that shouldnt even be a tag

I will tag anything even remotely suggestive as nsfw

nsfw doesnt mean “explicit”, and it also doesnt mean “sexual”

Nsfw means “Not Safe For Work” but I tend to go by

“Would 13 year old me lose computer privileges if my parents saw this over my shoulder” or “Could this get a kid grounded or yelled at”

If the answer is yes, I tend to tag it nsfw

Its also why I tag all nudity as nsfw, regardless of whether or not its sexual.  even though i think breasts shouldnt have to be censored, i dont know how Timmy from Arkansas parents are gonna feel about that. I tag it for Timmy.

this is actually important

hi its me, your local fun killer, saying things that shouldnt need to be said

please do not put ANY of these into the main #crankgameplays tag: 

-not safe for work content, yes, even if your blog is flagged. 

-anything referring to ethan as “daddy”, hes stated he doesn’t like that 

-shipping posts/art/fics/hcs involving ethan, those make him uncomfortable

-reader/ethan self-inserts fics or headcanons! he’s stated these make him uncomfortable! 

and remember that ‘search’ works differently from the tagging system! 

if you make a post saying ‘i don’t like coffee’ it will appear in the search even if you didnt put #coffee in the tags

to prevent your posts from appearing in search you would have to write the word coffee different from how its actually spelled: cof//fee, c0ffee, ect. or you can disable your blog from appearing in search in your blog settings

remember that ethans comfort is more important than you being inconvenienced for two seconds or you loosing out on a few notes. if you’re a fan of his, you need to respect his comfort and adhere to him not wanting to see this content. 

it’s not hard to keep this kind of content away from him, so please just dont be that guy

irrelevants: johnny shouldnt even be in nct hes so-

me: anyway here is my johnny love blog, here is my johnny love tag, here is my johnny appreciation thread, here is my 100+ reasons to love johnny book, here is an invitation to my johnny appreciation event (free snacks and drinks included, vegan and gluten free options included, cruelty free goodies and more!), here is my gofundme to buy johnny a coffee and a brownie everyday this year, here is my i


Newt’s finally finished writing his book, and, as promised, has brought copies for his friends.

yall, important announcement here, from one a-spec to another

if u got mutuals on this site that u see posting/reblogging aphobic messages and posts, esp during pride, and if they commonly talk shit about asexuals and aromantics and get like 20+ notes from their mutuals that kind of have always scared u a bit:

👏 drop 👏 them 👏

100% get rid of them

soft block. hard block. unfollow. get that toxicity offfffff ur dash my dudes.

i know its kind of hard esp if u feel like ur friends with this person but u guys trust me.. when worst comes to worst, they are not going to care if ur having a breakdown bc of shitcourse stress.

they are not going to comfort u, they are going to ignore u, bc ur pain is trivial to them. they just 100% do not care

and half the time, they’re not even gonna realize that they’re hurting u

do yourselves a favor and purge that shit from ur lives okay. it feels so freeing being able to post a breakdown that is shitcourse related and not have to worry about tagging it so they wont have to see it.

its incredible to have real friends who love every part of u, and respect those parts.

u shouldnt have to have ur identity on another persons blacklist bc somehow u are a ‘discourse topic’ and they dont want to start 'drama’

do yourselves a favor and surround yourself with only kindness and acceptance alright?

love, someone who has broken so many mutuals at the start of june for this kind of thing

(also if ur worried about makin new friends, hmu bc i love my a-spec buds)

psa people who draw ns/fw of yuri plisetsky are TRASH

he’s a kid!! he’s a minor!! how badly do you want to sexualize a kid!! i don’t care if you ~~aged him up~~ he’s still a minor in canon and you basically just went “well in canon he is a child, but i think i should draw or write porn of him, so to make it look better im going to make him an ~adult~” guess what assholes he’s still a kid


“but its just fiction-” if youre willing to support or even produce content like that in a ~fictional~ context how the hell am i, a fifteen year old, supposed to feel safe around you in any context lol

there isn’t gonna be any argument or discourse on this post you argue with the statement here (which is ns/fw of a minor is wrong and you shouldnt do that especially if you’re an adult) you’re getting blocked there is no argument

trash. people who consume or produce porn/ns/fw of yuri plisetsky are literal garbage.

James: Hey, could you hold this for me?

Aleks: Yeah sure.




Aleks: That’s your hand…

i forgot i was redoing that hideous old musain piece until it cropped up on my dash again yesterday and i went into overdrive and did the lineart 

I see so many people not getting the poster and being so rude and obnoxious about it. Did people really think the wedding was just going to be a subplot of the episode? I see so many people being like well this was something that was supposed to be about everyone with the wedding also in there?

It’s like. Emma is the main character. Always has been. They were never going to make it just a subplot. This was never going to just be one of the “many things” going on in the episode. It was always going to be the main thing because she is the MAIN character.

Not to mention the poster

1. Isn’t going to be changed by your upset.

2. Is what it is assumedly for budget reasons. I’m guessing they put the imagery of a hook and rings in there also because putting pictures of PEOPLE in there would SPOIL the episode and it’s cheaper.

3. This isn’t your story. I don’t know how many times i’ve seen people miss this point. But would i be upset if it was a Rumple picture or something? Nah. But maybe a bit jealous or sad it didn’t have my faves. Would I be petitioning and writing the actors and creators about it? No because 1. it’s not going to do anything. 2. you are taking away the enjoyment of people who actually work on and make the show. and 3. What we want doesn’t really matter. We are along for the ride. This is A/E’s story. And we’re free to bitch and moan all that we want but we are also free to get off the ride. We can’t tell them what to do because this ISNT OUR STORY to create, write or shape. Also Idk about you but if i don’t like a ride I tend to stop riding it. I don’t throw a fit and try to shut it down. 

4. It’s a poster for an episode. A fricken poster. Dear lord, please save me from how greatly this fandom is bothered by such small things. You don’t know what else they will release. You have no idea what else is coming for your faves.

5. Stop attacking people who are happy about this. Let people live my god.

Idk i’m just so over the juvenille ass reactions from people. Stop trying to pretend this story belongs more to you than it does the creators. Be upset all you want but the minute you start bombarding an actresses page and a creators page tarnishing their work imagine if I came to you and did the same about your fan art, your fic, your pictures, your set visit footage. It wouldn’t feel nice because it isn’t nice. It’s childish. JMO might be a big girl. But damn let her be excited about her work and be upset in your own sphere without turning something good for WHOMEVER is experiencing it INTO SOMETHING SOUR.

Before I got on this god forsaken website I was a fan of every single character. Some more than others sure. But there was nothing solidly that I despised. This show brought me all AMAZING FEELINGS. And to log on and see so many angry mean spirited cruel people really has turned a show that has helped me through some serious things feel more like a burden than anything else.

This post isn’t for you guys with an opinion different than mine. That’s fine. I’m okay with you not liking something or wanting it differently, and what I’m okay with anyways shouldn’t matter to how you feel or respond. This post is directed at those that just want so desperately to let the entire fricken world know just how angry they are and ensuring that anyone else who is happy is forced to feel whatever upset feelings you are having. I mean tags are being invaded. I’m seeing threats being made. Grow up. 

NOAH FENCE BUT,,,,, Gerik being attractive does not make his Erik invalid like i seriously do not see a correlation like legit it’s either his voice gets ragged on or that he was too hot and honestly i actually like that he was attractive ?? because tbh it’s more tragic if we had a more grotesque distortion ( which i imagine anyhow btw ) and could’ve misled christine and other’s more / fooled them and allured them even more along with his voice and presence  ?? a what could’ve been in a sense. it’s also a sense of a dark angel like imagine a handsome af dude and then SURPRISE A DEMON’S FACE UNDER A MASK. also he had so much passion and love for this character to be receiving ridicule just cause his genes were blessed like i’m mad tired im gonna eat a taquito in anger


23 days to EOYs - {08/10/16} 
‘i pray every single day for a revolution’

had a study session with @svntnstan yesterday at the city library!! we also got matcha lattes and donutsand sat at a cute park with vandalised tables that killed the aesthetic to eat them!! all in all it was a 10/10 day :’)


  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: its september again and i still havent gotten a hogwarts letter and i know i shouldnt have my self esteem reliant upon a fictional school's fictional acceptance letter that i know rationally will never come but its such a worry anyway and i cant control this insatiable wish to go and

anonymous asked:

do you ever just start tearing up because nu'est are so young and all four on the show are 21 in most countries they're still in uni/college and they've been through so much and seem so old because i do a lot and i wish all the best for them sometimes i forget that they're only a few years older than me and not like 25 or something

oh my god, bud, YES. I’m kind of an emotional person in general, though lmao. I’ve cried over them so many times. :’)

They’re all around my age (Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren are all late 1995 and I’m early 1996; JR and I are the same age for like 6 months). I got into them when they debuted so I was blown away that they were my age. I think they were the youngest group to debut and Jonghyun was the youngest leader. As someone who also left their birth country, I also related a lot to Aron and the struggle of fitting in and learning a new language and new cultural mannerisms. It’s insane how pressured they must have felt. 

Through the years they’ve given me a lot of strength to keep going, because there they were: struggling to make it, but still maintaining their humor and kindness even though it must have been hard on them to do so. 

Jonghyun especially is such a huge inspiration- the burden he carries as the one responsible for the group and their failures (EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT HIS FAULT, fuck pledis), but he never snaps, he never gives up. He keep hopeful and he keeps going. He’s the youngest in his family, IIRC, but he’s so mature. I think in an interview he said that he doesn’t feel the “same” as his same age friends because he’s always thinking about being responsible. Sigh. I just love him so much. I could write an essay about him (and Nu’est in general).