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happy bird, flustered bird, protective bird

  • Daveed Diggs: I can't sing very well but I can do that rap thing pretty darn good.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: *gives Daveed both rapping part and a jazz number*
Here Comes A Thought (Cover)
Madi Hodges

Haven’t had much time to draw for myself lately so I couldn’t help but indulge myself after watching that episode. It was absolutely beautiful and hats off to the crew and to Takafumi Hori for such a gorgeous episode.

(sorry I don’t have enough musical instrument prowess to play accompaniment)

EDIT: I can’t believe I posted this and I forgot the butterflies *facepalms*

Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.


Time for another wednescover.

How sexy is that part when he´s not playing the guitar?

Sophia looks so grown up, I can’t take it😭

Princess of Wysteria (Alexander Hamilton Parody)

I honestly don’t know where this came from or how I thought of this. This is my first ever music edit, so I apologize for the wishy-washy volume & my strange attempt at rapping. :P

While writing this, I had to botch up some of the MidCin lore (mostly events that occur before the story) for the sake of the rhymes (Don’t worry: I included moments from the game’s actual Prologue.). So enjoy, I guess..?

Quick shoutout to @emigotchi for being the first person I discovered doing the awesome MidCin music edits. You are spectacular, girl! :) Also, thank you @loudlystickytaco for being the first person to hear this parody IRL (Love ya, sis!).

Here’s the original song if you’re not familiar with Hamilton:

How does an average commoner, tutor of the children
And townsfolk, born in the middle of a humble abode in old Wysteria where lower classes struggled through
Their squalor, grow up to be a ruler and a scholar?

The future monarch didn’t have much to barter
Got a lot farther by working a lot harder
By being a lot smarter, by being a self starter
By nineteen she tutored kids, but life was getting harder

And every day while soldiers manned the borders and took families away
Across the waves, she struggled and kept her guard up
Inside, she was longing for something to be a part of
Our sister was ready to carry on and keep her head up

Then it all got worse and devastation reigned
The King got sick: his life was drip, dripping down the drain
Called his chamberlain to write a proclamation in his name
He declared to find an heir for he could not subdue his pain

When the word got around, they said, “Well this is insane, man
Find a girl to take responsibility for our land?”
She never thought she’d get the chance to rule: it was bizarre
And the world will know who you are
Who are you, girl?

Princess of Wysteria
I am the Princess of Wysteria
And there’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait, just you wait

One day she visited a kid, who was sick, bed-ridden
The student asked for her to get a flower as a gift
“It’s there,” the kid said as she pointed at the book

The flower was a myth but nonetheless the tutor looked

Traveled to the palace, the palace she couldn’t get inside
The gates were closed, so she began to climb, then a knight arrived
His voice saying

“Hey there. It looks like you need some help.”

He let her in so she could keep the promise that she held

She stumbled into a party where the ladies of nobility
Competed for the role of princess elect of their country
They carried invitations like the one in her hand
She snuck out to the garden, but was noticed by a man

Scannin’ for every rose she can get her hands on
Plannin’ her escape route till the chamberlain arrives
See her now as she stands, wiping dirt off her hands
He declares she will one day rule this land

And one day she will rule this land
And one day she will rule this land

And one day she will rule this land
One day (One Day)

Just you wait

Princess of Wysteria (Princess of Wysteria)

We really didn’t think it would be you (Didn’t think it would be you)

When you take up the crown
You won’t go down without a fight

Oh, Princess of Wysteria (Princess of Wysteria)

When your people will sing for you
Will they know what you overcame?
Will they know you rewrote the game?
The world will never be the same, oh

The carriage is arriving now
See if you can spot her (COMPANY: Just you wait)

A commoner chosen to rise up from the bottom (COMPANY: Just you wait)

Though troubles may arise she has her team of guys beside her

We fought for her

Me, I tutored her

Me, I trusted her

Me, I loved her

[??? (Ooo, I wonder who it could be?)]
And me, I’m the damn fool that betrayed her

There’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait

Who are you, girl?

Princess of Wysteria


The most artistic thing I have ever done. 

This is the dust cover for the copy of Les Miserables a friend and I got another friend of ours for Christmas. However, it was a bit… drab. (see here

So, I decided to add some color. I think it turned out well enough.

(From top to bottom: front cover, spine, back cover, full)

I love the amethysts so much
they are great

An Open Letter to All Disney Fans

I literally do not care one bit about what you have to complain about. I’ll do things soon enough just to SPITE you. For example: if you won’t stop talking about Emma Watson’s singing voice, I swear the next thing we do is make sure Haunted Mansion turns in to Doctor “Strange Mansion”. 


Your beloved CEO, 

Robert A. Iger

political talk show au, the thrilling conclusion.

Here is the whole story from the beginning.

This is 4.5 K. Also it is still liberal-leaning and anti-Trump. No Hillary angst in this one tho.

Dear lord, what have I become.


The name sounds, like a thunderclap, in Jack’s head.

It wasn’t a moment ago the name was a question. A doubt, even. Does Bits even exist? Bitty certainly does. Bitty is the name of the screener for Jack’s favorite radio show, his companion through the morning for a year and change now. Bitty is unfailingly pleasant, unerringly professional, and untouchable. He handles callers with a lilt, a friendly word, and a toss off onto the airwaves. Jack made his acquaintance several months back, and he’s enjoyed their every interaction.

But Bits. Now, that’s someone Jack isn’t sure he hasn’t conjured up in his head.

Bits exists in the soft cluck of Bitty’s tongue, the hitch of breath between words. The pause before he intones Jack’s name, leaning on the “a” like it’s a cushion. Bits is the person Jack imagines Bitty to be, behind the phones. He’s a friend, a confidant. A ray of light in Jack’s life. And in Jack’s mind, Bits is just a little more friendly with him with all his other callers. Maybe he even feels something at the sound of Jack’s voice, the way Jack does at every musical “Hallo!”

Jack has come here today half-terrified that he’d discover Bits doesn’t exist at all. That Bitty, as competent and admirable as he is, is all there is, and whatever relationship  he’d imagined they’d been nurturing has been a figment of his imagination this whole time.

Now Bitty comes into focus like a blue sky when the clouds have parted. He wasn’t there, and suddenly he is; he must have been in the room before, but it’s only now that Jack’s eyes land on him and recognize.

But when their eyes meet, and Bitty’s brown eyes widen and then dance, Jack knows Bits is real.

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ready to go // panic! at the disco

Hello! It’s Ten..! ㅠㅠ 2016 passed just like this ㅠㅠ when I think about it again, it was good because I had many memories and experiences. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ
For me, 2016 was a very precious and meaningful year. :) I’m really happy I could do things I love like dance, rap and sing to the fans by doing activities in NCT U with “7TH SENSE”. Even though I haven’t been able to show you many sides of me, thank you for loving and cheering for me. I will always keep working hard so I can show you a different side of me next year! Just wait a little longer! I’ll see you! Let’s spend 2017 happily and joyfully with Ten!
NCT Fighting
Thank you my lovely fans (sound of a kiss) 💋

trans cr; fy!ten
please take with full credit
Forever and More(Shawn Mendes)

Requested by Anon

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“Do you love me?” You look at Shawn. He stops strumming his guitar, looking down at you. He was sat up against your bed, leaning on the headboard, as you were laying down next to him.

“Is that a joke? Of course I love you, I’ve always loved you.”

“Even when you’re all rich and famous? After you get the chance to live your dream?”

He smiles softly, putting his guitar to the side, and sliding down next to you. “I’m not living the dream if you aren’t there, by my side.”

“You don’t think I’d hold you back?”

“Y/N,” he leans his head on his hand, “You are the reason I want to keep doing this music thing. I love singing, and I love what I do, but seeing you smile every time I play a song makes it a milion times better.”

“Promise me that nothing’s gonna change,” you hold out your pinky, “That even when you’re known by millions of screaming fans, you’re still going to my Shawn. Even if we break up, and we only see each other when you visit, no matter what, you’ll still be my Shawn.”

He locks his pinky with yours, “I promise.” He leans down, kissing you softly.

Let me know if you guys want a part 2 to this, I actually really like how this came out. 

Every single time I see a vine by Thomas Sanders I think to myself:

Him. That one. He needs to be a Disney prince. It’s his destiny. He has been chosen. Someone call the mouse and tell him the search is over.