that something is 'watch every single thing charlie day has been in'


Overview/Summary: After one of her best friends goes through a bad breakup she’s not ready to discuss just yet, Riley is dragged along to an impromptu vacation in a tropical paradise. While her and her two friends are there they meet three guys who seem just as lost as they are. 14 days. 10 Rules.
Writer’sNotes: In this AU Farkle was never childhood friends with riley/maya 
Rating: T/M  (Because cursing & also because I’m not going to restrict myself)
WordCount: 3,820


Chapter One: Thou Shall Stick Together

“Remind me again why this is still happening?” Riley called out as she tried to keep up with the fiery blonde ahead of her. She glanced back to make sure her other friend was still relatively close by but the petite golden haired girl was a good 5 feet ahead of them both. “Izzy? A little help here?”

“Hm?” The bespectacled beauty looked up from her phone that seemed to have had captured her attention since their cab ride to the airport. “Oh, isn’t it obvious? She’s trying to avoid Josh.”

“I am not!” Maya snapped, spinning around in one quick motion. “Now would you two shut your traps and walk a little faster before we miss our flight?”

They still had 30 minutes before they had to board the plane. It was obvious to everyone that she was just anxious to get as far away from the city as humanly possible right now.

The two brunettes shared a look before Riley decided to speak what had been on her mind since she told her about the impromptu trip. “Maya, don’t you think it’s too soon?”

“It’s never too soon for a vacation, Riles.” Maya sighs, reluctantly stopping to engage in the conversation she knew she couldn’t avoid for much longer. Especially not with a 10 hour flight ahead of them.


“But nothing.” Maya cuts her off. “Listen, we just graduated. I never thought I’d make it through 4 years of high school, let alone 4 years of College. I just want to go on a nice vacation with my girls. Is that a crime?”

“No. It’s not a crime.” Isadora pauses, “but you still haven’t talked about –”

“Josh?!” The blonde was already bordering on losing her patience. She was tired of everyone always bringing him up and throwing it in her face. She was going to forget about Joshua Matthews whether they liked it or not. “I don’t want to talk about him and you know what else? This is the first time in however long the three of us have been best friends, that we’re all single. At the same damn time, you guys! That’s never happened! Riley, you and Evan just broke up last summer after being together for FOUR YEARS and before that you were with Charlie for FOUR YEARS.” She knew her voice was traveling but she didn’t care at the moment. “And Smackle, you’ve been dating Dustin on and off for like 3 years and me and Josh? 5 years. 5 fucking years down the toilet. So excuse me if I want to have a little fun, okay?”

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little things: next gen edition

teddy lupin. hufflepuff. loyal and outgoing. wears his hair blue 90% of the time. splits the remaining 10% between the weasley red and his cousin draco’s platinum blonde. likes snogging victoire all over bill and fleur’s house because bill’s face turns redder than his hair and it makes fleur laugh. kind hearted. sometimes at christmas dinners he changes his nose into all sorts of things to make the younger kids laugh. doesn’t understand why uncle harry looks so sad during this. he misses his mum and dad more than he could ever put into words. expert at potions. 

victoire weasely. ravenclaw. is fluent in both french and english. is extremely glad to be a ravenclaw because blue looks fantastic on her. head over heels for teddy lupin. loves her dad more than anything else except maybe her pet lizard. manages to keep up straight o’s all throughout her schooling. head girl. doesn’t care for quidditch one bit, but loves muggle football. is sick of people always being sad on her birthday. takes her coffee black. 

james sirius potter. gryffindor. loves quidditch as much as breathing. always jokes about being the protective older brother but he’s very much aware that lily luna could kick his ass. his coffee is more sugar than anything else. quidditch captain in his sixth year. sometimes feels like his chest will collapse at the pressure to live up to his namesakes. lives off pop-tarts. shamelessly enjoys muggle soap opera shows. wants to play for puddlemore united when he leaves school.

rose granger-wesley. ravenclaw. has never lost a game of quidditch to james sirius. has a big crush on padma patil’s daughter. can kick her dad’s arse at chess. always gets books for her birthday. loves visiting her mum at the ministry. allergic to cats. sometimes wishes she didn’t feel as pressured to do well in school. thinks her uncle harry’s cousin dudley is absolutely hilarious. can and will beat anyone in an eating competition of any sorts. witnessed a car accident on a street one day and has been able to see thestrals ever since. loves the colour pink even though it looks ridiculous with her hair. 

albus severus potter. slytherin. is sick of people telling him that he has his fathers eyes. can’t decide if he thinks his namesakes were brave or immensely idiotic. despises quidditch with a burning passion. enjoys being his fathers not-so-secret favourite. falls asleep in front of the fire reading 5/7 nights. sneaks into the ravenclaw tour every wednesday night to spend the night with scorpius. thinks mr. malfoy is hilarious. is made up of ninety percent sarcasm. understands his grandpa’s fascination with muggles more than his cousins. loves going on late night drives.

scorpius hyperion malfoy. ravenclaw. his favourite christmas tradition is staying up all night watching movies with his mum. comes home for the holidays in first year to find his father has decorated his room in blue and bronze. ravenclaw win the quidditch cup the first year he’s on the team. sometimes when he looks at albus severus he thinks he’s in love. doesn’t like his grandpa much. loves unicorns. shares hair-care tips with victoire weasley. doesn’t want to have children. still sleeps with the stuffed dragon teddy lupin gave him when he was born.

molly weasley ii. slytherin. has never got higher than an acceptable in any of her classes. best friends with fred ii. proud to be named after her grandma. wishes her dad would let up about her behaviour. her uncle george is secretly her favourite. she was thirteen when she realised that if her cousins stood in a certain way for family christmas photos, they could spell dirty words with their sweaters. loves the pet chickens her grandpa gave her. hates cooking more than anything. wishes lily luna wasn’t so good at quidditch because she’s sick of being the reserve seeker. loves when her mum uses her eggs and bacon to make faces on her plate.

lily luna potter. slytherin. spends months begging her biggest brother teddy to teach her to change her hair because she’s sick of looking like christmas with her red hair and her green robes. is a big fan of muggle romance movies. james once told her that she threw like a girl and she threw the quaffle at him so hard that his nose was broken in three different places. her heart aches when she looks at the stars at night. cuts her hair shorter than albus’ in fourth year. grandma is furious but her mum loves it. opens the chamber of secrets in her third year, much to her dad’s confusion. likes boys and girls but mostly quidditch.

lorcan scamander. gryffindor. in love with lily luna. sometimes resents his twin for choosing gryffindor even after he went to hufflepuff. wants to work with dragons like charlie weasley when he grows up. his dad paints constellations on his bedroom ceiling and then spells them to move like the stars do. if it wasn’t for rose weasley in ravenclaw, he and james sirius would guarantee gryffindor a win every time. when he was very little he set fire to all his dresses and proclaimed he wanted to be a boy like his brother. manages to break something in every divination lesson he attends. 

dominique weasley. slytherin. has a pet snake that likes lily luna better than her. is very glad she didn’t inherit the family freckles. loves visiting her mum’s family in france. loves french food. loves french boys. refuses to learn french. wants to be a professor when she graduates. has her dad wrapped around her little finger. her patronus is a baby elephant and she can’t figure out why. always manages to wing her eye-liner perfectly. 

fred johnson-weasley ii. gryffindor. enjoys studying more than quidditch. spends every thursday night having dinner with molly at hagrid’s hut. wishes his dad didn’t see his dead twin every time he looked at him. has successfully introduced spelling to grawp. would eat cereal for every meal if roxy didn’t force feed him vegetables. hates being away from his mum during school term. spends his summer’s working in his dad’s joke shop. wishes the time turners weren’t all destroyed because he wants to take every class hogwarts offers.

hugo granger-weasley. hufflepuff. loves that school always feels like a big family outing. likes watching quidditch but refuses to get on a broom. has tea with professor trelawney on sunday mornings. wants to be an auror when he’s older. hates history of magic because he’s sick of hearing about the war his parents lived through. his dad gave him a white ferret to take to school in first year and mr. malfoy was red in the face at the train station when he noticed. gets away with every single prank he pulls at school. 

lucy weasley. hufflepuff. wishes that there were more out gay girls at hogwarts than just her cousins. loves her mum but she just doesn’t get her the way dad does. prides herself on excelling at school. is always up for a late night trip to the kitchens. doesn’t understand why her dad won’t let her have a pet rat. spends the weeks leading up to christmas helping her grandma knit everyones jumpers. befriends the finnigan-thomas triplets immediately even though none of them share a house. sleeps in her dad’s old gryffindor shirt.

lysander scamander. hufflepuff. thinks his mum is barmy. loves her anyway. glad his parents made a mistake when they bought home him and his ‘sister’ because he loves lorcan a lot more as a boy. is in love with louis weasley. a big fan of cheerleader movies. wishes his dad would stop bringing home weird things from work. spends summer between fifth and sixth year teaching himself french. flogs the marauders map from james sirius in term two of third year, and manages to keep it hidden for a solid week. loves to fly.

louis weasley. ravenclaw. loves being at school with all his cousins but sometimes wishes he’d taken mums offer to go to beauxbatons. was in love with teddy lupin between ages seven-ten. thinks his dad’s scars make him more handsome. secretly loves lily luna the most out of all his cousins. doesn’t understand why everyone obsesses over quidditch when there’s muggle sports like gymnastics. falls in love with lysander scamander in his sixth year. is a confused and impressed by luna lovegood. wishes victoire wouldn’t let her pet lizard roam around the house.

roxanne johnson-weasley. gryffindor. sometimes forgets the names of all her cousins. is responsible for starting the lgbtq safe space club at hogwarts. thinks uncle charlie had the right idea about not having children. sometimes when she’s flying she wonders how high she could go, wonders if she could just leave earth behind. punches a fifth year hufflepuff in the face when she’s twelve because he made a racist comment. wishes it was acceptable to put gravy on her pancakes. her detention record finally overtook her fathers in sixth year, and she’s making it her goal to overtake james potter and sirius black by the time she graduates. watches the beauty and the beast movie at least once a week when she’s home.

don’t wanna let you go

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 2,240
prompt: “day two: hand-holding - we know these kiddos are always holding hands, time to write about it even more” 
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017 
summary: riley matthews loves holding lucas friar’s hand and she fears the day when she might have to let them go. [part of the band au
notes: hello friends!!!! here’s day two of rucas fic week. i was inspired to revisit the girl meets world/band au with this one, so that’s the world that this fic takes place in. i hope you enjoy this little feelings trip, early knowledge of this world isn’t necessarily needed, but please feel free to check out the tag for more info! enjoy! 


Riley’s mouth dropped slightly as she stared at the headline that was repeated over and over again as she scrolled down her timeline. She had only been awake for about fifteen minutes, but she had snapped to pretty quickly once she saw the headlines that were circling around the web this morning. Not to mention that her notifications were blowing up.

Apparently it was far from unnoticeable that she was the girl holding Lucas Friar’s hand.

She was scared to look at what people were saying, people hadn’t exactly been nice to her when they found out her and the band were still friends following her breakup with Charlie. So, she figured that news that she was dating another member of Mad Dogs was certainly not going to go over well with their fans.

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Dean has suffered more than Sam?

And does it actually matter/is it something we can even measure?

I take issue with many of the points OP brought up. I would never criticize the person who made this post, but I do strongly disagree with the content, and I’ll try to address the reasons why below. Thanks to the fantastic @eruthiawenluin, who brought the post to my attention. 

It’s near-impossible to quantify suffering. Both brothers have suffered; suffering is not a badge of honor but a fact of their lives. I’m not going to try to measure the levels of suffering each character has endured, because suffering can only be accurately measured by the person experiencing it.  We can only present facts, so I’m going to address the points of OP’s argument and why I disagree.

Beware: Potential fandom- and Dean-criticism.

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The Lost City of Z is an Otherworldly Experience

    There’s a deep irony in a film as gigantic The Lost City of Z being distributed by a company like Amazon.  We live in an era where it is easier than ever to watch new movies without having to go to a theater to pay for a ticket.  Companies like Netflix and Amazon are soon to be releasing critically acclaimed movies like Mudbound and The Big Sick on streaming that will be in contention for next years awards.  

  There’s something worth admiring about this, more people than ever can watch new releases without having to pay lots of money to find small, art house theaters.  Staying at home to watch big films is definitely more convenient.  

  But with this change in the way we view in cinema, I wonder if something is lost?  Since the dawn of filmmaking, the vision has always been creating this otherworldly, interactive experience between the movie and the audience.  There’s magic in the idea of walking into a giant dark room with complete strangers and sharing a work of art together.  Some films don’t deserve to be seen for the first time in any other way.

  If you disagree, I recommend seeing James Gray’s new movie The Lost City of Z.  It’s a film based on the true story of Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), a British explorer who went searching for the remnants of a missing ancient city in the Amazonian Jungle. He faces scrutiny from his peers for his bold theories, but with the help of his wife (Sienna Miller) and colleague (Robert Pattinson), he goes on three expeditions to find the city until his mysterious disappearance in the jungle with his oldest son (Tom Holland) in 1925.  

   I have no previous experience with James Gray’s filmography, but having seen his latest picture, I am driven to find every movie that this man has made.  The Lost City of Z is a film with a deep understanding of what it is that makes us connect with the movies.

  The film is as if James Gray is taking the best elements of various styles of movies and heightening and then combining them in this film. The Lost City of Z combines the breathtaking majesty of old studio epic, the subtlety of a period drama and the breathtaking thrills of an adventure movie, constantly playing with these three things to produce a movie that feels complete.  

    The Journey Fawcett goes on is larger than life and spans two decades.  We see everything from Fawcett’s first mission into the Amazon to a speculation of what happened to him after he went missing and the result is a movie that is long in pace, 140 minutes to be exact.  

  There’s a confidence, an indulgence to Gray’s work in this film that’s missing from most modern cinema.  The director isn’t afraid to make a movie that basks in the grandiose scale of its story and demands the respect of its audience.  He knows that the story he’s telling is huge and he allows for a flamboyance that never seems overbearing or unearned.       

    Gray successfully pulls off this level of cockiness with the help of cinematographer Darius Khondji and composer Christopher Spelman.  Staying true to its similarities to the movies of an older era, The Lost City of Z is shot on film and boy is it ever. The darkly lit ballrooms, the strange glow of a boat going down a river and the shots of Fawcett walking through the forest with the tribes of the areas he explores, are almost indescribable in their beauty.  It’s as though we are right there with them and we are getting a clear glimpse into this world that no longer exists.  It’s like observing a painting where each images has such richness and texture.

  Film can provide an authenticity, a naked honesty that a lot of digital movies still can’t provide and Gray plays on that here to provide a work of art that’s simultaneously out of this world and ingrained in our world.  The fight between digital and film is one that film is clearly losing, but similarly to the fight between seeing something on a laptop and seeing something in a theater, Gray is making the case for it while he still can.  

  And my god, I haven’t even begun to describe the music.  Khondji’s music leaves such a lasting impression on you after the film has ended. There isn’t a single beat that isn’t meaningful, that doesn’t feel designed to create the ultimate love letter to a forgotten craft paved by artists like Bernard Hermann and Ennio Morricone.  

  Hearing the soundtrack to a movie like The Lost City of Z only makes me resent the laziness put into composing the music for a lot of modern films.  Sometimes you hear the music for a recent biopic or action movie and you would think they only thought about it for ten minutes.  The music in this movie has heart put into it and helps carry the viewer further into this unknown land that we are watching.  

   But to praise the technical elements of this movie for too long feels disrespectful to so much of what this movie is able to accomplish beyond that.  I have highlighted a lot of excellent things in this movie but making a truly great epic is more than just making a film that’s big in scale with flawless technical qualities, it’s about displaying a story that demands the effort.  The Revenant can be as long and pretty look as it wants to be, but that’s a film I still find pretentious and dull because it contains nothing of substance beneath the surface.    

  I remember reviewing Pacific Rim in 2013 and being unimpressed by the lead performance by Charlie Hunnam.  After seeing his performance as Percy Fawcett, I don’t necessarily see him as an amazing actor but I finally understand his appeal.  Within his performance, he conveys the confidence and masculinity featured in old performances from actors like Charlton Heston. But with this role, he’s also allowed to provide an intimacy and a modern tenderness that’s missing from more classically trained actors.  

   This contradiction in Hunnam’s performance, the line between rugged individualism and quiet comforts of life is the battle at the heart of The Lost City of Z.  The movie argues that Percy Fawcett’s continued obsession with going into the Amazonian Jungle and finding his lost city was in part his attempts to escape his place in the world.

  In England, he lives a quiet, ordinary life for a man of his time period.  When he’s home, he’s bound to same rules and restrictions that tied down most people living back then.  He’s forced to fight back against people who look down on him for his social class, he’s forced to fight in a war that he doesn’t want to fight in and he must argue the case for why the tribes living within the Amazonian Jungles are an advanced society to people brainwashed by racist colonialism.

   But his escape is more than just an attempt to ignore the limits of his society, his escape is an attempt to ignore the limits of himself.  Despite being progressive for the time, he has a sexist view of women that allows him to ignore the hopes and dreams of his wife. He chooses not to be there for his family, his children grow up while he’s far away.  He preaches that he’s proud to be an outcast and he doesn’t care about rank or medals, but he’ll gladly receive awards and praise from his colleagues for his work.  Even his treatment of the tribes of the Amazons is questionable.  His biggest secret is that he’s not much better than the people around him.  

  With this, Fawcett’s journey into the vast unknown is his way of going to the limits of his world.  By charting these unknown lands and experiencing these things that have been done by no one like him before, he is trying to avoid the fears that he will become just another person lost to space and time, another person who live, die, and be forgotten within the miniscule amount of time that we are given.  In his missing city, he sees redemption from the flaws of being a human being.  

  Fawcett’s final attempt to find his lost city is perhaps the ending to his story that he always wanted.  Fawcett never dies, he simply vanishes without a trace.  In disappearing, he finally becomes the thing that he has been searching for, transcendence from his reality.  Like the city, he becomes a legend that will never be fully discovered, only leaving bits and pieces behind for others to search for.  

   In writing this review, I realize how smug and hyperbolic my review of this movie is, but I think that fits with the film.  In the spirit of recent works like Hayou Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises or Pablo Larrain’s Jackie, The Lost City of Z is about the defiance of time, both in the story and the storytelling.

    Entertainment is changing and we are seeing a changing of the guard.  In many ways, I choose to accept this.  With the death of old Hollywood comes the death of many of the flaws within it, the lack of diversity, the tyrannical directors, the misunderstanding of low budget films and the discomfort that comes with refusing to give in to easier, modern day techniques.  There’s so much about embracing new forms of entertainment and having new ways to watch entertainment that genuinely excites me and has me looking forward to what the future holds.    

   But, James Gray’s The Lost City of Z plays like the final argument for saving a dying art.  He uses the best elements of classic cinema to show an epic story about what it means to live life to the fullest with no regard for the consequences.  Every shot, every sound, every word is like an artist who’s at the final stage, playing their instruments like they know that it’s all crumbling around them.  This is a film about doing as much as humanly possible with the little that we are provided.

 Five years from now, ten years from now, the world will be different than what it is now.  So, like Fawcett diving into the piranha and disease infested waters of the Amazonian jungle to reach something just within his grasp, take time to find things that are worth exploring in the present while you still can.   

Final Rating: A+                

We Don’t Talk Anymore

Summary: In which not talking anymore leads Bucky to make a mistake he’ll regret forever.

Request by @crazyforthecapsicle: Oneshot based on “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez “I think that the song kind of would be a good way to explain Reader-chan and Buckys’ relationship after they broke up I guess. I was wondering if you could make a short story about what happened between them and the break up. Well, thanks!”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, T’Challa x Reader

Word Count: 978

@avengerstories​ - thank you for editing :)

Originally posted by billy-kaplan

“We don’t talk anymore,” you state sadly. “Not like we used to.“

Bucky stands opposite you, mouth set in a straight line. You wait for some kind of emotion to cross his features, but none do. He’s in Winter Soldier mode - stoic, unnervingly quiet and entirely indifferent. It’s the latter of the three that hurts you more than anything.

"Bucky,” you reach out to him but all he does is stare at your hand as if it’s an enemy. As if you’re the enemy. “Why are you doing this?”

“I’m not doing anything.”

“Exactly,” you cry, throwing your arms up in the air.

“I don’t know what you want from me.”

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Imagine being Bella’s older sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love - Part 2.

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Carlisle x Reader (OC name, feel free to change it in your mind)
Warning: CURSING! Fluffy awkwardness! Overprotective Charlie!

Less than six months later, I am pulling up the Cullen’s driveway once more, running a bit late as I climb out, racing up the front stairs, where Rosalie throws the door open, pulling me inside as the scent of orange blossoms, lilacs, freesia, and roses envelope me as we hurry up the stairs. “She’s here!” Rosalie calls as Alice looks up from doing Bella’s makeup.

“Finally! You’re late!” Alice scolds, though she’s definitely playing as she shoots me a wink. “Go take a shower. Rosalie will get you towels and a robe.” I nod, hurrying into the bathroom. I strip off my tank top and sweatpants from the flight, climbing in the steaming hot shower,where I wash my body, then shampoo and condition my hair, before climbing out in record time. I dry off, before slipping on my bra and underwear, wrapping the robe around me, tying the sash as I walk out, Rosalie is in a stunning purple dress, her hair is pinned and curled down one side of her head, and she has a light layer of makeup on, she gestures to the chair beside Bella’s, where I sit as she sets to work, doing my hair is an intricate pattern, before she does a beautiful job on my makeup, before I stand off to the side, observing my sister.

“Did you find our daughters?” I hear my mother’s voice, surprising me.

“Are those… graduation caps?” I hear dad ask, causing me to giggle into my hand.

“Huh! What a fun idea!” Mom says. “Bella? Emma?”

“In here, mom!” Bella and I call in unison, she steps inside the room, her eyes instantly welling at the sight of Bella.

“Oh, honey you look beautiful!” Renee turns to the door. “Charlie? Charlie come look!” She turns as Alice provides a hanky, dad enters the room, looking dapper in his suit.

“Wow.” Dad looks at me, and smirks.

“I know. I look hot.” Everyone laughs.

“We got you a little something, for this day. Charlie?” Mom holds out her hand, causing dad to hurry, and lay a velvet box in it, which mom opens before Bella as I press off the wall, looking at the gift. It’s a hair comb, with blue sapphires along the ends of each tooth. “This was your great grandma Swan’s, your dad and I got the sapphires added. We just thought it could be your something blue.”

“And something old, besides your mother.” Dad says, earning a smack from both mom and I. Alice steps up, slipping the comb into Bella’s hair, perfectly.

“We have something from great grandma Swan, for you too.” Mom says. “You get it on your wedding day.” I nod, causing mom to laugh, hugging me. “It’s great to see you.”

“You too, mom.” I murmur.

“So, who wants to see the dress?” Alice chirps, Charlie steps out as Rosalie and Alice help Bella with the dress, over her head, before doing the lines of pearls buttons up her back. “Okay, so you have something old, something blue,” Alice beams. “your dress is something new, so here.” She flicks something at Bella, who automatically catches it, turning red at the garter in her hands. “There’s your something borrowed. That’s mine, I want it back.”

“And here,” I reach into my jeans on the bed, pulling out an very old penny. “here’s a penny for your shoe.” Bella stares at it, before Alice tucks it into the heel, which she slips onto Bella’s feet.

“Renee, will you get the bouquets. Rosalie, help Emma into her dress.” Rosalie grabs a dress bag from the closet, walking over to me as mom rushes out, and I watch in amusement as Bella toughters as Alice hooks the garter around Bella’s thigh. Rosalie slips the dress over my head, after removing my robe, just as Alice pops back up, the dress is the same purple as Alice and Rosalie’s, it’s a dress that ties up around the neck, laces that cross up the back, the top is smooth, tight until my waist where is billows out a bit, and has a sweetheart neckline. Alice steps up, clipping a golden locket around my neck, before I slip on my purple heels, and Rosalie slides a diamond pin into place in my hair. It’s after the wedding, during the reception, that I slip away from the hustle and bustle, my feet sore from the dancing, I make my way around the front of the house, where I lean against the banister of the porch, sighing.

A hand appears out of nowhere, a champagne flute in it, the bubbling copper liquid looks oddly tempting as I take the glass, looking up to find none other than Carlisle standing beside me, a gentle smile on his face, his hair is slicked back, styled in a way oddly fitting for his face, his tux is crisp, without a single wrinkle within it, his tie is the only thing that is the slightest bit off for him, causing me to smile, shaking my head as I set the glass on the banister, stepping up to grasp his tie. “You and Charlie both, is it a man thing? Even vampires.” I taunt as I straighten his tie, slipping the triangle up to tighten it as Carlisle looks slightly embarrassed.

“Was it like that throughout the entire wedding? How embarrassing.” He says as I drop one hand, using the other to smooth the silk white material down, before I turn to the banister, going to step back with my hand dropping, only for my head to whip around as he grasps my hand in his, he looks enamored as he reaches out, capturing a dark brown ringlet between two fingers, he twists it before tucking it behind my ear, finger lingering on the diamond pin in my hair, and I can feel heat burning my cheeks as he lets go of my hand, allowing me to return to my place against the banister, where I sip on my champagne. It’s a bad habit, not really something that I should encourage, but being in tokyo, where we have saki with every meal, I decide that it’s not going to kill me to have few sips of champagne. “Needed another escape?”

“Dad seems to think, if he keeps me occupied with dancing, that none of Bella’s friends will care to cut in, or ask for a dance.” I explain. “Or, he’s hoping to keep me occupied until Jacob’s friends show, and play matchmaker with them. It would not be the first time.” I explain, he is now leaning against the banister, though I do not miss the chunk of wood the suddenly splinters under his hand, crumbling away from the banister. Deciding against bringing it up, I turn to look in his honeycomb eyes, my sky blue eyes are sweeping over each of his features, studying them quickly. “What about you?” I suddenly ask, dropping my gaze to clear my throat, taking another deep sip from the crystal glass in my hand. “Needed an escape, as well?”
“Hardly, even though it is a party, weddings are more of a symbol of a beautiful union between two people, and I do enjoy them. Though,” He seems to pause, glancing back at all the couples and pairs dancing. “Alice does seem to have gone all out, this time. I wonder why.”

“You do not think she’d do so for anyone else’s wedding?” I ask, suddenly curious.

“I’m not sure.” He hums.

“Not even your own, give the chance?” I ask, causing him to frown, brow furrowing as he looks at me.

“The chance has not come, nor will it, I believe.” He states.

“You have yet to find your mate.” It’s not a question, much to my surprise.

“No, I have.” He glances out at the woods, his furrow seeming to deepen, I cannot help but reach out a hand, resting it on his elbow, causing his head to snap over to me.

“Carlisle, you are my friend. What is troubling you?” I ask softly.

“It is… a complication.” He answers, vaguely, causing me to frown as I withdraw my hand, he reaches out to it, grasping it in his. “My mate,” He says the word with a surprising amount of sadness. “I have not told her that she is such, I fear she will not reciprocate. It’s merely that.”

“Oh, my friend.” I frown, setting my glass of champagne on the banister, wrapping him in a hug, causing him to freeze under my touch, the both of us are rather surprised by my move, but he wraps his arms around my waist.

“I know you’ve been dancing all night, but would you mind dancing with me?” He suddenly asks.

“Can we stay over here?”I ask him, he nods, causing me to beam as I kick my heels off, becoming considerably smaller without the two extra inches, making his 6’ 2” sizes that much bigger compared to my 5’ 4” size, so the top of my head ends just under his chin, my arms rest around his neck, while his arms are around my middle, causing me to blush as I look up at him. “Sorry, I’m so tiny.” This causes him to chuckle, a low throaty sound in his chest, which then changes into a full blown, head thrown back, roaring laugh, causing me to flush enough to where my ears are burning.

“You are the perfect size.” He says, once he’s calmed down, causing me to give him a wide grin.

“Good.” I breath out, the music that flows from the backyard changes from a swift pulsating beat, to a slower, almost heartbreakingly beautiful song, causing him to nod firmly, he turns us in a circle, starting the dance in a much less awkward circle, than the one that Charlie had us moving in, Carlisle seems to know how much of a lack of balance my family is known for. My head rests on his chest as I hum softly along with music, it’s oddly relaxing to be in his arms, but I keep a reminder in the corner of my mind, that I am not his mate, that his love is given to someone, I have to keep telling myself, not to fall for him, no matter how much it hurts.

“Are you serious?!” Someone yells. “Both of you?!” I spin around to find Jacob standing at the foot of the stairs, a scowl on his face as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, a feeling of embarrassment makes itself known to me, in my chest. “Emma, they’re not even human!” Jacob hisses.

“I… They are more human, Jacob Black, than you at this point!” I hiss, slipping my heels on, and stalking over to him. “It’s not as those I’m his mate, I’m his friend! He’s upset, I am trying to make him feel better, that’s what friends do! That’s something you did at one point, instead of making your best friend cry.” He flinches, visibly, at my words, before I huff the same stray lock of hair from my face, turning back to the house, where I stalk up the stairs, snatching up the crystal glass on the balcony, I toss my head back, drinking the smooth champagne in one go, causing Carlisle to freeze. “I need more champagne.” I growl, starting back toward the party. I know this was a mistake, drinking, but at this point, I don’t, honestly, care.

Observation notes by Millard Nullings (2/9)

Hugh-oh Hugh, something’s are better kept unwritten but well I mean how could I not. One afternoon Hugh was fast asleep in the garden when a couple of those busy bees flew by Hugh’s face and geez I swear this kid has a built-in radar for them because as soon as they did he woke up immediately and frantically ran after them screaming, “HEY, WAIT UP! LET ME LOVE YOU, MUMMY IS HERE!!” Then he tripped on a twig, yes a TWIG and fell on his face and I swear I saw Henry fly out and pat him on the back but I was probably just seeing things.

-One long night, Hugh was quite ill and coughing a lot throughout the night. So I went to check on him only to see that he was just coughing up an old hive and I’ve never been so disturbed in my life. Like A WHOLE ENTIRE HIVE. How could an entire hive fit out of that boys body, the sight was just something out of a horror film like a snake shedding its skin or something. All his little bees were just resting on his bedding waiting for Hugh to clear out the space for a new one. The concept was all to weird to me.. //reminder: never walk in on Hugh coughing ever again//

-one time I witnessed Hugh eat the honey he sneezed up one time…I really do hope it was honey..

-Hugh and Fiona thought it’d be cute to swap clothes for the day, Hugh put on one her dresses and I have to admit he did look very dapper. He surprised her and did a big twirl for her while doing so he slipped on the long fabric of the dress and tried to mask the fall with a goofy pose and she was in hysterics that tears were coming out her eyes. Though, I had to run out of there like a bat out of hell because I was the only one that noticed that Hugh managed to rip a huge hole in the back and his underwear was in plain view and I almost died.

-Hugh also kisses and says goodnight to every. single. bee. he. owns. He does it EVERY night and he has about 500. YES 500 bloody bees. And every night I hear, “Goodnight Charlie, night Harold, hey, wait your turn Ollie.” Seriously Hugh give it a rest.

-One of his bees passed away the other day and I’ve never seen Hugh so upset. I mean it was a bee, so really, I’ve never seen anyone get that upset over a bee. But he got all dressed up in a tux and he and Fiona held a funeral procession and invited everyone one to come. Hugh made a speech but was just so incomprehensible, Enoch tried to quietly escape but Henry caught him. Olive and Claire were crying too, that’s only because they are so little and had no clue what was happening. Jacob and I were trying really hard not to laugh. Emma looked like she was going to kill us right there. I mean, I love Hugh but he’s so dramatic it’s unBEElievable (Sorry Hugh).

-Before Hugh and Fiona were a thing, they would hang out together alone. Fiona liked Hugh and Hugh liked Fiona. By the end of the night of long talks and other boring stuff. Fiona leaned in and kissed Hugh (it was quite a cute sight). Hugh was so flustered he quickly turned around and walked right into the side of the house, broke his goggles in two and gave himself a nose bleed. I swear he is the clumsiest peculiar I know.

-Hugh also makes sure to wear one article of yellow each day, he has like 20 pairs of yellow knickers and some even have bees on it, the kid is obsessed.

-I looked at Hugh’s tv history and he has watched the Bee Movie a total of 486 times, we have only been in present day for a couple months…

I’d love to see a version of Twilight where Edward is only interested in Bella because he obsesses over not being able to hear her thoughts, because that’s really the only reason we’re given anyway.

I’d love to see the vampires sparkling have more of an impact on the plot than “if we stand in the sun we’re all shiny and stuff”.

I’d love to see Charlie as more of a character, especially using the fact that he’s a cop in the narrative.

I’d love to see Edward’s abusive behaviour called out by the characters.

I’d love to see Bella actually struggle to keep up with her old friends, both from Arizona and in Forks after she becomes a vampire.

I’d love to see Bella give something up that she actually cared about in her transition to glorified mosquito.

I’d love to see some of Tyler’s point of view after his van nearly kills Bella and see how he copes with apparent PTSD - without Bella’s self-absorbed narration filter over it.

I’d love to see ONE conversation between any two characters that didn’t make it sound like everyone hates everyone.

I’d love to see Bella refer to her parents as “Mom” and “Dad” rather than “Renee” and “Charlie”.

I’d love to read the plot without being able to guess what happens next. (IDK you guys, but that dream in the first book was SUPER SUBTLE and I’d have NEVER guessed that Jacob would turn out to be a werewolf when he appeared in it and turned into a wolf!) (Ignoring the fact that Meyer apparently didn’t plan that, so she was either being extremely unoriginal, lying or subconsiously spoiling her future books in the laziest way possible. At least make him into a werespider, an ogre at night, a zombie, a dancing skeleton with a tophat, a leprechaun, or SOMETHING other than that thing that was heavily implied in a FUCKING DREAM SEQUENCE)

I’d love to see Bella actually care about characters that aren’t vampires or Jacob, including herself.

I’d love to see a reason for me to care about Bella, Edward or Jacob as characters.

I’d love to see Bella’s physical appearance described in more detail, and not just by having Bella describe how average and uninteresting she is. (Especially since Meyer apparently didn’t describe Bella much so that the reader could insert herself into the book and then made Bella the worst female role model this side of the 20th century.)

I’d love to see a scene between Bella and Edward that made their relationship adorable, like if they talked about anything that didn’t involve the danger that they were in or how much they ~*~loved~*~ each other on the ~*~astral plane~*~.

I’d love to see the characters show how much they loved the other, rather than just repeating it in dialogue to try to get the reader to believe it.

I’d love to see more indication that Edward is actually over 100 years old, including struggling with electronics, complaining about how easy “Kids these days” have it, and providing his own point of view of historical events. What was he doing when WWII was happening? The Cold War? Did he listen to Elvis? What does he think of comics? What did he do with his life, aside from waiting for ~*~the one~*~?

I’d love to see Bella enjoy Jacob’s company for him, rather than just for providing a distraction from Edward.

I’d love to see what the other vampires do with their powers in their daily lives, and how they’ve lived with these powers for so long that they don’t remember that they shouldn’t morally be doing any of it. (Jasper can control emotions, for god’s sake. Nothing important would be lost if this power - or character - was removed. Did he ever make a girl super horny to get her to sleep with him, or just get some random guy super unbearably angry when he got bored at school just to watch him flip out?)

I’d love to see any of the characters actively working to improve.

I’d love to see any single character’s personality evolve between the first book and the last.

I’d love to see Edward at least attempt to make Bella feel better about herself as a person.

I’d love to see any character respecting another character’s personal space, privacy or free will.

I’d love to see the main plot begin before the halfway point of the book.

I’d love to see Edward turn out to be gay at the end.

I’d love to see ONE person at least comment on how creepy imprinting is.

I’d love to see the influence of Shakespeare, Faulkner, Chaucer or any of the other famous writers who are namedropped in an attempt to sound more well-read in the writing.

I’d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone who ultimately rejects them, especially considering the apparent wife-husbandry involved.

I‘d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone terminally ill or only minutes away from death.

I’d love to see any character not end up in a relationship by the end of the book. Especially the baby.

I’d love to see evidence of imprinting actually being a rare thing, especially considering it happens to at least three characters after it’s introduced.

I’d love to see the Volturi actually hinder the characters at any point.

I’d love to see a description of Edward that told us what he looked like, rather than that he was attractive, because that tells us nothing.

I’d love to see female characters who aren’t bitchy, and male characters who aren’t SUPER HYPER MASCULINE.

I’d love to see an actual conflict at the end of the series.

I’d love to see the Volturi snapping their fingers dramatically as they approached the main characters at the end of book 4.

I’dlove to see Edward actually have to contain himself from eating Bella when they are relaxing on the couch, instead of having it as a threat that might totally happen maybe.

I’d love to see a characteristic of Bella’s that matched up with what people actually said about her. (”intelligent”, “intuitive”, “selfless”, “mature”, “amazingly non-whiney”, “non-violent”, “honest”, “not a manipulative person”, etc)

I’d love to see the plot twist that Edward’s beautiful, glorious, godlike appearance actually turns out to be a product of his vampiric form, and all the times where Bella can’t bring herself to be angry at him, becomes physically weaker at his kiss and skews her priorities so hard that she’d give her life just to keep from seeing him unhappy are actually her falling under his hypnotic influence.

I’d love to see Bella snap out of her trance when she turns into a vampire herself and finds out that she’s been tricked and she can’t go back.

Mostly, I’d love to see any of this done by an author that isn’t Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight actually has some cool ideas, but they’re all executed terribly. No character experiences real loss, character growth, or any conflict that isn’t about romancing the opposite gender. Every character that we are supposed to like gets everything they ever wanted and everything they didn’t know they wanted at the end. I never thought a book with vampires, vampire government, werewolves and sentiend disco balls could be so boring.

You’re All I Need

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Prompt: Dean is a single dad, and his daughter, Charlie, wants to join the soccer team; he meets Y/N who’s daughter, Hael, and Charlie, become the best of friends.
Tags: AU: Domesticity, Domestic!Dean, Dad!Dean
Words: 1401
Note: Let me know what you think..? :))

Also, I’d say Charlie and Hael are about 6-ish

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in honour of reaching 1.1k followers (which how?), i present — part two of this au & a fic from this verse, below the cut. thank you all so much for following me, i truly love every single one of you and it means so much that you like what i do here enough to follow me. enjoy <3 (there might be more coming as thanks too so keep your eyes open for that)

au: mama i’m in love with a criminal & this type of love isn’t rational  / part one.

she disappears from his life like smoke — pulls a job and disappears into the night. all he can do is add it to the list of times she’s chosen this life over him; the amount of times he’s come second, despite promising her everything he could possibly give her.

but mike knows without a doubt, it’s never the last time ginny will be in his life. she always comes back… unable to stay away from him; like magnets pulled together. this time; she brings her ex-boyfriend along for the ride, claiming he’s out to kill her for a job gone wrong six months ago… and mike? mike’s left with the question — help the love of his life or arrest her like he’s been ordered to do?

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anonymous asked:

I'm sad - do you have a moment to talk about friends-with-benefits to oh-noes-I-think-I-love-you sabriel?

Please don’t be sad my darling here have some double headcanoning from me and Aaliya @wordssometimesfail we started talking and here’s what we have to say about this:

  • demiromantic Gabriel who’s pansexual and VERY sexual but isn’t really sure what being in love feels like. He was in love with Kali when they were dating but he never managed to process the feelings and that was one of the reasons why they broke up: she was aromantic and she could tell he was catching feelings and didn’t want to string him along
  • demisexual Sam who meets Gabriel at their mutual friend’s birthday party (it’s Charlie, no second thoughts about that), and Gabriel immediately starts hitting on Sam, but Sam turns him down saying “No, sorry dude, I’m not into casual sex”
  • Gabriel is so baffled by the fact that someone who looks like a sex god has just said something like this that he gapes at Sam for a few seconds and then suddenly (even for himself) says “Okay then let’s just talk” and that is how they become friends
  • Gabriel constantly trying to set Sam up with someone at first until Sam’s had enough of this, so he sits Gabriel down and tells him that he’s demisexual and has recently been through a really bad break-up and isn’t looking to date anyone in the nearest future. Gabriel’s like, okay, sure, no problem not setting you up anymore but is it okay if I talk about my sex life or does it make you cringe?
  • Sam just laughs at that and says that he’s perfectly fine with this because that’s what friends are for, right?
  • Gabriel’s like wow whoa yeah I guess you’re right we really are friends okay that’s cool

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Frankly, it was too cute of a request to pass up. 


Hello love! I love your blog your probably the only one on tumblr that will write for my baby Chilton. That being said can I request an imagine where Chilton adopts a a small girl ( about 4-5) so he won’t be so lonely anymore and he takes into work and she just makes friends with everyone like the janitors the other doctors secretaries even some of the patients and she just raves on and on about how she has the best daddy in the world and manages to make Chilton a few friends at the office.

He hadn’t told anyone. Not his secretary, not his colleagues, not any of his almost-friends in the FBI. No one. She was his little secret, his little ray of sunshine. The only thing that got him out of bed most days and definitely the only thing that could make him smile anymore.

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Top 20 Favorite Films of 2015

Just as the title says! I saw way more films this year than last year so obviously it was a lot harder picking favorites. I almost decided to increase the list to 25 but eventually opted against it. Also this list is going by 2015 USA release dates or whatever I happened to see at a festival in 2015. Before I start the countdown here are a few films I really loved that didn’t quite make the cut.

Honorable mentions: The Tribe; Phoenix; Tag; Magic Mike XXL; Nasty Baby; Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter; White God; Tangerine; Heaven Knows What; In Jackson Heights

But anyway, here is the list of my favorite films of 2015 with a few, simple words on each.

20. The Diary of a Teenage Girl (dir. Marielle Heller)

As John Waters said in his top of the year list, this is a film that deals with sex between teens and adults that manages not to be creepy or unintelligent. I always hate when I’m watching films about sex and the actual sex is sugar coated or portrayed in a prudish manner. Thankfully, it’s not only incredibly frank about its subject matter, it’s also incredibly heartfelt (in part from the fantastic lead performance of Bel Powley). I went into this expecting another typical American indie comedy and instead got something incredibly funny, sweet and actually kind of edgy. 

19. Goodnight Mommy (dir. Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala)

When both my girlfriend and I were able to figure out the twist of this horror mystery film about halfway through its running time, neither of us expected to enjoy it nearly as much as we did… but by the time it ended we were floored. In a strange way, knowing the twist only added to the last incredibly disturbing, unpredictable and horrifying third of the film. And in many ways it made it only scarier, so much so that I wonder if it was intentional that we were able to figure it out? Regardless, there were gasps and screams in the theater and they definitely weren’t unwarranted. This film about two young boys who question their unrecognizable mother’s true identity gets pretty damn freaky. 

18. Tokyo Tribe (dir. Sion Sono)

Sion Sono is one of our greatest living filmmakers. So when I say a Sono film isn’t among his best work, you can still count on it being a hundred times more interesting than most people’s entire body of work. In this case, Sono crafted an insane, sloppy, brilliant and totally hysterical rap battle musical. The rapping itself isn’t all that great but I could care less. This is a blast from start to finish! Shot in a floating, god-like perspective we move from scene to scene as the film only builds in insanity, vulgarity and implausibility. But perhaps the best aspect of Tokyo Tribe is when the true intentions of its villain are revealed. I won’t spoil it here, but I always love films with high stakes (in this case warring gang tribes) which arise from something totally insignificant, as it only makes it more ridiculous. Far from perfect, but one of the most fun film experiences I had this year.

17. The Mend (dir. John Magary)

Definitely among the more underrated films on the list, this dry, (extremely) dark comedy explores something that I am personally fascinated with and tend to make films about myself: failed men. The Mend centers on two brothers who initially appear like polar opposites but are eventually both uncovered as pathetic, selfish and deeply angry individuals. Neither of them are very likeable but there are aspects of them that are vey relatable (in a scary way). Although I did frequently laugh during this film, most of the humor was so cringe-worthy and uncomfortable I wasn’t able to make a peep. It’s also incredibly well crafted, well paced and consistently manages to be visually interesting. 

16.  Mustang (dir. Deniz Gamze Ergüven)

What an absolutely phenomenal debut feature! Despite some big flaws (all the girls kind of blend together at the beginning of the film) I was so moved by this film I forgave all its problems. Mustang is about a group of sisters in Turkey whose home starts turning into a sort of prison as they are forbidden from interacting with the outside world for fear that they might ruin themselves before marriage. It manages to be inspiring without being sappy, and political without being in-your-face. The emotions of the film totally snuck up on me, and sure enough before the credits started I was tearing up. This is a fantastic feminist work of art that of course reflects the current cultural climate of Turkey but is also very universal. 

15. Anomalisa (dir. Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson)

Charlie Kaufman needs to be given every possible resource he needs so that he can make as many films as possible before he dies. The fact that he’s only directed 2 films is an absolute crime. Perhaps this isn’t as moving or as ambitious as Synecdoche, New York but it’s not trying to be. It’s a smaller, more intimate film that revolves around a motivational speaker who meets a woman in a hotel who seems to breath new life into him. Anomalisa is a stop motion film and it actually incorporates the puppetry of the main character into his breakdowns and fantasies. It’s a deeply sad film but one that abstains from being cynical. It also has the best sex scene of the year. Go figure. 

14. Taxi (dir. Jafar Panahi)

Iranian director Jafar Panahi was banned from filmmaking in his home country in 2010. Since then he’s made 3 feature films. Taxi is not only his best film under the ban, it’s also one of Panahi’s best films in general. The entire movie takes place inside a taxi cab as Mr. Panahi himself drives, picks up passengers, meets up with old friends and watches as his niece makes a film herself for a class project. It wasn’t until after the film ended that I realized the entire thing was staged. Taxi serves both as a meta discussion on the kind of society that would lock up and censor one of its best filmmakers (the ending of this film is heartbreaking given Panahi’s situation) as well as an incredibly sweet and intimate portrait of the people of modern Iran, the kind you won’t see in any western media outlets. The fact that this film exists at all is stunning, but the fact that it’s as good and engaging as it is is even more stunning. 

13. The World of Kanako (dir. Tetsuya Nakashima)

Without a doubt the most vile, repulsive, disturbing and transgressive film on this list, The World of Kanako is a mad whirlwind of violence and mayhem that doesn’t slow down once for the length of its two hour running time. We follow an ex-detective as he searches for his daughter and starts slowly falling down the rabbit hole of the pitch black world she inhabits. The editing is slick and quick as we are constantly jumping between 3 different timelines, trying to piece together just what happened to Kanako. What’s revealed is beyond perverse, as even our protagonist is shown to be as disgusting and amoral as any of the villains he’s chasing. Cinematically explosive (every trick in the book is pulled out in this film) and totally degenerate, I couldn’t help but get sucked into one of the most fascinating and exhausting films of the year. 

12. Victoria (dir. Sebastian Schipper)

At 138 minutes, Victoria is the longest single shot narrative film ever made. One might be worried that this gimmick would be distracting to everything else in the movie, but it isn’t.  The characters and their performances make the journey incredibly real and emotional (Laia Costa as Victoria was my favorite performance of 2015) . There were times where I even forgot that I was watching something done in one take. I don’t wanna give away too much about the plot because going in completely ignorant will probably lead to a much better viewing experience. I will say that this is the kind of naturalistic filmmaking I really admire. One where extraordinary events take place, but not a single moment feels untruthful. 

11. The Revenant (dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu)

As much as I really enjoyed Birdman, I didn’t quite think it was on par with some of Iñárritu’s best previous work (Biutiful and Babel are two favs of mine). However, The Revenant is without question one of his strongest and most impactful films. Teaming up a second time with Emmanuel Lubezki (arguably the greatest cinematographer currently working), together they crafted an absolute visual masterwork. The entire film could have have been silent and the story would have been as clear as day. DeCaprio also delivers the best performance of his career, achieving an almost Mifune-level over-the-top-ness that is constantly intense but never becomes cheesy. Out of all the films on this list, this one begs to be seen on a big screen. It’s a true spectacle. 

10. The Look of Silence (dir. Joshua Oppenheimer)

Oppenheimer’s follow-up to his masterful The Act of Killing is just as brilliant and perhaps even more powerful. Once again focusing on the Indonesian genocide of 1965, but instead from the point of view of a victim’s family. The brother of a murdered “communist” confronts all the men directly or indirectly responsible for his brother’s death. A beautiful but haunting film that’s extremely difficult to shake off once you’ve seen it. 

9. The Forbidden Room (dir. Guy Maddin. co-dir. Evan Johnson) 

A solid quarter of the audience I saw this with walked out of it. Maddin is a true cinematic madman, willing to try and do absolutely anything in his films. It would be kind of pointless to try to describe this movie because there are a million stories in it and about a billion things that happen in it. A lumberjack ends up in a submarine, bananas come alive and tell a story, a man becomes so obsessed with butts that he has parts of his brain removed, skeletons force a lover to don a poison suit, a mustache has a dream… etc. etc. etc. All shown through grainy, kaleidoscope-esque images. Equally hilarious, destructive and insane, this is probably one of the strangest films I’ve ever seen. It’s bizarre even by Maddin’s standards. 

8. Mad Max: Fury Road (dir. George Miller)

I mean, what is left to say about this one? This film seems to be on absolutely everyone’s “best of” list this year (and if it’s not I’m assuming that person either hasn’t seen it or is insane). It’s a masterpiece of the action genre. I’m not going to say much else about this one because if you have yet to see it, stop reading and go watch it. 

7. It Follows (dir. David Robert Mitchell)

This film has had me looking over my shoulder when I’m walking alone ever since I saw it. I’m one of those people who gets really scared by good horror. And man, this scared me like no other film I’ve seen recently. I’ve only just started watching more horror films (thanks to my girlfriend, who’s much more of a buff in the genre than I am) and this film definitely stands out as one of the best and most original American horror films in current memory. The concept of people -whom only you can see- following you no matter where you are and who are intent on killing you is terrifying enough, and thankfully this film is so well made that it truly is as scary as it sounds. 

6. World of Tomorrow (dir. Don Hertzfeldt)

The only short film I even considered to be on this list. Hertzfeldt has created yet another hilarious, emotional, and supremely intelligent film. He manages to pack more ideas into a single scene than many films can muster in their entire running times. A little girl is greeted by a 3rd generation clone of herself and is brought to the future, where she is shown and taught many extremely significant things… all at an age too young to fully grasp the information she’s given. By the end of this 17 minute journey, I was weeping. 

5. Wild Tales (dir. Damián Szifrón)

The opening scene of Wild Tales is the closest thing to Buñuel-style absurdity I’ve ever seen in a modern film. And the rest of the film is pretty great too! This dark comedic anthology film from Argentina really took me by surprise. It’s comprised of six unrelated stories that all deal with revenge taken to its most extreme, logical conclusion. I laughed so hard during this movie that the couple sitting in front of me in the theater moved seats. It’s extremely dark, at times absolutely absurd, beautifully shot and has a lot of fantastic social commentary that is very universal. One particular story about a man getting his car consistently towed is almost too relatable. 

4. The Lobster (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos)

I’ve been a committed fan of Yorgos Lanthimos since Dogtooth, so when I heard the basic concept for The Lobster a year or two ago I’ve been eagerly anticipating it. Having finally seen it, I can safely say that it’s definitely Yorgos Lanthimos’s best film yet. The story, revolving around a hotel where single people are forcibly sent in order to find a new mate (and are turned into animals if they don’t), is one of the best films about how completely ridiculous relationships can be. The whole movie is a brilliant breakdown of what makes something normal and how arbitrary the rules in our society often are. It’s a hilarious, beautifully made film and has the best overall acting of 2015. 

3. The Hateful Eight (dir. Quentin Tarantino) 

What’s already turning out to be Tarantino’s most divisive film also turned out to be one of my favorites by him, if not my absolute favorite (a 2nd viewing will tell). Yes, the 70mm roadshow version made the screening really special (complete with an intermission and overture) but aside all hype surrounding the format, this is one of the few times I’ve felt like Tarantino was commenting on something other than filmmaking (or past films) itself. The Hateful Eight deals with issues of misogyny, racism, the death of the American dream and how all of those things fit into the myth of the American west and how that relates to our current culture. Also, the fact that it’s as engaging as it is for a 3 hour movie that takes place mostly in one location and only has despicable characters is a miracle. I personally think this is Tarantino’s smartest, most subversive and most mature film yet. 

2. TIE 

Mommy (dir. Xavier Dolan)

Xavier Dolan knows how to craft classy melodramas. The emotions the characters go through in Mommy are massive and almost become over the top. But instead they are very real and very felt in the audience when watching it… at least for me they were! I cried and cried during this movie. It’s the most emotional experience I had during any film from 2015. However it’s not just beautiful and heartbreaking, it’s also a marvel of filmmaking, using a totally unique 1:1 aspect ratio (one that’s not reflected in the still I chose), featuring incredibly sincere uses of pop songs, and having some of the best cinematography of the year. 


A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (dir. Roy Andersson)

2015 seemed to be a great year for absurdist comedies! Roy Andersson is one of our best living filmmakers and every film he makes is an absolute treasure. Pigeon is no exception. Meticulously crafted for years on end, Andersson can spend up to 5 weeks just creating a single shot (everything in Pigeon is shot on a soundstage as well, so the shots can look exactly as Andersson likes them to look). Andersson is also a champion against outdated concepts of traditional story structure, with his last 3 films focusing more on moments and situations rather than arcs or characters (although Pigeon is the most character driven of the trilogy, but not by much). This film is also hysterically funny, filled with macabre, absurd and surreal moments. While the other two films in his trilogy may have asked “Where are we now” this one asks “What do we do now?” The answer (if he even has one) isn’t always pretty, but it’s almost always funny. 

1. Entertainment (dir. Rick Alverson)

Entertainment takes Gregg Turkington’s infamous “Neil Hamburger” character (an aggressive, intentionally terrible meta stand up comedian he’s played since the 90s) and poses the question “What if he were a real person?” The result is one of the strangest, most horrifying and most cinematic films of the year. This film entered a very dark part of my consciousness and stayed there. We follow “the comedian” as he travels from shitty gig to shitty gig playing to audiences that couldn’t care less (or sometimes are even violent). He occasionally makes phone calls to a daughter we’re not even sure is real, he visits relatives he has nothing in common with and he takes awful tours of the desert to kill time between shows. It unfolds its themes and story (if you even wanna call it a story) visually, utilizing gorgeous widescreen cinematography that takes advantage of its Mojave desert landscapes. Entertainment is an uncompromising character study of what it means to be “entertainers”, the mask they use versus their inward emotions and the hollowness that can accompany artists (especially unsuccessful ones). The film starts slowly moving into the totally surreal, and by the end we don’t even know what’s reality and what’s not. This is the most unsettling film I’ve seen all year. It truly got under my skin and as painful as it can be, it’s a trip worth taking. Even if the destination of said trip is the center of hell. 

SUNDAY SMUT: Valentine’s Day Special

Hey there, people, and happy Valentine’s Day! First of all, thank you all for your “Happy Valentine’s Day” messages you’ve sent to us. We love them and we love you all. Thank you, guys! I’m sending you all big and warm mental hugs. You’re the best. It really made my day to find those messages, so thank you.

I wish you all have had so nice day or that you’re gonna do something nice later (and romantic, maybe). In Finland we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day that much, and actually in our language the name of the day means “Friends’ day”. Pretty stupid because it ruins the entire meaning of the day, lol… Anyway, since it’s (once again) a special day and Sunday, I picked up more than one themed smut fic. Each and every one of these fics has smut scenes in them and all of them are with Valentine’s Day theme. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did, because I’m telling you, we did enjoy these very much! It’s one of the best recs I’ve ever done. I just couldn’t skip the fact that it’s Sunday and Valentine’s Day! – Admin J

Title: loved you then, love you now

Author: gidgit

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,108 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: Hehe, the best case ever. Read it and you’ll get it! This is non-AU slash case fic, pretty typical set-up but so good story, totally worth reading for. And I love grumpy Cas in it. He’s so adorable!

Summary: Certain as the sunrise, holidays for the Winchesters did not pass without excitement.

“Excitement,” Cas grits out between his teeth, “is not precisely the word I was looking for.”Well, whatever.

Dean and Cas go on a Valentine’s Day hunt.

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Title: Valentine’s Day

Author: kirargent

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,750 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: I’m not sure it was because it was 3 am when I did read this fic or what, but this was like the most romantic and the most sexiest thing I’ve read for a while. I’m not kidding! I’m definitely having a kink for “look at me” now. Fics are turning me to have many kinks. If you don’t want to read more than one Valentine’s Day fic, then pick this up, okay?

Summary: A week ago, if you’d asked Dean about his plans for Valentine’s Day, he would’ve smiled (he does not look like a lovesick sixth grader, thank you Sam) and told you in excessive detail about his reservation at a little italian place downtown. And if, by some chance, you stuck around through his worshipful description of the dessert menu, he’d smirk and say vaguely “Then me ‘n Cas will head home and have us some fun, V-day style.”Being tied to the bed with his crotch covered by thin pink satin would’ve been nowhere on the list of possibilities. And yet, here they are.

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Title: Sticky Notes and Fluff (the other kind of fluff)

Author: bortlescale

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,472 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★   

Admin J’s notes: This was… Ok, let me say one word to you: dick. It was like the first thing in my mind after reading this. I love the idea of Charlie leaving those notes, it’s so cute and romantic! Pornstar Cas is always pretty weird since I see Cas more like very asexual person than pornstar, but hey. who am I to judge? I’d watch every video he’d be in, over and over again.

Summary: Dean is a fluffer. Cas is a pornstar.
There’s one dick Dean would like to get to know.
Charlie is awesome.

( Read here )

Title: Bulletproof Heart

Author: destieljunkie

Rating: Explicit

Words: 15,950 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: This was so romantic. I need someone to make this a movie so that I can re-watch it every Valentine’s day while eating ice cream and crying. The only thing that prevent me from giving full five stars was that the “I love you” part came too quickly. It kinda ruins everything if you rushed with it, you know?

Summary: Valentine’s Day is approaching once again and Dean Winchester is preparing for a busy week at the dating agency where he works, even though he himself has vowed to remain single. To save himself from the pain of yet another shattered relationship, he has carefully wrapped an impervious shield around his heart that is seemingly immune to anything even remotely akin to love and affection. Then he met Castiel.

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Title: Helplessness Blues

Author: fio

Rating: Explicit

Words: 10,021 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: To be fair, this fic would have deserved five stars, but hippie Cas gave me bad mental image. You know, Cas with long hair and all, wearing odd hippie clothes and having good times with marijuana… Not cool. I’m sure the writer has meant something like future Cas, but my mind is playing tricks on me. All the other ways this was amazing. Only thing I was missing was the third part in which they’d been together for ten years!

Summary: I’ll get back to you someday soon, you will see
(or, the story of how Dean gets it wrong the first time around, but thankfully, gets it right on his second try)

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A Soulmate’s Scrawl

@b0nely… you prompted this so, thank you :) x

AO3 link

2pm: car service

That’s the first message Dean sees scrawled on the inside of his wrist.

It’s the oddest feeling: it’s like having the lightest of feathers stroked over his skin to the point of making it itch a little. That, or he’s developed a slight allergy to his washing detergent overnight.

He’s scratching at it absently and unthinkingly for half the morning before he even really looks, and then it’s only because his hands are filthy from a morning of high schoolers let loose on paint and easels like they’re actual kindergärtners, and it’s time for lunch.

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Christmas with Father!Namjoon

So I just realized that I made a mistake, so I knew that one of the members already had a father!BTS on Christmas post and I was gonna do their AU without it and just do Christmas but I for some reason remembered it as Namjoon already having a post but it was actually hobi so now there are two Christmas posts for father!hobi but onto the AU, it is now time for our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal with legs for dAYs, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Namjoon post, he has two kids, a son and a daughter (the daughter’s the oldest)
  • He spoils them s o fucking much and he loves them with all of his lil heart and they just ad o r e him
  • Seeing them interact is the cutest thing ever bc they’re both so smol bc they’re just lil bbys they’re still lil but he’s s o not lil at all and he has to bend down just to make eye contact but it’s adoraBLE
  • They look s o much like him like they both have his smile with the lil bby dimples (just imagine that for a second)
  • Bby girl always has her hair in pigtails bc it’s one of the quickest hairstyles joon can do like some days he may braid her hair for her but that can take a while and she’s still a bby so patience is not her strong suit
  • But then one day bby boy decides he wants them too bc bby girl always has them so now they’re both walking around with bby pigtails except bby boy’s are much shorter bc his hair isn’t that long yet (he doesn’t wanna grow it out that much he doesn’t like his hair in his face) 
  • Their Christmas tradition to put on their biggest comfiest sweaters, get some hot cocoa or tea and watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve
  • Bby girl gets to choose the first movie then bby boy chooses the second, unless they both want the same movie then you and Namjoon choose the second
  • The bbys a l w ay s have to be under this giant ass blanket that can fit all of you underneath and they always have to be cuddled
  • You have to have at least one arm/hand around/on them and so does joon and they get whiny and pouty if they don’t get their cuddles bc it’s part of the tradITION
  • They get their pajamas on and everyone’s all cozy and warm and they’re drinking their hot cocoa with joon’s help bc they’re still bbys and he doesn’t want them drinking something so hot by themselves yet so you help bby boy and he helps bby girl
  • Joon lets her warm her hands up on the mug but he doesn’t let her hold it until it’s cooled down a bit bc he doesn’t want to risk her burning her hands bc knowing her and her curiosity she’ll try to poke the hot cocoa to see what it feels like
  • They’re just loving every single second of attention though like bby boy is closing his eyes at one point bc you’re toying with his hair and running your fingers through it and he basically turns into a giant puppy and just leans into it and sighs all happy and shit bc he’s getting s o much attention
  • They ha v e to watch all the classic movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, some shit with snoopy and charlie brown, Frosty the Snowman like all the good shit
  • They dance around to all of the music and sing along as loud as they can and it’s so fucking cute bc their lil voices are breaking here and there from trying to hit too high of a note
  • They have a huge tree and bbys both get to put the star on top (joon picks them up and helps them out a bit) and they also get to decorate it a bit like the entire bottom half of the tree is all the bbys’ work
  • Joon also lets them make a few ornaments he gets Jin and his daughter to come over in the beginning of December and they all make their own ornaments that the bbys get to paint and puts stickers on or do whatever they want to them draw, paint, whatever
  • Also Jin takes home one ornament from bby girl and one from bby boy and hangs them on his tree and joon keeps one of the ornaments Jin’s daughter made and puts it on his tree bc Namjin are still best buddies even after they have kids and are married
  • Also side note but Kim Daily Christmas edition
  • The whole Kim family in scarves and coats and boots with gloves and hats looking all cute and shit with the snow in the background
  • The bbys don’t realize it’s Christmas until after breakfast when joon is all confused and is like why aren’t you two freaking out?? It’s Christmas
  • That ever so innocent question sparks complete and total chaos bc now they’re both screaming and racing for the tree with their pajamas still on and their hair still messy from sleeping
  • They both help each other open their presents, especially bby boy, he gets a lot of help from his older sister bc she’s just looking out for him and she knows that sometimes presents can be difficult to unwrap
  • Also this is a bit random but head canon that joon isn’t the best at wrapping so they can tell when he wrapped the presents and they get so giggly bc they can see a peek of whatever’s inside and he just gets this sheepish smile bc heY at least he tried
  • “When you two get older and have to wrap presents for other people, don’t come to me for wrapping lessons okay?”
  • “But I thought you were a wrapper daddy?”
  • “No bby I’m a rapper”
  • “What does that evEn MEaN” 
  • They get a lot of lil presents like random toys and candies and clothes and all of that good stuff but they each get one big present that’s like the main event bc it’s something that’s just for them and it’s something they wanted for a long long time
  • He gets bby girl this really cu t e lil bby doll that she’s been wanting forever like literally every time she goes into a store, she manages to find it and carry it around until you or joon has her put it back
  • She’s been really into bby dolls ever since she saw bby Min and Jin’s daughter playing with theirs and “taking care” of them and she got hold bby Min’s bby for a bit and she loved it so the past few months she’s been asking for one
  • This one is pretty simple but it comes with a bottle and you can buy all of these accessories like clothes and strollers and all of these neat lil things (which were some of her lil presents) 
  • He splits bby boy’s big present into two presents, he gets him a huge stack of books bc he’s starting to read but he also gets him these Pokemon plushies bc he’s been wanting them ever since he saw one at the Jeon’s house
  • He gets him a lil Charmander, a Bulbasaur, a Pikachu and a Squirtle so it’s just the first four but he’ll add onto the collection as time goes on
  • He gets both of them those lil dinosaur costumes that are literally the funniest things ever bc all you see is this dinosaur running around
  • The bbys both put them on and Namjoon literally turns red from laughing so hard and there are tears and he’s out of breath bc they start running around and their arms are wiggling all around and it’s easily the funniest sight he’s ever seen 
  • They team up and make Namjoon this huge painting and it’s all finger paint and you can see the lil spot in the corner from where bby boy had spilled some of his PB&J sandwich before they started painting
  • But they “sign” it and they draw a big house with the Kim family (including lil bby Rapmon bc oh my goD that dog is cute as fuck it makes me wanna scream that’s how adorable the lil bub is) and it’s just really cute
  • Christmas with Namjoon is really sweet and cuddly and it’s filled with so much laughter and squeals and everyone’s just happy
College AU

“Hi. Have you got a college au lists like the other aus?”

Hi there. Sure we do. I can’t believe we haven’t done a rec of these before! Sorry for that, and here you go. Better late than never, right? I personally enjoy college fics more than HS fics since they’re a bit older and I don’t get those pedo vibes that bad. Lol, usually while reading HS AUs I feel myself like a creepy stalker. We have to hire someone to read all the HS AUs, haha! However, after reading these I can’t help but think that I maybe should skip work and start to be day-time student instead of this crazy life while balancing between studies, classes and working full-time. Even though I have a tiny feeling that my life as a full-time student wouldn’t be that awesome than it is in these fics. – Admin J

Title: You’re The Only Stranger I Need

Author: lyndsie_1

Rating: Explicit

Words: 55,023 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I really have no idea why I like this fic so much because it has all the elements that I usually avoid like top cas, age difference and school setting. Still, this is by far one of my all time favorite accidental texting/meeting online fics out there!

Summary: When Castiel receives a text from a stranger, he finds himself engaging in conversations daily. He’s drawn to the outgoing college student and longs to interact with the other man as often as he can. Slowly, he finds himself falling in love with the other and can’t imagine ever meeting a more beautiful person.

The only problem?

He’s never actually met this other man.

( Read here )

Title: Across the U-S-A

Author: wannaliveindeansdimbples

Rating: Explicit

Words: 30,665 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this one only Cas is a student but they’re both young, so I guess it fits. At the beginning I loved this with all my heart. The idea was good, the plot was nice and it was well-written, but towards the end it kinda… Well, something happened and I didn’t like it that much anymore. Not that it would’ve been bad, I’m not saying that, not at all! It’s just… It felt a bit rushed, like the author would’ve wanted to get over with it already.

Summary: When Dean’s life falls apart and he has to drive out to California, he puts out an ad for passengers to help cover the cost of gas. The only person interested is a blue-eyed guy named Castiel, with a hoodie and a deadline to meet. Before they even reach Denver, Dean’s life has significantly changed again, this time for the better. The question is, does Cas feel the same way?  

( Read here )

Title: Dancing A Thin Line

Author: unholyseraphs (oncharredwings)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 27,553 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’m unsure whether or not I loved or hated this fic. On one hand, I really enjoyed the way it was written and kind of got way too emotionally invested to all the drama… but on other hand, I personally couldn’t relate to the way the characters acted on their feelings… Lol I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t go into too much detail, I just feel like despite everything Dean got off way too easily with his bullshit.

Summary: Dean Winchester is a college student who has never completely considered himself gay before catching a glimpse of Castiel Novak in the dance studio. After seeing Castiel once, he knows he wants to get to know him better. At first, Castiel puts him off but slowly they grow closer and explore Dean’s sexuality together.

( Read here )

Title: The great escapist

Author: 8sword

Rating: Explicit

Words: 100,534 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’ve read this fic three times already… so that alone should mean something! I can never get over the feels of this fic, seriously. Even after reading this again I was tearing towards the end and by the time it was finished, I was literally sobbing.

Summary: Dean spears him on a green-eyed look through the open passenger door. “Why do I get the feeling you just want us to spend the night together?”

“Because you’re paranoid and ridiculous,” Cas says. “I sleep five feet away from you every night; I could watch you sleep at home.”

(An AU in which nursing student Dean and pre-med student Cas become summer roommates and maybe more.)

( Read here )

Title: Single or Taken

Author: thatwriterlady

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 4,917 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is one of those fics that have surprised me with a very good way. It’s funny, well-written, has nice plot-line and I saw the entire fic in my head as a movie (Admin A, I’d like to point out the bar they were in was in mind our teen years’ stamping ground lol!) This is so, so good fic and I suggest you all to read it.

Summary: Charlie and Sam drag Dean to a party on campus and he’s a little taken aback by the system they’re using to identify who is and who isn’t single. Why does the process of simplifying things have to be so difficult?

( Read here )

Title: Shove This Cat Under Your Jacket

Author: orphan_account

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,136 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: If you need something absolutely cute and easygoing to read, pick this one. There are always times when I just need to read about kittens and this is one of my favorite kitten fluff fics. And it’s college AU, obviously.

Summary: On the first day Dean moves into his dorm room, he ends up getting shoved up against a wall and getting kissed like the world is ending - except the guy was only trying to smuggle a cat into his room. That’s how it starts, at least.

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Yay more Omegaverse (Which btw I didn’t know you all would like it that much damn)

I’m gonna stray from the canon JUST SLIGHTLY because I refuse to believe that Charlie was a complete dick and after getting kicked out of Kingsman he just went immediately along with Valentine’s insanity I refuse to believe it it didn’t happen nope so if you don’t want to read about Charlie/Eggsy/Roxy friendship with additional Merlin being pissed off just skip this next paragraph and go on to the next one

So, we left off towards the beginning of training with Eggsy, Roxy, and Charlie getting reprimanded cause they were laughing and cheering on Alphas while they fought over Eggsy and subsequently got kicked out. Merlin was glad that, though it caused some tensions, Charlie didn’t get along with Eggsy and Roxy since he knew them being friends would only cause trouble but after that point they started growing closer and everything kind of went to hell for him. They went from him going “No leave each other alone” to “No put that down- Charlie don’t defend Eg- Roxy don’t defend either of- For God’s sake will you just put the fucking pen down I swear you’re why my hair disappeared- yes I fucking know I was bald when I met you it went away in preparation for the stress you give me so I wouldn’t rip it all out.” So, at the distress of literally everyone else, the three become fast friends (Once Charlie gets over that damn superiority complex) and quickly shift into helping each other rather than hindering each other like everyone else was doing. All three of them had skills that could help each other, why not share?

As for Merlin and Harry, they’re utterly floored. Here’s this boy, the only Omega that was put up, coming out as the top in nearly all of his tests, who’s effectively gotten two other recruits kicked out by doing nothing more than batting his eyes at both of them and letting chaos ensue, this boy is one of a kind and they want him for their own, they want him so badly, but they believe that there is zero chance for them to ever have him. Naively, they think that his growing relationship with Roxy and Charlie is the beginnings of him creating his pack, Roxy being his Alpha and Charlie being an honorary member since he’s a Beta. The fact that Eggsy instantly goes to Roxy whenever he has one of his night terrors (Which are quite frequent, poor thing has had a hell of a life) and Merlin sees it every time since he keeps watch over them to make sure no one plays any dirty tricks (And because Eggsy looks so cute when he snores sometimes and when he squirms around in bed and ends up snuggling up with his pillow because he always sleeps better when he’s cuddled up with something but he’d never in a million years admit that to anyone) and each time it happens his heart gives a little clench because this perfect Omega is someone elses. But oh how they’re wrong.

One day, for some random test the recruits have to go through, both of them get to find out very pleasantly that they were wrong when they go to the dorms to tell the recruits about their next assignment (Harry’s there because in all of the years that they’d done this test he was the one person that completely aced it) and they come in to see the three troublemakers sat on Eggsy’s bed and Eggsy’s grinning at Roxy because “I hope the bird you choose don’t get jealous over me, Rox, I am the perfect Omega” and Charlie laughs and rolls his eyes and Roxy laughs and tries to push him off the bed and then Harry is clearing his throat and all three of them are wide-eyed and blushing and Merlin very politely asks “Women, Roxy?” and she nods shyly and it takes all of their self restraint to hold back from cheering because /Roxy isn’t going to be his Alpha there’s still a chance for us/ but instead of doing that Harry nods and says “Don’t worry, you won’t receive and prejudice against such a thing here. Half of the staff would be gone if there was” and she relaxes and smiles and Eggsy raises an eyebrow but that’s the end of the conversation and Merlin is frustrated again because Eggsy Unwin if you pickpocket me one more time- CHARLIE FOR FUCKS SAKE GIVE ME THAT BACK BEFORE I FUCKING MAKE YOU RUN AROUND THE TRACK UNTIL YOU PASS OUT. And it’s good like that for a while.

Then Harry goes into the coma.

Every single day Eggsy goes to visit him, needing to see him and watch him and make sure no changes happen without him there  (For better or worse). It gets to the point where Roxy and Charlie will come and get him (“Eggsy we have a test” “Eggsy it’s lunchtime” “ Eggsy it’s time to go to bed”) and more often than not it ends with Charlie having to carry Eggsy back to the rooms because he fell asleep in the chair he pulls up beside Harry’s bed. 

One time, when the recruits were being given a while to rest and heal after their latest test (Charlie had a bullet hole in his side, Roxy sprained her ankle badly, Eggsy had dozens of bruises and scrapes and cuts and every single muscle in his body was more sore than he’d ever experienced before), it was Merlin’s turn to check up on him. Briefly he’d gone in to check on the worst injuries and he’d noticed that Eggsy wasn’t anywhere in the room but he knew that he was too injured to do anything strenuous so he went to the logical place where he would be: Harry’s room. When he gets there he sees that Eggsy is asleep in his chair, posture stiff because of his sore muscles and his cuts and bruises and Merlin sighs and rubs a hand gently across the back of his neck before kneeling down beside him and carefully waking him up. Eggsy startles when he does and panics slightly when he sees Merlin (“Is he alright? Is something wrong? He’s still stable, yeah?”) and Merlin calmly assures him that Harry is fine and stable before gently reprimanding him for not resting like he should be. For a few minutes Eggsy’s fine and listens to Merlin and agrees with him but then exhaustion and physical pain and emotional hurt sneaks up on him and all of a sudden he’s crying in Merlin’s arms. Merlin worries for a moment since he’s never been in this situation before but quickly his instincts take over and in the next second Merlin is sitting in the chair with Eggsy curled up in his lap and he’s rocking him and holding him close and kissing his head tenderly and shushing him and it takes a while but eventually Eggsy’s just sniffling and curled up with his head buried in Merlin’s neck, practically drinking in the scent of safecalmAlphaprotectedhappy that Merlin is giving off and one hand is loosely clutching his jumper and he’s more content and happy and in love at that moment that he just gently presses a little kiss to Merlin’s jaw and they stay that way for hours before Eggsy falls back asleep (This time from being so comfortable and warm and happy and safe) and Merlin carries him back to his room. All of the other recruits are asleep and Merlin lays Eggsy down on his bed but when Merlin starts pulling away Eggsy starts whining and squirming and Merlin sighs and pulls off his jumper and carefully places it close to Eggsy and instantly he’s soothed by the soft fabric and the strong Alpha scent and he falls deep asleep clutching the jumper close to him. Merlin smiles and kisses his forehead before he leaves him to rest.

No one says anything about the new jumper Eggsy has or the fact that he uses it to calm himself down late at night or how he sleeps better when he holds it close or how it gets switched out every few days. They all know it’s safer to leave the situation be.

Again, I’m gonna continue this through the end of the movie (And a little bit beyond I have ideas guys lots of ideas) 

Author Note: Ooh, some fluffy Rucas College AU…think you’re down for this? This is based on one of the prompts from this collection

“Dad, Dad, Dad” Riley exhaled ready to throw her cellphone across the airport terminal, “Daddy, I know it isn’t ideal, but snow happens. First flight I can get to New York I promise I’ll be on it and I will text you the details. Christmas is three days away Dad, I’m not missing anything of importance…okay so I’m missing Auggie’s Christmas concert, just film it on your phone…okay ask Farkle to do it. I know he’s back in New York already, he got out last week.”

Riley rolled her eyes as she looked around the terminal, her heart leaping when she saw the gorgeous guy sitting across from her staring intently. Normally she would be disturbed by the attention but this time she wasn’t. “Dad, please I have to go before the food court shuts down, I’m starving I promise I will call when I have some actual news okay, bye.”

The guy smirked as he looked down at his own phone. Something about him was familiar but she couldn’t quiet place it.

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