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Fuckboy! Park Woojin

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Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“In your light, I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

  • Woojin is the no commitment type of fuckboy who knows he is good at dancing and takes advantage of it
  • Dances a lot not just because it’s his interest but he gets a lot of attention for it
  • He’s the one everyone has their eyes on during practice or competitions
  • Not just because he is one of the best dancers but those hip trusts and winks ???
  • He doesn’t approach the girls but will literally flirt with anyone who approaches him during or after his dance practice
  • He thinks it’s acceptable since he makes it very clear from the start that it doesn’t extend any further than making out
  • The empty storage room right next to the dance practice room that is reserve for Woojin and his flings
  • He doesn’t even remember who he made out with the day before cause he just really doesn’t care
  • When a girl approaches him, they don’t even try to extend any further than making out
  • Cause they know he just turns them down immediately
  • They can slip their numbers in his pockets and he wouldn’t give two shits about it
  • It doesn’t matter if that girl was freaking attractive as he just can’t handle the commitment dating someone
  • Being the captain of the high school dance team, he has no time to send morning and night texts 
  • Or even go on dates that he sees his best friend, Jihoon, does once he met his girlfriend
  • Also because he’s generally quiet in the first place and he really doesn’t like it when someone invades his personal space
  • You were unknowingly pushed into Park Woojin’s life when you had accidentally applied for the wrong class
  • Instead of History, you somehow applied for Hip Hop class
  • The administrative would only let you change after the first monthly test
  • You weren’t allowed to skip as well as it would still be included in your overall grade
  • As a scholarship student, you really couldn’t afford to get a F
  • You weren’t a bad dancer considering that you used to do ballet as a child
  • But hip hop????
  • It required very sharp and strong movements and you were just so far from it with your graceful motions
  • You were dreading to attend the first class as you changed into your dance attire
  • When you went in, you sat at a corner, not wanting to attract any attention as you realized most of the students there were already friends with each other
  • After a quick warm up, the instructor, Daniel, started going through the basics
  • It was clear to everyone that you were the worst dancer in the room
  • You could see frowns when you had to keep asking the instructor to repeat the motion or how you took way longer than usual to coordinate both your arms and legs
  • While people did raise their eyebrows on your dancing, they never really cared since the dance class was an individual assessment
  • Until the instructor announced that the grades for the first term monthly test was based on partner routine and you were given one month to practice on it
  • You could collectively hear groans when he said that he had already chosen the partners
  • You could see a lot of people glancing your way, praying that he won’t pair them with you as it was very unlikely to get an A
  • “y/n and Woojin!”
  • The last pair was announced and you weren’t sure if you wanted to laugh or cry to be paired with the best dancer of the school
  • You could learn a lot from him but at the same time, he came off cold and scary to you
  • You knew he had a policy with only keeping everything to making out, but you didn’t even try to learn more about it as you wanted to distance yourself from the dance class as much as you could
  • You had been in the dance class for a month but you barely interacted with any of the students there
  • Many had deemed you weren’t up to their standards and ignore=d you
  • As you two started practicing, the girls in the class were extremely jealous 
  • Many had thought this partner routine could be a way to getting closer to Woojin other than seeing him
  • But to think someone who could barely dance hip hop be his partner??? That was when they starting making rude comments about you out loud when you guys trained
  • The girls also purposely did it as many were jealous of you outside of class 
  • You were well-liked & popular along with being the salutatorian and an athlete to the boot
  • They saw it as a way of being able to mock you of your weakness
  • Woojin didn’t say much when you two started watching the video of the routine you had to practiced
  • “I can’t believe someone of y/n’s standard is Woojin’s partner.”
  • “What if Woojin can’t get an A because of her?
  • While you just keep a straight face and just continue practicing, Woojin just ignore them
  • He doesn’t contribute to the verbal bullying but neither does he try to fight back their statement cause it’s true after all lmao
  • Whenever there was after school practice and the instructor wasn’t there to make sure you guys are in pairs
  • He just accepts whichever girl who offers to replace you and be his partner ((pretty much everyone lol))
  • That was when you realize you needed to work harder so you wouldn’t let him down
  • You got the keys from the instructor so you could practice for a longer period of time
  • By that I mean until MIDNIGHT
  • After your track & field practice, you did opt out of dinner and choose to practiced alone by yourself for a few more hours in the dance practice room
  • You will then walk home and finish up all your homework and going to bed and waking up early to do revision
  • While it did lead you to finally finish remembering the entire routine
  • Your moves were getting more and more sluggish from your lack of sleep and food  
  • Not only that, you had to juggle dance between your studies and your duties as the Head of Student Exchange Program
  • While Woojin is secretly impressed that you managed to memorize the entire routine in such a short time for a newbie
  • He gets progressively annoyed as your form was completely out and your moves were just lack of any power
  • One day, after ‘hanging out’ with this girl from dance, he was prepared to leave school after exiting the storage room
  • He realized there was music playing from the dance room and the lights were on
  • The girl seemed curious and pulled him over to peek at the ajar door
  • Woojin wanted to push her off but he too wondered who was staying so late to practice as it was around 11PM
  • When the girl sees you, she laughs out loud and commented what a loser you are as you can practice as hard as you can but you will never improve
  • Fortunately, the music was too loud for you to you to overhear anything
  • Woojin keeps quiet because he thought you weren’t putting any effort but here you were
  • Looking at the beads of sweat forming on your body, he figured that was probably why you were so tired 
  • Seeing as you weren’t getting enough rest and your muscles didn’t even have enough time to recover
  • As the girl left, he decided to stay and observe you
  • He saw you getting frustrated at one move that you couldn’t pull off no matter how much tried
  • That was when he popped in and fixed the move by just simply adjusting your legs
  • He then leaves coldly right away once you pulled it off
  • “You should rest or you will be too tired and sore to pull off the moves again at practice tomorrow.”
  • You were just shocked and you became more determined to practice even harder the next day 
  • You packed your bags and decided to take his advice in resting earlier
  • He becomes a lot of patient with you the next day
  • He waits for you each move unlike the last time where he just went ahead to fix his own motions
  • He will stop you when you did wrong and fix it for you
  • When you had your practice after school, you expect him to pick one of the other girls again but he rejects them and goes straight to you
  • Everybody’s like ???
  • That was when Woojin realized how hardworking and determined you are
  • It was a class you were dropping out soon yet rather than half-assing it
  • He could see how you much effort you make to go through each moves at least 3 times so it became sharp and concise
  • He falls in love with you as days go by
  • Ever since he rejected all the girls to be his dance partners
  • He had practice with you after school instead
  • Strangely he didn’t miss it but much prefer the time spent with you
  • He didn’t know what was the bubbly feeling of anger he felt whenever he saw you talking with other boys
  • Jihoon literally smacked him on the head that he was in love when he told him that he just wanted to pull you into a hug rather than making out
  • On the other hand, you blush whenever your friend’s mention Woojin
  • He spoke to you a lot more now, even greeting you when you guys were outside of dance class
  • He was so caring that you didn’t know how to make your judgment
  • While you accepted that you had a major crush on him, you were pretty sure he could any girl he wanted and that he most likely preferred dating a dancer??
  • You didn’t even try getting your hopes up but it was hard
  • Especially when Woojin did offer you one of his clean towels 
  • Or when his hands were on waist and his voice breathing down your neck as he adjusted one of the moves for you
  • Wooin decided that he was going to confess to you after the partner routine
  • Seeing as he no longer had the chance to meet you again as you were dropping the subject
  • He wasn’t going to let this chance just slipped away
  • The partner routine had been a great success for the two of you
  • Daniel had praised both of you, especially you as he could see a major improvement
  • It was after the performance when Woojin came up to you and asked you to stay back at the dance room
  • You were in shock when you went in to see him holding a bouquet of irises
  • You knew that the flower meant being faithful to a person
  • For a moment you thought he was confusing you with another girl that you nearly went out of the room LOL
  • But he pulled you by your wrist and said
  • “I will only be faithful to you so will you be mine?”
  • You accepted the flowers and blushingly, you kissed his left cheek
  • “Is this a good enough answer?”
  • Detective Conan reference asdfg I LOVE the latest chapter
  • Dating him would include a lot of spontaneous dates
  • He would drag you to random cafes after school or his favourite sushi store
  • You guys have a lot of study dates since Woojin is shit at studying so you have to tutor him a lot
  • But he gets distracted so easily that you threaten him you won’t give him any kisses that he got an A for Biology
  • He cheers for you at your Track & Field event and you are supporting him at dance battles
  • He would also show you a lot of new songs that he found
  • You guys share earbuds whenever you go to school
  • He walks you homes every day as his club dance practice ends at the same time as your athlete training
  • Dogs cafes are your favourite places to go after an exam or when either of you is stress
  • He loves holding your hand and giving you eskimo kisses
  • Whenever he’s at your place watching a movie, he likes to hold your hand to his chest
  • Instead of pizza and netflix, you both like to eat tubs of ice cream instead
  • He likes to get you various ice cream from the convenience store so you guys can try single flavour since you both have such a sweet tooth
  • So he can just drag you to his chest when he wants to and cuddle
  • You guys even danced in the rain once which resulted in the two getting sick and having the fever for two days lol
  • Whenever there’s good music, he will look into your eyes and slip his hand into yours
  • “Dance with me?”

A/N: Here’s the end of my Fuckboy! Series ^^ Thank you for all your support & do look forward to my next series which is Werewolf! Wanna One. This series was the start of my tumblr journey and had led me to gain a lot of friends, messages and encouragement along the way. I’m sad that this is over but there will be a fuckboy! au for a certain p101 group ;) Once again, thank you for liking, reblogging & commenting and I love each and everyone of you so much <3 - Iris

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more au yukina wuuuu… scary/scared girl

(phone doodles)

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send an OTP, Dizzee and Thor :D :D :D

Ah thank you so much for your question from AGES AGO (sorry)!

  • Who made the first move; Thor- “My turn.” 
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first; Dizzee blurted it out one day and Thor said it right back with a goofy smile on his face
  • How often they fight; They bicker all the time over small things, like what colour would look best on a piece. It’s very rare that they fight over big things but when they do it’s usually about one another’s safety
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon; Even though he’s bigger, Thor’s the little spoon for sure
  • What their nicknames are for each other; Aside from their usual nicknames, they call each other cutesy stuff like angel, my flaxen haired warrior, my prince, mon amour, baby, my love etc.
  • Whose the better cook; Dizzee cause he used to have to cook dinner for his brothers when their parents were out
  • Their song; Obviously it’s Set Me Free by Mylene Cruz and the Soul Madonnas 
  • Who remembers their anniversaries; Thor has each date written down in his sketch book and makes a big fuss every time. Dizzee knows the dates off by heart but always forgets on the day due to his habit of getting lost in his own head and feels awful so makes up for it with big speeches about their love
  • Their favorite thing to do together; They love creating together and talking on rooftops 
  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; Neither and both, but Dizzee is the more persuasive one
  • How they would get engaged; Thor would take Dizzee to the top of the highest building in the Bronx, and begin his big romantic speech before being interrupted by a cheekily smiling Dizzee pointing to a train rolling past which has ‘“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”   Please marry me Thor.’ 
  • What their wedding would be like; They’d elope to Ireland where they would then perform the handfasting ceremony they’d always talked about, at which the officiant is blown away by the length of their vows. They’d return home to family and friends who are pissed off they didn’t get to see them get married.
  • How many kids they’ll have; They both love kids and want to raise as many as they can together

So, I uh, finally finished Andros’s design.
He looks a little bit different than how I originally imagined him, but that design didn’t work out on paper. Like, at all.

Just for information (and to spare your eyes) the label on his chest reads:
v 3.0

He’s ~9 ft tall, and over 1000 pounds. I mean, he’s literally made of metal and stuff, it makes sense, right? The little antenna on the side of his head flips forward to become a laser sight. :3

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okay so its not lyrics but rumi's poetry is SO romantic. 'you are the universe in ecstatic motion' and 'In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art' being my favs

I’m answering these hella late my bad

I love the first one!! Comparisons to space, galaxies, the universe etc always get me