that song is like on repeat in my head haha

infawrit10  asked:

Hi, hope you're having a good day. I was just wondering, since sometimes writers think of dialogue or another aspect of the story in very weird situations/places, what do you think the strangest place/situation you've come up with dialogue for W2H has been?

Oh!  Huh… interesting question!  I can’t recall any particularly strange situations or places where I’ve come up with ideas/dialogue for W2H, but I think that’s partly because I only tend to think about it really intently when I have a lot of time on my hands and nothing else to occupy my thoughts… and I feel like that has gotten harder to do as I’ve gotten older.  Like working at a boring 9-5 job or sitting in a class zoning out is pretty much PRIME daydreaming/brainstorming time, right?  Haha.  

But I suppose to name a few notable ones, over the years:

  • driving back and forth on I-70 from Kansas City to St. Louis. (I put that opening song on repeat and tried to picture the timing in my head the whole way)
  • lying awake in bed at night.  Sometimes jumping up to write notes on a giant dry erase board on the back of my door.  (this is probably where it happened most frequently, early on)
  • during shifts working at a movie theatre
  • during shifts working at a mexican restaurant
  • during shifts working at a Forever21 (at one point furing this time I’d considered for my senior film just doing a side story from someone’s POV, like Mephistopheles.  Weird, right?)
  • during shifts working as a mall cop, specifically driving around in the security vehicle in the parking lot, or hiding in service corridors.
  • on a plane
  • on a train
  • in a box
  • with a fox
  • and pretty recently, I had dialogue come to me in a dream actually.  It wasn’t exactly useful dialogue, but it kinda helped me to rethink/reframe what I was writing!  That was kinda cool.

I guess that’s pretty much it, as far as memorable/notable places, haha.  How about you guys?  What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever come up with story elements?  

10 Songs

I was tagged by @panda-emeritusiii and @grucifiction to post the top 10 songs I’ve been listening to (or in my case have been stuck in my head on repeat on multiple occasions lately.) Lots of Avatar because they are the freshest material in my life. Many thanks for the tag! <3 

Here are my 10:

Avatar – Regret/House of Eternal Hunt

Avatar – For the Swarm (relates heavily to my recent job assignment haha)

Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole 

Ghost – Jigolo Har Megiddo (Acoustic)

Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) One of these things are not like the other… this plays on my husband’s NBA Live game and it gets in your head like a god damn virus.

Avatar – Let us Die

Avatar – Torn Apart

Type O Negative -  Black No. 1

Type O Negative -  Christian Woman

Avatar – Paint Me Red

I invite any follower who want to participate to fill this out – I’ll skip the tagging this time.