that smile ok goodbye


So dating the infamous Emperor Hwang would include:

  • is literally like the guys from k-dramas we all cry over
  • is actually a prince (?)
  • always shows up with your favorite flowers to pick you up from work or classes 
  • and probably has a list of your favorite things noted down you don’t know about
  • will probably keep the pet-names for when you two are together
  • but sometimes he would call you “sweetheart” or “darling” by mistake in public
  • would sing you to sleep and probably make cute little songs about you 
  • he is really smart so you two would have all kind of discussion about absolutely anything and there won’t be a dull moment when you’re together
  • so well-mannered and protective 
  • like always holds the door and your bag whenever you two are out 
  • lends you his jacket if you’re cold or if he thinks your dress is too short 
  • even so, I don’t think he likes showing too much PDA, like maybe holds your hand, but no kisses or whatsoever cause he is more of a conservative person
  • would turn into a cuddle monster once you two are alone and he would be literally glued to you
  • loves playing with your hair cause he thinks it smells so good 
  • would always ask you to put your head in his lap so he can play with it plus he also gets to look at your face so it’s a win for him 
  • always sending good night and good morning texts with cute little heart emoticons in them like 
  • “good morning, sweetheart. i hope your day will be as beautiful as you  ♡ ♡ “
  • and you would squeal cause it’s so cringey, but so adorable at the same time 
  • would always make time to call you in between schedules and you would hear the Nu’Est members complaining in the background 
  • cause he is too lovey-dovey and they think it’s gross, but are secretly loving the two of you together
  • probably spams you with pictures of himself when he is bored and then gets sad if you don’t send any back
  • “but minhyun i look like shit and i’m sick”
  • “ha… nonsense, Y/N. you always look good, now send me a picture of your pretty smile”
  • “no”
  • “ok no more hugs for you then, goodbye”
  • so you end up sending him a bunch of pictures and he will say you look gorgeous even if you look like a beggar
  • would probably annoy you to clean your room if you’re more of a messy person of just clean it for you
  • “ugh, what would you do without me, honey?” 
  • “good thing I have you”
  • “you’ll always have me” 
  • I feel like he is someone who would like talking about the future of your relationship 
  • and just like plan ahead your holidays, his days off and just basically your life 
  • he would see a cute kid with his parents while you two are are out and you’d catch him look at him and smiling 
  • and you’d go “ours is gonna be even cuter, minhyunnie” 
  • and he’d blush and be all flustered like “what? hahaha, yes i’m sure” but i think he secretly has the babies’ names chosen already 
  • he likes it when you cook for him and will try to help you or just assist you in the kitchen 
  • but you need your own space so you’d tell him to go away and he’d get all pouty 
  • “ugh fine, you can stay here” 
  • and then he’d be the happiest boyfriend ever and give you a backhug while you’re cutting vegetables and kiss your cheeks multiple times 
  • i believe he is really vanilla in bed
  • probably has a bit of experience, but I don’t think he would be intro trying weird stuff; maybe just some light spanking and hair pulling if you would ask
  • in my opinion he has medium stamina, not too much and not too little, just enough to satisfy both of your needs 
  • is more of a switch and doesn’t mind it whether he is bottom or top 
  • would be a gentleman even in bed
  • very loving and sweet
  • likes holding you close to him and kiss you everywhere, but mostly of your lips 
  • would worship your body and always tell you how beautiful you look 
  • not very vocal, but you would hear him moan a lot
  • he would have his eyes closed and moan sweetly as you go down on him
  • but I think he would be too shy to ask for a blowjob so you’d have to take charge and either do it yourself or ask him if he wants one
  • and he’d be like “umm.. if you want. i don’t mind” 
  • is soooo smooth and sensual when he goes down on you
  • kisses you everywhere with so much passion and takes a long time eating you out just to make sure you’re satisfied
  • I don’t think he has any particular kinks 
  • but if you told him you really really really wanted to try something he would probably agree after thinking a bit about it 
  • however, i feel like he wouldn’t accept if it was something involving rough bdsm, choking and other kinks among the type of those 
  • he would be scared for your safety more than anything 
  • but he loves you a lot and doesn’t want you to be sad cause he said no so he’ll probably suggest something a bit lighter
when another guy flirts with you- jason

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you were at the café with a friend you hadn’t seen in a long time.  he had come to spend the weekend with you. he often flirted with you, but you knew it wasn’t serious because he wasn’t interested in girls. you couldn’t stop laughing. your cheeks were hurting from smiling so much and your eyes had been watering. when you had calmed down slightly you heard a bell, indicating a door had been opened.

“well gorgeous, we should go see a movie.” your friend, ben, joked. you agreed, then felt a tap on your shoulder. you swivelled round, faced with a very angry Jason. he stared at ben, making him shift uncomfortably.

“Jason. hi. this is my friend ben. ben this Is my boyfriend Jason.” you introduced the two.

“are you sure I’m your boyfriend?” Jason asked, crossing his arms. you couldn’t believe his was asking you this, then it clicked. he heard ben flirting and thought the two of you were being serious. you sighed, stood up and pulled him over to the counter, excusing yourself from your conversation with ben.

“Jason. ben’s gay.” you stated. he looked over to ben, a sorry look in his eyes. he held your hand then walked back over.

“hi, ben. sorry. I just thought you were flirting with y/n and….” ben held up a hand, silencing Jason.

“its ok, I don’t blame you.” he smiled. you said goodbye to Jason, agreeing to meet later and continued your afternoon with ben.


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Genre: fluff

Featuring: Hanbin

Request: Hanbin takes your daughter to the studio while you have a day with your friends

I gave the daughter a name just so I wouldn’t have to use the words sweetie and honey and my daughter all the time lol. Also, it’s my first time writing a scenario like this, so hopefully you all like it? - as always sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes, a lot of you wanted this one up tonight so I tried to get this posted as soon as I finished writing it

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Meow Cafe, part 2

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Figaro universe, cat cafe!au - Tony works as a barista in a cat cafe and Steve is totally smitten by him and Tony’s overly fluffy cat, Figaro

summary: Tony’s and Steve’s first date came and it is full of surprises.

length: 4 319 words

warnings: this fic belongs to Figaro universe, there is no tickling in it (yet..), just a lot of cat talk, so it is highly recommended for all cat loving people out there

a/n: the fic no one asked for, but I wanted to write anyway! did I mention that I love AUs? remember to send Figaro some love!


Meow Cafe, part 2   

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6)

The eight o'clock did sneak up on him. It was ironic, seeing that the whole hour, before the date, he had been thinking about Tony, about what would they do, about Tony, about if they stay in the cafe, or go somewhere else, about Tony, about maybe taking him to eat something.. All those thoughts were whirring in his mind, during choosing clothes (casual, but elegant, but not too elegant), during his shower (here, his hand might have slipped, he was a guy after all and had a vivid imagination of an artist and Tony had a sweet ass), during shaving (had to be careful, because, ow), and when he was fresh and ready and pretty and more than sure that he could calmly stroll to the cafe, looking all dazzling, he looked at the clock, and saw that it was 7:50 pm.


But there was nothing like a good old, frantic run before a date, right?

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What is your fave everyday6 song by far?

nothing can beat my love for you were beautiful :’-) the amount of times i have replayed this song over and over again….

i smile and goodbye winter comes a close second! (ok i just realised how i am so into mellow songs lol)

Harvard (part 10)

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7 ~ Part 8 ~ Part 9

“Arizona!” I hear. My skin crawls, my blood boils and my heart feels like someone is squeezing it. I was not expecting to see her here.

“Hi Lara,” Arizona replies, smiling with her beautiful pearly whites. There’s that smile- the one my mother would approve of.

“Amelia,” Lara addresses me politely, nodding.

“Hi.” I’m trying desperately hard to be nice, to be calm, to stay cool, but I really don’t want to see her right now. I give her the quickest of smiles and the charade continues…

“Owen tells me Greece was amazing,” she says, and I can tell she’s trying to gauge my reaction. My face remains flat and uninterested. “He says you guys learned a lot and it was a very eye-opening experience.”

“Hmmm, yeah, it was,” I agree. “A lot of it was so heartbreaking and just… yeah…dark. I suppose you have to have seen it first-hand because I can’t describe it.”

That was me rubbing salt into a wound, it was unnecessary. I’m sure Lara would have chopped off her painfully skinny right arm to have a ticket on the DWB trip abroad, not just for the opportunity to see the world but also to be closer to Owen and spy on her now ex-boyfriend. That’s right- ex. A lot has happened over the past month. After the intensity of training week, Owen and I went home with the mission of “sorting our heads out”. Having just spent an intense week together, it was surprising to me how much I missed him; the moment I realised was when I saw his name shining out on my phone, the small thing buzzing in my hand.

“Hello?” I say.

“Hello?” His soft voice finally meets my ear after a week. I can tell he’s smiling just from one word.





Our voices get more and more exaggerated in both accent and volume until we’re both making each other laugh.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Nothing much… I just wanted to hear your voice I guess.”

“Bleugh, too corny. Try again.”

“Well… it was corny but it was also sort of the truth. I miss you. Arizona called me yesterday and told me that you were… I don’t know…”

Note to self: kill Arizona. I told her I was still confused about Owen and me, and ended up crying down the phone to her two days ago.

“That I was… what?”

“Nothing, I don’t know,” he answers. “She said that you might have this thing going on?”


“Yeah, like…” he pauses, “Thing. She made me worried.”

“Worried about what?”

“About losing you…” he admits. I don’t know how to answer so I just stay quiet. “Amelia?”

Every emotion is running through me- guilt for Thing, guilt for Lara, fear for losing Owen, excitement for being with Owen, sadness for the mess we’ve found ourselves in. Some tears have started forming in the corner of my eyes and I blink them back but I can’t stop the sniff from sounding loudly down the phone.

“Are you crying Amelia?” he asks. The care in his voice makes me break. “Please don’t… please don’t let me be the reason you’re crying.”

I hang up and that’s the end of it.

A few days after that brief phone call, our texts had stopped and I was beginning to think that all hope was lost. I was convinced that Owen wouldn’t even be going to Greece just to avoid me. I hated myself for feeling lost and abandoned by a man who was in a two-year relationship- it made me a home wrecker, a monster, selfish. I hated him for putting me in that situation. However, the night before we were due to leave for Greece, I received this text:

Sorry for radio silence. Shit has hit the fan. I told Lara I had feelings for someone and it’s all kicked off. I don’t want to get you involved but please know I’m thinking about you. A lot. x

I read it about… oh, I don’t know, a million times maybe? It’s the text that kept me going until that moment I saw him at the airport.

“Hi Amelia,” he says, as he finds me in the queue for check-in.

“Hi Owen,” I reply, almost formally. What’s happened? I don’t understand why we’re acting like this. It’s cold, it’s distant, it’s not us. Then he steps forward and brings my body into his, one hand snaking around my waist and the other holding my upper back against his chest. I sink, visibly exhaling into him as he bends his knees and lets my head come to rest on his shoulders. I can feel his heart beating against mine and the rhythms immediately syncronise. He’s squeezing me so tight and I bite my lip in excitement, his hand stroking my curls to show his affection. This is his way of telling me he’s missed me.

“Well, Owen did a very good job of telling me all about it, don’t worry,” Lara says, referring to my bitch-laced comment about needing to be in Greece to understand. We’re doing that girl fight thing of passing passive aggresive pleasantries back and forth, and I don’t want to be drawn into it.

“How are all your exams going?” Arizona asks, detracting from the rising tension.

“Good thanks, they’re not for another couple of weeks because architects are the last to take them but… They should be fine. What about you guys? Have you got a lot?”

“I didn’t even know you do architecture Lara,” Arizona says. Yes Ari! What a low blow- one of Owen’s close friends not even knowing what Lara studies. I need to stop these toxic thoughts and remind myself that Lara is not the one at fault here, Owen cheated on her. I avoid the rest of the conversation to steer clear of saying something I’ll regret- something about Owen and me in Greece.

“We’re not having sex,” I say, insisting on my dignity being kept but struggling to resist his charms. We’re in my tent in the heart of the medical camp, the mild Greek night air still and quiet. Everyone seems to be asleep apart from us, the two lovestruck idiots sat in the dark, the tent’s ceiling a little low for Owen’s head. I’m sat in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist and his hands at the small of my back, drawing my crotch as close as possible into his. My pajama shorts are leaving little to the imagination; his hands are roaming freely up and down my legs and I let him, completely comfortable in his company.

It’s happy and blissful, flitting between light and hushed conversation and heavy make out sessions. The man can kiss- I mean really kiss. He has the ability to make me breathless within a matter of seconds, and my fears of being heard by the tent next door are soon being drowned out by my desire to have him.

His tongue runs along my bottom lip as he sucks it gently, causing an involuntary moan to slip. I push him backwards as I retaliate with my own tongue so he’s on his back and I’m straddling him. I begin teasing his body with my fingertips, starting at his shoulders whilst lightly tracing kisses down his neck, playing with his pulse that is racing against his skin. He shudders and I can feel goosebumps spreading. He repsonds by running his rough fingertips up and down my arms, causing my own body to erupt.

“We can’t have sex,” I whisper against his neck. He pushes me back whilst kissing me, returning us to our original position.

“Stop teasing me then,” he laughs.

“Sorry, I will,” I apologise, smiling. “But you’re very hard to ignore.”

“Don’t ignore me! No no, don’t do that, but only tease me if there’s an end result… I’m not sure my balls can take it!”

“Owen,” I gasp, swatting his chest.

“Amelia,” he mocks in the same shocked tone, lightly tapping a hand to my backside. I squeal, laughing as he silences me with kisses. He slowly moves our bodies round so I’m lying on my back and he’s alongside me. He gives me a long, drawn out kiss, twisting his lips into mine before pulling away.

“Goodnight,” he smiles, one last peck before turning to leave. I smile to the point where I think my face might crack. I’ve never been so happy.

“I’ll see you soon, ok?” Lara says, smiling overly wide as she waves her goodbyes and finally leaves Arizona and me to our day.

“Well, that was awkward,” Arizona laughs and shoves her elbow into my ribcage when she sees how distracted I am. “What are you thinking about?”


“Oh, I didn’t know Owen had a nickname like ‘Thing’ does!”

“Shut up! Thanks for… handling that… I didn’t know what to say.”

“Are they still living together?” she asks me, confused.

“Yup,” I sigh.

“Does she know you’re the mysterious girl Owen admitted having feelings for?”

“Maybe…? She’s probably figured it out…”

“Does she know Owen has spent most nights since we’ve been back in your bed?”

“I doubt it,” I mutter.

So, Owen and Lara are no more. Please don’t flood my inbox with how devastated you all are by this! Oh, and Happy Easter!

Sticky-Notes (a drabble)

Sticky-Notes (a drabble by zeldainhiding)


So Dan I got some sticky notes with lions on them I’m gonna stick some around the flat here’s the first one!!


Phil’s tea preference: Three sugars, no milk

Dan’s tea preference: No sugar, gross amounts of milk Phil I have like a single drop of milk you serious


Sorry Dan I ate some more of your Crunchy Nut just thought I’d tell you

Why did you write this on a post-it note on the cereal box Phil you could have just told me in person? I live with you!?

You could have just said that to me in person aswell though couldn’t you

I’m not having a conversation on a post-it note with you when we live in this apartment together

We’re running out of room anyway

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IM5 #75 You're Famous and He Likes You [Request]


Y/F/N= Your full name


“IM5 on deck!” shouts the stage manager backstage. 

“Thank you!” the boys shout back. 

Tonight is an awards show and IM5 gets to perform along with other artists. All the boys huddle around the backstage area where they wait to go next. From this spot you can also see who’s performing on the stage. Gabe’s eyes widen when he sees that it’s you performing out there.

“Whoa, I didn’t know THE Y/F/N was gonna be performing tonight!?” exclaims Gabe to the other guys.

Will chuckles, “Yeah, she’s been there the whole tech week, Gabe…”

“Where the hell was I?!”

“You were too busy texting on your phone,” snarks Dana, grinning. Gabe just shoves his shoulder then goes back to watching you perform.

You and your backup dancers are dancing full out, complicated dance moves which makes the audience roar. After that large dance break you ever so gracefully flip your hair up perfectly and start singing the last chorus, not even out of breath.

“Wow she’s amazing…” says Gabe in awe, making the rest of the boys trying not to crack up but Gabe doesn’t even notice.

You slowly back up to the back of the stage, never turning your face from the audience, singing the final notes. You hit a few last dance poses with the note then all the lights go black at the same time the song ends. The audience stands on their feet, erupting in hoots and hollers and applause for you as you jog into backstage. 

“Hey, Y/N! Great job!” says your manager, high-fiving you. 

You take a sip out of your water bottle, adrenaline still pumping but then breathless say, “Thanks! God, I love it out there!" 

Gabe steps forward towards you as your walking past them. "You really did do a great job,” he says smiling.

You smile back to him, pausing for a second. “Thank you, um…?”

“Gabe. Gabe Morales,” he says putting out his hand.

“Y/N. Nice to meet you,” you say shaking his hand. 

“Common boys, you’re up!” shouts the stage manager.

“Oh, well, I’ll see you later!” says Gabe, heading towards the stage.

“For sure!” you smile, waving to him. 


Time at the studio is always a joy for you. Recording your own acoustic sound means the world to you; that’s kind of your image actually, it’s what makes you stand out from the other artists. You love the soft sound of the acoustic guitar instead of the intense electric guitar.

After a few recordings your music mixer gives you the thumbs up into the studio, then clicking the speaker button. “Awesome job Y/N! We’ll record the other song after lunch. Meet back in a half hour?”

You nod ok, smiling, taking off your headphones. He waves goodbye, leaving you alone in the studio now. You aren’t really hungry right now so you decide to stay in the studio and continue playing. 


“Dalton, common man. We’re gonna be late for the meeting!” groans Cole.

Cole and Dalton are running into the building late for an IM5 meeting with their boss. The other boys are already there, except them. 

“What studio is it in again?” asks Dalton, dragging behind.

“Uhhh…” Cole and Dalton look around at all the studio doors until Cole’s eyes land on one that looks familiar. “This one! Yeah, I remember, this one!” he cheers pushing the door handle down. 

Dalton struts in, unaware that that’s the studio you’re in. Cole of course isn’t oblivious and notices right away, pulling on Dalton’s shirt backwards.

“Dude!” he whispers, pointing to you, “Wrong studio!”

Dalton looks up at you through the glass and suddenly his heart starts to beat really fast. You’re singing one of your favorite songs, strumming on your guitar with your eyes closed. A warm smile appears on Dalton’s face seeing how into the song you are, and well…how incredible of a singer you are as well.

“Dal, we gotta go now!” says an annoyed Cole, pulling Dalton back a little too far back this time causing Dalton to run into the lamp, knocking it over with a loud crash.

You jump up in your seat in fright/surprise, thinking you are alone in there. You look up through the glass and see two boys, well, young men your age, standing there looking incredibly embarrassed. But the blonde one who’s staring at you catches your attention right away. You open the door from the recording box and into the sitting area where they’re standing.

“Oh shit, we’re so sorry. We didn’t mean to interrupt!” stammers Dalton, picking up the lamp, setting it back into place.

“Yeah, sorry! We’re running late for a meeting,” says Cole quickly, trying to drag Dalton out the door but he’s feet are locked to the floor in front of you.

“It’s okay, really. I wasn’t recording, I was just playing around,” you say shyly, smiling.

“Well if that’s how you sound just playing around I’d love to hear a recorded song then!” Dalton blurts out, trying to hide his grin.

You giggle, “Sure thing.”

“Common man! Jill’s gonna kill us!” whines Cole, pointing to his wrist watch.

“Uh right, I’ll catch up to you,” he says, turning to face Cole.

Cole just huffs, throwing his arms out in defeat and sprints down the hallway to find the correct studio.

Dalton faces back to you, sticking is hand out. “Dalton.”

You shake his hand. “Y/N.”

“Well I’d love to stay and listen but if I don’t go to this meeting I’ll end up living on the streets.”

You chuckle nodding. “I get it. Go before you get kicked out of your band!”

He gives you one last grin before, bolting out the door.

“I’LL SEE YOU LATER, Y/N!” he sings down the hallway, running. 

You laugh and pop your head out the studio door singing back, “YOU BETTER, DALTON!”


It’s the premiere of your first film you’re staring in and you couldn’t be more excited! You’re most well known role is on a TV comedy as the sassy teenage daughter but during a break from working on the show you auditioned for this really cool warrior movie. To your surprise, you got the part! Ever since the buzz of the movie has started, there have been more and more movie role auditions being pilled into your work schedule. It’s almost unreal going from just a TV actress to a world wide movie star.

“Y/N! Y/N! Over here!” call out the paparazzi behind the ropes on the red carpet. 

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Y/N!! I LOVE YOU!! OHMYGOSH!” scream out your fans, also from behind the rope. 

You want to go over to talk to the fans but your publicist tells you ‘no’ which makes you huff. 

“Wow, you’ve got some hardcore fans,” says a voice from behind you.

You turn around and see the guys of IM5 standing there, smiling at you.

“Oh! IM5! I love your music!” you say enthusiastically. “I didn’t know you guys were invited!”

“Yeah, we’re kind of surprised ourselves,” chuckles Dalton.

Before you can ask them another question Dana pushes Will forward and blurts out, “Will’s in love with you.”

Will snaps his head to him. “DANA!” he shrieks in horror, trying to cower back in line with the other guys but Dana pushes him forward again.

“No really. He won’t stop talking about you.”

You just giggle flattered, amused by the boys torment but also feeling bad for Will who can’t defend himself. 

“Yeah, he’s OBSESSED with the TV show you’re on. He owns all 5 seasons,” teases Cole. 

“Guys! Stop it!” whines Will, hiding his face. 

Dalton starts to say tauntingly, “He once told us it was his one and only dream to go out on a date with yo-”

“OKAY, that’s enough!” shrieks Will, slapping his hand over Dalton’s mouth.

You just laugh at how silly they all are before taking Will’s hand. “Would you care to be my date for this evening?” you ask, smiling, batting your eyelashes. 

All the boys look stunned, especially Will. “R-really?” he chokes out. “You’re not just asking cause you feel sorry for me?”

You pull him forward gently. “No! I honestly think you’re really sweet,” you say, blushing a bit.

Will’s goofy grin appears and holds onto your hand firmly now, starting to lead you across the rest of the red carpet. Before that though, he turns his shoulder to Dalton, Gabe, Cole & Dana and says with a cheeky grin, “See ya inside guys!" 


It’s the time of the fashion show and you’re so excited! You’ve only been modeling for less than a year and you’ve already been in over 20 fashion shows! You’ve even landed the cover of a few magazines! You’re defiantly the upcoming 'It’ girl in the modeling world. It scares you but excites you at the same time.

You slip into your first gown of the night which is a low cut back scoop gold dress. Then you and the assistants backstage help put on your sky high stilettos. While this is all happening there are about three makeup and hair people crowded around you trying to make sure you look ready for the runway. It’s complete chaos backstage trying to round up all the models and making sure their outfit, hair and make up look just right. 

"GO! GO! GO PEOPLE! SHOWTIME!” shouts the stage manager to all the models. 

All the models, including yourself, hurry to line up in your order. Lucky, you get to walk out right after your friend, Sophia. 

“IM5, getting into position,” says another stage hand loudly over a headset.

You look up and see the 5 boys standing behind the curtain. The one with the hat turns to look at you and smiles. You’ve seen them before during the rehearsals for the show but this boys gaze would just not leave you, it started to make you smile as well.

“Cute, isn’t he?” grins your friend, nudging you.

You snap out from staring at him and look to her. “What?”

She giggles. “Dana; the one who keeps staring at you.”

You feel your cheeks get hot.

“I hear he has a little crush on you,” she grins.

“What?! No, Sophia, you’re crazy,” you exclaim trying to hide your giggles.

The curtain rises and the loud music starts to pump throughout the space, so loud you can feel it through the floor. You look back up and see that the boys have stepped forward and are now singing. 

“AND GO CAROLINE!” yells the stage manager over the music, motioning for the first model to walk. Then the next model. And the next. And the next. Then Sophia, who winks back to you, pointing to Dana, then walks out.

You take a deep breath, putting your hands on your hips.


You strut out from behind the wall and into the bright lights of the catwalk. Flashes from cameras all around are going off, the amazing voices from the boys, the wind in your hair, the energy from the audience; it is incredible. As you pass Sophia she mouths, “He’s looking at you!” which makes you just roll your eyes and smile. You get to the end of the runway, pose, then walk back, full on facing IM5 now.

You try your best to not break your strong walk, but damn, looking at Dana made your legs turn to jelly! You both hold each others stares, smirking at each other until you have to walk offstage. 

You self fan yourself mouthing, “Oh my god!” as you get hurried to change for your next walk.


The boys are going on their first talk show ever and who better with than Ellen DeGeneres! They’re all psyched, I mean hello, it’s ELLEN!

“I am here today with IM5!” exclaims Ellen. The whole studio audience applauds with a few screaming fan girls. All the boys chuckle at the excitement from the audience, waving to them. 

The interview is going great, the boys talking about how they were formed as a group, their new album coming out and performances they’ve done.

“Now I understand that you guys have a song in the newly released movie, 'Arrow Back’ starring Y/F/N, is that correct?” asks Ellen. Of course as soon as she mentions the movie and your name a few hoots and hollers come from the audience making some of the boys chuckle.

“Yes, that is correct! We got the opportunity to record a song specifically for the film which was amazing,” says Will. 

“It’s definitely a much more serious song than what we usually do as a band, but yea, like Will said it was still amazing to do!” says Cole.

“That’s wonderful. Now I heard that you guys got to meet Y/N, is that right?”

A picture of you pops up onto Ellen’s background screen for the audience to see.

“Oh yeah, Y/N’s a sweetheart,” says Cole before anyone else can answer. “She’s just such a nice, down to earth kind of girl. Like you expect someone as famous as her to be really snooty and stuff but she’s not at all.”

A knowing smirk appears on Ellen’s face which makes the boys tense up a little. 

“Yeah Y/N’s a great girl. But say Cole… is there anything else you’d like to say about Y/N…or you….or Y/N and you…?” she grins, trying not to giggle. 

Suddenly a picture of you and Cole appear on the background screen. It’s a candid photo of you two posing together snapped by a paparazzi at the movie premiere. You’re looking down laughing at something silly Cole just said and Cole is staring at you lovingly without you knowing. The whole audience starts to go “Oooooo!” excitedly with a few chuckles.

Cole can feel his cheeks start to blush like mad. He tries to hide his grin by looking down, away from Ellen but she can see; everyone can see. Even the rest of the boys on the couch are grinning from ear to ear at Cole’s embarrassment. 

Cole clears his throat. “Um, no no, nothing else to say! Someone else’s turn to talk, Dana? Gabe? Anyone?” he says, still avoiding Ellen’s eyes, looking at the boys.

Ellen chuckles looking into the camera, “Haha okay, we’ll be right back with more IM5; stay tuned!”