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send √ for a long-winded confession text

Text Meme

[text] I know it’s early morning but I can’t stop thinking.

[text] I lied. I lied to you. Last week when you asked if I was uncomfortable with you staying with David and I said no. I am.  You are not the same with him as you are with me. You are reckless and always seeking to prove him wrong somehow. I don’t dislike him, in fact, I check in with him regularly about you, it’s just that I worry about you. I worry about you more than you can imagine. I want to keep you to myself and hide you away from the world. Whenever you are away from me you always get into some sort of trouble. It sounds selfish, I know. That’s why I didn’t say anything before. But it’s true! Please just don’t do anything stupid while we are apart.