that song is cray all day

Okay so I’ve been in Britain for over a month now, right? Well let me tell you, of all the typical things I have witnessed so far I need to share this one. I have never seen any other people or culture get so embarressingly excited about Christmas. Holymothernuts they go CRAY. I mean, typically yes they are all somewhat reserved (sometimes even stoic) and their humour is as dry as a stale biscuit, but my flatmate started playing Michael Buble holiday songs last week, another friend who is usually as expressive as a brick wall told me the other day, with an uncanny twinkle in her eye, ‘Only 50 days until Christmas’ and I think that the second that John Lewis commercial came out (which I had never heard before until today) the entire nation wept in unison because, and I quote, ‘It is the only appropriate time for Brits to show emotion’ and to make matters worse… Pringles released a pigs-in-a-blanket Christmas flavour. My friend yelled that there is a God and she needed a moment. It’s only early November and I fear for their collective well being.

stages of Alex’s voice & music

so wrong it’s right 2007: my voice is deep but i’m gonna sing happy pop punk songs about sex and getting drunk lol

nothing personal 2009: wooaooh i got some kind of reversed puberty shit going on here but i’m an adult now and this album is all about lovin urself n havin fun 

dirty work 2011: YEAAAA my voice is still high but it sounds more raw and hardcore even though these songs are as poppy as we can get ok let’s get cray cray

don’t panic 2012: i’m gonna sound angry as hell and give no fucks anymore c'mon let’s bring back the good ol days