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Newsies Headcanon (Modern AU: In the Band)

Let’s talk about the newsies being in the marching band.

•Katherine would be drum major because she’s just that good.

•Then there’s trumpet-playing, know-it-all, God’s-gift-to-the-world Jack.

•Spot would definitely play snare, because he’s equally as know-it-all, but slightly more aggressive.

•Davey would be that one clarinet kid who wants to be the “cool” band kid, but is way to awkward to really pull it off.

•Crutchie would probably be, like, that really chill sax player, who’s probably a drug dealer on the side.

•Specs would do something über academic, like the vibraphone.

•Then there would be Darcy on triangle. Because he’s that really intelligent kid who wants to band because it’s something that intelligent kids do, but he’s only good at being smart and not much else.

•Race would basically be the one switching between all the low brass, because they didn’t have enough people to fill all of the low brass spots, so they just basically told him to go forth and bass line, and he just kind of plays the Bb scale in quarter notes and hopes it fits whatever everyone else is doing.

•Pulitzer as general effect judge be like: “They just don’t seem to understand the emotion behind it all.. Connect, dammit, CONNECT!”

This has literally been in my mind for forever.

Strong, Chapter 3; Birthday Blues

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It was the Friday night before Jellybeans birthday party, and Betty was sitting with her at the dining table, trying to turn the young girls attention back to her English work. To no avail.

“Do you think I’m too old to wear my hair in like, pigtails? Or maybe dutch braids?” JB was slumped back in her chair, her head thrown back as she watched the ceiling. The first dilemma was what she was going to wear, and once that had been settled she moved onto her hair. The pencil between her fingers was tapping against the table. Betty took in a deep sigh, closed the copy of Of Mice and Men that JB was supposed to be writing a chapter summary on and pushed it away. There was only so many times one could try to get JB’s attention back before it was lost completely. Betty was aware she had lost.

“How about,” Betty turned to face JB in her seat, “I come a bit earlier tomorrow, and dutch braid your hair for you?” Betty smiled as JB straightened up in her own chair.

“Oh, Betty, are you sure? I would love that.” Jellybeans face broke out into a grin, showing nearly all her teeth, and with her eyes sparkling like that how could Betty say no.

“Of course. I can give your Mum a hand with the set up as well. I do love a good party prep.” She nudged Jellybean in the side with her elbow. “But, only if you finish this chapter summary.”

“Deal.” Jellybean was smirking now, and in that moment the resemblance between her and Jughead was unfathomable, Betty was almost breathless. JB pulled her exersize book back towards her and started to read over her notes for what may have been the 4th time that afternoon. Betty picked up the copy of Of Mice and Men, flicking back through the pages to find the specific chapter Jellybean was writing about. Once she found the first page of the chapter, Betty pressed lightly on the spine to flatten it out.

“Ouch, please, no book defacing under my roof Coop.” Betty rolled her eyes before she even raised her head too look at him, leaning in the doorway from the hall, arms folded. He was a vision in all black, wearing that leather jacket like a cloak, beanie like a crown. Betty had only seen him without the beanie once, last week when he had been dressed in just a white towel. In stark contrast to the boy who was in the doorway now. She hadn’t realised he was home.

And now thinking about how low that towel had sat on his hips was making Betty blush.

“No permanent damage, see?” She let the book go, watching it close with no issue. She shot him a sickly sweet smile. He just shook his head at her lightly, that damn smirk on his face. Even though it had been over a month since Betty had been coming here after school to tutor Jellybean, she still hadn’t quite figured out Jughead Jones. He wasn’t around an awful lot to begin with, although lately it seemed as though he was home more often. And apparently they knew each other well enough to be on a nickname basis.

His eyes were still trained on Betty, even as he pushed himself from the doorway to walk behind the two girls. He reached a hand out to ruffle Jellybeans hair, which resulted in some squirming from her seat.

“If you don’t mind, Jones. JB is trying to finish this chapter summary.” Betty snared, turning her head to glance up to where he stood behind them. And then, before even she even realised what was happening, Jugheads hand was out towards her and he was ruffling her hair. Jellybean erupted into giggles. “Hey!” Betty swatted his hands away, but she couldn’t help but start to laugh herself at the sight of JB. Her hair was a mess, cheeks red, and her head thrown back in a giggle fit.

And strangely enough, when Jughead took his hand back, she realised how warm she had felt when he touched her. Even if it was just her hair. She caught his gaze again, enjoying how his mouth was curved slightly in the corners. His eyes averted to Jellybeans open exercise book.

“That quote is wrong, JB. It’s ‘A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody’, not 'ain’t got somebody.’” His eyes lazily trailed back to Bettys. “You’re slacking, Coop.” He teased. And there was that damn smirk again. Betty could feel her cheeks reddening.

“Piss off, know all.” Jellybean jested, poking him in the side. She picked up her pencil and began rubbing out the misquote. “Don’t you have somewhere better to be?”

“I do have somewhere to be, little Sister.” Jughead remarked, before heading towards the front door, taking his keys from the hook. “But I don’t know if it’s better.” He added, winking towards Betty. She quickly dropped his gaze in order not to burst into flames at the dining table. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jellybean pick up a spare pencil from the table and fling it at Jughead.

“Go away, you’re gross.” She yelled at him as he closed the door, his laughter still booming through the wood. Jellybean didn’t look up from writing in her school book before she spoke. “I think he quite likes you, you know.” Betty was surprised at the comment, and equally as grateful that Jellybean wasn’t looking at her right now. She could feel the heat in her cheeks, could hear her heart beating in her chest. Somehow she managed to compose herself in time to answer.

“He’s like that with all the girls, JB. I have seen it.” She assured herself, trying to shake the very thought of Jughead liking her from her mind. Betty wasn’t sure how he had such an affect on her, but she put it down to the fact that he knew what he was doing and that she was a fool.

“Well, I haven’t.” Jellybean shrugged. Betty watched her face, it didn’t falter. She wanted to pry a bit further, but knew she shouldn’t.

“What, he’s never had a girl here before?” But her tongue got the better of her. Jellybean just shook her head.

“Nope.” Her mouth popped the 'p’. “Never had a girlfriend.”

“Huh.” Betty was slightly shocked for two reasons. One being that she has seen it first hand at Pops plenty, girls fawn all over him. It seemed a lot of girls like that self-deprecation vibe he’s got going on. Although, when she thought about it, he never really tried with any of them. Not that she had seen.

And reason two being the warmth of excitement she felt rising in her chest. Of which didn’t cool, not even when Gladys came home moaning about the length of her day, or when Archie came and picked her up to take to her to Veronicas for the night.

Only did it fade when she chose to bring it up with her friends.

“You know, I spoke to my Dad about them. He said he used to work with that kids Dad, a long time ago. Before he got himself locked up.” Betty’s head snapped up. She was perched on the chair at Veronicas vanity, facing the couple spread across the bed. Veronica mindlessly filed her nails while Archie tossed a football in the air, catching it every time.

“What?” She hadn’t know about their Father being in jail. “Do you know why?” Archie just shrugged.

“Nope. But he was in the Serpents too, what more could you expect?” He said it with such conviction, Betty couldn’t help but be annoyed. Archie knew nothing of who he was speaking about, how could he judge.

“They aren’t all bad, you know.” Betty muttered.

“Oh, please.” Veronica sat up, rolling her eyes at Betty in the process. “Being a tad biased, are we not, my dearest Elizabeth?” Betty gave Veronica a puzzled look. “Just because you’ve got an eye for the Serpent prodigy, right? Your my best friend, I notice things”

“Wh-what?” Betty stammered, not realising she had been quite so obvious. Veronica smirked at her, knowing she had been caught. She sunk back against the headboard smugly.
“I’ve seen you at Pops, looking at him like he was the cherry on top of your very vanilla milkshake.” Veronica shrugged, her attention focused once again on her nail file. “Can’t say I blame you, he’s definitely easy on the eye.”

“Hey!” Archies head flicked towards Veronica, dropping his attention from the football long enough for it to fall back down into his gut. Betty stifled a laugh as Veronica lent over and kissed Archie lightly on the mouth.

“Don’t worry, Archiekins. You’re more than enough to keep me occupied.” Now it was Bettys turn to roll her eyes. Once his girlfriend pulled back away, Archies eyes fell to Betty.

“Just, be careful Betty. Okay?” She appreciated his concern, but it was misplaced. Yeah, she acknowledged that Jughead was gorgoeus. But it’s not like it would ever happen.

“Guys, please. I just tutor his sister, that’s it. We’re civil.” She shrugged, and she was very thankful that her friends didn’t approach the subject for the rest of the night.


Jellybean was squirming in her seat, struggling to stay still while Betty finished the braids in her hair. She was so excited.

“Oh, god..” Jb sighed as she brought her hands up to her face. “I hope Jug doesn’t embarrass me.” Betty let out a light laugh as she tied the last band around the end of the braid. She braced her hands on JB’s shoulders and caught her gaze in the mirror in front of them.

“I’m sure he’ll behave.” Betty thought about it for a moment before adding. “At least for today.” That earned a warm smile from JB.

“Thank you so much for doing my hair, it looks so nice Betty.” She rose form the chair and took Betty in a tight hug. “You’re the best.” Betty squeezed her back.

“Happy Birthday, Jelly.” When they pulled apart, Jellybean grabbed for the necklace that hung around her neck. It was Bettys gift, a simple silver chain with two 'J’ charms. “I’m going to go and see if your Mum needs a hand.”

There was still an hour before any of JBs friends were due to start showing up, but they had made a head start on decorating and making food. As Betty reached the bottom of the stairs, she could hear raised voices from the kitchen. Which was nothing new, but as she got closer she could almost feel the tension in the air.

“No! Absolutely not.” Betty stopped in the doorway to the kitchen. From her vantage point she could see Gladys and Jughead, in a stand off, but they could not see her.

“Jesus, Mum. It’s his Daughters birthday. Of course he wants to speak with her.” Jughead had his back to Betty, but she could see the anger in the way his shoulders were set. Gladys was sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen, the house phone in her hands. The way she was looking at Jughead made Bettys breath hitch in her throat. No Mother should look at her Son that way.

“Did you know he was going to ring? Did you give him our number?” So it was Jellybeans phone she had in her hand. Betty knew Gladys monitored it. When Jughead didn’t respond, she slammed her hand against the counter. “Did you give him our fucking number or not?”

“He is still our Dad, he deserves to know-”

“Don’t you dare. Don’t you fucking dare tell me what that man 'deserves’.” Gladys’ face was burning, her eyes boring into Jughead. Betty was half surprised he didn’t burst into flames where he stood. “Don’t ruin JB’s day.”

“Me ruin it?” Jughead threw his arms in the air. “She should be allowed to speak to her Father on her fucking birthday. Just because he’s the one locked up and you like to act like you never- ”

“OUT!” Gladys yelled, pointing towards the doorway where Betty was hiding. Her heart jumped into her throat for a moment, thinking she had been spotted. But when Jughead stomped in her direction she realised he was being dismissed. Right into her direction. Fuck. She tried to make it look like she hadn’t been spying by ducking her head, acting surprised when Jughead brushed past her. The look on his face told her he wasn’t fooled.

Betty took a deep breath and plastered on a fake smile before breezing into the kitchen, asking Gladys if there was anything she needed a hand with. Betty made no comment when Gladys wiped the tears from under her eyes, or when she told Jellybean it was the neighbors when she had come downstairs to see who was yelling. And she tried to ignore the pained look on JBs face when she knew she was being lied too. Instead she busied herself with setting out the plates of food, and tried to distract Jellybean with making a music playlist.

Just a little over 2 hours later, and the living room was full with young teenage girls. They were all lovely, but there was only so much high pitched giggling that Betty could handle in one sitting. She excused herself out of the patio doors in the lounge.

The Jones’ garden was very well kept, Gladys had obviously made gardening a bit of a habit. One side was lined with lilies of all different colours, and tucked in the corner was a wooden gazebo. And there, leaning forward with his elbows braced on his knees, was Jughead Jones. A cigarette hung from his mouth. He didn’t raise his head as she walked in his direction, he just glanced at her from the side of his eye as she sat beside him. He took a drag of his cigarette before putting it out against the table, something his Mother would surely disapprove of. He flicked the butt over the fence.

“Love thy neighbor.” Betty muttered, reminding herself that he probably did put it out for her benefit, and made no further comment. He ignored her anyway.

“You look nice.” He remarked, without looking at her. Betty looked down at the yellow floral playsuit. She would be lying if she didn’t admit that she had thought of him when she put it on. Even she would agree her legs looked good in this thing.

“Thanks,” She looked back towards him, taking him in. He wasn’t dressed different from any other day, except today his shoulders were braced with a fleece lined collar denim jacket. “It’s nice to see you without that straight jacket sometimes..” She was testing the waters, slightly relieved to see the smirk playing on his lips. She nudged his shoulder with hers. “Just kidding.”

“Sorry you had to see that.” He nodded towards the house. “Sometimes she just.. She drives me up the fucking wall.” He laughed, humorlessly. Betty was watching his face, she could see the pain he was trying to mask in his face, evident in the brush of purple that dressed the skin under his eyes.

“I get it.” She assured, wondering just what is was about him that made her feel comfortable. He looked up over his shoulder towards her raising a brow. “I’m a lifetime member of the Crazy Mum Club. I know one when I see one.” She shrugged. Jughead sat up, leaning back against the bench table. He sighed.

“Any tips?” He joked.

“I’ll let you know, if I ever figure it out.” Jughead held her gaze for a moment before his eyes flicked back towards the house. Betty could only just make out the song the screaming girls were all trying to sing. The light trace of a smile that had adorned his face a moment ago disappeared. Somehow Betty knew what he was thinking before he could mutter a word. The complete and utter love he has for his sister is something she admired about him from day one.

“She’s okay, Jug. She’s a strong girl.” His eyes flicked back to hers. “The way your Mum is with her, I’ve seen it before. I experience it every day, still. The pressure. We just have to make sure JB knows she can stand up for herself.” We, had she really just used the term we for her and Jughead?

“You’re really great with her, Betty. You’re like the sister I never was.” He laughed, his eyes wistful as he held Bettys gaze. “Someone to look up to.” Betty gave him a warm smile.

“For what it’s worth, I’m on your side. She’s old enough to make her own mind about her Dad.” She fought the heat she could feel travelling up her neck at the way he was looking at her, the intensity of his gaze as he tilted his head made her want to run and hide. Saw swallowed hard.

“You don’t even know what he’s done.” He questioned, but his voice was light. Like he was surprised. Betty just shrugged.

“That’s still her Dad, you know? Everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves. Besides..” Her eyes raked down Jugheads form, trailing back to his eyes as she bit hard on her bottom lip. “Not everyone is how they seem.” And certainly not him. The double headed snake of the Serpents was ironic, she thought. There was one version of him that seemed to come with the leather, and another without it. She had kind of seen them both now, unintentionally.

Jughead had to clear his throat before speaking.

“We’re not talking about my Dad still, are we?” He queried, making Betty throw her head back in a laugh.

“Well -”

“Betty!” Jellybean had interrupted Betty, she was stood across the yard at the patio door, waving them over. “We’re gonna do the cake. You too, Jug!” Betty looked back at Jughead, and was certain the disappointment at being interrupted she saw on flash across his face was mirrored in her own. He sighed and gave Betty a knowing smile.

“Come on, Coop.” He nudged her as he stood up, reaching his hand out for her own to pull her up. “We’ve been summoned.”

And even though Jughead dropped her hand as soon as she had stood, she could still feel the burn of where he had touch her as they sang Happy Birthday and watched JB blow out her candles, and still even when she lay in her bed that night.


Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘Elle has taken to wearing hats with great flair. It’s not that I care, but she wears them everywhere. When she wouldn’t take a tall one off in the movies, the people behind us couldn’t see. They grew so angry they snatched it right off her head…and wouldn’t give it back until the show’s end. Believe me, it could have been much worse than THAT!’

I think that cinema glaring herr did not prepare for the pair that is me and my top hat rare. The secret to my headwear flair is not to care what others dare to share about your fair. Beware though, hat care’s a nightmare, to be fair. You must prepare the hat with spare hair, so as not to scare the knit ware with undeclared hair share. I swear that there’s a prayer to share twixt hat and hair that was taught me by my spare forebears, and as their heir, if you neglect this affair, you will impair the head, snare the hat and tear the hair. Good hats don’t spring midair from nowhere, so don’t be unfair, think hat welfare!

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Michael tried to play Jeremy's lyre and failed miserably


he probably treated it like a snare and cracked the head of the mallet

Highlights from the Concert
  • Mist / Ghuleh being front and center the entire show
  • Papa rubbing on and touching everything 
  • Aether’s kicks
  • Earth standing up while drumming for a lot of songs
  • Papa continuously running into the risers
  • Alpha turning so quickly he almost knocked Papa over
  • Papa’s special helicopter dick
  • Papa saying, “it says in our schedule to babble on, but not Babylon”
  • Air taking off his mask midway through the concert and literally leaving the mask on his set-up for a little bit, in-between songs
  • Papa almost falling off a riser while sitting on it
  • Papa’s thrusts during Mummy Dust
  • Papa thrusting too hard and hitting the mic stand
  • Mist / Ghuleh <3 
  • Air and his keytar 
  • Papa standing too close to one of the air blasters
  • Papa’s hand movements
  • Papa picking up one of the Mummy Dust dollar bills, licking it, going over to Alpha, and sticking it in Alpha’s sash
  • Papa talking about Secular Haze saying he remembered how it was composed, pausing, then going, “what the fuck, I wasn’t there, nevermind” 
  • Earth throwing the snare head from his drum kit and it almost hitting one of the security guards down standing in the pit 
  • Air almost missing the last riser-step when coming down from his set to get in on the group pose, but walking it off, playing it cool

New Peter Lau builds. First up: Cajon with 14″ bass drum head and 8″ snare built in, accompanied by the low boy. Pic #2 shows a smaller prototype with 6″ snare and 10″ bass head. Awesome. Someone send me to Malaysia so I can hang out in Peter’s drum lab!

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I don't know if you're taking fic requests.. But I was wondering if you could write one where lavellan falls asleep on Solas, and they're not in a relationship yet, so he doesn't know what to do. You can take it anywhere from there if you want?

pre-relationship, close proximity situations are mah jam


It’s a scenario right out of one of Varric’s books.

No, that’s not quite right. Someone would be dying, Solas decides, if Varric was the true orchestrator of this event. And there’d be a confession of some sort, heartfelt if a bit over the top, and markedly at odds with the quick and to-the-point description of the treacherous backdrop to the protagonist’s woeful predicament, which would consist of little more than ‘snow’ and, in the dwarf’s succinct if needlessly crass fashion, ‘big-assed blizzard’.

As it is, the latter description is rather on point, with the wind cutting through his clothes and his lungs, making breathing a painful affair, and he can’t see so much as a hand in front of his face. Somewhere on the edge of his hearing there is someone calling his name, but he can’t make out where it’s coming from, but then a hand is gripping his, tugging sharply, and through the swirling white he catches a glimpse of russet red, and the faint glow of the crystal wedged into the top of a familiar staff.

Ellana gives his arm another tug, and he follows suit, tucking his nose into his scarf as she carves a path through the snow. He can’t tell where they’re going, but she seems to have a destination in mind, and he’s proven right, after a struggle that leaves the taste of blood on his tongue, when they stumble out of the blizzard and into a cramped, hollow space, barely wide enough for the two of them to stand abreast.

Ellana let’s go of his hand, and while she sets about shaking the snow from her coat, cussing softly under her breath, Solas has to hold back an entirely inappropriate laugh.

Oh, yes. Definitely like one of Varric’s tales, stranded halfway across the Emprise and separated from the others by a snowstorm he’s half-convinced has been conjured by some divinity of ill fortune that has it in for him.

But there are no gods, real or would-be, with either the power or enough time on their hands, to wilfully land him in situations like this. Logically, he knows this.

He’s tempted to change his mind a second later when she turns towards him, her breath a cloud of white before her face and her cheeks flushed pink, to speak the words he knows are coming even before he hears them–

“Looks like we’ll have to huddle together for warmth.”

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I am drunk literally one hundred percent of the time
I’m gonna breathe fire on you cause I’m a fucking dragon
Oh shit I didn’t mean that literally
Don’t kill me I won’t drop a mount
But then again you couldn’t kill me if you tried
coming at you like a spider hozen

I am a fucking tiger
First I jab em
Then I kick em
Good luck kiting me I have so many snares that your head would spin if I didn’t snare that too
Don’t hit me or you’ll just end up accidentally killing yourself 

lol good luck asshole

To Tame A Titan! Part 4
(These events take place before HTTYD 2. Read Part 3 here:

Toothless extended his wing to shield the group from the debris kicked up by the Titan’s deafening clamor. Hiccup and Stoick both said in unison, “Time for reinforcements.” “My sentiments exactly!” Astrid announced as she and Stormfly landed beside them. “And what pulled you away from your usual Axe grinding and/or hurling, m’lady?” Hiccup asked. “You mean other than the sounds of our village being destroyed by a massive dragon?” Astrid replied. “She makes a fair point,” said Gobber, wringing more water out of his moustache. “Blah, blah, blah! Less yammering, more hammering!” Snotlout yelled. He and Hookfang rocketed overhead, followed by Fishlegs and Meatlug. “That Titan Wing is particularly hideous! And, um, zipple-y,” Fishlegs squealed. 

“Use the fishing nets!” Stoick commanded. Hookfang and Meatlug each picked up an end of a large trawling net from the dock and dropped it on the Titan’s two heads, snaring them! “Wait, where are the twins and Barf & Belch?” Hiccup asked. “They might actually have some insights in this situation. And ONLY this situation,” he added. Astrid covered her eyes in shame, pointed with her axe, and muttered, “Over there.” Ruffnut and Tuffnut knelt on the shore, worshipping the Titan! “Oh, great ones! We beseech thee!” Ruffnut exclaimed. “Teach us in your ways of how to blow things up real good!” Tuffnut said between tears of joy. The Titan tore through the net. Its right head motioned towards the mountain peak above Berk and howled. The left head pointed towards the open sea and brayed. “They’re… arguing,” Hiccup realized. 

Does the right head win, taking the Titan to the mountain?
Does the left head win, taking the Titan out to sea?

Choose the next part of the story by commenting here, then keep an eye out for Part 5 next week!
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signs as things heard/seen at band camp

aries: *to the guy that took the last oreo* Fuck you, I hope you choke on that.

taurus: director: Be back at 4:20. entire band: *hoots loudly*

gemini: ‘Why are rainbows curved?’ ‘Because they’re gay.’


leo: Oh my god, a cloud! Praise the lord!

virgo: Honestly though, Michael is such a hoe.

libra: *shoving a tiny water balloon in someone’s face* Eat Squishy! Eat Squishy! Eat!!! Squishy!!!

scorpio: *two kids go in for a high five, but both dab*

sagittarius: I swear to god, put that motherfucking chicken down.

capricorn: I hope I don’t get a nipple tan.

aquarius: Do you dare disrespect Harambe?!?!?!

pisces: *tapping on a snare head* Wanna sit on this dick?

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Rerecorded this song for fun!  Full version will be ready soon, just gotta do that damn solo…

Written by Misha “Bulb” Mansoor

Guitars, Bass and Drums performed by Misha “Bulb” Mansoor

Engineered by Taylor Larson and Adam “Nolly” Getgood at Oceanic Studios in Bethesda, MD

Edited by Taylor Larson

Mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood at Top Secret Audio in Silver Spring, MD

Listened to by you

Drums: Taylor’s Gretsch kit with a Tama Bubinga Snare, Evans heads and Promark sticks and Meinl Cymbals.

Guitars: PRS Modern Eagle II with BKP Juggernaut set through a PRS Archon head with a Bulb Deluxe Overdrive in front out to a Mesa 4x12 cab with a Shure SM57 and Neumann KM184 on axis.

Bass: Dingwall Nolly Signature Bass through his “secret sauce” rig.