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Slytherin Things (Part 8)

Sly smiles across the table, hand painting espresso cups in the common room, adding secret rooms off the common room, roasting marshmallows, dark chocolate with almonds, inside jokes, falling asleep at four am mid-conversation, silent tears, knowing when to leave your housemates alone…

She’s slipping one hand behind Lena’s back and the other under her knees when Lena’s head lolls to the side, lush green greeting her when Lena squints up.

“I was um, I was going to carry you?”

Lena’s lips quirk upward, a sly little thing that makes Kara fumble and wipe her palms on her pants. “By all means.”

(She doesn’t sweat, she doesn’t sweat.

Oh gosh, she’s sweating.)

Care For Vampire-Azusa
Mukami Azusa (CV: Kishio Daisuke)
Care For Vampire-Azusa

Lunatic Parade Azusa Care For Vampire Translation + Audio

Yooo sinners~! (๑꒪▿꒪)*  Next up is Azusa’s Care For Vampire since I liked it and idk I just randomly get motivated for things. Haha.

As I said with Subaru’s, since Azusa is the only speaker and it acts as a drama, I chose to record the audio and include it to better the experience. It’s about 16min long. I used Yui/You for the action phrases in parenthesis.

(๑・ω-)~♥” Enjooooy~!

-Scene: Azusa’s Bedroom; CG-

Azusa: … …Eve. Is something wrong?

My arm? Mm… …it’s fine. It doesn’t hurt.

You worry a lot, huh… …

The bandages? … …You want to wrap me?

Mm, okay. Please do… …

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ok so i just realized

you know how Xehanort has the whole “kingly” symbolism going for him, presumably the parallel to Sora’s king symbolism? (the “medieval/knight” theme of BBS, his armor, his usurping Ansem the Wise, now ruling the Castle that Never Was, his lion-themed Keyblade [yes, it’s a lion, not a goat, it was confirmed a long time ago], the list goes on)


that all four Land of Departure wielders

aka the pawns he used and threw away according to his needs

are each, at some point, subjugated by him

to the point that they kneel before him.

i’m just

BTS reaction to you having a funny laugh

Anonymous said: Hi! Could you do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend snorting when they laugh/having a stupid or funny laugh?

All done! This was fun to write ^.^

(I realise now some of this went slightly off-topic, just a little bit cx Hope you still enjoy though! :D)

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

You’d be sitting on the couch one day, watching TV, endlessly flicking through channels as you’d try to find something at least somewhat interesting to watch. You’d lean back against the couch, letting out a bored sigh.

Namjoon would walk into the room, slightly absentmindedly, and so wouldn’t notice the discarded shoe that was lying on the hardwood floor. His foot would get caught on the shoe, causing him to stumble and fall flat on his face.

Having heard him entering the room, you’d witnessed the whole incident. Your hand would fly to your mouth as you’d try to suppress your laughter, but with Namjoon looking like he’d given up on life, and the general hilarity of the situation, you’d burst out into laughter, practically howling as you’d fall backwards on the couch. 

Namjoon would look up in disbelief when he’d hear you snorting and cackling, the pain fading away almost instantly, as he’d begin to laugh along with you, not so much at his own clumsiness, but more at the hilarity of your laugh.

“You never fail to surprise me, (Y/N).” He’d grin, as he got up, touching his face cautiously.

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by vlientae

You’d be hanging out with the boys at the practice room, watching as they’d play the ‘Dangyunhaji’ game, also known as the ‘Of Course’ game. The first to go up would be Jungkook, and your boyfriend Jin. You’d immediately perk up as you’d see Jin step up, blowing him a kiss with a small giggle, as you’d raise your fist in the ‘hwaiting’ stance. He’d smile back at you, before turning to face Jungkook.

You’d watch as the game began, the maknae very clearly enjoying the fact that he’d get to roast Jin for once in his life. You’d giggle slightly as Jungkook would exclaim, “Ya!” as Jin would look away, laughing, his expression almost saying, “Is this boy serious?” The other members would already be bursting into laughter, clapping at the general hilarity of the situation, and at Jungkook’s cockiness. Jungkook would begin to essentially roast his eldest hyung, yet Jin would take in all in, answering, “Of course!”

They’d continue to insult each other back and forth, and you and the other boys watched in anticipation, waiting for the blow that would end it once and for all. Jungkook would once again take his turn, giggling in enjoyment and glee at the opportunity. “Ya!” he’d exclaim once again. “You know that we called you handsome for the broadcasts only, right?” 

The boys would all playfully jeer, as you stood there, clapping your hands and snickering, awaiting Jin’s response. Jin would stand there, looking at the maknae in disbelief for a second, before storming off in mock anger, yet a small smile still tugging at his lips. You’d burst out into laughter, at Jungkook’s insult, at Jin who’d standing with his forehead pressed against the wall. You wouldn’t be able to help snorting while you’d collapse on the floor in laughter, causing all the boys, including Jin, to turn around and stare at you, before all bursting into laughter themselves, filling the room with the sound of joyous laughter. 

Jin would continue to stare at you in disbelief, asking, “How can such a laugh come out of such a cute person?”, yet still slightly relieved the attention had turned to you instead.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by jeonbase

You’d both be cuddled up on the sofa together, blankets wrapped around you, as you’d lean back onto Yoongi, his arms wrapped tightly around you. You’d be watching a comedy movie, when an especially funny scene came on. Laughter would suddenly escape out of you, turning into a silent shuddering, as you laughed breathlessly, smacking your own thighs at the hilarity of it.

Yoongi would let go of you, shifting upwards in his seat and twisting his body around as far as he could, to look at you, giving you a look of confusion, yet chuckling and shaking his head simultaneously. 

“What was that exactly? You looked like your soul was trying to escape from your body, are you okay?” He’d ask with mock concern, as you’d giggle, playfully smacking his arm. He’d simply smile, pulling you back in by the waist as you settled back down, as you’d still be slightly recovering.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by hosoeks

Hoseok would poke his head into the living room with a slightly bewildered expression after hearing a high-pitched, almost chipmunk like, shriek coming from that direction. He’d be met with the sight of you convulsing with laughter on the couch, your whole body shaking as you’d continue to shriek, until you’d begin to almost choke on your own laughter, at which point your laughter would become more breathless. Your phone would be discarded on the floor, a result of you accidentally dropping it in the midst of your laughter.

A few seconds of watching you would be all it would take for Hoseok to start laughing along with you, running into the room and practically collapsing on the couch along with you, despite having no idea what it was you were laughing at, but the sound of your laughter being enough.

Once you’d both eventually calmed down, your body still shaking a little, Hoseok would look at you, cocking his head to the side in a confused gesture, as if to say, “What’s so funny?”

You’d just shake your head at him, saying, “Never mind,” as you’d smirk with a knowing expression, getting up to get a glass of water.

“Yah, you have to tell me now (Y/N)!” He’d call after you, still in awe and disbelief. 


Originally posted by jeonsshi

When he’d hear someone erupt with laughter over a dumb joke the maknae made, he’d scan the room, searching for the source of such a stupid laugh. His eyes would come to a stop when he’d see you practically collapsing on the floor with laughter, snorting and cackling, chest heaving and generally sounding almost like a evil witch from a fairy-tale. 

His eyes would instantly widen, his mouth forming into a O-shape in pure disbelief and bewilderment, as you’d continue to laugh uncontrollably, your face flushing a vibrant pink. He’d begin to giggle uncontrollably, his eyes scrunching up as he’d laugh. 

“How could such a laugh come out of someone like her?” He’d wonder to himself, your laughter becoming contagious as he’d also begin laughing and giggling at the sight, shaking his head.

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by koiyomi

(Set in ‘Just One Day’ era ^.^ - see GIF)

Taehyung and the other boys would be at the practice room, getting ready to film a new dance practice video for their channel, and you’d decided to come along as you’d have some spare time on your hands. Flinging your bag and coat in a corner of the room, you’d find a spot by the wall, sitting down cross-legged as you’d lean against the wall to watch.

The boys would take their positions on the chairs, freezing in place as they’d all await the music to begin. ‘Just One Day’ would begin to play, and the boys would begin to perform the choreography as always. You’d sway gently to the music, Jungkook beginning first, before spotting Namjoon looking in your direction and making silly faces, crossing his eyes and jutting out his lip. 

You’d snicker, your hand balling up into a fist and flying to your mouth, in a slightly feeble attempt to suppress your laughter, before Hoseok would catch on, also making dumb faces at you. At this point, it would become increasingly difficult to hold in your laughter, and you’d feel your chest shaking slightly as the laughter would begin to bubble up. It would only be once the boys shouted, “Suga!” (see Just One Day dance practice video c:) that you wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer, and the laughter would erupt from your body, a combination of a high-pitched cackling, and snorting. 

While you’d attempt to keep it in, Taehyung would glance over at you quickly, covering his face (see GIF) as he’d begin snickering himself. You’d continue to breathlessly laugh, Taehyung finding it increasingly hard to hold in his own laughter, his face flushing red as he’d wait for his verse.

“Ah, this girl, her laugh is on another level,” he’d think to himself, still attempting to not break out into laughter. 


Originally posted by choazy

(A/N: Oops, this section turned out to be more of a scenario, I got a bit too carried away cx)

You’d be at the dorms with the boys, after deciding to play blindfolded ‘Hide and Seek’ together. After a round or two of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, Taehyung would be chosen as the seeker, Jin stepping up to tie the scarf around Taehyung’s eyes. After spinning him around a few times, the game would finally begin. 

You’d lay down against the wall, attempting not to shuffle around too much, in order to not get caught. You’d glance over at Kookie, who’d choose simply to stand in a spot near the centre, and you’d smirk, expecting him to be one of the first to get caught. Taehyung would walk around the room cautiously, arms out in a zombie-like manner, after having smacked into the camera a couple times. You’d attempt to slow your breath down, trying to keep quiet so you wouldn’t be caught.

The game would go on, and the members would begin to get caught, one by one, albeit after a lot of Taehyung crashing into random objects, causing you to giggle a little, but your hand flying to your mouth as you’d try to stop your laughter. Both you and Kookie would be quite competitive, always trying to beat each other, no matter what game or competition it was was. For this reason, when Taehyung would hear your giggles, spinning around and following the direction of the sound, you’d gasp slightly, lifting your legs up in an attempt to get away, but failing all the same as you’d huff, getting up and watching as the game went on.

Eventually, Jimin and Jungkook would be the only two left, as Taehyung would continue to wander around. Kookie would be very sly about the whole thing, silently moving about as soon as he came near. Taehyung would then walk off in a different direction, following the wall. This would result in Taehyung accidentally hitting Suga in the face with his butt, and Suga looking up at him with a slightly murderous, yet playful expression, causing you to snort out loud. What would really get to you though, is when Kookie would be the only one left, and the boys would attempt to help Tae out of his misery by guiding him where to go. This would result in Taehyung basically chasing Jungkook around the room, causing all the suppressed laughter building up inside you to escape from your body as you’d let out a unladylike, loud belly-laugh, snorting out loud. Everyone, literally everyone, would turn around to stare at you, and for a few seconds, the only sound in the room would be your weird laughter. Jungkook would laugh, pulling out his phone to record you rolling about on the floor, hair getting in your face, and the whole room would erupt with the sound of laughter.

Jungkook would kneel beside you, waving his phone at you to show you the recording, as you gasped, attempting to snatch the phone off him, only causing him to run away laughing. 

“Jeon Jungkook!” You’d scream, running after him, still laughing your head off.

@isenfyre it’s part 2!

“Victor,” Yuuri whined, “get off already…”

“I don’t wanna,” Victor retorted, his face buried in Yuuri’s hair.

“Victor, I feel sticky and gross. I reek of vodka… and sake… Eurgh. I need a bath.” Yuuri wrinkled his nose. “Actually we both do.”

Victor huffed and swung his leg over Yuuri, effectively pinning him down on the bed. It was getting harder and harder to stay patient but Victor was still being excessively generous with his cuddles and kept nuzzling against Yuuri’s neck.

“Five more minutes,” Victor begged. “I need five more minutes like this.”

Yuuri couldn’t help the surge of fondness he felt as he raised a hand to ruffle Victor’s hair. “You’re really something else, huh, Vitya?”

Victor lazily swatted Yuuri’s hand off. “Not the hair,” he muttered.

Yuuri laughed. “Okay, okay,” he said, patting Victor on the cheek. “Five minutes. But let me sit up.”

“Mm, okay.”

He raised himself up using both his elbows and settled back against the headboard. The book he’d been reading recently caught his eye and he reached out to pick up both the book and his glasses from the table on his side of the bed. Victor hooked his arms around Yuuri’s waist and snuggled up against him as he opened the book to continue where he’d left off.

The soft morning light coming in from the windows fell across the pages and bits of dust floating in the air glittered in his peripheral vision. Beside him, Victor was snoring quietly, fast asleep yet again. He lowered the book to his lap and watched Victor sleep.

He’d never gotten enough of this, not since the day they’d first fallen asleep next to each other until now. He figured that he never would. Victor was beautiful enough when he was conscious, but when he was asleep, he looked like a fairy—a kind of breathtaking, ethereal beauty that nothing could match. Yuuri fingered his soft, silvery grey hair and ran a knuckle down his cheekbone to his lips.

He was so soft and warm and real.

Every day, every morning, Yuuri was getting more and more used to the idea that he and Victor were married, but every time he took a moment like this, every time he stopped to stare and really just… look… He kept wondering how exactly he could be so lucky.

It was incredible. Victor would’ve said he was dumb for even asking how. He would’ve sulked and stayed mad for at least half a day. They hardly ever fought, but Yuuri knew, because it didn’t matter. At the end of the day, Victor would still climb into bed with him and before they switched off the lamps and night lights, they would hug and kiss all the resentment and guilt away.

“I love you,” Yuuri said softly as he thumbed Victor’s cheek.

“Me too,” Victor cracked an eye open with a sleepy smile. “I love you lots.”

Yuuri rolled his eyes, suppressing a smile. “Five minutes ended five minutes ago,” he said. “We have practice in fifteen minutes, coach.”

Victor grunted in annoyance, burying his face in Yuuri’s stomach. “Practice is cancelled. I can’t walk.”

“Oh…” Yuuri couldn’t stop his smile this time. “I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yeah, I’m not.”

Victor looked up at him, lips pursed and cheeks red. “Sly thing, aren’t you?”

“I do my best,” Yuuri said, craning his neck to catch Victor’s lips in their first—and certainly not last—kiss of the day.

So, about that ending to the Ichimatsu Incident, eh?

Not the first time I’ve talked about this on my blog, but it’s been a while (sup new followers), and I don’t think I elaborated on this a whole lot last time, so here’s what you get. A lot of people in the fandom, as well as Fukuyama Jun himself, seem to have interpreted this scene as Ichi purposely making it seem like Kara was violating him when Oso had walked in on them. However, I happen to disagree with this interpretation – I actually believe that Ichi may have been genuinely weeping out of resignation after having to deal with, well, everything that was hurled at him throughout this entire segment.

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anonymous asked:

Omg! Please let there be a sequel to that!

@riifias said to thatonedaydream:

I have a mighty need to see how the whole birthday thing would continue with Iggy and sly reads present: those remarks and hidden looks, those pulls between the two. The boys would be on for a hell of a show (with them as participants) and I should grab popcorn. I am so very sold. Gladiolus after gettinf used to her, loves watching Iggy struggle. “Can she come with us on a trip?” Ignis, with an actual look of fear for his friends (and himself). “Are you… certain you want that?”

A/N: [thumbs up] well i guess while the idea is still strong in my head…


continued from here

It was going to be a good birthday, all things considered. Ignis had ducked out extra early to run some errands and planned on inviting his friends over in the afternoon after he was ready to let go of you. It wasn’t often that the two of you were able to spend lengths of time together. You were both incredibly busy people, so despite Ignis wanting to keep you a sort-of-secret he cherished every single second he could steal with you.

When you called, it was a shock because this was not how he wanted his friends to meet you. Ignis had to take a minute when he parked the car to sit and rest his forehead on the steering wheel and mentally prepare himself. There was no way you weren’t going to try and play your games. Honestly he loved them, they were fun and challenging and you were just so clever and sly and all things tricky and wonderfully intelligent.

But dear gods it was going to be a handful trying to juggle you and his friends in the same room.

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DRABBLE- Watched

Fandom: Batman (The Dark Knight)
Character: Joker (Heath Ledger)
Prompt: ‘“She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”’

(A/N: Y/SV/N = Your Super Villain Name)

The Joker snarled and spun around on his heel, sending a vase flying with the flick of his hand and didn’t pay it much attention as it shattered on the opposite wall.

They’d told him that you, Y/SV/N, were invincible and unstoppable.

She never misses, she never quits, and never loses.

That’s what they’d told him, shock threading their bare voices as their eyes flickered from the bullet hole in the wall inches from the Joker’s head.

If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.

Surely that could only mean good? But he drew little comfort from this one thought. Though he wouldn’t mind striking up a deal between the two of you- the idea of ruling the city with Y/SV/N was attractive at the least and would ensure that nobody would ever go against you- but even the thought of trying to find you alone and in a position to discuss such things was daunting.

Not that he would ever admit that, obviously.

“Fuck,” he grumbled to himself as he linked his gloved hands behind his back and continued his pacing of the small corridor. It was a deserted and derelict building -probably some correlation there- on the outskirts of the city. He had been in here since he got back form the streets where you had attacked and killed most of his men (actually, the only ones you killed were the ones who had killed the innocent victims in the bank robbery, now he thought about it) only leaving himself and a handful of survivors to retreat here.

He had no idea how you could have known where they would be and when, he hadn’t seen anyone watching them leave the building and they had taken to back roads and alleys from there.

He mulled over the previous events to himself and tried to survey your character, musing over your renowned preference for only wasting those who truly deserved it, and your vengeance for those who had been done wrong.

On principal, you might have been classed a superhero, had it not been for the fact that you also enjoyed robbing banks and breaking criminals (generally those who had been wrongly sentenced) out of prison. There were also rumours about you kidnapping somebody, but the Joker couldn’t honestly imagine it.

Chewing on his lip, he halted suddenly and grunted into the empty blackness.

You had been accused of hiding your kidnapped victim in a warehouse exactly opposite the derelict building he was currently standing. Looking out the window, he could directly through into of the other windows opposite.

“So that’s how you saw us coming out,” he smirked. “A sly thing indeed.”

From a window covered in an inch layer of grime some few hundred metres away, a super villain named Y/SV/N narrowed her eyes at the darkness and watched an eccentrically dressed man stand in the window opposite her.

He wore a distinctive smirk as he watched her.

She stared right back, and after another moment, slowly raised one hand gave a small wave.

He returned it.

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