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Little comic with Remington and Emilia (ok?)


Based on Puppycat’s song from Bee and PuppyCat!

I had drawn the outline for this awhile back, but for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how I wanted it to be colored.  I came back to it recently and decided to give it another shot and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! 

I know the lettering isn’t the best, it was my first time trying to use fonts without the cushion of a speech bubble and working it into an illustrative piece.

Jon Statistically Acts Way Different Around Daenerys And Sansa

I ran the scripts and selected the dialogues of three characters: Jon, Daenerys, and Sansa and did some analysis of their word counts and their most commonly used words and phrases. The results are actually really really interesting and I’ve reached a few conclusions and confirmed a few assumptions I had before I started.

First, a few basic charts…

This is the total word count of Jon and Daenerys respectively in season 7. I think an entire season is enough to extrapolate some conclusions in WHAT the characters said, HOW FREQUENTLY they spoke, and TO WHOM they spoke. Here are my conclusions, with supporting data.

1.) Jon Snow is really uncomfortable and quiet around Daenerys.

In scenes that Jon Snow and Daenerys shared - she completely dominated the “conversation”. She speaks almost twice as much (!) as Jon in the scenes they share but actually Jon has a fair amount more dialogue in the season as a whole. I only counted dialogue spoken to each other.

2.) Jon and Daenerys speak a different “language” when together.

The difference between Jon and Daenerys isn’t just about quantity of word usage. They are drastically different when it comes to what they talk about.

These are Jon Snow’s 25 most commonly used words for his scenes with Daenerys. He addresses her formally. He speaks mostly commonly about his people - the threat to the North - and his perceptions. How he senses the world. “See” “seen” “real” “know” “think”. There’s nothing about his family. North doesn’t even register. He does seem to speak about being burned. Neither Stark nor Targaryen register on Jon’s list.

These are Daenerys’ 25 most commonly used words for her scenes with Jon Snow. There’s all sorts of talk about her family. Her children. Her dragons. The North as a proper noun and north as a directional indicator both register on the list. “North” wasn’t even on Jon’s. She somehow used perpetuity enough for it register. She mentions Jon’s house by name and also hers. There’s kneeling. There’s “born” “last” “best”, words that all have to do with legacy. She speaks much more personally and philosophically to Jon than he does to her.

3.) While Daenerys’ rate of speech is basically the same regardless of whether Jon is there, Jon only uses way less words with Daenerys.

It’s not just that Jon is a silent, brooding type who refuses to open up to anybody. Despite spending most of the season with Daenerys, Jon actually speaks more than 3 times more frequently with characters other than Daenerys

Jon’s word bubble now contains language that infers that he thinks frequently about family, his father, the north, specific names of people, the Stark name. Now some of this surely is due to the audience he’s speaking with, but the passive/active voice and his word choices are extremely different.

On the other hand, Daenerys’ behavior changes very little when she is with Jon versus when she is with other characters. She spends the season about equally split between Jon and other characters. Her rate of speech doesn’t change very much and her word usage is also roughly identical.

4.) Jon is significantly more open with Sansa than Daenerys.

Despite spending two episodes with Sansa and 4+ episodes with Daenerys, the dialogue between Jon and Sansa is almost identical to that of Jon and Daenerys. His word usage also changes. He asks more questions with Sansa. He talks about “father” and the north and Winterfell. I only included scenes where Jon spoke directly to Sansa.

5.) When she’s not with him, Sansa talks about Jon and what Jon needs….a lot.

These are Sansa’s most commonly used words. Her most common words (other than know) are Jon and Winterfell. Those seem to be the two most important things to her. She also uses the names of other individuals. Arya, Cersei, Bran missed the cut by one word usage. She mentions family, the North, home, Lady. She is almost singularly focused on protecting her home for Jon. Her uses of “men” “need” and “trying” are almost always in reference to trying to get men they need “for Jon”. In almost every single instance. Her speaking patterns are very similar to Jon’s when Jon is not with Daenerys.

Main Conclusion: Even though Jon and Daenerys shared significantly more screentime than Jon and Sansa, the viewers got two entirely different versions of Jon Snow.

a.) Jon Snow with Daenerys: Jon Snow talks far less often. Asks almost no questions. Does not seek her opinion. He only seeks her help with the Night King. He doesn’t ask her about her family. He doesn’t tell her about his family. JON SNOW DOES NOT SUDDENLY STOP CARING ABOUT FAMILY WHEN HE GOES TO DRAGONSTONE.

b.) Jon Snow with Sansa: Jon talks with far more frequency. He asks her a lot of questions. He asks her opinions. He discusses family with her. Their father (*wink*). The North. The things he cares about. He doesn’t try to change the subject when a personal inquiry is made. 

c.) Jon’s conduct with Daenerys in their shared scenes is MOST SIMILAR TO HOW HE ACTED IN HIS ONLY SCENE WITH LITTLEFINGER. LF prodded Jon to try to get to know him. Jon gave him nothing. Jon told him to leave and that he had nothing to say to him. The only time Jon opened up is when LF brought up Sansa…in which Jon proceeded to chokeslam LF against the wall. I think we can see what subjects cause Jon to open up.

There’s no way this is an accident. Jon does not want to talk about his home, his family, or things he cares about with Daenerys though he is able to do all of that with Sansa and a litany of other characters during season 7. 

Daenerys is who she is though she tries to fight it. She cares about conquering, obedience from her subjects, and intimidating her enemies. She’s roughly equivalent to Achilles from the Illiad. She desires the fame, the feeling of being the focus. She does have a fondness for Jon, but she dominates their conversations in a way that prevents her from knowing ANYTHING about him other than his heroism and what other people tell her.

Of the three characters that I looked at; two use the same language (excepting Jon’s scenes with Daenerys) and desire the same things. Two talk about family. About home. About their people. Jon and Sansa. 

If compatibility of a potential King and Queen is important, and it seems pretty obvious that Jon Snow could only realistically end up with one of Daenerys or Sansa, then the pair that IS the most compatible and open with each other is pretty obvious… 

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Okay that Derek's soft hands post was awesome, but it was funny too cos like, imagine if his hands aren't actually that soft? My uncle's been working roadworks for years and a few years back he started buying Dove soap instead of the cheap brand and he loved it so much he started buying the moisturiser too and like, at least twice a day he would lather moisturise the shit out a them then go around telling everyone to feel how soft his hands were. But they still felt like sandpaper and no one (1)

would say anything because he’s this big, rough as guts dude named Spike who was in prison for years and god help whoever tells my uncle who loves to linger in the health and beauty aisle to see the different moisturisers, that they aren’t doing jack for his hands.

Sorry for the very late reply to this! Now all I can imagine is Derek who tries to pamper himself with lotions and potions but no matter what he does, it never seems to work out? No matter how much he tries to make himself feel soft and good, it always backfires. It’s either got an ingredient that make his senses go hay-wire (apparently aloe-vera is the worst) or it just doesn’t make him feel better. Derek imagines it’s a similar feeling to when people expect amazing sex, only to feel unsatisfied after. Derek’s never expected amazing sex from anyone though, not even Kate when he trusted her, so he doesn’t know if the comparison is all that accurate. 

It’s after he tries the Peaches and Cream Ultra Lotion that he hits rock bottom, sitting on the loft floor, staring at the offending lotion bottle. He’s pretty sure the right hand side peach is taunting him. For the smoothest skin, reads the speech bubble. Derek rubs at the pads of his fingers and tries not to get upset because it’s a fucking lotion. But here he is anyway, drowning in the after math of yet another lie. 

He doesn’t know how long he sits there for but it’s long enough that Stiles shows up, armed with a bat. At first, it’s clear Stiles thinks Derek is hurt - probably because he is still sulking on the floor - but the moment he crouches in front of him, he immediately takes in the lotion bottle and raises an eyebrow. Derek expects him to laugh or throw some careless comment his way. Braces himself for it. What he doesn’t expect is for Stiles to pluck the bottle from Derek’s hand and replace it with his own. He holds it loose enough that Derek could pull away if he wanted to.

He doesn’t want to.

Instead, he sniffs. This big, loud, wet sniff that he wants to be embarrassed about. Except, he isn’t. Maybe it’s because he’s seen Stiles give himself a concussion from a chicken baguette once (he still doesn’t know how Stiles managed that one) or maybe it’s because Stiles is smiling at him; smiling in a way Derek rarely sees. It’s the smile he reserves for his dad, for Scott. It’s a smile you earn, and it’s being directed at him right now. It’s a smile, Derek realises, Stiles has shown him often. For months now. He doesn’t know what that means. 

He squeezes Stiles’ hand anyway, shrugs a shoulder and picks up the lotion bottle again. Grips it. Hard.

It explodes, and before he knows it, they are both on their sides, laughing. Derek doesn’t know if Stiles is laughing because he is or because they are both covered in pink gunk. 

“It smells like peaches,” Stiles wheezes, as if that explains everything. “Derek Hale. Likes to smell like peaches.” He clutches his side harder and uses his legs to push himself further into Derek’s space, until his head is in Derek’s lap. “I think you’re amazing just as you are, wolf man, but if you want my mom kept recipes for stuff like that.” He nods to the now broken bottle, still in Derek’s hand. “They are all in a box under my bed. You want to come over later, get some dinner with me and my old man? There’s a Mets game on.” 

Derek is silent for several moments, trying to decipher what Stiles is saying. Eventually, he decides not to overthink it. If he overthinks it, Stiles might take the offer back. Might drop his hand. 

Derek really doesn’t want Stiles to drop his hand.    

“I can make veggie burgers.” He coughs. Serious. “From scratch.” 

Stiles smiles with his eyes, brings Derek’s hand up to his mouth but doesn’t kiss it, like Derek thinks he’s going to. Just looks down fondly, like they’ve done this a hundred times before. Shit, maybe they have, he thinks, swallowing. In their own way. “You learn that in werewolf school?” 

Derek laughs. “Something like that,” he says, thinking of his Grandma, who taught him everything he knows: cooking, sewing, how to swear in eight different languages. When she was old enough, Grandpa Hale taught Laura how to drive while Grandma Hale read The Princess Bride to Derek in Spanish every Friday night. Derek always thought he got the better end of the deal. 

“Show me.” Stiles grins, a challenge, and somethings shifts inside Derek. He tries to frown, because it’s expected of him, but he ends up blushing instead when Stiles leans up and whispers, “next time, I’ll get you one of those aprons that say kiss the cook on them, huh?” in his ear. “I think you’ll find I’m very good at obeying instructions.” 

Derek rolls his eyes and pushes him away. His palms are sweating. “You don’t even know what the word ‘obey’ means.” 

Standing up, he starts towards the kitchen, only to find himself on the floor again, tripping over nothing, when Stiles calls after him, “maybe I just need a firm hand to keep me in check!” 

The bastard doesn’t even look sorry when Derek pounces on him, pinning Stiles’ hands above his head - rough hands, just like his, he realises- but Derek is too busy torn between wrestling Stiles and kissing him to care. 


Chapter 02 - Part II - :

- Prologue

- AU blog


Ohhhh it begaaaan! :> 

By the way, in the first page, the “typos” in the speech bubbles are intentional. Like monsters, that’s how we chat on social media. Just making sure to leave my short explanation here before everyone loses their head. :P Haha. And as for which game monsters are playing, I let you decide! It could be WoW, LOL or Dark Souls, no matter what it is. XD

Also yesh, MOMedian’s getting some spotlight again! Poor Sansy tho’. And welp, looks like their meeting didn’t go well. XDD Also if you’re confused for a sec by what you saw in the last page, I really tried to make Sans going through the dust-like ghost and hopefully the action is clear. XD


tony making sure he’ll grant a little kid a true Battle With Iron Man Moment complete with a “nice job, kid!” while the world is crashing down around them, tony writing “help me, erin!” in a speech bubble coming from the iron man a little girl drew for him, which is such a small and thoughtful way to include her and suggest she’s a hero in the scenario as well, tony encouraging harley to stand up to bullies and giving him technical advice on his inventions and trusting him to help in the iron man mission and then giving him a bright new workshop, tony looking at the project listing of MIT students and going “you know what? FUND THEM ALL,” tony finding this fifteen-year-old kid on youtube who has superhero dreams and then helping him get the safety tools he needs to keep going at it. tony sending peter a watch that projects his own superhero logo, why?? just for the fucking hell of it

yeah so! can’t hear you over the sound of my fave enabling the dreams of every single young person he’s personally come across in the mcu so far because he knows what it’s like when people don’t believe in you and think you have the wrong personality and you’re just pretending to be the hero type who just fights for himself etc

Chapter 210 thoughts.

Chapter 210 has become one of my favorites. I love it that we got to see tianshan communicate, be playful, help each other out, flirt and he tian’s loving looks warmed up my heart. The theme of this chapter is trust. 

Let’s dissect it a bit: 

First panel, He Tian has woken bright and early and was already somewhere close to Guan Shan’s house waiting for him. He waits 30 minutes before he makes the phone call to question where Guan Shan is at. For He Tian standards, he’s pretty calm. I think we would have expected He Tian to call him within 5 minutes since we know he has a temper, but this time he kept his cool and actually waited around. His tone is pretty calm as well, maybe he’s worried that something happened to Guan Shan? 

Second panel is fanservice for sure from Old Xian, look at that baby fox just sprawled on the bed half naked. yup, this is a bl folks! check out what He Tian is getting to touch! AnywAys….

Now we officially know who is the the one to sleep in and who’s the morning person. I suspect that He Tian is the one who sleeps very little and it takes him a while to get to sleep while for Guan Shan, he could fall asleep anywhere for hours and is definitely not a morning person. Can you imagine He Tian laying in bed, smoking his first cigarette of the day, watching Guan Shan sleep and thinking he’s the luckiest guy in the world because he has such an amazing boyfriend by his side? ah, my heart <3

(read a whole lot more under the cut)

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|| missing you ||

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When Peter kissed Liz during homecoming last year, you felt your heart break into a million pieces.

Your best friend, the boy that you’ve been in love with since the moment you laid eyes on him was taken from you, his heart cruelly ripped away from your grasps.

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how do you draw the doodle comic? like, you don't have to make a whole walkthrough but what's the step by step?

well mostly it goes like this; base sketch

text and panels/ big bg’s if there are any

sketch and speech bubbles

finishing touches/ less vital bg stuff

and that’s  about it! I do proper walkthroughs on my processes over on my Patreon if you like this kinda thing!

things I associate with the types
  • ESTP: the earth beneath your fingernails after a long day, waking up feeling full of light and ready to get up, summer evenings, the press of a friend’s hand into yours, tan lines that pop on your skin, the chill of rainwater as it slides through your hair, feet sticking out of car windows, running around backyards as the sunlight fades
  • ESTJ: the jarring echo of a microphone when bumped, mowed grass, a newly immaculate room with everything accessible, the fresh smell of rental cars, neat calendars pinned above desks, new school supplies stacked up in your room, monopoly games, sliding into a perfectly made bed at the end of a long day, unpacking in a hotel room, taking yourself out for dinner
  • ESFP: throwing your arm around a friend, gaudy beaded bracelets put together by your little cousin, the quick pant of an excited dog, the smell of campfires, paint stuck in the crevices of your hand, taking neat notes for the kid who’s absent, an instagram full of pictures of you and your friends, screaming the lyrics to songs as you ride down the highway
  • ESFJ: staying after school to help a teacher clean up, biting your tongue to try to stop laughing during class, a sticky kiss from a child, kindergarten art rooms, listening patiently to stories you’ve heard before, staggering around in your mom’s high heels as a kid, walking around town with ice cream and friends, squeezing lemon juice into your hair
  • ENTP: having to do a group project by yourself, walking back and forth to calm your excitement, desks cluttered with papers, the sound of quick typing, the rush of relief after walking out of uncomfortable situations, lying to get a reaction out of someone, the sting of tears brought on by anger, the perfect comeback, mascara smeared down your face
  • ENTJ: protest signs, pinning magazine cut outs to your wall, walking to the front of a room to give a presentation, the click of high heels, tilting your chair back and crossing your arms to show your disapproval, the smell of paint, friendly debates with loud words and wide gestures, losing track of time and blinking tiredly at the clock, perfectly tailored suits left wrinkled on bedroom floors
  • ENFP: bulletin boards with inspiring quotes, humming along off-key beneath your breath, bare feet on hot sand, pinterest projects, curling ribbon with scissors, sewing your own clothes, improvised road trips, bubblegum pink lipstick, convincing a friend to buy themself that new outfit, silly nicknames, candy wrappers littered on the floor, compliments from strangers in public restrooms, good morning texts
  • ENFJ: cute notes left in people’s lockers, talking a friend through their self confidence issues, cleaning your room at two in the morning, dark thoughts that only slip into your mind late at night, the press of a kiss to your forehead, picking out your clothes the night before, convincing a friend to come dance with you, the hand on your shoulder
  • ISTP: taking apart pens and examining the individual parts, spilling out emotions that you’ve kept tightly wound inside, the smell of rubber tires on pavement, writing down your thoughts to better understand them, clenched fists, research papers laid out across a table, jumping off a rock wall and letting the cord catch you, polaroid cameras
  • ISTJ: setting yourself deadlines, slipping candy to a worried friend, puns, stretching after a long day, downing too much coffee so you can stay up to work, drawing tablets, buying Christmas gifts a month in advance, the smell of grass after a rain, sitting in comfortable silence with a good friend, before and after pictures, old family trinkets
  • ISFP: petitions passed around classrooms, a friend’s artwork hanging on your wall, the weight of a child on your hip, getting up early to see the sunrise, interior design, vinyl albums, sitting on rooftops with friends, detailed journals from years back stacked in your closet, the warmth of a cat curled up on your lap, sleepy kisses goodnight, the walk up on stage to collect an award
  • ISFJ: buying friends gifts for no occasion, old photo albums lining bookshelves, waking up knowing that today is not yesterday, holding a bun up with just a pencil, splattered paint on brick walls, doing homework on the way to school, bitten lips rather than angry words, tentative hugs, the smell of vanilla, hair falling in front of your face when you duck your head
  • INTP: dead languages, long winded speeches that change topics multiple times, sweater vests, chalk boards covered with writing, lost glasses that are on top of your head, botanical gardens, finals week, bouncing up and down on the balls on your feet as you rant, unbrushed hair, library fines, the glow of a laptop late at night
  • INTJ: packing for college, perfectly winged eyeliner, beakers overflowing with bubbles, schedule overloads, chess games that last until late into the night, the feeling of silk on bare skin, locking your door while working, texting while walking, leaning forwards into discussions with your elbows on the table, rapid-fire conversations, makeup lined up along the sink
  • INFP: community gardens, braiding flowers into a friend’s hair, giggles, playing guitar to an empty room, yellow daisies, sudden anger, reading by candlelight, unexpected hugs, empty forest paths, make believe, whispers that you know no one can hear, understanding nods during rants, lifting someone up and spinning them around, the smell of new paper, forgotten tea that’s turned cool
  • INFJ: hanging lightbulbs, thick books where the spine curls inwards, shoulders shaking forwards when you won’t let yourself cry, absent kisses laid on top of heads, lying beside a friend in bed and talking to the ceiling, dessert left at a friend’s door, watching the people below from city windows, little notes from friends kept for years, the key to your childhood diary
Crack theory: Lord Vega

What we know about Lord Vega so far:

- they live in this gorgeous room with two plushies and two vanities

- they are two people (→two separate speech bubbles)

- judging from their bedroom & way of speaking (feminine & polite) they seem to be two young, bubbly & well-educated girls (probably twins)


- blood type O

And here’s the thing.

There are two suspects who meet all these characteristics mentioned above, namely…

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Part 2: “Nightmare”


I wanted to give it more of a brotherly vibe this time rather than make it romantic because… fluff… and… I’m not in a romantic mood hah;; It’s also a bit more serious than how it was planned but I can’t help it! … sorry for the long wait too // making it colored is way harder than I thought I feel so sorry for those who draw comics lol also speech bubbles are a pain forgive me

Next part might take a while but I’ll try to get it done asap

Something cuter (Tom x FemReader) short fluff

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

(A/n): this man

Summary: Tom makes fun of reader during an interview because he thinks she’s cute

Warnings: fluff??


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