that show is beautiful

The Greytness of Melissa McBride

“I feel free to be vulnerable in front of her because she gets me, like she’s my buddy, and you can read everything on her face, she’s just a window.” - Norman Reedus

Some of my favorite pics of Melissa are ones I’ve seen on Norman’s Instagram like this one above because when he takes pics of her they are always beautiful and  seem to have good light and color and he uses great filters. I love the one above because it just shows how beautiful she is and hightlights those gorgeous eyes of hers. And she always seems happy and having fun in these pics and I love that. I also love how he gave the complete center of the center of the photograph too and he’s just watching her do her cute thing over his shoulder like that.

And I just adore the above quote as well. One of my favorites about her and everyone just seems so comfortable around her all the time. That’s our lovely queen right there, I mean how can anyone not love her right? :)

sanabakk  asked:

allie!!! i saw you in toronto last night and you were amazing last night queen thank you for such a beautiful show

thank you for a beautiful show.  Was not xpecting it to be so crazy.  got overwhelmed on stage to the point where I was having trouble singing haha.

I think being born with a passion for musicals whilst being given no ability to execute them yourself in any creative form whatsoever is a worser fate than mouth herpes.