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Mass Effect: Andromeda — Media Embargo Drops at 6AM Pacific

Today, a number of gaming media will unveil new news on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Although the developers have stated there only should be slight spoilers in today’s info drops, if you are 100% avoiding spoilers, stay away from social media today!

All spoilers on this blog will be tagged #MEASpoilers.

Btw just so you guys are aware, if this information spreads, I am fully expecting a reaction from their PR team/management. I’m sure something will mysteriously emerge that is supposed to ‘prove it all wrong’. Or they can spam blogs and social media with stuff trying to discredit it.

Or maybe they wont bother as they kind of know there is a portion of the fandom that doesn’t believe them anyway. It will never reach beyond parts of the core fandom, so perhaps they’ll just leave it. I dunno.

Newt: A lovely muggle just offered ‘a penny for my thoughts.’ Whats a penny, do you suppose?

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BTS reaction to gf staying up very late on electronics.

btswifi said:BTS reaction to girlfriend staying up very late each night (like up to 1-3am) because she stays up watching youtube videos or scrolling through her social media (like tumblr) thanks~


Rap Monster: *Tells about a experience he had when he tried to hide your things* “I went to hide them….and I ended up losing them . So she kicked me out the house at 2 in the morning, until I could tell her the exact location of her items.”

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Suga: He doesn’t even care anymore. He doesn’t like it, but he’s so use to it, it’s like a everyday routine.

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Jhope: “I wish you’d pay me more attention at night, like you do that damn phone”

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Jin: You: “Why aren’t you in bed, it’s 2 in the morning?” Him: *GIF* Is she serious right now?

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Jimin: He tries to hide all your electronics, thinking without any electronics to get on, you’ll lay with him and sleep. You walked in the room, him thinking you were coming to lay down…but instead you walked right over to the area where he TRIED to hide your things at. Welp! now he knows he can’t hide anything from you.

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Taehyung: You: *Recording him* “Look at this dude, it’s fucking 3 in the morning, and he’s up on his phone. I can’t sleep with you playing games in my ear, talk about no manners.” Him: *Fucking clueless ass fuck rn*

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Jungkook: “Since you stay up watching videos, here’s some quality ass shit to watch.”

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Cannibas should be legal

I can’t tell everyone how much it angers me that marijuana is still illegal. Do you know how many people it could be saving? Do you know how many kids it could help treat? No one cares because it’s been illegal for years yet you shove tobacco down your throats like it’s fucking candy

aarontveit: Sometimes you have to go weddings and be the guy who has to take pictures of his friends. And sometimes your other friends take a picture of you taking said picture. But all the time you hit that gangster lean to catch the moment
So this is that thing. #PWandCausa #MattandPW #whatisthehastag #yessir

The thing about Scorpio placements is that every few years you want to completely delete yourself and start fresh again from scratch. Socprio is the Phoenix that burns itself to rise from the ashes again. Scorpio is so eruptive and one minute they are in front of you and the next they are no longer there. Vanishing is their game. They can destroy and end anything in their life and then get it back to life.

Since I have a socprio midheaven at times I get so obssessed with the idea of deleting my blog, all of my social media accounts and disconnect from the world. It’s like there’s a need for us to die and then reborn ourselves again.

That’s why I do believe that Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, cause it revolte, searches and uncovers and then when its mission is done they destroy themselves to start fresh again.

Hahahahaha, I am crying!! 

So I started making my own cat food after we moved to Canada and I took a picture of today’s batch. Now, I’m also living just above a Subway, so ever attentive Google Maps prompted me if I wanted to add that photo to their location. 

“Eeehh, could I get a footlong, extra meaty and extra raw please?” :’D


Jimon Week Day 1 → social media AU [Valentine’s Day edition]

Two months following their engagement, Jace Wayland and Simon Lewis spend a very special Valentine’s Day together as soon-to-be husbands.


Prompt: octaven taking clexababies to some park, losing the kid/kids and accidentally sending texts to lexa or clarke

Part 1 of 2

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