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Hey there! I'm new to your blog (pretty new to tumblr tbh) and I keep on getting confused about the people who you regularly RP with. Do you think you could put up a run down of the faces we regularly see on your blog and, like, links to their blogs? Love, a nerdy newbie

(( OOC: Sure thing! :D 

@potterdeer / Paige ( AKA my Lily. <3 ) 

@ohtheclevernessofme1972 / Laina ( AKA Helga. <3 ) 

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sloth blog update

If you’ve followed me long enough or have talked to me before you know I’m nowhere near as active as I used to be on this site or the communities here (if I ever was lmao). This is mainly an update post on how to contact me more than anything.

If you have questions/comments/feels you want to scream at me try tumblr IM or my twitter!!

EDIT: My twitter is the first 🌱 emoji in my sidebar, I just prefer not linking it on a rebloggable post lol. It should be clickable on both desktop and mobile versions.

Some unnecessary personal updates/explanations below the cut for those who’re curious.

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Ruby how long have you and Firkle been a thing? I mean if you're a thing. Im still new to this blog of all y'alls.

Ruby: Pfft, he only wishes he could have a piece of this.
Firkle: With that mouth of yours? I think not. 
Ruby: Oh, you love me. 
Ruby: We aren’t dating or anything, we’re just super besties for life. 
Firkle: It’s my punishment for all my wrongdoings. 
Ruby: It can be worse, if you tempt me. I will show them pictures from your emo phase.
Firkle: It was not a phase. I was never emo.
Ruby: LIES!
Anyways, we’ve been super besties for about two years now. He was forced to put up with me during a group project at school. I sank my glittery pink claws into him, and he still hasn’t escaped. 

[Deleted by Craig]

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So, you're all in college, what are your respective majors?

Ren: Culinary arts.. I uh.. Cook stuff.

Nora: I’m studying auto-mechanics! vroom vroom haha~

Pyrrha: I’m not majoring in anything yet. I’m just taking general courses right now with Jaune; but, I DO have my sights on an athletic career. It’s either that or law enforcement!

Jaune: I.. I’m still trying to figure things out.. I really haven’t had the luxury of knowing what I wanted to do, ( unlike the others. )..but.. I’m sure I’ll find something soon! I’ve got Pyrrha helping me out too!

uh.. @cadmiumzirconium why i can’t tag u :o