that smile she gives her at the end tho

Best Quotes of Experimentation

Hey @redlance, remember that anon? That was me.
My “collection” of your quotes sprinkled with my thoughts turned out a mess tbh, and it’s kinda really late, and way too long, but here you go anyways:

Best Quotes of Experimentation, aka The Bechloe Bible™. Chapters 1-35.

[or: what you should read if u love that fic but ur too lazy for a whole reread.]

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I missed that smile …

Kai Parker x Reader

 (593 words , drabble)

(Reader breaks up with her boyfriend and Kai is there for her , in a way she didn’t expect…)

*not my gif


Y/N sat on her couch , a light blanket covering her knees. A box of chocolates was sitting on the small table nearby. She reached for them but someone snatched them away from her.
“Nah - uh. You are cut off.” a male voice said.
“Give them back ! I need them !” she pleaded. It has been only a few days , she had stopped crying even tho her eyes still hurt. Y/N tried to snatch the box from his hands but he was way too fast for her.
Kai put the chocolates out of Y/N’s reach and sat on the other end of the couch , pulling the blanket so it covered his knees too. Y/N was pouting. A small smile showed up on his face before he spoke.
“Look , I know your boyfriend broke up with you … but eating a ton of chocolate is not going to make the pain go away.” Y/N stared at him for a few moments trying to decide what to say and in the end she just sighed. She had to admit it - he was right .. and all the chocolates did was made her feel sticky.
“Fine. Keep the chocolates.” Y/N said as she got up and went to the small cupboard at the other end of the room , opened it and grabbed a bottle of bourbon. “That will have to do then.” she muttered to herself. A blink of an eye later Kai was standing next to her , the bottle in his hand.  He chuckled and shook his head disapprovingly. Y/N let out a frustrated scream.
“Malachai Parker … ” she started “… what part of ‘I am in pain’ don’t you understand?!”  she said walking back to the couch. Sometimes Kai was really getting on her nerves. Emotions were new to him but still , why couldn’t he grasp the concept that she was just trying to shut down the pain , drown it somehow. He had offered to compell the pain away but she had said no. It didn’t seem fair to her.
“I don’t want an easy way out…” Y/N had told him.

Kai returned the bottle where it belonged and caught up with her in a split second using his vampire speed. He grabbed her hand and made her hurt around.
“I have an idea …” he said wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her closer.  "… about something that might take your mind off of this.“ A mischievous smile on his face. 
”What do yo- “ she started to say but never got the chance to finish.
Y/N was so startled at first , she couldn’t register what was happening. Kai had leaned in and kissed her. She pulled back confused and a little shocked. Locking eyes with his she felt happiness flow through her for the first time in days ,only somehow magnified. Kai started saying something but he barely managed to being opening his mouth when she kissed him. He slowly backed her to the couch , climbing on top of her never breaking the kiss. Y/N pulled his body closer to hers. It felt as if electricity was coursing through her veins and she wanted more. She wanted this moment never to end. Far too soon for Y/N’s liking ,  Kai pulled away. He was smiling and Y/N was smiling too.
“There it is!” he said grinning. “I missed that smile !”
“Shhh…” Y/N shushed him “Just kiss me again.” she whispered smiling , pulling him closer again.

NOTE :  This is my first drabble / super short story , hope you guys like it ! :)

4x08 spoilers/ review

• tornado warning is still on my screen and i’m not okay with this tbh
• there is not a person in that room who does not look upset about this ‘we survive and then find our humanity’
• about that scene; hand hold with emori and murphy, where is bellamy when clarke needs emotional support too? and the fact that roan couldn’t even look at it
• Harper’s face with the names
• ‘i can’t save anyone’ then goes to make sure he can save jasper love of my life
• 'grow the hell up’ jasper annoys me sometimes with his i don’t give a crap about what anyone does but i feel bad as well
• yay i’m okay with seeing gaia again
• MONTY i love him
• why’d you have to throw the if in there harper come on
• i love the little grounded culture things they throw in
• emori hurt her and i swear to god
• bellamy is concerned i love him
• also take a drink every time i say i love bellamy blake
• I can’t tell if Jasper is comforting Bellamy or trying to call him out
• okay hypothesis: they put emori in the chamber and she’s okay and it’s okay
• thank you luna for calling people out
• And there goes raven calling people out in their shit, this episode is full of people exposing one another i love it
• ready for some Kane and Indra interaction
• whoop that took a turn, but so we are turning 10 days into a month hiatus okay
• we fight, a lil indra and octavia parallel
• #dramatic one hundred character repeating other people’s words
• certainly is a luxury few can afford
• I love roan he pushes the right buttons, weather it be to convince her to be okay or to get her to do what he needs her to do
• so far we have jasper telling bellamy to be okay with his mistakes and roan telling clarke to be okay with her future ones
• monty looked personally hurt that she used his gun but INDRA STOP
• side note: where’s the love of my life bellamy blake?
• Gaia just going around lighting candles
• you gonna open it with the chip
• what happened to the legend that if a grounder touched a gun there was some giant curse??? they said in season two???
• let bellamy blake have fun please
• get the fuck off of him that’s not what i meant
• she looks like clarke lowkey stop this tho
• the only good part is he smiled but GET THAT GIRL OFF OF HIM PLS HE CANT PARTY OTHER WAYS
• “survive please” why don’t you just kill me right now
• if they give us a month hiatus without telling us if emori ends up okay i will go die
• thank god abby
• watch her stick it into her own arm
• i fucking called it
• i’m ducking done
• so they will leave us with clarke not knowing if she is okay
• murphy is so done, so done
• parallel to i can’t lose you too? yes please
• yo use the freaking chip to open the thing
• someone said it on my feed but please start loving jaha’s plans instead of lxa’s pls and thank you
• who knew metal melts that fast i didn’t
• okay so they will leave us with not knowing what’s in the chamber
• my hypothesis about the chip was wrong but it’s good i’m not mad this made sense
• are they going to be cryo frozen people in there or will there be food and stuff and also jasper please stop trying to die and stop trying to take others with you :((

i am not ready for a month without new episodes with bellamy blake but i’m doing a 30 day bellarke thing so i guess i will survive

Magical Accident

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Requested by anon

Request: Hey love, could you do a Wanda x fem reader, where the reader is pregnant and tells Wanda, and Wanda freaks out saying she can’t have the baby and leaves the reader. Both of them are heartbroken but another avenger convinces Wanda that she’s going to be a good mother and Wanda goes back to the reader explains why she scared to have the and they get back together and I have the baby. Sorry if this is long hun. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters, they belong to Marvel.

A/N: So I really didn’t know what to do for this but @redhairedwolfwitch gave me an idea and it’s something I never did before. This ended up being a little bit longer than I thought. I hope you like it tho anon :)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

You were currently helping your girlfriend, Wanda, practice some of her magic. You have always been by her side whenever she practiced. You watched as she was working, you couldn’t help but smile. You were happy that Wanda has gotten more confident with her powers. 

When she was done you leaned in to give her a kiss. Wanda smiled into the kiss, she wrapped her arms around you and held you close. You pulled away from the kiss annd cuddled into her.

“Come on, my love.” Wanda placed a kiss on your temple. “Let’s head to bed.”

You nodded, you got out of her arms and held out your hand for her to take. Wanda smiled as she took your hand in hers. You both walked hand in hand towards the room you both shared. 

What you and Wanda didn’t know is that things are definitely going to change soon.


About four weeks later, you started to not feel well. At first you thought it was just something that was going around. But you slowly started to realize that something wasn’t right. You would’ve told Wanda that you haven’t been feeling well but she was on a mission with some of the other Avengers.

You knew that Bruce was at the tower so you decided to call him to see if he could run some test to find out what was wrong. When FRIDAY let Bruce know that the tests were done, you couldn’t help but feel nervous. 

Bruce was reading the results. “Everything seems to be fine…” His eyes widen. “FRIDAY are you sure this is correct?”

“The results are correct Dr. Banner. I made sure to run the test multiple times.”

“Bruce? What’s wrong? What does the results say?” You nervously ask.

He looks at you and walks towards you. “(Y/N), I’m not sure how to tell you this, but…” He hands you the results. “You’re pregnant.”


It’s been a few days since Bruce told you that you were pregnant. He knew you would never cheat on Wanda so he was confused on how you got pregnant. After you started to calm down and think, you realized that when Wanda was practicing her magic something happened that caused you to become pregnant.

You were at the apartment that you shared with your girlfriend. Wanda had called you about ten minutes ago telling you that she got back from the mission and that she was on her way home.

The nerves started to sink in again. Any minute Wanda would be home and you would tell her that you were pregnant. You had to tell her, you just weren’t sure how she was going to take the news.

You began to pace back and forth, you tried to calm yourself down but then you heard the front door open and your eyes widen. Well here goes nothing. Wanda walks in the living room with a smile on her face. Her smile fell when she sensed your anxiety and that worried her. 

“(Y/N), love, what’s wrong?” She walked over to you and took your hand in hers, she gave your hand a gentle squeeze.

You opened your mouth to tell her but the words wouldn’t come out. No matter how hard you tried you couldn’t tell her. Then you saw her eyes glow red and you knew she was reading your mind. She would never read your mind unless she was really concerned about you.

Wanda’s eyes went back to their normal color, her eyes widen. “This can’t be true. How… how did this happen?”

“It’s true, I went to see Bruce so he could runs some tests… something must have happened when you were working on your magic, it’s the only explanation as to how I got pregnant.” You explain. “Wanda you know I would never cheat on you. You’re the love of my life.”

Wanda pulls away from you. “We can’t have a baby (Y/N)! I can’t… I can’t do this.” She turns around and leaves.

Once you heard the front door close, you sit down on the couch. You put your head in your hands and you breakdown. You didn’t know how Wanda was going to act but you never would’ve thought she would leave.


After Wanda left the apartment she went back to the tower. Everyone was in the common room when she walked in. Bruce looked at Wanda and he immediately knew that you told her and that it didn’t go well.

“Hey Wanda, I thought you were going home to see (Y/N)?” Steve asked. Wanda ignored him as she went to her room that she still had at the tower.

Everyone looked at each other with concerned looks on their faces. Steve stood up from his spot on the couch and went after Wanda. He got to Wanda’s room, he knocked on the door. When he didn’t get any answer he knocked again.

“Wanda, it’s Steve, I’m coming in.” He slowly opened the door and walked in. He saw Wanda sitting on her bed just just staring at the wall. “Wanda, what happened?”

Wanda started to cry as she told Steve about what happened and abouther fears of not being a good mother. Steve was shocked with everything Wanda was telling him. He was extremely happy that you were going to have a baby but he was also upset that Wanda left you.

Steve started telling her that she was going to be an amazing mother, that the baby was going to have two of the most amazing, loving and caring mother’s in the world. He knew that she was scared but he tried to ease her fears as best as he could. 

After a few hour of Steve taking to Wanda and trying to calm her down, she realized she made a huge mistake of leaving you. So she was going back to the apartment and get back the love of her life.


You were still sitting in the same spot when Wanda left. You had no idea what to do. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even realize that she came back. 

“(Y/N)?” Wanda softly calls. When she sees you her heart breaks even more at how broken you looked. She slowly sits down next to you, she looks down at the floor. “I’m so sorry,babe. I shouldn’t have left.”

You look at her. “Why did you leave?” You voice cracks.

“I was scared…” She takes a deep breath. “I’m scared that I won’t be a good mother or that I’ll lose control of my powers and hurt the baby or something will happen and I won’t be there to protect you or the baby…”

“You’ll be an amazing mother, I know you will.” You reach over a take her hand in you’re. “I’m scared too but I know we’ll be able to get though it together.”

Wanda wraps her arms around you, she smiles when you wrap your arms around her. “You’re right.” She kisses your temple. “I love you so much, my love.”

“I love you too, Wanda.” You smile and snuggle into her arms.

Both of your lifes are definitely going to change but you knew that it’ll all be worth it.

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Can I be delusional about that vest pic tho?????

Daryl will find he rings in it’s pocket. He’ll look at the rings and then he will look up, and the camera will focus on Carol who’s distant from him in this scene, maybe helping someone doing something. She will feel he is looking at her and will look back at him, giving him a soft smile before focusing back on whatever she is doing. Daryl will continue to stare at her, and then he will drop his eyes to the rings again.

Fade out, that’s how the episode ends.

*sobs in Caryl language*

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I know Scott was the one who said T gave him strength, but I felt like he was the one comforting her more than the other way around.

i think she just needed it more than he did tbh? like he’s mad at himself but i feel like she was legitimately crushed and heartbroken

and i know its off brand 4 me but im just gonna be completely earnest for a sec n say that i love that their relationship is one of mutually giving each other things the other needs, regardless of their own personal disappointment. like not for a second did you feel a sliver of any anger or resentment from her to him even tho he probably deserved it. the second the fd ended she kind of collapsed into his arms cuz she knew he needed it in that moment and in the immediate aftermath when she’s processing what just happened and sounding like she’s about to break down and cry, he was comforting her and making dumb jokes to see her smile. it kinda makes me emo tbh

dating zoe murphy hc’s

a/n: i am super gay for zoe murphy and there is a lack of hc’s or fics for her so here i am, also this is my first deh thing that i am posting, please give me feedback

  • so you two would probably know each other somewhat through alana but not that much so when you, alana and zoe have a sleepover, you two get to really know each other for the first time and you two just kinda connect and become inseparable.
    • she probably had a crush on you since before the sleepover but again, didn’t really know you well
    • now that she does, she can confirm that she does in fact have a huge crush on you
  • also, she is very vocal about her affection towards you. she doesn’t want to keep your relationship a secret because she just wants to shower her s/o with love and tell everyone how much she loves you however if you want to keep your relationship a secret, she will do it because you are the more important
  • she is super affectionate, whether it be in private or in public
    • she loves like holding your hand and kissing your cheek quickly- she smiles when she is the one giving you the kisses or if is you, she just loves affectionate tbh, just smooch her and she will blush and be very smiley
    • speaking of being smiley, she pretty much has a smile on her face whenever she is with you because you are her sunshine 
  • like she loves like giving you flowers as well like if you are allergic to flowers? that’s okay, she will just write you a song and serenade you- being real though, she would’ve done that either way
  • you are her lockscreen and home screen background like a picture she took while you were smiling or laughing is it and she just smiles really softly whenever she turns her phone on
    • if you set your background as a picture as her, she will get a really big goofy smile and just tell you how much she loves you 
  • study dates together ! you two end up cuddling more than studying tho but you both leave positive sticky notes in each other’s textbooks or assignments 
    •  you two pass notes during the classes you have with each other and she just writes notes to you about how she rather be at the beach with you or that she can’t focus because of how gorgeous you are or just reminding you how much she loves you.
  • you two make each other flower crowns and you both go on picnics and just lay under the sky and she reminds you constantly that she loves you so much and that you are amazing no matter what and that you are her entire world
  • connor is very protective of zoe.
    • like ‘oh you are dating her? yeah i am just gonna glare at you anytime i see you because if you hurt her-’
    • zoe tells connor that you would never hurt her and that you two love each other very much and if he got to know you, he would approve of you.
    • he does but he can’t tell her that she was right

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Shallura, ancient

“-The ruins we saw today are just a glimmer of their former glory. I can’t even imagine what the civilization looked like when it was alive and thriving.” Allura propped her chin in her hand, and her elbow on her knee. Her eyes glazed over as she watched the arid planet slowly revolving through the deck’s wide windows. 

Shiro leaned back, stretching his legs over the shallow steps on which they were perched. His gaze left the windows to search Allura’s profile, lit softly by a distant sun. As much as he loved the look in her eyes when she described the distant times and places of her memory, there was a sadness behind their glow that Shiro couldn’t help but be touched by. 

Allura’s eyes flickered to Shiro, her mind rejoining them in the Castle when she felt his gaze on her. “What?” she asked softly.

“Nothing, just-” A deep breath passed through him. Shiro sat up with a smile. “I’m trying to imagine what you described. And you, there.” 

Allura looked at him, a bit pleased with the though of her in his mind. “And?”

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Ok but does KidoMomo has the cliche coffee shop au because if not I’m about to give it one

kido has a part-time job at a small quiet coffee shop that’s usually visited by same regular customers so kido was familiar with them and things were always peaceful but then one day this idol girl just so happens to come in.

kido gives her what she ordered but being so clumsy momo ends up spilling her coffee and of course she immediately starts apologizing and kido even tho just a lil annoyed tells her its fine with a smile and momo is immediately caught up staring in awe

since that day momo was suddenly coming by more and more often because wow what a hot looking cool employee and sometimes she’d even visit few times a day and then realize she’s being awkward by getting so much coffee but she just wants to come see her crush taking coffee orders okay

so one day she decides to ask her out and casually walks in and goes up to the counter and when kido asks her if she wants the usual she’s just like “I WOULD LIKE A VANILLA FRAPPUCCHINO AND A DATE WITH YOU THANKS” and suddenly silence because damn kido is blushing so hard and wow she wants to disappear because few customers there were staring and she says nothing in response and simply gives her what she ordered

momo leaves the shop in a hurry disappointed and feeling sad cause she was pretty much rejected but then as shes walking she noticed something on her cup, kido scribbled her phone number and added ‘call me’ and suddenly momo is the one blushing and spazzes so much she ends up spilling her drink in public and not knowing kido was watching through the window thinking wow dork and just smirking to herself still blushing a bit out of embarrassment

they have a fun date after that and start dating and momo would hang at the coffee shop with her girlfriend almost everyday when she had free time and they’d cutely share drinks and stuff

N.E.L.A. (Never Ever Lovve Again)
N.E.L.A. (Never Ever Lovve Again)

In 2011, I caught feelings for my bestfriend and asked her to be my girlfriend.. (Just like in the movies)

By the date of our one year anniversary in 2012, I realized I was madly and foolishly in lovve.. (Just like in the movies)

After that, we broke up and got back together so many times like it was nothing, and it wasn’t healthy for neither one of us love-stricken 18 year olds..

First week of 2013, we got into a childish slug-match on twitter in which we called each other out on all the mistakes we had made in our relationship, as the whole of fort bend and Alief jeered at our public collapse. We began to drift away from the lovve I got used to in the previous two years and for the first time the idea of us breaking up and staying away from each other surfaced. I couldn’t imagine moving on without her so I did everything in my power to sell her the idea that we were perfect for each other.. I let her take advantage of me that year because I thought it would all be worth it in the end.. I was catastrophically incorrect tho, the more I went out of my way to make her smile, the more she neglected and abused my care.. This tore me apart inside, but I just could not give up, not after two years of commitment.. 

We tried the “just be friends” strategy but that proved ineffective time after time, because of how close and intimate or relationship actually was..Honestly, I never stopped seeing her as my bestfriend, however, I could not put myself through the pain of being let down anymore.. (Just like in the movies)

In 2014, I transferred schools as I set out to truly move forward and “Leave that girl alone” as my close friends urged me to do.. Unfortunately, she was still the number I dialed on numerous nights that I felt alone, and didn’t want to be bothered by thotties.. We would always talk about anything and everything, or nothing at all, as I recall many times just saying hello and falling asleep on the phone.. I really don’t know if I needed her more than she needed me or if it was the other way around but slowly and steadily we communicated less and less until it came to a complete halt..

It was always hard seeing her in public with other dudes, which happened way too often.. It was hard seeing a tweet of hers that entailed her dying need of a man to cuddle with, retweeted onto my TL late at night.. I slowly grew disgusted by the woman that I once was willing to give my life for.. In the summer of 2014 I wrote this song called Never Ever Lovve Again.. I had no intentions of ever recording or letting anyone hear this record, I just wanted to let it all out in the most effective and healthiest way I knew how.. (just like the movies lol)

Here it is tho, NELA..  Im only able to write all this and let the world even hear it because I finally moved on from the toxic disease of feelings I had for her.. 

This is not a diss song & this is not a lovve song.. THIS song and all the others that my little sister and I wrote for this project was the cure to my madness, and I thank God for blessing me with the talent to release my joy, as well as my frustration, in a beautiful way.. 

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can we have that quinnshot thingy where Harley asks a random stranger aka Floyd to pretend to be his new boyfriend because she needs to get rid of her ex aka Jocoeur like that first scene in focus? thanks xxx

Zoe is at a friend’s house for a sleepover so Floyd is having dinner by his self at a restaurant because why the heck not and the food isn’t too bad and all is going pretty great. Then this blonde with white (literally????) skin takes a seat at his reserved table outta the blue and is all

And at first Floyd is like ???? and he glances at his plate of food like…”but I’m eating” but he’s not as big as a jerk as he pretends to be and this blonde keeps glancing nervously at some other white (literally) creep with a shock of green hair standing menacingly at the restaurant entrance and that’s when he realizes she’s uncomfortably anxious and him sitting there alone at the table must’ve been a lifeline to her.

“Crazy ex?”

She nods.

“I can relate.”

“Oh you don’t know the half of it, uh…”


“I’m Harley.”

And then Floyd calls the waiter over and orders the same meal for the woman who keeps flitting nervously. Also, she’s beautiful in a doll-like way. And they end up giggling and talking about a bunch of things and he finds out she has 2 phds and he tells her he’s ex-military but doesn’t say why he got let off, and he has a kid, and she’s always wanted kids someday, and she pays more attention to his lips than her own food and Floyd is more entranced by her eyes and smile than the wine the waiter brings for them, and the creepy bleached dude with the slimey hair eventually disappears, who Floyd doesn’t ask Harley about because unless she wants it to be, it’s none of his business.

And by the end of their date, Floyd is smooth talking about giving her a ride wherever she wants to go and Harley is all, “Sure yeah, but I forgot to ask since we’re in Gotham City and all,”


all i want is for rosa diaz to be in a relationship that’s kinda like andy and april’s. i want her to be with someone who makes her smile so much she actually ends up looking happier at the precinct. at first, she’s embarrassed about it, but then she’s like, “so what? i’m happy and i’m gonna show it” and she gives everyone this look that makes ppl stop making fun of her and kinda like cower in fear all, “yeah! cool, cool, cool, cool”

Matters of the Hart: Father’s Day.

In which Maya Hart realizes she couldn’t ask for a better dad. 

I wouldn’t really call this Lucaya, but Lucas is in here, too. 

I honestly had this idea as soon as I woke up today and I’m surprised with how this turned out. Definitely wasn’t going to be happy at first, but I just let things flow!! So, I’m sorry if it seems rushed/all over the place. 

Word count: 2,153
Little bit of an AU?

June 21st, 2015.

It was a day Maya wasn’t too particularly fond of.

The Matthews Family tried every year to invite her on their family outting. Riley would beg, Topanga would remind her that she was apart of the family as well, and Cory? Cory being Cory would smile too widely, speak in a slightly higher pitch, and try to contain his excitement whenever he would try to make a joke about how the more the kids the merrier. But when Topanga, Riley, and Auggie weren’t at the dinner table, his voice would turn sincere and his smile would decrease in size, but never once did it harbor any degree or hint of pity or sympathy.

And, truly, she thanked him for that.

“You know, I do consider you one of my own, Maya,” he’d say.

“I know, thank you,” she would reply with a small smile of sincerity.

She would never join them because although Maya Hart knew in her bones that she was indeed part of the Matthews family, it just wasn’t the same.

So instead of waking up at 2 in the morning to join Riley and her family in a road trip to Philadelphia where they would meet up with her grandparents, go fishing, and have a lovely barbecue, Maya stayed in New York, cooped up in her room until the day was over.

At least, that was her plan.

A rap at her window told her that fate had other plans for her.

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