that show with the steampunk mecha kid

the sad thing about Breach is that it’s pretty obvious she’s wearing a school uniform, or at least part of one

which implies that she went EVO during school, with all her friends around her, with her teachers there. 

just imagine the screams as the students try to get as far from her as possible, as she walks forwards clumsily with her arms weighing her down and her two tiny new ones flailing about. She’s just as scared as they are, she wants to be comforted, told she’ll be ok, she doesn’t know what is happening to her. 

just imagine small portals opening by accident, because she doesn’t know how to control her powers yet. A desk falls as half of it is consumed and taken somewhere else, the wall suddenly has a new perfect circle shaped hole in it. but then it escalates. A girl loses her arm, a boy his leg, people are running and scared and no one sees her as their friend anymore, they see her as an EVO, something dangerous and deadly

I like to think she’s from Greenville, Ohio. that was her town, she knew it like the back of her hand, it was her place. She just wanted everyone who ever ran from her out. they didn’t deserve that town or that school or all those things they had. So she took them and made them perfect - just how she wanted 

I kinda want to write something for Breach one day, I really do. she’s really great and really messed up and really intriguing. she’s also probably one of the deepest characters in generator rex. it’d be cool to do a character study or a drabble about her.

Rex and Noah as drift partners in a Jaeger though

White and Six as drift partners

Holiday as the head Kaiju expert scientist who gets really mad at all these stupid jaegar pilots who dont know how to handle a specimen - “ok u can’t just cut them up like that I NEED INTACT SAMPLES. INTACT. AS IN: NOT OBLITERATED" 

meanwhile Caesar’s in the background like "fascinating-” as he stares into a jar that has a huge Kaiju eyeball just floating in it. everyone’s wondering what he’s doing staring at it for so long before they realize he’s literally trying to have a staring contest with it.