that speech bubble is in the way


#also THIS is how he was supposed to “land”. after reading journal 3 and remembering the show. that’s like… i call bullshit to #that entrance. he was supposed to get there like this lmao falling like the stupid jerk he is

i agree 100%


tony making sure he’ll grant a little kid a true Battle With Iron Man Moment complete with a “nice job, kid!” while the world is crashing down around them, tony writing “help me, erin!” in a speech bubble coming from the iron man a little girl drew for him, which is such a small and thoughtful way to include her and suggest she’s a hero in the scenario as well, tony encouraging harley to stand up to bullies and giving him technical advice on his inventions and trusting him to help in the iron man mission and then giving him a bright new workshop, tony looking at the project listing of MIT students and going “you know what? FUND THEM ALL,” tony finding this fifteen-year-old kid on youtube who has superhero dreams and then helping him get the safety tools he needs to keep going at it. tony sending peter a watch that projects his own superhero logo, why?? just for the fucking hell of it

yeah so! can’t hear you over the sound of my fave enabling the dreams of every single young person he’s personally come across in the mcu so far because he knows what it’s like when people don’t believe in you and think you have the wrong personality and you’re just pretending to be the hero type who just fights for himself etc


mini commissions part 3!! i have another little break coming up, so i wanted to open up some mini sketch commissions at $15 each. all sketches are clean lined & have minimal shading — in whatever colour scheme you’d like, it doesn’t need to be in black and white, and can have whatever additions (speech bubbles, text, hearts, etc) you’d like. additional characters are $5, and backgrounds are $5+ depending on the complexity. (more examples here!)

  • i WILL draw:  ocs, fanart of your own choice or scenes from fanfics, some nsfw themes (gore/violence i can do–anything explicitly sexual needs to be discussed in the commission request).
  • i WON’T draw:  anything sexual/excessively nsfw in other ways that involves underage characters, incest, furry, mecha.
  • payment is via paypal only!  email me your request/commission type at and i’ll get back to you asap.
  • payment up front:  i will start the piece after your payment goes through.
  • send as many references for your ocs as you want! the more the better.
  • i’ll send the finished art to your email:  if you’d like me to post it here instead, let me know.
  • i’ll leave the background white, but you can request a single colour background for free, or ask for it to be left transparent!
  • (i’ll give you a final quote on the price before i ask for payment.)

if you have any other questions, my inbox is open & i have 5 slots open as usual! :D


Panels from “Scott Pilgrim” (Colour Edition & Original Black/White Print)

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” is one of the finest comic book series I have ever read, not just for its originality, relatable characters, references and humour, but also for it’s layout and composition that communicate its narrative. 

Scott Pilgrim has it’s fair share of “Oh Sh*t!” Moments and lively fight sequences that work perfectly with large scale panels (including several double page spreads - such as the one you see at the top), but what I think is most brilliant about the way Scott Pilgrim is planned and designed, is the way that each page turn and panel size demonstrate the emotions of the characters as well as the mood of a sequence. 

Notice how the bottom pages use very wide panels with large open spaces, small speech bubbles and fantastic use of solid black & white to help us empathise with the despondent solemnity and internal sadness of the break up sequence, particularly from knives’s perspective. 

In contrast, notice how the straight verticals of the pages second from the bottom illustrate a sequence of high intensity. The tall panels help accentuate the height and scale of the library the two characters are fighting, and make the scene more exciting than if it were square or rectangular panels. 

Using these wide and/or tall panels can amp up the emotion of a sequence as they ‘lock in’ the subjects and draw attention to them in a way that can change it’s meaning entirely. 

We see this in comic books and graphic novels all the time, as it is a fundamental aspect of framing as a method of film language - It is only more noticeable in comic books as the still images are crafted with a heavier focus on each individual panel and what it communicates

^ Take a look at these different comic book template pages, which feature multiple variations of panel layouts and compositions. Which of these layouts would best communicate a certain type of sequence, it could be dialogue, a fight, a car chase or a dream for instance. 

More examples:

^ Avatar: The Last Airbender – The PromiseNovel by Gene Luen Yang - amazing use of perspective and clever framing to show action and reaction during intense sequences

Deadpool - the panels here draw us in as we are ‘locked’ into the scene with the seemingly intimate relationship - which in turn makes the last panel’s effect stronger

Some Comic Tips
  1. Do character reference sheets. They will save you!!! So much time!!! From correcting stupid, random outfit/hair changes.
  2. Add backgrounds. It’ll bring readers into the scene and add depth to your story’s world. Plus it’s good perspective practice!!!
  3. Always factor in speech bubbles. They are part of the composition, they help the comic flow, so make sure you plan them into your pages early on.
  4. Make characters look toward the next panel. That’s literally the easiest way to make your page flow. Readers will follow the character’s eyes.
  5. Big panels are for the important things. Readers naturally focus on them for longer, so fill them with intricate details and important information. Like a dramatic reveal or smoochin’.
Gruvia Fallacy #2

Despite knowing that no staunch Gruvia shipper is going to pay any attention whatsoever to this post or the truth in it, I’m going to post it anyway.

When ya’ll come out of the woodwork with your smartass :^) faces and your umm sweaty’s, because someone pointed out the abysmal way in which Juvia treats Gray and that it isn’t a healthy ship, the inevitable screenshots come. The ones posted by the dozen in which we are smugly informed of Juvia and Gray’s pure love and how the way Juvia treats Gray is okay because he’s okay with it. The ones with red lines around every speech bubble of his.

Do you know what I always see in those red outlines? Gray’s various “You’re important to me” quotes. “You’re a part of my life” “you’re a member of Fairy Tail”, “you’re my friend”.

Do you know what I never see in those red outlines? “I forgive you”, “I want the love you give me”, “The way you act doesn’t bother me”, “I’m okay with how you treat me”.

The fallacy here is that you are freely interpreting innocent comments as proof that what Gray goes through at Juvia’s hands is okay, because he’s okay with it. This is wrong for three reasons:

1. None of that means he’s okay with it. It just means exactly what it says. She is a part of his life, she is a part of Fairy Tail, she is his friend. None of that translates to “his love and acceptance”.
2. Gray still openly expresses annoyance with the more distasteful ways Juvia treats him. You’re cherry-picking, pulling out the parts which best support your ship and ignoring the ones that grind it into the dirt.
3. You’re confusing resignation with consent. Gray cannot make Juvia leave his life–he literally can’t. They work in the same guild and neither of them are going to be in separate guilds any time soon. It’s a matter of making money and eating. That does not mean he likes it.

And this sort of interpretation shows that you really don’t understand Gray in the slightest–no, actually, let me repeat that a little louder, so I can piss off even more immature children:

You really do not understand Gray in the slightest when you do this.

Why? Because Gray, by the words out of his own mouth, doesn’t leave himself open to interpretation anymore. At the Grand Magic Games, he committed to saying what he means, and that was immediately followed by rejection of Juvia. That is why it’s the crown jewel of all anti-Gruvia defenses: Not only did Gray reject Juvia, he flat-out said that he was not beating around the bush and that he was saying what he meant. Gray does not let shit stew and be interpreted any way his peers like–he says exactly how he feels, without exception. And when you pull in all these screenshots with the red outlines on Gray’s speech bubbles and spin these words as if it means he’s okay with how Juvia treats him, you are proving that either A) you failed to hear this part of Gray or B) like Juvia, you completely ignored it because it doesn’t suit you. I think the second one is the likeliest option.

It also fails for another reason: the people opposite you, the anti-gruvia crowd? They do not have those problems. When we humor you and deal with your smug posts, and we supply our own screenshots, what Gray says (”She moved into my home”/”I didn’t want her there”), it’s pretty clear that there is no room for interpretation. Juvia does a thing, Gray says he is aggravated by the thing. 

So please, stop doing this. Save everyone the headache.

anonymous asked:

So, based on Toony being able to be molded and what-not, what kind of personailty does she have? Is she an ever changing enigma or is she a happy-go-lucky but flexible kind of girl? P.S. You gave me a fetish for shapeshifters, thanks.

As I have her right now, Toony has very little in the way of personality or even normal speech. She communicates through speech-bubbles and symbols rather than words.

However, she is inquisitive, easygoing, and impressionable, and can easily be defined by those around her. She is unable to feel emotions particularly strong aside from joy and sadness.

Her personality, like her abilities, are a blank slate that can be shaped by others how they wish.

Part: 1 2 / 4

In which Genos has no way to tell Saitama it’s not him talking :(

I tried out the Ecoline brush pen instead of going for my usual promarkers! I think I could get some pretty cool texture with the red one but sadly I couldn’t use my gel pen on top of the black one without creating a smudge :I hence the computer font in the black speech bubbles

Grieve But Don’t Despair

So I’ve been watching a lot of older political stuff in the past few days. Last night, I ended up rewatching this: 

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, on their first broadcast after tragedy on 9/11. 

Now, I think that in almost every possible way, it’s unfair to equate the results of this year’s presidential election with that dark day. But, I can’t deny that both events seem to have a certain… airless quality about them. Everyone in my little New York City liberal bubble seems to have been in varying degrees of dazed shock for the past three weeks. And, much like 9/11, I’ve started to see one question come up again and again… 

“Where were you the night of the election?”

Which is why, I think, this speech of Jon’s hit so close to home. For so many of us, it feels like we’re living through the next Great American Tragedy, even if this time the collapse is happening in slow motion and threatening to spread out over four years. We are undergoing an undeniable crisis in our democratic process. Values which many of us hold at the core of our national identity are being denied, or outright attacked. There is this sense of, “What do we do in the face of all of this?” 

We Grieve But We Don’t Despair

This election happened. It’s not a dream. But our recovery from this tragedy will show that we are stronger than this. It is easy to tear something down, any fool can blow something up - but we are going to prove, through everything we do to rebuild whatever may get torn down, that we are extraordinary. That we will judge people by their character, in every sense of those words. History will not show that the people trying to plunge this country back into its own dark history as the winners. You know why? 

“They live in chaos. And chaos can’t sustain itself. It never could. It’s too easy and it’s too unsatisfying.”

So don’t give up on this country, not now. What makes America great is its wonderful, beautiful contradictions. We are together but separate. Progressive but conservative. And when we are pushed down, we rise higher up than we were before. We’re living through a slow motion tragedy. Things are hard. So grieve… but don’t despair. 

The great work continues.

Reading SM05
  • Hi Alolan announcer guy ^-^
  • Well, it’s no surprise Sun isn’t giving the battle his all when he never wanted to join in the first place.
  • Judging from the way his speech bubbles are drawn, the Masked Royal does a Christian Bale Batman to further hide his identity.
  • Love Moon’s little ‘look at this little f*cker’ face.
  • When Kukui slips up, Moon recognizes his voice while Sun merely gets suspicious about how the Masked Royal knows about him. Goddammit Sun, she just got here.
  • Hau just wants more malasada ^-^
  • Seems like the island challenge is a more exclusive thing in PokeSpe that only a chosen few can do.
  • No Sun, do not sell the island challenge amulet. DO NOT SELL THE ISLAND CHALLENGE AMULET.
  • Moon knows how Rollout works. This shows that she already has some knowledge on Pokemon battling. Still leaning towards the idea she already has one Pokemon on her besides Rowlet she hasn’t sprung out yet for whatever reason.
  • That was a pretty clever way for En to come out on top!
  • Burnet is the best. First she laments over the fact that she couldn’t cheer on the Masked Royal in person, then immediately checks up on Lillie and promises not to leave her for the day.
  • Lillie crying in her sleep for her family T-T
  • And here’s Gladion bringing in the edge.
  • Poor Grunt A.
  • And here’s Guzma!

I’m happy with the way that Pokespe’s bringing in a bunch of midgame plots right away. Can’t wait for the next chapter next month!


Okay, part 2 of 2 of my commentary on Jughead volume 2. All of these photos come from issues 8-11. These comics are frankly some of the best depictions of aromanticism that I’ve ever seen (and yes, there’s many different ways to be aro, but Jughead’s aroness lines up very closely with many aro narratives, mine included). Also, there is a pretty big spoiler in the 4th and 5th photos so don’t read the speech bubbles and avoid reading my explanation of the those photos as well. There’s one spoiler I can’t avoid mentioning in order to make sense.

Photo 1- Betty accuses Jughead of having a crush on a woman dressed up as a burger (it’s burger lady’s job to be a mascot and hand out coupons in costume). Despite Betty teasing him that he has a romantic crush on her, Jughead explains very clearly that he very much wants to get to know her as a friend because of their mutual interest in food, but that’s it. I like his use of the term “friendship crush” quite a bit. For a lot of aro-specs, when you meet someone really interesting, there is an intense rush of feelings. While they aren’t romantic in nature, there is a lot of overlap with romantic feelings. Both usually involve the desire to spend time with someone and get to know them, something that Jughead later says that he wants to do with burger lady. Still, the difference between a romantic crush and a friend crush is romantic feelings, of which the former possesses none of and Jughead is very clear that all he has is a friend crush.

Photo 2- Jughead ends up, with Betty’s help, talking to burger lady and asking her if she wants to spend time with him. She accepts, but it isn’t until Jughead walks away that he realizes that she mistook his invitation to hang out as being for a romantic date. He is horrified at his mistake, both because the idea makes him extremely uncomfortable and because he feels guilty for leading burger lady on (yes, burger lady has a real name, personality, and storyline, but for the sake of spoilers I’m trying not to say too much). While yes, some aro-specs do date, Jughead does not and strongly dislikes notion. Jughead wants absolutely nothing resembling romance in his life.

Photo 3- These panels add to touch averse Jughead. Jughead doesn’t like hugs from his friends (Betty hugged Jughead in volume one, in these comics, unlike River/////dale, Betty and Jughead have nothing but friendship between them). Jughead especially doesn’t like the touching that can often accompany a date, physically distancing himself from burger lady to prevent it. In general, Jughead doesn’t like being touched, although he will touch another character to help them when it’s necessary or in a casual manner (helping someone up, high fiving, etc.). Jughead literally wants no extensive physical contact with anyone.

Photo 4- (SPOILER) Burger lady casts a love spell on Jughead after their date. While she likes Jughead, Jughead acts erratically because of how uncomfortable he is and is unwilling to explain that he’s aro ace or that he thought the date was supposed to be just two people getting to know one another as friends. Despite how gross the connotation of love spells are, it is spun to validate aro aces. Jughead literally has zero romantic or sexual attraction for burger lady. The spell would have augmented any such attraction in burger lady’s own words. Instead, the closest thing to attraction that Jughead possessed in that restaurant was his love for food, so he falls in love with the nachos he and burger lady had been eating (as an aro ace with a passion for food, that would probably be what a love spell would make me fall for). I enjoyed this part because it was a nice affirmation that being aro ace equals not being attracted to any gender, end of story.

Photo 5- This was another good life lesson for a-specs told through Jughead (I’ve heard a lot of stories about a-specs being super uncomfortable when people were romantic towards them and not knowing what to do). Jughead admits to burger lady that he should have told her from the start that he wasn’t attracted to her in a romantic or sexual manner when he realized that she was interested in him. It isn’t that burger lady is unattractive, it’s that Jughead doesn’t date because he isn’t attracted to anyone (this is a wonderful and gentle way to respond to unwanted interest if you’re a-spec and don’t date). Beyond that, he apologizes for his rude behavior on the date and burger lady forgives him.

Honestly, these comics just get better and better with each issue. While I desperately wish that there was much more representation for a-specs, I can at least be happy that Jughead is top notch. These comics are lighthearted, pg, fun, and the revamping of the characters is refreshing without losing it’s classic Archie comics feel. Kevin is become a more prominent character in the Jughead comics. While Archie is still Jughead’s best friend, Jughead seem to rely on Kevin more. Seeing queer characters banding together in a small town is realistic and refreshing as opposed to the trope of having one lgbtqiap+ character in a huge group of straight cis characters. While the comic could be much more diverse, it at least feels like it’s trying, especially with Josie now being black. Beyond that, while volume 1 had a lot of social commentary, volume 2 didn’t hold any punches. In issues 1-11, the writers have been willing to make not so subtle comments on military recruitment in schools, bullying, objectification of women, education, and that’s just what I have noticed.

When volume 3 comes out, I’ll make some more posts like these.

Okay, we need to talk about this book that I purchased a week or two ago.

I was in a wonderful local, independent bookstoore, looking for things with which to spoil Middle Sister’s impending spawn, when I came across this:

Yes, friends, this is a Les Mis picture book.

And it is amazing.

I hereby petition that every musical!Valjean must sing “Who Am I?” to a cat.

The Valjean-Cosette relationship is done so well.


His hair! His posture! The way he’s holding his hat! He’s so perfect!

I guarantee that you are not emotionally prepared to meet Enjolras, but here he is:


Les Amis. We’re going to get a closer look at those speech bubbles because they are amazing:

Cosette really loves… Paris

Valjean has really iffy reasons for doing things…

I love Marius constantly falling over in this one:

And the bittersweet ending:

This book is amazing.