that sounded really gay

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Could you make a list with your favourite rosemary fanfics?


this is just a list off the top of my head, there are SO MANY good rosemary fics out there tbh

  • Friend: Hey are you ok?
  • Me: Yeah I'm fine
  • My brain: Can we all just take a moment and realize what life would of actually been like if Connor didn't kill himself? I mean Connor was the only one to sign Evans cast and he even said "let's pretend we both have friends" he knows that Evan isn't a very social person and can't make a lot of friends either so Connor would most likely go back to Evan from time to time. Evan would feel a little awkward at first but would probably start to confide in Connor, thinking of him as a support system and the only one there for him and Connor would think the same about Evan. After time I bet they would become best friends and probably be bullied by everyone. They would go through times where they feel like they should just go away and not live anymore but they would never do it without telling the other first because they know that the other is going through the same thing and that they will know how to help. Soon they would start dating. They would secretly think of themselves as the perfect pair while everyone just looked at them and say "those freaks are meant for each other!" But they know why they are the perfect pair. It's because they can trust one another and can be there for one another and they know that if one of them decides that they want to leave and forget all the pain in their lives the other one would never be the same. They will both stay strong for each other. For forever.
  • Me: *tearing up* I'm totally fine

okay this is going to sound really gay, but fall is literally the best time to fall in love? you can go on cute coffee dates, make pumpkin carvings together, wear each other’s sweaters and kiss in a pile of leaves or smth, while all the trees are super pretty and you’re just happy and in love with her and life. it’s the best.

“Why are so many LGBT people leaving Holy Mother Church??! must be the fact that they are selfish and only care about sex and earthly pleasures™ smh. It is literally impossible that it might be something I’m doing or a way I’m behaving towards them. I love gay people, I just mock them, treat them like aliens at church, make blatant (and usually false) assumptions about them, fail to pray for them when a tragedy strikes their community, pressure the exclusively gay and lesbian ones into marriage, call gay clergy and religious a disease that eats the church, belittle their spirituality, and advocate adamantly for the ability to legally discriminate against them. I obviously love them and see Christ in them! They are just too spoiled and selfish to see the Light. They want to do their own thing and reject Holy Mother Church. It’s not me, it’s them.”

  • Song cover : *changes pronouns in song to make it sound straight*
  • Me: :/
  • Song cover : *doesnt change pronouns and sounds really gay*
  • Me: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌💜💜💜💜💜💜

[singing though tears] Gotta get back,, back to the past,, Samurai Jack (watchoww)

What I love about the whole “you’re too pretty to be a lesbian uwu” and “you’re only gay because you couldn’t get a guy to date you” is that its so, so so wrong. Like I have to move mountains and dig the Suez canal to get a girl to go on a date with me but go on a dating app and set your settings to straight and there are guys slamming down your door in Dominos delivery time