that sounds good

When you realize that you have the credentials to work from home as a care worker for people with disabilities (mental or physical) essentially as a live in nurse.

When you realize you’d be focusing on 1-3 people max.

When you realize that means no more working for a soul sucking private health care corporation.

When you realize it means keeping low risk people out of hospitals.

When you realize that to top it all off you’re paid boat loads of money from the government because paying you is still cheaper than up keeping more hospital space.


what is art? this is art

  • dan stevens: -appears-
  • me: nice
  • dan stevens: speaks, sings, growls, makes a noise of any kind
  • me: WoAaaaH, Man! stop for a hot second there !!!!!! i'm not diddly dang okay with you parading in here all /!!!!!!/ like this. be considerate, there are other people in this world? no one will ever sound like that again adn do you know how DEVASTATINGG that is? check your privilege and maybe think about other peoples feelings? don't make people's lives peak like that, it's unfair to the moments people will live w/ out your voice jsyk

TWICE covering Seventeen’s Pretty U in TWICELAND


pls watch this shes truly an angel