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All of my heart and soul wishes I had the mental capacity to learn the native languages my friends speak.

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O-okay um well as you can probably tell, I'm not a very confident person, but I really want to be a writer and I've written several short stories and poems but every time I try to show it to someone whose opinion I value (my dad, brother, mom, aunt, etc) they either shoot it down or not even read it. I know it shouldn't bother me, but unfortunately I'm really sensitive :/ basically I'm asking how I can become more confident as a writer?

Hello there, understandably-shy writerly friend~ ♥︎

I absolutely understand where you’re coming from. Writing is hard, and even more so if you live in an environment that may hinder your craft :c

Thankfully for you, this is something that I’ve touched on in the past. Here are a few helpful links:

If you’re going to read ONE of the links, read the last one. It is seriously my best reply (to date) about gaining confidence. Seriously, I could go on and on repeating everything I said— but this is not the place for that.

Because there’s something else I want to talk about.

You need to develop a thick skin if you want to be a writer, because (just like you have no control over how people will react to your work) you don’t have any control over what people will say or do. There are nasty people out there in the world, and eventually someone will look at your art and tell you things like…

  • It sucks (or YOU suck)
  • It’s bad (or YOU are a bad writer)

And so on. You have no control over this. Great writers, and awful writers alike, have all had to deal with this. What I want you to understand is that you’re not alone in this struggle— this is something that all writers have to deal with. The successful ones (and the ones we remember) are those who can overcome this.

Let me explain…

Do you like RPGs? I love RPGs. I grew up playing them— and sometimes I find my logic to be broken down into RPG terminology. So, let me explain to you why I think a thick skin is important.

If life was a video-game (particularly an RPG) and your ‘class’ was that of a writer, the way in which you succeed in life is by improving your ability to write (your writing skill). Everyone focuses on this, on their craft. It makes sense. It’s like upgrading your attack attribute. People forget about defense, though. Your ‘thick skin’ (or the ‘confidence’ skill if we continue with the analogy). I have seen tons of people who are great at their craft, but as soon as they get their first 1-star review (and trust me, it’s coming, It’s going to happen sometime) they give up. They literally have to step away from what makes them happy because they can’t handle it. They are practically Glass Canons, they write good stuff (really good stuff) but they have no defense whatsoever.

I am the #1 person to tell you to write all the time, because I truly believe that the only way you will get better is by writing. But, even so, I have to admit that while buffing up your attack stat may seem like the cool thing to do… you need to buff up your defense too. It’s a killing field out there, and if you want to survive you are going to need a thick skin.

Now, how can you go about doing that? Read my article on confidence. You need to understand that your work is not an extension of your persona. And…

Learn to break down the information that is given to you. When people say things like “This book sucks” what they are really saying is “I didn’t like this book, but I don’t want to be held responsible for my opinion so I will claim that my words are objective and ultimate.”

Seriously. Learn to break down what people say. I keep saying this about characters, but it also applies to real life: what people say is a DIRECT reflection of how they view the world, and a reflection of their own most intimate persona.

I can tell you, with confidence, that most of the time people are not effectively trying to be mean you (or your writing). Everyone is wrapped up in their own lives, and (sadly) most people don’t know how to step out of their problems and instead go about mistreating other people as a way to combat the problems they’re not actively working on.

What I am getting to is that… the world is full of people with problems. Some of those people are nasty. Most of the nasty people would rather say mean things than dealing with their problems (because it’s easier to not fix problems than fixing them). You, though, have NO control over this. So, the best thing to do is to work on your defense stat. Gain a thicker skin. As you level up in life the struggles only get harder. If you want to be successful (at ANYTHING in life) you need to be able to take punches.

I hope this helps! Be strong, writerly friend. I know you can overcome this~ ♥︎

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but...why reaper?

some shallow reasons:

  • thick thighs
  • beard
  • he’s canonically 6′1″
  • bird motifs
  • his shotguns are cool

some deeper reasons

  • canonically lead an entire army in the omnic war and fucking won??? he’s a tactical genius and a great leader
  • in the latest comic he’s shown to be in genuine distress over the fact overwatch left ana amari to die—which imo doesn’t sound too much like the whole “gabriel reyes doesn’t care about his men” shit we’ve been hearing about
  • he was the one who gave mccree a second chance after shutting down the deadlock gang. without gabriel reyes there would be none of the mccree we know today.
  • seriously this dude has been shown to have been pretty decent back in the day??? like even mercy thought he was worth saving??? which just leads me to believe he’s angry for a good reason
  • and i like angry and fiery characters and i would love to see gabriel’s anger portrayed in a not bad light??? it’s not always a bad thing to be angry, especially for a good reason. idk im so tired of the media i consume demonizing anger bc it’s so toxic 
  • this guy is ambitious and determined af 
  • we still don’t know a lot about him but he’s just absolutely fascinating??? like his dialogue with mercy how he thinks she turned him into that on purpose??? overwatch left him to suffer and die and turn into what he is now??? he’s holding onto a lot of resentment and we still don’t really know why and that’s just so interesting to me
  • also he became fast friends with jack morrison even though they couldn’t have been more different if they tried. in the last comic he comments on jack’s predictability, which makes me really think that they were close enough to finish each other’s sentences tbqh
  • also his powers fascinate me??? like his cells are rapidly decaying and regenerating at a constant rate which makes it hard for him to maintain a physical form so i figure he must be in pain??? and somehow mercy ties into it which makes me think he was her first “resurrection” gone horribly horribly wrong.
  • in meta territory i’m pretty sure he’s the one who shed light on how fucking corrupt overwatch was and for good reason too—even mercy (i think it’s mercy) comments in idle banter that overwatch was shut down for a good reason. i think mercy is a p good judge on that.
  • also while i do believe gabriel reyes was a good person with good intentions at some point, i don’t think a character has to make the most lawful good choices or have the purest reactions to things to make a fascinating character. i do love my anti-heroes/antagonists.
  • anyway i can’t wait to see the more humanizing side of reyes when first strike comes out

Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

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Hi! I was just wondering if you had any tips for fleshing out relationships (namely romantic ones) in writing? I've run out of ideas for a couple in one of my stories and feel as if their relationship is very 2D and not developed. Thank you very much!

Hello there!

You pose a very interesting question, and I think the answer for it can be found in real-life relationships~ Have you ever looked at couple and thought to yourself: “Why are they still together?”

Now, some people may look at this question and jump to conclusions. I think that simply to answer this question would generate for us nothing but a 2-Dimensional relationship. Take the graphic below:

Pretty bland, right? I don’t think this actually reflects a meaningful relationship. Do you really think that Tai is in love with Matt only because he finds him attractive? Really? If Tai found another, more attractive person, would they still be together?

This is why I think we should go beyond ‘what’ and ask ‘why’.

Consider the following questions (by the way, I’ll continue using the same names because it’s my OTP and I can cry if I want to):

  • What does Tai get from being in a relationship with Matt?
  • Why is this getting X so important to Tai?

Yeah, when we look at relationships like that it can become pretty depressing. But it’s kind of true. As selfish creatures we often strive to get what we want. Looking at it from that point of view, aren’t most real-life relationships 2-Dimensional? I think they tend to be, but I’m not the person to say if that is good or bad. After all, a relationship that’s basically a time-bomb makes for a great story.

But I think there’s more to it than that. I think that a truly meaningful relationship, where both parties long not only for their own benefit but the benefit of the other, are hard to come by, both in fiction and in real life.

I will leave you with the following:

Look at your characters, consider what they get from the relationship, why do they choose to be with this partner (of all the people in the universe), and — above all — what does this character bring into the relationship?

I think (personally) that the best of all relationships are those where both parties long to make their partner happy. It’s like taking care of a fruit-bearing tree. You can find fruit anywhere you go, but if you care and love for that tree, you will together gain something that could’ve have never existed otherwise c;

I think they call that ‘love.’

I hope this helps! If you, or any of my dear followers, has any more questions, please send them my way :D

Keep Writing~

Mamoru on Tumblr
  • MC:"You should start a Tumblr, Mamoru! Then we can follow each other!"
  • Mamoru:"Ah, what a pain. Sounds like too much work."
  • MC:"Really? You don't even have to post regularly. Literally all you have to do is make an account and press the follow botton."
  • Mamoru:"Geez, woman! Stop naggin' me and I'll make a darn Tumblin' account."
  • MC:"It's Tumblr."
  • Mamoru:"That's what I said."
  • (Several days later...)
  • Baba:*laughing* "This is great!"
  • Ota:"If I'd known you were this funny, I would've followed you ages ago!"
  • Hishikura:"You appear to have a talent for social media."
  • Hikaru:"Oh my goodness, look how dumb MC looks in this picture!" *laughs hysterically*
  • Luke:"Her bone structure is exquisite."
  • MC:*bursts into the room* "Mamoru!"
  • Mamoru:"Huh?"
  • MC:"Stop posting embarrassing pictures of me on Tumblr!"
  • Luke:"I think they're sexy."
  • MC:*shivers*
  • Baba:"Lu's creepy opinion aside, they're cute, MC. You have nothing to worry about."
  • MC:*blushes* "Really?"
  • Mamoru:"That's it! I'm deleting this stupid thing!"
  • Soryu:*giggles*
  • Mamoru:*angrily tapping his phone* "!? Why isn't the delete button workin'!?"
  • Hikaru & Soryu:*high five*
  • Soryu:"You are a talented hacker."
  • Hikaru:"Oh please. The credit goes to you; it was your brilliant idea."
  • Baba:"I sense a bromance brewing..."
  • Ota:"OMG! Look what they did to Kishi's account!" *shows Baba the phone while laughing hysterically*
  • Baba:*rolling on the floor laughing*
  • Mamoru:*looks at his phone* "!!!! Where did you get those pictures of me!?!?!?"
  • MC:"Awww, look! That's when you hit your head on the stairs and your personality changed."
  • Eisuke:"There's a video. What luck."
  • Hishikura:"You are the police."
  • Mamoru:"Shhhhh."

I’m not defending Kanye’s lyrics or weird ass video but it’s just weird Taylor completely does a 180 from that respectful back and forth discussion just over the user of “bitch” in a hip-hop song, a genre she claims to love so much, and in a song she and Kanye talked about how nobody is going to take it seriously anyway as it’s not meant to be. She is happy and publicly sings along to songs like Backseat Freestyle and Jumpman in TV spots and Instagram and yet those and manyany other hiphop songs uses the word nonchalantly. Now all of a sudden she’s offended by it because she finds herself in that place, in a much less serious use too? It just does sound like she flipped script when she saw others upset about the song. I just wish she was genuine about her feelings from the get go and not doubling down on this.

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hello! your blog is amazing and your answers have motivated me to write, so thank you. here's the thing: i've been wanting to be a writer since i was little, but when i told my parents in the first place, they said i couldn't do it as job, that i couldn't earn enough money by writing alone, unless i wrote a huge bestseller or something. writing is a hobby to them, and so, i don't feel like i can say that this is what i want to do with my life. i do, but i want them to be proud of me, you know?

Hello, dear anon~ ♥︎

Congratulations! You have unlocked an achievement :D

I have actually answered an ask similar to yours in the past. I recommend you give it a looksie c;

Now, as an added bonus, I’m going to tell you something else. You’re probably young (and that’s good!) so take my advice because this will save you a lot of worrying in the years to come, okay?

You don’t have any control over anyone’s feelings.

  • You can’t make your parents feel proud of you.
  • You can’t make anyone like you.
  • You can’t make anyone love you.

You can make it easier for them, by sacrificing your time and energy, but you cannot MAKE THEM, you can only make it easier for them– and yet again, what have you gained? Nothing. You’re gambling. Putting trust coins into a slot machine hoping that love comes out.

Sadly, that’s not how life works. You don’t have control over the people around you. You can influence them– but you can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do.

And most importantly– you should not have your happiness be dependent on things you have no control over.

Dear Anon, write. Enjoy the act of writing. Let it be the one thing that makes you happy above the rest– and never waste a second worrying what people will think of you. Some will love you. Some will hate you. Some may… in time, be proud of you. But you have no control over it.

So, focus on what you have control over. Your writing. Your craft. Your time. Spend it wisely, and… be happy, always be happy. Life is too darn short to be worrying about people’s opinions.

I hope this helps~ ♥︎

This was answered as part of M. Kirin’s Writing Advice Blitz! For writerly advice, prompts, and more, follow!

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I literally can't take Servamp seriously bc it sound too much like 'Svamp' which means mushroom in my language And I just can't everytime I see Servamp I just think mushrooms and I can't read the summary with a straight face at all omfg what is wrong with me "Mahiru is pulled into the Servamp war between the seven deadly Servamps and their eighth sibling..." seven deadly mushrooms hahah ok I haven't slept in like a couple of days let's blame it on that

Honestly me neither. The opening is so metal but the show can be super light hearted and the art style is frickin’ cute I can’t take it seriously when it’s trying to be dark I’m-. Rip anon tho. I personally wouldn’t mind an anime about mushrooms.

AH. Also I have another good anime rec! A gay anime rec! A gaynime rec!

It’s called Fukigen na Mononokean

Summary (very accurate): Cute son of a florists gets haunted by yokai (thei  r soo n to be futu r e son nice) and mr hottie ends up helping him out but now cute florist son is in debt and has to work for his soon to be hubby. They are literally a married couple.

Is Keeping Silent The Right Thing To Do?

Let me start by saying I respect the decision of those who choose not to speak to the journalist about the vileness of WS/PC. I actually think there is enough evidence on sm to make his point without needing to interview fans. But every day I read comments from people asking “how does he get away with this?” And I see how outraged people are by their bullying and hypocrisy. It hurts me to see fans and people I like treated like scum and publicly humiliated with lies. So it bothers me a little when I see bloggers urging others not to speak out. I don’t know the guy or what his agenda is so maybe people are justified not speaking to him but the message sounds too much like “just ignore it because we might make it worse for ourselves and others”. How could it get worse? I hope every day that somebody blows the lid off this and exposes those 2 for the bullies they are!! I don’t think silence is the answer to this. I think keeping silent only empowers the bullies and abusers. Nor is it right to keep quiet in order to protect our favorite actors from any negative publicity. They have paid professionals to do that for them and if negative publicity is a concern they (he) should have thought about that long ago. Sam is an adult and I personally feel no responsibility to protect his reputation especially since he doesn’t seem to think there’s an issue. What about the reputation of those who have been wrongly targeted? Just giving an alternate point of view.

dad says big girls don’t cry, so i learn how to make others cry. i become sharper, a weapon worthy of his arsenal.

i learn that big girls hurt in other ways as well. we drink too much, talk with our fists and make laugher sound like a vulgar thing. we break our own hearts and pretend we don’t care when someone else does.

we walk barefoot on glass but it’s alright. we can bleed to show we’re alive but we should always keep our feelings inside.

—  big girls don’t cry, s.g

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I don't mean to sound rude but I really hate the double standard that Roman fans have to be nice or express their feelings in a certain way when I've seen fans of other wrestlers be really mean and sometimes harass others for having different opinions. (Did you see that one fan overeacting about John Cena hugging Dean as if he was coming to take his spot) Yet Roman's fans are the ones who are always told they're overreacting and being too sensitive or at least that's what I've seen most often.

I agree. There’s seems to be a double standard among WWE fans that Reigns’ fans are too sensitive. That Reigns’ fans should keep their mouths shut. That Reigns’ fans opinions don’t matter. That Reigns’ fans aren’t allowed to talk about anyone else. And this all centers around the one fact that they dislike Roman. Therefore they disrespect his fans and try to invalidate them as much as possible.

Too sensitive sounds like a stupid thing to say to a fan of Roman. We have seen people tweet that they hope Roman’s daughter (AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING WHO HASN’T EVEN REACHED ADOLESCENCE) gets raped. How fucking sick and demented is that? Like yeah, you hate the guy, but jeez. You’re talking about wishing someone to forcibly have sex with a minor because she’s related to Roman. We’ve seen people take tragedies and wish Roman had been there to get shot/murdered. Again. A real life human being portraying a character on television. Someone’s son, brother, father. Too sensitive? Nah. We just don’t like sick twisted people saying insensitive (disgusting) things.

People tend to associate Roman’s fans with idiots. People who are only supporting him because of his looks or something along those lines. If someone likes Roman because of his looks, where’s the crime? It doesn’t hurt you. (Well maybe it hurts your pride.) It doesn’t hurt the company. Roman’s a good looking guy. What’s the problem with finding him attractive? Absolutely nothing. But when someone finds attraction to another human being, it’s immediately associated with shallowness, being simplistic, superficial, and therefore “taking away from the wrestling”. What the fuck kind of logic is that? “That person only likes him because of his looks therefore he can’t wrestle, he can’t talk, and he’s only here to be pretty.” What? He’s attractive; let your “nice boys finish last” mindset go. It’s disgusting.

If Roman fans talked a quarter of the shit people talk about Roman, we would be driven off the face of the Earth. The problem is, people are looking for every excuse to invalidate Roman’s fans, to demonize Roman’s fans, and stereotype us. I will admit, there are fans of Roman who are awful and spend their time talking shit and sending insulting messages to other people. Most Roman fans only wanna protect Roman. But, when someone says something about another wrestler, people attack it and immediately start invalidating our opinions. Because they already don’t like Roman, so his fans are equaled in their disdain. Everyone talks shit, but it tends to be the Roman fans that are crucified for it, because by tearing down Roman’s fans, they’re, in a way, getting to Roman. I think anyway.. we’re walking on eggshells over here.

Another thing is that Roman fans are categorized as women and children. And that somehow is a bad thing? Somehow it doesn’t count? Showing support for someone starts with a decision. It takes a thought process, emotions, and feeling connected to a certain wrestler to say “Okay, I support this person and I’m gonna stick by them through this shit.” For every male I see wearing merch, I see a woman wearing the exact same thing. They payed the same price. They waited in line. They saved up their money. For every male I see with their ass in a seat, I see a woman sitting right next to them. For every male watching a three hour long television show on a Monday night, there’s a woman watching, too. 

WWE is a commitment. You have to like wrestling for you to be committed to five hours of television a week and if you have the network, watch the programs, tournaments, etc. Children are the same. They cheer for their favorites. They sit through hours of wrestling. They enjoy the shit out of it.

I don’t see why women and children don’t count as true fans when they do the exact same thing the male demographic does. But this goes back to the patriarchy, men are more important than women, their opinions are more important, what they have to say is more important.. as far as I know, we all got brains and the thought process it takes to get through wrestling. We are no different.

I buy all the merch I can get my hands on, I attend all the live events in my area, I pay for the network, I watch RAW/Smackdown every week, and I support my favorites. The one thing I don’t do is go around trash talking wrestlers and other blogs because I don’t like that specific wrestler. So, if someone’s gonna say I can’t open my mouth because their dislike for Roman categorizes me as “stupid” and “sensitive”, your ass is getting schooled. The double standards are too much.

People are allowed to dislike Roman, but I’m not gonna keep quiet in fear that people won’t like me. People already don’t like me. They hate that I support Roman, when in reality they really shouldn’t give a shit. I have no affect on their lives whatsoever. It’s only because Reigns has continued support despite the “rejection”. People still support him when the normal is to hate Reigns.

I feel like I don’t have my thoughts in order, but this is, I guess, most of what I wanted to say.

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I need a hug actually. I've been working on this story for years probably, but unfortunately the story has taken a turn where it is simply not what I love to write about anymore. Nor is the depressing subject matter really worth my mental health. I looked at the reasons why I started and it isn't enough. It has come to a point now where I have to say "This isn't going to work anymore." I just feel like such a failure now. :( Have you ever just had to let a project go?

Hello there, writerly friend~

I’m sorry to hear about your situation :c I totally understand why it would feel so disheartening to realize, after years of working on a story, that it has become something that no longer makes you happy. I have known people in your same situation, people who spent years upon years on a project and they arrived at a point where they realized they weren’t doing it because they liked it— but because they didn’t want to waste all of the ‘work’ they had put in to it.

I learned from their mistakes. I have always made sure to work on the things that excite me, and I always focus on one project at time so that I don’t ever see the flame flicker… but, what about you? What about your situation?

I may not have had to let go of a book, but I have had to let go of many other things that were not making me happy anymore. Jobs, money, people, even ‘love.’

The thing is this:

We have limited time on this planet.

The most foolish way to live is to spend one’s time doing the things that do not make us happy. I have talked in the past about the mentality that writing may be a waste of time, and some of you already know my feelings— but I will reprise of them now.

If you feel like it’s time to let go of that book, then let go of it. You do not owe anyone your time, and your passion. Yes, I am the one person in the world who will tell you to write regardless of everything— but I am not about to force you to write something that doesn’t make you happy.

Life is far too short to spend it being miserable by choice.

As for the ‘work’ you put into that book… it was by no means a ‘waste.’ Runners who lose a race do not look at all their training as a ‘waste.’ Everything you do to improve your writing — every word, every paragraph, every page — has helped you become a better writer.

You are better now because you worked on that book. Let go of it. Maybe some day you will revisit it. Maybe you will never look at it again. What matters is not the years you spent, or the years that are coming, but what you do with the time you have now.

Today is a new day, writerly friend. Go off and start a new story. You have the entire universe at your command— find a story that excites you, and let it set you aflame~ ♥︎

Oh, and I almost forgot… *hugs*

I am always willing to give a writerly friend a hug c;

Today is a new day, so let’s write!