that story has already been told

“give me Viktor’s time….”

I’m so overwhelmed with the feels YoI gives me, I couldn’t help but to write them down, so maybe these butterflies on my chest would calm down a bit… Maybe this was told a billion times, but let’s make that a billion+1

It’s already evident that Yuri!!! on Ice is a story about emotional growth, overcoming changes and learning to love and believe in yourself. But I’m really really happy with the way this developement is being told! (1.2k+ of words ahead!)

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Today, I fucked up by attempting to print over 18,000 pages.

At the school I go to there are printers for the entire student body; however, every student has a limit of how many pages they can print. This limit is supposedly enormous. I have been told by seniors (I am a freshman) that the limit is around 1000 pages.

During my English class yesterday, we got a chance to work on our essays, which were due today. I had already finished mine and was bored, so I held down CTRL and Enter in my Microsoft Word document because I wanted to see how many pages I could create. After about 9000 pages I got bored again and saved my work and closed Word.

Today, I got to school and then realized that I hadn’t printed out the essay yet, so I went to a school computer and sent it to the school printer, but it didn’t print. I tried a few more times, but it still didn’t work. Then I emailed it to my friend and he tried to print it. Guess what? It didn’t print.

My friend then noticed that the document had over 9000 pages that I totally forgot about. It was a sudden moment of realization that I had hit both mine and his print limit in a matter of minutes even though nothing had actually printed.

We went to a teacher and explained the situation (with emphasis on me being an idiot) and he said it would be $10 each to reset our limits.

So on Monday I will be coming to school with $20 because today I fucked up.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

Because I will never not enjoy speculating…

It would strike me as strange if the series ends without seeing Michael again.

Lucifer’s explanation of “he’s singing show tunes and touching himself” and God saying he wasn’t in any shape to fight – it kinda makes me think that they’re holding Michael in their back pocket for the end of the show or something. It also seems odd to leave him in the corner while Lucifer is back on the board.

Lucifer and Michael were the original mirrors for Sam and Dean. The big, big difference between them is that when Sam was “cast out” by their father, Dean went after him.

Plus they’ve already shown us how easy it was for Lucifer to hop from vessel to vessel, so even if they can’t get Adam Milligan or young John back, there’s not really an excuse. We could easily say, “well, that story has already been told” or “let’s stop recycling old plots,” but… there’s definitely more that could be said. Chuck and Amara got closure. Lucifer and Michael got tossed into jail.

What I’m really, really torn on is whether or not I wanna see Michael!Dean.

On one hand, seeing Jensen actually play another character (which pretty much everyone else has had a chance to do) would be fucking wonderful. Especially if Lucifer wasn’t exaggerating and we do get to see Unbalanced!Michael!Dean.

On the other hand, between Sam, Dean, and Cas, Dean is the only one who has never said “yes” to an archangel, which kinda paints him as the poster child for free will.

And on the other other hand, Dean is supposed to be the “firewall between light and darkness,” and a nice dose of angel grace would balance out the whole turning into a demon thing.

But… yeah. I’d like a satisfying end to Lucifer and Michael’s story, not a throwaway line that Michael is in the cage masturbating until the end of time

School Trouble

Imagine being Sam and Dean’s little sister (fifteen years old) and they have to get you at school because you’ve got into a fight.

You weren’t the one that started it. Everyone could say it, half the school was there when you and this bitch were fighting. Though, what made you be the bad guy in this story, is that you were fighting against the famous little, beautiful, popular, sexy and cheerleader leader, something you didn’t know. Because of that, people won’t believe the new girl in school who has been here for only a day.

“Miss Johnson, we do not accept fighting in this school” the director said sitting at his desk “we have a ‘no fighting’ policy. We already called your brothers, they are on their way”.

You sigh, this was going to be hell. Sam and Dean always told you to lay low at school, being careful about your identity. Your brothers are already searched in almost all countries, you are the only one who the police and FBI doesn’t know about. This is the reason why you have to be called (Y/N) Johnson.

“Gabriella, your mother is on her way so you can rest for the day. We will inform your teachers and we can ask your sister to bring up your homework”.

You can almost feel your jaw drop. You told them she was the one who attacked first. Though, you can admit that you maybe went a little too hard on her. But, this bitch really was looking for it.

Someone knocks on the door, the secretary peaks her head with a small smile.

“Mister, the Johnson’s are here”.

“Thank you” he glances at Gabriella “you can go wait in the hall”.

“Thank you”.

She gets up, giving you a bitch smile and leaves the room.

Then, the two people enter. One has an angry look on his face and the other looks discouraged.

“Thank you for coming” the director said to your brothers.

“We are sorry if she had caused any problems” Dean apologized.

You scoff, this was the worst thing he could say.

“Well, she did hurt this girl badly, she will have bruises for a few days”.

“What do you do about mines?” I asked.

“(Y/N)” Dean sternly said.

“We have to give her some consequences for her acts, she has a suspension, for three days”.

“What about Barbia?” You asked rolling your eyes “she is the one who attacked with her pink claws”.

“(Y/N), stop” Sam warned.

“She was the victim and-“

“The victim!” You exclaimed getting up, the chair almost colliding with the ground “she was the one and her little bitch slut squad that came!”

“(Y/N)!” Dean shouted “go in the hall”.

You scoff once again and get out the door, quickly followed by Sam. The second you get out of the door and see Gabriella with an ice pack on her face, you have to control yourself to not jump on her.

“(Y/N), what happened?” Sam asked you.

“She was the one who started it!” You exclaimed pointing at Gabriella “she is the one who came to ‘know more about me’ and why I look like a piece of shit an saying that my family probably are hating me to let me come here looking like that. You know the usual names of me called slut, bitch, whore and all of that. But then, they said I was probably getting that from Mom…”

By the end of the story, your voice was sad and your gaze is on the ground.

Sam glances at the girl sitting on a chair nearby and you, his little sister, hurt physically and mentally.

“Anyway, the director said three days of suspension, we are getting out of town in two days, so you won’t have to see her anymore”.

“But, Sam… it’s gonna happen again…”

Sam frowns “what do you mean?”

“It always happens, people telling me that you, Dean, Dad… Mom… that you guys don’t like me that I look like shit…”

“Why don’t you ever say it?”

“Because you guys already have a lot to deal with…”

Tears are now streaming down your face and your older brother can’t help it and bring you in his arms.

“Shh…” he hushes you “don’t believe them, they don’t know what they are talking about”.

At this moment, Dean gets out the door, his face relaxing as he see’s you in tears in his little brothers arm.

“Dean, let’s get out of here” Sam said.

kittycraft194  asked:

I love this comic but I wanted to ask you something, if there is a reason, why hasn't frisk reset BEFORE the point in the story when they do? Because from the looks of it, they've already been on the surface for quite a bit.

Tankyuu! Im glad you enjoyed it! ^.^ And yus, Frisk would totally reset before the point of the story IF they knew they can in the first place. Remember in the FIRST canon neutral end (spoiler spoiler spoiler) It was Flowey that told Frisk that there was a way to get a “better” ending, that’s when Frisk knew they can start the game all over again. Sans also said its been a while since they last talked, which means Frisk has stayed on the surface for quite sometime. And Frisk spent those times trying to convince humans to help them break the barrier through, what say, “Human Magic” since the seven souls disappeared thanks to Flowey

So TA-DA! you have the prologue of the Quantumtale story XD

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I don't get why the idea of a mutual romantic relationship between Rey and Kylo feels so unbelievable to some, when the romantic history of SW is basically made of stories like that? There's been plenty of those kinds of romances in the old EU, where two people started off as enemies on opposite sides of war, battled each other, tried to kill each other, hated each other, but came together in the end, The new Disney EU canon has already given us similar stories. Reylo is all that SW stands for.

You’re right, there are so many examples of villain/hero romances in the EU. However, most of them are told from a male perspective, rather than a female, where the man is the hero and the woman is the villain. I think it’s easier for people to accept a male hero taking hits from a female villain and then helping her redeem herself as opposed to a heroine taking hits from a villain and then helping him on his path to redemption. It’s an unfortunate double standard where people see the man as being more powerful than the woman in relationships, which is simply not true in these types of stories because the point is finding balance. It’s about the need to find a balance between these two people who are equally powerful but on opposite sides, because otherwise, they’ll end up chasing each other around for as long as one of them lives (kinda like Yin and Yang I guess). I suppose in Star Wars, dark/light romances can be seen as a metaphor for the balance of the force as well. And yeah, love is a central theme in this franchise. You can’t ignore that when taking into consideration the dynamic between the villain and the hero but what I find quite funny as well is the fact that some people say Rey is only allowed to love Kylo platonically and never romantically because love is love no matter what form it takes.

I’ve never understood when people say that a fictional thing (a book, a show, etc.) has changed their lives.

A little over a year ago I wasn’t feeling great. I’d just finished a three year writing course at university, and a combination of essay writing about books I’m mostly not interested in (and ruining the ones that I am) and teachers saying that you have to get your work published in literary journals and apply for competitions because publishers won’t even want to touch your work if they can’t recognise your name. I loathe essays, and I don’t write literary fiction, the only kind of fiction this country seems to be interested in. I was losing the passion for the only thing I’d ever been passionate about, and the one thing I’d ever been half decent at.

Almost ten months ago I was becoming depressed. I couldn’t find a job - in editing, in writing, or even in hospitality or retail - and the government decided that if you want to be getting money for them you either had to be studying full time or applying for 20 jobs a fortnight. I’d only finished studying and there was nothing else that caught my interest, and there’s barely 20 jobs to apply for every two weeks, and that’s with me living in a well populated, urban area (I’d hate to imagine what it’s like for people living out in the country, where there’s five stores and nothing else unless you want to drive for half an hour). And of course coming into this depression was making the heaping amount of anxiety I already have much, much worse.

I was just losing the will to go on as I was, and I was mostly doing it for my friends and family.

At the end of my course I started reading Skulduggery Pleasant and my god, it was the best thing I’d read in three years. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me went to throw the book against the wall (but I’d paid like $20 for that book, so I couldn’t). It made me remember all the reasons I love reading and writing; to illicit such emotion is an amazing skill to have.

This made me feel great about writing, and I began my own novel as part of nanowrimo 2015. As of today I’m in the rewriting process (second draft), and the first draft had approximately 40,000 words; the most I’ve ever written for any project.

But of course we still need to fast forward a bit. There’s this whole, like, six months filled with some kind of depression and some awful anxiety and that one time I had a job for like a month but it made the whole thing worse and let’s skip over that part.

Let’s skip to now. Because of Skulduggery Pleasant I remembered my passion for my life’s craft. And if I’d never started reading that book and writing my novel, I’d never have applied for a screenwriting course at another uni, which we’ve been told is extremely difficult to get into; there’s countless applications every year, and there’s probably about fifty people in the (first year) class; I was part of the mid-year intake, and there’s ten of us, maximum.

Without Skulduggery Pleasant I wouldn’t be writing a novel I adore, or planning another one for this coming nanowrimo. I wouldn’t be planning my own show and slowly tapping away at the pilot, and I wouldn’t be planning two more with a friend I’ve made in this course that I’m enjoying so much more than my other one. I don’t know where I’d be.

I’ve never understood when people say that a fictional work has changed their life but now I do, because Skulduggery Pleasant has legitimately changed mine for the better.


Suzie’s Strange Magic Face Casting: Griselda and Gravener

Considering how @magically-strange​ has got me in the mood to think about my own original characters/take on the Royal Family of the Dark Forest, here’s a post that’s been waiting for a while now - my head canons on who I would cast as Human Griselda and Human Gravener (my OC for Bog’s Father). 

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i think rey is a skywalker and that revelation will make her turn to the dark side, because luke abandoned her and all that. you know. she won't have a very good reaction by knowing it. so.... and as she will go dark, she and kylo are going to become allies, as you said, the thing is that it will happen with them being cousins :/

I hate having to repeat myself on the position I have about Rey Skywalker, but I’m going to do it anyway. I think it’s impossible with the way this story’s been written and the circumstances of Rey’s character. If Rey was a Skywalker, her story wouldn’t be what it is and that’s all I have to say. The big Skywalker tragedy was Ben Solo and that has been repeated multiple times by JJ and co. They’ve already told the story of a Skywalker being let down by his family and turning to the dark side. With Rey, they need to be more original. There are already people out there who have a problem with Han and Leia being portrayed as less than stellar parents but are ok with deadbeat dad Luke because hey, Rey turned out fine despite being ‘raised by sand’ and she’s probably the child they deserved all along, even though she was excluded from enjoying all the privileges of being a Skywalker (and the basic need of having a family) her whole life. The best thing the girl could do is get the hell away from that family if it turns out she is related to them and are responsible for her lifetime of misery.   

Also, the interactions between her and Kylo are anything but familial and that was what drew me (and a lot of other people) to their dynamic in the first place, so I expect something bigger to happen between them down the line than them just simply being allies. Star Wars has always been about grand, sweeping emotions anyway…

Butthole Methamphetamine 3/17/17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. It’s only noon and my day has already been too weird for words.

So last night my boyfriend and I slept in a spot outside that I guess was a part of another person’s property. I had a bad feeling about being there so I told him after we woke up that I wanted to leave ASAP, but he wanted to do his morning shot first. It took him forever since he has like no veins left, until he finally found one in his hand he could hit. But right as he was hitting two police cars pulled up, I had to cover him up quickly as he was pushing his shot in and I kept whispering to him “Let’s go, let’s go!!!!”

The cops came over and just fucking stood there. They saw all the blood on his hand and asked him if he needed medical assistance. He said no and that he just has a skin condition. We quickly grabbed our stuff and left. Well, on the way out he seemed to think there was a chance they would still arrest us (even though at that point it was obvious we were just being told to leave and that’s it), so he took the little rubber container he had full of meth and shoved it up his butt. I’m not kidding.
He spent hours walking around with a rubber container filled with meth in his booty.

We then catch a bus back to Capitol Hill and I go over to Dick’s Burgers and he sees this dude who owes him money and asks him if he wants to buy any meth. The dude was like “Fuck yeah!” So they walked away and since my boyfriend couldn’t find a bathroom anywhere he fucking squats down in a god damn alley way and shits the rubber thing full of meth out of his butt and to get back at this dude for not paying him back he sells him butthole methamphetamine. I don’t know whether to applaud him on his sweet revenge or be totally disgusted.

Oh, on a less humorous note, all the veins in my arms and hands are blown so today I let my boyfriend hit a vein in my neck for the first time. I’ve never done a neck shot before today and now my neck is sore. My advice, don’t do a neck shot unless the person doing it knows what they’re doing. I probably wouldn’t have ever trusted anyone else to do that.

I hope all your guy’s days are less strange than mine has been so far.

Spot the BondLock : Quantum of Solace vs What's Next for Mary [Part 3 of 3 The Living Daylights]

In the first two parts of this meta (Part 1 - x, Part 2 - y), I laid out how the situation with John Watson and Mary Morstan shares similarities with the marriage of Masters as described in Ian Fleming’s short story Quantum of Solace. This post makes more sense if you’ve read at least one or both metas already.

At the beginning of Quantum of Solace (pg 86 in the book “For Your Eyes Only”), we’re told that no one has to die: 

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It has been requested! Good thing I already have another fic idea.

Confession time: I’ve always worried about my writing style. I have read fics that sound like pure poetry and can’t seem to get that style of writing out. Though I have been told that simple is actually not a bad thing as you avoid wordiness and omit words that linguistically most people don’t use. Yet I still wonder if my writing looks childish and undeveloped and I fear whether that drives readers away. But I do live for the characters and the story. So this particular review helped for me to gain more confidence in my abilities.

She's always been the one.

Being in love is one thing but being in love with your best friend is an entirely different experience. You already know each others secrets, passions, hopes and dreams. You already know everything about that person but now you take it to an intimate level and you get to learn so much more. Just when you think you’ve learned all her secrets and all her stories she has another one she’s never told you. Just when you think you know every ounce of their soul they open an entirely new area you have yet to explore. You can tell by the look in there eyes, the sound of there voice or a simple text message if something is wrong even when the rest of the world is fooled you know her better. I crave her touch in the most innocent ways. Holding hands while walking in the park. Having a picnic under the stars and cuddling til sunrise. She’s intoxicating I will never have enough of her I always want more. Everyday I wake up smiling cause I know she’s mine. The second I’m upset it’s her I run to, the moment when all else seems hopeless and I can’t even make words I call her cause she always can help. Even if she’s not speaking she’s there even if I am sobbing so much and so loud she can’t figure out what I am saying she calms me down just by saying I love you baby but you need to breathe. She knows my entire soul how to make me smile like a fool and giggle like a child, she knows what makes me pissed off and angry but does it anyway cause she loves to see me flustered and the faces I’ll make but I’m no better and do it just the same. We have been best friends for years telling each other every ounce of our days for the past 4 years and have never run out of things to talk about. We have never gotten bored of each other. We always joked around when we were younger that we would get married one day cause we were so close. Now it looks like that’s what the future has in store for us and I’m ready for this ride. I’m ready to spend ever day waking up to your face and every night falling asleep together. Being in love is great but being in love with your best friend is what makes life worth living if you ask me.

cheffrosty it will and has always been you.

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I don't know if I can post a cute coming out story here, but! When I came out to my family, my little sister who is 6 asked what it meant to be a lesbian. To keep it simple I told her it meant I love girls, and instead of boyfriends I want to have girlfriends. Now whenever I'm over she has as a new picture of a 'girlfriend' she drew for me. More than half of them have been strong looking amazonian women, which I mean hey. Little sis already knows me well.

omg!!! that is so adorable, I am so happy that you have such a wonderful and supportive little sister. thank you for sharing this anon, it just made my day.

-Mod K.

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What if the whole story of OPM is someone reading Genos' notebooks? Years after the HA has been completely rebuilt to truly represent what heros are meant to be. Someone finds Genos' old notebooks telling the story of Saitama who could be seen as an urban myth among current heros. This would explain Saitama's serious look as events would be told from Genos' perspective or from what Saitama told him. They would raise their eyebrows at the notes on finding sales and all kinds of cooking recipes.

A-anon what if…like there’s already some stuff about Genos himself essentially narrating OPM. About how the only things we learn about Saitama seem to be what Genos learns about himself eventually. 

What if OPM is /Genos himself/ reading his old notebooks years in the future? Maybe he and Saitama have vanished off somewhere and, like you said, his sensei’s becoming something of a quiet legend. The whole story could be the two of them reminiscing together. / / / / / /

Or a third person reading the borg’s notebooks because…the thought of them seeing their old coupons and recipes and maybe even doodles here and there and being kinda confused is cuteeeee //////////

wemakeourownmovies  asked:

I feel like we need to know the story of Paul McCartney teaching you how to swim (Apologies if you have already told said story)

DISCLAIMER: i have no memory of this story. this is just a story that has been told to me SO MANY TIMES that quite frankly i’m not sure whether i remember bits of it or if i’ve just been incepted.

so my grandparents used to have a house in jamaica (my grandparents lived… a very different life… than i live). for a while my nana started semi-permanently living there, and my mom was like, “you know what’s better than being in america??? BEING IN JAMAICA, YO MOM, WAIT UP,” and would spend long chunks of the year living there helping to take care of her. 

anyway, this story takes place in jamaica because my grandparents’ house was like… in a neighborhood near to (??? idk how vacation home neighborhoods are laid out) where paul mccartney’s vacation house was.

  • apparently ol’ paul used to go for runs every morning and like, EVERYONE IN ALL THE NEIGHBORHOODS would suddenly take up jogging
  • “oh hey paul, yeah we’re all just out here running in our Orthopedic Mom Sneakers ™, NO REASON, WE JUST LOOOOVE EXERCISE!!! FITNESS IS SO GREAT, ISN’T IT PAUL???? ISN’T IT?????”
  • and paul mccartney was like, “………….yeah, gotta …… love…………..”
  • (being famous is probably very weird.)

so one day my aunt deb had lil tiny!mollyhall out in the water, and i was CLINGING to her neck because tiny!mollyhall didn’t fuck around with the ocean. tiny!mollyhall was very skeptical of human beings putting themselves in the water.


anyway, my aunt was hanging out in the ocean while my mother presumably tanned on the beach, and everybody was having a grand old time. absolutely nobody was doing anything foolish, like chasing poor paul mccartney while he tried to do normal, everyday human activities.

  • one time paul mccartney took a sailboat out and my mom and aunt were like, “SAILING! how hard can THAT be?” so they rented a little…dinghy? i guess?, because they had a very deep misunderstanding of what happens when two boats pass each other
  • but of course they didn’t have any fucking idea how to sail so they got stuck and the lifeguards had to come get them and toe them in.
  • "why the fuck did you take a boat out if you don’t know how to sail?” LOOK, THAT’S OUR OWN PRIVATE BUSINESS, OKAY. GOD, CAN YOU GET OUT OF OUR FACES, TMZ??? “ma’am, we’re lifeguards.” YEAH, OKAY, WHATEVER PAPARAZZI.
  • like, what did they expect to happen??? “oh, hey paul mccartney, fancy running into YOU out here, hey, do you want to maybe grab some casual coffee out here in the ocean?? at like one of those OCEAN CAFÉS???” 
  • c’mon ladies, think it through.

so there we were, just hangin’ out, when suddenly PAUL MCCARTNEY swims/wades up from the sparkling blue water like a BEAUTIFUL BRITISH MERMAN and says to aunt deb, “hi! what a cute baby.”


  • i was, in fact, an astoundingly cute baby.
  • my aunt deb was, and remains, a HELLA BABE.
  • nobody is ever prepared to meet paul mccartney. nobody manages to be graceful about it, nobody, i don’t care who you are. you’re lying. you had a panic attack and you peed yourself a little. it’s okay. you’re human. we’re all just human.


“does she know how to swim?”

tiny!mollyhall apparently gave paul mccartney a VERY skeptical look.

“listen, motherfucker, none of you assholes can understand me bc i’m 2 and when i speak it sounds like a bunch of gerbils badly rapping the nicki minaj verse from monster, but you’d better HOPE you are not planning to put me in the ocean.” - tiny!mollyhall, probably

"no,” said my aunt deb. “do you want to get married haha just kidding not kidding i’m kidding i’m not kidding unless you’re kidding then i’m kidding haha just kidding.”

“can i give her a lesson?” asked paul mccartney.

“you can have her,” said my aunt deb. “she’s yours. she’s a present. it’s my honor to give you this baby. she’ll—she’s yours now. i also have this wallet, which you can have. and my jewelry. do you want the deed to my house???? you can have that. i wrote some poems when i was 15 about how the hiccups were a metaphor for wasted potential, do you—those are yours. i’ll send them to you. what’s your laundry situation? i can do it.”

  • my aunt deb didn’t say this. what she said was, “YEAH OF COURSE YES OKAY NO PROBLEM PAUL MCCARTNEY.” 
  • “failing to keep our cool while meeting celebrities” is like, kind of a thing in my family.
  • my dad told me that once he wrote a really amazing song he was incredibly proud of, and like two days later he woke up and realized that the song he had written was just a slightly altered hey jude.

so she handed me off, and dear sweet nice mr paul mccartney was like, “hey there, cute baby. swimming is easy, and fun! splish, splash. swimming stuff.”

  • on a scale of one to “everybody has drowned,” how obvious is it that i have no idea how to teach people how to swim????
  • just assume paul mccartney did a better job of it than i have done just now.

apparently the whole time that this was happening, tiny!mollyhall was DEEPLY unhappy. apparently tiny!mollyhall was NOT impressed by the critical and commercial success of the beatles’ body of work, and didn’t understand why this COMPLETE STRANGER thought he got to just put her??? in the ocean????? 

  • like if i wanted to learn how to swim, i would fire my family from being my own personal servants who carry me around everywhere????
  • if i wanted to learn how to swim, i would grow fins????
  • excuse me paul mccartney you may be one of the greatest musical artists of our time, but i am TWO YEARS OLD NOW, so i think i know a little better than you the exact percentage of water that my body should be in, which is 0%????

when it was all over, paul mccartney handed me back to aunt deb and then went back to doing whatever it is that people like paul mccartney do with their free time.

my aunt deb and i looked at each other. 

“please don’t tell your mom i tried to give you to paul mccartney,” she said.*

  • *probably.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: explain how WB making new Matrix movies is any different from Disney making new Star Wars movies.

Original creator does something good, then tanks it later in life, so they’re booted off the property and the corporation does more stories set in the universe, even though the story has been conclusively told from start to finish.

And honestly, the Ws already did a Matrix reboot, they just called it Jupiter Ascending I went there!

anonymous asked:

Do you prefer subs or dubs and why? (Answering this won't inspire any hate mail will it?)

(Thank you in advance for giving me an excuse to publicize some of my judgmental sulkiness.)

If I can get a dubbed version I can stand, I will nearly always prefer that.

That… hasn’t happened in a while.

For me, the appealing thing about dubs is that I don’t have to carve time into my schedule to pay attention to one thing and only that thing. If I can watch something while, say, playing Minesweeper, I’ll actually watch enough of whatever it is to enjoy the story.

The unappealing part is that I usually end up noticing things I dislike about dub performances, and since it’s now in a language I’m familiar with, I know enough to have active complaints. There’s also the intense frustration that comes with knowing that this story has already been told once, these people have a chance to polish all the great parts and bring it on home–aaand no, the mark has been missed, and this is the only version you’re getting now.

I have the relationship with dubs that people generally have with adaptations of stories they love. I love seeing new versions of stories I adore in mediums I can fully appreciate.

How dare they not be perfect.

I could probably write a whole other post on what I have hated about some of the dubs I own, but… well, one of the largest sections of it would be on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and whenever I rewatch it, I stick to the dub.

Meanwhile I haven’t rewatched season one of Attack on Titan in almost ever because I need to watch it subbed, so.

I like subs just fine, and whine about them much less (possibly because they’re in a different language, so I can’t judge them as brutally), but in my heart of hearts, I prefer dubs.

The usual consequences of that are sadness.

Honestly when people are like ‘yuck Team Arrow has so many OCs’ we don’t mean it like OCs are a bad thing because they’re not they really aren’t when you develop them well enough people kind of…forget that they’re OCs. People start to think of them as characters that should have been there all along. I mean OCs will always come along as a writers starts to make their own story, blending the unique story they wanna tell along with the stories that have already been told that they get the privilege of reimagining. 

But when you start to continuously shaft actual canon comic characters over and over again to prop up your own OCs thats when shit starts to look a little fishy…I mean..a little damn sideways. Like…Roy is gone so no Red Arrow, Conner Hawke virtually doesn’t exist, Black Canary is now dead and Speedy also barely exist seeing as he gave that name to ANOTHER one of his OCs. That’s literally the entirety of ArrowFam gone or replaced with his OCs. 

Compare that treatment to The Flash who has Iris and Joe West and is finally including Wally West aka Kid Flash (even including Jay the way THEY wanted to include Jay…do you guys see that Arrow how you can do something with a character but it doesn’t have to be the exact thing the comics did?? THAT’S how you respect the comics but still do your own thing) Gotham who included TONS of canon characters to compliment their OCs and even breathed new life into old characters we thought we knew, even Supergirl(who doesn’t really have her own fam and instead part of SuperFam) managed to create her team out of a mix of OCs and canon characters. At some point we just have to ask why did Marc even decide to write a Green Arrow show???