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*clexa Fics started during season 2*
Lexa: stoic, thick walls, secret heart eyes, politics before love, tough warrior all around

*clexa fics started during season 3*
Lexa: smirks a lot, makes jokes, cries when clarke kisses her, buys too many candles

  • The Boys play Hide and Seek
  • Percy: Guys! Let's play hide and seek!
  • Jason: Sure, you count
  • Percy: Okay, *turns around* be ready, 1..2..3..-
  • Jason: *Smirks and then flies away*
  • Frank: *Becomes a bug*
  • Nico: *Shadow travels*
  • Leo: *Runs to the right, then runs to the left*
  • Percy: 10 !
  • Leo: Oh, fuck.
Different types of SMIRKS~

Ah, the smirk. Every young adult novel, teenage girl and fanfiction’s favorite and overused verb to use for a male character because a man who has that smug and infuriating smile is unbelievably attractive to the female audience for some reason.

Out of curiosity, I googled up the exact definition of the word “smirk” and they defined it as “smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way.”

I was annoyed with how they had such a generalizing and basic description because growing up, I have seen this word used for all sorts of context and each time, there is a new, hidden meaning behind that smile/sneer/leer. 



1) The cliche I-Am-Better-Than-You-And-I-Will-Make-Sure-You-Know-It Smirk

This smirk is the one most often used and thought of when people hear the word. You know that one person you’re competing with whether it be sports, exam scores, martial arts, etc? And that one smile that shows that they know they’re just better, smarter and more skilled than you in every way? That is smirk number 1 right there.

2) The I-Am-A-Sassy-And-Snarky-Bastard Smirk

You see that annoying and utterly majestic guy sitting in front of you? Maybe a thought crossed his mind or you probably said something embarrassingly stupid. Either way, he will always have a smart-ass response for you along with a sarcastic or dry smile to accompany it, knowing he had just roasted you and you need some ice for that burn. That is smirk number 2. 

3) The Amused-Half-Smile Smirk

This smirk does not necessarily have a negative connotation. You probably entertained that guy in some way that he can’t help but crack a smile of pure and genuine amusement. If not entertainment, you or someone had made that person change their opinion of you and especially in a positive manner. Somehow, smirk number 3 is just so charming and can induce stomach flutters, you really cannot get mad. 

4) The Crooked-Smile Smirk

This smirk is solely reserved for flirting and hooking up. That awkward yet cute smile he flashes you when he thinks he looks cool while trying to buy you a drink. It can show some teeth, but not an outright grin. That is smirk number 4. 

5) The I-Have-The-Upper-Hand-And-You-Fucked-Up-Smirk

You are in deep shit when you see this smirk. Unlike smirk number 1, your life is probably in danger here and you are on the losing end against a chess-master. You lost. Everything went according to his plans and now you are in the palm of his hands and at his mercy. That dangerous and sinister smile is smirk number 5.

6) The I-Am-Eye-Sexing-You-Smirk

See that dirty and perverted guy who looks like he is fucking your body by just looking at you? You see that shameless and horny smile while you receive nudes from him? This smile can either make you want to hop into bed with him or just run with goosebumps. That is smirk number 6. 

7) The I-Fucked-Up Smirk

You are fine. The guy seemingly confident and haughty is clearly not. Not when that weird and supposed smirk looks strained and he is sweating bullets. That’s right. He messed up in this game between the two of you and he is trying to put up a brave front, but failing miserably. That is smirk number 7.

8) The Cheshire-Cat-Grin Smirk

He just trolled and manipulated you real good and he is having a grand time seeing you struggle your way out of problems. He will dodge any question or demands you have and he will always have that mischievous, I-am-up-to-no-good look on his face. Overall, clearly untrustworthy. That is smirk number 8. 

9) The I-Am-About-To-Kick-Your-Ass-Real-Good Smirk

Run. You won’t get that far, but it was worth a try. Smirk number 9 is just downright full of bloodlust and murder is going to happen. 

10) The I-Am-Hot-As-Hell-And-I-Know-It Smirk

He is sexy. He knows it. He is handsome. He knows it. He has fangirls dropping to their knees at the sight of him. He knows it. If he wasn’t let’s say, a serial killer, he could have been a supermodel…and he knows it.
It’s written all over his face. That overconfident and cheeky smile is smirk number 9. 

And that wraps things up. Feel free to add more~

One nice thing - Thomas Sanders ficlet

(Okay so this is a rewrite of the last video - Personality Q&A - not that it isn’t practically perfect in every way @thatsthat24 (yes Julie Andrews is a miracle whom we all don’t deserve in our lives but are thankful for) because it is practically perfect and I saw the reverse Missy that Anxiety pulls .. it’s just my brain went on a tangent)

One nice thing. 

Prince doubted Anxiety could say a nice thing about him nor he a nice thing about Anxiety.
 It’s not that there was no good things between them but they had a way of holding it over each other enough that it wasn’t worth telling. Which honestly he enjoyed and he knew Anxiety did too. What neither enjoyed was losing. So they declined to mention anything good about the other until forced and sometimes not even then.

He told Morality he made Logic furious, Logic that he was the most realistic, told them both they were morons most of the time. Then he got to Prince and stopped.

“Princey.” He stopped and sighed. Prince awaited, unsure what he was waiting for but slightly worried about the look on Anxiety’s face, “I can’t believe I’m gonna say this. But you’re the most handsome.”

“What?” Thomas, Morality and Prince asked in shock.

Logic had been already too wound up today by Morality so the bring back of last week’s conversation and having someone say something not only illogical but to back up Prince was too much. He yelled indignantly, “What?!”

To that Anxiety smirk stretched, giving in the game to Thomas and Morality. Logic however was still in the mode of trying to process the information and Prince had let it sink in as he fist-pumped.

“Yes! I knew you knew taste. I don’t ..not like you.” Prince started then trailed off as he conceded to saying he liked Anxiety.

“I can take that,” Anxiety nodded with acceptance, then his trademark smirk came back, “Mr. Singalong.”

“I like that name but I know you’re trying to be insulting so don’t push it, Sunshine.” Prince narrowed his eyes on Anxiety.

Logic however had only just had time to work through the shock, “How do you agree? It’s impossible, we all look the same!”

“Sort of but we all look like we’re part of indentical quintuplets, there’s plenty of differences in stature, attitude, style and self-care. That makes for change in look.”

“What kind of nonsense..” Logic huffed.

Only to be interrupted by Mortality, “The boy makes a point.”

A grumble of ‘not a boy’ can be heard.

“We look different from clothes to the way we stand to our neutral expressions. I’m sure plenty of people find every one of our styles including Thomas’ own as attractive.” Mortality continued. Logic looked at him with a look of ‘why are you so smart yet so dim all the time’. Ironically it proved Morality’s point as this was usually Anxiety’s go to shock expression and yet with Logic.being different it looked a lot different on him.

This was the time Prince decided to interrupt, “I just can’t help that I’m more handsome than all of you.”

Anxiety looked like he was starting to regret that decision so instead continued to watch Logic’s meltdown to make sure it was worth it. Morality gritted through his teeth, “Anx, I can’t believe you. I hope Prince milks the compliment for all its worth.”

To this Anxiety looked shocked by Morality’s bad wishing upon him and Thomas simply laughed and agreed. Prince was still away with the fairies.

“I’m sure that’s just Anx.” Morality reassured, “I’m sure lots of people find you more attractive, Logic. I know, let people vote!”

“Morality, I don’t know if that’ll make Logic fe..” Anxiety started.

“Yeah!!” Logic yelled, Anxiety slammed his mouth shut..

Thomas looked at his phone, “I mean. We don’t have to vote. I can see who people like most. You just all may not want to know. It’s not what you think.. But it’s not what you guys seem to expect.”

“Well now we have to know.”

“Ooh, now I’m curious.”

“Hit us with it, we can take it.”

“Go on, then.”

All 4 shouted.

“Okay. But you all have to take it well. Win or lose, yeah?” All 4 nodded. Thomas sighed, “Okay, bar myself, the collective opinion of the fans thinks … Anxiety is the most attractive. By a country mile.”

Now Prince’s jaw dropped, Morality and Logic instantly turned silent and Anxiety looked as if this information was a beanie baby that hit him in the face. … Then slowly smirked.

“WHAT?!” All 3 yelled.

“Yes!” Anxiety laughed quietly.

“Yeah. A lot of the demographic are way into Anxiety. Think it’s to do with a lot of them being involved in the My Chemical Romance era, Morality is regarded as very cute. But Anxiety is the metaphorical hot girl.” Thomas shrugged.

Once again they all turned quiet, Prince slowly building up a drama queen hissy fit. Only to calm himself and finally say, “The metaphorical hot girl thinks I am the most handsome. I am okay.”

Anxiety opens his mouth to tell him he said it because he knew it would kill Logic only to get shot daggers by Thomas.

“People find me cute?” Morality squeaked.

“What do people find me?” Logic grumbled.

“Urm, at the moment a fair few people find you and your saying ‘Salutations’ sexy.” Thomas tried to read without going red. Logic finally jumped for joy. Thomas needed something to move onto to stop blushing. He loudly coughed to hide the bustle of the complimented group.

“Yes anyway, you’re all pretty. But also complete morons most of the time at least anyway.” Anxiety tried to calm them down.

“Yeah, lets open the pandora’s box of emotion later. Anyway, Logic, Spock or data?“ Thomas asked, laughing.

In light of tonight’s season finale, here’s an aesthetic board of Kallus! He really came through in these two episodes, I’m glad he got the redemption arc he needed!

Riverdale Victorious AU

It was clear to everyone that you and Veronica never got along because of her annoying (or so you thought) attitude, you two just seemed to raise the tension when you were with the gang together.

After a while the gang started to get frustrated with the both of you always bickering over anything from which color Archie’s hair really was to how Betty will probably chose the other if she had to pick and if Jughead will chose burgers over milkshakes or vice versa.

That was when your boyfriend Archie Andrews of a year decided that it was enough and set up a plan for the both of you to get along. 


hey babe meet me at pop’s at 7- archie    6:30

You were confused as to why he wanted to meet you at last minute because the Archie you knew was always on time if he knew he wanted to talk, he would ask way before half an hour. So getting ready in (Y/F/C) top, with black high waisted jeans and your classic (Y/F/C) and black converse, You got in your car and drove to Pop’s which was a five minute drive from where you lived.

When you walked in you could immediately see the raven black hair of Veronica Lodge sitting down with a milkshake in hand, and wore for once and outfit somewhat similar to yours. You went over to her, because truth be told you actually liked her but of course you weren’t gonna admitting that to her.

As soon as you reached her Archie came up to you and without giving you time to talk he drew all the attention to himself from both you and Veronica and said,”You two need to figure out your problems together and the gang and I are getting tired of it so you both are gonna stay here until you figure out both your problems even if the places closes down after,” V replied with,”so what if we both decide to lie and say we made up?” he rolled his hickory eyes and said,”I have eyes everywhere Veronica, plus i will be here away from your eyes,” you raised your eyebrows at the first part only to see Betty and Jughead on two different sides of the room with walkie talkies trying to be discreet but failing, making a sarcastic comment like you always do you said,”Yeah ‘cause by ‘eyes everywhere’ you have a non-discreet Betty and Jughead watching us like hawks,” He slowly nodded his head and pulled you aside with pleading eyes saying, “ (Y/N) please try and do this for me?” “Fine” you said and quickly pecked him on the lips making your way over to her you heard Archie say, “Have fun!”.

So if we both want to get out of here fast lets play a game it’s called compliment each other and make up so we can leave,” V said making you snort, you ordered (Y/F/F) drink for your self and continued complimenting each other, “Well i guess I like your hair,” you said and she continued and so it went on until it was cut short of a asian looking guy annoucing that the karaoke will be ready in 2 minutes, just as he said it two guys walked in whom you did recognize by the names of Reggie Mantle and Chuck Clayton, sat on the either side of you. “Uh Oh” Reggie started, “ Babe sandwich, woahh” they both continued, “So can i buy you a soda,” Reggie asked you but you replied with ‘no’. “So a little birdie told me that you two sing, we wanna hear a little songy song action,” Chuck said smirking, V turned to you and said, “They wanna hear a little songy song action,” she smirked and after 3 seconds you finally realized what was going on and said, “Okay we’ll give you a little songy song action,’’ and smiled. 

You two got up from your seats and went to the DJ and V said, “ Hey DJ-” but was cut off by you saying, “-Your breaks over” he looked me up and down and asked, “What do you guys wanna sing?” she looked down in the book and said, “T- 305,” with a smile and the DJ nodded his head.

The music began playing and you two grabbed your mics and you started,

Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like I can always see ‘em coming, from the left or from the right

You wink at Archie who you immediately saw while coming up stage. 

I don’t want to be a priss, I’m just try'na be polite
But it always seems to bite me in the…

Ask me for my number, yeah, you put me on the spot
You think that we should hook up, but I think that we should not
You had me at “Hello”, then you opened up your mouth
And that is when it started going south

Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I’ll punch you in the lips
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
No you can’t buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
Take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…
T-take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…

I guess you still don’t get it, so let’s take it from the top
You asked me what my sign is, and I told you it was “Stop”
And if I had a dime for every name that you just dropped
You’d be here and I’d be on a yacht

Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I’ll punch you in the lips
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
No you can’t buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
Take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…
T-take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…

What about “No” don’t you get?
So go and tell your friends
I’m not really interested
It’s about time that you’re leavin’
I’m gonna count to three and
Open my eyes and
You’ll be gone

Get your hands off my…
Or I’ll punch you in the…
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint

I am not your missing link
Let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
Take a hint, take a hint
Take a hint, take a hint

Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I’ll punch you in the lips
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…
T-take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…

The two of you hugged and you thought ‘maybe being friends with her wasn’t bad’ as you quickly ran to Archie and gave him a bruised kiss as an appreciation for his help but little did you know that she was thinking the same thing.

Happy trans day of visibility!

NCT 127 reaction ~ Exo flirting with you ^-^


He wouldn’t quite know what to do, as he sees Chanyeol slowly pushing your hair behind your ear. The whole time he would silently glare and frown at the interaction. He also would try to show he’s not bothered but would always end up looking at you both…

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He would also try and show he’s not bothered as he watches Sehun whisper in your ear. But after a while he would plaster on a fake smile and walk over to you both and try to join in the conversation; therefore breaking up yours and Sehun’s interaction.

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He would continuously look at you and Chen laughing together. He would get more and more jealous the longer you both hung out and he would show it by his pouty facial expressions. He would end up walking away dramatically and later on you would ask him what was up, but he would always refuse to answer.

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He would keep casting wary looks between you and Baekhyun, but every time you made eye contact he would quickly look away. He would end up edging closer and closer to you both and try to listen in on your conversation…

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He would try and play it cool after seeing Suho pull you to the side to talk to you privately. After a while, he would become more jealous and would end up trying to catch your attention in some other way, like dancing wildly to no music in the middle of the hallway….

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He would be the least jealous. He would see your little interactions with Xiumin and just walk over to you both and casually join in with your conversation. He would then try and get you to go with him somewhere else without Xiumin.

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He would have a look of shock on his face; as he is sure he just saw Kai wink at you. He would walk over to you and pull you away from him trying as best as he could to snatch your attention.

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He would raise his eyebrows as he watches Lay laugh and casually put his hand on your shoulder. Then he would walk over to you both and sling his arm around you, a big smile plastered on his face, lightly brushing off Lays hand that was still resting on your shoulder with a smirk.

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Are You Happy Now? M.C

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warning: smut

word count: 900+

summary: Michael wakes you up

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon :)) this is written by Hannah so yay! hope you guys enjoy her amazing writing!! I said in a post earlier that I was posting another smut today written by your truly so look out for that :))

don’t forget requests are currently closed but they should be open again in a month or so :) happy reading!

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I was in a deep sleep, going at it with Michael all night completely wore me out. Of course, my blissful sleep wasn’t going to last very long because Michael was around, and after only a little while, I was awoken to find his lips pressed up against my neck and his hand groping my breast. “Mike, stop. I’m too tired and sore to do this again.” I pleaded, trying to get him to give up so that I could go back to sleep because of the interview we had tomorrow first thing in the morning.

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