that snowflake sweater is actually adorable and i love it on him


Pairing: Taron x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: No clue

Warnings: None. Unless you are triggered by adorableness.

Reading time: 7 Min.

Notes: I’m trying to write a little faster so I did this in just a few hours as opposed to my others which took me up to a week. So I apologize if it sucks. Ha!

Summary: You’ve been away a few weeks and are returning home to Taron at Christmas time.


“Babe, what’s all this?”

Y/N’s eyes widened as she edged through the doorway into the flat they shared. The weight of the suitcases in her hands forced her to turn sideways but she could see he had decorated for the holiday. Taron grabbed a bag from her as he held the door open.

“Merry Christmas love.” He said. Her chest brushed against his and he puckered his lips. She placed a tiny kiss on them and set her bags down in the entryway.

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— limerence

pairing: namjoon x reader

genre: fluff, more fluff, even more fluff, oh and did I mention fluff

warnings: just really sappy softness

word count: 3172

A/N: I wrote this a while ago and then remembered that Namjoon said he loved cute things, then rewrote it to fit him

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the state of being infatuated with another person.

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late June and July YOI LOOT POST

Our amiami box arrived, and before we could get ANYTHING out, JoeJoe made himself very at home in it. He is very much a box cat and we love him for it. Amiami boxes are huge and wonderful and he is so, so excited whenever they arrive. Not only are they boxes, but they’re filled to the brim with all the paper!!

These are Bushiroad’s ‘rubber strap rich’ collection. I have no idea why they’re called ‘rich.’ They’re big, high quality rubber straps though with really cute art. I ordered them way back in January, which is quite a long preorder time for a series of rubber straps. o.o

On the contrary these had a really short preorder period; went up in late April or early May and came out in June. They’re A3′s second series of YOI acrylics. I really like this series a lot. The skating ones are a little unoriginal pose and outfit wise, but the art is super cute, and the non-skating ones are fantastic.  They’re a pretty good size too! ❤

Hasepro’s second series of YOI mini acrylics. They say ‘mini’, but they’re more medium sized than small. I like the art a lot it’s so chunky and huggable. The biggest reason I was excited for this set was these boys:

Barcelona date night husbands!! I love them so much. Precious as can be. 

Anyway this set came with a couple duplicates so I’ll be selling those (sorry no Barcelona duplicates though :( ).

Yuri!!! in Ice Water-in Collection by Kadokawa. These are hard to photograph. They’re those squishy pvc keychains with water in them where the characters float inside. Since it’s YOI, there’s snowflakes along with the glitter. It’s a really cute set. The cutest is definitely the KATSUDON Yuuri. He’s so excited, and the background is literally like— a photo of katsudon? It’s hilarious. The onsen Victor is almost as good. 

The kitty ears Yurio came out of his package a bit damaged, which I’m not happy about. It was slightly leaking and due to that it’s kind of foggy. I can seal the leak, but it still looks not quite right. At least it wasn’t one of my absolute faves, but it’s annoying. It’s not amiami’s fault of course, but it’s irritating that it happened. 

Not from amiami but @aitaikuji. I bought two Thai Animate blind packs from them a couple months ago and they finally arrived. I ended up with watergun Victor and Phichit on Ice Phichit. Of course, I really wanted a Yuuri, but this is the Phichit I definitely preferred and I was happy with either Victor. I’m going to try to find a lot with both Yuuris now so I can have a set that’s Victor and Yuuri and Phichit and Yuuri. How much I’ll have to bleed for that, I don’t know, but… ahahah #doitforhim. 

The second thing is the clear mascots from Furyu that were released recently! Victor has his biggest HART MOUF ever seen in YOI merchandise, I swear. It’s so adorable. They all look so happy. They actually… didn’t have an option to pick secondary characters on the site. You just bought a main character and got a random secondary character. But I wanted secondary characters! So I asked if I could pick mine and they said yes, and I asked for Leo and Phichit. 

I opened Movic’s YOI mini clear file box and immediately cringed because they were all blind packed which I did not know or expect. RIP this is going to take forever. I didn’t want to damage the envelopes too much because I planned on selling several of these, and I couldn’t use the exacto knife I usually use to quickly open boxes because it would probably damage the clear files. 

Anyway here they are. Unluckily for her @abarero was stuck on the couch cramping so she volunteered her idle hands on it. They’re ADORABLE and all the characters look super cute in them!! I love this art and wanted some good merchandise with it, but unfortunately the acrylic keychain set of it put the two Yuris together on one keychain which ummm wtf?? Why would you do that with two of the main characters. That just killed it for me. This clearfile set instead put Mickey and Emil together which makes a million times more sense. 

Not from amiami but @aitaikuji. These came earlier this week. The hand cream is by… I don’t even know. It smells nice and the pattern on it is ADORABLE. I want a sweater with this pattern. I will wear it every day during the holidays. Or something. 

The plush are the pitarest by Eikoh. They’re extremely cute. They also came with magnets and… straps so you can attach them to your collar and they can ride on your shoulder. lol. I love them. 

Yuri!! on Ice Pita! Deform FS Acrylic Keychain by Takara Tomy. Those weird keychains where everyone is squished. Listen I love them. They’re glittery and funny and silly. Also:

They’re shopping in Barcelona. I’m so easy.

Contrary to this post, I don’t often buy clearfiles because I don’t really have much of a way (or room) to display them, but the Ministop art was too effing cute. And when I’d already ordered the Pita keychains on FromJapan and this was so cheap on Otamart, I decided it was irresistible enough and I threw it on my order. 

Kotobukiya’s Pitanui plush. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW CUTE THESE ARE IN PERSON… if you have not seen them. RIP in pieces, self. Also they hug and their heads can pivot and wow, amazing. 

Using them appropriately. 

I bought this acrylic stand because I love this art of Yuuri and Victor so, so much and outside of this expensive perfume I really didn’t want that much, this is the only way I’d seen it available. I admit the hand placement for Yurio is kind of um, weird though. What were they thinking. Still pretty though!

Eros in the sheets

…Agape in the sheets too I guess.

These are Kotobukiya’s reversible dream cushion covers. The art on them is fantastic. I don’t have pillows for them yet because they require these weird special pillows that only Kotobukiya sells and they’re forty-five dollars a piece+whatever it costs to sell those big pillows to the US (a lot). As such @abarero is just going to make ones that fit. Anyway they’re really pretty. 

The little pillow in the middle is a MochiMochi Collecushion of Yuuri by HN and Associates. He is SO squishy. 

I put this blanket on my couch and before I could even open the camera on my phone, Ritz was on it. It could not have been more than two seconds before he’d made the blanket his new home?? It’s SOFT and it’s new and it is his. 

The History Maker cushions are by Kadokawa. They big and fluffy and they’re half bean bag-esque. Very comfortable. Ritz is our biggest cat (a big, ginger baby). The blanket is the OhizadeGoodNight!!! Blanket by Avex. I didn’t order the Victor because I actually thought the art of him for this particular merchandise was… really bad. He looked kind of sleazy and weirdly like he needed to take a bath? Also Makkachin was licking his armpit. IDEK. Bad job. Yuuri was cute though. 

The blanket is a soft sort of fleece-y material, which is very cat approved. It’s not super thick, so maybe a spring and autumn weight blanket instead of a winter weight one. 

hours later, Ritz moved. 

Lastly I played a few rounds of the June ‘Enjoy Your Trip’ Minna no Kuji with @sunyshore. I won this Yuuri Towel, which is pretty awesome!! I love this art of him. It’s fantastic. 

I also got this Yuuri can badge, which is like the biggest can badge I have ever seen. I won the Otabek and Minami rubber straps, both of which I’ll probably try to sell or trade. Then there’s two Yuuri themed sticker sheets I found at a tiny local con! 

I’m going to post the non-YOI stuff in a separate post since this ended up longer than I thought because I included a bunch of stuff not from the amiami order. 

No great love story lasts forever ~ Jeon Jungkook {Angst}

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan
Member: Jeon Jungkook
Type: Angst
Warnings: Hella trigger
Word Count: 2063

Love is an unfair game, only won by those who play unfair.

            Each time you cross my sight, I die a little inside even when I pretend to be fine. In fact, it hurts a little more each time I think about how well you tricked me into thinking that I potentially meant something to you. The way you toyed with my feelings for such a long time and just left so easily after you were done playing with it and it shattered.
I guess you knew how fragile my heart truly was and how easily you could break it, yet you stepped on it like I never meant anything to you. And I guess that was always the truth, I was your toy, just too blinded by my love for you to notice. And it hurts so much more with every day that passes, every day you pretend not to know me, like I was never part of your world, like our love wasn’t real. Tell me, did you enjoy destroying my barriers and once you got to me like no one else before you did, enjoy seeing me fall? Because if so, I’ll greatly be nothing else but your entertainment because in the end, our love was only a terrible love story on screen, only playing for me.

           The welcoming scent of coffee wafted through the air, calling to my weary legs to come take a rest. A metallic table reflected the sun, almost blinding me for a second. The sun has heated the chair and it felt comforting and warm. My cup of Mocha warmed my freezing hands as I stared out into the white scenery of Seoul, letting out a deep breath. The park across from my favorite coffee shop is covered in a thick blanket of white, statues peeked out under their new white caps, footsteps and paw prints crisscrossed each other around the labyrinth of paths. Aside from the brown of the denuded trees, the only other color is the vivid saffron staining around the base of each lamppost, tree and shrub. I gently blew on my Mocha and took a sip, gazing out as I watched people walking past the shop.
The sound of traffic invaded my thoughts. The street seemed to be getting busier. More people, carrying more bags, spending more money. Arguing with their partners loudly as the stress gets to the most patient of people.
           I felt a tight pain deep inside my past as I could’ve sworn I saw us just walking past the window, smiling as we talked about our day, my hand fitting perfectly into yours like it was meant to be. But as they moved on in their busy lives, they turned into the couple we truly were. They were practically in each other’s faces, yelling at each other for the most unnecessary reasons, not noticing that it was killing what they once thought love was. Their love wilted into nothing, a red rose faced with the bitter cold of winter. Like a thorn on a flower, I knew I’ll get pricked but I wanted him. Oh I wanted him so.
I wrapped my hands tighter around the mug in my cold hands and squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to invite him into my mind once again. I knew he’ll soon forget the sound of my voice and what color my eyes were. He’ll forget how much I loved music and how I adored your smile. Soon he’ll see me as a stranger; walking by without recognizing me; he won’t even know me while I’ll be getting drunk, trying to forget his name. Love is an unfair game, only won by those who play unfair. Sadly, when you never learned how to play so; you’ll never know how to trick your opponent into thinking that you played unfair when in reality all you did was use your mind.
I took the last sip of my cold and bittersweet Mocha before getting up and walking out into the snow. I pulled my coat in tighter around me, tugged my scarf up higher as the cold winter breeze entwined my body, sending shivers down my spine.
I quickly made my way over the busy street, focusing ahead of me on the park, the snow crunching beneath my boots. The street looked like an unfinished painting. So much of the canvas was still perfectly white, as if waiting for the artists’ hands to return. The morning light struggled through the murky cloud, but even in its weakness it was enough to blind. The air was of course cold, but I hadn’t expected the same dampness that comes before rain. Moving from the overbearing heat of the cozy coffee shop to the streets was like sipping on ice-water in the height of summer, until my lips went blue.

“You break me into pieces, yet you’re still doing fine while I’m over here hurting.” I yelled out in frustration, my words coming out louder than intended. He looked at me with concern, as if he never meant to hurt me the way he did. I bit down on my lower lip to conceal the emotion I claimed I don’t have.
           “I knew I couldn’t be comparted to her, she was everything and me? I was nothing.” I chuckled and my voice cracked. “Her beautiful image and perfect character was everything compared to mine. I thought you actually started to feel something for me over the months we have started talking but then you mentioned her.
How much you missed her. That was my occasional alarm bell, to not give you my broken heart. Besides, I guess it’s already too late, I’m going to be another lost girl with a broken heart.”
I looked up at him through tears, my gaze meeting his as I tried to find the slightest hint of sorrow in his face. I tried to feel sympathy for him, stayed awake every night to understand the situation he must have been him to create such a big lie. Deep inside I always thought he created it to protect me from the hurtful thought but in reality, he only created it to protect himself from being the reason another girl cries herself into sleep by the thought of him. Everything he did was for his sake, he didn’t care for me. My feelings seemed like a toy to him and once he got done playing with it, he threw it away. His hand slammed down on my shoulder and he looks at me pleadingly, as if he wanted me to understand him.
“I realized that it was never you I truly loved,” he whispered to me and I broke a little more inside- the pieces becoming shards. “We went into this relationship head over heels, without even being sure of our feelings for each other.”
I stopped him by pushing his hand off my shoulder, trying to smile at him with the tears streaming down my reddened cheeks. “I was clear about my feelings for you.” I whispered, my voice almost too quiet to be heard.

I wiped a stray tear off my cold cheek, wondering how it managed to escape in the first place and scoffed at the cold. I tilted my head upwards to stop the tears from flowing and continued walking along the powdered grass. Tiny snowflakes fell miraculously from the sky as I sat down on a park bench. I had a good view of Hangang River and stared out at the calm sea, listening to the birds chirping high above my head. I couldn’t help but wonder if he missed me as much as I did. If he still thought about me the same way I did about him. If he treasured our memories well, looking at them every once in a while to stay in the memory of what we once used to be.

               “How are you doing?” A voice associated with pain ripped me out of my thoughts about him and I felt my heart skip a beat when I noticed who was standing above me, smiling down at me so brightly. He knew he shouldn’t have asked that question and yet, this question kept him up at night for a certain girl. His chocolate brown hair dripping as the tiny snowflakes melted on his heated face. His eyes were the type of brown that was like a sweet chocolate. The chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of the heat from love, or happiness. But that chocolate can also grow hard from the cold harsh reality that is apparent in this world. Heartbreak, or the depression that he hid from all those around him so well. My breath caught in my throat as I tried to find the proper words while trying to contain my feelings from spilling out all at once.

           “Do not ask me that question.” I replied, tears seemingly falling down my now pale cheeks that had once been pink due to my constant happy state. And just as he began to ask me why, I replied with a sudden fire in my eyes, “You can’t ask how a person is doing after tearing them apart Jungkook. You have no right.”

He looked at me like a stranger, yet worse. Instead of the fragile soul I loved for so long, I saw an enemy. It’s as if all that love became pain, pain became fear and the fear sowed hatred strong enough to break us.

I felt my heart shatter as Jungkook looked at me with the hazelnut eyes I adored so much and I noticed that the love for me I once saw in them has died. That he has moved on while I was still trying to learn to live without him.

               “It’s been a while.” he answered, suddenly taking his eyes off me as if he saw the pain he has caused. As if he experienced all those nights I thought about what has caused this love to fail in the minute of our meeting.

I couldn’t avoid the sarcastic chuckle to escape from my lips as I listened to his terrible attempt of pretending that nothing changed. “It might have been easy for you,” I snorted, lifting up my head and squinting at the sun as more tears flowed down my cheeks. “But I couldn’t ignore the feeling I got deep inside my stomach when you broke my heart. It’s like all the butterflies just died.”

I noticed Jungkook catching his lower lip between his teeth, desperately trying to find a respond to my words but I quickly realized there was no use. When you’re struggling to find the right words, it’s clear that there are no more words left to be said. I wiped the remaining wetness away with the sleeve of my sweater and got up, walking away from him slowly, a smile tugging on the edge of my lips as I looked back at him one last time. Once I turned my head away from him, I couldn’t hold the emotions back any longer. All I was, was sadness, every other emotion pushed from my being. Where there was the love, the light, the laughter is an aching hollowness. I was honest, truthful and full of more love for you than you can ever understand. I have been soft, kind and gentle - yet apparently all that is negated by being too intelligent.

          “Don’t live in the memory of us for too long.” he yelled after me and I stopped in my step, turning my body around to him again. I felt sudden anger raising inside of me by his words and wanted to scream at him, wanted to make him feel all the emotions he just pushed aside but instead, I just nodded at his words.

          “I should be saying it’s okay but I would be the biggest liar in the world if I said that.” I replied, smiling at the ground. “So it’s not okay and it will never be. I bet you had no idea what impact your words would have, no idea it could ruin my life but it did. In fact, you probably hadn’t even realized that I was right there, listening to everything but I did. I hated the fact that you never knew what your words did to me. But now you know and I’m not even sorry~”


Reluctant Mornings Part Two

A Kit Harington two-shot. Part one here. For @indieheartofmine

By the time I had pulled myself out of bed, Kit’s interview was just about to air on the news. In only a pair of underwear and a t-shirt that belonged to Kit before I stole it, I trudged over to the living room and flopped on the couch, flipping the TV onto the right channel. I left it on and went into the kitchen to boil some tea, and by the time I came back with a warm mug in hand, Kit was arriving on screen.

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anonymous asked:

Oh no! I hear someone's not feeling to well! *pap* If it's fluffy requests, then uh.... how about some fluffy christmas/winter head canons of the voltron crew with their s/o?

Yes! Omg this is adorable!


  • He’s going to use this as an excuse to cuddle. And what’s better than cuddling under a warm blanket by the fire with the person you love?
  • He’s going to want hot chocolate 24/7 as soon as it gets cold out! It could be September and he’s still going to want it!
  • He’s going to have an ugly Christmas sweater party and no one can stop him. You’re going to end up wearing one whether you like it or not.
  • He has to decorate the tree. He will make one out of paper if he can’t find a substitute on the ship. And he’s going to want to put the tree topper on too!
  • You two are going to make an entire snowman family including their pets! You’ll be outside for hours and probably freezing when you come back inside, but it’s definitely worth it!


  • He hates the cold so cuddles in front of the fire are a must. Like every single night. It’s ridiculous.
  • He actually really enjoys making snow forts, despite hating the cold. He’ll stay out all day with you to make one and won’t complain about the cold until he’s inside.
  • He’s not really a huge fan of Christmas, but spending it with you and the other paladins makes him enjoy it more.
  • He’s going to almost cry if you get him a present because he definitely wasn’t expecting it. He’ll definitely thank you extra in private because it means the world to him!
  • You’re going to win every snowball fight with him, no one even stands a chance!


  • He’s going to knit you a sweeter and make you wear it all the time so that you don’t get cold. Don’t worry, it’s really soft and not ugly!
  • He loves snow, but hates the cold. So he’s going to be outside, but he’s not happy and he’s going to ask you how you’re feeling because he doesn’t want you getting sick in the cold.
  • He’s going to make Christmas cookies as soon as October hits and you can’t shouldn’t stop him. Your house is going to smell like cookies for months.
  • He’s the best gift giver ever, but yours will always be better than everyone else’s because he wants you to feel as special as you are!
  • He’ll take you outside during the first snowfall so that you can go out and be the first one to catch snowflakes on your tongue!


  • She’s wearing winter gear inside and will fight you if you say anything. She’s not even that cold, she just wants to wear it.
  • She does the best snow angels ever, no one else’s compare to her’s, they’re perfect and she just tells you it’s science.
  • She’s not too excited about Christmas, but she does enjoy it. She’ll make little robots that fly around and play Christmas music.
  • “What do you mean it’s too early for Christmas music? “IT’S SEPTEMBER!!!”
  • She’s also really good at making ice sculptures, but she usually gets distracted and never finishes them.


  • Don’t even think about walking around without socks on during the winter. He will track you down and physically put them on your feet for you.
  • You can even go outside without him bundling you up. It’s really bad at first, you can barely even move.
  • He looooves Christmas time and even he’s not sure why, he just really likes it. He’s 10 times happier during the holidays and it’ll definitely rub off on you and everyone else.
  • Watch out, because you’d think it’d be Lance with the mistletoe, which it is, but Shiro is sneaky with it. You won’t even know he has it until he smirks and looks up at it dangling from his hand.
  • He really likes looking watching the snow fall, it’s calming to him. He’ll cuddle with you in front of the window whenever it starts snowing!

Author’s Note: Y’all, I think i’m dead after the amount of fluff in this thing. Big thanks to my friend @poe-also-bucky and @re2d2​ for requesting this gem!! I truly loved writing this one out.

Summary: Imagine spending the day out in the snow with the miraculous Bucky Barnes.

Originally posted by vanillaa-ice

What could possibly be better than a snowstorm in New York? Waking up to a cold room, looking out the window that resembled the crackled glass from the freezing temperature. Usually you would turn on the television and binge watch Christmas movies except turns out all electricity was out due to the weather.

Sighing, you roll out of bed while quickly slipping on your furry slippers and knocked lightly on your roommate’s door.

Bucky?” you asked softly.

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Can I get some head cannons about the RFA+V finding out that MC loves Christmas and they decorated the house for it, and MC even buys sweaters for animals to wear with matching hats.

Ah man I love Christmas but I’m not the decorating type. My grandma on the other hand. She has like THREE boxes filled with ornaments, and I have to use them all in a specific way. That woman goes all out for Christmas.

Anyways, enjoy!


  • Yoosung never really celebrated Christmas outside of the parties and Secret Santa gift exchange
  • that is until he met you
  • he came home one day and BAM
  • the entire space was decorated from the kitchen to the bathroom
  • O_O
  • he’s a little overwhelmed but it was relaxing
    • it really put him into the Christmas spirit!
  • he takes so many pictures of Lisa in her little red sweater you bought for her
  • you two love coordinating your outfits 
  • and with Christmas, it’s all about ugly Christmas sweaters and reindeer hats with LED lights in them
  • the RFA are total grinches seeing you two
    • but Zen is lightweight jealous because deep deep deep deep down he thinks the two of you are cute for going all out


  • this gelato never had the time to decorate her place for Christmas
  • but you’re MORE THAN HAPPY to lend a hand
  • in fact, you have boxes upon boxes stored at your storage unit
  • she’s even done a report of how much you spend on Christmas items alone
    • it’s more than you’re willing to admit
  • she comes home from work one day and you’ve decked the shit out of those halls
  • (」゜ロ゜)」 
    • how many ornaments are on that tree???
    • is that the smell of gingerbread cookies???
    • omg you even knitted her’s and your stockings in such a short time
  • O_O
  • she’s overwhelmed but after a day or two she eases up
    • wears her Christmas sweater at home with you watching holiday specials


  • can you believe this marshmallow doesn’t even own anything Christmass related???
    • he doesn’t even own wrapping paper >->
  • when he sees the twinkle in your eye as you’re talking about Christmas, he’s more than willing to celebrate with you
  • but he’s shocked at how passionate you actually are
  • “No Zen the wreath goes OUTSIDE the door, not INSIDE! Gah!”
  • he can’t bear to look at the ugly sweaters you bought
    • but after you force him to wear it
    • he realizes how comfy it is
    • and how cute it looks on you
    • wears it all the time at home
  • you even bought headbands with a snowman and a Christmas tree on it
    • he wears the snowman and you the Christmas tree ^^
  • he puts mistletoes all around the house
  • “Why is there a mistletoe in the fridge?”
  • “You get kisses in the most unexpected places (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡ ”


  • he loves giving gifts to those he cares about
  • but that’s pretty much the only aspect of Christmas he takes part in
  • when you come into his life he’s exposed to so much more
  • in almost a blink of an eye, you have the penthouse decorated
  • Elizabeth 3rd is wearing an adorable baby blue sweater with snowflakes on them to bring out her eyes
  • this donut could fill an entire scrapbook of pictures he took just that one day of her
  • you made sure to pick some semi-decent sweaters to wear
    • thankfully the one you picked out for him fits him well
  • he wears it when you wear yours
    • because what’s the point in wearing matching anything if the other isn’t wearing it?
  • he loves coming home every day during this time of the season because the penthouse smells like pine and cinnamon


  • Seven thought HE loved Christmas
  • but boy oh boy was he about to get a surprise when he met you!
  • Seven has about three boxes dedicated for Christmas
  • when you move in it becomes seven boxes
    • SEVEN!!!
  • you two spend two days decorated the house together
  • he would never someone else could love Christmas like he did
    • another reason on his list of why he loves you
  • you two can be seen outside of the house wearing your ugly Christmas sweaters and hats in the shape of a pine tree
    • everyone stares but you two don’t care
  • you even get cute sweaters for the robopets ^^


  • Rika did all the decorating during the holiday season
  • when she passed on, his house lacked the same spirit
  • but it was replaced with an even greater one when you came along
  • he never met anyone so passionate about Christmas like you
  • this sweetheart helps in any way he can
    • making the wreath with you
    • maybe not hanging the ornaments because those could break ;;
    • hanging the red drapes
  • thinks it’s so cute you sing to Christmas music as you’re decorating
  • he records a small clip of it and sends it to the messenger
  • he HELPS you pick out the matching sweaters
    • he wears one with a reindeer on it and you wear one with a gingerbread man
  • his profile picture is of you two in the sweaters wearing reindeer antlers 
  • you think you’re clever by hanging mistletoes in each doorway
  • unfortunately, he doesn’t even notice it so you don’t get mistletoe kisses  ლ(¯ロ¯"ლ)
christmas shopping

A/N: A little blurb about Simon+Baz spending the day at the mall. Song inspiration was Everglow by Coldplay. It’s so much better to read this while listening to it. Anyways, hope you like it!

December 21st, 2015

                                                       B A Z

Never in my life have I seen anything as hilarious as Simon Snow Christmas shopping.

He dashes about the mall, practically dragging me from shop to shop. He’s got such a long list. It shouldn’t be that long considering that we don’t have many people to buy presents for, but I swear it just about reaches the floor when he holds it. I can’t read his bloody writing, so I can’t even tell what he’s got on there.
Apparently I have no say when it comes to presents, beyond holding bags for him. He also made me try on a leather jacket because apparently I’m the same size as Micah. And apparently he wants to buy Micah a leather jacket for Christmas. Because apparently that’s what you buy for your best friend’s boyfriend.

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[title]: snowflake

[pairing]: shawn mendes x reader

[requested]: yes – @thugshawn

“So you and Shawn have a strong friendship, but you both feel something more for each other, and one day you go to his house, you both watch some movies, talk a lot, but starts snowing and you got stuck and have to sleep there. And, in the middle of the night they kiss and talk about what they been feeling.“

[summary]: basically what the request is

[warnings]: none

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THE last bell rings as you zip your backpack up, brushing a strand of your hair out of your face and behind your ear.

“Have a nice winter break, everyone, and prepare to write your essay when you get back.” Your teacher informs everyone as your classmates exit the room.

You make your way through the crowded hallway, couples littered throughout the wide corridor making out, freshmen hustling to get out of the building before the seniors do, and the sound of lockers slamming shut.

Although Pickering was a small town, Pine Ridge was very crowded.

Avoiding the loud senior jocks bouncing around the hallways, you finally get to your locker. You play with the lock, putting in your combination and you place your books on the shelf.

As you are about to grab one of your textbooks, a pair of hands cover your eyes, blinding your eyesight.

“Guess who?” A voice says, in which you recognize immediately.

“Mr. Baker?” You question jokingly.

“Ew. No. I’m not a pedophile.” The voice says as you laugh out loud.

“Is it my anxiety sneaking up on me?”


The hands are removed from your line of vision as you feel a strong gust of air blown on the side of your face.

“Ew, Shawn.” You scowl, wiping the small bits of spit off of your cheek.

“Stop whining, Y/N.” Shawn playfully rolls his eyes. “Now come on, it’s time for our weekly movie night.” He says, pulling at your sleeve.

“Alright, alright.“ You say, slamming your locker shut. Shawn grabs your arm and you both run to his Jeep.

SHAWN doubles over in laughter as you tell him about your experience in class today involving Ian and the toilet paper fiesta.

“Did he seriously tell Mrs. Clarke to go to hell after she told him to go to the principal’s office?” Shawn laughs. You nod, laughing as well. “That boy is gonna get expelled.”

‘The Notebook’ plays in the background of your conversation. You had always made Shawn watch sappy, mushy, romantic movies with you since you thoroughly enjoy sitting down and crying.

“Melissa Shay needs to stop hitting on everyone, seriously, it’s kind of annoying.” You say, rolling your eyes.

“I’ll say. She had her boobs all over me last Tuesday in chem.” Shawn says, shuddering at the thought.

“Gross.” You mumble, your gaze drifting off of Shawn. Your eyes stumble onto the window of Shawn’s house, as you notice paper like dots floating from the heavens.

“It’s snowing.” You comment, watching the flakes fall gracefully onto the green blades of grass covering the ground.

“Not like we haven’t had enough of that.” Shawn says, turning his attention back to the television.

“I think it’s pretty.” You say, cocking your head to the side.

Shawn chuckles. “You’re so cute.” You grin, falling back onto his lap.

Pillows and blankets surround Shawn’s living room, sprawled randomly about the room.

“I want a muffin.” Shawn pouts.

“We can go make some a little later if that will make you happy?”

Shawn nods furiously like a child, making you smile.

For the next few minutes, the two of you don’t say anything, no one utters a word. When Shawn and you were together, you’d always do this at some point. This was a way of showing the appreciation and comfort of each other’s company.

“Silence says a thousand words.”

Although there were a millions thoughts and ideas floating around your mind, some things were better left unsaid and untouched.

What were you thinking about? Memories of you and Shawn doing this exact thing flashes across your mind. You couldn’t remember the last time you were away from Shawn for more than twenty-four hours. You did everything together like an old married couple. You both claimed to not have feelings for each other, and your obliviousness was sickening most of the time, but everyone knew that Shawn and you would end up together somehow in the end.

You really did love Shawn, with all your heart. You wanted to tell him, you really did so why have you not yet? Anxiety and shyness. They had always been your weaknesses, and it’s safe to say you hated it. You hadn’t come out of your shell even a fraction until you met Shawn in the sixth grade. You were always that shy girl reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ during lunch and recess. It wasn’t until the end of either grade where you started to change your look and find new interests; with Shawn’s help of course.

Shawn on the other hand was the complete opposite. He was always a kid full of energy and optimism. When he met you, his whole world turned upside down. He always loved helping you with things, and had no doubt you were the most beautiful girl he has and ever would see in his entire life. Of course, you’d always deny it, but Shawn knew.

You had gone through a huge stage of insecurity freshmen year. You had looked up at the junior and senior girls and their stunning looks, making you think you weren’t pretty enough to be in close proximity of them. They were all so skinny, skinnier than you. You were far from being considered overweight, but you wanted that perfect body they all could had; you longed for it.

It broke Shawn’s heart seeing you so down and your self esteem stooping lower and lower. He was always incredibly sweet to you. He was always afraid of you hurting yourself, and couldn’t stand the idea of such a beautiful human hurting theirselves because they doesn’t think they’re worth it. He’d always check your wrists without you knowing, making sure you weren’t because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he knew you were cutting. Shawn was never the overprotective kind but he did care about you a lot. Shawn couldn’t be more happy when he noticed your insecurities had faded away to the point of you not talking about it anymore sophomore year.

Shawn loved you very much. He loved how random and cute you were, he loved when you wore leggings because he thought you had a nice ass. He loved when you wore a loose sweater that covered your hands because you were so small compared to his large figure. You were so small for your age, especially next to Shawn since he was so big, and you could easily be mistaken for his child because of that. He’d always tease you about your 5'1” figure, which pissed you off, but you were never really mad at him. He loved when you wore no makeup as cliché as it sounds, and when your hair was either straight or in a messy ponytail; he thought you looked sexy either way. He had a weird habit of picking out the highlighted blonde hairs on your head when he played with your hair, and loved that you could just fit into him so nicely when you two cuddled. He loved everything about you and nothing could ever change that.

Shawn had always been the popular guy around school. He definitely had the looks, he knew a lot of people, he was extremely sweet and kind hearted, and everyone immediately took a liking to Shawn. Instead of being sucked into the popular crowd, he stuck by your side the whole time since you weren’t the most popular girl in school by a long shot. You were gorgeous, even though you didn’t think so, and a lot of the girls at school wished they looked like you. You were more focused on your grades and being with Shawn than going to parties. Shawn liked to take you out sometimes though. He’d sometimes drag you out of the house and to a varsity football game between your school’s team and the rivaling team so you could socialize, which you didn’t mind, but you’d rather be at home cuddling with Shawn instead.

“You remind me of a tree.” You say randomly, sitting up.

Shawn looks at you weirdly. “Uh, why?”

“Because you’re big, tall, and tough.” You shrug.

“Wow, thanks.” He chuckles. “What else do I remind you of that’s not a huge shrub?”

“First of all, trees are not ‘huge shrubs’, a bush is considered a shrub, and they’re plants because they have enough plant cells to suffice for a plant.” Shawn rolls his eyes. “And second of all, you remind me of uh…” You think for a minute.

“The sun.” You say simply.

“How come?” He asks. “Is it because I’m sizzling hot?”

“Maybe, and because you light up my world.” You smile sweetly.

“Aww.” Shawn coos. “You really do care about me, don’t you?” He pokes at your dimples.

You swat his hand away, scrunching your nose. “Shut up before I change my mind about you.”

“Well, you remind me of the snow.” You raise an eyebrow slightly. “Because you’re clean, your company is cold and bitter,” Shawn laughs as you swat at his arm, gasping, “you’re gentle, beautiful, and tiny.”

You roll your eyes, a playful smile on your lips. “Thank you, Shawnie.”

“You’re my snowflake, Y/N.” Shawn says, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind.

You lean your head on his shoulder from behind, before you erupt in giggles and unattractive snorts (that Shawn actually finds adorable).

“S-Stop it Shawn!” You laugh, struggling to escape from his tight grasp.

“Nope!” Shawn laughs. “The tickle monster is hard at work!”

“If you don’t stop I won’t help you with those muffins!” You yell, knowing Shawn can’t bake to save his life. As soon as the words roll off your tongue, Shawn immediately stops and starts whimpering like a lost puppy, making your heart nearly melt. His big chocolate brown eyes glow and shine, and his plump bottom lip sticks out.

Shawn was the most adorable human on earth. You just wanted to cuddle him like a humongous teddy bear for eternity.

“Don’t do this to me.” You say, covering your eyes with your hands.

YOUR soft snores fill the air as ‘Back to the Future’ plays quietly on the television screen. You lay with half of your body over the side of Shawn’s lap, facing away from him as he plays with your soft hair. He combs his fingers lightly through the silky strands, smiling down at your small body.

The front door swings open, Shawn’s sister walking in. Her head turns to see Shawn in the living room, a smile appearing on his face. “Hey Shawn!” She says loudly, making Shawn immediately shush her, in fear of waking a peaceful Y/N.

“Oh! Sorry!” She whisper yells, scampering up the stairs to her bedroom.

Shawn’s attention flickers back to you, praying you don’t wake up. You stir slightly, making Shawn’s jaw clench.

Your eyelids lightly flutter open as you readjust your head. The movie continues to quietly play and the snow outside pours down heavily. You strain your neck to look over your shoulder to find a frustrated Shawn looking down at you. “Damn it.”

“What’s wrong?” You ask worriedly.

Shawn sighs. “Nothing, I just didn’t want you to wake up. You looked too peaceful.”

“Oh.” You giggle lightly. “That’s okay, I’m not tired anymore.”

“Well, it’s coming down pretty hard out there, you’ll have to stay here for the night.” Shawn says, rubbing your arm, goosebumps grazing your skin.

You shift so that you’re head lays on Shawn’s thigh as you look up at him with a small grin on your lips.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispers, caressing your cheek.

Your eyes widen as a blush creeps up on your cheeks.

“I-I’m sorry.” Shawn mumbles, blushing as well.

You don’t say anything as you get up onto your forearms and place a hand on the back of Shawn’s neck, pulling him down onto your lips.

His lips mold onto yours, as his large hand cups your face. The kiss is soft, and full of passion. Your hands run through his soft brown locks, pulling him even closer to you.

Finally, Shawn lifts you off of his lap and climbs on top of you. He lays on top of your body, being careful not to crush you. Your legs intertwine, your make out session escalating slowly.

The kisses you both share become more subtle before anything extreme happens. Shawn trails his lips down to your jawline, collarbone, and then back to your neck, placing chaste kisses on your fair skin.

“Uhhh….” Shawn lifts himself off of you and and props himself up on one arm. “In case you couldn’t tell, I, uh… I like you… A lot.” He chuckles awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“Well you’re in luck, Mr. Mendes,” you smirk, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him towards you flirtatiously, “because I like you too.”

Shawn grins, leaning down and placing a kiss on your lips.

“Now about those muffins…"



at first this was only like 1,000 words and i needed to expand it, but then i just kind of wrote about stuff from the past, and i mean, i’m pretty satisfied with the outcome idk lol

i hope you liked it though!

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— october 2nd, 2016

From Here | Part 2 |

Genre- Angst

Plot- Nothing changed, much to both their regrets. The day she said good-bye still haunted Min Yoongi, and he wanted nothing more than to see her again.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 || Part 11 || Part 12 ||


You let out a breathy laugh, taking a swig from the bottle, feeling the alcohol burn the back of your throat. “To Here.” You spoke softly, your voice dry and hoarse from crying and screaming at night. “(Y/N)?” Yoongi asked in surprise, the commotion from the other end silencing. “Noona?” You heard from the background, a loud “shh” following.

You let out a breathy laugh, taking a swig from the bottle, feeling the alcohol burn the back of your throat. “To Here.” You spoke softly, your voice dry and hoarse from crying and screaming at night. “(Y/N)?” Yoongi asked in surprise, the commotion from the other end silencing.


Months after your phone call with Yoongi, you felt a sort of weight being lifted off your shoulders. You changed your number, knowing the boys would come to contact you whenever they could. It hurt you to do so, but lingering with the boys meant being around Yoongi’s presence, and that was something you couldn’t bare. You leaned out the balcony of your apartment, a bitter laugh escaping your lips as you remembered the pathetic excuse of a good-bye you gave him. 

He would’ve wanted an explanation, you knew that much, but you would never give him that satisfaction after all he’s done to you. You pulled your cardigan closer to your body, a small sigh escaping your lips as the winter breeze sent chills down your spine. You looked at the small snowflakes falling onto your balcony, a ghost of a smile appearing on your face. 

“Jagi! Look at all the snow!” You exclaimed happily, spinning around and stumbling onto a pile of snow, a giggle escaping your lips as you saw your boyfriend roll his eyes in amusement. 

“(Y/N), you act like you’ve never seen snow before.” He teased, flicking a small lump of snow in her direction, causing her to squeal at the sudden coldness. “It’s not that, I can’t remember the last time I actually had fun in it.” She said happily, catching a snowflake in her gloved hand. 

“I swear, you act like such a child sometimes.” He chuckled, picking you up and setting you on his back, walking to the dorm which was close by. You hugged him tightly around his neck, giving him a kiss on the cheek, causing both of you to smile. “But you love me anyway, right Yoongi?” You said with a pout, making him flash you a gummy smile. 

“You have no idea.” 

He let out a sigh, closing his eyes and leaning his forehead against the glass. “Just call her already.” Jin’s voice spoke from the doorway of their shared room. “You aren’t helping anything if you’re just going to skulk all day.” He muttered and laid down on his bed. 

“She changed her number, remember?” Yoongi said, giving his elder a blank look. “From here, to here.” Yoongi muttered to himself, a bitter laugh leaving his lips. “That’s what she meant.” He said softly, crossing his arms over his chest and keeping his gaze at his window. “She always loved Winter.” 

“You have a girlfriend Yoongi, you shouldn’t be thinking about (Y/N) anymore. You left her remember?” Jin said, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head. “She stopped contact with all of us, not that we blame her. We lied to protect you.” 

“And that was the first mistake.” 

They watched you carefully, watching as you casually got your coffee and at down across the cafe, away from the group of boys who never broke contact with you. Of course, you knew it was them, it would always be them who would be watching over you, either by Yoongi’s orders or them being concerned for your well being. 

It got quite annoying after a while, their stares and murmurs, arguing about who would approach you. You had enough, abandoning your coffee and walking up to them, slamming your hands down on their table, startling all of them. “Please, just stop following me.” You spoke softly, but firmly, looking at all of the one by one. “I’m fine, I’m healthy, I’m happy. You don’t need to constantly watch over me like I’m about to just break down and throw myself in front of a bus just because Yoongi and I broke up.” You said, raising your voice slightly, shocking them all. 

They all slowly nodded, getting the message as you picked up your coffee and left, not bothering to spare them a second glance. It was then you deleted all their numbers on your phone, stopped going to your regular places, stopped going out in general. You’ve changed, and they noticed.

You walked out of your apartment for the first time in, what felt like, forever. You tugged your beanie closer to your head as you walked along the quiet shops, people walking past you with hot drinks and thick sweaters to fend off the cold. You glanced around, smiling softly at people who unintentionally met your gaze, some returning it, and others simply ignoring you.

You huffed, letting out a puff of air as you saw a cloud of fog leave your mouth, making you giggle softly to yourself. You passed by your favorite shop, looking at the window and saw the dress that you absolutely adored, but could never afford. A sigh escaped your lips as you looked over the delicate stitches around the waistline, the subtle sequins dancing around the silky fabric.You tilted your head at the glass, seeing a familiar frame looking at you from across the street. “(Y/N)?”

“What are you looking at Jagi?” You heard Yoongi’s voice speak from behind you, causing you to jump slightly. “Yah, don’t do that. I could’ve had a heart attack.” You huffed, turning your eyes to glare at him playfully. Yoongi rolled his eyes, throwing his arm over you and smiling softly. “That dress is nice, why don’t you get it?” He asked her, peeking down to look at her sad face. 

“It’s too expensive, plus I wouldn’t wear it anywhere.” She said and tugged him away from the window. “Let’s look at presents for everyone else.” She said with a smile, trying to steer the stubborn man away from the window. “Just wait Jagi, when we have the money, I’ll buy you a thousand dresses, no matter the price.” He said cheesily, causing her to roll her eyes. 

“In your dreams Min Yoongi, now let’s go, before everything good is gone.” 

 He saw your familiar stature looking at the exact same dress you had been looking at a year ago, remembering specifically how you set your eyes on it. He adverted his attention when he felt a tug on his arm, looking down to see his girlfriend pulling him towards one of the shops, a very expensive looking one at that. 

He felt his shoulders grow heavier as she picked one of the most expensive things in the store, having nothing to do but buy it for her. She let out an excited squeal and placed a sloppy kiss on his lips, internally cringing to himself. He peeked up to find you gone, a sigh escaping his lips as he excused himself after he paid, heading towards the store you always seemed to stop at every Christmas time.

“Stop buying me expensive things! You’re just wasting your money.” You huffed at him, holding the bag of clothes he got you. “(Y/N), it was only 70 dollars.” He said carelessly, tugging you closer to him by your waist. “That’s still a lot, you don’t need to spend your money on me Yoongi, I have my own.” You said softly, halting in your place and grabbing his hand. 

“Promise me you won’t buy me anything expensive anymore.” She said, looking at him sternly and pouting her lip, causing Yoongi to roll his eyes. “Fine, I won’t buy you anything expensive anymore.” He huffed and kissed her forehead gently. “Won’t stop me from buying you things regardless.” He said and shot her a wink, walking ahead of her. 


You made your way into your apartment, shaking your head in disbelief. He had seen you, you were sure of it. You expected it, having to run into him sooner or later, but seeing him so soon sent a wave of emotions flooding inside you.

You ran a hand through your hair, taking a seat on the couch and letting out a groan. “God damn you Min Yoongi.” You groaned to yourself, his voice still ringing in your head from when he called you. Even if it was for a brief second, feeling his presence, hearing the voice you wanted to loathe, it hurt you. He hurt you. 

He hesitantly stepped outside your door, raising his hands to knock, only to cut himself short. ‘What would I say to her? What would she think?’ He thought to himself as his knuckles hovered over your door. He heard movement from inside, a sign showing that you were awake, despite it being 4 in the morning. 

He smiled to himself, knowing you still had your habits of waking earlier than usual and wasting time to tire yourself out before going back to bed. He swallowed the lump in his throat, his pride taking over his actions as he dropped his hand at his side, shaking his head and walking away. 

You knew he had too much pride to admit anything. Whether it meant admitting his mistakes, letting you win a playful argument, or just being right in general. It was always his way or nothing. You didn’t expect him to walk up to you, to even do anything but glance at your direction as he passed by your apartment balcony. You both met eye contact, his new girlfriend hanging onto his arm for dear life. 

You rolled your eyes, looking away from him as he continued to walk, his eyes never leaving you. 

It was late, an ungodly hour to be woken up. You trudged out of bed, a loud groan escaping your lips as you opened the door, ready to spew some colorful words at whoever had woken you from your slumber. Your sleepy eyes met no one as you looked around, your eyes settling on a delicately wrapped box on your doorstep. 

Confusion took over you as you saw a retreating figure, their body dressed in all black and their head being covered by a hood and cap. You scrunched your eyebrows together as you closed the door behind you, hesitantly opening the box. A gasp escaped your lips as you opened it, revealing the dress you’ve always wanted, your eyes widening when you realized who it was from.

A note fell out once you gently took the dress out of the box, your shaky hands picking it up and scanning it over many times, disbelief running through your body. 

Just because I left, doesn’t mean I forgot.

Cas shuffled around underneath the sheets, tossing and turning, trying to find that one position where he could close his eyes and drift of into the darkness of nightmares and light-weightedness that he got if he got to sleep. Tonight was no exception.

He grumbled as he pulled the covers over his shoulder in one last valiant attempt to get comfy and hooked a hand under the pillow; shifting his hips so his ass was slightly in the air.

But it was the most safe feeling and snuggly position he’d been in ever since becoming human.

Human. The words sent a shiver down his spine at the memory. The Fall. The feeling of his grace being ripped and teared apart inside of him while he was clawing at he ground, begging - praying - for it to stop.

Cas curled up more, tensing his body a little and fisting his hands into the pillow.

“Cas?” Cas jumped as the husky whisper came through, followed by bare feet pattering into his room.

Castiel rapidly sat up against the wall and pulled the sheets up around him, flustered and newly awoken. It’ll take forever to get back to sleep now.

Actually, that fact didn’t matter as the one and only Dean was standing there, the corridor light making a shadow of his figure. Cas blinked up to him until his eyes adjusted.

“Hey, Cas. Sorry to wake you at this time, man,” Dean said in a hushed tone.

“What time is it?” Cas yawned and stretched his arms up, his slightly too small shirt riding up revealing his hip bones and tummy. He caught Dean staring at him, but when he relaxed again he saw Dean was blushing. “Dean, I asked what the time was…”

“Uh, yes, y-yes it’s,” he reached into his shorts pocket (because Dean was wearing shorts to bed now?) and looked at his phone briefly. “It’s 2.30. In the morning.”

“May I ask what you are doing then?”

“Sammy said there is a meteor shower.”

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I’ve come undone (the sweater fic)

Anonymous said: 

prompt (this one looks too good): ‘we showed up at a party wearing the same exact outfit. this is awkward.’ au (heck you can even make it a holiday party!).

This is a lovely example of a fun idea leading to some excruciating execution. This took way too long and I almost gave up on it a dozen times. It’s a bit angsty but ends fluffy.  
3.8k | Rated T | | AO3

Emma shifted her feet and the small present in her hand as she stood on the stoop of the large white house. The Boston winter was in full swing and her breath made clouds around her head as she steeled herself to ring the bell. Inside she could hear the sounds of the Christmas party, laughter and music and all the things Emma had seen on those Hallmark movies but never experienced herself.

“First time for everything,” she muttered and pushed the little button. The chimes barely started before Henry was ripping open the door.

“Emma! You came!” He threw his arms around her waist and she hugged him back trying not to feel awkward.

“Yeah kid. Of course I came.”

He pulled back and beamed at her. Her heart melted a bit. She had seen his smile in pictures, Regina had always been good about sending pictures, but having him smile at her and for her was completely different. She offered him the gift.

“Here. This is for you.”

“Thanks!” He took it with wide eyes. She didn’t know what to do next and was grateful when Robin appeared in the doorway in a forest green sweater with a giant snowflake on it.

“Emma! Come in you must be freezing.”

“Look Dad!” Henry proudly displayed his gift

“That’s lovely Henry, why don’t you go put it under the tree?”

After another quick hug Henry scampered off.

“I hope it’s okay. I just thought this year, since he knows who I am now.”

Robin waved his hand. “Of course. It’s perfectly fine. You’re family.”

Emma breathed a sigh of relief; happy that she hadn’t overstepped her bounds.

Robin offered to take her coat and she gave him a small smile. He was almost too nice sometimes.

“Excellent jumper! Wherever did you find such a gem?”

Emma looked down at her baggy over-the-top Christmas sweater; perfect for the parties ugly sweater theme. It was a bright red knitted affair that featured a giant Santa standing next to a disproportionate Rudolph. The kind of sweater that a 1980’s housewives would have adored.

“Oh. Just a thrift shop.” The practiced lie came smoothly out of her mouth. There was no way she would be telling anyone the truth; that she had stolen it from a one-night stand in her rush to escape while he was in the shower. The situation with the Mills-Hood family was precarious and she was trying to prove that she would be a healthy addition to Henry’s life not talk about her sexual exploits.

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Living in a Phantasy — Part 7 | Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Summary: Phil has just uploaded another video and now he and Dan are super bored. So what do they do? They go ice-skating! Cue Fluff™

Genre: fluff, love, romance, phan, domestic (sort of)

Word count: 3660

Trigger warnings: One or two swear words probably, slight angst (like super small lol)

A/N: Sorry this took so long to upload. Hope you enjoy. Credit to Millie for help with the title (cause I absolutely SUCK at titles lol)

Part 6

Part 8

Phil hit ‘Publish’ and watched as his latest video uploaded to YouTube. He slouched back in his desk chair, letting out a long sigh and taking the last sip of coffee from his mug. Almost instantly his phone lit up with notifications, fans commenting and liking and tweeting him over and over. He couldn’t even see what people were saying, they were going so fast.

He reloaded the page on his computer, scrolling through the comments. Already more than 1000 people had said something. Phil chuckled to himself and spun around in the chair. He stood, taking the mug with him, and slipped out into the hallway.

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Destiel: Christmas Rec List

All I Want for Christmas G (Word Count:  1,277)

It’s Christmas Eve at the Winchester house, but Castiel only wants one thing

Angels We Have Heard On High T and Up  (Word Count:  3,705)

Dean loves holidays and holiday traditions, and he shows Cas the fun of craft fairs and decorating Christmas trees, and Christmas caroling.

A Very Destiel Christmas  T and Up  (Word Count:  3,388)

Castiel, unaware that the Winchester’s don’t celebrate Christmas, tries to spend the holiday with his family. After a few eggnogs and a lot of conversation his true feelings are expressed to his closest friend.

Bubbly  T and Up  (Word Count:  9,123)

Dean and Castiel find themselves with a night to kill as Sam heads to the Big Apple for New Year’s Eve, so Dean decides to treat the angel to a night out at the local bar. Sure, Earth sucks most of the time, but heaven doesn’t have champagne and fireworks.
(Destiel, holiday shmoop, fluffiness all around)

But it’s Christmas!  T and Up  (Word Count:  2,522)

Part of the Supernatural Team Free Will Secret Santa on Tumblr.

Dean and Cas are art students living in New York trying to figure out what they’re going to do for Christmas.

Calm and Bright  NC-17 (Word Count:  1,282)

A family Christmas with the Winchesters! Dean, Cas, and their 4 year old daughter Mary spend Christmas Eve with Sam, Jess, and their two sons. Very fluffy and a little smutty. Happy Holidays!

Candy Cane Lane  NC-17  (Word Count:  11,502)

“Honestly, Sammy, if you only invited me for the holidays because you needed my decoration expertise, you had only to ask”

Dean spends Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the weeks between with Sam, Jess, and their new house on Candy Cane Lane.
& also, apparently, their next door neighbor, Castiel, who lets slip that “Candy Cane Lane” isn’t just the name of their street.
It’s a responsibility.

Easy, Lucky, Free  M  (Word Count:  11,566)

Obligatory holiday fic in which Dean encounters a cute boy in a coffee shop, and he even stays for Christmas.

Finding Christmas  T and Up  (Word Count:  5,898)

Dean snaps his headphones in place over his ears and drops his iPod into his shirt pocket. He is not going to listen to Christmas music here in the bunker. He is not going to buy presents. He is not going to hang stockings, and he most definitely, without a doubt, is not going to help decorate a Christmas tree.

Handcuffs  NC-17  (Word Count:  29,644)

Christmas is two days away, and Dean is losing his mind–literally. Unable to disappoint his parents any further, Dean kidnaps Castiel Novak and forces him to play the role of his boyfriend.

(Have You Been)  Naughty or Nice  NC-17  (Word Count:  1,632)

Cas and Dean exchange their own gifts in the wee early hours of Christmas Day.

I Heard the Bells  T and Up  (Word Count:  8,290)

Cas wants to have a first Christmas with all the traditions and stuff Christmas brings, but he wants to do it Winchester style. Dean, on the other hand, is coming to terms with his feelings for Cas and is attempting to not be a Scrooge. In the end, Christmas turns out to be one of the best they’ve had in a long time.

The Holiday   M  (Word Count:  30,315)

Castiel and Sam are unlucky in both life and love, so they swap houses for the holidays. Both find the experience highly…interesting.   (Lots of Sabriel as well)

Holiday Rituals  NC-17  (Word Count:  3,650)

Castiel is home to start a three-week vacation. Dean is also home and has gotten into the rum a bit early. Also, Christmas exploded on their house.

Holiday Souvenirs  NC-17  (Word Count:  43,197)

A crossover AU loosely based on the film The Holiday with Sam and Gabriel where Sam and Castiel swap houses for a month. Sam ends up next door to Gabriel, a widower with two young girls, and Castiel ends up sharing a house with Dean. Shenanigans, obviously, ensue.

The Holy Tide  M  (Word Count:  4,416)

In retrospect, Dean blames Sam, kind of. He confesses to hanging the mistletoe during the Christmas dinner, complaining that no one – with a pointed look at Dean – made use of it. Dean has left him in the charge of the eggnog because someone competent had to take care of the ham (they really are pulling all the stops this year and it makes Dean’s heart sing. Or maybe he actually hums Mariah Carey over mashed potatoes.)

In which the extended Winchester family celebrates Christmas and good things happen.

Honoring the Mistletoe   NC-17  (Word Count:  6,564)

Dean recruits Castiel to help give Sam a Christmas to remember. In the process, he introduces Castiel to the joys of the holiday and discovers that there is some truth to the ideology behind an angel’s halo.

King Frost   M  (Word Count:  34,040)

The Frost King will kiss the unwary at the first frost of winter and then take them to his palace and make them his slave. But it’s sooo way more fluffy than that. Just a Christmas fic from me to you. Base on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, with other fairy tale themes mixed in.

Joy to the World (the End is Near)   T and Up  (Word Count:  11,897)

With the apocalypse looming ever closer, the last thing Dean wants to do is stop and celebrate Christmas. Despite growing more and more human every day, Castiel makes it his mission to get Dean into the holiday spirit.

If Kisses Were Snowflakes  T and Up  (Word Count:  17,153)

When Cas’s holiday plans fall through, Dean is all too happy to invite him along to Sam and Jess’s for Christmas. What he doesn’t take into account is how much Christmas seems to suit his best friend, what with the lights making Cas’s eyes more beautiful, the themed sweaters making him cuter than he already is, how his cold hands are in permanent need of warming, and - yes, it’s going to take everything Dean has not to kiss him senseless under the mistletoe.

Let Me Take You Far Away (You’d Like a Holiday)  NC-17  (Word Count:  4,641)

Dean and Cas spend the whole week going through holidays and human traditions.

The Most Important Human Experience    NC-17  (Word Count:  3,789)

Dean wants to celebrate Christmas and Castiel doesn’t see the point until Dean lets his reasons slip.

Mothball Theory  T and Up  (Word Count:  2,285)

In which dean delivers Castiel some groceries and they’re cute with each other. bonus: it’s Christmas time and Castiel is very festive. fluff. 

Muggle Holiday  M  (Word Count:  2,414)

Dean has invited Castiel to come home with him, to the muggle world, for the Christmas holiday.

Nine Times We Met (And One Christmas We Parted)  NC-17  (Word Count:  58,400)

On the last day of school before Christmas vacation, Mr. Castiel Quinn discovers that one of his young students has smuggled male pornography into the classroom. Upon being told that the photos belong to the boy’s uncle, Castiel vows to himself that he will keep the other man’s preferences a secret. It’s 1947; a man experiencing attraction to another man or fantasising about his sexual touch are transgressive faults, which could potentially result in imprisonment - or worse. But then the uncle walks in. The photos are of him: Dean Winchester, a rogue with an empty pocket and a child to feed. Castiel doesn’t know it yet, but his life is never going to be the same again. Years pass between chance meetings, but even though they live their lives apart, Dean and Castiel’s story is proof that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

Warnings:  Major Character Death

Peace And Good Luck To All Men  T and Up  (Word Count: 31,366)

Christmas in the Milton household was difficult enough without the added complication of guests- and if Luke and Gabriel placing bets on who can get with Sam first wasn’t bad enough, then Cas developing a ridiculous crush on his sister’s boyfriend definitely is.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace  T and Up  (Word Count:  41,674)

Dean wants to have a nice, peaceful Christmas for once, but it seems like the universe won’t let him.

The Supernatural Night Before Christmas  T and Up (Word Count: 644)

A Supernatural bastardization of Clement C. Moore’s classic holiday tale.

Comments:  This is absolutely adorable.

Ugly Sweater!Verse  NC-17  (Word Count: 193,029)

If they really go back and think about it… it all started with a tree. A Christmas tree, that is. Castiel is human now, and the apocalypse is not only over, it’s been averted. Sam’s away at NYU, finally finishing law school, and Dean’s stuck in what is probably the most awkward situation of his life. He’s not exactly sure how he ended up sharing a flat with Cas in Media, Pennsylvania, but he does know the curious would-be angel is sort of derailing his plans for a life of decadence and booze. Cas is trying to make the best of his humanity by exploring human holidays. Dean can’t exactly complain because he’s pretty much the reason Cas got his wings clipped in the first place.

Dean didn’t actually want to fall in love, but how was he supposed to know it would all start with a goddamn tree?

Walking in a Winter Wonderland  M  (Word Count:  2,621)

Come along with Cas and Dean as they go on a holiday adventure!

White Winter Hymnal   NC-17  (Word Count:  25,450)

Dean hates Christmas, which is why he’s hiding away in a café late at night on Christmas Eve. He never expected to find Castiel there.

25 Days of Christmas:  Holiday Fluff  T and Up

This is holiday fluff, pure and simple. It is Christmas on repeat. It is a hunter and his family. It is crappy Christmas songs shared with eggnog and twinkling lights. It is what happens when an insecure man has nothing to lose because it will all just happen again tomorrow. So, he might as well be happy, right? Nebulous timeline in the bunker.

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully do not throw up Christmas ornaments and candy canes from all the freaking fluff and holiday cheer in these fics.  Have a happy holiday!