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Infatuation (epilogue)

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“Six months ago if someone had asked me if I liked Kim Taehyung, I would have scoffed in their face and brushed them away, not giving the fuckboy another thought. But today…”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 4427

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GOT7: dating Jackson would include

▪ literally the fluffliest of all fluff balls 

▪ always knows how to make you laugh. Always. Like you’ll just be sad about losing a game on your phone and he’d be like aw babe it’s ok do you wanna see me take off my shirt??? 

▪ and you’d probably agree after laughing don’t lie

 ▪ mark being the third wheel in most of your dates

▪ nah, like he’s actually a part of your guys’ relationship and you just accept it tbh nothing is gonna separate those two

 ▪ becoming best friends with Bambam as soon as you guys meet

 ▪ you two constantly teasing Jackson and coming up with inside jokes about the other members

 ▪ having to deal with Jackson’s pouty ass whenever he sees you talking to Bambam or Jaebum 

 ▪ “I mean I’m your boyfriend right?? Shouldn’t you talking to me about these kinda things???“ 

 ▪ “Jackson I was just asking for some chips” “…exactly”

 ▪ teases you so much. About anything and everything

 ▪ makes out with you while the others are near or within hearing range- on purpose, just to see if you can stay quiet. After a while he literally just begs you to moan his name 

 ▪ him surprising you with the sweetest gifts

 ▪ if he saw you eyeing something the other day, he probably already bought it 

▪ loves buying you jewelery and assisting you with putting it on 

▪ can you imagine him putting your newly bought necklace on you and tracing his fingers over your shoulders after he’s done bc he doesn’t wanna stop touching you oml

 ▪ you can’t even sit and watch a dang movie without him making a comment about everything or laughing about a certain actor 

 ▪ or he’s always trying to be sneaky and put a hand up your shirt “jagi, there’s no one in our dorm, let’s go…cuddle” “Jackson stfu they’re all sitting right here" 

▪ the most supportive boyfriend ever and will cheer you on for anything

 ▪ brags about you to anyone who will listen 

 ▪ “y/n is looking like an angel today. Where’s your halo, jagi???“ 

▪ you better prepare before a cuddling session with him bc he’s not going to let you go anytime soon 

▪ mostly bc he takes this time to be really honest and open with you and shares his deepest feelings. Teasing Jackson is gone and softie Jackson is here to stay 

▪ asks your opinion on everything. There’s been so many nights when you’ve come home and seen him sobbing over a picture of a puppy or kitten “y/n, can we please get one?" 

▪ he prefers not to kiss you in public just because he values these intimate moments with you (no matter how much he wants to make the others jealous) 

▪ but in private he’s very touchy while he’s kissing you, and his mouth is everywhere 

 ▪ anyway, let’s not get carried away lmao

 ▪ pls treat this ball of fluff well and don’t ever let him drive 💜

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There are things that are meant to happen, written in the stars and tattooed in invisible ink in the air. They’ll happen no matter which turn you take in the path of life, or how many delays are in the way. They’ll wait for you right until the end, when it’s time for a new beginning.

This was probably not one of those things.

That probably doesn’t change anything.

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BTS: their hugs

Jin:  he would hug you so frequently that you don’t even give it a second thought when he wraps his arms around your waist from behind and bites your ear. He refuses to let go even after a while, and hugs with him are never short. They’re so warm and he’d hold you so tight, sometimes seeming like he’s afraid to let go. He’d only pull away after placing a soft kiss on your forehead or squeezing your sides before running away.

Suga:  are rare when there’s people around, but that’s all you’ll be doing when you’re all alone. His arms always seem to find their way around your body, no matter what position you’re in. They’re what make him feel safe and loved, and his butterflies would increase when he feels your heartbeat against his chest, and he can’t help but tighten his arms around you and closing his eyes, taking you all in.

J-Hope:  are playful and clingy, esp when you’re lazily laying in bed and staring at his sleepy face lovingly. He’d wrap his arms around your neck and squeeze his eyes shut bc he just loves the feeling of being pressed against you. Sometimes he’d be sneaky and rest his hands in the pockets of your jeans, but he’d always have an excuse like “my hands are cold, would you rather I keep them pressed against my own booty?”

Rap Monster:  in the rare cases that he hugs you full on, he’d take advantage of your closeness to whisper all sorts of things in your ear, just to get a reaction out of you. He isn’t the type to be hugging all the time, he’d much rather wrap one arm around you and keep you close, or just have his whole body pressed against yours with his limbs sprawled all over you.

Jimin:  he’s so squishy so you can’t resist hugging him all the dang time. He never seems to mind though, and his heart starts pounding like crazy when you bury your face in his chest. He’d smile against your cheek and rubs your back slowly, enjoying your warmth and the feeling of you being this close to him. Would only pull away if you do first, since he can stand there and hold you forever if he could.

V:  good luck trying to get him off you, this kid will stick to you like glue. Like rapmon, he wouldn’t casually give you hugs, but you can find him all over you if he’s jealous or needs some love. He’d tickle you by blowing on your neck and laughs a lot, so you laugh even more bc his chest keeps vibrating. He’d cradle your head in his arms like a baby, and does some aegyo to finally get your attention.

Jungkook:  the feeling of his strong arms wrapping around you is like heaven, and he knows the effect he has on you, the lil pickle. He’d take you in his arms every chance he gets, and smirks when he hears your breath hitch. But he’s also hella whipped by you, so he sighs and closes his eyes when you play with his hair and press your lips against his neck. Pulls away after kissing your lips and messing your hair, smiling when you try to reach up and playfully slap him.

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I wrote this snippet for my Bad Luck Black Cat story but I don’t think I’m going to use it now, so I release it to the internet. Enjoy internet.

Draco walked up to Harry looking stormy. Before he could even say anything the blond reached out and pinched Harry arm with a frown.

“Hey!” Harry smacked Draco’s hand away, “Brat.”

Draco frowned harder, that sneaky hand flicking out for a second, emphasizing pinch.

Harry caught his wrist, “No. Use your words for fucks sake.”

Draco narrowed his eyes, “No.”

Harry pretended not to see the faint blush in the tops of Draco’s cheeks.

“Let me go, Potter.” Draco tried to pull his hand away.

“No.” Harry shot back.

Draco sneered, “What do you expect when you abandon me in a room full of Weasley’s?”

“Merlin, save me,” Harry muttered.

“I’m the one that needed to be saved,” Draco sniffed, pulling his hand free.

Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes or smack the prat. He sighed, “At least… look, I respond better to positive reinforcement.”

“You’re an embarrassment is what you are,” Draco muttered.

Harry glared at him.

“Fine,” He reached down and took Harry’s hand, “Happy?”


Instead of what I’ve been drawing it’s just the Speedo and they take care in highlighting his package so when he’s running at you at full slow speed your mesmorised by it and that effectively stuns you long enough for him to consume ur soul and move on

Reaction to You Being a Female Member and Falling For You. . .

Anonymous said: I wanted to send a request - an EXO request OT12 pls! Their reaction on you being the female member of EXO and being protective of you because they started to like you and don’t want you to like another member nor get the fans upset over it cause they may end up hating you and you may have to leave the group.

Reaction to You Being a Female Member and Falling For You…

A/N this cuuute <3 i hope i made it how you want Anonie! Enjoy :)

Kai Eonni ~


This would be very conflicting for Suho. He would probably be in the worst situation out of all of them only because he’s the leader. To him it would be very wrong to fall for his team member, he also has a responsibility to the fans. He would, no matter how painful and how much his heart says otherwise, put great distance between you two emotionally. Obviously he couldn’t avoid you, after all you’re his team member, but he would make sure to make your interactions devoid of any emotions. It would be really heartbreaking for him, but he would go through with his plan. He would refrain himself whenever he felt that jealousy grow within him whenever you were with another member, he would hold his tongue whenever another member would put his arm around your shoulder and would remind himself of why he’s putting himself through this heartache. Unfortunately there would be no relationship beyond team members between you two.

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He would go for it. He would have such a possessiveness over you that he wouldn’t be able to hold his feelings back. However, your relationship between you two would only be known in the group. The only other people knowing are your other members. There would be moments when he second guesses his actions, wondering if they’re only him acting on his selfishness, however those moments you two share in privacy wipe those thoughts from his mind. He would be fiercely protective of you just because of the possibility of fans finding out and you getting kicked out of the group. 

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Chanyeol would be another that would decide to act upon his hearts desire. It would be the constant sight of you hanging out with his other members and the idea of you falling for one of them that would motivate him to ask you out. However, he would constantly be insecure that you’re happy with a hidden relationship with him. He would ask you often if this is what you want and if you’re truly happy with him. He would continue to be protective and possessive over you in front of his members, however this time, he would use your relationship to his advantage and either place a hand on your thigh, an arm around your shoulder or holding your hand to tell your members to back off.

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This would be conflicting to him. Most likely, there would be some kind of relationship between you two, but it wouldn’t be official, mainly because he would be too scared to mess up and it ending in you both getting hurt. Xiumin would love to stay away from you, just to protect you from getting into trouble, but with having to seeing you with the other members and the undeniable attraction between you two, you both wouldn’t be able to stay away from one another. So there would be little sneaky hand holds behind your backs, pinky holds underneath the table at a business dinner or award shows, quick knowing looks, hugs that last a second longer than hugs you two would give to others. Talk about a real scandal eh? *wink wink nudge nudge*

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This crush between you two would last the longest ever. You two wouldn’t have the guts to take the first step and also scared of the consequences that would come with a hidden relationship. However, unlike Xiumin, there wouldn’t really be as much skinship. It would mostly consist of sneak peeks at one another, blushes, shy giggles and small laughs, wide smiles to one another. There would be moments where he would innocently do something romantic or endearing towards you, forgetting the situation you two are in. He would open up to the other members about his feelings and his unfortunate position. He wouldn’t really think of the other members and your relationship with them, he knew how close you guys are and would just love that and how close everyone is. He’s a cinnamon roll. There would be no jealousy.

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He would be open about it. Out in public, in private, in front of the other members, he didn’t really care. He wouldn’t make it an official relationship, but he wouldn’t hide the skinship he wanted with you or how he saw you as something more than a team member. However, if he were asked about it, he would slyly avoid the question or deny any feelings or relationship more than teammates. It would confuse pretty much everyone around you guys, and even you at times. He would be open about his affection towards you, but denied everything when asked about it? He wouldn’t really think about what could happen to you, and he wouldn’t see the other members as a threat.

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He would try to hide his affection as best as he could, however there would be those tense moments between you two–usually only when you two were alone–that he would flirt a little with you, or touch you in a meaningful way (not in a sexual way you nasty). However, out in public or in front of others he would control himself and would tease you like he does with the other members and it would be like those special moments between you two don’t mean anything. It would always kill him to see you looking so happy with the other members, and that would be the only reason he would be tempted to tell you of his feelings. However, the thought of you getting kicked out of the group or getting hate would be what’s holding him back.

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This would be really hard for him. At first he would put distance between you two, believing that that would be the best choice for both your sake and his. However, always having to see you laughing with Chanyeol, getting your daily dose of motherly hugs from Mama Suho, and even arm wrestling with Xiumin would always drive him over the edge. He would be that dumbass to flirt with other girls, trying to get you out of his head. However, after realizing that that wont help, he would give in and confess to you. Needing you and only you. He would be so elated to finally have you that he would do everything in his power to keep your relationship a secret so you don’t get hurt or kicked out.

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He would find this super annoying. He would become easily frustrated and wouldn’t know how to approach this situation. He would at first be snappy towards you out of the irrational thought that it was your fault this happened. However, not too long after, he would realize how ridiculous that thought is and would apologize, in the process admitting his feelings towards you. This would lead to a hidden relationship kept from everyone including the members. However, the members would be able to figure something is happening between you two with how possessive he is towards you though, so like, it was no use trying to hide it from them.

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He would be a mess. Like he would just push you away because he doesn’t know what to do about his feelings towards his teammate. He would confide in the other members to figure out what he’s supposed to do in a position like this. Things wouldn’t escalate simply because he’s worried about ruin both your careers. He wouldn’t like you being near the other members, and therefore he would become his sarcastic self and tease you and which ever member you were with about “dating” even though he’s in the position he’s in himself.

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Sehun would approach this situation in a more immature way than the others. Like the saying goes, “boys pick on the girls they like” he would be doing this exact thing. Out in public he would do things like tease you, gently tug your hair, or gently nudge you. It would be worse in the dorm when it’s just you and the other members though, he had no mercy, even for th egirl he likes. The others would catch on quickly to his feelings towards you, however, it would take Sehun slightly longer to realize his underlying feelings for you. He genuinely thought he was just picking on you because you were younger than him and “like a sister to him”. He would still be jealous of you and the other members, especially when he realizes his real feelings for you, and would always act clingy with you when you showed another member too much attention. It would take a while for him to confess to you, before hand, he would talk to the other members about his feelings, and they would help him weigh the pros and cons.

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He would be completely honest with his feelings and would make sure that you know. However he would hold off on jumping into a relationship, knowing how dangerous mixing pleasure with business can be. He already is very protective with you, making it known when he pouts whenever you seem too close with another member. So the idea of you getting hate or kicked out of the group terrifies him. He would make sure to find time to talk over the options and choices that are available to you two. Even though your relationship isn’t official yet, you two would just act like a couple already. Hand holding, head resting on shoulders, kissing cheeks and cute little outings dates on your days off.

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onlyharrie  asked:

Maybe you've had a rough day and Harry can tell. So not long after you slip into the shower he follows suit. Washing your hair, and body, it starts out innocent but than that little shits sneaky hand reaches down to rub your clit, teasingly circling your entrance. You'd moan bucking into his hand, he'd kiss your forehead, grin on his face. Soon he'd grab the damn shower head pressing it against your clit, fingers quickly moving in and out of you "come on, cum fo' me sweetheart"

DEAR GOD I LOVE DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Need

I am sorry it’s been so long, and I’m sorry this isn’t one of my best pieces of work, but I wanted to give you all something and this is what happened at 3am.

For the anon who requested 2, 3 and 27 from the second request list with Gibbs  “I am not drunk!” “I just need a hug.” “You’re shivering.”

Your phone went off again, and you picked it up momentarily checking who was calling like you didn’t already know before playing it back down on the table face down.

“Someone is popular.” Tony commented, nosy eyes glancing at your turned over phone. You could practically see him itching to turn it over to find out who’d been calling and texting you all day.

“Minds your business, DiNozzo.” You chuckled, grabbing the mobile and shoving it into your purse when you saw his sneaky hands reaching for it.

“It is my business!” Tony gave you a toothy grin, “You’ve been receiving personal messages all day at work, where you work with me, where it becomes my-”

“DiNozzo, mind your business.” Gibbs repeated, masking his amused look by giving you a stern one, though it didn’t reach his eyes, “Both of you behave.” Tony jokingly stuck his tongue out at you and you flicked a bundled up napkin at his head, watching it bounce off and hit Tim as well. Everyone chuckled and the peace was restored, your blowing up phone forgotten from everyone’s mind but your own.

You weren’t usually a drinker, but in your defense you were trying to take a drink for every missed phone call you received. But at the rate your phone was vibrating you’d probably get alcohol poisoning.

Your cheeks were rosy and your speech slightly slurred as you leaned sideways on Emily, giggling as you both polished off another glass of wine. DiNozzo grinned at you from across the table.

“I’ve never seen you this drunk before.” He commented lightly and you scowled in return.

“I’m not drunk!”you argued, but the escalated volume, and lack of diction did more to prove you wrong then your words did to prove you right. “I’m fine.”

“Oh, really drunk.” Tony answered with a wide smirk and you huffed at him in reply, opening your mouth to reply when you felt your phone vibrating once again. Your mouth closed and you glanced down at the light emitting from your purse for a moment before glancing up at Tony and down once more.

“I should take this.” You decided suddenly, snatching the mobile from your pocket and slipping out of the booth, “Be back in a moment.” You called over your shoulder beelining towards the front door, sliding your phone to answer.

This wasn’t something you thought you’d be dealing with at the start of your day; an ex moving back home, and deciding to call and try and pick up where you’d left it when he moved months ago.

You also didn’t expect him to take your “no” in such a harsh way. You were outside of the bar arguing with him, voice raising as you’re drunk patients began to wear thinner.

“Jordon you’re not listening!” You cried, jumping when a hand wrapped around your wrist and someone pulled the mobile from your hand, hanging up. Your turned around, eyes slightly wet with the tears that were threatening to spill over, “Gibbs– what?”

“Who was on the phone?” He asked voice stern and for some reason you felt like a child being caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

“J-Jordon, he’s, uh someone I dated a while back.” You stuttered lifting a hand to run at your face.

“Are you alright?” He asked voice becoming gentler, eyes soft as he regarded you.

“I’m fine.” You assured offering the man a watery smile. He looked doubtful before asking again.

“Are you alright?” You paused a moment before staring at your shoes, arms crossing over your chest.

“I just need a hug.” You murmured. Gibbs was quiet for a moment and you started to feel like an idiot right when an arm wrapped around you comfortingly, pulling you in tight to his chest.

You sunk into Gibbs chest taking in a long shaky breath. You both stood for a few moments, you skewing your eyes closed tight as you breathed in the comforting scent of the man.

“You’re shivering.” Gibbs murmured into your hair and it took a moment for the words to fully register.


“Shivering. Let’s go back inside.” Gibbs pulled away from you, giving your arms a rub before handing you back your phone with a smile. “better?”

“Better..” you smiled nodding your head, “Really better good.”

What a Beautiful Day

Member: J-Hope // BTS

Main Plot: They have to get the money before their family can suffer.

Short Summary: She bore his child and so he swore on his life to protect her. His promise was fulfilled.

A/N: My heart is wounded because of you, @kawaii-hedgehog. Originally, it wasn’t supposed to end like that, but then I got a great idea and killed people :)

Warning: Character Deaths.

Words: 3.6k

/ SeokJin // YoonGi // HoSeok // NamJoon // JiMin // TaeHyung // JeongGuk /

Life was a beautiful thing, thriving with colour and emotion that was so deep no human heart could comprehend it. That was how HoSeok felt on a daily basis, only seeing the good of people and places, events and days. Jung HoSeok was a blessed man with an angel-like personality.

Beautiful smile. Beautiful crinkling eyes when he smiled. Beautiful girlfriend. Beautiful house. Good friends. And most of all, a beautiful life, filled with nothing more but love and adoration towards his sweet like honey girlfriend.

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