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Please welcome Deadly Sins BTS!
This is Wrath
  • Real Name: Kim Namjoon
  • Leader of the Deadly Sins
  • As expected he’s got a terrible temper
  • Animal Correlation: Lion
  • Punishment: Dismemberment

This is Gluttony

  • Real Name: Jung Hoseok
  • He used to eat a lot and indulge in the finest of furnishings.
  • He hasn’t got a tongue, so he’s mute and uses sign language to communicate.
  • Animal Correlation: Tiger Shark
  • Punishment: Carving of the Tongue

Meet Greed

  • Real Name: Kim Taehyung
  • He’s got webbed toes and fingers, a weird tongue and sticky fingers.
  • He’s very playful, and often messes around with the other sins when he’s bored.
  • Animal Correlation: Poison Dart Frog
  • Punishment: Boiled Alive

This is Envy

  • Real Name: Jeon Jeongguk
  • He’s like Greed, but knows when to keep himself in check.
  • He often gets envious of other people’s attention, so don’t forget him!
  • Animal Correlation: Serpent
  • Punishment: Frozen (not the movie)

This is Sloth

  • Real Name: Min Yoongi
  • He sleeps a lot, as is expected of him but Hoseok tries his best to keep him awake.
  • Very close with Wrath and Pride.
  • Animal Correlation: Feline
  • Punishment: Thrown into a pit of snakes

This is Lust

  • Real Name: Park Jimin
  • I promise he doesn’t walk around trying to fuck everything.
  • He does however, like to do Envy or Sloth whenever they’re free.
  • Animal Correlation: Bull
  • Punishment: Burned Alive

Last but not least, this is Pride

  • Real Name: Kim Seokjin
  • In a type of relationship with Wrath, but is very close to everyone in the group.
  • He is their designated mom, even if he’s too narcissistic for anyone’s good.
  • Animal Correlation: Peacock
  • Punishment: The Wheel

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Hey there! I'm new to your blog (pretty new to tumblr tbh) and I keep on getting confused about the people who you regularly RP with. Do you think you could put up a run down of the faces we regularly see on your blog and, like, links to their blogs? Love, a nerdy newbie

(( OOC: Sure thing! :D 

@potterdeer / Paige ( AKA my Lily. <3 ) 

@ohtheclevernessofme1972 / Laina ( AKA Helga. <3 ) 

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ID #87821

Name: Chloe
Age: 18
Country: USA

My name is Chloe and I am 18 years old. I live in New York and I want a pen pal because I think it’s really cool learning about people and their different lives. I’m a very open person, I’m also pansexual. I’m non religious and very funny. I love sloths and puns and I can talk about anything and everything! I also love travelling. I’ve only been out of the country once, and that was to Germany! I can speak some German and I’m trying to become fluent. Don’t be afraid to request!

Preferences: 16+ ages
You can come from anywhere

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So, you're all in college, what are your respective majors?

Ren: Culinary arts.. I uh.. Cook stuff.

Nora: I’m studying auto-mechanics! vroom vroom haha~

Pyrrha: I’m not majoring in anything yet. I’m just taking general courses right now with Jaune; but, I DO have my sights on an athletic career. It’s either that or law enforcement!

Jaune: I.. I’m still trying to figure things out.. I really haven’t had the luxury of knowing what I wanted to do, ( unlike the others. )..but.. I’m sure I’ll find something soon! I’ve got Pyrrha helping me out too!
Why Are These Sloths Wearing Tiny Backpacks?
This episode of the InsideNATURE podcast is all about sloths–perhaps the strangest group of creatures evolution has ever produced. While other species get ahead by being the fastest, the biggest or the strongest, sloths do everything as slowly as possible, using the least amount of energy and remaining largely unnoticed. But don’t be deceived by …

Sloths have been around millions of years, much longer than humankind, so they must be doing something right.