that smile is my weakness


Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

Dealing with sassy littles!! 😇
  • Me: -rolls eyes-
  • Daddy: Baby, did you just roll your eyes?
  • Me: -sighs dramatically-
  • Daddy: Don't you be sassy with me.
  • Me: -mumbles under my breath-
  • Daddy: Princess. Don't give daddy attitude.
  • Me: -crosses arms grumpily-
  • Daddy: I think you need a hug.
  • Me: -nods angrily-
  • Daddy: Come here baby, let me make it better.
  • Me: -smiles a little and walks over shyly-
  • Daddy: -gasps- WAS THAT A SMILE!?
  • Me: -covers my face and pretends to be mad-
  • Daddy: Are you blushing!?
  • Me: -growls softly while smiling-
  • Daddy: Don't laugh baby girl you know it's my weakness.
  • Me: -starts to laugh and giggle-

When Min Yoongi does that with his face.

Not surprising… :D

The decision on ‘who’ was … I won’t say easy but… yesitwas. I JUST LOVE HIM. Can’t help myself.

‘Why’ is a bit harder to answer. Because frankly Iwaizumi is not the character I’d typically go for. Visually he’s as far as it gets from what I’m usually drawn to.

My usual fav has fair skin (nope)
tall lean type (well he’s the shorty of the third years so .. no xD)
light hair (uh.. no)
LONG light hair (double no)

Well long haired men are nonexistent in Haikyuu so that category fell away anyways. No Asahi doesn’t count as ‘man’ sorry. *pets him*

I think what drew me in initially was actually how well balanced his character is (before I got to appreciate his looks). He’s strict and serious when it comes to things he loves (Vball, Oikawa), but he’s also not only ‘grumpy’ but supporting when needed. He knows when to be kind, he works hard, he does get disappointed and doubts himself when things down’t work out which is, thank god, normal. (I always find it weird when a character is this passionate about something but never seems to get really crushed when stuff doesn’t work out…).
He’s also a lovable dork… (the thing where he shows Tooru the fish species named Oikawa? priceless dorky proud face <3 so cute)

And since I’m a sucker for voices… I LOVE HIS VOICE. I totally approve of the seiyuu they chose. It gives me chills.

The question had crossed his mind over and over and he’d known that once it was out of his mouth there’d be no taking it back. But it was impossible to keep the words from spilling out now that she was next to him, her cheeks flushed with giddy happiness and her eyes glazed over. The words were like an avalanche, gathering speed and bound to bury the two of them. He couldn’t stop them. Didn’t want to. They’d been haunting him long enough.
“Does he make you feel good?” Her face fell, then paled, then scrunched up. The poison lacing his voice was unmistakeable.
“You wouldn’t understand.” But he would. He would understand, because she’d been a radiant person before she met that guy and now she was a dimmed flame, a shadow of her former self. “He makes me feel weak,” she said simply and smiled shyly, like feeling weak was a good thing. “My knees fail me when we kiss. I can hardly breathe.” It hurt. Hearing her say things like this hurt him more than he’d like to admit, more than he could bear. “He shouldn’t make you feel this way,” he said quietly, deliberately avoiding her gaze. In that moment, he knew what he’d see if he looked at her: that stubborn tilt to her jaw that he adored, the feigned hardness in her eyes. “He should make you feel strong. With every kiss and every touch, he should make your world brighter, he should ease your worries and assure you. You should be happy. You should be told that you deserve the world every single day and that the world does not even begin to deserve you. You should love someone who shows you how much they love you with every breath you take.” And I would do this for you, he added quietly, unwillingly. Because he couldn’t say it out loud, never. She was happy. It was a wrong kind of happiness, he knew, but with that he couldn’t help her. It wasn’t his place to take that happiness away from her. It wasn’t his place to shatter what she had built for herself, even though it was a path to destruction.
—  excerpt
Ok so...

I was watching this series on Netflix. “Click My Heart”

And that dude right there in the pink column immediately got my attention.
I literally say “wtf he’s so cute what is this” every time the dude appears on screen.

Seriously. Look at how cute.


So I googled the cast.
And… idiot that I am, I had no idea that their names in the series were their actual names in real life. 

And that “dude” is actually SF9′s Lee Dawon

C U T E . 

So…I googled a bit more.

And I thought to myself… 

“He kinda reminds me of someone I love…”

And surely enough…these pop out of google search…

Istg everything I do just keeps tracing back to Park Jimin. o.o