that smug look on anthony's face

I Got A Crush On You (Anthony x Reader)

Anon: Hey! I don’t know if this has already been requested but please can you do #40 with Anthony Ramos?


It had been another day in rehearsal, except it was different. Since Renee and Jasmine had found out you had a crush, they hadn’t stopped teasing you. A secret crush and you was not telling anyone. Definitely not Renee and Jasmine.

They were laughing and joking with you, until Lin and Daveed walked over, holding takeaway bags. Sitting in the seats a row in front, they turned with smug looks on their faces. Lin had the biggest smirk on his face as he passed you your meal. You could just feel your cheeks flush with colour.

“Oh my god, you told them!” You turned to look at Renee and Jasmine who were giggling like school children, they all collapsed into heaps of laughter.

“Is it me?” Daveed wiggled his eyebrows.

“Oh god, no. I have taste!” You joked, Daveed’s face fell, but then he continued laughing.

“Just tell us who it is!” Lin looked like an impatient child who just got told he could have anything he wanted.

“You’re not gonna let it be, are you?” You groaned, twirling the takeaway around with chopsticks, you rolled your head back, praying they would all just leave you alone. When you looked again, you were greeted with four excited faces.

“Anthony.” You said in a quiet, almost silent, voice.

“THEY’RE YOUR CRUSH! OMG ANTHONY, Y/N LIKES YOU!” Lin yelled at Anthony, who’s face expression changed from happy to shocked almost immediately.

This was your chance, to work out a plan. And you blew it. God, you could kill Lin right now. You were hurt, and the lump in your throat began to show. No, no please don’t cry, you thought as you just concentrated solely on the half empty box in front of you.

Lin and you made eye contact and he saw the hurt in your eyes, immediately going from happy to guilty.

“Well done, Lin. You blew it. You all blew it.” You threw your box at Lin, getting up and grabbing your coat, and walked out the door, letting it slam behind you.

Collapsing against the wall and letting the tears fall, you wondered how he could do this? Lin, a person who cared about everyone, had just ruined your chances with your crush since the start.

You heard the door slowly open and Anthony stood above you. Turning your head towards the opposite side, Anthony crouched next to you, you put your head in your hands and prepared for the worst.

“I really like you, Y/N.” Anthony said, smiling ear-to-ear.

“Stop pitying me because Lin feels bad. It’s his entire fault he should just accept it and apologise.” You cried, all of the anger filled inside of you coming out in front of the one person you wished it didn’t.

“Look at me.” You didn’t turn your head, “look at me!” Anthony said in a more humorous tone, pulling your hands away from your teary eyed face.

“If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t be sat here wondering why, even whilst your crying, why you look so beautiful. I wouldn’t be sat here thinking, shit, you look amazing always.”

“You think so.”

“I know so.”

You laughed, smiling at Anthony as he wiped away your tears with his shirt sleeve.

“Coffee?” He pulled you up and took your hand, intertwining your fingers with his.

“11?” You grinned, ear-to-ear. Anthony softly nodded and pulled you into a hug.

Making eye contact with Lin over Anthony’s shoulder, you decided that looking upset was enough to make him feel guilty. You had ranted about him and those were harsh words, enough was enough, he was your friend.

“I’m really sorr-“ You cut him off with a hug, wrapping your arms around him and resting your chin on his shoulder.

“Don’t bother. I have a coffee date to go to.” You laughed, grabbing Anthony’s hand as he exited the room, “Oh, and no watching from the window or going in disguise and ordering just to stalk!” You joked, though you were genuinely worried he would do that.

Which Master should you fight?

Roger Delgado: Acts tough but will probably go out after one punch. Fight him.

Crispy!Master: Literally a living corpse. A strong breeze could kill him. Absolutely fight him.

Anthony Ainley: Fight this asshole. Fight fight fight. Wipe that smug grin off his face.

Eric Roberts: Is very large and can spit toxic goo. Do not fight.

Shalka!Master: He is a robot. You will only hurt your hands punching his metal body. Do not fight.

Alex Macqueen: I don’t know anything about him but he’s bald and looks v tough, fight at your own risk.

Derek Jacobi: I mean you COULD fight him but why would you want to fight this cuddly fellow

John Simm: WILL fight dirty. Will probably go for the eyes. Also can sometimes shoot electricity from his hands and may eat you. Do not fight.