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How bout some movie night cuddles? Either Bakugou or Kirishima not like horror?? 😎😎

B) enjoy sweet anon B)

hc that Baku doesn’t do horror movies very well but is a die hard action buff like he’d be all over Michael bay films like if it has explosions in it he’s sold

Kiri on the other hand pretty much likes any genre and is quite flexible movie wise but enjoys horror because Baku gets extra cuddly B) Kiri u sly dog u Also! Still taking cute/angst requests so don’t be shy :D

“They Want The Swede”, AKA the time Boston offered Washington the 37th and 5th overall picks for the 4th overall pick, and the Caps pretended to consider it but were actually already making a wedding registry for Backstrom and Ovechkin.

[George McPhee: (after being offered the picks) Okay, so, who do you want?

Jeff Gorton: The Swede.

George McPhee: Let me ask, let me run it by these guys. (walks back to the Capitals table, sits down.) They want the Swede. (waits) They want the Swede. (turns to Ross Mahoney) So, what do you want to do? (winks) (inaudible discussion) Huh? Yeah, I know. I’m just trying to make it look like we’re doing something here. Yeah. (more inaudible discussion) Did I tell you that you look marvelous?]



“When ChikaRiko first start going out”
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Everything amazing in the Captain Underpants movie:
  • The inclusion of the ‘Everything Except Fabric Softener Store’ and the ‘Piqua Pizza Palace’ in the backgrounds.
  • The various art/animation styles used which really made it feel like a kid’s imagination.
  • Harold’s complete inability to chill.
  • “I noticed that this tuna casserole had your name spelled out on the top in jalepeno slices.” 
  • Ms. Ribble’s voice was PERFECT!
  • The entire scene where they reopen the closed off art room.
  • “You’ll have a weird haircut and I’ll be wearing a suit for some reason…”
  • Melvin actually, physically, has no sense of humor.
  • Edith the Lunchlady, enough said.
  • “We are so guilty.” 
  • How perfectly depressing Mr. Krupps house is.
  • “The bee is not the bad guy.”
  • Harold successfully parallel parking an entire construction crane. 
  • All of the comic book style scenes, and how much Captain Underpants ADORES the comics themselves.
  • “Benjamin Krupp you sly dog.”
  • “We’re closed for Ebola.”
  • The revenge of the Stuck-On-Hold Lady.
  • The army of Talking Toilets.
  • Edith is into Captain Underpants just as much as she’s into Krupp.
  • The inclusion of George and Harold’s ‘silly’ names from the fourth book.
  • Captain Underpants actually successfully flirting with Edith.
  • They mention New Swissland.
  • The inclusion of Captain Underpants’ catchphrase thing ‘Faster than a speeding waistband, more powerful than boxer shorts, and able to leap tall buildings without getting a wedgie!” 
  • The unadulterated glory that is the Treehouse.
  • The Tattle Turtle 200
  • “I can pee a little in my underwear and no one can say anything!!” “Dude where are you going with that? Do you actually do that?”
  • “Not actual magic, we aren’t practising the dark arts…”
  • He didn’t say it but god if George’s face didn’t scream “I can’t believe I’m about to do this…” as he turned Krupp into Captain Underpants so he could save them
  • “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “It’s an egg-salad sandwich!” 
  • “How many a’s does Tra La Laa have? I’ll just go with eleven.”
  • Mr. Krupp lives on Curmudgeon Road.
  • Underpanty World, led by Big Daddy Long-Johns and Princess Pantyhose.
  • “Potty humor is like, the lowest form of comedy.” “DON’T YOU SAY THAT HAROLD!”
  • “Is that high def cause you can definitely tell that that’s us…”
  • Harold’s obsession with Dolphins.
  • “…how much of that was out loud…?”
  • Uranus
  • Captain Underpants putting all of the teacher’s in detention.
  • Professor Poopypants’ impressive collection of lip-balms.
  • Harold’s hand gets biggified.
  • The movie perfectly ending with George and Harold clutching desperately to Captain Underpants’ cape as he flies away while they shout ‘Here we go again!” 
  • The end credits all being actual comic style scenes from all the books.

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merlin x reader with the prompt 'let me help you'

this imagine is brought to you by my thirst for mark strong’s hands.

merlin x agent!reader ; let me help you.

You and Eggsy had been assigned to a local mission for the night. There was a gala being held in the theater district of London tonight, and the head of the Russian crime syndicate you’d been tracking for weeks would be there. It was exciting that this mission was finally coming to a head, even if the amount of danger you two would be in for three hours was immense.

Your outfit was different from the usual suit - tonight you’d be wearing a long, blue gown with a high slit up the right thigh. The low cut decolletage exposed… a lot of cleavage. However, the honeypot technique was going to be in full swing - it was your job to distract the mob head while Eggsy gathered intel.  

A knock on the door of the changing room startles you. Blinking, you hear Merlin’s low voice speak quickly. “It’s me.”

Clutching the unzipped gown to your chest, you open the door and your better half slips in. You’re thankful that the Kingsman Tailor Shop’s changing rooms were spacious, fitting both you and Merlin comfortably.

Jealousy, somehow, stirs in his chest when he sees you. You look stunning - your hair was swept up off your neck in intricate plaits, drawing his eyes straight to the curve’s of your throat and collarbone and –

“Tha’s a low cut dress, innit?”

You laugh, staring at Merlin through the mirror as he looms behind you. A warm hand of his finds your waist while the other skims your shoulder. He drops a kiss to the skin there, peeking up at you.

“You just wanted to come in here and steal me away for a bit, didn’t you?” you ask, eyes soft with good humor. His mouth skims a bit higher, biting a gentle kiss into the skin on the side of your neck. You bite back a soft moan as goosebumps raise across your arms. Leaning back into his chest, you snatch one of his hands as it makes a beeline under the slit of your dress. “Careful, Hamish, don’t start something you can’t finish.”

He really does wish he could keep going - however you’re due to meet Eggsy in fifteen minutes. The use of his real name stirs a deep rumble of a laugh out his before he plants one more chaste kiss against your cheek. “I suppose you’re right. I came in t’ help with your zipper. Let me help you.”

Watching him through the mirror, you feel has hands skim up your spine for a moment. His touch leaves a hot, burning trail that makes you squirm a bit. He takes his time zipping up your gown, eyes wandering over the expanse of your back and shoulders as he does so. His breath is hot against your ear, and his voice is low and rough.

“I plan on ripping tha’ dress off of y’ later,” his gaze is heavy with lust, “So y’ better make it back in one piece.”

Larry moments.

Interviewer: Are you really engaged with Eleanor?

Louis: No no no.

[Harry tries to hide the smile]


Louis [to Niall]: I think Harry is fucking with me.

[But the microphone was linked and all around the stadium heard]


Liam: […] like two brothers to speak […]

[pointing to Louis and Harry]

Louis: Brothers?


Nick Grimshaw: What’s the best about your birthday that you get to unwrap?


Harry: I don’t know if I can say that on Radio.


Harry is Beautiful - Louis Tomlinson.


Interviewer: If you could wish for anything money can’t buy, what would be?

Harry: Freedom.


Fan: What’s the one thing you like the most about Harry?

Louis: His curls or his smell.


Liam: Why doesn’t Harry kiss Lou?

Harry: Kiss me [mouthing to Louis]


Interviewer: If you could snog any artist in the word who would it be?

Harry: Adele.

Harry: [to Louis] Sorry.


Louis: Who would you like to be your valentine if you could have anyone in the world?

Harry: You.


Louis: That’s just sex appeal at its finest.

Harry: Yeah, it is.


You should know “His” is a better word.

[Apparently Louis Tomlinson said this in ‘Little Things’ and Harry agreed]


Fan: Louis! Louis! [ignored]

Fan: Larry! Larry! [turn faster that lightning]


Interviewer: [show a picture of Regina Case] Would you face or run?

Liam: I think she looks like Harry.

Zayn: Yeah, she looks like Harry.

[Louis agree she look like Harry]

[Liam and Zayn would face]

Louis: Marriage.

Interviewer: No kissing, just marriage.

Louis: Marriage, sex, kissing, the lot.


Interviewer: Harry who’s most likely to get married first out of all of you boys?

Harry: I’m say, Louis is a sly dog.


Harry: I’ve always wanted to call my daughter “Darcy”

Fans: Aww.

Louis: Darcy.. I sure i know.

[Liam says something i didn’t understand]

Louis: No, no really dude.

Niall: A bit too early.

Harry: Oops!