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Hey Transformers fans. It’s time for Secret Solenoid again!

If you didn’t see the event last year, Secret Solenoid is a gift exchange for fanart and fanfiction of all things Transformers. Like any Secret Santa gift exchange, everyone who signs up will be creating a gift for someone in the exchange, and receiving one in turn from someone else.

To sign up just FILL OUT THIS FORM!

It’s fairly self-explanatory, and if you signed up last year some of the questions probably look familiar. Pretty much everything on it is to help pair content creators up with the kind of gift they can (hopefully) enjoy making!

A few things to keep in mind when signing up:

- Remember to include at least two prompts! Give your gift creator some options to work with.

- This event is OC-friendly. Go ahead and include a character of your own in one of your prompts.

Signups will close at the end of November, and gift-giving will begin on January 1st! If you have any questions about the gift exchange, you can send in an ask, or check out the FAQ and To Join page.

“But I’m Not Her” - Yoosung x MC

au where this is an ending you get if you don’t ever remind Yoosung that you’re not Rika and just feed into him. sorry yes i know i’m awful and i hate myself for thinking of this :’)
also this is the first time i’ve ever written anything like this and i suck at writing so pls dont be harsh ok

   You awoke slowly, your head pounding. The room was dim and you couldn’t remember where you were. Opening your eyes fully made your head hurt so bad you wanted to scream so you looked around, eyes squinted, for a sign of anything familiar. Everything was fuzzy and your memories were a blur. You had no idea where you were, or how you had gotten there. 
    Before you had a chance to fully gather your thoughts, you hear a cheery voice come from the dark corner of the room. “Ah, you’re awake sleepy head! I’m so glad, I was starting to get antsy.” 
     “Y-Yoosung?” you stutter out, shocked once you recognize the voice. “What do you—” you stop, as you realize your hands and legs are bound to the chair you were placed in. Suddenly, the memories come rushing back. You had gone to see Yoosung a few days before the party. He had asked you to come over to his dorm, and against everyone else’s wishes, you had gone. You struggled to remember anything beyond the car ride over here. 
     “I’m so glad you’re here.” He says, walking over stroking your face. “It’s been so long, Rika.” You look up at him, confused.
     “Rika? What are you talking about Yoosung? It’s me, (y/n).” He leaves your side and walks over to the other side of the room and flips on the light. Your eyes sting from the sudden shock of light and it takes a few minutes for you to stop seeing spots. When you eye sight adjusts, you realize you’re in what appears to be Yoosung’s bedroom. It take you a minute, but you the notice the clothes you are wearing were not your’s. “What are these? Who’s clothes are these?” you ask, your voice shaking.
     “What do you mean Rika? I know it’s been a while, but your have to remember your favorite outfit. After you left, I saved a few of your clothes in case you came back. I always knew you’d come back…” He trailed off, looking into your eyes. The expression on his face was almost loving, but in his eyes you could see this bit of darkness that sent shivers down your spine.  
     “Look, I-I don’t know what’s going on here, but Yoosung you really need to let me go… You can’t keep me tied up here forever.” You try to struggle against your binds to no avail.
    “Oh I will untie you,” He says, walking back over to you, stroking your face once more, “Once i’m sure you won’t run off on me again. I just got you back Rika, and there’s no way I’m taking the chance of losing you again.” He leans in and tries to kiss you and jerk your face away from him as far as you can. 
     “Yoosung. Listen to me. I’m not Rika. I’m (y/n).” You plead, staring into his eyes. His eyes grow dark, the loving look that was there is replaced by a look of anger.
     “Rika I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I’m not having it. I finally see you again and this is how you act? Please stop right now, you’re upsetting me.” He runs his hands through your hair, pulling some of the locks forward so you could see. “See? You are Rika. Who else has such beautiful blonde hair?” You looked down at your hair, in complete shock. He dyed your hair. He had actually dyed your hair. The look on your face must’ve displayed your horror because Yoosung leaned into your ear and whispered. “It’s okay, you’re here with me now and you’re not going to disappear on me again.” 

They kind of foreshadowed Boruto being trained in the Hyuuga ways early on

See the sign in Boruto’s jacket?

Look familiar?

It’s the Hyuuga clan’s Clan symbol.

I hope they give us a little backstory on Naruto’s family and the Hyuuga clan. There is so much you can expand on there.

Meanwhile Hiashi:

When We Were Young - Michael Clifford

Originally posted on hashtagsandbrokenrecords!


“You’re staring at me again.” You laughed, watching as Michael blushed, turning around to look back out the window.

“I’ll try and not be so obvious next time.” he chuckled. You smiled to yourself as you carried on driving down the road. You’d been driving for what felt like hours, but it had been nice. The streetlights had long disappeared and you were pretty sure you had gotten lost and as it was nearly 11 o’clock at night, there were barely any cars on the road.

“Do you know where we are?” You mumbled, scrunching up your face as you looked out for a sign. There was nothing around that looked familiar to you.

“I have no idea. You’re the one driving.” he replied, glancing down at the map he was supposed to be reading.

“Yeah and you’re the one with the map Mikey!” You groaned, pulling over into the lay by. “Pass it here.” You held your hand out for it but he shook his head at you.

“I’m in charge of navigation and you’re in charge of getting us there in one piece!” he protested, hugging the map to his chest, a pout forming on his lips.

“Yeah and you’re doing an absolute shit job!” You laughed, tugging it out of his grip. You glanced down and realised you were supposed to have turned off about 3 miles back.

“Instead of staring at me, can you concentrate long enough to tell me to turn off?” You smirked, handing him the map back and swinging the car back around, speeding back in the direction you’d come in.

“I wasn’t staring at you that much.” he mumbled, glancing back at the map, scowling.

“You missed the turning.” You reminded him, ignoring the scoff he gave you in response. “Anyways, we’ll be there in ten.”

You’d rented a small beach house for a couple of days,an attempt to take some much needed time to yourselves. There were only 2 rooms but it was located right on the edge of the beach and it had looked perfect from the pictures.

Eventually you pulled up to the outside of a small hut building, the lights all out aside from a small lamp in the window. Michael clambered out of the car and made his way to the front door. You followed Mike towards the front door, holding out the key you’d been entrusted with.

“I’ll just grab the bags, let yourself in.” He muttered, turning around to grab your small bags from the boot of your old hatchback. 

You walked inside, flicking on the lights by the front door and you had to admit, you’d chosen a nice place. The walls were painted blue, with seashells all scattered around. It was your stereotypical beach house, it felt like the holidays you’d had when you were a kid with your parents.


“It’s just like old times.” Michael whispered in your ear, pressing kisses along your jaw, finding your lips. It was a tight fit on the small bed and it reminded you of when you first began dating and he’d climb through your window so as not to wake your parents. But they’d find you curled up the next morning, comfortably tangled on your tiny single bed. They didn’t mind, as long as you were happy, that’s all that had ever mattered to them.

You lay back, looking up at the ceiling. Relaxing into Michael’s arms, you felt yourself start to nod off with the sound of the sea just outside the window.

You were just closing your eyes when you felt someone nudge your shoulder making you jump awake.

“Shh, it’s just me.” Michael whispered from beside you. It was so dark you could barely make out his figure, but you thought he was crouching beside the bed. “I want to go outside.”

“Why? It’s like 1am.” You sighed, rolling over to face where his voice was coming from.

“I can’t sleep. C’mon it’ll be fun.” he begged under his breath. You didn’t really have to think twice about it. You pushed the covers off and followed him out of the room.

You made your way down the stairs, cringing every time one creaked, when you finally made it out of the back door and onto the decking. The moon was high in the sky, and it reflected onto the ocean. Mike sat down in one of the deck chairs, gesturing for you to sit on his lap. You curled up in his lap, laying your head in the crook of his neck as he ran his fingers up and downyour legs and sides. You tangled your fingers in his hair, feeling him press random kisses to your neck.

You sat in silence, just looking out to the ocean. You loved feeling him touch you like this, innocent. There was something amazing about having someone just want to touch you, because they’re so afraid that if they don’t you may not be real anymore. You smiled slightly as his lips moved across your jaw line, moving closer to your lips before they found them, capturing them in a slow and lazy kiss.

You loved these moments with Michael, where you didn’t have to try. You knew he loved you and he knew you loved him. He had been your rock over the past few years, and it was moments like these that gave you strength. You knew you weren’t alone in the world.

He pushed you off slightly, kissing your nose, before pushing you up completely and running down to the beach. You laughed, slightly confused, as you ran after him.

“What’re you doing?” You shouted to him as he kept running along the sand.

He turned around to face you, saying nothing. He just pulled his shirt off, discarding it on the sand, before doing the same with his shorts. You laughed hard, knowing exactly what he was doing now. He winked before pulling his boxers down, throwing them on the pile of clothes before running towards the ocean.

You could hear him swear as he hit the cold water and you stood slightly off watching him hop around in the freezing water, cursing. He stood out in the dark ocean, his pale skin against the black of the night.

“Don’t just stand there!” he called to you, when he turned around and saw you were still fully clothed and just watching him.

“You’re freezing your balls off, I’m not about to get in there with you.” You shouted back, watching as he turned around and started making his way back to you. “No.” You told him as he got closer, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

“What?” he asked, feigning innocence as he walked towards you, arms outstretched.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” You tried to sound stern, but you gave yourself away with the sniggers. “Mikey…” You warned, backing away but then he broke out into a run making you squeal and walk backwards faster before you turned and ran as well.

You thought you were okay until you felt two cold, wet arms wrap around your waist, picking you up from behind. Your legs flailed as you screamed, feeling him press sloppy kisses to your cheeks.

“No, Mikey, put me down!” You shouted, and he laughed, placing you back on your feet.

“You’re cold and wet now…” he trailed off, fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt. You knew exactly what he was asking. You pushed his hands off, pulling your shirt over your head and pulling your shorts down, leaving you stood in your bra and pants. You bit your lip as you undid your bra and kicked off your pants, watching as he smirked, his eyes darkening slightly.

You laughed as he moved towards you, pushing his hands away and running towards the ocean, hearing him groan loudly. You hit the water, cursing at the sheer temperature before you waded in deeper, gritting your teeth.

You felt arms wrap around your middle and a body press up against you. “I swear to god, you’re killing me tonight.” Mike whispered in your ear, making you shiver.

Hey Violet who?

Once upon a time there was a band called Cherri Bomb, made up of four pretty awesome chicks making pretty awesome music and signed to Hollywood Records. Sound familiar? Look at your soundtrack from The Avengers and give Shake The Ground a listen. Feel free to fall in love.

Fast forward through some creative differences that meant the band parted ways with their former lead guitarist Julia Pierce and added Casey Moreta to the lineup instead, and you have Hey Violet, announced today as the first band to be signed to Hi or Hey Records - the offshoot of Capitol Records run by 5 Seconds of Summer.

Weirdly, a lot of people don’t seem quite as thrilled about this as I am. Cherri Bomb rocked my world, and it’s clear to see that Hey Violet is going to do the same thing, now with 25% more dude and 100% more 5sos endorsement. 

So say hi (or hey, if that’s what you’re into) to Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, Rena Lovelis, and Casey Moreta. If you aren’t obsessed now, I figure you will be soon enough. 

“Shit. Shit. Fuck. What the hell happened? What the hell happened and where is everyone?!” Erik wasn’t yelling at anyone in particular as he leaned against a tree outside the building, coughing for a few seconds and then looking around frantically for a sign of anyone familiar.


fitzsimmons winter (re)watch
1x19: The Only Light in the Darkness

“We need to talk.”
“We do?”
“Agent Triplett thinks he’s done something to upset you. Fitz, if you’re questioning his loyalty in any way, I can assure you -”
“It’s not him.”
“What is it, then?”
“Uh, you know how I can be. I hate change.” 


Hey Guys!

In less than 24 hours me and my older sister will be seeing Taylor Swift at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa! It took us 8 hours to get here and we’re so ready to shake it off!

We’re so excited to wear our costumes… “No It’s Becky” and being cat lovers we made signs with cat references. Doesn’t that meOW bandaid look familiar?? 

We cannot wait to dance all night long with Taylor and it would mean the world if you guys could reblog this so that taylor might notice. I really want to surprise my sister hehe.

taylorswift tree-paine

A Different Well || deals-and-the-chipped-cup

Kagome hummed to herself as she walked to the well, she was ready for a weekend visiting her family and enjoying the luxuries of the modern era. Lifting herself up on the side she jumped in, and was surrounded by familiar blue lights. Only when she arrived and looked up she didn’t see the the well house roof, it was a dense forest. The miko frowned, had she stayed in the feudal era? Slowly she climbed out to see she wasn’t in an area she was familiar with.

Frantically she looked around for any sign of civilization so she could figure out where she was. Not to far away she could see a road and walked toward it, strangely it was a modern road. After walking for a short way she could see a couple shops up ahead and quickly walked over to the nearest one. Seeing the sign was in English she was glad she had to learn the language in school. The bell chimed as she walked into the pawn shop.