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Submit Anon: Friend Bullied by Weeb

So my weeb story isn’t exactly about me, but a girl that I went to school with from kindergarten until my senior year of high school who was also kind of a bully. We’ll just call her “S”. 

So S wasn’t a weeb from the beginning, but she was always really “interested in art”. Except that she never drew anything in class, ever. Even for class projects. She would argue and cry until the teacher let her take it home with her, even if it was an “in-class” assignment. We’d have art contests for our grade, and everyone would draw their picture in class except for her, and every time, she’d bring in something that was far more advanced than someone our age could come up with. 

I think my mom knew her mom, and found out a few years later that S would bring these projects home and her mom would actually draw them for her.

Anyway, so this girl continues this awful habit throughout school, slowly beginning to learn to trace (very obviously) and surrounding herself with people who would actually print out pictures of anime characters and pretend that they’d drawn them on their computers. Around middle school, a new girl transferred to our school and unfortunately began hanging out with S. She was a sweet, shy girl, who always minded her own business and doodled in the back of the classroom. In gym, S would regularly and loudly ostracize her in front of their group, so much so that other classmates could hear her and would mock her among their own groups. It was really sad to see her bullying this poor girl so much, but there wasn’t a ton I could do. I would talk to the new girl sometimes, but she was so shy and thought that she had to depend on S for some ridiculous reason, and no matter how many times I would invite her to sit with my friends at lunch or run with us in gym, she always went back to them.

So S and her group started their own makeshift anime club during lunch, and one day, the new girl was crying as she was leaving it. I asked her what was wrong, and she showed me these beautiful drawings that she’d done. They weren’t anime-styled, but super realistic and you could tell that she’d put a ton of hard work and effort into them. She told me that she’d shown them to S and S had told her that they were awful and that she should just give up on drawing and leave it to “people who knew what they were doing”. 

I was so pissed! S had this ridiculous sense of pride in her artistic abilities because she’d won those art contests in grade school, which she bragged about until high school. She refused to take any art classes because they didn’t “appreciate her style”, and regularly bullied her own friends for being better at things than her.

I explained this to the new girl and I told her how nice I thought her drawings were. People were always complimenting her artwork and everyone could see her potential. 

Eventually she cut ties with S and ended up getting a scholarship for an art school in another state and winning a few real awards. 

The last I heard of S, she’d graduated from high school and hasn’t gone to college or gotten a job. Someone said she has a dream of breeding wolves? 

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