, at some point, the scale has to tip one way or the other. Things are gonna get really good again… 
Stiles: Or really bad.

Stiles has just uttered the word “bad” and immediately thunder breaks out marking the start of a storm. 

The storm rages on for the entire episode and brings with it lots of funky effects on electronics. 

The storm also prompts the Yukimuras to give us some mythology surrounding the Wild Hunt.

Mr Yukimura: You know there’s a legend for a storm like this. 
Kira: Dad, please don’t turn a three-hour traffic jam into an educational experience. 
Noshiko: He’s talking about The Wild Hunt. About the Ghost Riders. Imagine a night like this, Kira. In storm clouds just like these, phantom hunters would appear. Riding black horses with blood-red eyes. And wolves and hounds at their side, baying and snarling. 
Kira: What were they hunting? 
Noshiko: Souls. 

If you want to learn more about the wild hunt check out athenadark​‘s post here

Since this post will be very long please  hit the link to read more.

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