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There are photos of fans meeting Pearl Mackie in her WEAT weathered grey 'rags' outfit on location in the countryside in the daytime with Peter Capaldi; contextually, this is the place they filmed 'The Doctor Falls' and the place that is visible in many of the scenes shown in the next-time trailer! I'm CONVINCED she gets out of this one!


Words said in Anger

@shangst-week​ I missed day 1 but hopefully this makes up for it.

Day 2 Prompt: Anger/Depression (why not a bit of both)

Words: 2934

Summary: Shiro has a nightmare, Lance tries to help, Lance does not help.

The last droid disappeared in a blaze of blue just before it hit the ground. Lance exhaled heavily as he lowered his rifle, pausing for a moment to get his heartrate under control. Slowly he let the thoughts of his teammates in danger, that drive which fuelled his training, fade away. He rolled his neck to the left and right, deactivated his bayard and made to leave, when all of a sudden familiar arms wrapped round his waist and the room started spinning around him.

“Nice work Sharpshooter!” Shiro exclaimed. His voice was light with laughter as he spun Lance round, hoisting him up like he weighed nothing at all.

“Shiro!” Lance squealed. He grabbed on tight to Shiro’s arms and tried to sound serious and commanding. The hysterical laughter may have ruined his composure a bit. “Put me down! I’m disgusting and sweaty, and stop! Kissing! My! Neck! You dork!”

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merpancake replied to your post: My carrot and ginger soup (which is my favourite…

Hmmm so any chance I could snag the recipe from you?

I don’t have a recipe so I’m gonna wing it:

What you need:

Soup pot (large pot for lots of soup, small pot for…smaller amounts).
Stick blender

Carrots (like a kilo or kilo and a half)
Onions - you only need one. I use three though.
Ginger (fresh is best) - I use about two-three teaspoons, but if you’re just starting out, add one and adjust.
Garlic (fresh also good) - I use genuinely about 15 cloves, you do not need this many. Five is a good start, lol.
Rosemary (fresh good, dry works) - add at end to taste.
Stock cubes - I use vegetarian beef lol, because I was taught how to make this by a vegetarian, you can use whatever you like. I use 2. 1 is enough. A lot of this soup is ‘adding based on what tastes good’ so it’s better to add more at the end than too much at the beginning. You could add liquid stock in place of water.

Other root vegetables are pretty tasty in this soup. It’s also good to taste one of the carrots first to make sure it’s a sweet carrot, and not a bitter carrot. Otherwise you’ll get that bitter taste all through the soup.

How to do the thing:

Peel things that need peeling. (Carrots etc.)
Roughly chop things that need chopping (Carrots, onions, garlic, ginger). 

(Remember you’re using the stick blender to blend everything later, so you don’t need to worry about things being nicely cut or whatever - except for the garlic and ginger).

Fry ginger and garlic in ghee or butter or margarine in soup pot. Until the house smells really good.

Add onions. Cook until soft and a little see-through.

Add all the rest. (Sans rosemary.)

Add enough water that you can see it, but it doesn’t completely cover the vegetables. You can always boil it off if you add too much, or add more if it’s too little.

Bring to boil and then simmer on low heat for a thousand years with some kind of lid on the pot. Seriously like it takes about 1.5-2 hours for me. This is a soup I like to forget about.

When carrots are soft enough that they can be easily smooshed with a fork or wooden spoon, turn off stove and get your stick blender out. Blend that fucker down.

You should end with a smooth, creamy, orange soup that tastes absolutely incredible given the main ingredient is carrots.

Alter flavours as needed, and add your rosemary. (Put back on stove on low heat for this).

Can be served with sour cream except I don’t like sour cream.

Serve with crusty bread if you like that too!

Have seconds!

Have thirds and try not to think about how many carrots you’ve just consumed….

It will taste better the day after, as most soups do. :D

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i know this is kind of shallow but how did you gain followers so fast? i used to have a ton just being myself at my old blog, and now at my new blog doing the same things i have been stuck at a very low follower count for like a year.

Dear if i had the answer for this, i would tell you.

I don’t even know when it happened, this 4 years have been running pretty fast for me, I’ve changed a lot, I’ve lost and won, and people just… stuck with me?

Even at this point I am not sure what made so many people stay here with me, I LOVE THEM ALL a lot and even though I am flattered I always ask people to please avoid calling me popular or thinking higher on me because after all I am a human like all of you.

Mostly that a number or an audience I like to think of y followers as potential new friends or people I, in one way or another, need to take care of. I find happiness in helping people, being positive, giving advices, talking sweet and being as good as I can, not for me, but for everyone who deserves sweetness, and everyone who is having a sour time right now.

I think it may be that? I don’t do any of that for a fake fame or a need for people to stay (as I’ve said if you don’t like my content or me anymore you are free to leave), I do it because it’s what feels right to me, I love helping people being better, it makes me feel… big, I don’t care a lot about me (I think i suck ass tbh… in the bad way), but I feel some sort of attachment for the people who comes here, they are expecting something and I want to give everyone the best of me, without lying to them in the process, just my honest self.

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Ahhh Shuuneki, my favorite ship <3 I think one of the reasons why I love it so much is because I’ve watched it evolve over the years (I’ve watched it grow up lolol). It used to be a trashy crack ship back in the days when it was still common for Shuu to be called trashiyama (sorry son). And then it started to become obvious that Shuu was changing, and that Kaneki (however cautiously) was willing to accept him despite their history. And people kept arguing over whether or not Shuu still wanted to eat Kaneki but it was so obvious he didn’t, so obvious that he was falling even if he didn’t quite want to admit it to himself yet. And when that scene on the rooftop came out, oh my god it was so heartbreaking but so good and so full emotion and desperation and it was real, it was so so tragic but all those feelings were so real. And as time went on the fics and fanart and portrayals of the ship went from violent and rapey and ooc to sweet and loving and beautiful and that was just so good to see. And at some point or another Shuu’s bio got translated and it straight up said he liked men and women (lowkey in an eating way but if you listen to him talk it’s obvious there’s a sexual element to all that so fuck anyone who doesn’t believe he’s not confirmed bi or pan) but that was a beautiful moment because it made it even more obvious that Shuu was a queer character developing feelings for Kaneki. And Kaneki’s literal first impression of Shuu was to find him attractive and they were working their way toward a trusting relationship and being book nerd buddies and it was just a lovely time. And when :re had it’s Tsukiyama arc, that’s when tokyo ghoul hit it’s peak imo, it was just such an emotional experience. Seeing Shuu develop even more and seeing his love for Kaneki become more and more cannon by the day but also seeing him reach a point where he let go of his unhealthy obsession was just so good. And now that they’ve been reunited again… it’s obviously not been everything I’d hoped for, not even close, but if nothing else it’s still been good to see them have that trusting relationship they were working toward before, and to see Shuu being one of the most important people in Kaneki’s life. I’ve read plenty of times writers commenting on how sometimes characters do things on their own, things that surprise them and that they didn’t plan for. I don’t think that shuuneki was ever meant to be canon, but I personally feel that they chose each other in that strange way that fictional characters sometimes act on their own. And in the end it doesn’t even matter how much Ishida and/or the editorial staff try to push tou//ken through or how much of a disaster tg ends up being. To me, Shuu and Kaneki will always be a perfect fit for each other, two people that can (and already have!) support each other through bad times and good and help each other grow to become better and stronger people. 

i’m usually someone who doesn’t care about remastered albums n stuff i usually don’t notice any difference but with oknotok bitch i noticed and it okc sounded even better and the second half of karma police legit made me cry bc i love that part so much and it sounded even better somehow


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