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you know what i really love thinking about? what kind of pokemon games and just pokemon stuff in general a character would like 

hau would learn more towards the side games but loves all pokemon games. he probably needs at least 2 tissue boxes when playing pmd. takes 3+ hours deciding on his team because there’s too many good pokemon. spends too much time in amie/refresh, also gets sidetracked doing extra things. probably has 50 extra hours clocked in because of that.  i bet he loves making poffins. just wants to have a fun time in general

gladion would enjoy games that are more battle orientated; i can see him liking pokemon rumble a lot!! would probably try to get into (serious) competitive battling and quit in one day. is a sore loser whenever he loses though. honestly….i wouldn’t be surprised if he nicknamed his pokemon…. like hau, would also spend too much time in amie/refresh. probably secretly likes art academy, and is pretty good at it.

lillie would def be a side game person. I could also see her enjoying pokemon pinball and the ranger games. Once hau & sm protag would do enough convincing she would eventually hop onto the main games, but she prefers the ones that are story driven (so bw & sm, dppt). tries to complete the pokedex because she enjoys reading the entries. loves pokemon lore

Thank you @themythicalgarden for tagging me in your post! :) Here are 16 facts about me. 

(I apologize ahead of time. These are really fucking long and probably not as coherent as I hoped they’d be.) 

1. The earliest memory I have of The Beatles is watching a commercial for their 1 album when it was first released. I still have vivid memories of sitting in my living room and watching that clip of Paul singing “Hey Jude.” To this day, that song is one of my top favorite Beatles songs because of that commercial.

2. I owe most of my classic rock appreciation to one of my brothers. He got me into bands like The Beatles, Wings, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and now Yes. The rest of my appreciation goes to my parents who introduced me to artists and bands like Elton John, The Eagles, and Linda Ronstadt. 

3. Despite being a lazy writer, I write a lot of poetry and also some short fiction, creative nonfiction, and fanfiction on rare occasions. So far, I’ve had three poems published: one in my undergrad’s literary and art magazine and two in an online literary journal. I love writing about music and my favorite bands/artists of the times. 

4. My favorite hot drink is coffee even though I drink tea more often because of the caffeine content. Tea’s my second favorite hot drink and my third is hot cocoa. At one point, I tried drinking hot water but lost interest after a few weeks or so. I don’t mind it but would prefer something with flavor.

5. I’ve worn mismatching socks every day since I was a junior in high school (so about 9 years ahaha). On extremely rare occasions, I’ll wear matching socks. :P

6. I’m quite introverted and shy offline but have realized I tend to talk a lot online. I think my recent posts are the most I’ve made since I joined this website. That being said, it takes a lot of guts for me to talk to people because of my shyness plus I’m awkward af. I’m not great at keeping conversations going and don’t always have something to say. But, I do enjoy talking to people, particularly about music and pets. 

7. I’ve worn prescription glasses for half (if not most) of my life. I’ve also worn contact lenses from when I was 15 until I was 19 or 20 when I switched back to glasses. The only times I miss my contacts are when I go to theme parks and when it rains or snows heavily (and sometimes when I lie sideways on the couch :P).

8. My hair is naturally blonde and has stayed that way since I was a babe (with the exception of that one time in freshman year of college when I had a red streak in my hair). I’ve thought about dying it many times but have never gone out to do it.

9. I get really pumped when I start something like a new writing project, a TV series, or a goal but have a hard time finishing it. A lot of times, I give up and move on to something else. But, if it’s very important to me, I’ll either stay with it or drop it and then pick it back up when I’m ready. 

10. I’d rather sleep in a cold room and wrap layers of blankets around me than sleep in a hot room. 

11. I drew a lot as a kid and at one point wanted to be a cartoonist. I don’t do it very often anymore but did go through another period of excessive drawing when I moved back to Missouri (to cope with the change and because I wanted to draw my favorite band at the time, The Monkees). Part of me still wants to learn how to draw better and find my own style. If I do, I’ll probably go back to drawing cartoony things. I’ve always loved cartoons.

12. I attended my first and only The Who concert this past March and haven’t looked back since. Their music is one thing that has kept me going this year. :’) 

13. I’m not exactly sure if I can relate to any famous person. I suppose the closest one I have related to is Pete Townshend. The drinking and drugs don’t relate to me as much as the self-deprecating attitude, isolation, naivety, talking before thinking, vivid imagination, love for music and the arts, and will to continue despite tough times do. Oh, and the big nose. And yet, we’re not a 100% match, either. He definitely has a more complex mind than I do and can articulate his thoughts and ideas (well, except for Lifehouse) more coherently than I can. But despite that, I do like to think we have some things in common and that he’s someone I can look up to if I’m in a rut. 

14. I like astrology even though I don’t take it too seriously. If anything, it’s a fascinating subject and fun to see how accurate your signs relate to your personality (for anyone who’s curious, I have an Aries sun, a Cancer moon, and a Pisces ascendant). 

15. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. :P

16. My favorite music to listen to while studying and/or writing is instrumental piano music. I used to listen to the radio but would get too distracted by favorite songs, bad receptions, or other things. So, I try to stick with instrumental music now because it’s less distracting without being too quiet. 

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(And, if you do this but would rather write like 10 things about yourself or can’t think of 16, that’s fine, too. Write as little or as much as you’d like.)

Do you ever just get fed up with school
Like I really want to learn and gain knowledge and study literature and read and learn about philosophy and actually THINK
BUT ALL WE’Re Given is standardized tests where you just have to memorize and regurgitate information and give them what they want
I mean I’ve been a perfectionist and I try to get straight As and stuff but then sometimes I realize that it’s not even really worth anything and I’M JUST FED UP WITH THE SYSTEM OKAY


UNSPKN part 66

Where Papyrus stops dead.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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