that smile could light up cities

Move You|Imagine

Song(s):Move You by Kelly Clarkson
Summary:Where is love for her is so miraculous that he often has problem articulating his feelings for the one he fell so deeply in love with.

A/N: I recommend you read this while listening to the song. 

Laying here with her, he felt his body become lighter as she snuggled closer into his embrace. The smile on his lips was shinning so bright, it could most likely light up one of the biggest cities in the world. He couldn’t come to terms as to how someone like himself had been blessed with the beauty laying in his arms. The feeling he got when he was around her was out of this world. He often got lightheaded about just how in love he was with this girl, and constantly wondered if he had moved her as much as she had moved him.

He remembered the first time he meet her, everything seemed brighter and he suddenly had a greater purpose. It was difficult for him to focus on the most simplest of things. He would often find himself daydreaming about their futures together, what it’ll feel like to press his lips against her, holding her tightly every night, but most importantly being the one she came home to every night. All those dizzying thoughts were signs he had fallen completely and utterly in love with the beauty he had met. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling at first, he had simply justified his actions as a small crush, but little did he know that this girl had shaken his world so violently that it would never be the same again.


That was the world that came to mind when he thought of her. Everything she did was unique she stood out in a crowd. Even the simple tasks she managed to do it in a way that had him memorized and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He wasn’t able to look at anyone else without comparing them to her, no girl was every prettier, smarter, or nicer than she was.

He felt alive, everything about her enhanced every single sense in his body. He was happier, nicer, and calmer. All his friends had noticed the sudden change in him, and it was astonishing. He had tried many times trying to explain to everyone around him just how much she meant to him and he always came up with the same words that left everyone a bit puzzled but they understood.

She moved me..

She moved him in a way no else was able to do so. None of his past lovers, had been able to extract a feeling so deep and so raw that it felt like a million violins playing. He came up with a million companions as to what it felt like when he had finally fallen so deeply in love with her. It was almost like the feeling of when a choir shouts ‘Amen’. It was a endless fire durning when her skin was on his. Her kisses always kept the fire deep within him alive. He loved her so much it hurt him to know that at any moment she could possibly realize he wasn’t what he wanted.

She was the hands that simply held him, when words couldn’t make things right. She had been his rock, whenever troubles would hit him so hard. Her arms where always waiting for him, welcoming him after a rough day at work. Her lips would collide with his temple pressing soft kisses as she held onto him harder almost as if she could make everything else disappear and have it be just them.

Looking down at the girl in his arms, he smiled a she softly yawned and opened her eyes to greet him with a warm smile. She cuddled closer into him, loving the safe feeling he gave her whenever he was around. Pressing a kiss onto her forehead, he felt all the things he had felt when she had moved him in a way he wasn’t able to explain. She reminded him of the symphony made up of thunder in the middle of July. She had crashed into his life sending him into a spiral, but she was there to save him time and time again.

“You know you moved me in a way thats so hard to explain..” He breathed as she smiled and looked up at him with sleep in her eyes and the warmest look on her face. “It almost feels like being back in the house I grew up..” He smiled as her heart swelled up in her chest.

“I love you..” She breathed out as he smiled knowing that that moment that she had been moved just as much as he had been.

Like the first time that he had met her, they both fell too hard to fast, and thats the way he moved her.

Jon Snow x Female!Reader

Prompt: Hey, i saw you have requests open, could you write a oneshot where the reader is a ward at winterfell and in love with Jon? Maybe they are reunited when Jon is king in the North? Thanks. X

Note: This is my first attempt at writing anything for Game of Thrones, so feel free to message me is there are any mistakes or if there is anything i should change. Hope you enjoy! Xx



You supposed that one of the reasons for your closeness with Jon Snow was that you were both impostors in the Stark family, he was a Snow and a bastard, and you were a Greyjoy and a traitor. You didn’t quite fit in with the Stark’s perfect family.

Your brother Theon had it easier. He had a cock between his legs, and would be able to fight for Robb, or at least be a strong ally due to the salt that ran through his veins. He was a valuable piece in the game of thrones.

You on the other hand had less value to the Starks. You could of course be married off, but you had traitors blood, so any marriage would mostly likely be to a second son of a lowly bannerman, and of no benefit to the Starks. It was Ned Stark’s honor that kept you in fine clothes (albeit not as fine as Sansa’s) and kept a roof over your head; it was the same for Jon.

The pair of you had bonded over your outsider status within the walls of Winterfell. You had sat together on the servants table when the Lords of the North visited, drunk the servants bad but strong ale, and stumbled your way through the castles halls back to your respective quarters.

You had loved him in such a way that only the innocence of youth can grant.

Things were so much simpler them. You thought to yourself as you tightened your grip on the reins of your horse. Not much longer to Winterfell.

As you rode you thought back to the last time you saw Jon.


It had been the day Jon left for the wall, and ever since he had told you he would be leaving with his uncle you had been dreading it. You prayed to the Gods that he would change his mind, but you knew deep down that his heart was set.

When you heard the faint knock at your door you knew your prayers had been left unanswered. He had come to say goodbye.

“Lady ‘Y/N’?”

“It’s open” You said with a sigh. You had always loved him as a friend, but it had never been your plan to fall in love with him.

You could feel Jon’s eyes on you, as you practiced your needle work; something you only ever did when you were avoiding something else. In this case, you were avoiding Jon.

You had always known about his dreams to see the wall, and had expected it to sting if he ever did go. What you hadn’t expected was the sense of betrayal that you currently felt.

You felt Ghosts nose nudge at your elbow, and you quickly buried your face into his soft fur. You were iron born, and despite having been raised in the North, you still refused to let Jon see that you had been crying.

“Y/N please… look at me.” You could hear the desperation in Jon’s voice, and that was what caused you to look up. You never could bear to think of him in pain.

“What do you want Jon? Shouldn’t you be leaving?”

You knew you were being cold, but you told yourself a prolonged goodbye would only make things worse.

Jon beckoned for Ghost, who acquiesced, returning to his Master. You let out a small whine at the loss of his soft fur.

Jon sat down next to you on the foot of your bed and wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

“Come on love, you’ll be okay” He said giving you a small squeeze. Gods I’m going to miss this.

“Besides, I’ll have to visit Winterfell. It’s hardly as if this is goodbye forever.”

You pulled away. He didn’t understand.

“Bloody Hell Snow you really do know nothing!” You softened your voice when you continued, “You’ll be back in a year maybe two if you’re lucky. I’m of an age Jon I might not have that long until they find me a husband.”

Jon’s face sunk at the realization; this could be it. His grey eyes were clouded over, and you wondered if he was going to cry. Instead he did something else, something less expected.

Jon stood up, taking your hand in his. He said nothing, but his cool grey eyes were locked with yours. Stark eyes. You thought to yourself, as he raised his free hand to your cheek. His touch was warm, and you leaned into it.

He looked into your Y/E/C eyes, and for a moment you feared that he was going to back away. Instead he pressed his lips against yours.

You melted into the kiss, quickly wrapping your arms around his waist. You pulled him closer to you, trying to keep as little space between your two bodies as physically possible. You felt his hands roam down your body, tracing the curve of your breasts and hips coming to rest on your hips.  

You heard a voice call out for Jon, and he quickly pulled away. “It’s Uncle Benjen. I’m sorry Y/N… I have to go.”

Jon turned towards the door, and Ghost was quick to follow him. You remained stood in the spot where Jon had left you. You wanted to call out, to tell him that you loved him, that he couldn’t leave you. Instead you watched him leave.

The Brunette lingered in the door way for a moment, and gave you a sad smile “Goodbye Y/N”

The door clicked shut, and he was gone.


You could feel yourself slipping in the saddle of your horse, and your eyes lids were heavy. Your bones ached with tiredness, but you carried on, spurred on by the twinkling lights of Winterfell, and the thought of Jon.

After the Red wedding, you had fled. You rode for days, to the docks; and there took the first ship to the free cities. Your ship landed in Braavos, and after days penned up in a cabin you were glad to be on dry land. Your time with the Starks had left you a Greyjoy unable to sail. You let out a bitter laugh.

In the docks of Braavos you heard stories of Dragon queens, dwarfs riding pigs and fierce horse lords. You had been happy for a while, until you heard a tale of a Lord commander from the Wall being raised from the dead and claiming his father’s halls.

When you heard the tattooed Westrosi sailors share the story, you thought you might be sick. It was Jon, he was home – and in danger.

It had been a week since that day, and you were so close to your destination. You couldn’t succumb to the tiredness now, not when you were so close to home.

As you approached the gates, you saw a man on horseback riding to greet you, he seemed familiar, but you couldn’t place where it was that you knew him from, as you slipped into sleep.

When you awoke, it was not on horseback, but in a soft bed, with a jolt you realised that you were in your childhood bedroom. Winterfell. You quickly got out of the bed, hurriedly lacing up the back of a deep blue gown that had been left at the foot of your bed.

You were about to begin your descent down to the hall when you heard a soft knock at the door. You hadn’t had a chance to reply before Jon Snow walked into your room. Immediately he pulled you into a tight hug. For the first time in years, you allowed yourself to cry.

You pulled away from the hug, taking an opportunity to study Jon. He was still as beautiful as he was the day he had left, but he looked older. His Jaw was harder, and his cheeks were stubbed, but his eyes had changed the most. They were still the sad deep grey eyes you knew, but harder now. His eyes had seen a lifetime of pain. You wondered how you had changed.

“You don’t know how good it is to see your face” Jon whispered, pulling you into another embrace, and placing a kiss against your forehead.

“Back at you Stark.” You said grinning up at him.


It had been two weeks since your return to Winterfell, and the change was heavy in the air. Winter was coming, and you could feel it in your bones. Jon had been proclaimed the King on the night you arrived, two days before you woke up.

Jon spent most of his days in meetings with Sansa and his Bannermen, while you had spent this time with your brother and the books Jon had bought for you. Despite the years separated from one another he still knew you inside out.

The evenings you spent together, once you retired to bed he would bring you a glass of mulled wine and you would sit by the fire, talking. You hadn’t felt so young in years.

It was an especially cold night, and you were curled around Jon, both muttering weak excuses about the need to stay warm.

“I’m sorry I left you Y/N” Jon said suddenly, breaking the air of companionable silence.

You stiffened slightly, but regained composure with a shrug “I’m sorry too Jon, but at least I have you now.” You snuggled up closer to him.

“I learnt a lot on the Wall,” Jon said solemnly. You looked up at him questioningly, urging him with your eyes to continue. “but I think the most important lesson of all was how miserable I am without you.”

Your heart fluttered in your chest. So, had he loved you all of these years? What would happen now? Your thoughts were interrupted when he spoke again.

“My father’s men have made me king Y/N, and I there’s no one else I would rather have as my Queen.”

You didn’t say anything at first, and instead pulled him down into a long overdue kiss.

Ocean Eyes

Based on this song.

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST!

Originally posted by thesilentages

I’ve been watching you
For some time
Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes

Infatuation was synonymous with stupidity for you, a girl who didn’t believe in the magic of fairy tales. Fate did not drive people to love, it drove them to greatness; a conduit for the ambitious to make sense of the talents guarded by self-doubt and reservation. You liked to think that no matter what happened, a higher power would be looking after you, centring you to the right course, sending winds to fill your sails along the correct path. If they were Gods, angelic creatures, or a simple act of nature, they did not bother themselves with the entangling of hearts. Love wasn’t as important as true purpose, and your purpose was to be great. You had set your sights high, expectations low. After all, the Gods were anything but fair.

You had excepted this understanding of the world, of what would come and how it was influenced. And then he had to come along, untangling every red string, unravelling the complex map until it was just a heap of yarn. He enticed you, enveloping your thoughts no matter how hard you tried to shut him out. Even in sleep, when darkness would encapsulate your mind, the oceans would burst through with ferocity, demanding to be felt, forcing you under the waves. You were drowning, and falling at the same time. A nightmare disguised as a dream.

You were the shadows, the eyes lurking from the back of the room. The steady thrum of an evening storm, the eventual fade of an echo. He had pulled you into the harsh light, holding your hands so you couldn’t cover your eyes. He had turned your thunder into lightning, your echo into a scream. And he had tugged you under, forcing you to paddle upwards, terrified and choking for air. Then once you’d break the surface, another wave would throw you back into the depths. He made you feel unpredictable and irrational, made you question everything you thought you were.

But the ocean could be calm too. For every wild storm, there were still days. Days where he’d send you a smile, or call your name softly, beckoning you to join him in the shallow, innocent waters.

That’s how he managed to always catch you in a riptide.

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Periodically- Eliza Schuyler X Reader

request from anon: eliza x reader- modern highschool au 

 eliza x reader- eliza is head over heels in love with reader and is encouraged by her sisters to flirt with her. basically eliza is a precious awkward bean that gets flustered when she receives the reader’s attention

warning(s): spoilers for tale of two cities? idk even

a/n: wow this took close to two months to write rip me

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Frost : Jeon Jungkook (1)

Originally posted by es-muy-simple

Reader x Jungkook

Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 14,800+

Part: 1

Jungkook moves to a quaint and chilly town to avoid problems back home. It’s quiet there. Life seems to move in slow motion. When he’s met with the odd sight of two neighboring cafes, he goes in not expecting to feel warmer than he ever did since he moved to the snowy city.


Ever since Jungkook met you, life has been nothing more than cold hands and hot coffee.

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before the time comes

Originally posted by purplehairedtaemin

Title: before the time comes

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Waiting for a flight wasn’t ever as nostalgic, beautiful and fun as it was that day for Taemin.

Six hours. Taemin considered himself a fairly patient person, he could wait a few hours for anything that he really wanted to do, even distracting himself with his own thoughts or simply doing anything as using his phone or writing down on a piece of paper whatever thought came to his head. However, he doesn’t think that the delay of his flight that would last six hours was one of the things he thought he could be patient about. Surely, if it was under another circumstances, if he needed a well deserved break and the mere thought of sitting alone with his manager on said airport was the only way of getting it, but he really needed to leave as soon as possible, his duties filling his mind like a disease, lingering with stress and frustration. Taemin immediately plops down on a seat, his longish legs stretching in front of him as a yawn leaves his plump lips. Six freaking hours.

Immediately, Taemin groans quite loudly, making his manager click his tongue as he looked at the younger male. If anything, Taemin wanted the comfort of a first class flight, with nice seats and even nicer food so he could clean his mind and purify his body –since relaxing in his apartment wasn’t an option at this point-, but he’s helpless as he looks down at his phone, checking the time only to see that five minutes had gone by and it seemed like hours. Taemin fixes the cap over his head, running his hands over his thighs quickly to create some warmth in the cold airport before hearing the voice of his manager ringing through his ears.

“You’re acting like a kid,” The manager starts and Taemin feels out of place. Surely, he was always the youngest of his group, but he was never childish. There was a cute aura to him, that was something everyone knew and accepted, but he wasn’t someone who whined and acted egocentric. Perhaps, it was the amount of things that were on his agenda that made him so stressed out, or the sound of another flight going off that made him feel so stuck. “Do you need coffee, a jacket, anything so you can finally stop whining?” There was some teasing lingering on each word, but Taemin sighs as he stands up, placing his hands inside his pockets before shaking his head.

“I’ll go for a walk around the airport.” Taemin announces and his manager only nods his head, leaning back against the seat as Taemin walks away, his hands instantly reaching for his pockets, peaking out slightly from his sweater paws that made him look effortlessly adorable.

His black hair moves against the wind as he steps inside one of the small shops that were there, something like a convenience store or so. Taemin plays with the necklace around his neck, gold and shining brightly as he remembers the time his mother gave it to him, promising that she was always going to be with him as long as he used it. He starts considering buying something, whether it was a sweet, chocolate bar or energy bar, whatever could please his craving for anything sweet. At that moment, his eyes catch the packaging of his favorite chocolate bar, instantly smiling to himself as he stops playing with his necklace to reach for it, trotting towards the attendant so he could pay with the biggest smile over his features.

When he turns around, chocolate bar on hand –and a few sweets and snacks on a bag on his other hand-, he looks at someone that was checking out a few snacks on the small convenience store. Her hair was messy on the ends, humming a small song to herself as her oversized shirt made her look effortlessly stunning but comfortable at the same time. At that moment, she turns around to look at the small books that were on a shelf near the store, short enough to read on a quick flight if you read fast enough. Her eyes instantly trail over the books, picking up one that Taemin describes as the ‘one with the red cover’ and as he smiles to himself, he walks towards the shelf, taking the last bite from the chocolate bar when he picked up another copy of the book she was looking at, pretending to read through the pages to see if he should buy it, but instead he was stealing a few glares towards her way, amazed by the way the girl he met at the airport could be so –breathtaking, like a pair of eyes in the moonlight with the most beautiful of shining lights that he could compare with the busiest of cities around the world.

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markwatnae  asked:

QuiObi #5

I still have a couple more of these to finish and I am definitely working on them! Just slowly!

ObiQui 5 – Comfortable Kiss

             After three years of nearly non-stop fighting, of rations and watch shifts and a steadily growing sense of Darkness that polluted everything, peacetime was still something Qui-Gon was not quite used to. Comfort was not something the Jedi actively indulged in, even before the war began, but now, with their numbers alarming low and their losses far too high, and those who had survived struggling to return to how things had once been, there had been some…slackening, of some of the older and more ridged rules.

             Qui-Gon was hardly complaining.

             Especially not when such changes resulted in morning likes this. Qui-Gon sighed, shaking his head and pressing his face further into the softness of his pillow, curling his long limbs in until he took up only a fraction of the mattress before rolling over and stretching out once more. The bed was warm, the sheets felt idyllically soft against his skin, and the bedroom was beautifully quiet, with only a crack of sunlight piercing the early morning darkness. Even in his only half-awake state, Qui-Gon knew it was early. The sun was probably still new in the sky, far too early to be awake. Humming in general pleasure with his immediate world, Qui-Gon reached out blindly, searching for the familiar warmth of his husband.

             When his search proved fruitless, Qui-Gon frowned, finally raising his head from the pillow. He was alone in the large bed. A glance around the bedroom revealed Obi-Wan’s boots, still tucked beside the closet, and his tabards and tunics and belt still discarded on the floor when Qui-Gon had tossed them the night before.


             Qui-Gon sat up properly, stretching with a groan as his muscles protested quietly and the movements and the previous night’s activities. There was, Qui-Gon noticed, a very large and vibrant bruise on his inner thigh, the skin bruised and tender. He grinned, and as he stood and continued his stretch, reached out over his bond, searching.

             Ah. There he was.

             A quick search, and then Qui-Gon was pulling on a pair of soft sleep pants, bypassing a shirt and shoes altogether as he padded out of the bedroom and across the central living space, towards a door on the far side of the room, stopping only long enough to put the kettle on.

             The garden had been one of the reason they had received this set of rooms in particular. Healer Ohnaka-Rai had been very firm on the manner, pulling their weight as not only a medical professional but also as the primary healer of a High Council member. They insisted Obi-Wan have easy access to somewhere strong with both Living Force and Unifying Force, somewhere he could easily retreated to in order to replenish his strength, mental and physical. The war had been hard on them all, but no one had quite realized just how heavy a toll it had taken on the High General unless the final declaration had been made, and the war had been truly over, and Obi-Wan had nodded, bowed to the newly-elected Chancellor Organa, and then keeled over the moment he had passed through the office doors, right there in the hallway.

             Shaking his head to rid himself of the unpleasant memory, Qui-Gon pushed open the door that led out into one of the smaller meditation gardens. These rooms, he thought, were especially pleasant, as the way the hedges and trees and various other large plants had been organized allow their home a tiny, sheltered area that was almost invisible to prying eyes. Qui-Gon, who had almost been more at home on rural planets than cities, adored it.

             Obi-Wan was exactly where Qui-Gon had expected him to be, sitting on the bottom-most step into the garden, his bare feet in the grass, his head tipped up to the morning sun. He had his back to Qui-Gon, who could feel the light meditation the other man was settled in. Standing in the doorway, Qui-Gon took a moment to admire his husband. The title still set off sparks of joy in his heart, and made him smile helplessly. Obi-Wan was gorgeous, surround by greenery in the safety of their home. His copper hair, gone blonder with age and touched with a little early grey at the temples, shone like precious metals. He was bare-chested, a robe discarded beside him, and his pale skin was finally free of bruises or other fresh injuries, with a few exceptions that were mostly invisible to Qui-Gon at his current angle, but had been completely consensual and desired.

             Most importantly however, Obi-Wan felt at peace. It was something Qui-Gon had no quite noticed becoming rarer and rarer over the years, but that he had finally learned not to take for granted. Obi-Wan’s peace was beautiful, radiating off him like a physical presence that made everything around him intrinsically better.

             Force, Qui-Gon loved him.

             Surrendering to the warmth in his chest, Qui-Gon abandoned his place in the doorway and crossed to Obi-Wan, sitting down quietly at his side, careful not to touch him. It didn’t take long though, for Obi-Wan to stir, and then to slowly open his eyes. He blinked once and then turned to meet Qui-Gon’s gaze.

             “You’re up early.”

             “I could say the same to you,” Qui-Gon chuckled, sliding his hand over Obi-Wan’s, brushing his thumb idly over Obi-Wan’s knuckles. “How long have you been awake?”

             Obi-Wan shrugged. “Not too long, I don’t think. I hope I didn’t wake you.”

             Qui-Gon shook his head. “Not until your side of the bed got cold. Then I had to come find you.”

             Obi-Wan laughed. “Oh you poor dear. A cold bed, how will you ever go on?”

             Qui-Gon grinned. “I don’t know. I might perish.” He bumped his knee against Obi-Wan’s, pressing their thighs together. “Maybe you should kiss me. That might help.”

             Obi-Wan’s eyes danced with humor. “Do you think? Well then, we can’t have you perishing. Who would make me tea?”

             Qui-Gon did not bother to respond, instead leaning in to meet Obi-Wan’s lips, his free hand coming up to cup the other man’s face gently. He felt more than heard Obi-Wan’s happy sigh, and distantly noticed the way the Force shivered and wrapped around them, like a pleased cat around its owner’s ankles.

             Oh yes, Qui-Gon thought, as Obi-Wan tugged him closer, he could get used to mornings like this.

anthem (1/3)

There’s a crack in everything. Olivia’s never asked Zaeed what he means by that, but she wants there to be a hopeful second half to the phrase. Eight months is a long time without Garrus.

or, the one where Liara calls Olivia at the Crucible, Garrus and Hannah get involved with it because I like pain, everything is terrible, and I decided to take 13,000 words to get to the happy ending. Complete, with links to the next sections at the end.

PG, with a story-wide warning for massive angst. Olivia/Garrus, Hannah/Zaeed, Olivia+Liara friendship, Liara+Garrus friendship.

Liara stares out the cockpit window, as if the view is going to change. As if she could blink, and suddenly Earth would turn green and blue again, lush with vibrant cities and beautiful oceans. As if she could blink and all the fires would go out, and the reapers would fall, as if the Citadel’s arms would open.

As if the comms would light up, and she would hear her friend’s voice, her smile clear even through the channel - all done; someone want to come pick me up?

Her view doesn’t change, though their comms do light up. But it isn’t Olivia.

“Nothing’s happening,” Hackett says. “I can’t raise her. See if you can get her, Dr. T’Soni.”

“I will,” she says, her voice far clearer and more confident than she feels. She knows what Hackett is asking of her - to confirm Olivia’s death, or convince her to take just a few more steps when she’s already run so far.

Liara swallows. She silently turns away from the view of fires and the wreckage, walks away from Joker calling after her, walks out of the cockpit and toward the elevator. She doesn’t need her terminal or equipment for this, but she wants more privacy than half the squad’s eyes and ears can allow in the cockpit and CIC.

And if she is going to make this call, and if she is going to convince her best friend to keep going when they all know that the end of this particular road is death, there’s one more person who needs to hear it.

The elevator door closes, and Liara takes a deep breath. She switches to their private comm channel. “Olivia,” she says.

No response.

“Olivia,” she says a little louder, a little more forceful.

The door opens, revealing an empty mess. “Olivia,” she says again, not quite a yell.

A groan. And then, “Liara?

Liara exhales. She’s alive. Which means that she can still find a way off this road. Liara knows the score, they all do, but right now - right now she wants to hope. “Hey, Liv.”

A sniff and a hiss. “Did the Normandy make it out?”

“Yeah,” she says. “We’re all okay.” Knowing what she’s really asking, Liara manages a small smile. “Garrus is okay.”

James steps out of the medbay, and tilts his head at her. Shepard, she mouths, and leans on one of the tables.

“Did it work?”

“Nothing happened, Liv.” She pulls up the Crucible schematics. She’s been over them with so much detail and so much precision that she could practically draw them blindfolded, and yet she can’t see what else Olivia needs to do.

“Anderson’s dead.” Another hiss. “I’m hurt pretty bad,” she says.

Olivia once went half a mission with a broken arm and didn’t say anything until they were back on the ship. For her to admit that she’s hurt pretty bad…Liara closes her eyes.  

“I don’t -” she takes a deep breath. “What do you need me to do?”

Tears spring to Liara’s eyes and she bites her lip. “I need you to get up, Liv.” Her breath shakes. She presses the heels of her palms to her eyes in attempt to stop her tears. It fails.

“I can’t, Liara,” she says, voice thick with pain and her own tears. “It hurts.”

Liara frantically wipes at her cheeks, though new tears immediately replace the ones she brushed away. “I know,” she breathes. “There has to be another panel. I need you to get up off that floor one more time, Olivia. Please.”

A grunt and a wince, and then the sounds of a body slipping against something slick. She huffs sharply, and then just the grunt and the wince again. “Can I talk to Garrus?” she whispers.

“Are you standing up?” Liara asks. Through her tears, a small smile tugs at her lips. “You can’t talk to Garrus if you aren’t standing up.”

“You’re the worst,” Olivia growls, though with an audible smile.

Liara laughs, though her hot tears fall even harder. “I love you, too.”

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the most wonderful time of the year ✦ scott mccall

request : can you write a Scott imagine where the reader drags him into family dinner for the holidays since she lied to her family about having a boyfriend? ily bby :-)

word count : 2.1k

 “Y/N, honey, you should really bring that boyfriend of yours to dinner on Saturday. What better time to meet him than on Christmas Even, right?” 

  All right, she’d admit it now. Unabashedly lying to her aunt about being in a relationship with a boy she had said was, “sweet, caring, and the god damned best boyfriend in the entire world,” hadn’t been one of Y/N’s better plans. In fact, as she prepared to type out a text to her aunt saying that the boyfriend that didn’t exist wasn’t available for dinner that night- or any night, really- she felt like slapping herself in the face. Y/N knew that it was ridiculous to have even made up the story in the first place, but she had grown so irritated with the woman’s constant gushing about her younger cousin’s absolutely darling new boyfriend of exactly two weeks and her carefully constructed comments about how Y/N had never brought a boyfriend around that she had had to say something. Y/N couldn’t be perceived as a pathetic loser by her entire family, even though she was one in reality. 

   Her finger hovered over the send button, contemplating whether or not to forfeit her positive reputation with that side of her family or just figure out a way to keep up appearances. She glanced up, her eyes scanning the hallway for a familiar face. She’d ask Lydia for advice, that girl would definitely know what to do in a situation like this- though she doubted Lydia herself had ever been in such a predicament. When she couldn’t find Lydia, she glanced down at her phone, planning to just send the message and deal with the consequences later, when she heard a call from across the hallway. “Y/N!” Scott peered over his locker down, eyes shining in delight as he spotted her, waving her over excitedly. There wasn’t anything particularly exciting about the day, he was just always happy to see Y/N. 

  Okay, so he happened to have a minor crush on her. It was very minor. So minor that he definitely did not think about pretty much every second of every day, he did not purposely rush to lunch so that he could slide in the seat next to hers, and he definitely did not go out of his way to give her a lift on his bike after school whenever he could even though his house was in the opposite direction of her own. Yep, the feelings he had for her were so minor, you needed a microscope to see them. 

   Which was a blatant lie the repeated consistently to make himself feel better, but that’s besides the point. He slammed his locker shut a little too loudly, resisting the urge to unlock it again and fix his hair that he was sure he had screwed up in his happy slew of emotions. 

    “Hey, Scotty!” She greeted, clicking her phone off and shoving it in the pocket of her sage green jacket. She hugged him for a moment, and he held on for a beat too long. Y/N pulled away first, of course, making Scott’s face heat up. He rarely every blushed, so that was a positive thing because if he did, he’d have the brightest face on Earth. “How ya doing, sweets?” 

    His heart warmed at the nickname. “I-I’m good, really really good, Y/N.” He wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and was glad that he had been doing this for the past four years- long before he was in love with her- so it wouldn’t seem strange or out of the ordinary. She leaned on his shoulder, her arm going around his waist, and if you hadn’t known them, you would’ve thought they were together; the way they smiled so adoringly at each other, the lingering gazes Scott left on the side of her face. “So, what’s up?”  

   Y/N came to the realization that her way out of the lie she had told her aunt was standing right in front of her, wearing a black leather jacket and sporting a grin that could light up eight of the biggest cities in the country. “Actually, I have a favor to ask, if it’s not too much-”

    Scott had agreed to escort her to her family’s Christmas party almost the minute she asked, attempting not to sound too eager when he vowed to pick her up at promptly four thirty, since the drive would take little over a half hour. He had borrowed Stiles’ jeep for the occasion, not wanting to have his fake girlfriend for the evening ride in on a large and frightening motorcycle that would probably make her family think Scott was some sort of ruffian. He was wearing a maroon sweater, a white button down shirt under it, and light wash jeans. He stood next to Roscoe, his hands shoved in his back pockets as he stared at your shut door, waiting for Y/N to emerge. He lifted his head when he heard the soft footsteps winding down the steps of her home, and then the lock turned in the door, and out she came. 

    She ran a tentative hand through her hair, which was in gentle curls for once, and took a last glance at her outfit before heading over to the jeep. Scott gaped at her, swallowing the lump in his throat when she stared at him in confusion. “I-Wow, you, um, you look so-”

    “Weird? I know, I hate my hair like this and this skirt is making my legs freeze off,” Y/N huffed, hugging her dark sweater tighter to her body. 

    Scott watched her climb into the passenger seat, opening the door for her first as always, before sliding in the driver’s side and starting the car. Before they pulled away, his hand ghosted over her own as he said, “I was going to tell you that you look beautiful.” He didn’t wait to see her reaction, simply pulled out of the driveway and followed the directions set by the GPS. If he had waited, he would’ve seen her give him the loving smile she hadn’t gave anyone in a long time, the smile she would reserve for a future husband, and the faintest increase in the otherwise steady beating of her heart. 

   When they arrived, Y/N slipped her hand into Scott’s, and whether that was for support because she was nervous or so she could really sell this couple act, he wasn’t sure. But she gripped him tightly all the same, and he had no complaints on the matter. He let her lead him into the house, studying the pictures on the wall that decorated each piece of furniture he passed. Y/N was in quite a few, school photos of when she was in middle school that Scott could remember she flipped out over, pictures of her even younger than that, her graduation portraits of her decked out in the cap and gown that they would be wearing for real in the coming months. 

   “Here we go,” she murmured to him, giving his hand a hard squeeze before pushing open the door to what he presumed was the dining room. The moment they entered, Scott was practically blinded by camera flashes, and he mentally cursed because his eyes would glow in the photos that came out. “Guys! Scott’s camera shy! No pictures right now, please,” she exclaimed, giving Scott an apologetic grimace before ushering him in the room in front of her. “Everyone, this is Scott. Scott, everyone.” He waved at the family gathered around the table, smiling brightly at all of them as Y/N showed him to their seats. 

   A woman leaned across the table to shake his hand. “I’m Y/N’s Aunt Danielle, it’s so lovely to meet you, Scott,” she announced, her tone slightly proud. “We didn’t even know you existed up until a week ago. I wasn’t sure Y/N had it in her,” she laughed, clearly meaning for it to come off as a joke, but Scott could sense the clear nastiness in her voice.  

   “Oh, really?” He raised his eyebrows. “She’s got the guys at Beacon Hills High beating down her door. I’m just the lucky one,” he flashed another friendly smile, patting Y/N’s knee. 

   “Does she now? I never would have guessed,” her cousin chimed in, giving Y/N a quick once over. Scott scrunched his nose in distaste, turning to the other girl. 

   “Why wouldn’t she?” He asked, letting his gaze travel to Y/N’s wide eyes. “She’s, like, perfect. She’s beautiful. And she’s funny, plus the sweetest girl in the world. Smart, too. Like, the smartest in our grade besides my best friend Stiles and his girl, Lydia. Everyone loves Y/N.” Including me. Satisfied with his answer, Scott introduced himself to her grandfather and grandmother, the smallest smug smirk twitching at his lips when he took in the dumbfounded expressions on your relatives’ faces. 

   He, as usual, didn’t notice when she was staring at him, the desire to take his face in her hands and press her lips to his plush, soft-looking, pink ones suddenly incredibly overwhelming. She dismissed the urge, looking down at her dinner and beginning to eat as Scott made himself a member of the family. She silently hoped that he could be, maybe. 

   As she flounced off to go do the dishes, Scott sipped his glass of water nervously when he felt a pair of eyes on him. It was her grandfather, staring directly at him, but not in a cold or calculating way. He was simply curious. 

   “Scott, is it?” He asked, knowing what Scott’s name was but still wanting to shake the boy up a bit. Scott nodded quickly, placing his water glass down on the table with accidental force and causing the liquid to slosh over the sides of the glass. He hastily started mopping it up, shaking his head at himself while the grandpa chuckled. “Nothing to be nervous about, kid, I was just curious about something.” 

  Scott cleared his throat. “Yeah?” 

  “My granddaughter loves you. She doesn’t know it as well as she should, but she does. She’s beginning to realize it tonight. You’re very sweet to her.” 

   “I-I-I care about Y/N a lot, more than I care about myself. She’s always been important to me. But, I don’t know if she cares about me in the way that I care about her.” 

   “You have to see the way she’s looking at you, Scott. It’s all in the eyes. There’s love in your eyes, both of you. You just have to be noticing the same time the other is. One of you is always looking when the other looks away,” her grandpa snorted. “Ludicrous, let me tell you. Speaking of telling people things, you better get a move on and tell that girl you love her, or else she’ll never tell you, and then you’ll both be stuck in a cycle that just keeps going on until you’re miserable. You got that?” 

   He shook Scott’s hand then, giving him a kind smile. And Scott knew what he had to do later that evening, no matter how hard and nerve-wracking it was going to be.

   That night, as he was dropping her back off at her home after a successful and fulfilling night at her family’s house, Y/N hesitated getting out of the car. Scott’s hands were perched on the steering wheel, his eyes apprehensive. “Everything okay, Y/N?” 

   “Scott, you didn’t have to say all those things about me.” Y/N played with her hands in her lap, then began fiddling with a loose black string on her cardigan. “T-They were such nice things, really, and they made me feel all warm and fuzzy and special but I know this was just for tonight and now I’m confused and I-” 

    Scott covered her mouth before she could say anything else. “You are special. I meant everything I said when we were with your family. I even told your grandpa how much I cared about you, did you not hear that conversation?” 

    “No, I didn’t,” she said quietly.

    He turned to face her, unbuckling his seatbelt and moving closer. One of his hands moved to her cheek, the other tracing the soft top of her hand. “Y/N, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in love with you for the past year. And I’ve been trying to tell you, but I haven’t been able to because you terrify me, Y/N. But, I still- I still love you. I love you every day of the year. It’s Christmas Eve, and all I have ever wanted for Christmas, as cheesy as this is going to sound, is you. So- so, what do you think?” 

     Y/N moved in to kiss him, her lips warm against his and melding together as if they were meant to have been kissing all along. As the snow began to drift to the ground outside, and Scott finally wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, he really knew that this truly was the most wonderful time of the whole damn year.  

Seattle’s Best

Pairing Dean X Reader, Sam X Reader,

Word Count 3100 ish

Warnings: Nothing really it’s pure fluff in the center with a coding of angst and sadness….just take one big bit it will be worth it in the end. Drinking/ Drunk. Football…ps I am not even a Hawks fan but I have been to more than a few of their games and it’s a lot of fun.

A/N: Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge… congrats on hitting 4000 followers. I hope this makes you smile even if you don’t like football or the Seahawks :)  Another fun fact the field picture below is actually from a Hawks vs Chargers game…my boss at the time took our team and he drove so we could drink all of the beers #winning

Written for @dancingalone21

Prompt: Location Seattle WA

“Pretty pretty please Dean, it’s my birthday and I want to got to Pike’s Place, catch a Football game, even just wandering the streets with a buzz would be awesome,” you begged Dean already having sold Sam on the idea of taking a mini holiday for your birthday.

You had come up with the idea once you found out there was a case in your home state of Oregon. While you loved your home state, you missed all of the fun road trips you would make with your friends up to Seattle. Even with your whole life now being a big road trip, the memories of catching a fish at the market or drunken pre-game goodness made your heart grow two sizes. With everyone in your life now thinking you are dead you only had your boys to help you create new memories with.

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October 8, 2017

9:22 pm

Someone new has caught my eye

I can’t wait to see her tomorrow but I’m so shy

I’m getting butterflies just thinking about saying hi

I hope I don’t embarrass myself, oh my

She wears glasses just like me

And goodness gracious she’s so pretty

Her smile could light up a thousand cities

She makes my insides feel all giddy

My little rain cloud’s been gone for a while

She has such a beautiful smile

Her fashion is cute too, I like her style

And she doesn’t live that far from me, maybe a mile

I doubt anything’ll come out of this

But who cares, let me revel in this bliss

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get a kiss

And this time I won’t miss

Parades & Celebrations

Request: Reader is Bruce’s daughter and a huge Internet freak. She tells the boys about Batman Day, and they decide to throw a somewhat small party for him.

A/N: A day late, but it’s better than never at all! Happy belated Batman Day!


Like the rest of your family (maybe not Jason), you were a professional when it came to computers. You knew everything about them and everything on them.

But what you didn’t know was that there was a day dedicated to your father, or rather his alter ego. You shouldn’t be too surprised though, many people did look up to the Batman, but for them to have an official day just for him? Nope, never.

It’s not because of anything bad, but during the day, he’s merely dad to you. Not Batman, not the billionaire Bruce Wayne, not the Dark Knight, but rather just simply, dad.

So when you found out that there was such a thing as ‘Batman Day’, the first person you told was your butler/surrogate grandfather, Alfred.

From there, you told Damian, who was the only one living at the manor currently, then you reached out to Dick in Blüdhaven, then Tim at Titans Tower, before tracking down Jason.

Unlike you and Alfred, they were reluctant to do anything on this special day. That is, until you used your infamous puppy-dog eyes on them. As expected, in a split second they agreed to help.

“Did you really have to name this operation ‘Catch the Bat’,Y/N?” You heard Tim ask through the earpiece.

You rolled your eyes, “Yes, Timothy, I did. This is a mission, and as a fellow leader, you should know that every mission needs a code name.”

“But ‘Catch the Bat’? How old are we again, sis?” Jason asked, chuckling as he leaped from building to building with ease to join his adoptive dad and brothers at the spot you had assigned.

Bruce had no idea about any of this, of course, but you knew your dad. He loved looking out towards the city in this particular area, and it was the perfect place for him to see everything.

You huffed, “If you two don’t shut up about a simple code name, I’ll tell dad about everything you made me promise not to tell him.” You threatened, and smirked in triumph when they grew silent.

Dick laughed, “Calm down, angel wings.” He spoke up, “What even is the plan you and Alfred made?”

Blowing out an annoyed breath, you glared at the sky. “Richard! Do you ever listen to anything I say? I told you, loud and clear that there’ll be a parade in about half an hour. All you and the others have to do is keep dad in that particular spot until it starts.”

“After that, we will take father back to the manor as we will not be patrolling tonight due to the public party that will be taking place for the residents of Gotham. We will also be having our own celebration at home.“ Damian chimed in. “Tt, shame on you for forgetting, Grayson.”

You smiled. At least one of them listened to you.

“When did the brat start listening to Y/N?” Jason questioned, and your smile faltered. “I love you, sis, but you tend to rant on and on about useless shit that make no sense.”

“Like you’re any better,” Tim scoffed.

“Aye, replacement, I’ll have you know that the only thing I rant about is murder. You hear that? M. U. R. D. E. R. Murder.” Jason retorted, “If anything, you’re talking about yourself.”

“Todd, even I know Drake only talks about technology.” Damian said, plainly, shockingly coming to the third Robin’s defense. “It is Grayson who always spews nonsense, not my sister.”

“I don’t spew nonsense! And I’m as much of a sibling to you as Y/N is, Dami. Not to mention I’m your mentor too.” Dick spluttered.

The four of you snickered in unison, obviously not agreeing with his claim.

“Eh, can’t argue with that. Dick has a tendency to scold us on being ‘happy’, and to ‘enjoy life’.” Jason said, pure disgust evident in his tone at the mention of such things.

“Okay, back to what we were doing.” Dick announced, loudly, trying to change the subject, causing you to wince at the volume he was using.

“Dick!” You cried, clutching your ear.

“Sorry, angel wings.“ Dick quickly apologized.

“Good job, Dick.” Tim said, snickering.

“I see Bruce. Don’t want him to find out about this at the last minute, now do we? Red Hood out.” Jason said, turning off his earpiece.

“I see him too. And Todd. Has anyone even bothered to tell the fool he has toilet paper stuck on his right shoe?” Damian said, thoroughly amused.

You, Dick, and Tim laughed and all replied with a ‘no’.

Once all of your brothers were in position, you grinned over at Alfred who nodded with a smile back and pressed the button.

Instantly the streets of Gotham City was filled with loud music being played by the largest marching band in the country. Alfred had personally booked them for this event.

Many civilians came out of their apartments, houses, and penthouses to see what all the ruckus was about, only to end up laughing and screaming praises to their hero once they realized what was going on.

You glanced up towards the building that your family was hailing from and grinned as you pulled down the hoodie that had hid your face from your father’s view.

Your brothers gave you a thumbs up and impressed looks as hundreds of cars and floats started rolling in with almost a thousand dancers following right behind them.

Confetti and big bat-shaped balloons, one of them happens to have Batman painted on it, were flying around everywhere, and since this was at night, lights were blaring in every direction. If it wasn’t for the music, happy cheers and whatnot, it would’ve looked like something out of a war movie.

Your dad was no doubt in shock.

You smiled, proudly. It wasn’t everyday the world’s most renowned detective gets caught off guard. Today marks history being made.

“If you would do the honors, Miss. Wayne.” Alfred said, holding out the box of matches that would soon set off the large amount of fireworks in front of you.

You grinned excitedly at him, and he motioned you forward with a smile of his own. You lit each match slowly before carefully touching the ends of the rockets with them.

You could only watch in amazement as they soared up to the sky and started another loud, yet beautiful light show. You felt sorry for nearby cities as they couldn’t be apart of the celebration, but could hear and see everything that was going on.

Tomorrow, you knew that every news channel on T.V. would be talking about how ‘lighthearted’ the city was being for the first time in centuries. You couldn’t wait to see the League’s reaction to this.

And was that the Joker and Harley prancing around without actually killing people for once? You did a double take and scrunched up your nose. You had to keep them away from Jason or else a fight would break out and ruin everything.

“I must say, the parade has been a success so far.” Alfred mused, dusting off the confetti that had gotten on his suit.

You nodded, beaming. “Yes it has, Alfred.”

title Technicolor
summary this song
pairing itasaku, sasusaku

For -lookingforthesky​, who has excellent taste in music.

Pressing her lower lip to the edge of her glass, Sakura made a face. 

“Am I just stupid or are you not making any sense right now?” she asked, pointing. Thumping the table with her fist, Temari laughed. 

“She’s got a point there, Sasu-cakes,” she interjected. Sasuke scowled.

“Don’t call me that,” he grumbled.

“Hunk-point-0. Prince Prissy,” Temari went on. Sasuke glared at Sakura.

“Control her,” he demanded. Sakura grimaced again, harder. 

“I wish I could,” lamented Sakura. She clinked her glass against Sasuke’s before they drank together. Shaking her head, Sakura pointed her empty glass at him. Sasuke raised his eyebrows as he swallowed. 

“You’re telling me that you saw a flower? Like a real-life honest flower? Not one of those synthetic ones?” she interrogated him. Nodding, Sasuke spun his glass between his fingers. He looked at her from underneath his lashes. She sighed. 

“Sasuke, I’d love to believe that. Seriously. But they’ve been extinct for years,” she reminded him. Sasuke dipped his finger in the condensation on the tabletop. He slowly traced the shapes of the petals in the water. Sakura’s eyes narrowed. 

“Is that…” she mused. She looked up at him.

“It wasn’t just any flower. It was a sakura,” declared Sasuke, pointing at her. Sucking in a deep breath through her teeth, Sakura leaned in closer. 

“Where?” she asked.

“I’ll show you.”

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Valentine's Day with Jimin

And now it is time for our one half of the Busan line, an actual angel with a smile that could light a hundred cities up, Park Jimin aka chim

  • I’m gonna throw in barista!Jimin bc why not (for anyone that hasn’t read the original barista!chim post, you can click right here for more details and a bit of the back story behind the relationship)
  • Barista!chim is honestly such a nice thought though like just really think about that for a second  
  • He’s such a puppy and would do great with all of the customers, he’s charming as fuck
  • You come into the café sometimes bc you get free drinks when chim works plus you get to see Jimin
  • That’s a win win situation have you seen Jimin he’s really nice to look at but also really nice to hug
  • He’d give some bomb ass hugs let’s be real here
  • Like those arms !!!!!!!!!!
  • His lil soft content smile once he feels you wrapped up in his arms !!!
  • His soft lil voice whispering a “I missed you today” !!!!
  • Also side note, he’s obviously pretty damn good at making coffee
  • But he’s also good at making tea or hot cocoa or a smoothie
  • Anything they serve at the café, you can get at home whenever you want basically
  • Bc he doesn’t mind if you want some warm tea before bed or some fresh coffee in the morning, he likes you happy and if that can be achieved by doing something he does all day, consider it done
  • Like just picture that for a second, you’re all wrapped up in your favorite blanket, you’ve got one of his sweaters on, a nice warm cup of tea or hot cocoa and chim all cuddled up to you
  • Does that not sound amazing
  • Like Jimin looks really warm idk what it is about him but he just looks like he’d be a personal heater
  • But also on the days that he can’t be there when you wake up, he leaves you lil notes on your cup
  • “Good morning my love, I hope you have a great day”
  • “I made this for you, just the way you like it, I’ll see you tonight for a date night”
  • “I put your drink into a cute cup for you bc I thought maybe it’d make you smile, I hope I was right !!!”
  • Btw, he was v v right
  • Some Valentine’s days he gets off, some he doesn’t
  • Depending on the year, how many people can come in that day and how busy they are, he may have the day off
  • On the years that he does get the day to just do whatever he wants, he pampers the fuck out of you
  • You don’t have to lift a single finger, you don’t even have to ask, whatever you want is yours
  • No matter how the day ends, it always starts with cuddles
  • Like a solid two hour cuddle session he needs it or he gets v v whiny
  • And as precious as whiny!jimin is, we want happy!jimin
  • The dates range from cute lil lowkey restaurants that no one really knows about to fancy restaurants that make you two feel all cool and shit bc he’s got a tie on what is this place
  • Even if he does have to work, he still makes sure the day is super special for you
  • He starts it off with a good morning cup of coffee that has a lil heart swirled into it bc chim practiced all damn week to make sure that heart was perfect for you
  • And some customers got some fucked up hearts and he apologized like a million times and explained to them that he was practicing for his love aka you and then they melted and ordered like ten more so he could practice some more
  • He leaves you a note asking you to meet him at the café for lunch during his break bc he still wants to see you even if he does have to work
  • You two have lunch together and he gets you two a seat in the back so you can be alone and cute
  • He gets you a few things bc Jimin likes to spoil his love
  • He gets you a necklace with a J on it or maybe his name if he could find it
  • He also gets you a book that you’ve been talking about for ages
  • You’ve never been able to find it anywhere, you’ve been wanting to read it for so long and bc he’s Jimin, he found the book for you
  • It’s just a sweet lil hey I care, I listen, I pay attention even when you think I don’t and it’s honestly really really cute

anonymous asked:

You’re so handsome and your smile could light up cities its so bright. You’re funny and kind and I cant believe how lucky I am to know you and have you in my life. I love listening to you talk about your interests, and seeing you be excited about things. You’re a wonderful person and I’m glad you exist.

H,,, holy fuck,,,, I’m,,, so red,,,

I’ll Be Damned (Steve x Reader)

Request: A Steve x reader please where the reader is a college student majoring in history so the two and Bucky are always fangirling over the 1940s and one day te reader is listening to frank Sinatra and Steve confesses his feelings to her? Thank you!

Words: 1,494

Warnings: None

Ugh I’m sorry, I was originally going to post at the beginning of this week but I got slapped in the face with school and failed to do so. Four more weeks till I am stress free! 

“Steve?” Your feet shuffled throughout the empty halls of the tower, your fingers clutching onto a thick book with pieces of paper sticking out of it. “Steve Rogers?”

You peeked into one of the living spaces and pulled a face when you didn’t see the spangled captain you were looking for. “C’mon, I have a question.” You mumbled, sweeping your feet around the next corner.

“Tony? Have you seen Steve?” You peeked your head into one of the labs, Tony was hovering over a table and Bruce was scribbling down whatever seemed important.

“Nope,” Tony looked up with a sly smile. “Why? Anxious to your boyfriend?”

Your cheeks flushed and you shook your head. You wished you hadn’t pulled your hair out of your face because Tony will use the excuse of seeing you blush as another reason to tease you relentlessly about Steve. You set down the book you were holding on a table next to the door and pulled a face.

“I just have a question, that’s all.” You turned around on your heel quickly, why had you even decided to ask him in the first place? Of course he would pester and tease you about this for a least a week, per usual. Tony was like the tower gossip, always teasing about relationships and he always knew everybody’s business. He had no problem sharing everybody’s business with everybody else, there was no privacy in this tower.

“He’s been living under a rock for the past billion years, what could he possibly know that I wouldn’t?” Tony called out after you.

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Fandral rose from the ground slowly, surprised to find himself in a human form. However, he was relieved to find that he had no serious wounds. He looked around the area, noting that colors seemed much duller through his new human eyes.
“Kerr? Isika?!” He shouted up to the sky. “I know you can hear me!” He sighed, after recieving no response from the sky for several minutes. He noted as well that the night sky, though covered with bright stars, was much less brilliant than the one he was used to.
He walked aimlessly through the desert, until he came across what he assumed were the human’s roads. He knelt to examine them closely, placing a hand on the yellow lines that split the gravel-like path. A loud, blaring noise filled his ears as a strange contraption swerved passed him.
“Get out of the road, freak!” A boy yelled from inside the thing.
He paid little mind to the boy, continuing down the path. When the same thing happened a second time, he decided it would be best to stay off of the roads for the time being.
He soon neared the city, and stopped to stare at it. It was a dark night, yet the cities lights glowed bright, forcing him to hold a hand up to shield his eyes for a moment. Apparently, human eyes were sensitive to light as well. He stopped suddenly, when a strange noise came from his stomach, followed by an empty feeling. The human’s must need much more sustanance than his kind. He began to look for a place that might sell food, and quickly came upon a brightly lit, small building. Through the window, he could see people eating a strange food, with tankards of ale. He smiled and entered the place.