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Out of all the songs on the S3 soundtrack, which ones do you think are the most revealing about Even's POV?

hi my anon! this is an interesting question! i’m sorry for the late reply, i just wanted to give it some thought first. i really like replying to you guys, but sometimes it’s hard to explain my thinking in coherent sentences (there’s also the fact that i’m not a native english speaker). anyway, the soundtrack plays an important role, it’s almost like an invisible character of its own. everything is told through isak’s pov, so you sort of assume that the songs are mostly reflecting his feelings, but when Even casually confesses that he’d been pining for Isak since the very first day of school it changes the way you look at some scenes. so i’m going to try and take a look at some of the songs in the light of that revelation.

nas - the message
this is the song that plays when Isak and Even are getting high by the windowsill, talking about nas. there’s a line that goes i never sleep ‘cause sleep is the cousin to death in this song and Even refers to it in his first drawing, but it’s actually a sample from his earlier song n.y. state of mind which is on the album illmatic which is the album Isak proclaims to be the best one ever made, so i’m not sure which song Even’s referring to with that line. i feel like they listened to illmatic together and not this song? anyway, there’s a lot going in this song, part of it is a diss track, but there’s a verse that goes we used to score together, uptown coppin’ the rawbut a thug changes and love changes and best friends become strangers, word up, which i feel like could give some insight into Even’s pov. he’s changed schools, lost contact with his old friends, and his relationship is about to collapse. it also fits with his idea of having to lose something in order to have it forever.

5 fine frøkner by gabrielle
i’m sure we all know this song by now. it plays right after Even’s confessed he’s never felt like this before, and Even’s the one lip syncing to it. i think this is a shared pov, and the lyrics tell us what it is that they’re feeling and have never felt before. the lyrics can also be interpreted as foreshadowing Even’s mania, but i don’t agree with people who found this scene unnerving. falling in the never felt like this kind of love can resemble mania in the sense that you feel invincible and you can hardly sit down because you’re constantly high on feeling and you make some very bad decisions.

high for this by the weeknd
so this is a very hedonistic song, there’s sex and rolling. they take a a lift all the way up to have some sexy times so it’s a fitting song. Even’s manic episode begins after this song, and i’ve seen a few comments where the whole high for this scene is viewed as sad because of it. and i disagree. there’s sex and rolling, which seem like things Even is into because he strikes me as a man who appreciates wordly pleasures, but i think the lyric i’m right here is also important here in the sense that even when Even’s having a manic episode, he’s still Even, he’s still there. it’s not a lie. his feelings are not a lie.

so these are my contenders for the run but feel free to disagree!

edit. i forgot i’m kissing you!!! ahhhh!!!!! because Even is the ultimate romantic and in that moment he probably does let himself think that he’ll be better, he’ll be stronger, it’s all going to work out for them. gift to me forever is such an Even line because he’s a little obsessed with forever.

I am Ivaris.

I absolutely adored Moana.  It was fun, adorable, and just a really, really good animated film.  I also loved the music and spammed the soundtrack for a couple of weeks after I saw it (ongoing hue).  Also because it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda music and omg.

Anyway, Ive being the goofball he is decided that he would camp my head while I spammed the sound track and what do you know “I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)” fits his post-HoT breakdown and healing process rather well.  And I couldn’t get it out of my head so I ran with it.  Welp.

The lyrics are all from the film, although I’ve been tempted to write an Ive version because he won’t leave it alone.  xD

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Eyy what are your favorite Bring Me the Horizon songs? I really like And The Snakes Start To Sing and The House of Wolves! c:


I think my favorites are Shadow Moses and Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake, but I also ADORE your choices!

Tbh that album is my favorite out of the 100 that I own XD

Hi yall happy 2017, i hope everyone had fun during the holidays!! kuroken hugs bc why not

this is like my favorite comfort song rn

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Thank you in advance, I love u peeps

honestly, exo’s speech at mama really confirmed what i had first thought; they were expecting to be replaced by the newer groups.

i think it was all the small things that made them feel like this?? like the really long time between love me right and monster/lucky one and obviously, the rapidly rising popularity of groups like bts, got7, svt , monsta x, etc etc
it’s the change in demand of boy groups as well. a pretty face and nice vocals and good dancing will no longer pull it off, you have to have a pretty face, perfect vocals, perfect dancing, perfect rapping, perfect songs, and a perfect personality. chen, baekhyun and chanyeol’s ridiculous improvement in dance really shows how hard they worked to keep up with the others.

when baekhyun said that he didn’t think that exo did a lot this year, i think he means that , compared to other groups, it seems like they haven’t done a lot this year.

it breaks my heart to think that exo expected to sit at the awards and watch the younger groups get the awards. i think they’re finally doing what they really want, with the composing and creating they’re finally doing.

i really really want them to know that we appreciate what they’re doing. that despite the painful setbacks and letdowns, we know how hard they’re working. i want them to know that we know how hard they’ve been working these few months, how little sleep they’ve had and how much they’ve sacrificed.

an idol’s number one fear is usually losing popularity, but i don’t think exo is that shallow. i think they’re scared of letting themselves and us all down.

i want them to gain confidence from this year. i want them to know that they will always be at the top for all of us, and they’ll never ever let me down


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)

  • Heavydirtysoul: "this is not rap" ARE YOU SURE TYLER?! ARE YOU REALLY SURE?! + street poetry lyrics I'm crying
  • Stressed out: insecurity + anti-capitalist vibes
  • Ride: reggae-techno-emo-rap
  • Fairly local: that one high note. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Tear in my heart: the cutesy love song we all need TBH
  • Lane boy: remember when you thought the ode to sleep rap was hard? AHAHAHAHAHA
  • The judge: weird ass noise in the beginning + ukulele + freeeeEEEEEEEE
  • Doubt: k but the beginning part sound like cats meowing really fast
  • Polarize: low key makes it feel like you're in a rap video
  • We don't believe what on tv: JOSHHHHHHHHH + YEYEYE
  • Message man: chill af + dat bassline tho
  • Hometown: supercool alt-rock vibes
  • Not today: "this ones a contradiction because of how happy it sounds" LIKE ALL YOUR FUCKIN MUSIC?!?! THIS IS WHY IM SO EMOTIONALLY CONFUSED
  • Goner: I'm crying AGAIN + the tiNY BEAN IS SCREAMING AGAIN


Q. When does Suga’s energy level go up? 

JH: Hope! Hope!! 

V: This is hard..

JH: When he sings the ‘Otsukare’ song? 

RM: I think I really know this. The answer is when Suga-ssi speaks Japanese. 

ARMYs: Eh~? 

RM: When he says [Imitating] ‘I’m suga the genius’ 

V: When his interest comes up (is brought up in a conversation) 

MC: That’s correct. 

V: Suga hyung is um… he’s a quiet person but when someone talks about something he knows he’s really noisy. 

JH: Suga hyung gets really excited when talking about music equipments. [Imitating] ‘This is good, this is better than this one’ (lol) 

MC: Suga-ssi, what kind of talk makes you excited? 

SG: when i.. 

MC: Real estate?? 

V: He’s noisy when talking about real estate 

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One Night

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 2,871

Summary: Reader and Bucky have been friends with benefits for a long time, but one of them developed feelings for the other despite their ground rules.

Warnings: protected sex (that’s a first), some slight fluff if you squint really hard.

Author’s Note: So this is another fanfic inspired by a song. This time Ed Sheeran’s One Night did the job. And this was originally going to be an Ed fic, but I opted to turn it into a Bucky one because, well, Bucky, that’s why. As always, let me know if there’s any typo.

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A/N: This one is inspired by the song Imagination by Shawn Mendes from his album ‘Handwritten’. It’s my favorite song of his so automatically I started building up this story after hearing the song for the first time :-) x

Pairing: Y/N/Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: Even after 19 years of falling in and out of love Ashton still can’t tell whether his feelings for his childhood best friend Y/N are reality or just a stupid imagination

If it wasn’t for the fact that he felt the whole ball room seemed to light up by the single glance he gave towards the entrance, he would have been more interested in his feet and the glass of bobbling light pink champagne. 

Voices were crowding around his ears with different conversions but he wasn’t taking part in any of them, settling down with furrowing his eyebrows and barely believing his eyes. 

He wasn’t even supposed to look over at the direction towards the entrance that lead down to the large white stairs that were decorated in golden and silver garlands. It was simply a coincidence; a coincidence that he wished didn’t happen because now he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. 

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You really think a relationship should be that hard?
                  No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.


Okay so I have made a post last year about MAMA 2K15 and obviously we are all happy that BTS won 2 awards this year (Best dance performance + Artist of the year)

HOWEVER, I happened to chance upon this video of their producer crying when BTS won and I just feel that

Producers, Song Writers, choreographers and basically people who work behind the scenes along with your idols to make them look so perfect on stage and in front of camera worked really hard too and I feel like they should also deserve the same amount of love, respect and credits even though they’re not the ones who you see on TV or in performances.

Just something that I feel.

but anyways, CONGRATULATIONS BANGTAN, we are so proud of you and thank you to all the producers and people who helped BTS along the way and worked so hard together to help them achieve their dreams💕


Even Bech Næsheim laugh and smile Compilation. 

Please if you use it for any reason give me credit. (Because i worked really hard)

Gone - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Gone

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Surprise happy ending (Worth reading, trust me ;))

Prompt: can i get a song fic based maroon 5’s ‘hands all over’. really angsty (u know how u do) but then it gets resolved in the end with some implied smut. thank you. you’re my favorite writer ever

I can’t seem to find the pretty little face I left behind
Wandered out on the open road
Looking for a better place to call home

Dean rushed to turn the radio off angrily. One time he had let himself listen to Sam and let something play on the radio and it had to be that kind of song. It only seemed like everything had to remind him of you these days. And maybe he could pretend that it was a stupid coincidence and those lyrics meant nothing to him, maybe he could - although it would be really hard - and he’d just put on one of his cassettes and listen to the. But at the same time they too reminded him so much of you. It wasn’t fair. It had been close to a year and he still - still - couldn’t find it in himself to move on. And that was just not him.

Gave her a place to stay and she got up and ran away
Well now I’ve had enough
Her pretty little face has torn me up

But with you he had been so many things that were just not him. But not in the bad way. On the contrary. They were parts of Dean that he didn’t let out for anyone to see but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. In fact they always were. Dreams, hopes, wishes and things he longed for ever since he was a kid. Someone to love him unconditionally and to beready to put him in front of everything and everyone just like he did with the people he cared about.

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small pieces from zayn’s book

- zayn had an eating disorder toward the end of 2014 and seeing pictures of himself back is hard for him.

- there are no scathing things about perrie or one direction, perrie is barely mentioned and most of the things he says about one direction are fairly generalized and grateful.

- zayn was in a really dark place after he left 1d, he didn’t know what to do with himself and what he wanted to do in his life.

- he has a song called dragonfly that didn’t make the cut of mine of mine but that he will maybe release someday. it has a metal vibe with lots of guitar. 

- he had/has ADHD

- the day of his concert in nyc for the i heart radio theatre was very difficult for him, he was very sick and throwing up before the show out of fear and nerves. it was seeing pictures of fans waiting outside that helped him pull through and realize he could do it.

- the day of the i heart radio music awards zayn was also really nervous and anxious and vomiting before his performance but when he finally overcame it he felt so happy and relieved, he felt he gave a good performance.

- zayn knows he isn’t the best performer and it gets to him a lot, he gets especially anxious that people won’t know who he is and talking to the crowds in between songs. he doesn’t want to be a dick and not interact with people but he gets nervous speaking in front of people (ie: his speech introducing kim jones at louis vuitton he mentions how he was very nervous and how stumbling over the word innovative really fucked him up and he felt upset).

- zayn talks about the day of summertime ball. he was really happy to have his entire family there but as the day went on he started getting more and more anxious and upset. he was afraid people wouldn’t like him, he knew people were there to see other people and didn’t want them to be like oh well who the fuck is this clown? he was paralyzed with fear and his anxiety just consumed him. his team wanted him to put out a statement saying he was sick but he wanted to finally be open about his anxiety and tell the truth.

- he wants to become a better performer and he’s working on his anxiety every day. he’s a perfectionist and he wants people to genuinely believe he’s doing a good job. 

- he avoids social media because people are very cruel and he’s afraid of saying the wrong thing and having his words turned against him. he does spend a lot of time on social media and appreciates all the nice things people say or send him.

I thought going on dates with different boys would  help me move on from you but at every date, every single one, I sit there, whilst they're talking and just think of you. I wish their voice sounded like yours and I wish their hair was the same shade of brown. I wish they didn’t say they liked my favourite song because that only makes me feel guilty because that song is my favourite because every single lyric reminds me of you. I wish they scrunched their face up when they concentrated really hard just like you do and I wish they could say anything and I would be captivated by it just like I am when you speak. These dates I go on don’t make me forget you, they make me remember you and they make me miss you and they make me want to scream I love you at 11:58pm at night when the streetlights make the city glow and the only people awake to hear are the other people who are in love with someone who they shouldn’t still love as much as they do.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 16

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Can you kindly write a blurb of Niall and you coming home from an event and you are in the mood in his car on the way home but when you pull in the driveway you can see his roommates are up so you have sex in his car instead?!

I don’t know if you’ve written one like this, but could you do one where you and Niall are in college and it’s really hard to find a good time to hook up because his roommates are always around?

Got this one twice kinda.  Enjoy.

Elodie never expected for it to be so much fun watching Niall sing one song onstage.  But it was.  He was so nervous every time he went out there, but he did so well every time he did.  He was charming and sweet and sarcastic and funny and she fell in love all over again.

Maybe it was the fact that it was the Holiday season.  Maybe it was the fact that she was all full of holiday cheer.  Maybe it was the fact that she had been the first one Niall ever let hear the song all those months ago on their first date and now seeing the culmination of all his hard work was…breathtaking.

She pressed a kiss to his puckered mouth (he swore a kiss from her before he went out on stage was his good luck charm) and then turned to watch him with her hands against her mouth in the prayer position.
She wasn’t big on religion but…every little bit helped.  

He would make jokes when he first stepped up to the mic.  Something about only being onstage for 3 and a half minutes but he’d try to make it worth everyone’s while.

And he always did.

Tonight’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles would be his last.  He was taking Elodie home for the holidays.  Home to meet his family.  Home to see Ireland.  And she was beyond excited.

He finished his song.  This Town.  Written before she knew him about a past love he was unable to get over.  She wondered if he was still unable to get over her or if Elodie had somehow helped.  Unfortunately she didn’t have the guts to ask.

She smiled the same smile she always did as he turned to walk off stage and immediately into her arms,

“I did it, Angel.”  He said into her neck, “I fuckin’ did it.”

Elodie hopped up into his arms, wrapped her legs around his waist with no thought given to the guitar hanging off his shoulder and planted a deep kiss on his lips causing half of the backstage area to holler.  

Elodie knew then as well as she knew her own name…she was hopelessly in love.

Niall wanted to stay backstage for a bit after the show ended.  To introduce her to some of his friends; Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Haley Steinfeld.  But he kept her hand in his the entire time.  And when the clock struck midnight he pulled Elodie out to his truck, picked her up and set her in the passenger seat and drove them back to his house.

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Interesting, she seems to look back fondly on her bickering with Greg, back when she thought it was just a meaningless competition, one she’d already won. The problem with that is…

That Rose was always a very unpredictable person. And Pearl ended up losing with all the cards stacked in her favor.

Also damn that was one smooth as hell hat drop.

Holy shit… this song, this emotion D: Deedee is really killing it here and it’s breaking my heart.

Pearl just wants to move on, she really wants to. But it’s hard and you end up going back to dark places after trying so much and you end up demoralized.

But the important thing is always that you’re trying, and that you admit that you have a problem.

I just want everyone to note that this was a full 360 animation while Pearl was in motion and singing.

This is the stuff animator’s nightmares are made of. Hats off to everyone in the crew.

“I first started writing songs because I didn’t really have anyone else to talk to. As sad as that sounds, I was going through this really hard time at school where I didn’t have any friends. Song writing for me just started out as therapy. When you’re dealing with something like loneliness or confusion or rejection or frustration, those emotions are so jumbled up in your head. For me, the only way to condense them down into one thing is to write a three-and-a-half minute song about it.”
-Taylor Swift-