that sounds kinda cute


boy: *flirts with me*

me: haha nice

girl: *says that i’m hot*

me: my crops are watered, my skin is clear, my hair is shining, my depression is cured, world peace is achieved, and i can finally rest easy. god bless.

Random thought about the new comic and Sombra and McCree

How come no one has thought that maybe Sombra and McCree are dating?

I know, I know, McHanzo and all that but still. Seeing as this fandom literately ships characters that have little to no interactions in game or in the lore-I’m just curious why no one thought the two might be together.

Sombra doesn’t mention McCree in her web of info in her backstory and it seems weird that she’d be hanging with him on Christmas. And if she was just stalking him then /why/ during Christmas?

They’re the same age, possible share the same Hispanic background, have a mutual acquaintance(Reaper) and it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine that Sombra met Jesse while they were wandering around. I dunno, just a thought.

I’m not saying I ship it (sounds kinda cute though) and I’m still a heavy McHanzo shipper but like…this fandom has shipped teacher/student, brother/brother, tank/support, Aussie/guy who probably wants to kill said Aussie, human/monkey, human/Omnic and MCCHANZO….I’m surprised no one (or no one I’ve seen so far) actually declare this a ship.

Tell me what you guys think because I’m curious as hell. Also if it’s because it’s a ‘straight ship’ just don’t.

(Also if this becomes a thing then may I offer the ship be called Sombrero? (Sombra and Vaquero?) or maybe somcree? McBra?

if u know any groups that are extra affectionate (i.e: topp dogg & imfact) pls hmu ok

shaelit  asked:

Hi hi hi beg pardon, but I just saw your N&S tags. Have you never watched North and South before?!

nope! i’ve been meaning to since seeing gifs of it on tumblr a while ago but i always say “book first” and then proceed to not read the book. but now i’m actually reading the book, so,

nonbinaryhadeskid  asked:

Lamsfayette/laflams wedding thing I've been thinking about: None of them really want to walk down the aisle with their parent, with Lafs family being in France- I believe- , John's family not being supportive, and well Alex's family being Alex's family. So they all walked down together, arms linked until they got all the way down the aisle. And idk how they'd stand but yeah this idea sounded kinda cute in my head. Sounds kinda sad though....

I think about this too. 

Lafayette’s parents and grandmother are passed away. So they are out. I feel like he would escort a good friend (like Angelica or his childhood friend Adrienne) down the aisle. He also might come in alone.

Alex would absolutely insist on walking alone, most likely.

When John marries Alex, I like to think at the last minute Henry shows up and walks him down the aisle. 

Also, I’m an idiot. When Alex marries Lafayette, John would walk him down the aisle, DUH. 

thesugarbandit replied to your post “By any chance, do you recall anyone depicting Septic Sam with a voice?”

i always thought he would make gurgling sounds like octodad or something

oh dang that’s kinda cute actually. Like, gurgling and just soft lil vibration sounds, like purring. cutttieeeee

caustic-synishade replied to your post “caustic-synishade replied to your post “By any chance, do you recall…”

imagine him doing sign language with his nerve thing

!!!!!! yes !!!!!!!!!!