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Baby? Baby

Requested by Anon - Hi can you do a imagine with Spencer Reid or Luke Alvez? Where you are watching your baby cousin (Victoria), she’s 10 months. And he loves seeing you with babies and kids. That is the moment he realizes that he wants to spend his entire life with you and start a family. And just fluff. Thank you! And also I love your blog so much💕💕🌻

Word Count - 808

Characters - Alvez x Reader

You had been woken up to a phone call this morning, from your aunt, asking if you could watch you little cousin since she had been urgently called into work and now one was available, you agreed and got up and ready. Half an hour later you were getting Victoria handed over to you. You had been sitting watching kiddie’s TV shows when you got a text from your boyfriend, Luke.
‘Hey baby, wanna got out for dinner? xx’ It read, you smiled and then frowned.
‘Hi, I wish I could but I’m emergency babysitting, sorry xx’ You replied with a frowny face. Victoria turned and looked at you.
‘You done watching them now?’ You asked her, she just raised her arms, meaning she wanted a cuddle. You smiled and lifted her onto your lap. When you phone buzzed.
‘I can come over? Xx’
‘Only if you want, if you do the doors open xx.’ You replied back, you placed Victoria on your lap, her back against your legs, so she was sitting on you. She smiled at you and you gave her one back.

It was half an hour later when Luke appeared at your door, you were in the kitchen, just having finished feeding Victoria, you turned around you came face to face with Luke.
‘Heyy.’ You said, as you leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek, you looked down and you saw Victoria watching you.
‘Luke this is my cousin Victoria.’ You told him, he smiled and leaned down a bit so he was face to face with her.
‘Well help Victoria.’ He said, she hid her head in your neck but was still smiling.
‘Sorry we couldn’t go out tonight.’ You said as you followed Luke to the living room.
‘It’s okay, a night in is nice as well.’ He said, you smiled and nodded. You sat down and Victoria got comfy, watching everything go by. You moved down to the floor, lying on your stomach with her, as she was on her hands and knees.
‘You wanna play?’ You asked her.
‘Ay?’ Victoria said,
‘Yeah, play.’ You said smiling as you watched her crawl to get her toy.
‘So how had work been?’ You asked Luke as you watched Victoria.
‘It’s been good, busy but good.’ He replied.
‘That’s good, I was thinking we go on a road trip soon? A small break for you.’ You said, Victoria came back. When she came towards you, you lifted your arms for her, but she crawled past you and went to Luke. He smiled at her as she tried to stand up with the help of the couch.
‘She likes you.’ You told Luke, he smiled.
‘I like her as well.’ He replied as he moved onto the floor. You watched as he played with her, you smiled widely at the sight in front of you.

It was maybe half an hour later, of you and Luke playing with her, until she crawled over to your lap and climbed onto it, yawning.
‘You sleepy?’ You asked, she just blinked twice and you took that as a yes.
‘I’ll be back down soon.’ You said placing a kiss to Luke’s cheek before heading up the stairs and putting Victoria to sleep.
When you came back down the stairs you sat down on the couch beside Luke, when you turned to speak to him, he captured his lips in yours. When you pulled back you breathless.
‘What was that for?’
‘I want to have kids with you.’ He said, smiling widely.
‘What?’ You asked, pulling back slightly.
‘You and me, and kids. I can see it just now, you holding our baby son, as he smiles up at you.’
‘We’d need to get married first.’ You said in slight disbelief.
‘I know, it wouldn’t bother me.’ He said, taking a hand and playing with your fingers.
‘What brought this on?’ You asked him, he smiled at you.
‘Seeing you with Victoria, you great with kids. I just want to spend my life with you, every moment of it. We could have a small family or a big one depending on what you want.’ He said, you smiled at him.
‘We could have the perfect little home, they would be spoiled. They would be boys, of course, one would take after you and the other me.’ He said, he had a small blush on his cheeks.
‘Two kids.’ You said.
‘What?’ He asked, looking at you. You faced him.
‘We’d have two kids, one a girl one a boy, the eldest a boy though.’ You said.
‘They would equally take after the both of us, but maybe pick up bits from one or the other, and the perfect house.’
‘Well that’s where ever you are.’ You said, he smiled and pulled you in for a hug.

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