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Anniversary Date (Woozi)

Note: Agh, gosh. I wish I could’ve written about how you rode each and every ride lol. This is my first scenario on this blog! I am sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, but I really hope you like it! >.<

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You stood in line, waiting for your turn to ride the pirate ship, holding onto Woozi’s hand. You wore your favorite white sweater dress, paired with warm tights and knee-high boots. The line was slowly receding and for some reason, your knees were shaking. It was definitely not because of the cold breeze, as your jacket was very warm.

“Looks big!” you gasped as you looked up at the ride. It was illuminated with various bright lights and painted with illustrations of pirates and mermaids. It was huge, compared to the other rides, like bumper cars. Yes, you enjoyed bumper cars very much. Crushing into Woozi made your stomach do flips as you laughed harder than you should’ve.

But he just had to ride the pirate ship, and you couldn’t refuse. It was the day of your anniversary and you wanted to do as much as possible before he had to go back to promoting seventeen’s new album.

“Yeah, it really does,” he said as he turned around to face you. He rubbed your hands between his and stepped even closer to you. “You okay? Is it cold?”

You immediately shook your head. “No, it’s really not,” you smiled and added, “I just can’t wait to get on!”

For a couple more moments you waited for your turn, rubbing your hands together. When it was finally your turn, Woozi extended a hand and let you pass in front of him. You made your way up the steps and into the pirate ship.

He came up right behind you and as you mentally debated on your sitting position. He pointed to two empty seats at the far back of the ship.

You quickly seated yourselves, scooting closer to each other.

“Let’s gooo,” you cooed, playfully raising your hands in the air.

He smiled wide and the ride started rocking back and forth. The pace picked up quickly and before you knew it, your stomach was doing flips.

First, you smiled. Then, you laughed, but as the pirate ship picked up its pace, you found yourself squirming and shutting your eyes.

Woozi noticed at once and scooted even closer as if there was any more space left between you. “Y/N! Y/N?” he laughed, trying to maintain a concerned tone.

“This is scarier than I expected!” you screamed, refusing to open your eyes.

People were screaming as well, but it wasn’t high pitched screaming, it was “I’m having so much fun” screaming.

You were having fun, of course, but it was still pretty scary.

Without another word, he placed a hand on your shoulder, squeezing it gently. He tried to keep you as close to him as possible. And as much as he’d enjoyed the ride, he wanted it to be over so you wouldn’t be as scared anymore.

It finally came to a stop and the screams of those on board ceased.

Woozi held you close as you descended those few steps and sat on the nearest bench. He kneeled in front of you, placing both his hands on your knees.

“You want to go to the arcade instead?” he asked, feeling a little guilty.

You chuckled and lifted a fist into the air, “Yes!” Dropping your head briskly, you added, “Please.”

The two of you burst into a fit of laughter as you got up.

“You just want to beat me in that shooting game on our anniversary, don’t you?” he asked as he interlaced his fingers with yours.

You looked down at his fingers and yours, smiling to yourself. “Mmm, you’re on,” you nodded.

After grabbing some oversized cotton candy and eating it all, you headed to the arcade section. There was a particular zombie shooting game, the one Woozi would always beat you at. But not today, you thought.

He purchased the coins and slipped a pair of them into the opening. The machine beeped and the start screen lit up.

You grabbed one of the plastic guns (the red one) and stood in your “battle stance”. It never failed to make him chuckle. In his eyes, you were the cutest. He casually picked up his blue gun and hit the red button.

“If I win,” you smirked, “then we’ll wear couple outfits on our next anniversary.”

He shut his eyes dramatically and smiled widely.

“And if I win, we won’t do that.”

“Deal,” you shrugged.

The round lasted longer that Woozi expected it to. He decided to go easy on you, immediately regretting his decision as soon as he noticed how good you were. Much better than he’d remembered. You threw your hands up in triumph once the round was over and the score read:

Y/N: 12350

Woozi: 12300

“It’s only 50 points!” he said, knitting his brows in defeat and added, “Two out of three?”.

You crinkled your nose amusingly and tiptoed closer to him, whispering, “No Way.”

He shook his head, regretting his decision to go easy on you, but of course, he didn’t mind. It was you after all.

You came up behind him and wrapped your hands around his neck, resting your chin on his shoulder. “So, what color sweaters are we wearing?”

He threw his head back a little, groaning playfully. Then, he finally mumbled, “White.”

“I love you, Lee Jihoon,” you laughed, placing a little kiss on his cheek.

“I love you too, Y/N,” he replied, grabbing a hold of your hand and rubbing it gently.

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