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My internet friend is an idol AU with keito and the reader knowing about jump please!

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Note: I wrote this as if Keitopinion weren’t a JUMP related blog but something that Keito had started on his own as a sort of release so, for the purpose of this, keitopinion will be referenced but there won’t be any mentions of JUMP in his entries, there will also be made up entries where I did my best to try and portray Keito. Hopefully I’ve done my number 1 justice! – Mod C

It had been a long day. Concert prep was taking a lot out of Keito and, while he definitely enjoyed it and was excited to be doing lives soon, he couldn’t help but be happy when he finally made it home. Throwing his jacket down on the couch, Keito pulled out his phone and made his way into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of juice. He paused, hand on the fridge handle and a smile spreading over his face as he read the message that was waiting for him.

ABeautifulDream: I listened to that song you recommended. How do you always know what kinds of things I like?

How could I not know? Keito thought. Typing a quick reply, he slid his phone back into his pocket and finished grabbing his snack before going into the living room and settling on the couch.

OddlyCharmingGentleman: I have my ways (⌒▽⌒ゞ

OddlyCharmingGentleman: I’m glad you liked it though! I have a few more I could recommend if you want.

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In Response to the Negative Iron Fist Reviews-

Okay so, if you didn’t know, Marvel/Netflix’s Iron Fist was open to critics, and they’ve been absolutley slamming it for “slow pacing” and “white washing”. Ah, I see, the repeated ‘white wash’ card is out again, but this time it’s backed up with an accusation of slow pacing. The problem I have with all of this is that critics only watched the first 6 episodes, which is less than half of the whole series. Nothing like premature judgement, huh? I’d consider that a bad quality to have when your supposed to be a 'professional reviewer’. Did everyone suddenly forget that every series ever in history has slower pacing in its first half than in its second half? It’s called build up. So until the whole show is out, you can’t say that it’s slow altogether - it simply has a slow start, like most shows do! The next 7 episodes could be absolutely awesome, but most people will never know because they suddenly can’t endure slightly slow pacing. If people are making verdicts using 6 out of 13 episodes, that’s like reviewing a burger at a restraunt but only taking into account the bread buns. If this has been throbbed continuously for its slow pacing to the point everyone is sceptical, then why does everyone love The Walking Dead? Admittedly, it was good at the start, but now I personally feel like it’s slow as hell and next to nothing happens. I wonder what reviews that show would get now, or are critics too busy trying to pointlessly destroy the Marvel train because they’ve suddenly forgotten the formula to 99% of TV shows? In terms of the cliché 'white wash’ claim… do these reviewers know that Danny Rand was white in the comics? It’s not like he was Asian or African-American before and then they shoved a random white dude in his place. He’s the son of a snobby rich business ran by rich white kids - it’s a negative stereotype if anything, so why do people have a problem with that? I’m sure that if they made him Asian for the show, critics would complain about it stereotyping Asian people as martial artists. Yes, it’s cool and interesting to switch things up and change the race or gender of source material, but he has to be white, as he needs to be portrayed as a white kid born into money and power. It’s his shift from that stereotype to a selfless vigalante that makes the character great. It’s gonna be awesome, just like the other Marvel/Netflix shows. A few reviewers said it picked up during episode 6, so it’s a shame they weren’t allowed to watch further, perhaps their verdicts would have been different. I don’t have to persuade the big Marvel fans to watch, because they’ll make their own minds up, but to those put off by the trivial reviews of 6 out of 13 episodes, then you need to get off the internet and start creating your own verdicts this March 17th - after all, there’s nothing special about critics, we can all critique a film or TV show if we want. It’s just a shame that the majority of critics are dumb as f-

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How do i draw as good as you?

You probably think I’m joking but I’m actually mostly serious. One, I gave up on my social life. Two, I dedicated 90% my time to my craft. Three, I worked endlessly until every piece I made was perfect. Doesn’t sound all that appealing now, huh? I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone other than myself, a sea jelly and borderline cave dweller. But here are some tips on how you can improve your skill moderately, without selling your soul:

  1. Doodle on your free time. Waiting for the bus? Doodle. Got a pen and the back of your hand? Screw it, make a sick tattoo. Doodling is a great little head space for your creative mind to go when there’s nothing much to do.
  2. Watch streams. Jump on it. Sometimes professionals will record entire streams and upload them online for you to view, which is a great tool. Streams are a great way to have one-on-ones with an artist personally ( And trust me, most of them would love to talk to you about techniques ) and watch them at work. So many benefits.
  3. Watch speedpaints. No time for a livestream? Alright. Youtube it is. Not only are speedpaints entertaining, you can watch as an artist puts together a breathtaking composition, layer by layer, and absorb all of that information into your youthful little sponge-brain. Go nuts.
  4. Interview artists. Hey, go for it! I end up giving out advice to other younger artists all the time on Deviantart, most of us are happy to do so. It makes us feel good about our skill level. So don’t be shy! Pop in with a note or a message with a problem your having, see if they have a solution or suggestion for you. Connect artists all over the world.
  5. Strategize your drawing sessions. This is coming from someone who spends almost entire days in front of my computer like this. And trust me. It. Gets. TIRESOME. You’re going to want to schedule breaks. ( Think: “I’ll stand up and go for a walk after I finish inking !” ) Trust me, your body and mind will appreciate it. Brings snacks to your workspace, and reward yourself for every line well drawn. Drink lots of water ( I always have a bottle next to me ) and STRETCH YOUR LIMBS. Also ! Oftentimes when you are running into a creative “brick wall” while working, a little bit of fresh air for your brain is all you need to get back on track again. I can testify to that.
  6. Save all of your artwork !!! Nothing does an artist’s confidence good like reviewing old pieces to see how far you’ve come. It goes to show just how far you can still go ! I occasionally look back at my older pieces for inspiration, as oftentimes I can learn from my past self, too. Those are your precious treasures. Respect them. And keep them close.

That’s all I can think of right now ! I may add to this later if I see fit, but this is what has worked for me for the past three years of freelancing and illustrating on my own. And remember, above all else, do what works best for you ! Get to know yourself and work it to your advantage. Becoming an artist is an ever growing mountainside, but as long as you keep strengthening those creative muscles, the top will be in sight. 💖

Arrow Season 5 finale and overall season thoughts

I have not enjoyed this season or the finale, sure there were some moments that I liked but overall this entire season was forgettable. Since I’ve got a few minutes free this morning I thought I’d list some thoughts.

To start I guess I feel like I might have missed something because the entertainment journalists and most people on my twitter and tumblr time lines were really enjoying last night. And I, well I’m left feeling empty, unsatisfied, and underwhelmed.

I guess Oliver and Felicity are back together. So 5x20 was there to wrap up their break-up and move them forward. And that one little line from Felicity during the birthday party showed they are back together. But I guess even though earlier this year I thought the little bits I figured the show would throw to us would be enough for me, it wasn’t, AT ALL. I can’t even articulate what I’m not satisfied with I just feel unhappy with how that whole storyline wrapped up. But like with so many things on this show I’ll make my peace with it and move on. But I guess at least we got a season finale kiss in the suit in good lighting, so that’s something.

There were too many people in this episode so no one really did anything. All this OTA being front and center and important was such bullshit. Seriously Felicity was there to have a crammed in “meaningful” convo with Thea and Samantha and ????? She announced that the whole island was rigged to blow for the audience but did nothing else. Diggle, oh my god. He did nothing, he was just there. If he had a meaningful purpose it was such a quick scene that I forgot it already.

I was really irritated with the whole Oliver telling Thea that she and Curtis (of all people) and Malcolm (who has betrayed them all so many times) needed to protect and get Felicity and Samantha to safety. That made me so mad, like lets reduce Oliver’s love and baby mama to damsels that need protecting well f&ck that.

That Nyssa and Talia fight was anti-climatic and over too fast. I was expecting a lot more out of Talia since they introduced her this season. Now that was a sister conflict storyline that had potential but as usual with Arrow, they introduced way more story than they could adequately tell.

Slade….sigh. I don’t like Slade, I’ve never liked Slade. Slade killed Moira in front of Oliver and Thea. I don’t give a single shit that the miracuru is out of his system and he is no longer mentally unstable and under the influence of drugs. HE KILLED OLIVER AND THEA’S MOTHER IN FRONT OF THEM. HE STABBED HER THROUGH THE HEART WITH A SWORD! UGH! I also see how the show just slid Slade in to give the words of wisdom to Oliver about survivors guilt and forgiving himself that in any other episode would have been Diggle’s to give. Just another way to sideline Diggle so we can get a comic book character moment.

Rene and Curtis did nothing, couple line of exposition and that’s it. Lance was there to call Dinah Bl@ck C@nary. Dinah was there to have a scream fight with Bl@ck Siren. I get it story-wise, everyone Oliver cares for needed to be on that island so Chase could continue to taunt Oliver with everyone you love will always suffer because of you, blah, blah, blah. And for that “emotional” cliffhanger of they are all dead when the island explodes.

Why was Digger Harkness in this episode? Evelyn was so pointless. I don’t get why Bl@ck Siren was there at all. Sure help Chase out as a thank you by capturing everyone in Star City, but why continue on to Lian Yu?

Malcolm, sigh, I guess I’m glad he’s finally dead, but what a way to go. So let me get this straight, he sacrificed himself for Thea. The same Thea he drugged and had her kill Sara so Ra’s wouldn’t go after him and led to Thea being stabbed and almost dying. Then he wouldn’t give up the league to get the cure for the bloodlust. But that death was off screen, so while I think he might actually be dead for real, I also would not be surprised if he were to pop back up alive in season 8 or 9 if Arrow goes that long.

Now the kid, William. Look I’m a mother, I have 2 kids who are 10 and 8. I’m also the child of divorced parents whose dad popped in and out her life throughout her childhood. This whole finale revolved around Oliver trying to find and save his son. Intellectually I get it, but emotionally I was not connected to this story at all. Look I know Oliver supposedly bonded with the kid in season 4 when he was leaving his paralyzed fiance to visit his son, who didn’t know he was his son. But dammit, if the writers knew that they were going to base the entire finale on fathers and sons (hell the whole season really) then it would have been way more emotionally satisfying for me if I had seen Oliver and William interacting and bonding this season. I’m also mildly irked that we never got to see William’s reaction to finding out that Oliver (his mom’s friend who visited with him a few times last year) is his father and his father is the Green Arrow. Sighing again. Once again this whole child story is just used for plot and has no emotional resonance.

Overall season thoughts.

It’s utterly forgettable. There are maybe 2 episodes I would rewatch entirely and maybe 3 or so more I’d watch parts of.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still watching this show. I haven’t really enjoyed it since season 4a. I guess because every time I think I’m done the writers manage a moment of brilliance and I’m sucked back in.

Billy had no purpose to Felicity’s story. He was there for Oliver’s manpain not for Felicity.

Susan, I’m sighing again. That storyline went no where and was just unceremoniously dropped.

I know some people are happy with Felicity’s arc this season. But it was too little for me. She was sidelined too much this season. While I know she got a lot of screen time a lot of it was about other people’s emotional journeys, technical expertise, and exposition. I’ve given up thinking that she will ever get an in-depth story. I can hope for Smoak Tech next season but I’m not holding my breath.

Oliver, is this no killing thing going to actually stick for real this time? Because I thought it had previously, he spared Slade, but then he killed Ra’s and Damien and was back to killing again at the beginning of this season. I just feel like we constantly retread the same stories over and over with Oliver and I’m just tired of it. Find something new writers. But I don’t think they are capable of finding new emotional arcs for Oliver because once again it sounds like season 6 is a retread of a story already told. But I know it’s early and something had to be announced at upfronts.

I was not really satisfied with the wrap up of the flashbacks. I figured Kovar would have fought with and delayed Oliver just enough to have him miss the boat and he’d be stuck on the island for a couple of months. They really screwed up cutting flashback Oliver’s hair in season 4. If he’d never cut his hair over 5 years and missed the boat Anatoli sent for him that would explain the hair and beard. A wig and fake beard was so ridiculous. But whatever at least the flashbacks (my least favorite part of the show) are finally over.

Sighing once again. I just  re-read this post and I feel like I’ve done nothing but complain. But I wasn’t satisfied with this episode or this season and I needed a way to get my feelings out. So thanks anyone who made it all the way through this post. I’ll probably still follow along with summer hiatus speculations and be back in the fall. But nothing in the finale made me excited to watch next season.

I’m rarely invested in more than 1-3 shows at a time and Arrow has been the only show I watch consistently for the the past 2 years. So I really hope something comes out over the summer or at SDCC to make me want to return, otherwise I might be searching for a new show to watch.

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Alright. Here is my initial review. I ordered the 4-in-1 light brown “Sleek” with the paint plus upgrade from FreeToM Prosthetics on clearance because I was not sure how it would turn out for me. The reason for it being on clearance was that the silicone wasn’t thick enough around the testicle area.
The first photo set is pretty straight forward, the 2 bottom photos show where the tip of the head ends, and it’s pretty stiff which is good for the play feature, but not so much for the packing feature, especially with the hollow rod inside. I personally don’t like the hollow rod at all, it doesn’t work as well as I’d hope when it came to packing with it. I’ve tried multiple times to urinate with it inside the prosthetic, but I guess I just have a strong stream, and the urine gets trapped around the outside of the rod, thus leaking when I bend it back inside my pants. Another thing that bugged me was the weird curl at the top of the cup, it is supposed to be form fitting, but it only seems to fit better on my knee instead of in my underwear. When I get more money, I’m just going to stick with the 2-in-1, but it’s a shame they discontinued the paint plus upgrade. :[

MOVING ON, except for everything I just complained about, it is an absolute DREAM compared to other prosthetics of this quality and how inexpensive it really is. It feels and looks very life-like, and that is one of the things that appealed to me when I first checked out FreeToM’s prosthetics. It’s definitely girthier than any other prosthetic I’ve ever owned (mr. Limpy & ReelMagik basic packer), and it is definitely girlfriend approved. It is true that it looks extremely bigger in person than in photos, so I tried to show in comparison to different things I had lying around in my room.
I am definitely a creature of habit, so my harness is also what I used to pack with my RM basic packer, it turned out to be a good choice. I definitely would advise against packing without a harness (I show why above). I would also suggest that if you’re getting the 4-in-1, wear tight underwear, nothing too stretchy.
So, if anyone has any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re all trying to figure this out together anyway, so why not share our experiences!

not that anyone who follows me really cares but okieriete onaodowan has never gotten the treatment he deserves a day in his career (as far as primary casting goes). wasn’t even nominated for the tony he definitely deserved over groff and diggs (coming from someone who fucking loVes diggs). casted as pierre in the great comet only to be booted from the role only a few weeks later because he wasn’t bringing enough people in to see the show, despite getting nothing but stellar reviews?? what the fuck. what. the fuck.

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I am loving season 7 so far, it might be my fav season on the show tbh (jonerys bias, maybe💁) I just don't like that all of these reviewers bashing the show like that. It makes me feel like I'm wrong for liking it better than the slower pace of season 5 for instance. I really love your fics and they always bring a smile to my face (and sometimes tears lol). ❤️

Hey! Yes I LOVE all of the Jonerys stuff in season 7 lol. Some of the other plot lines I…could be happier with but I’m extremely pleased with all of the Jonerys interactions. Don’t let the negative reviewers get to you! I feel like Game of Thrones is such a popular show that people will write hate on it just to get more views, or they hold it to such a high standard that nothing can possibly live up to. I think the pacing has been pretty good-it feels slightly rushed but that’s to be expected because so much is happening! But these are the same people who probably complained that past seasons were too slow. Enjoy the season! We only have one more left after this-do everything you can to make sure they’re enjoyable for you :) 

I saw a reviewer call Viserion a ‘minor dragon’ when the episode first leaked and I can tell you that I saw red. Which isn’t really related to the topic but you get what I mean. 

And aww thank you so much! You made my night. Thank you so much for reading :) 

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I get so annoyed with the screaming teenage girl trope thing too, because with this album he really has grown his audience to a much wider group. My dad is a 57yr old who is his fan and if I was able to get a second ticket he would be going to the concert with me. He is going to the stadium show with me next year, not because I want him to but because he wants to. Harry has grown his audience to not just the teen girls but to older men and women. Hopefully time will show these reviewers that.

There’s nothing wrong with screaming teenage girls. Most popular music wouldn’t be successful without them. We’ve all been screaming teenage girls at some point in our lives, and it was a fucking amazing time too. You want to bet how successful Elvis or The Beatles would have been without teenage girls? But yeah, he is reaching a wider audience, and that’s a good thing (I’m already stanning your dad btw), but I don’t think it matters to those kinds of reviewers. Their only aim is to drag Harry through his fanbase, which is a pretty low blow. Drag him on his clothes, his music, his performance, whatever it takes to get your point across, but leave his fans alone. 

“What” his voice dips into a rather quiet murmur, the screen is flickering past the credits, the entire screen turning black. “Did we just watch?” He finishes, the look on his face is priceless.

You might have laughed if you weren’t sure his expression mirrored your own.

“Maybe it’s not the end?” You say, hand already reaching out for your phone. “Maybe it’s an ongoing series, or Netflix doesn’t have all the seasons.”

You both know there’s no second season. That’s why you picked this show to start with. It was short, and the reviews were very good.

“Did we just waste six hours of our life?” His voice is soft and a deadpan. A sort of numbing sensation has completely overcome him, partially from the violent nature of the show and partially from staring at a screen for so long.

“Nothing in that ending even offered any closure, she didn’t even say why she was killing all these people!” He finally shouts, as if he’s finally snapped out of his self loathing.

“It just gets even more confusing, apparently it’s based off of a popular series, and it just gets even weirder.” You inform him, a eyebrow bumps up skeptically, because honestly how much more weird could it get?

“Like the witch and the two servants were all one person, and there is no such thing as real magic.” That is weird, considering the entire six hours have been filled with murders that can only be explained through magic.

“So we just wasted six hours of our life.” You confirm, he just sighs, dropping his head onto the back of the couch.

“I really wanted to know who she was!” He nearly shouts, a deep sigh leaving his mouth.

Seriously what a waste, you have better things to do then spend your free time like this. He pulls out a cigarette from the pack in the side drawer, flame flickering before the smell of Tabacco fills the room.

“Do you wanna watch a comedy or something.” He mumbles through the stick between his lips, he takes a quick drag, making sure to blow the smoke away from you.

You still feel a bit numb, six hours of charecters who’ve all lived tragic lives with out a proper conclusion just leaves you feeling empty.

“Can you put on a bad sitcom, and then we can listen to it while I make dinner or something?” You ask, you don’t really feel like watching anything else. You just want a break.

He nods, smiling as he crushes the cigarette into the ashtray. Half of it still unused.

His lips press against yours, it’s quick and chaste, but it seems to spring you back into existence, the numbness almost immiedietly thawing away from your body.

“How about you just in the kitchen and I’ll make dinner.” He mumbled against your lips, a smirk already arching onto his lips.

so I really don’t wanna talk about The loo but I keep seeing this same anon(s) on so many blogs and I need to address it so I just wanna say: y'all are crazy for listening to them.

don’t tweet about lexa during the premiere. or before or after. just stop giving them more publicity and attention. everyone has forgotten about the show by now and we’re the only ones with the power to make noise so just don’t do it maybe? 

do nothing. don’t interact with the twitter accounts, don’t make hashtags, forget them. the time frame for when we had power to do things with noise has long gone. it could only benefit them now. you know the whole “any publicity is good publicity” thing. if you really absolutely have to do something then just downvote the new episodes on sites like amazon/imdb/etc. don’t even read reviews and give them clicks. and ffs don’t watch live. be smart for once


I had forgotten that Inhumans were releasing the first two eipsodes in IMax, I’m not a big Inhuman fan usually only read them for more Pietro and Luna but I just read a few reviews and… ouch. 

Can a person feel bad for this project even when they had nothing to do with it? I just feel really bad for the actors who just seemed so lost in the press conferences and the Internet has not been kind to them. I also agree that alot of the costumes/trailers were just…bad. But I was hoping for a compelling story at least.

Also I didn’t think that they wouldn’t even get not one good review on Rotten Tomatoes. The criticism is even worse than Iron Fist and I didn’t think it could get worse. I mean aside from the costumes/show was anything good? How were the actors? Has anybody seen the first two episodes yet?

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Hi Desferal, I've been contemplating writing to you for around a month now, since I saw your MCAT score (congratulations by the way) and heard you were heading into medicine. I was hoping you might be willing to toss out some advice on how you chose your medical schools , what your extracuriculars are, or how you succeeded on the MCAT? If this is something you wish to keep private I understand. Still, all the best, and I also should say that I love your art!

ahhH how could I say no to such a polite request ;)) I’m more than willing to give advice?? but idk if it’ll be helpful since I’m from canada and the process may be different than other countries..

How I chose med schools:

- I looked at out of province acceptance rates, and the percentages of applicants who got interview slots.

-  I also factored in the average mcat and gpas of successful applicants to see if i was even competitive

- personally I chose schools that favoured the mcat highly since I did pretty well, and also didn’t require writing the casper test (tests moral reasoning which I’m  BAD at)

- I actually changed my mind one day before the applications were due so I might not be the best to ask on this

Extracurricular activities: 

- dang son I did quite a few extracurriculars and volunteering and listing them all would be a bit..  long. so ill highlight a few

- i did summer research which i think is very beneficial

- did hospital volunteer work and doctor shadowing and i feel like admission committees look for that kind of thing

- stuff that has NOTHING to do with my degree like coaching volleyball, drawing, running a charity. shows you’re a well rounded person

- tbh activities are still no where near as important as your gpa so if you can only choose one, focus on that. 

MCAT tips

- i crammed which is not good. don’t do it. but i studied like 10 hours a day for 1.5 weeks and that was just barely enough

- do a few practice tests but DO NOT trust the scores. I used Princeton Review and only scored around 70th percentile, which was not representative of how well i did on the actual mcat (98th percentile)

- know the location of your testing centre and how to get there and arrive freaking early. there’s nothing worse than being stressed about being late

- bring a chocolate bar or some kind of reward to eat between the 3rd and 4th sections to bring your blood sugar up and to reward you for being ¾ths done!

- focus on general concepts and question types instead of memorizing every detail about the neurological pathway for the eye lol 

- use the “tutorial time” of the exam to write down all the equations you have memorized, and the single letter abbreviations for amino acids, that way you don’t have to worry about forgetting them 

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Why do ew have an axe to grind with Lawrence? What have I missed?

It’s become increasingly evident. Ever since Jennifer was named their Entertainer of the Year, EW has written or said nothing good about her. Joy, XM:A, and Passengers received significantly worse reviews from EW writers than the aggregate average (who will forget Nashawaty’s D+ for Passengers?). Jessica Shaw called her a “one-note actress” on the morning Sirius radio show with Dalton Ross, Nashawaty accused her of going through the motions on XM:A, and Kyle Anderson on LA Daily literally howled that “Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (in XM:A) was the worst performance he had ever seen by a star in a superhero movie. And now mother! for which Lawrence has received favourable [indeed, glowing) notices from even those otherwise incensed by the movie, elicits some half-witted garbage from EW about what type of role she SHOULD be playing. A scurrilous attempt to limit her at a time when she’s showing her limits are WAY off in the distance.

Regardless, EW has never been a publication I’ve ever put much stock in the opinion of anyway. *shrug*

From the Ground up

(This is going to be long, and a bit bitchy, but it takes a very positive view of season 11 and Destiel in general. Also a virtual hug to the fandom.)

So, I want to say clearly that this is something I generally don’t do: I don’t like to criticize people for doing their job wrong, even when they’re horrible at it (maybe I lived in the UK for too long, but my reaction is always a smile and a Thank you, even when waiters drop food and wine and candles on me and I catch fire and die). And, after a few spectacular rows during my first few weeks on the internet (many, many years ago) I now try not to fight with people online, because it’s a waste of time and it never ends well - the best one can hope for is the so-called reductio as Hitlerum, so, yeah.

(And I’m not saying this to imply I’m some sort of übernice person - I’m just that person who is very easily outraged and replays arguments for hours and cannot believe they would see it that way months after the thing even happened, so at one point I just decided to try and focus on the fights worth having instead of being high and mighty all the bloody time.

Also, when you get to be my age you start to realize you might not be as competent and omniscient as you once thought, so you sort of decide not to judge all the people all the time.)

That said, today I’ve been restless and mindless and I was really curious to find out what the rest of the world has been saying about The Chitters, because to me it’s really, really obvious something momentous is going on and I needed to know if I was delusional (because sometimes I am).

And, well.

I looked through a dozen reviews, and this is what the professionals had to say about the episode:

Now, I didn’t include the sources of these excerpts, because, as I said, I don’t want to fight with anyone and I don’t think ranting at one site or another would be a productive use of anyone’s time.

Still, I think it’s worth repeating that these writers are professionals who review TV series for a living and are presumably paid to do it. And yet, it’s very plain they understand nothing of what has been going on on this show.

First of all, yes, it’s true that the overall structure, split between main arc episodes and MotW episodes, is sometimes frustrating. But: a good MotW episode brings so much to the story, because Supernatural has never been about what some of these reviewers think it is about. This is not some old-school videogame where the characters are four-pixel figures who jump over things and kill things and progress to bigger and bigger monsters. The point was never to see how they could defeat a series of increasingly creepy villains. No, from the very beginning, Supernatural was about the internal struggle we all face - the monsters were, and I can’t believe this isn’t obvious to everyone, a metaphor. Because it never mattered that Sam was supposed to say yes to Lucifer, specifically. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Lucifer, he’s a jewel of a character, and also very impressive, and he does come with 2000+ years of awesome history and mythology, but Melville achieved the same effect with a freaking fish (I know, I know: not a fish, but come on), so Lucifer is clearly not the point. No, what Supernatural was always about is all that other stuff - those questions which keep us up at night (or, at least, which should keep us up at night): Who am I, really? Is it possible to truly change? To become better? To be true to myself? Is compassion stronger than violence, or is violence always the better choice? Are other people entitled to the same privileges I allow myself? Or, to put it more bluntly, will I ever believe a monster can change? Or does birth really determines who we are? What do you owe other people? What is love, and is it always a good thing? Can you ever show your love to someone by choosing to step away? What happens when I die? Does destiny exist? Or are we free to write our own path? And which option should we prefer?

These questions are fascinating because, on the one hand, they seem very deep and complex, and indeed, most philosophers have discussed the finer points over the centuries; but, on the other hand, it’s also the kind of stuff we all wonder about when we’re teenagers, or when we suffer a trauma of some kind (when someone dies or leaves us, for instance). Which is, in the end, the same thing, because God knows being a teenager is a trauma in itself (#ItGetsBetter).

Anyway, their perfect blend of complexity and accessibility is what makes them very good fiction material. Achilles had to choose between greatness and obscurity; he chose greatness, and so did Jason, and so did Theseus (they all died bloody). Menelaus chose compassion over violence, and was rewarded. Agamemnon chose violence over compassion, and he was slaughtered. So did Odyseeus, though, who was saved. Hell, even Rachel found herself at a crossroad (remain the person her family and upbringing had led her to be, or be true to herself and lose everything) because Friends may be a sitcom, but that’s the stuff that works. That’s the basis upon which everything is built. It’s even useless to make a list, because we might as well include everyone and everything.

Going back to Supernatural, the implications of this are pretty obvious. For instance, it doesn’t matter if we don’t always have new and better monsters (look at how Red Meat used werewolves) and it certainly doesn’t matter if Sam and Dean don’t spend their whole time being beaten half to death by some psyhcopathic hairless ghoul hybrid. The way they do things and what they talk about is just as important as the general direction of the season, and mostly even more so. Dean sparing his first demon wasn’t an oddity of the script: it was the beginning of a very long journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance (still ongoing). Sam struggling between his rationality (the end justifies the means) and his instinctive compassion (the need to save as many people as possible) isn’t a boring problem we’ve seen enough of already, now show me the decapitated vamp. Those things aren’t the background of the show: they are the show. What will matter, in the end, is not if Amara is defeated or not, but whether Sam and Dean, our heroes, will have managed to find their true selves and embrace them. This is what the Hero’s Journey is all about, and things have been that way since Gilgamesh and Enkidu journeyed to the Cedar Mountain almost 4000 years ago.

The fact that professional writers don’t get it is, frankly, worrisome. The fact many seem to think this episode added nothing to the season arc - the fact all of them saw Jesse and Cesar as parallels for Sam and Dean - is, and I’m sorry to be blunt, people not being able to do their jobs. Subtext is not always easy to spot, and sometimes things are complicated by the fact writers may not even be aware they’ve put something there until the thing is pointed out to them (as a very famous writer confirmed to me only last week). Which is why this joke -

- annoys me to no end.

But, well: it is perhaps unfair to ask a 15-year-old to analyze and understand a text university professors are still squabbling over. Still, anyone writing for a living - any journalist worth their salt - should be able to spot motives and patterns as a matter of course.

With that, I’m not trying to say they should see what I see because it’s Destiel and I want Destiel to happen. As many have pointed out over the years, the writers have deliberately created (are still deliberately creating) that relationship. This is not something we’re imagining. But I must also say clearly I think many of the ships I see on tumblr are wishful thinking. Not everything is a deception or a conspiracy. Sometimes, things aren’t written that way from the beginning, in my opinion, and wanting two characters to be together just because they’re both single or hot or like the same things is not the same as them being pushed together by a conscious manipulation of the plot. In other words: it is, of course, allowed to ship anyone with anyone, but the reality is, some things are canon and some aren’t. And this goes for Destiel as well: I enjoy fluff and soulful quotes as much as the next person, but I don’t think Dean is the kind of person who can be fluffy, and he definitely has a lot of ground to cover before coming even close to those lovely and long-winded declarations of love one so often reads in fanfiction.

Then again, there is wishful thinking and then there are downright mistakes. Thinking that Sam is insisting they hunt to ‘distract Dean from the Amara problem’, as one reviewer puts it, is ludicrous. It’s textual, and very loud by now, that Cas is what Dean is concerned about. Which is significant, because, surely, what he should be thinking about is that he unleashed a chaotic, all-powerful deity hell-bent on destroying the whole world - and that literally never comes up. Even last night, Sam and Dean allow Jesse and Cesar to walk off into the sunset never once mentioning that sunset could very well turn into a nuclear rain by next week, if Amara gets bored and starts messing around a bit more consistently (somehow, I don’t think she’ll decide to spare New Mexico just because). And thinking The Chitters was all about Jesse - thinking that was odd - I’m sorry, but the only thing you should be allowed to analyse is the label of a Heinz beans can. Of course it’s about Jesse, and it’s about Jesse because - I’ll help you out - Jesse is someone who’s struggled a lot to come to terms with his sexuality and his place in the hunting community, and therefore -

And stating not only that Jesse and Cesar are a parallel for Sam and Dean, but that their relationship echoes the 'loving-but-dysfunctional’ dynamic going on between the brothers - where is it written that what Jesse and Cesar have is dysfunctional in any way? It’s not, which means it’s not a parallel for what’s going on between Sam and Dean but rather -


Anyway, I’ve learned two things from this painful experience.

First, thank God for the internet and user-generated content. It’s a relatively new thing, of course, which means it doesn’t always work, but it’s also a gigantic source of meticulously peer-reviewed material, and, as we know, someone else’s critique is one of the most important elements in any kind of scientific pursuit, and also the best bulwark against utter bullshit. Back in the 1990s, those TV websites (at the time, actual paper magazines) would have been my only source of information and analysis on my favourite show, and their word would have been law. No longer.

Second, if the goal is really some kind of textual Destiel - and, Jesus, where else could we be going? - then they’re going to have to be a lot clearer than this, because it beggars belief, but some people are still not getting it. I don’t know what we need at this point - perhaps some BM moment where the whole thing comes out, and Dean admits it was beyond hard to be bi growing up - no idea. But if this is where they’re going, it needs to be stated clearly, so it won’t come as a WTF thing to - apparently - many, many viewers (and reviewers).

And finally, a big, big hug to everyone involved in Supernatural. I think they’ve done an amazing job this season, and reading all those bitchy complaints about those stupid, stupid things - monsters not being original enough, unnecessary random characters and whatnot - must be frustrating to people who’re actually trying to further a completely different plot - something which is not, and never was, about the monsters; something which is, instead, about ourselves and our place in the world.

Guys, you’ve really worked hard, and it shows. Thank you

Marvel has a Feminism Problem, and That’s why They Renewed Agent Carter

I was really excited last night when the news broke about Agent Carter being renewed for season 2, and then it hit me, the primary reason they renewed Agent Carter is to pacify the feminists. This is not just me being cynical, it’s a fact. Agent Carter was on the 30-40% chance of renewal scale. ABC renewing it isn’t shocking, what with Marvel and ABC both being owned by the same parent company, but there were plenty of people who last week would have said that Agent Carter getting renewed was a pretty unlikely thing.

Let me give you some background so you know I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. To correctly evaluate shows within a network, you compare it’s ratings to the average ratings for other scripted shows of the same network. What it’s going up against in it’s time slot doesn’t matter. How it does compared to reality TV doesn’t matter. Traditionally, if you aren’t hitting that average number of every other show on the network, advertisers are gonna be a lot less interested in buying ads during that show, and advertising is what pays for most of network television. Agent Carter was getting about 78% of the average ratings for ABC shows, which if it aired on Fridays would be good enough to be a fair bet to be renewed, but on Tuesdays is pretty lack-luster.

So let’s make this clear, Agent Carter getting renewed has nothing to do with fan movements or polls. Critic reviews have a slight impact, but that’s negligible on the whole. Agent Carter was renewed because of a very simple fact - Marvel Studios/TV has a very very big feminism problem right now. This beautiful show was renewed to appease us. To make us stop crying out about the treatment of Black Widow, and her lack of both merchandise and a solo movie. To make us shut up about the total erasure of Janet Van Dyne - who could have been a middle-aged voice of comfort to Scott Lang regarding his daughter, but oh wait, it’s supposed to be a heist movie. To make us shut up about the fact that Captain Marvel got delayed to make yet another fucking movie about Peter Parker.

Marvel wants us to shut up about the apalling lack of female characters in Daredevil compared to the men. They want us to shut up for being upset that two of the female characters we got are kidnapped, beaten, and have to be rescued by a man. They keep throwing us cute little dog treats asking us to be happy, while keeping the 11-course meal of steaks (AKA the MCU movies) to themselves.

Am I happy about Agent Carter getting renewed? Of course I am! But I’m not going to let it pacify me into shutting up about everything else that’s still sexist in the MCU. I’m not going to celebrate ‘our victory’, because this isn’t victory. When 50% of the characters and stories in the MCU are female and female-centric, then I’ll celebrate. But until then, I refuse to stop fighting and loudly complaining about the blatant issues with the MCU, because media representation is one of the most important things in modern-day society. Because media representation is what establishes our outlook on what we expect to see in media. Because if we don’t fight to change these things, they will never change. So I’m going to keep fighting, because I want to someday show my future children the movies and shows I loved and not feel ashamed of them.

Her (★★★★☆)

In a near future where we are so detached from one another that we pay a company to write our personal letters to one another, in a near future where we are bound to technology more than anything else, ‘Her’ is the brilliant story of Theodore, a mild mannered man that falls in love with Samantha, his operating system. It’s an alluring film from Spike Jonze that is an eye-opening commentary on our ongoing dependency on technology while at the same time spreading a very welcomed take on love.

Aside from the vibrant look and feel to ‘Her’ and the exquisite story that it tells, it’s the performances of the film that make it so invigorating. My best friend recently told me that Joaquin Phoenix looked like the type of person that would fall in love with a computer. I laughed but it’s true. Joaquin completely embraced this role. He’s this floundering man that has lost everything. He’s a wallflower, the type of guy that comes off as a stranger to even those that know him best. Yet he finds love in the least likely of places. Joaquin puts on an astonishing performance, even more so when you realize that a good 80% of the film is nothing but him by himself. When he’s not by himself, he’s surrounded by a cast that includes Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Chris Pratt and Olivia Wilde, who all deliver exceptional performances.

It’s probably not a film for everyone. There are no explosions, the fate of the world isn’t at stake and and nobody has super powers. With ‘Her’, you come for the interesting premise and the lovely story it tells and you stay for the uncomfortable sex scenes and the show-stealing alien.  

I recommend it highly.

anonymous asked:

"And it’s still weird to me how someone who has never read the manga can defend Crystal. There’s literally nothing to be proud of Crystal, the show stands out but not for good reasons exactly." PLEASE STOP. Go on YouTube right now and look for Sailor Moon Crystal reviews. There are people like Chibi Reviews who have NEVER seen SM or read the manga before and despite admitting the show has flaws, Crystal *does* have fans who know NOTHING about the manga. Open your mind, or at least your browser.

I’ve checked this chibi reviews guy and I gotta say that he’s not really reviewing anything?.

I haven’t watched all of his videos (obviously) I’ve checked some of the new ones and of course those about the early episodes.

Here’s what he’s got to say about Act 3:

He basically says that he likes Mars’ transformation and talks about the story.

He doesn’t mention anything about the animation which was by far the worst in the history of Crystal anime animation.

Actually, at the end of the video he says “The episode was enjoyable, entertaining it had fucking great animation” He even goes to congratulate TOEI for their animation job.


(just to post a few).

When it comes to Crystal reviews, Sailor Tortilla is the best:

She’s a big Sailor Moon fan, funny, cute and what is most important, she doesn’t let her love for Sailor Moon blind her. She says what’s in her mind, what’s good and what’s wrong.

Go subscribe because she totally deserves it!.

This is how you properly review Crystal imho.

And as for Chibi reviews, well, at least he’s not Peachy Reacts lol.


So i know i was late with this, but honestly after hearing what had happened and skimming over my timeline about the episode i had no desire to watch at all. This show has just gone down so much, but i stuck it out and watched because last week’s episode was actually good so i took a chance….welp.

Let’s just say i laughed ALOT during the whole time and not because anything was funny, but because of the amount of Damon apologists this show has made it was laughable. I have a dragging to do like my 6x02 review, because they’re trying so hard to make us forget Stelena but guess what you won’t. Julie again TRIED IT, but didn’t succeed. Here goes nothing!

Matt-Now i always complain that dear old Matty blue blue gets no storyline, but this episode might have sparked something new. Now i do think it was funny when Elena suggested that him and Jeremy patrol mystic falls for Sara knowing their track record with getting close to danger but with his connection to not only Tyler’s storyline, but Enzo’s i’m excited to see what his role in all this is. Should he be wary of Tripp? Hell yes, this man kills vampires and my guess is he knows Matt’s friends are vampires and would kill them with no hesitation. I just want to see Matt useful, he’s been pushed around since S1 its time for a change.

Jeremy-I’ve been hard on him these past few episodes and with good reason, because i think he should’ve been honoring Bonnie in a better way but he said something that gave me hope he’s not a lost cause. This whole time no one has said that Bonnie saved everyone else, but NOT herself until Jeremy said it and i respect him for that. They may have mourned her, but no one ever gives Bonnie the credit for what she does and how many sacrifices she makes. She sacrificed herself to give Jeremy back to Elena, to give Alaric back, Tyler, Stefan, and Elena herself and that’s no easy feat so for the show to acknowledge Bonnie like that i was surprised especially coming from Jeremy.

Alaric-Now this is where i think my laughing started, because when he told Jeremy that Damon killed his wife, but he “MISSED HIM!?”, i mean you know what Alaric may have had a bond over whisky a couple of times with him but friends i never called them. The one thing i liked about Alaric during S1-3 is that he tolerated Damon, but he never forgot who he was which was a cold, blooded-killer. There was a line there, but after S4 when he came back its like he forgot the kind of person Damon was and even encouraged him to go after Elena and that’s where i lost my respect for him. I’m still wondering why he’s here? He’s still trying to be that father figure to Elena and Jeremy but its not cute anymore and i don’t see it.

Tripp-I’m guessing he’s suppose to be the new “Alaric” van Helsing character now, and i don’t trust him or like him either. I trust he’s going to screw everyone over at some point but be killed soon after so i’ll tolerate him while he’s here. The only thing i liked was that he’s torturing Enzo, hope he kills him tbh.

Bamon-These last couple episodes i’ve been really liking the dynamic between these two and was almost on my way to being apart of the Bamily, but after this episode my train got halted in mid stride. First off let me say that Damon calling ANYONE a damn “man-child” is laughable in itself. He’s the fucking king of man-childs and got the nerve to call Kai that? No sir.Then, he again called Bonnie’s magic useless again which can I please remind you that her “useless magic” has saved your ass many times so please kill that noise because its getting very tired. I was also tired of Kai’s ass too because we find out he’s more like Damon than we thought.

Not only do these two sound alike, but he’s a damn psychotic warlock! Is it any surprise Damon and Kai got stuck in the same hell together? I have a separate review for what Damon revealed this episode but let me just say i see Kai’s purpose not being so easy. He wants to get out, but he’s also evil. He showed that he could control Bonnie’s magic and kill Damon so if he has to take them out to save himself he’ll do it. 

On a sidenote I still like Bamon, but he’s not good enough for her in my eyes. Bonnie deserves much better and that may be the stan in me, but its how i feel.

There was no Caroline in this episode, and sad to say but i’m glad she wasn’t. She’s been disappointing me this season and after last week I needed a break from her. Get it together, Care.

Stelena-Aww my babies! I like that they’re starting their beginning in a friend zone, because they’re not at a place to be back together yet. There’s still so much that needs to happen and repair between them that has to occur and its not there yet but they will find their way back to each other. That little proposal scene was adorable, and Elena encouraging Stefan throughout was so great because no matter what happens between them they’ll always be there for each other and its always been that way. I have hope we’ll see them again and if you think its the end for them then you haven’t been paying attention.

Sara Salvatore-SHE’S A SALVATORE! I REPEAT A BLACK SALVATORE! Not only is she black, but she’s what i like to call Damon’s karma and now i can’t wait for him to find out about her! Does this mean she’s Damon and Stefan’s great niece? Whatever, i’m just glad she’s here.

Now onto the dragging.

Elena-Wow, what a change being away from Damon makes! If this doesn’t convince certain people cough*DE fans*cough that Damon was the worst thing to happen to her then i don’t know what will because she acted like the Elena we’ve known since S1, there’s nothing “new” about her. THIS is the girl that fell off the bridge and died in the quarry, and i’m so glad she’s back. Not only is she now focused on the people around her, but she’s tuned into other emotions than her own. She immediately sensed something was wrong with Stefan and wanted to make sure he was okay, she’s mourning for Bonnie, for Caroline, wanted to hang out with Tyler and Matt, and worried about Jeremy for the first time since S4 and its so good to see because that’s the true person she is. This is how she should’ve acted after her change to a vampire. Caroline said a very important line that “being a vampire doesn’t change who you are, it only amplifies who you were”, and Elena never had that chance because of the sire bond but now she does.

I thought the last part combining with Alaric and Stefan was very important, she could’ve easily told Alaric to give her back the memories he erased but she didn’t and when she asked Stefan about how could she love Damon? that question really made me see that the sire bond did a lot more damage than I thought.

She’s right too, when she went off that bridge things did change. Now the sire bond didn’t kick in fully until 4x07 but the influence Damon had over her was different. In S3, she had feelings for him sure but other than that her heart was with Stefan and she chose him, that was FINAL. Once she embraced the darkness of Damon, the girl we knew was gone.

From mid S4, and all of S5 she was co-dependent on him and was so blind that she excused all of his wrongdoings even taking him back knowing he killed not only her best friend, but countless families. She was different with Damon in the worst way, and got CONSUMED in him literally. That’s NOT romantic, i said this in a previous post but, an all consuming love eats away at you until nothing nothing is left and that’s just tragic. When Elena heard what Damon said, looked at those pictures, and read that journal I think some realization came over her to know she didn’t want to go back to that life. Now they say “start over”, but how i see it its Elena starting back as who she was and that’s a good start.

Damon-HE.KILLED.A.PREGNANT.WOMAN. If any of you little Damon/DE stans still love this man after seeing the fuckery that was displayed then you need more help than i can give you. I don’t care if he’s making pancakes because of guilt or that he killed Zach and tried to kill Lexi because of guilt and you know why?

THAT RIGHT THERE. That sentence, and this was recent like S5 recent. Now the “refuse to change you” is BS, because he DID change Elena and for the worst. The point is that he will never change, he says all this shit about wanting to get back to Stefan but he’s done nothing but treat him like crap. He stole every little bit of happiness from him and has never once said he’s sorry. Stefan has sacrficed countless times for him, been there for him when he didn’t deserve it, and loved him unconditionally but Damon will never acknowledge that. This is why Defan is one-sided, because Stefan is the only one who i believe loves his brother. Everything Stefan told him in that flashback when he took his ring was true, and that the only thing he was good at was “existing”. He doesn’t even deserve Elena, he fucked up her life and treated her friends like toys to torture so he needs to stay the hell away from her. The most disgusting thing i saw was him flirting with Caroline’s mother, and years later as we know he rapes her daughter wtf? Am i suppose to feel sympathy for this man? I don’t at all. He’s selfish, abusive, and deserves his own eternity of misery. 

Stefan-I saved my baby for last, because my heart broke for him this whole episode. He’s trying so hard to dull the pain of his life so much and i hate seeing him once again suffer its like Stefan can’t catch a break. The one scene i focused on was when he let that man beat him to a pulp,and enjoyed it. He can’t handle losing his brother and wanted to to fill that void with a fake reality which has just been ruined too so he’s beginning to crack. Stefan’s my favorite character because he’s real, he’s compassionate, and has such a big heart but he’s got his flaws. Now we see him and he’s filled with guilt, sorrow, and anger so much has happened to him and he’s lost so much i can’t blame him at all. Now for everyone saying Stefan ships Delena, i have to disagree because did you really think he was going to bad mouth Damon to Elena? In his mind he’s lost Elena and wants her to be happy and sees that to be with his brother so he’s doing what’s in his nature and that’s being a gentleman and stepping back. He’s still in love with her and always will be, which is why i hate what the writers had him say in this episode about DE.

First off, again he brought up how he saw how she “embraced the darkness” with Damon? Now when was this, because him and Caroline in 4x07 realized Elena had been sired so the next episode he told Damon about it only to find out later on Damon didn’t break the bond and kept Elena sired only to take away her humanity? Nope don’t buy it at all.

In 4x04 Elena came to him after her trip with Damon and Bonnie to Whitmore where she went on a feeding frenzy and told him that she was ‘becoming someone she didn’t want to be’, and he told her to 'hold on’, so how exactly was that her 'embracing darkness’ if anything she wanted nothing to do with it. 

How did Damon make Elena happy in death was another question i had because i got a different vibe from what was shown.

Next, Stefan told her that “when damon died, a part of you died with him”, now how i saw it Damon and her got blown the hell up and when she couldn’t cope she started using drugs, and biting people to deal with her issues so what about that is romantic? None of it.

Now when he says “he inspired you” that’s where i had to stop watching and really understand what he said because let me show y'all something.

Now tell me is Damon doing anything inspiring here? NO, he’s the one who put Elena in this situation but i'l tell you who is inspiring and that’s STEFAN. He’s always known her better than anyone else, always her rock and listening ear whenever she needed it.

Damon didn’t inspire Elena to do anything but become the complete worst opposite of herself and that’s not something to be proud of. He’s always been on the outside looking in just like this scene above, a third party, which was his role all along.

Stefan’s not perfect, but he let Elena make her own decisions, loved her unconditional, there for her always and her friends, and cared about her family. He never held her back and brought out her best qualities as a person and was her choice when she was the best version of herself. You can sell Delena anyway you want to it doesn’t mean we have to believe it. They’re not soulmates and never will be, its always going to be Stefan even if it doesn’t look like it now it will be.

 Whew! I know that was long, but i wanted to get my point across and say my peace even though its really late lol! Well that’s my review and see y'all next week!

I know it isn’t over and it will never be

But I just wanted to gush a bit. Hannibal came in to my life a few years back when my partner decided to download the first episode. She mentioned to me that there was a lot of good things people were saying about it online and asked if I would like to sit down and watch it.

I obliged of course but I was hesitant. Many shows that I sit down to watch either fail to hold my complete attention or are overdone to me, especially crime dramas. Even Sherlock took an episode or two before I got hooked and then I had to sit down and start from the beginning to see what I had failed to take in.

From the moment the first episode started i was hooked. The beauty of the camera shots, the lighting, the characters. It was a whole new experience and it kept me at the edge of my seat. The progression of character growth was amazing and slowly I began to fall in to it. This show was unlike anything I had ever watched. How could such a beautiful thing exist on regular cable?

It wasn’t until season 2 I began to notice how Will and Hannibal’s relationship began to deepen and darken. I was definitely not new to the idea of pairing characters but by that point in my TV obsessions I had begun to grow aware and weary of queerbaiting in media. I had spent a majority of season 9 of Supernatural waiting for something to happen between Dean and Cas only to realize it never would come around. The writers kept us on the edge of anticipation and the fans talked up every moment between the two characters and I was left angry and embarrassed knowing it would never happen. Instead I spent my time preaching about how destiel was fun, why I loved it, but I knew it would never happen. I had realized that finally. It was just a fun ship that I enjoyed because I loved the idea of these two characters finding love and comfort in each other when they had both lost so much. So of course when I became aware of Hannigram, I kept myself tame. 

For a little while.

My partner suggested we start roleplaying Will and Hannibal. For years her and I have always gotten in to certain shows, picked two characters, and then used Skype to write our own stories together. I was hesitant at first because hannibal was a much different characters than ones I had played before and I was afraid about developing such a dark muse inside my head. This was a whole new level of evil and I wasn’t sure if I could live up to his character and keep him true to Bryan Fullers writing. But I caved in and now three years later, we have about six different Hannibal rps and I’m proud of a lot of the story progression in each one. Nothing has ever been posted publicly but its the experienced I’ve enjoyed overall.

But what I’m trying to say here is that I’ve never felt this feeling before. Every show I’ve been in to has either steadily lost my interest over time or changed in a way that irritates me. But Hannibal has remained amazing, despite a few kinks along the way. When NBC canceled it I was genuinely sad for about a week. Like really deeply sad. I remember being at work and asking myself ‘why? It’s just a TV show. Why are you sad?’ and I realized that this was something much bigger to me. As a person who wants to write for TV shows, who wants to work in the entertainment industry, I found it disheartening that a show so unique and amazing that took so many bold new risks had been canceled on a network that allowed a man to have his face ripped off and fed to dogs but nipples and butt cracks had to be censored. It blew my mind knowing that other shows were going in to their sixth seasons because they were ‘safe and predictable.’ What good was creativity and making new content when it was always destined to be canceled? When there was no new way to gauge how things were being viewed?

I’m not giving up hope. But I’m writing this to basically say that this show has been nothing but a pleasant experience for me. The fandom is one of the nicest I’ve ever been a part of. I know I’m not a super famous blog but I have enjoyed the people who are willing to discuss meta with me and read my episode reviews. I feel a strong sense of support and community with the Fannibals and I enjoy the organization and work that has been put in to the Twitter tags an the collaboration with the creators. Show runners who listen and bond with their fans are good, smart creators.  I feel that Bryan has kept the show true to his vision while giving us smart, fresh content (no rape, Alana’s character development, Hannigram, ect.) 

I know it isn’t over. I know a season 4 or a movie could come at any time. This is by no means my attempt at writing an ending but instead is a big clunky attempt at saying thank you. 

Thank you for being my best fandom experience, thank you for being smart, insightful watchers. Thank you to the cast, the crew, to marthadelaurentiis, to nbchannibal, to my housemates who I dragged in to this show, and to my girlfriend who loves it just as much as me. This show has inspired me to go for my dreams and has helped me sharpen my ability to review and analyze television. What ever tonight brings, what ever heart stopping ending this season finishes on, I will continue to be an active member of this fandom and hope for the best. 

Raise your glasses Fannibals and enjoy your dinner. I know I have. Here’s to a thousand more.