that snare head

Highlights from the Concert
  • Mist / Ghuleh being front and center the entire show
  • Papa rubbing on and touching everything 
  • Aether’s kicks
  • Earth standing up while drumming for a lot of songs
  • Papa continuously running into the risers
  • Alpha turning so quickly he almost knocked Papa over
  • Papa’s special helicopter dick
  • Papa saying, “it says in our schedule to babble on, but not Babylon”
  • Air taking off his mask midway through the concert and literally leaving the mask on his set-up for a little bit, in-between songs
  • Papa almost falling off a riser while sitting on it
  • Papa’s thrusts during Mummy Dust
  • Papa thrusting too hard and hitting the mic stand
  • Mist / Ghuleh <3 
  • Air and his keytar 
  • Papa standing too close to one of the air blasters
  • Papa’s hand movements
  • Papa picking up one of the Mummy Dust dollar bills, licking it, going over to Alpha, and sticking it in Alpha’s sash
  • Papa talking about Secular Haze saying he remembered how it was composed, pausing, then going, “what the fuck, I wasn’t there, nevermind” 
  • Earth throwing the snare head from his drum kit and it almost hitting one of the security guards down standing in the pit 
  • Air almost missing the last riser-step when coming down from his set to get in on the group pose, but walking it off, playing it cool

New Peter Lau builds. First up: Cajon with 14″ bass drum head and 8″ snare built in, accompanied by the low boy. Pic #2 shows a smaller prototype with 6″ snare and 10″ bass head. Awesome. Someone send me to Malaysia so I can hang out in Peter’s drum lab!

signs as things heard/seen at band camp

aries: *to the guy that took the last oreo* Fuck you, I hope you choke on that.

taurus: director: Be back at 4:20. entire band: *hoots loudly*

gemini: ‘Why are rainbows curved?’ ‘Because they’re gay.’


leo: Oh my god, a cloud! Praise the lord!

virgo: Honestly though, Michael is such a hoe.

libra: *shoving a tiny water balloon in someone’s face* Eat Squishy! Eat Squishy! Eat!!! Squishy!!!

scorpio: *two kids go in for a high five, but both dab*

sagittarius: I swear to god, put that motherfucking chicken down.

capricorn: I hope I don’t get a nipple tan.

aquarius: Do you dare disrespect Harambe?!?!?!

pisces: *tapping on a snare head* Wanna sit on this dick?

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