that smile could light up cities

Valentine's Day with Jimin

And now it is time for our one half of the Busan line, an actual angel with a smile that could light a hundred cities up, Park Jimin aka chim

  • I’m gonna throw in barista!Jimin bc why not (for anyone that hasn’t read the original barista!chim post, you can click right here for more details and a bit of the back story behind the relationship)
  • Barista!chim is honestly such a nice thought though like just really think about that for a second  
  • He’s such a puppy and would do great with all of the customers, he’s charming as fuck
  • You come into the café sometimes bc you get free drinks when chim works plus you get to see Jimin
  • That’s a win win situation have you seen Jimin he’s really nice to look at but also really nice to hug
  • He’d give some bomb ass hugs let’s be real here
  • Like those arms !!!!!!!!!!
  • His lil soft content smile once he feels you wrapped up in his arms !!!
  • His soft lil voice whispering a “I missed you today” !!!!
  • Also side note, he’s obviously pretty damn good at making coffee
  • But he’s also good at making tea or hot cocoa or a smoothie
  • Anything they serve at the café, you can get at home whenever you want basically
  • Bc he doesn’t mind if you want some warm tea before bed or some fresh coffee in the morning, he likes you happy and if that can be achieved by doing something he does all day, consider it done
  • Like just picture that for a second, you’re all wrapped up in your favorite blanket, you’ve got one of his sweaters on, a nice warm cup of tea or hot cocoa and chim all cuddled up to you
  • Does that not sound amazing
  • Like Jimin looks really warm idk what it is about him but he just looks like he’d be a personal heater
  • But also on the days that he can’t be there when you wake up, he leaves you lil notes on your cup
  • “Good morning my love, I hope you have a great day”
  • “I made this for you, just the way you like it, I’ll see you tonight for a date night”
  • “I put your drink into a cute cup for you bc I thought maybe it’d make you smile, I hope I was right !!!”
  • Btw, he was v v right
  • Some Valentine’s days he gets off, some he doesn’t
  • Depending on the year, how many people can come in that day and how busy they are, he may have the day off
  • On the years that he does get the day to just do whatever he wants, he pampers the fuck out of you
  • You don’t have to lift a single finger, you don’t even have to ask, whatever you want is yours
  • No matter how the day ends, it always starts with cuddles
  • Like a solid two hour cuddle session he needs it or he gets v v whiny
  • And as precious as whiny!jimin is, we want happy!jimin
  • The dates range from cute lil lowkey restaurants that no one really knows about to fancy restaurants that make you two feel all cool and shit bc he’s got a tie on what is this place
  • Even if he does have to work, he still makes sure the day is super special for you
  • He starts it off with a good morning cup of coffee that has a lil heart swirled into it bc chim practiced all damn week to make sure that heart was perfect for you
  • And some customers got some fucked up hearts and he apologized like a million times and explained to them that he was practicing for his love aka you and then they melted and ordered like ten more so he could practice some more
  • He leaves you a note asking you to meet him at the café for lunch during his break bc he still wants to see you even if he does have to work
  • You two have lunch together and he gets you two a seat in the back so you can be alone and cute
  • He gets you a few things bc Jimin likes to spoil his love
  • He gets you a necklace with a J on it or maybe his name if he could find it
  • He also gets you a book that you’ve been talking about for ages
  • You’ve never been able to find it anywhere, you’ve been wanting to read it for so long and bc he’s Jimin, he found the book for you
  • It’s just a sweet lil hey I care, I listen, I pay attention even when you think I don’t and it’s honestly really really cute
he is so wonderful, his smile could light up cities and countries and continents. he is so wonderful, his laugh could be heard for miles. he is so wonderful, he kisses me like he’s never kissed anyone else. he is so wonderful, his eyes light up when he talks about his passions. my god, he is so wonderful.
—  C.R (he is so wonderful)
I think he scared me more than anything. Ruined me more than everything. He had eyes that could light up cities, and a smile that could burn them all down. Like a lazy magic trick.
Andy Fucking Gray

Hey Andy, just wanted to drop by and say happy birthday. I don’t really show up much, but I wanted to say your threads make me laugh, cry, and everything in between. You’re such a sweet, funny, and nice person and you deserve every wish coming your way. Your aus make me wish someone would write a book just based off of the characters and personalities you explore, your makeup skills are to kill for, and your smile could light a thousand cities. You make me smile, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog-it’s made me happier than I could ever imagine. I hope that you have the happiest of days today and every day following because you deserve it.

Happy birthday, Andy Gray. Have a great one.


Benedict Cumberbatch Imagine....

Your boyfriend for 5 years, Benedict is on Ellen. When Elle introduces him the whole crowd of females go crazy. Ellen and Benedict hug each other and sit down. As the interview goes on Ellen starts to talk you. “Alright I have to ask, how are you and your beautiful girlfriend (Y/N) doing?” She asked. Benedict blushes bright red. “We are doing very well. She’s amazing.” The crowd aww’s. “I heard that you two moved in together last year, how’s that going?” “Yeah we did, we found this nice flat not to far where my parents live.” “Do you normally blush like that whenever someone mentions (y/n)?” Benedict puts his head down. ‘umm, yeah I guess. She makes happy, truly happy. I’m glad she’s in my life and hopefully one day when the time is right she’ll be my wife.“ He smiled.