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When the new Get Down episodes were released I only meant to watch one episode, but I ended up going through the entire season ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now I just want to give everyone a hug..


Warning: Smut, very very smut. Dom! Namjoon. Slut and daddy kink.
Word: 618

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โ€œDaddy, pleaseโ€ you begged.
Namjoon was your boyfriend, and God, he was so fucking hot even in bed.
You just loved when he used to dominate you. And there you were, tied in your bed, naked and soaking wet with his teasing.
โ€œTell me what you want, baby girlโ€ he teased.

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venialityyy  asked:

What would the 104th & vets do after they found out their significant other has cheated on him/her?

Mikasa: Punches the next best thing there is
Reiner: That’s cool, then we’re quit now. 
Bertholdt: Oh… okay…
Annie: Punch a hole into the wall right next to their head ‘How could youuuu?!’ is actually crying
Eren: What the heck? I trusted you?!
Jean: What does he have that I don’t?
Marco: Don’t worry, we can work this out!
Sasha: Dramatic af
Connie: Screaming in confusion
Historia: lol bye
Armin: Needs time for himself to think about it and see if he wants to go on with the relationship 
Ymir: Laughs and goes on eating chips
Levi: You can’t be cheated on if you don’t let anyone close enough

Hanji: Doesn’t mind, depending on who it is
Erwin: Drinks away his sorrows
Nanaba: Dramatically slaps S/O in the face and rage cries
Mike: Frowns until person explains themself

anonymous asked:

What would the 2ps do if they were at a world meeting with Thier pregnant s/o everyone is arguing (per usual) when all of a sudden his s/o shouts "THE BABY IS COMING!!" What would they do?


This boy yells and hurries over to his s/o. He is panicking and shouts for someone to call 911. Is yelling “IM GONNA BE A FATHER FUCK SHIT” and more curses.

S/O, “Honey please calm down”


2pCanada/ Matt: “shit shit SHIT”

Is screaming inside, and hurriedly calls for the ambulance. Holding his s/o hands to comfort her and mid-call yells “EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP- yes the address is-”. He is a panicked Canadian and fuckin carries the s/o towards the door’s entrance, waiting for the ambulance.

2pFrance/ François: “the what is coming

Gets smacked by s/o, takes him a couple of seconds to realize that his child is gonna be born. Ignores the whole meeting as he drags his s/o out and into the car. The whole car ride is him muttering French curses while looking at the rear mirror.

2pEngland/ Oliver: “ S/O IS GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!”

Lets out a pterodactyl scREECH. The whole room stops arguing looking at a panicking pregnant woman and Oliver. S/O is calming down Oliver, while Francois sighs and calls the ambulance. What a sight to behold, but Oliver is trying his best to be calm, he tries.

2pChina/ Xiao: “Haha nice prank bro”

What do you mean it’s not a prank? Haha isn’t it just a prank bro- bro bRO BRO. This man-child is not ready and adds more the noisy room. Everyone helps stops arguing and Kuro slapped some sense into Xiao.

“Xiao you are having a child”


“S/O water just broke”


Kuro sighs, and Xiao finally calms down when the ambluance arrive.

2pRussia/ Viktor: “Let’s leave. Now

Doesn’t waste any time. Gets up and ignores any concerned questions. Takes out his phone to call the ambulance, accidentally slipping into Russian out of panic. Hangs up and speaks to S/O in Russian, before dragging her into the car in Russian.

Panics, in Russian.

2pGermany/ Lutz:  *faints*

When he wakes up, finds himself propped against the wall with a worried S/O. Thinks it was all a dream.

“Haha babe you would not believe this crazy dream-”


Lutz realized it wasn’t a dream, and faints once again.

2pPrussia/ Gilen: *faints harder*

This poor baby wakes up, being carried into the ambulance with s/o.


Wakes immediately paler than before, saying soothing words. Turns out Lutz called the ambulance for Gilen lmAO not the pregnant s/o.


First so ecstatic, finally the world will have to fear not only him, but also his child. Then the realization hits him, and he starts freaking out, which freaks out the S/O even more.


“roLAND thE W H A  T”

2pItaly/ Luciano: “MEETING IS CUT OFF”

Ends the meeting before he ends someone’s life from all the anxiety going through him. Luciano, the MafiaLeader™, becoming a father. Becomes too overprotective, almost calling a helicopter instead of an ambulance. Of course, s/o had to smack the phone out of his hands, smh.

2pRomano/ Flavio: “ SCREECHES* “

Panics the whole time. Manages to trip on his scarf in the process, Luciano sighs and calls for an ambulance. Flavio wants the best for s/o, yelling at people who even go near her in fear of hurting s/o and his child. Actually a funny scene if you ignore the fact about a baby being born

2pJapan/ Kuro: “Nani?”

Cranes his neck 360 degrees to look at s/o, fear in the man’s eyes. Doesn’t wanna deal with MeetingBullshit™ , carries s/o to someone’s car since his motorcycle would be too dangerous. Breaks their window, hot wires, and goes to the hospital, screaming in the inside.

Al was pissed that someone stole his car that day.

2pSpain/ Andrés: “please god n o

This man is not ready to take care of the child. Just grabs S/O’s hand and drag her to the car, shaking the whole time. The poor man is not ready to be a father. Determination is in his eyes as he passed by another red light, 2 police cars, and dodged a train.

anonymous asked:

this is for talia since you're new admin: your favorite smut fics (as dirty or semi fluffy as you like) it's basically a right of passage that you have to make a favorite smut list so cough it up :P

whooo boi ya girl likes filthy af smut, pls get the holy water ready :)

use me, abuse me by cocksluts [jikook, E, 5k] this. the dirty talk in this. godbless cocksluts she gives me reason to love smut

Color? by pornographicpenguin [minjoon, E, 18k] wow, I love bdsm

Principle of Behaviour by rix [taegiguk, E, 12k] I have read this so many times and I’m still not tired 

Waiting by cryinghobi [jikook, E, 6k] Ah yes, I love it when jungk cries.

My Violent Valentine by Humansunshine [Yoonseok, E, 1.4k] this is…yeah this is a good one.

put your hand upon my neck and feel the pulse (its like a trigger getting ready to shoot) by ireallydontknowok [vmin, E, 1k] power bottom tae and slapping wow i l o v e vmin

let them see you (camboy!au) by sweetlyblue [yoonseok, E, 14k] this is probably the softest but I love it heh

yeah, these are some of my faves!! tbh I have lots more but im v picky about smut and all of these are well written and gr8 so pls enjoy :*


Two/Android parallels - 4/?